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Just as night had begun to draw her sable curtain on Wednesday last, the Death Angel came to a happy home and carried across the Silent River, James Bayard, of near Holbrook, Pa.

He was a son of Samuel P. and Hannah (nee Mitchell) Bayard, deceased, and the seventh in a family of eight children, four of whom are living - Mrs. J. F. Morris, Mrs. M. W. Knight and George Bayard, of Holbrook, and Mrs. J. K. Adamson, of Rogersville. He was married about twelve years ago to Nancy B., daughter of Silas Fordyce, and this union was blessed with three children - Lucretia, Georgia and Samuel, who survive him. He was sick only about two weeks and was fifty three years and one month old at the time of his death.

None knew him but to love him. He lived a life most worthy of emulation, distinguished for his love of truth, strict honesty and regard for his friends and neighbors. A large concourse of friends came to pay their last tribute of respect to him and they all came with aching hearts and in sorrowful weeping, for he always walked in the thoughs of others, therefore he was in the light of Heaven.

We wonder why he, whose life was such a precious fibre in all his associations, and whom we loved so well and needed so much was taken away from us. But God works in a mysterious way his wonders to perform. In Him is Love and the glory of His love is being everything to mortal man. We commiserate the heart-broken widow and little children whose heads are bowed down in sadness under this, the darkest cloud of their lives. May the Hevaenly Father unto whom the spirit of this affectionate husband and kind father has fled, sustain them in their great sorrow.

The funeral took place on Friday last, when the remains were laid to rest in the Rosemont Cemetery near Rogersville. Religious services were conducted by Rev. A> A. Doak, of Waynesburg.

Another is added to our Father's mansions.
    Robed in purest divinity's grace,
So beautiful with all the soul's expansions,
    As it beams from his kind angel face.

Dearest wife, youare now lonely and sad,
    Your tears come from the bitterest pain,
But sometime your true, loving heart will be glad
    And you'll clasp the gentle hand again.

He has only gone to that bright palace fair
    His suffering on earth is now through,
His kind voice is wafting on sweet heaven's air
    As it whispers, "I'm waiting for you."

Dear little children, your kind father is gone,
    On earth he'll caress you no more,
But by and by sweet peace will on your hearts dawn
    When you meet him on Heaven's bright shore.

All the joys you now miss you will find at the last
    In the shadow of the Savior's throne,
Your hearts will be lightened as in the sweet past
    When your spirits to Heaven have flown.


Waynesburg Republican, April 3, 1902 (Greene County, PA)

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