Francis Marion Fordyce Obituary

Mr. Francis Fordyce

Mr. Francis Marion Fordyce died on Friday, May 26th, 1882, aged thirty-nine years. He was the son of Daniel Fordyce the well-known carriage manufacturer. His mother was Miss Bryant, of Pennsylvania, a very estimable lady who transmitted her son, her temperment and characteristics. The family located at Morgantown when Frank was a boy, and where they still reside. He was educated at the Old Monongalia Academy, and it is seldom that such talent occurs in one class. The following are some of his class-mates: Henry Morgan, Esq., Hon. J. Marshall Hagans, Hon. Henry S. Walker, Henry Shepperd, Esq., Charles McLean, M.D., Hon. Chauncy Black, Jesse D. Bright, Esq., Will Deering, Esq., Robert Stewart, Esq., Frank Bushfield, Esq., F. E. Chadwick, Lieut. Com'r U.S. Navy, Charles Dickey, D. D., and others, doubtless distinguished. He was possessed of a bright, clear intellect, together with a nervous energy and spirit of emulation and pride that kept him at the head of his class, while his genial manner, polite address and generous impulses rendered him a popular favorite. He was physically an Adonis - was always the star of the gymnasium to which he belonged; was never excelled in calisthenics by any amateur. His talent and education was sufficient to adapt him eminently to adorn any of the learned professions, but he chose his father's occupation, that of a carriage manufacturer, in all the branches of which he was an expert. His fellow mechanics were always his champions. He had few if any real consciencious enemies. Some of them supposed have since his death come to the writer and made earnest inquiry regarding his last illness, manifesting the most profound sympathy and respect for his memory.

He married Miss Delia Jones, of Lorraine county, Ohio, a lady of intellect and sterling worth, bur whose refined sensibility renders her grief more poignant. She enlists the generous sympathy of a large circle of worthy friends.

He leaves to the gambling fates two remarkably bright little boys, aged respectively six and eight years, one being the exact counterpart of his father; the other possessing all the peculiar elements of his mother's nature and idiosyncrasies. He was an affectionate husband, a kind and indulgent father. A few weeks before his death his father took him to his home where were spent the halcyon days of his youth, the memory of which acted as a lethean for a short time. He was attended by Drs. McLean and Brock, two eminent physicians, was surrounded by good sympathizing people and incurred the absence of no comfort or attention that a kind, intelligent and affectionate family could supply. He was interred at Oak Grove Cemetery on Sunday, 28th, and was attended by an immense funeral cortege. Funeral services were rendered by Revs. Miller and Foster, of the Baptist Church. Rest gentle spirit, by the Ark of the covenant until the Archangel sounds the call, when thou shall come forth to hail the spirits of the mystic rite clad in the georgeous regalia of immortality. Requiescat in pace. R.

Newspaper obituary, date and source unknown (Monongalia County, WV)

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