Addie Headley Obituary

Death loves a shining mark. Thursday it entered the home of Thomas and Pleasant Headley, taking away their only daughter Addie Della, a bright and promising little girl, aged almost ten years. She was the father's pride and the mother's joy. Yet God who is too wise to err, too good to be unkind, took her home, and left us alone to weep. She was interred Friday in the Olive Cemetery. The grief sticken parents have the sympathy of the entire community in this their sad bereavement.

Addie, thou wast mild and lovely,
      Gentle as the summer breeze;
Pleasant as the air of evening,
      When it floats among the trees.

Peaceful be thy silent slumber,
      Peaceful in thy grave so low;
Thou no more will join our number;
      Thou no more our sorrows know.

Yet again we hope to meet thee,
      When the day of life is fled;
Then in heaven with joy to greet thee,
      Where no farewell tear is shed.

An Aunt

Waynesburg Republican, November 21, 1895 (Greene County, PA)

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