Bernice Conklin Obituary

Sad Death of Young Girl

Miss Bernice Conklin Fatally Injured by Falling Upon a Knife

May Greene County people will learn with sorrow of the tragic death of Miss Bernice Conklin, daughter of James Conklin, formerly of Wayne township, this county, and a granddaughter of ex-Commissioner Henry Conklin. From the Fairmont Times of last Thursday we take the following:

Miss Bernice Conklin, aged 13, a bright young student at the Fairmont High school, stumbled on a boardwalk at her home on High street, last evening, at 5:30 o'clock, and a sharp knife that she was carrying in her hand entered her chest and pierced her heart.

Although mortally wounded the young girl regained her feet and staggered across the yard. A stream of blood flowed from her injury and every moment was bringing her end nearer. The brave little girl realized the fact that she had received a fatal injury, but with her last strength she tried to reach the side of her mother who was in the kitchen of the house.

"Mother," she cried faintly from the yard, "Mother, I am dying." And with this she fell to the ground, unconscious. Long before Doctors Sands and Fitch arrived she had expired and her body was borne tenderly into the house.

The affair was one of the most pitiful that has ever occurred in this city and a gloom was cast over the entire city as the news spread rapidly. A great pool of blood was found where the body lay and this gave mute evidence of the fact that the knife had severed an artery.

The young lady had been asked by her mother, Mrs. James Conklin, to go into the garden and gather some pumpkins. She was given a paring knife to cut the stems and as she walked down the boardwalk she carried the knife in front of her. Her sister, Miss Goldie Conklin, was in the yard at the time. In some manner, the unfortunate girl caught her foot on the walk and she was thrown to the ground in a violent manner. She fell fairly upon the knife, which entered her left breast.

Miss Conklin was the daughter of Mrs. James Conklin and she is survived by her mother, two sisters, Mrs. Charles Hough and Miss Goldie Conklin, and one brother, Earl Conklin. Miss Bernice was 13 years of age on September 17. She was considered a very bright child, and a month ago entered the high school as a member of the first year class, she having graduated from the public schools last spring. She was a sweet, lovable child and her cruel death will come as a severe shock to her numerous friends throughout the city.

Waynesburg Republican, October 7, 1909 (Greene County, PA)

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