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John Fordyce

The remains of John Fordyce, the Fort Wayne brakeman who was crushed by the cars Saturday night, which resulted in his death Sunday morning, were brought to Wheeling yesterday from Beaver falls, Pa. They were accompanied by several members of the B. R. T. of Beaver Falls. The funeral, which will probably take place to-day, will be from the residence of the father-in-law of the deceased, H. F. Dobbs, No. 2141 Main street, and will be under the auspices of the Nail City Lodge, B. R. T. Fordyce had many friends in Wheeling, having lived here and worked on the B. & O. and other roads for a couple of years.

Fatal Accident Saturday night

H. F. Dobbs, who lives at No. 2141 Main street, received a telegram announcing that his son-in-law, John M. Fordyce of Beaver Falls, Pa., had met with an accident which would result fatally. Fordyce was a brakeman on the Fort Wayne road and worked in the yards at Beaver Falls. Saturday night he was standing on the track in the yards at that place, waiting for his engine to approach. As it came up to him he attempted to jump on the pilot. His foot slipped and the engine passed over him, crushing his breast and both thighs. He lived until five o'clock yesterday morning, and regained conscience long enough to bid good-bye to his young wife and two little children. He was 35 years old. He and his wife were in Wheeling on Thanksgiving day, and spent the day with Mrs. Fordyce's parents. Mr. Dobbs left Saturday night after receiving the message from Beaver Falls, and was present at his son-in-law's bedside when he died.

Newspaper obituary, December 1, 1896 (Wheeling, WV)

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