Neal Wiley Obituary

Auto Crashes Into A Street Car, Driver Instantly Killed

Neal Wiley, of Rogersville, Fatally Injured In Head-on Collision In Washington, Machine Demolished.

When he drove his automobile headon into a street car in Washington, Pa., Saturday evening, at 8:15 o'clock, Neal Wiley, aged 40 years, of Rogersville, as instantly killed, and his companion, William A. Reese, aged 46, also of Rogersville, was badly cut about the head and face.

Wiley and Reese were starting home from Washington, where they had been visiting the former's brother, Frank Wiley. They were driving east of Maiden street, and witnesses said that Wiley had his car which was a Studebaker touring car, traveling at a high rate of speed. Automobiles were parked along the curb and Wiley had pulled over on the street car tracks.

The accident occurred between Wade avenue and Hanna street. Motorman A. C. Couts had stopped the street car, which was bound into the city, at Hanna street to take on passengers. He noticed the automobile, which was straddling one rail. His car had not gained much momentum and when he realized that the automobile was bearing down upon him, without the driver making any effort to stop, he applied the brakes on the street car and had brought it to almost a complete stop as the crash occurred. Wiley apparently did not see the street car and Reese stated that he was watching the people on the sidewalk at the time and did not notice the approaching car. Both men were rushed to the hospital. Wiley was severely crushed about the face, head and chest, and his death occurred instantly. Reese sustained two deep gashes on his face and head. He was rendered unconscious.

Mr. Wiley was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Remembrance Wiley, and had spent the greater part of his life in or near Rogersville. He was an oil driller and was well known throughout the county, and in the Amity oil field. Beside his wife, Mrs. Catherine Crouse Wiley, he leaves six children, Raymond, Ralph, Alice, Willard, Lloyd and Fred, all at home; a brother, Frank Wiley, of near Washington, and a sister, Miss Lena Wiley, of Sebring, Florida.

The funeral services were held in the Christian church, Rogersville, Monday at 2:30 o'clock, conducted by Rev. O. E. Bennett, assisted by Rev. Harold Zook. Interment in Rosemont cemetery.

Waynesburg Republican, September 16, 1926 (Greene County, PA)

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