Guy L. Lemley Obituary

Dr. Guy L. Lemley Dead

Mt. Morris Dentist Fatally Injured by Falling From Building

Remained Unconscious 24 Hours - Was Well Known and Popular. - Unmarried.

Dr. Guy L. Lemley, a well known and popular young dentist of Mt. Morris, this county, was fatally injured by falling from a building, on Tuesday morning, and died Wednesday at 9:45 a.m., without having regained consciousness.

The facts concerning his injury are as follows:

About 8:30 Tuesday morning, Dr. Lemley was engaged in fastening a conductor near the roof of his two story building, on Mechanic street, where he had his office and rooms. The building has a double porch and he had climbed on top of the railing of the upper porch, at the corner of the house, to fasten the spouting. From this position he slipped and fell to the ground, a distance of sixteen feet. He had been noticed working at the spouting, but no one saw him fall. Mildred Lewellen saw him lying unconscious upon the ground, only three or four minutes after the accident occurred.

She called Thomas Giles and Clark Hickman, who carried him into his office. Drs. Jacob and G. W. Hatfield, Dr. G. M. Bradford and Dr. Miller were called. Later Dr. Hardigan, superintendent of the Morgantown hospital, was summoned. Dr. Lemley had sustained injury at the base of the brain and over the right ear, where a large contusion was found. An operation was considered, but this was deemed inadvisable by the physicians. It is thought that his head may have struck upon the pavement when he fell, as his body was lying near the pavement.

Dr. Lemley was about 36 years of age and was a son of Charles Lemley. He attended Waynesburg College and later complted a course in the dental department of the Western Pennsylvania, now Pittsburgh University. He was highly respected and had a large circle of friends.

He leaves surviving, his father, three brothers, Southey Lemley, of New York city, David Lemley, of Mt. Morris, and Freeland Lemley, of Kentucky, and one sister, Susan Lemley, at home.

Waynesburg Republican, May 4, 1916 (Greene County, PA)

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