Herschel Woodruff Obituary

Herschel Woodruff

Herschel Woodruff, son of Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Woodruff, of South Bend, Indiana, was born May 19, 1892, and died in the service of his country in the twenty-sixth year of his life, October 3, 1918, at Hampton Roads, Va. Mr. Woodruff enlisted in the U. S. Naval service at Indianapolis, Ind., May 13, 1918, and was ordered to the training station, Great Lakes, Ill. From this station he was early in September transferred to the training station at Hampton Roads, Va. The remains were taken home and the funeral which was held October 8, wa sunder the auspices of the U. S. Navy, represented by sixteen sailor boys (jackies), eight of whom under arms marched beside the bier to the cemetery. Very significant were the "Bugle Taps" on the "mustering out call" by one of the boys. Interment was made in River View cemetery, South Bend, Ind. The immediate surviving relatives are: Wife, Blanche A.; father and mother; brothers J. Paul and V. O., of South Bend; Charles E., of Cleveland, Ohio; W. L., and Rev. Wesley, of Moundsville, W. Va.; sisters: Mrs. B. T. Kent, of Cameron, W. Va., and Mrs. N. H. Collins, of Wana, W. Va. All of whom were in attendance at the funeral.

Democrat Messenger, November 8, 1918 (Greene County, PA)

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