Frequently Asked Questions for this Scanning Site

Do you have frequencies for...? Do you have the ten-codes for...?

All the frequencies and information that I currently have are available at this site. I don't have a secret, unpublished stash of frequencies and information. If it's not here, then I don't have it or know it. If the frequency you are looking for is not on the page for that location, you might find it or post a query on the message boards. If you are looking for frequencies from an area not covered by my site, you might try my links page to see if there's another site that has what you're looking for.

How often do you update the pages?

My schedule and the extent of this site prevents me from updating it very frequently. However, the message boards have been set up so that monitors from the areas covered by this site can post or read scanning news, changes, corrections questions and answers for their areas on the appropriate board. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to post corrections sent to me by e-mail. If you see some out-of-date information and have the current information, feel free to register on the board for your region and post it on the message boards. I leave it up to the local monitors from the areas covered here to help keep the information for their own localities current.

Can I give you updates for my area?

Definitely! Updates are always welcome. They can be posted on the message boards for your county.

I e-mailed you some updates a couple of weeks ago and haven't seen them yet...

As indicated above, I no longer have the time to post all changes sent to me by e-mail. You can get your info. "out there" quicker by registering on the message boards for your region and posting it in the appropriate place yourself.

I registered on the New York message board. Why can't I log on to the Pennsylvania board?

There are four regional boards: Long Island & New York, New England, Mid-Atlantic and Pennsylvania. Each board has a separate membership list, so you must register with each one you wish to post to separately. If you wish, you can use the same username on all boards (provided someone else is not already using it on any of them).

I use the message boards and see you need a moderator for my area. How would I qualify and what would that entail?

Moderators are registered board members who visit the boards regularly and are knowledgeable about frequency use and scanning in their local areas. A moderator is asked to keep and eye on the local board(s) for his/her area and to share his expertise by answering questions, updating the frequency lists, etc. Moderators are also asked to keep order on their boards by deleting unnecessary or duplicate posts, reporting abuses to me, etc. If you are a veteran monitor for your area, have participated in the boards for a while and are familiar with the general guideline for the boards, you are welcome to be a moderator for your local board(s). E-mail me indicating the county and state which your wish to moderate and your username on the boards, and I will set you up to moderate your home county(ies). Please be patient. Depending upon how busy I am, it may take me some time you set you up and get back to you.

Where did you get all this information? Isn't it private? Can't it be misused?

Frequency usage in the U.S. is a matter of public record. The information on these pages came from many sources: the FCC database, various scanner references, my own monitoring and that of my acquaintances, updates and information sent from monitors who have visited these pages, etc. As far as misuse of the information, I do not advocate that nor even suggest it. Virtually any information can be misused by someone who is so inclined, but that shouldn't be a reason not to make it available for those who will make good use of it. Nor does it make those who provide the information in any way responsible for its misuse.

I'm thinking of getting a new scanner. Can you recommend one?

I don't recommend one scanner over another, since I haven't used them all and wouldn't be giving you an informed or useful opinion. If you ask me about my experience with any scanner I have used or owned, I can give you a more informed opinion. If you want to hear from the largest number of scanner owners about their experiences with a particular scanner, your best bet is to post a message in the general scanning section of one of the message boards.

I just got a ... scanner. Can you tell me how to work it?

Unfortunately, I don't usually have the time to respond to such requests, nor do I know how every model of scanner works. The best place to get answers regarding your scanner is by posting a query in the general scanning section of one of the message boards.

Can you tell me how to modify my scanner to receive cellular calls?

If it's a newer one, you can't. If it's an older one, there is an FTP site with some mods and some other related information on my scanning information page, but why bother? Monitoring phone calls is not only illegal, it's downright boring. If that's all you can find to listen to on your scanner, then you need to get a life.

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