Cornerstone Genealogical Society Obituary Books - Master Index

Compiled by James Fordyce
Copyright © 2008, James Fordyce
This publication may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form without the permission of the author.


This index is an ongoing project and will ultimately be a master index of the obituaries and funeral memorials found in the obituary books and scrapbooks of the Cornerstone Genealogical Society's library in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. It presently covers over 38,000 obituaries and funeral memorials, the majority of which are from the past 50 years, although some of the scrapbooks and collections do contain older obituaries. Additional books and scrapbooks will be added to this master index as time permits.

Each entry contains the subject's name and the book in which the obituary is found. NOTE: where an individual's obituary is listed in two different books, both obituaries may be identical. The books included in the index so far and the abbreviations used are as follows:

1975 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1975
1978 - County Obituaries, October 13, 1978 to February 15, 1980
1985 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1985
1986 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1986
1987 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1987
1988 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1988
1989 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1989
1990 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1990
1991 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1991
1992 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1992
1993 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1993
1994 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1994
1995 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1995
1996 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1996
1997 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1997
1998 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1998
1999 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 1999
2000 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 2000
2001 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 2001
2002 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 2002
2003 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 2003
2004 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 2004
2005 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 2005
2006 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 2006
2007 - Genealogical Society Obituary Book - 2007
93DR - 1993 Obituaries of Persons Born Before 1906 (Published in the Observer-Reporter & Compiled by Bethel Fife & Drum Canonsburg Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution)
BANE - Scrapbook by Mary Elizabeth Bane
CRA1 - Funeral Memorials from the Collection of L. Myers Crayne
DAV1 - Obituaries from the Mary H. Davis Collection, 1919-1942
DAV2 - Obituaries from the Mary H. Davis Collection, 1933-1941
DAV3 - Obituaries from the Mary H. Davis Collection, 1940-1947
DAV4 - Obituaries from the Mary H. Davis Collection, 1961-1977
DAV5 - Obituaries from the Mary H. Davis Collection, 1977-1983
GAN1 - Obituaries from the Collection of Mary Ganier
GM01 - Green Mount Cemetery Obituaries, ca 1960-1970
GS01 - Cornerstone Scrapbook #1
HAW1 - Hawkins Scrapbook Obituaries
HEA1 - Headlee Scrapbook Obituaries & Funeral Memorials
HS01 - Historical Society Obituaries, Volume I, 1955-1964
HS02 - Historical Society Obituaries, Volume II, 1964-19--
HS03 - Historical Society Obituaries, 1968-1970
HS04 - Historical Society Obituaries, 1948-1967
HSS1 - Historical Society Scrapbook
ING1 - Inghram Scrapbook
MOR1 - Moredock Scrapbook #1 Obituaries
MOR2 - Moredock Scrapbook #2 Obituaries
MOR3 - Moredock Scrapbook #3 Obituaries
MOR4 - Moredock Scrapbook #4 Obituaries
MOR5 - Moredock Scrapbook #5 Obituaries
PAT1 - Obituaries from the Aldine Patterson Collection
PIT1 Pitcock-Mooney Obituaries
SHU1 - Mary E. Shultz Obituaries, 1977-1982
TAY1 Hazel Taylor Stewart Scrapbook #1
TAY2 Hazel Taylor Stewart Scrapbook #2
WEL1 - Grandma Wells' Scrapbook

A copy of this index will be made available in hard copy at the Cornerstone Genealogical Society's library in Waynesburg, where the books are available for use by visitors and members. For those not able to visit the library, copies of the obituaries can also be obtained by mail from the Cornerstone Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 547, Waynesburg, PA 15370. The cost is $3.00 per obituary and a self-addressed, stamped envelope should be included with your request (keep in mind that extra postage should be added if more than four are requested - figure about about four pages per ounce). Be sure to include the name and book in which the obituary is located in your request. Please allow a few weeks for the library staff to fulfill your request.

Name                                    Book
Abbadini, Margaret                      1998  
Abbot, Pearl                            HS03  
Abbott, Thomas Benny                    1992  
Abel, James S.                          1994  
Abel, Jane H.                           1997  
Abercrombie, E. V.                      1996  
Abercrombie, Hugh S.                    93DR  
Aberegg, Melvin C.                      HS03  
Aberegg, Richard Allan                  2007  
Aberegg, Rodney Bruce                   1992  
Abinader, Elmas                         SHU1  
Abraham, Elizabeth Regish               2005  
Abraham, Estella                        2000  
Abraham, Michael K.                     2004  
Abram, William P.                       SHU1  
Ach, Eloise Robinson                    1994  
Acheson, Jean                           93DR  
Ackerman, Fannie Esther                 93DR  
Ackerman, Jerry A.                      1990  
Ackley, A. Herschel                     WEL1  
Ackley, Alberta E.                      1999  
Ackley, Allen Foster                    1997  
Ackley, Charles A.                      2001  
Ackley, Donald J.                       HS04  
Ackley, Forrest S.                      HS02  
Ackley, Forrest S.                      PAT1  
Ackley, Ida M. Lowery                   1999  
Ackley, J. Howard                       2000  
Ackley, James E.                        PIT1  
Ackley, Marabelle E.                    1985  
Acklin, Betty                           HS01  
Acklin, Emma J.                         DAV2  
Acklin, Etta Orndoff                    CRA1  
Acklin, Fanny Maude                     PAT1  
Acklin, Fanny Maude                     PIT1  
Acklin, Frank V.                        1985  
Acklin, Frank V.                        1999  
Acklin, Frank V.                        CRA1  
Acklin, Guy R.                          SHU1  
Acklin, James William                   HS04  
Acklin, Margaret M.                     HS02  
Acklin, Margaret M.                     PAT1  
Acklin, Margaret Milliken               PIT1  
Acklin, Mary                            DAV5  
Acklin, Mary Alletha Hutchinson         1991  
Acklin, Mary C                          1978  
Acklin, Mary E.                         DAV3  
Acklin, Russell                         DAV5  
Acklin, Ruth                            CRA1  
Acklin, Ruth Archer                     1985  
Acklin, S. Paul                         DAV4  
Acklin, S. Paul                         HS04  
Acklin, Sadie                           DAV3  
Acklin, Samuel                          DAV1  
Acklin, Silas Barnes                    1991  
Acton, Jessie                           HS02  
Adamik, Anna Macus                      DAV4  
Adamik, Anna Macus                      HS04  
Adamik, John                            DAV4  
Adamik, John                            HS04  
Adams, Adam                             HS01  
Adams, Alice Minor                      1996  
Adams, Charles                          DAV5  
Adams, Charles                          PAT1  
Adams, Charles F.                       SHU1  
Adams, Christopher Columbus             1996  
Adams, Cindy L.                         2005  
Adams, Cora Leona                       GM01  
Adams, Donald Dwight                    2004  
Adams, Esther                           1998  
Adams, Harriette Hawkins                HS01  
Adams, J. B.                            1978  
Adams, James                            93DR  
Adams, James Lee                        CRA1  
Adams, James Lee                        HS02  
Adams, Jane M.                          93DR  
Adams, Jane Minor                       2001  
Adams, Jesse                            MOR1  
Adams, Lena                             1995  
Adams, Mary                             1987  
Adams, Mary E. Jacobs                   1990  
Adams, Max A.                           SHU1  
Adams, Melvin L.                        2002  
Adams, Meredith Roger                   HS04  
Adams, Ralph                            1993  
Adams, Rose                             CRA1  
Adams, Russell Thomas                   1993  
Adams, Sarah                            1998  
Adams, Steven Edward                    2001  
Adams, Vicki Porter                     1996  
Adams, Walter Louis                     2005  
Adamson, A. Bebe                        PAT1  
Adamson, A. T.                          HS03  
Adamson, Albert Bayard                  HS01  
Adamson, Alcinda Bebe                   CRA1  
Adamson, Alva Wilson                    DAV4  
Adamson, Alva Wilson                    HS03  
Adamson, Alva Wilson                    PIT1  
Adamson, Alvin L                        2006  
Adamson, Anna I.                        2003  
Adamson, Anna Jean                      2003  
Adamson, Beatrice                       2000  
Adamson, Belinda Lea                    HS04  
Adamson, Charles                        1989  
Adamson, Charles                        PAT1  
Adamson, Charles                        PIT1  
Adamson, Daisy Bell Phillips            HS01  
Adamson, Elizabeth                      WEL1  
Adamson, Elizabeth Mary                 1986  
Adamson, Elizabeth Nancy                DAV2  
Adamson, Elizabeth Nancy                WEL1  
Adamson, Eva K.                         HS03  
Adamson, Ferne Bradbury                 1996  
Adamson, Flossie J. Acklin              1992  
Adamson, Francis                        1989  
Adamson, Franklin Westly                DAV2  
Adamson, Fred                           HS04  
Adamson, Fred                           PIT1  
Adamson, Freda                          1992  
Adamson, Furma E.                       PAT1  
Adamson, Furman                         DAV5  
Adamson, George                         SHU1  
Adamson, George Kenneth                 PAT1  
Adamson, George M.                      1986  
Adamson, George M.                      CRA1  
Adamson, George M.                      PIT1  
Adamson, Grace Phillips                 HS01  
Adamson, H. Ross                        2003  
Adamson, Harry Lemoyn                   DAV2  
Adamson, Helen Parkinson                2004  
Adamson, Henry B.                       1997  
Adamson, Hiram Ross                     HS01  
Adamson, J. E.                          DAV2  
Adamson, James A.                       HS02  
Adamson, James Arthur                   DAV4  
Adamson, John                           HS01  
Adamson, John B.                        DAV3  
Adamson, John S.                        1993  
Adamson, Lillian E.                     DAV3  
Adamson, Lloyd A.                       2001  
Adamson, Lucy                           DAV3  
Adamson, Lucy Baily                     WEL1  
Adamson, Margaret Bowler                DAV3  
Adamson, Mary Belle                     2002  
Adamson, Mary Belle                     PIT1  
Adamson, Mary Jane Reed                 1993  
Adamson, Ora                            1998  
Adamson, Ralph                          2002  
Adamson, Ralph L.                       2005  
Adamson, Raymond C.                     SHU1  
Adamson, Robert P.                      1991  
Adamson, Russell                        HS01  
Adamson, Ruth                           2000  
Adamson, S. J.                          DAV1  
Adamson, Samuel J.                      1994  
Adamson, Smith                          DAV1  
Adamson, Stephen                        DAV1  
Adamson, William Scott                  1985  
Adcock, Charles A.                      1992  
Addis, Harold E.                        1996  
Addis, Sean                             2000  
Addleman, A.                            WEL1  
Addleman, Anna                          2000  
Addleman, Anna H.                       PIT1  
Addleman, Clarence                      DAV5  
Addleman, J. Lloyd                      1978  
Addleman, J. Lloyd                      PIT1  
Addleman, J. Lloyd                      SHU1  
Addleman, James C.                      DAV2  
Addleman, John Austin                   DAV3  
Addleman, Laurence                      1998  
Addleman, Laurence C.                   PIT1  
Addleman, Loyd                          DAV5  
Addleman, Lucinda                       WEL1  
Addleman, Myrtle V.                     1978  
Addleman, Myrtle V.                     DAV5  
Addleman, Nannie Burke                  1975  
Addleman, Ora M.                        DAV3  
Addleman, Robert                        DAV5  
Addleman, S. Lee                        DAV4  
Addleman, S. Lee                        HS02  
Addleman, Samuel L.                     HS01  
Addleman, Sarah Ellen                   DAV2  
Addleman, William A.                    2006  
Adkins, Dorothy M. Hibbard              1993  
Adrian, Leota White                     1990  
Adrian, Richard E.                      1990  
Affinto, Bernard J.                     93DR  
Aglio, Elvira Palone                    1996  
Agurrie, Carol                          1989  
Agurrie, Carol Brock                    PIT1  
Aiken, George  M.                       2006  
Ailes, Dorothy P.                       1997  
Ailes, Helen                            HS04  
Ailes, Herbert Leo                      PAT1  
Ainsley, Gertrude                       93DR  
Ainsley, Irene Taylor                   2003  
Ainsley, James                          SHU1  
Aires, Edward A.                        2003  
Albacker, Lee                           1989  
Albacker, Lee Dewey                     DAV4  
Albacker, Lee Dewey                     HS04  
Albacker, Nell V.                       1985  
Albert, C. Blair                        PIT1  
Albert, Edward                          DAV5  
Albert, Edward                          GAN1  
Albert, Edward                          PIT1  
Albert, George J.                       2003  
Albert, Martin Joseph                   HS04  
Albert, Penelope                        HS02  
Albert, Penelope E.                     PAT1  
Albert, Sherwin                         WEL1  
Albert, Sophia                          1985  
Albert, Sophia                          GAN1  
Alberta, Anna                           SHU1  
Alberts, Myrtle Rogers                  DAV3  
Alberts, Sherwin                        PAT1  
Albino, Mary Jane                       HS02  
Albright, Eugene H.                     1995  
Albright, Hugh U.                       HS01  
Albright, Kathryn C.                    1999  
Albright, Mary Ellen                    HAW1  
Albright, Ronald                        1990  
Alcock, Albert                          1996  
Alderson, Charles Dague                 1996  
Alderson, Isa                           DAV5  
Alderson, Mary D.                       WEL1  
Aldrich, Charles George                 DAV3  
Aldrich, Darius                         DAV2  
Aldrich, Grace Mann                     DAV4  
Alessi, Mary Chalovich                  1975  
Alexander, Alexander A.                 HS02  
Alexander, Alonzo                       DAV5  
Alexander, Hedwig                       HS03  
Alexander, James E.                     PIT1  
Alexander, James J.                     1987  
Alexander, John                         HS04  
Alexander, Margaret                     2002  
Alexander, Mary                         1989  
Alexander, Mildred E.                   2002  
Alexander, Minnie R.                    2002  
Alexander, Peter C.                     1999  
Alexander, William                      1999  
Alfred, Bell                            HEA1  
Alfred, Bell McGruger                   HEA1  
Alfred, Jacob                           HEA1  
Alger, Walter A.                        2003  
Aliucci, Angelo                         DAV4  
Aliucci, Angelo                         HS03  
Aliucci, Anna M.                        1997  
Aliucci, Eva Edith                      1997  
Aliucci, James                          DAV5  
Aliucci, James                          SHU1  
Aliucci, Jennie                         DAV2  
Allan, Donald                           HS03  
Allegretti, Giovanni                    HS01  
Allen, A. C.                            PAT1  
Allen, Alma May                         HS04  
Allen, Charles                          DAV2  
Allen, Helen Thistlethwaite             2004  
Allen, Helen V.                         1995  
Allen, Howard H.                        1986  
Allen, Howard H.                        SHU1  
Allen, Joan Fox                         1994  
Allen, Lora                             GS01  
Allen, Lottie Belle                     1999  
Allen, Natalie                          1998  
Allen, Norma Jean                       1986  
Allen, Richard                          2004  
Allen, Ruth F.                          2002  
Allen, Tommy                            DAV1  
Allender, Edna D.                       93DR  
Alley, Ethel Marie Sampson              HS01  
Alley, Helen Fisher                     HS03  
Alley, John                             GS01  
Alley, Lorena Miller                    HS04  
Alley, Otis                             1991  
Alley, Sarah Florence Kent              HS04  
Alley, William D.                       HS01  
Alley, William E.                       HAW1  
Allison, Albert Austin                  DAV3  
Allison, Alvia                          2000  
Allison, Arthur                         DAV5  
Allison, Arthur I.                      1978  
Allison, Caroline                       DAV1  
Allison, Cora                           HS04  
Allison, Cora Izetta                    DAV3  
Allison, Coradel                        2000  
Allison, Coradel Jacobs                 PIT1  
Allison, Dolores H.                     2007  
Allison, Donald                         1989  
Allison, Emma                           TAY2  
Allison, Ernest                         2000  
Allison, Ethel Lee                      HS03  
Allison, George W.                      DAV4  
Allison, George W.                      HEA1  
Allison, George W.                      HS03  
Allison, George W.                      TAY2  
Allison, Glenn H.                       1975  
Allison, Glenn H.                       DAV4  
Allison, Isabell                        DAV5  
Allison, J. Elmer                       HAW1  
Allison, James                          1989  
Allison, James                          DAV2  
Allison, John M.                        HS02  
Allison, Josephine P.                   HS02  
Allison, Josephine P.                   PAT1  
Allison, Josephine Palone               DAV4  
Allison, Laura Knox                     DAV4  
Allison, Laura Knox                     HS01  
Allison, Laura Knox                     TAY2  
Allison, Myrtle Marie                   1975  
Allison, Olive White                    HS01  
Allison, Raymond                        TAY2  
Allison, Robert                         DAV1  
Allison, Robert E.                      2002  
Allison, Ross A.                        DAV4  
Allison, Ross A.                        HS01  
Allison, S. Elsworth                    HS02  
Allison, Victoria                       1995  
Allison, William Stanley                DAV4  
Allison, William Stanley                HS04  
Allman, Eliza Jane                      HS04  
Allman, Fletcher                        DAV1  
Allman, Harry                           HS03  
Allman, Jacob                           1993  
Allman, Spencer S.                      HS01  
Allton, James H.                        HS01  
Allucci, William                        1992  
Allum, Dorothy White                    1996  
Allum, James                            1989  
Allum, James Enlo                       HS02  
Allum, James W.                         1986  
Allum, Jennie I.                        DAV1  
Allum, Larry Mark                       2007  
Allum, Susie Jane                       HS04  
Alsko, Ann                              1985  
Alvarado, Albert A.                     2005  
Alwine, Samuel                          DAV1  
Amabeli, Marjorie Ross                  HS04  
Ammons, Albert C.                       1997  
Ammons, Albert Z.                       1994  
Ammons, Alberta Ruth                    WEL1  
Ammons, Anna Jean                       PIT1  
Ammons, Annie                           HS01  
Ammons, Arthur H.                       1975  
Ammons, Chauncey D.                     HEA1  
Ammons, Douglas                         DAV1  
Ammons, Elizabeth                       DAV1  
Ammons, Forney H.                       1992  
Ammons, Iva Parrish                     1996  
Ammons, John M.                         DAV3  
Ammons, John Thurman                    1985  
Ammons, Lida Headley                    HEA1  
Ammons, Mary B.                         1997  
Ammons, Minerva Moredock                HS01  
Ammons, Oscar Burl                      HS02  
Ammons, Scott W.                        PIT1  
Ammons, Scotty W.                       1995  
Ammons, Stella Mason                    HS04  
Ammons, Sudie Lemunyon                  HEA1  
Ammons, Sudie Lemunyon                  HS04  
Ammons, W. Donley                       SHU1  
Ammons, Wayne V.                        1993  
Ammons, Wayne V.                        PIT1  
Amoroso, Charles                        1996  
Amos, Abigail R.                        1999  
Amos, Albert W.                         HS02  
Amos, Andrew V.                         HS01  
Amos, Bertha W.                         SHU1  
Amos, Bessie D. Anderson                HS04  
Amos, Carl W.                           2001  
Amos, Charles G.                        1995  
Amos, Cleo J.                           SHU1  
Amos, Earl                              1989  
Amos, Ernestine                         2000  
Amos, Flora Marie                       HS02  
Amos, Fred O.                           1992  
Amos, George W.                         1986  
Amos, Glen I.                           PIT1  
Amos, Glenn I.                          1994  
Amos, Hazel Leora                       WEL1  
Amos, James Francis                     1985  
Amos, James Franklin                    1975  
Amos, Leroy Norman                      2002  
Amos, Mary L.                           1986  
Amos, S. B.                             WEL1  
Amos, Sarah                             2000  
Amos, Wesley Ryan                       1995  
Anders, J. Norman                       93DR  
Anderson , Lester Marlin                2007  
Anderson, Agnes D.                      1995  
Anderson, Agnes M.                      PIT1  
Anderson, Albert                        2000  
Anderson, Aldine D. Staggers            1994  
Anderson, Aliff W.                      PAT1  
Anderson, Alvin Harry                   1997  
Anderson, Amelia                        1989  
Anderson, Arley                         2000  
Anderson, Ashton Pauline                1986  
Anderson, Austin D.                     1995  
Anderson, Benjamin Albert               HS02  
Anderson, Bert                          HS03  
Anderson, Betty                         2000  
Anderson, Betty                         HS02  
Anderson, C. E.                         HS04  
Anderson, Carl                          1989  
Anderson, Carl H.                       1997  
Anderson, Charles                       1975  
Anderson, Charles                       2000  
Anderson, Charles                       HS03  
Anderson, Charles E.                    1995  
Anderson, Charles E.                    HS01  
Anderson, Charles W.                    1991  
Anderson, Clyde                         HS03  
Anderson, Dennis P.                     2002  
Anderson, Donald F.                     1999  
Anderson, Donald G.                     1997  
Anderson, Donald G.                     PIT1  
Anderson, Donald R.                     1997  
Anderson, Dora                          GS01  
Anderson, Edith                         2007  
Anderson, Edna S.                       1995  
Anderson, Eliza                         GS01  
Anderson, Ella L.                       SHU1  
Anderson, F. Furman                     SHU1  
Anderson, Fannie Long                   1991  
Anderson, Flossie C. Morrison           1992  
Anderson, Floyd M.                      HS02  
Anderson, Floyd Mendall                 HS01  
Anderson, Frances G.                    SHU1  
Anderson, Franklin T.                   HS04  
Anderson, Frederick                     1991  
Anderson, George P.                     GM01  
Anderson, George P.                     HS04  
Anderson, Gladys                        93DR  
Anderson, Guy A.                        1999  
Anderson, H. Jane                       1991  
Anderson, H. Jane                       PIT1  
Anderson, Harry                         2003  
Anderson, Helen E.                      2004  
Anderson, Howard Lee                    1992  
Anderson, Howard R.                     1975  
Anderson, I. Kermit                     1997  
Anderson, Ida H.                        HS01  
Anderson, Isa M. L.                     SHU1  
Anderson, J. Harold                     1985  
Anderson, James H.                      PAT1  
Anderson, James L.                      2007  
Anderson, James Raymond                 1992  
Anderson, James Robert                  2006  
Anderson, Janette M. Fox                2006  
Anderson, Jesse                         PAT1  
Anderson, Jesse B.                      SHU1  
Anderson, John                          1989  
Anderson, John Elias                    WEL1  
Anderson, John W.                       1985  
Anderson, Josephus                      HAW1  
Anderson, Justin                        2000  
Anderson, Laura                         DAV5  
Anderson, Laura B.                      SHU1  
Anderson, Lena K.                       HS03  
Anderson, Lewis S.                      HAW1  
Anderson, Lilliam Elizabeth             HAW1  
Anderson, Lorena                        2000  
Anderson, Louise Miriam Crouse          1991  
Anderson, Lula Finch                    1994  
Anderson, Lydie                         HS04  
Anderson, Mae Phillips                  1994  
Anderson, Margaret                      1995  
Anderson, Margaret Funk                 HS04  
Anderson, Marie H. Wilson               1993  
Anderson, Mary Ann                      HS03  
Anderson, Mary Bailey                   2006  
Anderson, Mary Ellen                    2007  
Anderson, Mary Ellen                    HS03  
Anderson, Maud                          GM01  
Anderson, Maxine C                      PIT1  
Anderson, Maxine Condit                 1991  
Anderson, Minnie K. Rimmel              1996  
Anderson, Myrtle                        1998  
Anderson, Myrtle G.                     PAT1  
Anderson, Ocie                          PAT1  
Anderson, Odell R.                      1991  
Anderson, Olive Chambers                DAV4  
Anderson, Olive Chambers                GM01  
Anderson, Olive Chambers                HS04  
Anderson, Olive May Filby               2004  
Anderson, Opal Moore                    PAT1  
Anderson, Perry J.                      1999  
Anderson, Perry W.                      1999  
Anderson, Ralph E.                      PAT1  
Anderson, Raymond                       SHU1  
Anderson, Robert                        2000  
Anderson, Robert E.                     2005  
Anderson, Robert O.                     2006  
Anderson, Ross                          GAN1  
Anderson, Ruby Florence                 1987  
Anderson, Susan Renee                   2007  
Anderson, Thomas                        PAT1  
Anderson, Thomas O.                     HS03  
Anderson, Troy Daniel                   1986  
Anderson, Verbia L. Kilgore             1996  
Anderson, Wilbert E.                    HS02  
Anderson, Wilbur                        2000  
Anderson, Wilbur F.                     SHU1  
Anderson, Wilbur Franklin               PIT1  
Anderson, William G,                    SHU1  
Anderson, William H.                    HS03  
Anderson, Zona V.                       HS04  
Andish, Emily Ann Rodavich              1990  
Andish, Raddy                           HS02  
Andolsek, Betty Sellers                 1994  
Andrade, Marcus Andrew                  2004  
Andre, Virginia Mae                     2005  
Andrenok, Janice L.                     1997  
Andrenok, Linda                         2000  
Andrew, Alta Flora                      93DR  
Andrew, Carter                          GAN1  
Andrew, J. Carter                       PIT1  
Andrew, J. Ellis                        WEL1  
Andrew, Lillian Ely                     2006  
Andrew, Luella                          HS03  
Andrew, Luella                          PIT1  
Andrew, Mark H.                         HS03  
Andrew, Mary Jo                         2001  
Andrew, Minnie Bell                     WEL1  
Andrew, Vance                           2000  
Andrews, Adam                           HS01  
Andrews, J. Carter                      1993  
Andrews, James P.                       2001  
Andrews, Jean                           2004  
Andrews, Marjorie Hayes                 HS04  
Andrews, Mary M.                        HS04  
Andrews, Michael                        DAV3  
Andrews, Richard Mathew                 1992  
Andrews, William L.                     SHU1  
Andrews, William Leo                    1987  
Andria, John W.                         SHU1  
Andria, Myrtle Ellen                    1986  
Andria, Raymond L.                      1999  
Andrusky, Ann M.                        1987  
Andrusky, Charles                       1987  
Andrusky, Nellie                        2000  
Andrusky, Nicholas John                 1994  
Andrusky, Sylvia                        1995  
Andy, Mary                              93DR  
Angel, Frank M.                         HS01  
Angel, Madolyn Midkiff                  HS01  
Angeletti, Columbia                     2006  
Angelini, August                        1999  
Angelini, Sophia                        2007  
Angeloni, Charles                       2001  
Angelucci, Joseph A.                    HS04  
Angheben, Ottilia                       93DR  
Anglin, Warren B.                       HS01  
Angotti, Frank                          93DR  
Ankney, Garnet O.                       1997  
Ankney, Minnie Elizabeth Kirk           1996  
Ankney, Paul                            DAV5  
Ankney, Paul W.                         1987  
Ankrom, Anna                            MOR2  
Ankrom, Bernice E.                      2002  
Ankrom, C. Winfield                     PIT1  
Ankrom, Carletta Grable                 HS04  
Ankrom, Charlotte                       1997  
Ankrom, Charlotte Phillips              PIT1  
Ankrom, Delbert R.                      1995  
Ankrom, Dorothy Duffy                   HS01  
Ankrom, Edward S.                       DAV4  
Ankrom, Edward S.                       HS01  
Ankrom, Elsworth                        2005  
Ankrom, Ethel D.                        1987  
Ankrom, Evelyn Keener                   WEL1  
Ankrom, Francis M.                      DAV4  
Ankrom, Francis M.                      HS02  
Ankrom, Francis M.                      PAT1  
Ankrom, Frederick D.                    1994  
Ankrom, Helen                           DAV5  
Ankrom, Helen M.                        SHU1  
Ankrom, James Vernon                    1990  
Ankrom, Jane Geho                       1993  
Ankrom, Jesse                           DAV5  
Ankrom, John                            HS03  
Ankrom, Leo                             1995  
Ankrom, Leroy                           1994  
Ankrom, Margaret                        DAV5  
Ankrom, Margaret E.                     CRA1  
Ankrom, Martha Meek                     WEL1  
Ankrom, Mary Malcolm                    1975  
Ankrom, Myrtle G.                       SHU1  
Ankrom, Paul                            1998  
Ankrom, Ralph                           1993  
Ankrom, Robert G.                       1997  
Ankrom, Robert W.                       1995  
Ankrom, Robert William                  HS03  
Ankrom, Rosa Alice                      DAV2  
Ankrom, Roxie                           DAV5  
Ankrom, Roxie R.                        1978  
Ankrom, Sarah                           DAV5  
Ankrom, Sarah A.                        SHU1  
Ankrom, Sharon                          2005  
Ankrom, Stella                          DAV4  
Ankrom, Stella                          HS02  
Ankrom, Stella                          PIT1  
Ankrom, Thomas Albert                   1986  
Ankrom, Thomas Milton                   DAV4  
Ankrom, Thomas Milton                   HS02  
Ankrom, Willard Ray                     1992  
Ankrom, William                         DAV3  
Ankrom, William                         HS01  
Ankrom, William G.                      1985  
Ankrom, William W.                      1992  
Ankrom, Winfield                        HS02  
Anrdusky, Eva Wozny                     HS04  
Anrold, Alvin T.                        1996  
Ansell , James David                    2006  
Ansell, Clyde                           1989  
Ansell, Clyde                           HS01  
Ansell, Earl H.                         SHU1  
Ansell, Glenn S.                        1991  
Ansell, Lillian M.                      SHU1  
Ansell, Madeline Bunt                   2005  
Ansell, Opal                            1989  
Antel, Jack                             HAW1  
Anthony, Anna English                   DAV4  
Anthony, Henry Mack                     2005  
Anthony, Herbert                        DAV5  
Anthony, Margaret                       1987  
Antil, Alta                             HS02  
Antil, Blanche                          DAV5  
Antil, Blanche M.                       SHU1  
Antil, Cecil                            GAN1  
Antil, Cecil                            TAY2  
Antil, Gelaine                          2007  
Antil, Ina Miller                       1999  
Antil, Jack                             DAV4  
Antil, Leo                              DAV5  
Antil, Leo L.                           1978  
Antil, Opal F.                          SHU1  
Antil, Ralph E.                         2001  
Antil, Richard L.                       2007  
Antill, Bertha                          DAV2  
Antill, Charles E.                      HS04  
Antill, Dauphis E.                      PAT1  
Antill, David C.                        1996  
Antill, Eleanor Sarah Tishue            1990  
Antill, Floyd                           DAV4  
Antill, Floyd                           HS04  
Antill, Helen L.                        2004  
Antill, Homer Clyde                     HS01  
Antill, Ida Chaney                      WEL1  
Antill, James L.                        HS01  
Antill, James L.                        HS04  
Antill, John                            2002  
Antill, John E.                         2004  
Antill, Lance I.                        WEL1  
Antill, Lucy I.                         HS04  
Antill, Lucy L.                         HS01  
Antill, Mary E. Tedrow                  HS04  
Antill, Perry L.                        SHU1  
Antill, Roy                             2000  
Antill, William                         Bane  
Antol, Anna Kolesar                     1996  
Antonacci, Antonina                     2006  
Antonelli, Ernest D.                    1994  
Antonelli, Gerald B.                    HS04  
Antonelli, Joseph                       1994  
Antonelli, Joseph Paul                  HS02  
Antonelli, Nick J.                      1995  
Antonelli, Willard                      1990  
Antonini, Argrentina Bellini            HS04  
Antonini, Bernadino                     HS03  
Antonini, Catherine                     2000  
Antonini, Paul L.                       1994  
Antonini, Philip Vincent                1996  
Antonio, Faye                           DAV5  
Antonio, Joseph                         2000  
Antonio, Pamela J.                      2003  
Anzlovar, Frank                         1996  
Apanowicz, Linda                        2000  
Appleby, Kathryn E. Burkett             1994  
Arameish, Margaret Shefcheck            HS04  
Arameish, Steve A.                      1999  
Arbogast, Effie                         1989  
Arbogast, Samuel H.                     1986  
Arbogast, Sarah Kathleen                2006  
Arbogast, Sean C.                       SHU1  
Arbogast, Wilbur                        1991  
Arbogast, Wilbur                        SHU1  
Archer, Charles                         SHU1  
Archer, Earl L.                         93DR  
Archer, Florence F.                     93DR  
Archer, Harold                          2004  
Archer, Harold D.                       1992  
Archer, Paul G.                         PAT1  
Archer, Vera C.                         SHU1  
Archer, W. Orville                      1997  
Archer, William                         TAY2  
Archibald, Fred                         1985  
Archibald, Ralph M.                     DAV2  
Archibald, Richard M.                   HS04  
Archibold, Grace                        HS03  
Ardeno, Frank                           1995  
Areford, Adda M.                        HS01  
Areford, Agnes                          HS02  
Areford, Agnes Watters                  DAV4  
Areford, Alberta Lemley                 HS04  
Areford, Alexander                      DAV2  
Areford, Alexander                      WEL1  
Areford, Augustine                      2002  
Areford, Blanche                        DAV4  
Areford, Blanche                        HS04  
Areford, Cecil                          DAV5  
Areford, Cecil K.                       SHU1  
Areford, Dale W.                        GM01  
Areford, Dale W.                        HS01  
Areford, Dale W.                        SHU1  
Areford, Daniel G.                      HS03  
Areford, Danny Paul                     HS03  
Areford, Ernest E.                      HS02  
Areford, Ervin M.                       2004  
Areford, Ethel L. Mt. Joy               HS02  
Areford, Ewing                          1998  
Areford, Ewing G.                       DAV4  
Areford, Ewing Robert                   1999  
Areford, George F.                      DAV3  
Areford, George Frank                   1986  
Areford, George W.                      DAV2  
Areford, H.                             DAV2  
Areford, Henry Sheldon                  DAV4  
Areford, Henry Sheldon                  HS04  
Areford, James                          2006  
Areford, John A.                        DAV3  
Areford, John Sherman                   1994  
Areford, Mark J.                        HS03  
Areford, Mary                           DAV1  
Areford, Milton B.                      DAV2  
Areford, Ruth Maxine                    2003  
Areford, Thomas J.                      DAV4  
Areford, Thomas J.                      HS04  
Areford, William                        DAV1  
Areford, William H.                     WEL1  
Arenhalt, Margaret Bennett              HS04  
Arentzen, Rolf F.                       1996  
Arford, Ernest E.                       PAT1  
Arison, Bernice D.                      2003  
Armstrong, Alfred A.                    HS04  
Armstrong, D. Glenn                     CRA1  
Armstrong, Darrah                       DAV3  
Armstrong, Elizabeth                    DAV1  
Armstrong, Grace Morris                 DAV4  
Armstrong, Grant W.                     CRA1  
Armstrong, Grant W.                     DAV2  
Armstrong, Harriet Emma                 DAV4  
Armstrong, Harriett Riggle              2006  
Armstrong, Harry P.                     HS04  
Armstrong, John                         DAV1  
Armstrong, Leroy                        DAV2  
Armstrong, Mary                         DAV1  
Armstrong, Mary E.                      HS01  
Armstrong, Maude F.                     HS04  
Armstrong, Nelle Snowden                HS04  
Armstrong, Nellie E.                    2003  
Armstrong, Neri                         DAV2  
Armstrong, Pauline Pitcock              PIT1  
Armstrong, R. Guy                       1987  
Armstrong, R. Guy                       CRA1  
Armstrong, R. Guy                       DAV4  
Armstrong, R. Guy                       PIT1  
Armstrong, Ralph L.                     PIT1  
Armstrong, Remembrance                  DAV3  
Armstrong, Russell                      WEL1  
Armstrong, Sarah C.                     WEL1  
Armstrong, Sarah Frances Craft          DAV2  
Armstrong, Thomas                       HS03  
Armstrong, Valeria Sue                  2003  
Armstrong, Verna B.                     DAV4  
Armstrong, Verna B.                     HS03  
Armstrong, Verna Belle                  CRA1  
Armstrong, William                      2003  
Armstrong, William                      DAV1  
Armstrong, Winfield                     DAV1  
Armstrong, Winfield                     HS03  
Arnal, Caroleen Harmison                1996  
Arnold, Anna Breakiron                  DAV2  
Arnold, Bertha                          93DR  
Arnold, Bertha Nyswaner                 1993  
Arnold, Bessie C. Kinsel                1992  
Arnold, Betty L.                        1986  
Arnold, Charles                         1989  
Arnold, Cora M.                         2002  
Arnold, Corrine Titus                   1996  
Arnold, D. Miles                        DAV4  
Arnold, D. Miles                        HS02  
Arnold, D. Miles                        PAT1  
Arnold, David A.                        DAV2  
Arnold, Edna B.                         2002  
Arnold, Ernest                          HS01  
Arnold, Glenn A.                        1994  
Arnold, Glenn A.                        PIT1  
Arnold, Helen Joan Yokopovich           1994  
Arnold, Laura Holder                    HS04  
Arnold, Lloyd J.                        HS04  
Arnold, Martha Jeanne                   DAV2  
Arnold, Matilda S.                      HS02  
Arnold, Matilda Smith                   DAV4  
Arnold, Merle L.                        2003  
Arnold, Quinton A.                      DAV4  
Arnold, Quinton A.                      HS02  
Arnold, Sarah                           DAV5  
Arnold, Sarah J.                        SHU1  
Arnold, Thelma G.                       PAT1  
Arnold, Thelma Guthrie                  DAV4  
Arnold, Thelma Guthrie                  PIT1  
Arnold, Tuliver D.                      DAV3  
Arnold, Walter G.                       DAV4  
Arnold, Walter G.                       HS03  
Arnold, William Theodore                DAV2  
Arquelles, Maria P.                     93DR  
Arrison, Beatrice                       2002  
Arrison, Holbert B.                     1985  
Arrison, John B.                        HS04  
Arrison, Margaret H.                    HS02  
Arther, Samuel                          SHU1  
Arthur, Albert T.                       SHU1  
Arthur, Christopher                     2007  
Arthur, Donna Jo                        2007  
Arthur, Joshua Lee                      2007  
Arthur, Sarah J, Ankrom                 1992  
Arthur, Shawn David                     1996  
Arthur, William D.                      SHU1  
Artis, Bessie                           DAV2  
Artis, Bessie Pester                    WEL1  
Artis, Louise                           DAV3  
Artis, Samuel                           WEL1  
Arvle, Mary Black                       1986  
Ashbrook, Howard F.                     HS02  
Ashburn, Frances S.                     2004  
Ashburn, Paul M.                        HS02  
Ashby, Buryl                            1989  
Ashby, David L.                         HS04  
Ashby, Duane E.                         1997  
Ashby, Fannie M.                        HS02  
Ashby, Geraldine Waters                 1990  
Ashby, Owen C.                          HS03  
Ashe, Mildred McKain                    PAT1  
Ashmore, Naomi I.                       HS02  
Ashmore, Robert A.                      1996  
Ashton, Bernsie                         HS04  
Ashton, Laura T.                        PIT1  
Ashton, Laura Theresa Hornfeck          1992  
Ashworth, Marie Cumpston                HS04  
Ashworth, William Thomas                HS04  
Aspey, Stanley                          1998  
Astleford, Joseph M.                    CRA1  
Aston, Willnetta Rhome                  1991  
Ataman, Eugene Frank                    HS01  
Atcheson, Freda L.                      SHU1  
Atcheson, Helen O'Brochta               2001  
Atcheson, Homer J.                      1985  
Atcheson, Ira                           2000  
Atcheson, Myrtle Biddle                 1991  
Ater, Bernard                           2001  
Ater, J. Riley                          1985  
Atkinson, Dorris Jean                   2003  
Atkinson, Grace H.                      1975  
Atkinson, Jane                          2001  
Atkinson, John                          2001  
Atkinson, John Miller                   1992  
Atkinson, John W.                       HS04  
Atkinson, Margaret                      HS03  
Atkinson, Mary Ellen                    PIT1  
Atkinson, Mary Magdalene Ross           1992  
Atkinson, Vernie                        1989  
Atkinson, William                       1998  
Atwell, C. T.                           HS03  
Augustine, Jacob Durr                   1992  
Auld, Hobart                            DAV5  
Auld, Hugh A.                           HS01  
Auld, John T.                           HS04  
Auld, John T.                           WEL1  
Auld, Mable E.                          PAT1  
Auld, Mary Pratt                        PIT1  
Auld, Robert W.                         1986  
Auld, Ruth                              1989  
Auld, Rutn M.                           PIT1  
Auld, Sara Pratt                        1987  
Auld, Sara Pratt                        PIT1  
Auld, Wenna E.                          1975  
Auld, Wenna E.                          PAT1  
Aultman, Robert                         2000  
Austin, Bruce R.                        PAT1  
Austin, James H.                        1993  
Austin, Marjorie                        DAV5  
Austin, Marjorie                        SHU1  
Auther, Ralph A.                        2007  
Auvil, Elizabeth R.                     1999  
Averett, Patricia Ann                   2007  
Avery, Martha C.                        SHU1  
Avner, David L.                         1995  
Avner, Dorothy Levine                   1996  
Avner, Lillian B.                       1999  
Avner, Louis L.                         HS02  
Axtell, Luther W.                       DAV2  
Ayers, Marie E.                         1997  
Ayers, Mary Pollock                     HS02  
Ayers, Mary Pollock                     PAT1  
Ayersman, Jean E.                       PIT1  
Ayersman, Jean E.                       SHU1  

Name                                    Book
Babb, Forest J.                         SHU1  
Babb, James Albert                      1993  
Babb, John E.                           1992  
Babb, John E.                           SHU1  
Babbit, J. Harry                        HS01  
Babbit, James H.                        PAT1  
Babbit, Mae Shaffer                     GM01  
Babbitt, Harry I.                       1996  
Babbitt, Lucille                        93DR  
Babcock, Alice                          DAV3  
Baber, Nelda H.                         2004  
Babich, Mildred                         1996  
Babson, Dorothy                         2000  
Babyak, Anna                            1988  
Babyak, Anna                            1989  
Babyak, Catherine L.                    2002  
Babyak, George A.                       1990  
Babyak, George J.                       2007  
Babyak, Julia                           93DR  
Babyak, Mary Gula                       HS01  
Babyok, Mike                            HS02  
Bacan, Steve J.                         HS02  
Bach, Frederick                         1986  
Bachman, Kenneth W.                     2006  
Bachman, Laura B.                       PAT1  
Badsek, William Marion                  2005  
Baer, Charles F.                        HS04  
Baer, Hughes                            1998  
Baer, Kathryn Rea                       HS01  
Baer, Leona                             1975  
Baer, Marvin                            HEA1  
Baer, Ruth B.                           1993  
Baer, Ruth B.                           PIT1  
Baer, Samuel                            DAV5  
Baer, Samuel Robert                     2003  
Baglia, Cecil P.                        1996  
Bahajak, Mike N.                        2003  
Bahajak, Mildred Marie                  DAV4  
Bahajak, Nellie V.                      2002  
Bahr, Mildred Marie                     CRA1  
Bahr, Mildred Marie White               HS01  
Bahuno, Paul                            HS04  
Bahuno, Stella Kachersky                HS04  
Bailey, Alva                            1998  
Bailey, Arie                            DAV1  
Bailey, Audrey Curtis                   PIT1  
Bailey, Daniel                          WEL1  
Bailey, Della                           DAV1  
Bailey, Edna                            DAV5  
Bailey, Edna Marie Longanecker          1978  
Bailey, Edward F.                       2003  
Bailey, Eli G.                          MOR5  
Bailey, Elva B.                         PIT1  
Bailey, Erna L. Fletcher                HS01  
Bailey, Ethel F.                        2004  
Bailey, Flora                           DAV5  
Bailey, Flora F.                        SHU1  
Bailey, Florence Pyle                   DAV4  
Bailey, Frank M.                        DAV4  
Bailey, Frank M.                        HS01  
Bailey, George Milton                   1985  
Bailey, Hilda Mae                       2004  
Bailey, Ida Elizabeth                   PIT1  
Bailey, Ina                             DAV5  
Bailey, Ina                             SHU1  
Bailey, Ivan H.                         GM01  
Bailey, Ivan H.                         HS03  
Bailey, J. Sherman                      DAV4  
Bailey, J. Sherman                      HS02  
Bailey, James G.                        1995  
Bailey, John A.                         1999  
Bailey, John A.                         2002  
Bailey, John E.                         PIT1  
Bailey, John F.                         WEL1  
Bailey, Joseph                          SHU1  
Bailey, Lillian E.                      PIT1  
Bailey, Louise                          1988  
Bailey, Luillian Elizabeth Reese        1993  
Bailey, Martha Annie                    DAV2  
Bailey, Mona E.                         1995  
Bailey, Palmetta                        DAV4  
Bailey, Palmetta Gregg                  HS03  
Bailey, Samantha                        2000  
Bailey, Stella Marie                    1975  
Bailey, Susan K.                        HS03  
Bailey, Theda                           1989  
Bailey, Verne Malcolm                   2001  
Bailey, William A.                      1999  
Bailey, William R.                      DAV3  
Baily, Abner J.                         DAV2  
Baily, Alfred F.                        2006  
Baily, Alta                             93DR  
Baily, Alta Hebel                       1993  
Baily, Amy Jo                           HS04  
Baily, Anna L.                          HS02  
Baily, Arthur L.                        2007  
Baily, Audrey Curtis                    2001  
Baily, Bernice                          DAV5  
Baily, Bryan L.                         2001  
Baily, Callie M. Areford                HS01  
Baily, Carl S.                          1986  
Baily, Devonah Dayton                   1991  
Baily, Dora                             1989  
Baily, Dora Mitchenor                   DAV2  
Baily, Ealph E.                         HS02  
Baily, Edith W.                         PAT1  
Baily, Edith Whiting                    1987  
Baily, Edward                           DAV2  
Baily, Eli                              2002  
Baily, Eli Gaddis                       HS04  
Baily, Elva Frank                       HS03  
Baily, Emily Thompson                   DAV4  
Baily, Ewing W.                         DAV4  
Baily, Florence Crago                   DAV4  
Baily, Frank                            DAV1  
Baily, Frank Morris                     DAV3  
Baily, Garnette                         HS01  
Baily, Hagan K.                         2006  
Baily, Harriette                        DAV5  
Baily, Harriette E.                     SHU1  
Baily, Harry                            HS02  
Baily, Harry                            PAT1  
Baily, Harry F.                         2003  
Baily, Harry F.                         DAV4  
Baily, Harry F.                         GM01  
Baily, Helen Stephens                   DAV3  
Baily, Hildur Mortenson                 1994  
Baily, Hugh                             DAV1  
Baily, Hugh                             DAV2  
Baily, Ida Elizabeth                    DAV2  
Baily, Jeane Minerd                     HS04  
Baily, Jessie R.                        SHU1  
Baily, John E.                          1996  
Baily, John E.                          PIT1  
Baily, John H.                          HS01  
Baily, Joseph Edgar                     DAV2  
Baily, Karl M.                          DAV4  
Baily, Kenneth G.                       HS01  
Baily, Laura Minor                      DAV3  
Baily, Luella Morris                    DAV2  
Baily, Mabel                            HS01  
Baily, Margaret                         DAV5  
Baily, Margaret Rae Blair               HS01  
Baily, Margaret Rea                     GM01  
Baily, Mary                             DAV1  
Baily, Mary                             HS02  
Baily, Mary McKean                      HS02  
Baily, N. Morris                        1994  
Baily, Nella                            1975  
Baily, Nella Hoskinson                  PAT1  
Baily, Nellie                           HS02  
Baily, Orpha Hart                       1986  
Baily, Paul                             DAV5  
Baily, Phila                            DAV5  
Baily, Phila E.                         PAT1  
Baily, Plesa                            HS04  
Baily, Richard L.                       1986  
Baily, Richard Lloyd                    DAV3  
Baily, Robert Wesley                    HS01  
Baily, Ruby S.                          DAV4  
Baily, Ruby S.                          HS03  
Baily, Ruth Anna Frye                   HS04  
Baily, Thomas Sayers                    2001  
Baily, Walter L.                        DAV4  
Baily, Walter L.                        HS03  
Baily, William                          DAV5  
Baily, William E.                       SHU1  
Bainbridge, Charles W.                  1988  
Bainbridge, Hazel                       DAV5  
Bainbridge, Jolene C.                   SHU1  
Bainbridge, Josephine                   2003  
Bainbridge, Nancy Mae                   HS01  
Bainbridge, William                     DAV4  
Bainbridge, William J.                  HS04  
Baine, James M.                         HS01  
Bainer, Claude                          1998  
Bair, Earl Thomas                       1999  
Bair, Eva C.                            HS02  
Bair, Michael                           GS01  
Bair, Richard                           PAT1  
Bair, William S.                        1999  
Baird, Manda Jean Swaney                HS02  
Baird, William Free                     2006  
Bajoras, Joseph C.                      93DR  
Bake, Clarice                           2002  
Baker, Alice                            HS02  
Baker, Anna S.                          SHU1  
Baker, Clifford                         2000  
Baker, Clifford E.                      PIT1  
Baker, Della E.                         HS03  
Baker, Donald K.                        1991  
Baker, Donald K.                        1991  
Baker, Donald L.                        2003  
Baker, Edna Wilson                      HS04  
Baker, Elizabeth Isabelle               DAV2  
Baker, Elizabeth P.                     2005  
Baker, Eugene                           2000  
Baker, Flo A.                           2004  
Baker, Frances E. McClelland            1992  
Baker, George E.                        1988  
Baker, Haddie McHenry                   1991  
Baker, Harry A,                         1985  
Baker, Harry L.                         1985  
Baker, Hazel J.                         2001  
Baker, Jack H.                          2002  
Baker, James Albert                     GM01  
Baker, James Albert                     HS04  
Baker, James N.                         HS04  
Baker, Jessie H.                        SHU1  
Baker, John E.                          HS03  
Baker, John W.                          PAT1  
Baker, Joseph                           1994  
Baker, Karen                            HS03  
Baker, L. Kathleen                      1999  
Baker, L. Pearl                         SHU1  
Baker, Lee Miller                       PAT1  
Baker, Leona Kathleen Staggers          1993  
Baker, Margaret Ellen                   1985  
Baker, Marie                            2000  
Baker, Mary                             SHU1  
Baker, Mary Hickman                     HS01  
Baker, Michael A.                       2004  
Baker, Mildred Ellen Roach              HEA1  
Baker, Minnie H.                        ING1  
Baker, Nellie                           DAV1  
Baker, Norman Royce                     1994  
Baker, Opal Yeager                      HS01  
Baker, Orville R.                       HS02  
Baker, Paul M.                          HS02  
Baker, Pete                             2007  
Baker, Rachel Stahl                     1991  
Baker, Rainey                           1987  
Baker, Richard Y.                       2001  
Baker, Robert M.                        2003  
Baker, Sadie Iva                        1997  
Baker, Sarah                            DAV1  
Baker, Shawn Michael                    1990  
Baker, Walter C.                        HS02  
Baker, William H.                       DAV3  
Baker, Wilson                           1993  
Bakewell, Richard                       2002  
Bakey, Ralph                            2000  
Bakosh, John                            HS02  
Balaban,  Madeline G.                   2006  
Balaban, Anna                           HS02  
Balaban, Dolores                        2005  
Balaban, Edward                         1994  
Balaban, Frank                          HS04  
Balaban, Frank M.                       HS02  
Balaban, Frank M.                       PAT1  
Balaban, Marie Evanesky                 1996  
Balaban, Mary C.                        1992  
Balaban, Mary M.                        HS03  
Balaban, Max                            DAV5  
Balaban, Max G.                         2002  
Balaban, Max J.                         SHU1  
Balaban, Mike                           1993  
Balaban, Pamela S.                      1999  
Balaban, Rose E.                        2005  
Balaban, Thomas                         1998  
Balaban, Thomas                         DAV5  
Balaban, Thomas R.                      SHU1  
Balahan, Mary M.                        DAV4  
Balazick, Charles                       DAV5  
Balazick, Helen Gleba                   1990  
Balazick, Michael                       1991  
Bald, Nellie Horst                      HS02  
Balderston, Lucille L.                  1993  
Baldwin, Clair                          GS01  
Baldwin, Clair B.                       WEL1  
Baldwin, Dorothy                        1998  
Baldwin, Elva L. McGlumphy              1991  
Baldwin, Francis                        WEL1  
Baldwin, Frank                          HAW1  
Baldwin, Frank                          WEL1  
Baldwin, G. M.                          WEL1  
Baldwin, Gail M.                        GM01  
Baldwin, Gail Moore                     HS04  
Baldwin, Harold B.                      HS04  
Baldwin, Louis H.                       1987  
Baldwin, Mabel                          HS03  
Baldwin, Pauline E.                     2004  
Baldwin, Ralph                          HS04  
Baldwin, Thelma M.                      1992  
Baldwin, William                        HS03  
Balentine, Viola L.                     93DR  
Balfour, John                           DAV1  
Ball, Albert                            1987  
Ball, Albert                            PIT1  
Ball, Bessie                            DAV5  
Ball, Bessie P.                         SHU1  
Ball, Bettie T.                         PAT1  
Ball, Charles                           93DR  
Ball, Charles                           DAV5  
Ball, Charles R.                        SHU1  
Ball, David E.                          1990  
Ball, David Gale                        1986  
Ball, Eva                               1998  
Ball, Hannah Bice                       HEA1  
Ball, Harriet Gaddis Luse               CRA1  
Ball, Hilary                            DAV5  
Ball, Leona Blanche                     93DR  
Ball, Leonard E.                        2001  
Ball, Margaret Shriver                  2001  
Ball, Marjorie D.                       1986  
Ball, Mary                              1998  
Ball, Nettie Taylor                     1988  
Ball, Richard Albert                    DAV3  
Ball, Scott                             2000  
Ball, Scott E.                          PIT1  
Ball, Violet E.                         1987  
Ball, W. Earl                           1993  
Balla, Andrew                           1995  
Balla, Anna                             PAT1  
Balla, Anna                             SHU1  
Ballas, Michael                         1998  
Ballone, Dolores J.                     2007  
Balog, Frank                            2005  
Balog, Steve                            2006  
Balog, Sue                              2005  
Balsinger, George D.                    SHU1  
Balsinger, Lida Azzelma                 DAV4  
Balsinger, Lida Azzelma                 HS01  
Balsinger, Sarah                        DAV5  
Balyeat, Louis                          1989  
Bambarger, Eunice B.                    1987  
Bamberger, Goldie                       2003  
Bamberger, Reed F.                      HS02  
Bandish, Anna Velky                     HS02  
Bandish, Paul                           1986  
Bane, Abraham                           DAV3  
Bane, Aldine M.                         2005  
Bane, Arthur                            DAV5  
Bane, Arthur T.                         SHU1  
Bane, Carl A.                           1995  
Bane, Charles                           1989  
Bane, Charles Ingram                    WEL1  
Bane, Clara                             HS04  
Bane, Clarence                          HS04  
Bane, Clinton Eugene                    2002  
Bane, Clyde William                     1992  
Bane, David A.                          1987  
Bane, Edna Jane                         2003  
Bane, Edward                            HEA1  
Bane, Ellen                             DAV5  
Bane, George                            1991  
Bane, George H.                         HS02  
Bane, Grace                             HS02  
Bane, Harry                             2000  
Bane, Harvey                            1989  
Bane, Helen H.                          DAV4  
Bane, Helen H.                          HS02  
Bane, Isabella                          DAV2  
Bane, Isabella                          DAV4  
Bane, Joanne Marie                      1991  
Bane, John William                      DAV2  
Bane, John William                      DAV3  
Bane, Lona                              HS02  
Bane, Margaret E. Redd                  HS04  
Bane, Mary Elizabeth Moore              Bane  
Bane, Mary Riggle                       1985  
Bane, Mary Riggle                       CRA1  
Bane, McKinley Z.                       HS01  
Bane, Mildred Anges                     1985  
Bane, Mildred B.                        SHU1  
Bane, Nannie T. Smith                   HS01  
Bane, Rachel P.                         HS03  
Bane, Ralph A.                          SHU1  
Bane, Russell                           DAV4  
Bane, Silas C.                          DAV2  
Bane, Thelma L.                         1988  
Bane, Thelma L.                         PAT1  
Bane, Vera Morton                       HS01  
Bane, Victor Lynn                       DAV2  
Bane, Victor Lynn                       HS01  
Bane, Virginia                          DAV4  
Bane, William Albert                    HS02  
Bane, William R.                        HS01  
Bane, William T.                        1985  
Bane, William T.                        2005  
Baney, Maxine                           2000  
Baniecki, Anne A. Gilarski              1994  
Baniecki, Ferdinand                     HS03  
Baniecki, John S.                       1999  
Baniecki, Louis Frank                   2004  
Baniecki, Rozalie                       HS01  
Bankovich, Catherine Z.                 SHU1  
Bankovich, Irene Gewak                  1990  
Bankovich, John                         1988  
Banks, Estella M.                       1987  
Banks, Ethel                            2000  
Banks, John E.                          1995  
Banks, John Valentine                   DAV4  
Banks, Joseph                           2002  
Baran, Andrew                           HS02  
Baran, Elizabeth H.                     SHU1  
Baranowski, Victoria R.                 1985  
Baranowski, Virginia .                  2007  
Barb, Eliza                             DAV1  
Barb, Iva V.                            1975  
Barb, Lessie Nina                       HS03  
Barbarger, Goldie                       PIT1  
Barbe, Arthur                           SHU1  
Barbe, Charles A.                       1999  
Barbe, Frances                          1998  
Barbe, Frank Webb                       HS01  
Barbee, Catherine Harvey                1992  
Barber, Jacob                           DAV4  
Barber, Kathleen Lyke                   2006  
Barber, Mary Cowan                      HS01  
Barber, Sarah Elizabeth                 DAV4  
Barber, William                         DAV5  
Barber, William Ross                    DAV4  
Barber, William Ross                    HS02  
Barbeta, Carmine                        DAV4  
Barbetta, Anthony C.                    2007  
Barbetta, Carmine                       HS04  
Barbetta, Julia                         DAV5  
Barbetta, Mary A.                       1988  
Barbetta, Matilda                       DAV3  
Barbin, Thomas E                        1996  
Barbour, David Allan                    1975  
Barbour, Ruth Burns                     1992  
Barbour, Steve A.                       1978  
Barchiesi, Emilia L.                    1985  
Barchiesi, Emma L.                      PIT1  
Barchiesi, Joseph S.                    1993  
Barchiesi, Raymond L.                   2005  
Barchiesi, Santino                      1986  
Barclay, Alberta                        DAV5  
Barclay, Alma Irene                     DAV2  
Barclay, Charles Edgar                  DAV2  
Barclay, Clarence W.                    PIT1  
Barclay, Della W.                       SHU1  
Barclay, Doris Creel                    2005  
Barclay, Edmund S.                      1975  
Barclay, Edmund S.                      PAT1  
Barclay, Edmund S.                      PIT1  
Barclay, Edna S.                        SHU1  
Barclay, Elizabeth                      93DR  
Barclay, Hugh                           HS04  
Barclay, Hugh M.                        2002  
Barclay, Israel                         DAV1  
Barclay, Israel                         DAV3  
Barclay, J. Calvin                      1986  
Barclay, J. Frank                       DAV4  
Barclay, J. Frank                       HS01  
Barclay, Jack                           2000  
Barclay, Paul G.                        1995  
Barclay, Ralph S.                       HS01  
Barclay, Rose Allen                     DAV4  
Barclay, Rose Allen                     HS02  
Barclay, Rose Allen                     PAT1  
Barclay, Wilbur                         DAV5  
Barclay, Wilbur J.                      1978  
Barclay, William                        DAV5  
Barclay, William H.                     SHU1  
Bardon, Betty J. Lahew                  1992  
Baremore, Jeffrey M.                    2003  
Baremore, Martha                        HS03  
Baresich, Dora                          1997  
Baresich, Joseph E.                     1986  
Baresich, Thomas                        1991  
Bargarstock, Mary E                     2002  
Bargarstock, Ruth L.                    2002  
Barger, Bessie R. Staley                1996  
Barger, David                           SHU1  
Barger, Ethel Dale                      1997  
Barger, Ethel Dale Cummins              PIT1  
Barger, George W.                       HS02  
Barger, John                            HS04  
Barger, Mary Deitrich                   DAV2  
Barger, Mary Ellen                      1978  
Barger, Mary Jane Barnhart              1991  
Barger, Richard                         2001  
Barger, Richard                         PIT1  
Barger, Robert V.                       1993  
Bargerstock, Albert C.                  HS02  
Bargerstock, Clare H.                   SHU1  
Bargerstock, Harland                    DAV3  
Bargerstock, Marguerite                 1997  
Bargerstock, Mildred M.                 1975  
Bargerstock, Orville                    1986  
Bargerstock, Orville E.                 1993  
Bargerstock, Ray H.                     1995  
Barich, Catherine                       1999  
Barich, Helen M.                        PAT1  
Barich, John N.                         HS02  
Barker, Arnold G.                       1986  
Barker, Valetta I.                      2002  
Barker, Violet                          HEA1  
Barker, Violet                          WEL1  
Barker, Violet R.                       HS01  
Barkley, Clarence W.                    1986  
Barkley, Elizabeth D.                   1997  
Barkman, Ann                            HS03  
Barkman, Ann McClelland                 DAV4  
Barkman, Elizabeth                      DAV5  
Barkman, Mary                           DAV1  
Barkman, Walter R.                      HS01  
Barlow, Alvin A.                        HS02  
Barlow, Elizabeth Mae                   1985  
Barlow, Goldie Mae                      GM01  
Barlow, Jeanne Lee                      2006  
Barlow, Liberty W.                      1995  
Barlow, Liberty W.                      PIT1  
Barlow, Margaret Gallo                  HS04  
Barlow, Margaret Gallo                  PIT1  
Barlow, Mary                            2000  
Barlow, Paul                            2004  
Barlow, Thomas A.                       1988  
Barlow, Thomas A.                       PAT1  
Barlow, Thomas Guy                      HS01  
Barlow, Tom                             PAT1  
Barlow, Wilma Cumpston                  HS01  
Barmore, Salome Jennings                WEL1  
Barna, Elizabeth E. Rinehart            1990  
Barna, John R.                          PAT1  
Barna, Winifred                         DAV5  
Barna, Winifred L.                      SHU1  
Barnard, Elizabeth                      DAV2  
Barnard, Ella                           DAV4  
Barnard, Ella Filby                     HS01  
Barnard, James                          1998  
Barnard, Ola Rinehart                   DAV2  
Barnard, Thomas Jefferson               DAV2  
Barndollar, Betty White                 1994  
Barnek, Elizabeth                       2000  
Barnek, James M.                        2007  
Barnek, Michael                         1987  
Barnes , C. O.                          2006  
Barnes , John Walter                    2006  
Barnes , Ruth Craig                     2006  
Barnes, Claude                          1989  
Barnes, Claude Lewis                    2007  
Barnes, Della Harshman                  1975  
Barnes, Della Harshman                  PAT1  
Barnes, Edward                          DAV5  
Barnes, Elizabeth                       1998  
Barnes, J. Walter                       GAN1  
Barnes, Jack                            2000  
Barnes, Jeffrey                         1998  
Barnes, Louie                           1998  
Barnes, Lula                            2003  
Barnes, Mamie                           2005  
Barnes, Marie Shultz                    1997  
Barnes, Marie Shultz                    PIT1  
Barnes, Mary Louise                     HS03  
Barnes, Rose E.                         1987  
Barnes, Ruth S.                         1987  
Barnes, T. William                      1985  
Barnes, T. William                      PIT1  
Barnes, T. William                      TAY2  
Barnes, Thomas G.                       HS03  
Barnes, Thomas H.                       PIT1  
Barnes, William                         1986  
Barnes, William                         DAV5  
Barnes, William Brian                   2004  
Barnes, William L.                      DAV4  
Barnes, William L.                      HEA1  
Barnes, William L.                      HS04  
Barnes, William M.                      SHU1  
Barnes, William Mark                    PAT1  
Barnes, Winnie V.                       SHU1  
Barnett, Nancy L.                       HAW1  
Barnette, Bessie                        HS02  
Barnette, Bessie                        PAT1  
Barnette, James R.                      2001  
Barnette, Louise                        2000  
Barnette, Samuel H.                     PAT1  
Barney , Lonnie Lee                     2006  
Barney, Catherine Elizabeth             1985  
Barney, Roscoe                          GS01  
Barney, Rose                            1986  
Barney, William Wesley                  HAW1  
Barnhart, Ada Pearl                     93DR  
Barnhart, Ada Pearl Murphy              1993  
Barnhart, Anna L.                       1999  
Barnhart, Anne Estella                  PAT1  
Barnhart, Anthony                       1975  
Barnhart, Anthony                       PAT1  
Barnhart, Belva                         GAN1  
Barnhart, Bryan                         1987  
Barnhart, Charles L.                    HS01  
Barnhart, Charles W.                    2007  
Barnhart, Clarence                      1975  
Barnhart, Clarence C.                   PAT1  
Barnhart, Daniel Craig                  1992  
Barnhart, Dennis                        2005  
Barnhart, Donald E                      SHU1  
Barnhart, Edith K.                      HS03  
Barnhart, Elizabeth S. Bankovich        1990  
Barnhart, Floyd B.                      SHU1  
Barnhart, Gregory P.                    1997  
Barnhart, Gregory P.                    PIT1  
Barnhart, Harold R.                     1993  
Barnhart, Helen Sabo                    1991  
Barnhart, Homer C.                      HS02  
Barnhart, Hubert L.                     1999  
Barnhart, Jack                          2004  
Barnhart, James                         DAV5  
Barnhart, James Call                    HS04  
Barnhart, James E.                      1995  
Barnhart, James L.                      2001  
Barnhart, James Michael                 HS03  
Barnhart, James W.                      1997  
Barnhart, Job R.                        HS04  
Barnhart, John S.                       1986  
Barnhart, Josephine                     DAV3  
Barnhart, Karl B.                       HS02  
Barnhart, Letha E. Bryner               1992  
Barnhart, Lillian                       2007  
Barnhart, Lillian A.                    HS02  
Barnhart, Lillian A.                    PAT1  
Barnhart, Lindsay                       1990  
Barnhart, Louella                       1989  
Barnhart, Luther                        HS01  
Barnhart, Lydia Mason                   1988  
Barnhart, Malinda                       HS03  
Barnhart, Margaret Braden               HAW1  
Barnhart, Margaret Brown                HS01  
Barnhart, Martha Jane                   2006  
Barnhart, Mary                          1998  
Barnhart, Matilda                       GS01  
Barnhart, Nellie                        HAW1  
Barnhart, Nettie T.                     1997  
Barnhart, Oren T.                       1988  
Barnhart, Paul S.                       2007  
Barnhart, Pauline                       1989  
Barnhart, Ray L.                        2006  
Barnhart, Raymond S.                    1999  
Barnhart, Robert T.                     2003  
Barnhart, Robert W.                     1991  
Barnhart, Roberta S.                    1999  
Barnhart, Roy L.                        1997  
Barnhart, Ruth Juanita Cox              1994  
Barnhart, Ruth M.                       2007  
Barnhart, Ruth Nelson                   1993  
Barnhart, Samuel J.                     DAV4  
Barnhart, Samuel J.                     HS02  
Barnhart, Stella E,                     2007  
Barnhart, Thelma Roberts                HS04  
Barnhart, Theodore M.                   HS01  
Barnhart, Thomas                        2000  
Barnhart, Upton                         HS01  
Barnhart, Victoria                      HS04  
Barnhart, Virginia E. Hewitt            1990  
Barnhart, W. Albert                     PAT1  
Barnhart, Wayne J.                      2007  
Barnhart, William A.                    HS04  
Barnhart, William J.                    HS04  
Barnish, Agnes                          DAV3  
Barnish, Edward T.                      2003  
Barnish, John C.                        2004  
Barnish, Mary                           DAV3  
Barnish, Stephen James                  DAV4  
Barnish, Stephen James                  HS02  
Barno, David Samuel                     2006  
Barno, George                           DAV5  
Barno, George J.                        2001  
Barno, John R.                          HS02  
Barno, Nancy M. Menhart                 2006  
Barone, Mae M.                          1975  
Barr, Alice                             93DR  
Barr, Bonnie Anne                       2002  
Barr, Ella                              2000  
Barr, George W.                         DAV2  
Barr, James                             DAV5  
Barr, James C.                          SHU1  
Barr, Joan L.                           2001  
Barr, Louisa Augusta                    DAV2  
Barr, Louisa Augusta                    WEL1  
Barr, Quentin                           DAV5  
Barr, Richard A.                        1992  
Barr, Robert M.                         HS04  
Barr, Ruth E.                           1999  
Barr, William C.                        DAV4  
Barr, William C.                        HS03  
Barrackman, Michael                     HEA1  
Barrackman, Michael L.                  WEL1  
Barrett, Donice V. Laughlin             1994  
Barrick, Nancy Callahan                 HS01  
Barrickman, Anna C.                     1999  
Barrish, Veronica                       1998  
Barriss, Signie M.                      SHU1  
Barron, James                           DAV2  
Barron, James W.                        93DR  
Barron, James, Mrs.                     DAV2  
Barron, John                            DAV4  
Barsick, Lucia                          DAV4  
Barsick, Lucia                          HS04  
Barskite, Josephine                     93DR  
Barth, Frederick                        1993  
Barth, Mark                             DAV5  
Bartholomew, Esther Forier              1990  
Bartholomew, George Byron               2004  
Bartholomew, Marion                     SHU1  
Bartholomew, William                    1995  
Bartholovich, Pete                      1995  
Bartko, Linda                           1998  
Bartman, Ruth                           2005  
Bartoletti, Alice                       2000  
Bartoletti, Anna C.                     1999  
Bartoletti, Donald                      1975  
Bartoletti, E. James                    SHU1  
Bartoletti, William J.                  1987  
Bartoloni, James                        DAV5  
Bartolovich, Helen                      HS02  
Bartolovich, Helen Mutesha              PIT1  
Bartolovich, Irvin                      2000  
Bartolovich, John                       1996  
Bartolovich, John                       HS01  
Bartolovich, Rose                       1987  
Bartolovich, Ruth                       1995  
Barton, David Oliver                    2005  
Barton, Devon Cook                      2001  
Barton, Emma Jane                       93DR  
Barton, Matthew                         TAY2  
Barton, Nellie Miller                   PAT1  
Barton, Thomas E.                       2004  
Bartoroni, Janet A.                     1987  
Bartoroni, Mary Jane                    HS02  
Bartoroni, Mary Jane Sulipeck           DAV4  
Bartowick, Joseph                       HS03  
Bartowick, Joseph P.                    1999  
Bartowick, Nancy D.                     2005  
Bartrug, Edward J.                      HS02  
Bartrug, Elizabeth                      HS02  
Bartrug, Jerdeth                        HS02  
Bartrug, Susan Jane                     HS03  
Bartug, Elizabeth                       PAT1  
Barwiolek, Steve                        1986  
Barzanti, Donald A.                     HS04  
Barzanti, Harriet A.                    SHU1  
Barzanti, Helen Maciasz                 1992  
Barzanti, Mildred                       1997  
Barzanti, Ralph R.                      1991  
Basey, Terrylee Michael                 1996  
Bashiuom, Lucille H. Reese              1994  
Basich, Catherine                       1989  
Basich, George                          HS01  
Basich, Michael M.                      DAV4  
Basich, William S.                      1988  
Basinger, Ethel                         1995  
Basinger, Harry                         DAV5  
Basinger, J. Woodrow                    1995  
Basinger, Jesse                         2000  
Basinger, Joshua W.                     HS01  
Basinger, Richard Lee                   1985  
Basinger, Virginia                      2000  
Basinger-Jenkins, Kiyle Edward          2002  
Bass, Oscar R.                          HS02  
Bastain, Warner                         2000  
Batcho, John P.                         2005  
Bate, Thomas                            2002  
Bates, Ada                              DAV5  
Bates, Ada M.                           1978  
Bates, Angela                           PIT1  
Bates, Angela M.                        1995  
Bates, Angela Marie                     PIT1  
Bates, Anne Mae                         HS02  
Bates, Arnold Hess                      HS01  
Bates, Carl Miller                      HS01  
Bates, David C.                         1996  
Bates, Donald Edward                    2002  
Bates, Flora B.                         1975  
Bates, Flora B.                         DAV4  
Bates, Gelnn O.                         SHU1  
Bates, Glenn                            DAV5  
Bates, Glenn O.                         1978  
Bates, Kenneth Lee                      PIT1  
Bates, Madeline                         HS02  
Bates, Melissa Nicole                   2005  
Bates, Riley C.                         DAV4  
Bates, Riley C.                         HS03  
Bates, Ruth Simpson                     DAV4  
Bates, Ruth Simpson                     HS03  
Bates, Sarah                            DAV5  
Bates, Sarah S.                         PIT1  
Bates, William R.                       1992  
Bates, William R.                       PIT1  
Bateson, John B.                        1978  
Bateson, Margaret K                     1985  
Batis, Janet L.                         1999  
Bator, Joseph                           HS01  
Batsko, Apolena Yedniak                 HS04  
Batt, Lebbeus                           MOR1  
Battaglini, Bessie                      1998  
Battaglini, Dolores J.                  1999  
Battaglini, Emiren                      DAV4  
Battaglini, Sue                         1985  
Battistoni, Adeline                     DAV5  
Battistoni, Angelo                      1998  
Battle, Ruth M.                         1992  
Bauer, Philomena Heckman                93DR  
Baughman, Gordon A.                     1987  
Baughman, John W.                       1997  
Baughman, Ruby Graham                   2001  
Bauman, Elanor Arthur                   HS01  
Baumann, Phyllis J.                     1986  
Baumgardner, Emma G.                    MOR2  
Baumgardner, Frances                    HS02  
Baumgardner, Mary Ann Harrison          HS01  
Bautz, Elizabeth                        PAT1  
Bautz, Elizabeth M.                     HS02  
Bavera, Geraldine                       2000  
Bavera, Geraldine C.                    PIT1  
Bavera, Perry                           1996  
Bavera, Perry                           PIT1  
Baxter, Edna                            DAV5  
Baxter, Edna S.                         SHU1  
Baxter, Eugenia M.                      PAT1  
Baxter, Harry E.                        SHU1  
Baxter, J. F.                           PAT1  
Baxter, Thelma H.                       SHU1  
Bayard, Darragh H.                      DAV4  
Bayard, Darragh H.                      HS04  
Bayard, Helen                           1998  
Bayard, J. Randolph                     HS01  
Bayard, Jack                            1989  
Bayard, Jack A.                         CRA1  
Bayard, Jack A.                         PIT1  
Bayard, John R.                         DAV4  
Bayard, John R.                         HS02  
Bayard, Lena                            DAV5  
Bayard, Lena D.                         SHU1  
Bayard, Lettie J.                       DAV4  
Bayard, Lettie J.                       HS03  
Bayard, Martha Lutz                     DAV1  
Bayard, Martha Lutz                     HS01  
Bayard, Mary Minerva                    DAV3  
Bayard, Mildred Nyswaner                1996  
Bayard, Nann Orr                        DAV2  
Bayard, ---rton L.                      WEL1  
Bayard, Ruth A.                         1999  
Bayard, Ruth A.                         PIT1  
Bayard, Samuel                          1989  
Bayard, Samuel P.                       MOR3  
Bayard, Samuel S.                       GAN1  
Bayard, Thomas                          DAV1  
Bayles, Earl                            DAV5  
Bayles, Louis H.                        1985  
Bayles, Nancy                           2000  
Bayles, Raymond E.                      1993  
Bayles, Ronald Richard                  HS01  
Bayles, Stella Margaret                 1975  
Bayles, Virgil                          DAV5  
Bayne, Charles J.                       HS04  
Bayne, Elizabeth Anderson               HS01  
Bayne, Ida                              GS01  
Bayne, Viola                            DAV2  
Baysinger, Freda                        2002  
Baysinger, George W.                    HS02  
Baysinger, Jeramy W.                    1997  
Baysinger, Jeremy W.                    PIT1  
Baysinger, Margaret King                WEL1  
Baysinger, Morgan                       PAT1  
Baysinger, Wilbert                      HS01  
Beabout, Allen M.                       HS02  
Beabout, Arthur F.                      1986  
Beabout, Chris Paul                     2001  
Beabout, Effie M.                       93DR  
Beabout, George                         DAV5  
Beabout, George A.                      SHU1  
Beabout, Herbert                        TAY2  
Beabout, Lance LeMoyne                  HS03  
Beabout, Leo Lester                     HS03  
Beabout, Louise McCullough              1992  
Beabout, Lydia Tustin                   WEL1  
Beabout, Mary Joyce                     2006  
Beabout, Shelda Jean                    1986  
Beach, Agatha Sue                       2002  
Beach, Alma Bryan                       1999  
Beach, Justin A.                        HS02  
Beach, Justin Andrew                    2002  
Beach, Leroy H.                         HS03  
Beach, Orbin F.                         1990  
Beadline, Edith Dorothy                 93DR  
Beagle, Clyde R.                        2002  
Beagle, R. W.                           GS01  
Beagle, Robert F.                       HS01  
Beal, Alice Arbutus                     1997  
Beal, Cecil A.                          1992  
Beal, James H.                          HS04  
Beal, Ronda Lynn                        HS02  
Beal, Vera Lopp                         HS03  
Beall, Alpha L.                         HS04  
Beall, Anna Elizabeth                   WEL1  
Beall, Bernice                          DAV5  
Beall, Edward C.                        HS02  
Beall, Effie Jane                       1975  
Beall, Ethel                            93DR  
Beall, Ethel Vance                      1993  
Beall, Minter E.                        DAV4  
Beall, Nellie Stewart                   HS04  
Beall, Onnie I.                         SHU1  
Beall, Sarah A.                         WEL1  
Beall, V. Max                           1988  
Beam, Charles E.                        1994  
Beam, Mary Ann Guesman                  1996  
Bean, Louise                            DAV4  
Beane, Junior L.                        DAV3  
Beans, Jean Sowden                      1993  
Beard, Dorsey C.                        1995  
Beard, Margaret                         PAT1  
Beard, Samuel J.                        HS02  
Beard, Samuel O.                        SHU1  
Beard, Virginia Frances                 93DR  
Beasley, Emma                           HS02  
Beasley, Emma                           PAT1  
Beatbout, Jack R.                       1994  
Beattie, Delories J.                    1999  
Beattie, Douglas Edward                 HS04  
Beattie, Samuel Sherman                 HS01  
Beatty, Albert C.                       1992  
Beatty, Albert C.                       HS04  
Beatty, Brian                           1989  
Beatty, Charles Leroy                   1996  
Beatty, Emma M.                         93DR  
Beatty, Frances                         2002  
Beatty, Gene                            2002  
Beatty, James J.                        2004  
Beatty, James T.                        2003  
Beatty, Josiah H.                       SHU1  
Beatty, Lydia Stahl                     HS04  
Beatty, Martha Y.                       SHU1  
Beaver, Margaret E.                     2001  
Bebout, Frances Marshall                HS04  
Bebout, Herschel L.                     2001  
Bebout, James A.                        1999  
Bebout, James W.                        PIT1  
Bebout, Margaret                        DAV5  
Bebout, Margaret I.                     SHU1  
Bebout, Robert R.                       1994  
Bebout, Sarah Jane                      1999  
Bebout, Thelma Mae                      2007  
Bebout, William L.                      HS04  
Bechard, Cleo                           HS03  
Bechen, Gabrielle Miranda               2006  
Beck, Edward S.                         HS03  
Beck, Jessie                            1985  
Beck, Mary                              2000  
Beck, Mary O.                           DAV3  
Becker, Catherine M.                    93DR  
Beckett, Connie Jean                    2007  
Beckham, Charles                        1989  
Beckham, Elmer D.                       DAV4  
Beckham, Elmer D.                       HS04  
Beckham, Mary Jane                      93DR  
Beckham, Mary Jane Cosgrove             1993  
Beckus, Charles                         DAV1  
Beckus, Charles                         WEL1  
Beckus, James                           DAV2  
Beckus, James B.                        SHU1  
Beckus, Mary                            HS03  
Beckus, Robert                          HS01  
Beckwith, Sarah Mary                    1987  
Beckwith, Sarah Mary                    GAN1  
Beckwith, William E.                    GM01  
Beckwith, William E.                    HS04  
Beddow, Celesta                         2000  
Beddow, Donald                          2000  
Beddow, Ruth Connor                     2007  
Bedilion, Andrew C.                     PAT1  
Bedilion, Arthur                        1989  
Bedilion, Arthur H.                     PIT1  
Bedilion, Daianara Dawn                 2007  
Bedilion, Donald                        2000  
Bedilion, Donald Lester                 PIT1  
Bedilion, Donald W.                     PIT1  
Bedilion, Haddie C.                     PIT1  
Bedilion, Iva Mae                       PAT1  
Bedilion, Lloyd L.                      PIT1  
Bedilion, M. Mahan                      1999  
Bedilion, R. Vaughn                     2002  
Bedilion, Susan                         2000  
Bedilion, Wayne                         1998  
Bedillion, Barbara                      1996  
Bedillion, Donald Lester                2003  
Bedillion, Frances D. Phillips          1996  
Bedillion, Geraldine                    DAV5  
Bedillion, Haddie Dale Lippencott       1996  
Bedillion, Helen C. Davis               1990  
Bedillion, Lloyd L.                     2003  
Bedillion, Monte C.                     1993  
Bedillion, Norman Matthew               1992  
Bedillion, Susan Mounts                 1992  
Bednar, Chester                         1986  
Bedogne, Samuel                         1998  
Bedosky, Julius                         DAV5  
Bedosky, Kathryn M.                     2005  
Bedosky, Matthew R.                     1999  
Bedosky, Stanley                        1995  
Bedsworth, Martha H.                    1986  
Bedsworth, Stanley                      HS04  
Beeler, Edward                          1975  
Beeler, Edward                          PAT1  
Beeler, Mollie                          HS03  
Beeler, Ray                             GM01  
Beeler, Ray                             HS04  
Beghini, Beatrice                       2005  
Beglin, George                          1985  
Beglin, Ruth E.                         2003  
Begovich, Andy                          DAV4  
Begovich, Andy                          HS03  
Begovich, Anna                          1988  
Begovich, Edward                        DAV3  
Begovich, Frank                         1988  
Begovich, Julia Ann                     DAV4  
Begovich, Julia Ann                     HS02  
Begovich, Paul L.                       1993  
Behling, Clyde W.                       1985  
Behm, Charles J.                        DAV4  
Behm, Charles J.                        HS04  
Behm, Elizabeth                         DAV4  
Behm, Elizabeth S.                      HS02  
Behm, Elizabeth S.                      PAT1  
Behm, Gary                              2000  
Beisel, John Phillip                    HS03  
Beisler, John                           HS03  
Beitzel, Lottie                         2000  
Beksky, Joseph                          1998  
Belan, Anna                             DAV5  
Belan, George                           SHU1  
Belan, George John                      2001  
Belan, Lawrence                         2006  
Belasco, Jessie Bane                    DAV4  
Belasco, John                           DAV4  
Belasco, John                           HS03  
Belasco, Samuel J.                      HS02  
Belcastro, Louis                        2002  
Belch, Genevieve A.                     1987  
Belch, Ida May Lemley                   HS01  
Belch, Robert Luther                    1985  
Belcher, Erin Anita Doyle               HS02  
Beledovic, Alexander S.                 HS01  
Belford, Albert                         DAV5  
Belford, Amelia Estella                 HS04  
Belford, David C.                       1997  
Belford, Elizabeth E.                   DAV2  
Belford, Emma B. Fox                    1997  
Belford, Jean                           2000  
Belford, John T.                        1985  
Belford, Jonathan Byard                 DAV2  
Belford, Joseph A.                      DAV4  
Belford, Joseph A.                      HS04  
Belford, Laura Orndoff                  1995  
Belford, Margaret Irene Daugherty       1994  
Belford, Randy L.                       1987  
Belford, Rufus K.                       HS02  
Belford, Rufus K.                       PAT1  
Belford, Rufus K.                       PIT1  
Belford, Sarah D.                       HS02  
Belford, Sarah D.                       PAT1  
Belford, Sarah Dulaney                  WEL1  
Belford, Thomas                         DAV5  
Belford, William A.                     1975  
Belford, William A.                     PAT1  
Belford, William A.                     PIT1  
Bell, Alice E.                          2002  
Bell, Anna Muriel                       2004  
Bell, Archie                            2000  
Bell, Arthur R.                         1999  
Bell, Bele McCullough                   DAV2  
Bell, Beverly Allison                   1994  
Bell, Boyd William                      DAV3  
Bell, David                             DAV1  
Bell, David P.                          MOR1  
Bell, Dennis F.                         HS01  
Bell, Dorothea L. Clark                 1992  
Bell, Earl                              DAV2  
Bell, Edna Elizabeth                    GM01  
Bell, Elizabeth Cole                    TAY2  
Bell, Elizabeth I.                      2005  
Bell, Elizabeth J. Cole                 HS01  
Bell, Elizabeth M.                      HEA1  
Bell, Elizabeth M.                      HS01  
Bell, Elizabeth Morris                  DAV3  
Bell, Elizabeth Pauley                  DAV2  
Bell, Ellen                             DAV3  
Bell, Felix                             PAT1  
Bell, Florence                          1995  
Bell, Frances L.                        1990  
Bell, Frank Heaton                      1986  
Bell, Gertrude E.                       2004  
Bell, Gilmore                           DAV5  
Bell, Hannah A.                         DAV3  
Bell, Harold Kennedy                    CRA1  
Bell, Harriet                           DAV5  
Bell, Harriet Gaddis Luce               1985  
Bell, Helen                             DAV1  
Bell, Helen Ruth                        93DR  
Bell, Henry B.                          2004  
Bell, Henry D.                          DAV2  
Bell, Homer                             HS01  
Bell, Irene M.                          2005  
Bell, Isaac W.                          1996  
Bell, J. Earl                           DAV2  
Bell, J. Lon                            HS01  
Bell, James C.                          DAV4  
Bell, James Clarence                    HS01  
Bell, James Clayton                     PAT1  
Bell, James E.                          1992  
Bell, James F.                          WEL1  
Bell, James G.                          SHU1  
Bell, James L.                          2005  
Bell, James Madison                     DAV2  
Bell, John                              1989  
Bell, John                              DAV1  
Bell, John R.                           2005  
Bell, John Ross                         HS01  
Bell, Josephine                         TAY2  
Bell, Josephine Fay                     1986  
Bell, Judson                            1996  
Bell, Kent Robert                       1992  
Bell, Leonard                           1998  
Bell, Lon R.                            PAT1  
Bell, Lona B.                           DAV4  
Bell, Lona B.                           PAT1  
Bell, Loretta Jane                      HS01  
Bell, Lucy Kent                         HAW1  
Bell, Marea H.                          2006  
Bell, Mary                              DAV1  
Bell, Mary                              PAT1  
Bell, Mary Bosworth                     HS01  
Bell, Mary Elizabeth                    1995  
Bell, Mary Kathryn                      DAV4  
Bell, Mary Kathryn                      HS02  
Bell, Myrtle Edith                      HS02  
Bell, Raymond Martin                    1999  
Bell, Robert C.                         HS01  
Bell, Robert C.                         WEL1  
Bell, Robert D.                         1992  
Bell, Robert Emerson                    DAV4  
Bell, Robert M.                         2003  
Bell, Robert W.                         1996  
Bell, Stella                            1989  
Bell, Susan Emma                        PAT1  
Bell, Thomas                            1991  
Bell, Thomas                            PAT1  
Bell, Thomas E.                         2002  
Bell, Thomas Furman                     1992  
Bell, Thomas R.                         2001  
Bell, William                           WEL1  
Bell, William J.                        2006  
Bell, William Thomas                    HS01  
Bell, Zilloh Rea                        DAV2  
Bellan, Matthew                         1989  
Bellini, Giuseppe                       SHU1  
Bellis, Betty J. Lipscomb               1994  
Bellis, Charles T.                      1994  
Bellis, William E.                      1996  
Bellish, George                         1975  
Bellish, Mary K.                        1995  
Bellotti, Frank S.                      PIT1  
Bellotti, Goldie Mae Pitcock            PIT1  
Bellotti, Jack                          PIT1  
Bellotti, James B.                      PIT1  
Bellotti, Mary M.                       PIT1  
Bellotti, Tony                          PIT1  
Belsky, Anna                            2005  
Bemis, Janet Brownlee                   93DR  
Benamati, Adelaide                      DAV4  
Benamati, Adelaide Vivian               HS04  
Benamati, Bernard A.                    2005  
Benamati, Frank                         DAV5  
Benamati, Rebecca L. Robson             2006  
Bencheck, George Andrew                 1975  
Benci, Danny B.                         2001  
Benci, John                             1985  
Benci, Lottie                           HS03  
Benci, Margaret                         1995  
Benci, Michael                          1992  
Benci, Rita                             1999  
Bencze, Steve                           1987  
Bender, Clarence E.                     2001  
Bender, Evelyn L.                       1988  
Bender, James                           2000  
Bender, JoAnn Dufour                    1993  
Bender, Norman                          HS03  
Bender, Shirley S.                      SHU1  
Bendis, Susan                           1987  
Benedict, Ernest                        2000  
Benedict, Ernest                        HS02  
Benedict, John A.                       2005  
Benematti, Luanna                       1999  
Benematti, Maria Rebottini              1992  
Benematti, Mary                         DAV4  
Benford, Nora Roberts                   DAV3  
Benjamin, Clife Ashley                  DAV4  
Benjamin, Cliffe Ashley                 HS04  
Benjamin, Eva                           1998  
Benjeski, Leo L.                        1990  
Benjock, Catherine M.                   1986  
Benlock, Dorothy M.                     2007  
Benn, Arthur B.                         DAV2  
Bennet, Carra L.                        DAV4  
Bennett, Arthur L.                      2003  
Bennett, Barry L.                       HS02  
Bennett, Belle                          DAV2  
Bennett, Charles E.                     HS04  
Bennett, Charles Leonard                93DR  
Bennett, Clyde                          DAV5  
Bennett, Daniel A.                      93DR  
Bennett, Delbert L.                     SHU1  
Bennett, Dorcas Jane                    DAV3  
Bennett, Edith                          DAV2  
Bennett, Edna H.                        GM01  
Bennett, Edna Hawkins                   HS04  
Bennett, Edwin Earl                     1991  
Bennett, Elmer F.                       1997  
Bennett, Elsie Helen                    1999  
Bennett, Estella Blanche                HS02  
Bennett, Floyd E.                       DAV2  
Bennett, Frances B.                     1988  
Bennett, Frances Belle                  GAN1  
Bennett, Frank                          DAV1  
Bennett, Gene E.                        HS02  
Bennett, Gertrude Herrod                1996  
Bennett, Grace                          DAV4  
Bennett, Harry T.                       1996  
Bennett, Helen D. Glotfelty             1994  
Bennett, Helen Jean                     2005  
Bennett, Homer D.                       1997  
Bennett, Howard Taft                    DAV4  
Bennett, Irvin A.                       SHU1  
Bennett, J. Earl                        1994  
Bennett, J. Ross                        DAV2  
Bennett, Jack Mason                     1986  
Bennett, James                          2000  
Bennett, James A.                       1988  
Bennett, James A.                       2007  
Bennett, Jean E.                        2004  
Bennett, John                           DAV3  
Bennett, John A.                        DAV2  
Bennett, John R.                        1999  
Bennett, John R.                        2001  
Bennett, Junior B.                      1986  
Bennett, Leslie                         HS04  
Bennett, Linzie Lemoyne                 HS02  
Bennett, Lloyd E.                       SHU1  
Bennett, Lucille June Frankhouser       1994  
Bennett, Marie Pearl                    2007  
Bennett, Marion G.Keller                2007  
Bennett, Marlene                        2000  
Bennett, Mary                           2000  
Bennett, Mary E.                        1975  
Bennett, Mary E.                        DAV4  
Bennett, Mary E.                        PAT1  
Bennett, Mary E.                        PIT1  
Bennett, Minnie                         DAV1  
Bennett, Nannie H.                      CRA1  
Bennett, Nettie L. Yoders               1996  
Bennett, Orpha                          DAV5  
Bennett, Orpha M.                       SHU1  
Bennett, Raymond R.                     1993  
Bennett, Robert H.                      2006  
Bennett, Ruth                           DAV5  
Bennett, Ruth E.                        SHU1  
Bennett, Thelma M.                      2003  
Bennett, Theodore R.                    HS01  
Bennett, Thomas M.                      HS02  
Bennett, William                        DAV5  
Bennett, William                        GM01  
Bennett, William D.                     HS01  
Bennett, William J.                     HS02  
Benninghoff, Norman A.                  HS01  
Bennington , Roy A.                     2006  
Bennington, Frank C.                    HS01  
Bennington, Isabelle J.                 2001  
Bennington, James D.                    HS04  
Bennington, Mary Jane                   DAV3  
Bennington, Mary Jane                   WEL1  
Bennington, Minnie Opal                 HS04  
Bennington, Virginia R.                 WEL1  
Bennington, William                     2000  
Benson, Clara B. McCracken              HS04  
Benson, Elizabeth C.                    HS03  
Benson, Everett E,                      HAW1  
Benson, George E.                       DAV4  
Benson, George E.                       HS03  
Benson, John                            DAV1  
Benton, Dorothy Annabelle Guthrie       1992  
Benton, Mary L.                         1978  
Benyi, Mary Smoggie                     HS01  
Benzo, Frances Z.                       1997  
Berardi, Alice B.                       SHU1  
Berardi, Lena                           1998  
Bercik, George W.                       SHU1  
Bercik, Margaret M.                     2003  
Bercosky, Mary Margaret Edgar           2007  
Berdine, Alan D.                        HS03  
Berdine, Bertha                         HS03  
Berdine, Douglas Edwin                  2005  
Berdine, Edwin                          HS03  
Berdine, Glenn E.                       HS01  
Berdine, Goldie May Debolt              HS01  
Berdine, Guy                            SHU1  
Berdine, Henry Inghram                  HS01  
Berdine, Janice K.                      PIT1  
Berdine, Janice Kiger                   1990  
Berdine, John W.                        SHU1  
Berdine, Laura L.                       2004  
Berdine, Lloyd E.                       1990  
Berdine, Margaret Courtwright           HS01  
Berdine, Mildred M.                     1988  
Berdine, Robert                         1993  
Berdine, Robinette Carpenter            1993  
Berdine, Russell                        HS03  
Berdine, William                        2000  
Berdine, William D.                     SHU1  
Berdine, William Owen                   PIT1  
Berdine, William R.                     1993  
Beresh, Nicholas                        93DR  
Berezansky, Michael                     1995  
Berger, Bernard                         SHU1  
Berger, Edward L.                       DAV3  
Berger, Henry                           1998  
Berger, Ruth M.                         93DR  
Bergeron, Roy L.                        HS01  
Bergman, Lillian Hannah                 93DR  
Beringo, Albert                         1989  
Beringo, Alice Diamond                  1996  
Beringo, Delilah                        1989  
Berish, William J.                      2001  
Berleyeers, John                        HEA1  
Bernard, Amy Jo                         GM01  
Bernard, Amy Jo                         HS02  
Bernard, David                          93DR  
Bernarduci, Dorothy L. Dilts            1993  
Bernhart, Eleanor W.                    1997  
Bernhart, Paul R.                       2004  
Bernot, Ann M.                          2007  
Berry, Allen                            HS04  
Berry, Amy Owens                        1992  
Berry, Bessie B.                        HS02  
Berry, Catherine M.                     2004  
Berry, Esther Irene                     2002  
Berry, Freda                            HS03  
Berry, Freda E.                         DAV4  
Berry, James Peter                      HS01  
Berry, Kramer                           SHU1  
Berry, Kramer W.                        SHU1  
Berry, Leanna McCloud                   1993  
Berry, Nellie O. Moore                  1991  
Berry, Raymond J.                       1999  
Berry, Ronald                           1989  
Berry, Shirley A.                       2004  
Berryhill , Carolyn Rea                 2007  
Berryhill, Albert B.                    DAV2  
Berryhill, Arabelle P.                  DAV4  
Berryhill, Arabelle P.                  HS04  
Berryhill, Arabelle P.                  PIT1  
Berryhill, Charles R.                   1987  
Berryhill, Charles R.                   PIT1  
Berryhill, Edith                        DAV5  
Berryhill, Edith R.                     PIT1  
Berryhill, George A.                    2001  
Berryhill, George A.                    PIT1  
Berryhill, Mary E.                      DAV2  
Berryhill, Samuel T.                    1995  
Berryhill, Samuel T.                    PIT1  
Berryhill, Sara S.                      SHU1  
Berryhill, William Everett              DAV3  
Berryman, Carolyn Parkinson             1997  
Berryman, W. Duncan                     HS02  
Berryman, William Duncan                1993  
Bert, Barbara Malik                     1997  
Bert, Sophia Grace                      1985  
Bertanzetti, Ralph                      2000  
Bertelli, Cleo Arlene                   1985  
Berteotti, Maria                        93DR  
Bertoia, Margaret L.Cole                2007  
Bertoia, Michele                        1975  
Bertoia, Michele                        PIT1  
Bertovich, Mary Lukachko                1993  
Bertram, Jessie Pearl                   DAV3  
Bertram, Robert                         1978  
Bertugli, Attilio                       1975  
Bertugli, Attilio                       PIT1  
Bertugli, Enrico                        DAV4  
Bertugli, Enrico                        HS04  
Bertugli, Florinda Marzzani             DAV4  
Bertugli, Florinda Marzzani             HS04  
Bertugli, Margaret D.                   2003  
Bertugli, Remo C.                       2004  
Bertugli, Rudolph                       1996  
Bertuglio, Albertina                    HS03  
Berus, Angela                           1995  
Betchey, Velma Elizabeth                2004  
Betchy, Bernice M.                      SHU1  
Betchy, Francis R.                      2001  
Betchy, Mary G.                         HS02  
Betoney, Rose E.                        HS02  
Bevan, Minnie L.                        HS04  
Bevan, William H.                       HS02  
Bevans, Edna M.                         2006  
Bevelacqua, John                        HS01  
Bevelin, Alice N.                       SHU1  
Beverlin, Clyde                         HS02  
Beville, Bernice Longstreth             PAT1  
Beyer, Charles H.                       1990  
Beyer, Charles H.                       2002  
Bezdek, Joseph Glen                     1999  
Bezjak, Norma                           1998  
Bezjak, Stephen                         2002  
Bezy, Ellen                             93DR  
Bialko, Frank                           HS04  
Bialko, Frank A.                        1991  
Bialko, Joseph W.                       1992  
Bialko, Mary                            1988  
Bialko, Mike                            2002  
Bialko, Stephen                         2001  
Bice, Clyde T.                          2002  
Bice, Dorothy J.                        2003  
Bickerton, Edna Hall                    1992  
Bickerton, Thelma D.                    93DR  
Biddle, Arthur Hoge                     1996  
Biddle, Edgar A.                        1987  
Biddle, Elizabeth                       DAV1  
Biddle, Emma L.                         SHU1  
Biddle, Mary                            DAV5  
Biddle, Mary Mabel Crago                1986  
Biddle, N. Harvey                       1985  
Biddle, Nora Carter                     HS01  
Biddle, Norman                          2000  
Biddle, Paul                            DAV5  
Biddle, Rena M.                         DAV4  
Biddle, Richard                         HS03  
Biddle, William                         DAV1  
Biddle, William Reynolds                DAV4  
Biddle, William Reynolds                HS02  
Biel, Joseph                            1989  
Biere, Maude                            2002  
Bierer, Florence J.                     SHU1  
Bierer, Fred A.                         PIT1  
Bierer, Freda A. Herrington             1992  
Bierer, Helen Kolenkovich               1992  
Bierer, J. A. Herbert                   2003  
Bierer, Joseph A. H.                    1992  
Bierer, Kenneth E.                      1990  
Bierer, Mariah Leigh                    1996  
Bierer, Sarah Ann                       1993  
Bierer, Venelta Nestor                  1999  
Biery, Ellen                            1989  
Biery, Hazel H.                         PAT1  
Biery, John E.                          HS01  
Biery, Julius H.                        HS01  
Biesencamp, Clara E.                    SHU1  
Bigelow, Anna Mary                      DAV4  
Bigelow, Anna Mary Buxton               HS01  
Biggins, Mary Alice                     HS01  
Biggs, Fred                             GM01  
Bigler, Anna C.                         HS03  
Bigler, Blanche                         1997  
Bigler, Charles Howard                  HAW1  
Bigler, Elinor L.                       2003  
Bigler, Helen I.                        2002  
Bigler, Rozella J.                      DAV2  
Bigler, Thomas                          1996  
Biglow, Robert L.                       DAV2  
Bihun, Charles                          DAV4  
Bihun, Georgia Dale                     DAV4  
Bihun, Jessica                          1989  
Bihun, Juanita                          PIT1  
Bihun, Juanita Waychoff                 1992  
Bihun, Mike                             DAV4  
Billetz, Dolores                        2000  
Billetz, Elaine                         1998  
Billetz, Helen Juristy                  2007  
Billetz, John H.                        2003  
Billetz, Regina C.                      2001  
Billetz, Steven F.                      2007  
Billick, Andrew                         HS03  
Billick, Helen P. Voss                  1991  
Billick, Samuel                         1975  
Billie, Elizabeth                       1998  
Billingsley, B. F.                      WEL1  
Billingsley, Mr.                        HEA1  
Binde, Ina Cowger                       1986  
Bingaman, Louise Drury                  1996  
Birch, Florence C.                      1999  
Birch, Florence C.                      PIT1  
Birch, Floyd                            1993  
Birch, Floyd                            93DR  
Birch, Floyd                            PIT1  
Birch, George Franklin                  1994  
Birch, Gertrude Secosky                 1997  
Birch, Jessie                           1995  
Birch, Mary E. Dusenberry               1996  
Birch, Mina                             2000  
Birch, Norton Earl                      1987  
Birch, Stella                           DAV1  
Birch, William Russell                  1992  
Bircher, Florence L.                    DAV2  
Bircher, Willis Pete                    HS03  
Bird, Eileen Richter                    1993  
Bird, James R.                          2001  
Bird, Juanita V.                        HS03  
Bird, Mary F.                           1999  
Bird, Robert Sherman                    1991  
Bird, Sandra Lee                        1995  
Birkensha, Margaret                     DAV1  
Birosh, William                         SHU1  
Birtwhistle, Thomas                     HS02  
Birtwhistle, Thomas C., Mrs.            PAT1  
Biscan, Andrew J.                       2003  
Biscan, Elizabeth C.                    2006  
Bise, Asa Jasper                        DAV4  
Bise, Eastman                           HS04  
Bise, Linda Ankrom                      1992  
Bise, Lona                              1998  
Bise, Lona G.                           PIT1  
Bise, Samuel L.                         DAV3  
Bise, Thomas H.                         HS02  
Bish, Robert Lee                        2004  
Bishoff, Avery M.                       1990  
Bishoff, Edith Eddy                     1999  
Bishop, Artie                           1989  
Bishop, Bessie                          2002  
Bishop, Edith                           2000  
Bishop, Elizabeth                       HS04  
Bishop, Emma Zimmerman                  HS04  
Bishop, J. B.                           HS04  
Bishop, John                            1998  
Bishop, Margaret C.                     1978  
Bishop, Mary P. Kerr                    2006  
Bishop, Melvin M.                       2003  
Bishop, Robert Lee                      1991  
Biskup, Mary Matyk                      1993  
Biskup, Michael E.                      1991  
Biskup, Paul                            1985  
Biss, Victoria                          93DR  
Bissett, Amy                            1989  
Bissett, Arch C.                        1988  
Bissett, Charles C.                     1985  
Bissett, Charles Homer                  1993  
Bissett, Clifford W.                    2007  
Bissett, Dale D.                        HS03  
Bissett, Della M.                       HS02  
Bissett, Doris Louise                   2001  
Bissett, Earl C.                        HS04  
Bissett, Elizabeth J. Cole              HS01  
Bissett, Ella                           1989  
Bissett, Ethel                          PAT1  
Bissett, Etta Riggs                     HS01  
Bissett, Etta Riggs                     HS04  
Bissett, Ezra                           HAW1  
Bissett, Franklin M.                    1997  
Bissett, George V.                      1994  
Bissett, George V.                      PIT1  
Bissett, Harold                         1989  
Bissett, Herschel U.                    2007  
Bissett, I. Lenora                      1988  
Bissett, John R.                        HS04  
Bissett, John William                   WEL1  
Bissett, Margaret Ann                   1985  
Bissett, Marion W.                      SHU1  
Bissett, Martha D.                      2004  
Bissett, Mary Hoffman                   HS04  
Bissett, Nelda Rose                     PAT1  
Bissett, Nellie L.                      1995  
Bissett, Paul E.                        2004  
Bissett, Pearl M. Stipes                1992  
Bissett, Robert                         HS02  
Bissett, Rose Nelda                     HS02  
Bissett, Ruth Rine                      1994  
Bissett, Sopha B. Clutter               1991  
Bissett, Violet P.                      PAT1  
Bissett, Violet Pearle                  PIT1  
Bissett, Wilbur                         HS03  
Bissett, William                        1992  
Bissett, William H.                     PAT1  
Bittenger, Nellie Mae George            HS01  
Bittinger, Helen A. Jones               2006  
Bittinger, Melvin O.                    2002  
Bittner, Harry J.                       1986  
Bittner, Marian                         2000  
Bivians, Mary Nellie                    1978  
Bivians, Raymond                        HS04  
Biwman, Ellav J.                        2002  
Bizick, Dolores                         2006  
Bizub, Albert W.                        1986  
Bizub, Ann Blasko                       2005  
Bizub, Doar Organt                      1994  
Bizub, Donald Albert                    1997  
Bizub, George                           2000  
Bizub, George William                   2002  
Bizub, Margaret J. Bokat                1994  
Bizub, Mary Vera Murphy                 1975  
Bizub, Mary Zahradnek                   HS02  
Black , George L.                       2007  
Black, Alvie L.                         1996  
Black, Alvie L.                         PIT1  
Black, Andrew                           DAV3  
Black, Anna May Jenkins                 1993  
Black, Barry                            2000  
Black, Barry Vincent                    HS03  
Black, Betty Mae                        1995  
Black, Charles                          1996  
Black, Charles A.                       HSS1  
Black, Christine                        1986  
Black, Connie                           GM01  
Black, Cornelia Belle                   2002  
Black, D. Harry                         PIT1  
Black, Daisy E.                         1987  
Black, Darrell Lee                      DAV3  
Black, Donald Lester                    2007  
Black, Dorothy Dill                     HS04  
Black, Dorothy Dill                     PIT1  
Black, Douglas                          DAV3  
Black, Edith M.                         2005  
Black, Edna I.                          1986  
Black, Emma                             DAV2  
Black, Emmett                           WEL1  
Black, Evalyn B.                        PIT1  
Black, Evalyn Bell                      1991  
Black, Frances                          2005  
Black, Frank Albert                     1978  
Black, Frank C.                         1986  
Black, Frank H.                         HS02  
Black, Frank H.                         PAT1  
Black, Frank L.                         DAV2  
Black, Frank L.                         WEL1  
Black, George D.                        2001  
Black, George D.                        PIT1  
Black, George H,                        HS01  
Black, George L.                        DAV2  
Black, George Q.                        1975  
Black, Helen M. Williamson              1994  
Black, Howard A.                        1999  
Black, Infant                           HS02  
Black, James                            DAV1  
Black, James                            DAV5  
Black, James A.                         SHU1  
Black, Joan                             DAV3  
Black, John                             DAV5  
Black, John                             PAT1  
Black, John L.                          SHU1  
Black, John McKinley                    DAV4  
Black, Joyce M.                         2007  
Black, Kathryn Delaney                  1987  
Black, Laurence E.                      HS04  
Black, Lena May Smith                   HS01  
Black, Lindsey Alvie                    HS02  
Black, Lindsey Alvie                    PAT1  
Black, Lucy M.                          2005  
Black, Malachi                          PAT1  
Black, Margaret Jane Cree               DAV2  
Black, Marie                            93DR  
Black, Marie Minor                      1993  
Black, Mary                             HS02  
Black, Mary                             PAT1  
Black, Merle                            DAV5  
Black, Merle E.                         SHU1  
Black, Nelle Webster                    DAV4  
Black, Ralph                            PAT1  
Black, Robert E.                        2004  
Black, Ronald Arthur                    1996  
Black, Roxie                            1978  
Black, Ruth                             DAV1  
Black, Samuel                           WEL1  
Black, Samuel A.                        PAT1  
Black, Samuel H.                        1993  
Black, Sandra K.                        PIT1  
Black, Sandra K. Anderson               1992  
Black, Santford H.                      HS04  
Black, Shawn B.                         2005  
Black, Suda Baer                        1994  
Black, Sue H.                           DAV2  
Black, Thomas L.                        PAT1  
Black, Vina Clark                       DAV3  
Black, Virginia Lee Taylor              2006  
Black, Vivian B.                        2005  
Black, Walter W.                        SHU1  
Black, Walter William                   HS03  
Black, Webster S.                       HS03  
Black, William                          HS02  
Black, William                          SHU1  
Black, William I.                       DAV2  
Blacka, Matilda A.                      WEL1  
Blacka, Susan                           1998  
Blacka, William Joseph                  HS01  
Blackburn, Bertha                       1989  
Blackburn, Gertrude I.                  2001  
Blackburn, Jesse                        1997  
Blackburn, Luther                       1989  
Blackburn, Mina H.                      SHU1  
Blackhurst, Helen M. Day                1996  
Blackledge, Allena                      DAV1  
Blackledge, Levi                        DAV1  
Blackledge, Lulu Prince                 HS02  
Blackshere, Betty H.                    1997  
Blackshere, Frank                       DAV3  
Blackshere, James Edgar                 HS02  
Blackshere, Rachel Garard               DAV3  
Blair , Raymond Frank                   2006  
Blair, A. Lee                           1985  
Blair, A. Lee                           DAV5  
Blair, A. Lee                           PIT1  
Blair, Ada                              DAV5  
Blair, Ada K.                           1978  
Blair, Albert J.                        2004  
Blair, Antoinette Loller                HS04  
Blair, Audrienne White                  2002  
Blair, Beulah Richey                    1985  
Blair, Bryan                            1998  
Blair, Bryan L.                         PIT1  
Blair, Charles B.                       GM01  
Blair, Charles Boyd                     PIT1  
Blair, Charles Boyt                     2003  
Blair, Edgar                            HEA1  
Blair, Edna Delaney                     1993  
Blair, Elizabeth Elaine Smith           1996  
Blair, Florence Brown                   TAY2  
Blair, Hilda Gross                      2007  
Blair, Jesse H.                         WEL1  
Blair, John H.                          2001  
Blair, John H.                          PIT1  
Blair, John Hutchins                    1992  
Blair, John L.                          HEA1  
Blair, Joseph                           1993  
Blair, Joseph                           PIT1  
Blair, Lloyd M.                         1993  
Blair, Lloyd M.                         PIT1  
Blair, Marie Taylor                     DAV4  
Blair, Mary Louise                      2004  
Blair, Oliver G.                        1993  
Blair, Raymond F.                       1997  
Blair, Robert                           1986  
Blair, Robert T.                        HS04  
Blair, Ronald Lee                       2002  
Blair, Ruth L. Hull                     2005  
Blair, Sylvia M.                        2001  
Blair, T. L.                            DAV3  
Blair, T. L.                            WEL1  
Blair, W. F., Mrs.                      WEL1  
Blair, Wayne Austin                     1993  
Blair, Weeden F.                        1996  
Blair, Weeden F.                        PIT1  
Blair, Willam                           1998  
Blair, Willis T.                        1975  
Blair, Willis T.                        PAT1  
Blair, Woodrow                          2000  
Blaisdell, Archie M.                    SHU1  
Blaisdell, Lena Marie Johnson           1996  
Blake , Randy                           2007  
Blake, A. A.                            HS02  
Blake, A. A.                            PAT1  
Blake, Ada                              SHU1  
Blake, Armstrong K.                     1986  
Blake, Benton                           SHU1  
Blake, Beryl H.                         1997  
Blake, Betty E. Whipkey                 1993  
Blake, Bruce                            HS01  
Blake, Clifford Francis                 HS02  
Blake, Diamond                          2007  
Blake, Dyora Evans                      HS01  
Blake, Evelyn Pauline                   1997  
Blake, George A.                        1990  
Blake, George W.                        HS02  
Blake, Harold Kenneth                   1999  
Blake, Helene                           1998  
Blake, James                            1995  
Blake, Josie                            PAT1  
Blake, Kenneth                          1986  
Blake, Laura Williams                   HS04  
Blake, Leslie                           HS01  
Blake, Levi                             HS02  
Blake, Lucy McNeely                     WEL1  
Blake, Mae D.                           1995  
Blake, Mary V. Sampson                  1996  
Blake, Orange Lemon                     PAT1  
Blake, Orange Lemon                     WEL1  
Blake, Rebecca                          2007  
Blake, Robert T.                        HS04  
Blake, Rose Marie                       1992  
Blake, Roy                              1978  
Blake, Shanna                           1998  
Blake, Tiffany                          2007  
Blake, Wilbert W.                       HS01  
Blake, Wiley                            HS02  
Blaker, Arnot Hughes                    DAV4  
Blaker, Arnot Hughes                    HS03  
Blaker, Belle Montgomery                DAV3  
Blaker, Bertha Hughes                   WEL1  
Blaker, Burris C.                       1997  
Blaker, C. William                      1993  
Blaker, Carrie Belle                    1986  
Blaker, Charles L.                      2002  
Blaker, Christopher C.                  1986  
Blaker, Clarence L.                     1978  
Blaker, Dolores J.                      2004  
Blaker, Edna Mae Vance                  HS04  
Blaker, Elizabeth                       HEA1  
Blaker, Evelyn                          1988  
Blaker, Ewing                           DAV5  
Blaker, Ewing E.                        SHU1  
Blaker, Francis Dennie                  DAV2  
Blaker, Francis Marion                  DAV3  
Blaker, Fred                            1998  
Blaker, Fred Dale                       PIT1  
Blaker, Geraldine Z.                    PIT1  
Blaker, Geraldine Z. Lewis              1991  
Blaker, Gertrude Z.                     HS03  
Blaker, Grace                           DAV5  
Blaker, Hazel                           1998  
Blaker, Hazel Minor                     1992  
Blaker, Helen S.                        HS02  
Blaker, Idamary                         1989  
Blaker, Imri E.                         DAV3  
Blaker, J. Florence                     DAV4  
Blaker, J. Florence                     HS04  
Blaker, John L.                         DAV3  
Blaker, Josie                           DAV4  
Blaker, Josie                           PAT1  
Blaker, Lillian Howard                  HS03  
Blaker, Loretta                         1998  
Blaker, Louie                           DAV5  
Blaker, Louise Wood                     HS02  
Blaker, Louise Wood                     PAT1  
Blaker, Louise Wood                     PIT1  
Blaker, Margaret                        1998  
Blaker, Margaret Cree                   DAV1  
Blaker, Margaret P.                     PIT1  
Blaker, Mary                            2000  
Blaker, Mary Pratt                      1987  
Blaker, Mary Pratt                      PIT1  
Blaker, Mary V.                         HS03  
Blaker, Mildred                         1998  
Blaker, Mildred                         DAV4  
Blaker, Mildred                         HS03  
Blaker, Mildred M.                      CRA1  
Blaker, Mildred M.                      PIT1  
Blaker, Ocie                            1975  
Blaker, Ocle Hugh                       HEA1  
Blaker, Paul C.                         1990  
Blaker, Ralph                           DAV5  
Blaker, Ralph E.                        PIT1  
Blaker, Randolph                        HEA1  
Blaker, Randolph                        HS01  
Blaker, Raymond                         WEL1  
Blaker, Roy                             DAV4  
Blaker, Roy                             HS03  
Blaker, Ruth M. Gray                    1990  
Blaker, Theodore                        2000  
Blaker, Theodore A.                     PIT1  
Blaker, Ulsses Grant                    DAV3  
Blaker, Vaetta Davidson                 1991  
Blaker, Vernon M.                       HS04  
Blaker, Vincent                         DAV4  
Blaker, Vincent                         HS02  
Blaker, Vincent                         PAT1  
Blaker, Wilbur Ray                      1988  
Blaker, William Earl                    DAV4  
Blaker, William Earl                    HS03  
Blaker, William F.                      1999  
Blaker, Willis G.                       HEA1  
Blaker, Willis G.                       PAT1  
Blaker, Zora Moore                      HS01  
Bland, Allen I.                         HS02  
Bland, Allen I.                         PAT1  
Bland, Bartha May                       HS04  
Bland, Charles R.                       1986  
Bland, Claude                           1989  
Bland, David H.                         HS02  
Bland, Emma                             1999  
Bland, Emma                             PIT1  
Bland, Ethyl                            HS02  
Bland, Ethyl                            PAT1  
Bland, Harry                            1998  
Bland, Helen E.                         HS04  
Bland, Herbert W.                       1985  
Bland, Hugh C.                          PAT1  
Bland, Margaret A.                      1997  
Bland, Margaret E.                      HS02  
Bland, Margaret E.                      PAT1  
Bland, Ray E.                           HS02  
Bland, Ray E.                           PAT1  
Bland, Richard E.                       HS02  
Bland, Wilson                           PAT1  
Blaney, Donald Arthur                   2007  
Blaney, Margaret Lowden                 HS04  
Blaney, Marion                          2000  
Blank, Goldie Harmon                    HS01  
Blank, Joseph T.                        HS02  
Blankenhorn, Geneva                     2003  
Blare, Robert H.                        2004  
Blasinger, Elmer E.                     SHU1  
Blasiole, Lelizia                       SHU1  
Blasko, Albert S.                       HS04  
Blasko, Ann L.                          2002  
Blasko, John A.                         HS01  
Blasko, John P.                         1991  
Blasko, Stephen A.                      1987  
Blassic, Joseph William                 2001  
Blassic, Lucy                           2004  
Blatchley, Daisy                        HS03  
Blatchley, Donald M.                    2003  
Blatchley, Helen O.                     2004  
Blayney, Lynn                           GS01  
Blaze, Anna Catherine                   93DR  
Blazowski, Anna                         93DR  
Blazus, Anthony                         1987  
Bleakney, E. Earl                       HS03  
Blevins, Earl                           HS02  
Blevins, Evelyn Regan                   1999  
Block, Anna Blak                        HS01  
Block, Frank                            HS04  
Block, John                             1986  
Block, Louise H.                        1999  
Block, Nellie M.                        2003  
Bloom, Dolores A.                       2006  
Bloom, Florence E.                      SHU1  
Blosnich, John L.                       HS04  
Blosnich, Rudolph S.                    DAV4  
Blosnich, Rudolph S.                    HS02  
Blosser, John                           DAV5  
Blosser, John P.                        1978  
Blosser, Rosalie V.                     1999  
Blosser, Zachary W.                     1997  
Blough, Allen D.                        2001  
Blough, Donna J.                        2006  
Blough, Wilma G.                        2005  
Blouir, Infant                          HS04  
Blouir, Jessie                          93DR  
Blouir, Jessie Wise                     1993  
Blouir, Riley M.                        1995  
Blouir, Riley Mack                      WEL1  
Blouir, Roxie Mae                       2002  
Blount, Emma                            1998  
Blount, Sheila Kay Mason                PIT1  
Blount, Vincent                         HS04  
Blout, Julia Hudik                      1978  
Blout, Mary A.                          2007  
Blout, Vincent Paul                     1992  
Blue, Delmont                           1991  
Blue, James                             2000  
Blue, M. L.                             HS02  
Blue, Opal                              1986  
Blue, Spencer I.                        WEL1  
Blumish, Anna                           HS03  
Blumish, Anna Sufilka                   2002  
Blumish, Nick                           1978  
Blumish, Steve                          1978  
Bly, Olive                              HS03  
Blystone, Katherine                     SHU1  
Blystone, Kenneth F.                    1996  
Blythe, Ruth Watson                     2003  
Bmusak, Stephen                         2004  
Board, Jacob N.                         SHU1  
Boase, Anna Ayers                       HS01  
Boase, Anna Ayres                       GM01  
Bobeck, Cynthia K.                      HS01  
Bober, Margaret F,                      2003  
Bober, Sophia J. Havanis                HS01  
Bober, William                          1986  
Bobko, Anna Julia                       DAV4  
Bobko, Anna Julia                       HS02  
Bobnar, Rozalia                         93DR  
Bobruska, Nita                          2000  
Bock, Betty                             93DR  
Bock, Mildred L.                        2003  
Boden, Donald N.                        2005  
Boden, Dorothy A. Litten                2006  
Boden, Norman A.                        HS02  
Bodi, Andy                              1986  
Bodi, Juliana                           93DR  
Bodi, Juliana Vincze                    1993  
Bodish, Edward S.                       1986  
Bodish, Martha                          2004  
Bodish, Sarah A,                        SHU1  
Bodish, William D.                      2005  
Bodkin, Ivan E.                         HS03  
Bodkin, Walter Eston                    HS04  
Bodley, Mabel Braddock                  HS02  
Bodnar, Carol                           1998  
Bodnar, Helena K.                       1997  
Bodnar, Herbert W.                      1985  
Bodnar, Lewis J.                        2002  
Bodnar, Monica P.                       1997  
Bodnar, Richard A.                      1991  
Bodnovich, Anna Shimko                  1986  
Bodosky, Joseph                         2000  
Bodovinac, Mary                         1987  
Bodovinac, Pete                         HS03  
Bodzer, Eldred Dale                     2003  
Bogard, George W.                       HS04  
Bogdan, Charles                         1998  
Bogdan, Susan Banks                     HS04  
Bogden, Anne                            1987  
Boger, Flora                            1989  
Boger, Glenn C.                         1975  
Boger, Glenn C.                         PAT1  
Boger, Judy Staggers                    1996  
Boger, Lee Ellis                        1997  
Boggio, Anthony Louis                   HS01  
Boggio, Eugene H.                       1995  
Boggio, Rita Jean                       1985  
Bohall, Marguerite L. Popson            1996  
Bohan, Cecelia                          2004  
Bohn, August Bolin                      DAV2  
Bohn, Louis                             HS01  
Bohn, R. Ruth Anderson                  DAV4  
Bohn, Ruth Anderson                     HS02  
Bohn, William                           DAV5  
Boka, Anna Hartel                       1996  
Bokach, Peter                           2000  
Bokis, Reitha M.                        2007  
Boledovic, Margaret D. Szernaci         1990  
Bolen, Nellie H                         SHU1  
Boling, Earl J.                         1986  
Boling, Jeffrey                         1989  
Boling, Mary Ann Holmes                 1996  
Bolton, Cecil R.                        SHU1  
Bolton, Howard                          1989  
Boltze, Ethel Gwynn                     DAV2  
Bolyard, Earl W.                        1995  
Bolyard, Edna L.                        2002  
Bolyard, Harold                         1989  
Bolyard, Marguerite E.                  1987  
Bolz, Margaret                          2002  
Bolz, Marie                             2002  
Bonar, Charles A.                       HS03  
Bonar, David A.                         SHU1  
Bonar, Eldora                           1989  
Bonar, Hildred                          1989  
Bonar, Kermit Lee                       HS04  
Bonar, Lawrence E.                      1999  
Bonar, Marilyn                          HS02  
Bonar, Paul L.                          2003  
Bonar, Raymond                          SHU1  
Bonar, Sara Larena                      Bane  
Bonavich, Ethel M. Brown                1996  
Bond, Edward                            GS01  
Bonder, Joseph                          HS03  
Bone, Marie Keenan                      DAV4  
Bone, Marie Keenan                      HS02  
Bone, Marie Keenan                      PAT1  
Bonham, F. Merle                        93DR  
Bonham, Mamie T.                        PAT1  
Bonham, Mary F.                         WEL1  
Bonham, Mary Garner                     DAV3  
Bonifield, Frank R.                     PAT1  
Bonifield, Louise J.                    PIT1  
Bonifield, Louise Johnson               1993  
Bonnell, Aaron                          DAV1  
Bonnell, Andrew A.                      1993  
Bonnell, Andrew S.                      DAV2  
Bonnell, Annie M.                       1985  
Bonnell, Ethel Dow                      DAV4  
Bonnell, Ewing McCleran                 DAV3  
Bonnell, Fonnie E.                      DAV3  
Bonnell, George Minor                   DAV2  
Bonnell, Inez H.                        1999  
Bonnell, Jane                           DAV2  
Bonnell, Minor J.                       DAV4  
Bonnell, Morgan                         DAV2  
Bonnell, R. Randolph                    1991  
Bonnell, Samuel                         DAV2  
Bonnell, Virginia Fisher                PAT1  
Bonner, Sarah Spray                     HS02  
Bonner, Sarah Spray                     PAT1  
Booher, Mary                            2000  
Boone, Daniel                           HS01  
Boone, Donley W.                        PAT1  
Boone, Eli T.                           HS01  
Boone, Frances Adeline                  HS04  
Boone, Frances Kramer                   HS01  
Boone, Frederick A.                     2006  
Boone, Haddie                           WEL1  
Boone, Harold B.                        HS02  
Boone, Herman L.                        1999  
Boone, Howard                           SHU1  
Boone, Jane S.                          PIT1  
Boone, Jane Stephenson                  1990  
Boone, Jane Stephenson                  PIT1  
Boone, Kathryn Lloyd                    HS02  
Boone, Lloyd D.                         1992  
Boone, Lloyd D.                         PIT1  
Boone, Martha M.                        2006  
Boone, Mary E. Fike                     1990  
Boone, Mary Jane                        WEL1  
Boone, Maude Grimes                     Bane  
Boone, Minnie M.                        GAN1  
Boone, Mollie Church                    HS01  
Boone, Myrtle Mace                      1992  
Boone, Robert F.                        HEA1  
Boone, Robert F.                        HS04  
Boone, Sarah                            93DR  
Boone, William T.                       HS02  
Boone, William T.                       PIT1  
Boone, Zella DeBolt                     1990  
Boord, Alberta Bayles                   HS02  
Boord, Alberta Bayles                   PAT1  
Boord, Bernice E. Ruse                  1996  
Boord, Grace Law                        HS02  
Boord, Grace Law                        PAT1  
Boord, Harold Vernon                    1997  
Boord, Helen M.                         2001  
Boord, James A.                         1988  
Boord, John Thomas                      HS04  
Boord, Lawrence D.                      HS02  
Boord, Mary L. Enci                     1996  
Boord, Russell                          1986  
Boord, Scott Edward                     HS01  
Boord, Virginia M.                      2001  
Boord, William R.                       2003  
Booth, Bertha Taylor                    1991  
Booth, Bessie W. Higgins                HS01  
Booth, Charles V.                       1985  
Booth, Charles V.                       2003  
Booth, Clyde A.                         HS02  
Booth, Clyde A.                         PAT1  
Booth, Donald W.                        DAV4  
Booth, Edwin                            MOR3  
Booth, Floyd                            2000  
Booth, Floyd Wayne                      PIT1  
Booth, Frederick H.                     1988  
Booth, Helen Ruth                       PIT1  
Booth, Helen Ruth Waychoff              HS01  
Booth, Mark L.                          1988  
Booth, Mark L.                          CRA1  
Booth, Mark L.                          PAT1  
Booth, Mark L.                          PIT1  
Booth, Mary L.                          PIT1  
Booth, Mary L. Marchio                  1996  
Boothe, Erma Sands                      1999  
Booza, Anna Catherine                   2003  
Booze, Dorothy P.                       1997  
Booze, Eileen                           2002  
Booze, Myrtle Lee                       HS02  
Booze, Russell                          DAV5  
Booze, Russell J.                       SHU1  
Booze, William                          1998  
Borbor, Mary Lesko                      93DR  
Borcheck, Daniel                        2007  
Borcheck, Ruth M. Boyd                  1992  
Borchin, George                         HS02  
Bordy, Cecelia M.                       1996  
Boreman, Kenner S., Mrs.                HSS1  
Borger, Ralph                           HS04  
Borio, Louisa Diaz                      1996  
Borko, John Martin                      DAV3  
Borland, Robert Eric                    2005  
Borrelli, Mike                          1978  
Borushko, Anton                         HS01  
Borushko, Michael E.                    HS02  
Borzik, Joseph B.                       1990  
Bosco, John H.                          1996  
Bosco, Tresa V. Antonini                1990  
Bosley, Charles Franklin                HS04  
Bosley, Evelyn C.                       HS03  
Bosley, Frank T.                        HS02  
Bosley, Harold R.                       HS02  
Bosley, Lillian                         HS02  
Bosner, Catherine M.                    93DR  
Bosnich, Lavern                         2004  
Boso, Raymond C.                        2003  
Boster, Ben R.                          1995  
Bostich, George                         1989  
Bostyanicic, Pauline                    93DR  
Boswell, John                           GS01  
Bosworth, Andrew W.                     1988  
Bosworth, Andrew W.                     PAT1  
Bosworth, Charles                       DAV5  
Bosworth, Charles                       HS03  
Bosworth, Charles L.                    GAN1  
Bosworth, Charles L.                    SHU1  
Bosworth, D. C.                         DAV1  
Bosworth, D. C.                         PAT1  
Bosworth, D. C.                         WEL1  
Bosworth, Minnie Cora                   HS04  
Bosworth, Pearle                        DAV5  
Bosworth, Pearle D.                     SHU1  
Botamer, Alice Grace                    2001  
Botanican, Georgia                      1991  
Botanican, Lewis A.                     HS01  
Bott, Hazel Randolph                    DAV2  
Bottegal, Victor                        HS02  
Botticchio, Giacomina Putelli           2005  
Botticchio, Maffeo                      1989  
Boudreau, Glen T.                       SHU1  
Boudreau, Nora Jane Rainey              1994  
Boughter, Vivian R.                     SHU1  
Boundy, Delmont E.                      HS01  
Boundy, Nellie                          1995  
Boundy, William                         GS01  
Boutin, Daniel P.                       2001  
Bova, Andrew                            1992  
Bova, Ethel Spitzler                    HS02  
Bowden, Bruce Charles                   1993  
Bowden, Lacy Eileen                     1992  
Bowden, Sara C.                         1995  
Bowden, Stephanie Jay-Lin               1991  
Bowen, James C.                         1995  
Bowen, William E.                       WEL1  
Bower, C. A.                            DAV4  
Bower, Jerome Gordon                    GM01  
Bower, Mabel Race                       1988  
Bower, Roger L.                         1993  
Bower, William G.                       HS01  
Bowermaster, Anna Dell Gallatin         HS04  
Bowermaster, Anna Zella Summy           1992  
Bowermaster, Ritner                     SHU1  
Bowers, Anna B.                         SHU1  
Bowers, Charles                         WEL1  
Bowers, Charles E.                      2001  
Bowers, Charles E.                      PIT1  
Bowers, Daisy                           HS02  
Bowers, Dora Elizabeth                  HS02  
Bowers, Edith                           PIT1  
Bowers, Enid M.                         PIT1  
Bowers, George H.                       PIT1  
Bowers, Harold L.                       2006  
Bowers, Howard W.                       1993  
Bowers, Joelene                         1996  
Bowers, John L.                         1985  
Bowers, John V.                         HS02  
Bowers, Leona Johnson                   1997  
Bowers, Morgan                          1998  
Bowers, Morgan P.                       PIT1  
Bowers, Ralph                           HS01  
Bowers, Velma M.                        1990  
Bowland, James                          1989  
Bowlby, C. H.                           ING1  
Bowlby, Eva Kendall                     HS01  
Bowlen, Dorothy                         2007  
Bowlen, Lnda Pryor                      1999  
Bowlen, Richard C.                      1994  
Bowlen, Wallace J.                      1996  
Bowler, Laura                           HS03  
Bowling, Elizabeth L.                   2001  
Bowman, Albert Theodore                 HS02  
Bowman, Charles Robert                  2006  
Bowman, Claude                          DAV1  
Bowman, Elizabeth                       HAW1  
Bowman, Eva                             SHU1  
Bowman, Larry C.                        2004  
Bowman, Ralph E.                        HS02  
Bowman, Ralph E.                        PAT1  
Bowman, Ralph Edward                    GM01  
Bowman, Ross                            GM01  
Bowman, Russell M.                      2003  
Bowman, Thomas                          HS01  
Bowman, Virgie                          SHU1  
Bown, Aaron V.                          HS01  
Bowser, Carl                            1998  
Bowser, Charles C.                      1975  
Bowser, Corrine S.                      1997  
Bowser, Daniel C.                       2001  
Bowser, David H.                        2002  
Bowser, George T.                       1990  
Bowser, Gertrude Hart                   HS04  
Bowser, Harold                          1998  
Bowser, John W.                         HS03  
Bowser, Lawrence W.                     1995  
Bowser, Leonard                         2000  
Bowser, Leonard Kent                    1992  
Bowser, Margaret Hart                   HS02  
Bowser, Mary K.                         2002  
Bowser, Mary McMinn                     HS02  
Bowser, Ronald Joseph                   2002  
Bowser, Seth Austin                     DAV2  
Bowser, William H.                      1999  
Boyan, Mary Watson                      1996  
Boyce, Gladys                           1989  
Boyd, Emery                             CRA1  
Boyd, Gertrude                          HS01  
Boyd, Gertrude M. Bedell                1996  
Boyd, James H.                          HS01  
Boyd, Mary Edna                         HS01  
Boyd, Mary Ellen                        93DR  
Boyd, Mary Ellen Whipkey                1993  
Boyd, Ocie Rich                         HS03  
Boyd, Ocie Rich                         PIT1  
Boyd, Pauline Arnold                    DAV4  
Boyd, Pauline Arnold                    HS02  
Boyd, Pauline Arnold                    PAT1  
Boyd, Pearl Lopes                       1994  
Boyd, Robert                            DAV5  
Boyd, Robert Alexander                  1978  
Boyd, Seymore H.                        HS04  
Boyd, Sheldon A.                        1985  
Boyd, Thomas H.                         1987  
Boyd, Thomas H.                         HS03  
Boyd, Thomas H.                         PIT1  
Boyd, William H.                        1994  
Boyd, William Samuel                    HS02  
Boyde, Gertrude Clara                   93DR  
Boyer, Carl K.                          PAT1  
Boyer, Clara M.                         WEL1  
Boyer, Clara Mason                      HS01  
Boyer, Frank M.                         HS02  
Boyer, Gertrude                         93DR  
Boyer, Grace Dye                        HS04  
Boyers, Albert A.                       1990  
Boyers, Gladys B.                       2001  
Boyett, Patricia Dryer                  HS01  
Boyle, Bruce Allen                      2001  
Boyle, Elizabeth King                   2005  
Boyle, Hallie Livengood                 DAV4  
Boyle, Hallie Livingood                 HS01  
Boyle, Josephine                        2005  
Boyle, Robert E.                        1993  
Boyles, Earl E.                         SHU1  
Boyles, Fred W.                         1996  
Boyles, Ida W.                          GM01  
Boyles, Ida Wear                        HS01  
Boyles, J. Emory                        WEL1  
Boyles, Joseph L.                       1996  
Boyles, Joseph L.                       PIT1  
Boyles, Margaret R.                     GM01  
Boyles, Margaret R.                     HS02  
Boyles, Margaret R.                     PAT1  
Boyles, Marie L.                        PIT1  
Boyles, Marie L. Baer                   1993  
Boyles, Mary Margaret                   1986  
Boyles, William S.                      1985  
Boyles, William S.                      PIT1  
Bozic, Gertrude                         HS02  
Bozick, Dorothy Ann                     2007  
Bozick, Gloria Thorson                  2004  
Bozigar, Margaret Ankrom                1986  
Brabson, Effie I.                       SHU1  
Bracco, Teresa B.                       1975  
Bracey, Ruth J.                         2002  
Bracey, Terry Alan                      1999  
Bracey, William C.                      1996  
Bradagan, Kenneth                       2001  
Bradbury, Charles                       DAV3  
Bradbury, Mary A.                       WEL1  
Bradbury, Melvin C.                     1985  
Bradbury, Rachel Rhodes                 HS04  
Bradbury, Thomas O.                     DAV2  
Bradbury, Vernon R.                     HS04  
Braddock, E. Byron                      2006  
Braddock, Elizabeth                     HS02  
Braddock, Elizabeth L.                  PAT1  
Braddock, Elsie Owen                    1986  
Braddock, Francis L.                    1997  
Braddock, Gail K.                       HS02  
Braddock, H. Regina                     1999  
Braddock, Harold                        1998  
Braddock, Heather R.                    1999  
Braddock, Jacob                         HS01  
Braddock, Mabel McNay                   HS01  
Braddock, Mary E.                       2002  
Braddock, Merle W.                      1995  
Braddock, Miranda K.                    1999  
Braddock, Nellie Clendenning            HS01  
Braddock, Phoebe L. Archer              1990  
Braddock, Robert M.                     1986  
Braddock, Robert M.                     2003  
Braddock, Thomas E.                     1987  
Braden, Albert                          DAV1  
Braden, Anna Rock                       DAV3  
Braden, Carl C.                         DAV2  
Braden, Charles                         DAV5  
Braden, Charles                         SHU1  
Braden, Charles H.                      1988  
Braden, Freda                           1989  
Braden, H. Anna                         WEL1  
Braden, James                           GS01  
Braden, James W.                        1999  
Braden, Kenneth                         1992  
Braden, Mary Ellen                      DAV2  
Braden, Maude                           HS02  
Braden, Rachel                          DAV4  
Braden, William                         DAV3  
Bradford, Anna L.                       DAV4  
Bradford, Anna L.                       HS03  
Bradford, Beatrice Rose                 2003  
Bradford, Cephas W.                     HS03  
Bradford, Charles Elmer                 HS02  
Bradford, Charles Elmer                 PIT1  
Bradford, Dorothy Elizabeth             PAT1  
Bradford, Hannah C.                     PAT1  
Bradford, Hannah Capitola               HEA1  
Bradford, Helen L.                      HS01  
Bradford, Ida M.                        HS03  
Bradford, Ida M.                        PIT1  
Bradford, J. Lloyd                      PIT1  
Bradford, Janie                         PIT1  
Bradford, Janie E.                      1988  
Bradford, Janie E.                      PAT1  
Bradford, Laura                         PAT1  
Bradford, Lucy J.                       PIT1  
Bradford, Margaret Ward                 PAT1  
Bradford, Robert                        2003  
Bradford, Robert D.                     2003  
Bradford, Samuel L.                     PAT1  
Bradford, Silveus C.                    HS04  
Bradford, Vaught                        PAT1  
Bradley, Agnes Whipkey                  1988  
Bradley, Agnes Whipkey                  PAT1  
Bradley, Ambrose                        DAV3  
Bradley, Ambrose                        WEL1  
Bradley, Charles                        1985  
Bradley, Charles                        2000  
Bradley, Daisy B.                       HS03  
Bradley, Elizabeth                      1989  
Bradley, Elizabeth                      1990  
Bradley, Guy                            HS03  
Bradley, Helen                          1989  
Bradley, J. D.                          GS01  
Bradley, James                          HS01  
Bradley, James L.                       2002  
Bradley, James O.                       1994  
Bradley, John Lawrence                  1987  
Bradley, Mae Turner                     1975  
Bradley, Mary                           DAV5  
Bradley, Mary Grace                     SHU1  
Bradley, Mary Kathryn Gould             1986  
Bradley, Patrick D.                     2001  
Bradley, Patrick J.                     1990  
Bradley, Robert A.                      1975  
Bradley, Robert A.                      PAT1  
Bradley, Varena                         93DR  
Bradley, Virginia                       2002  
Bradley, William                        1985  
Bradley, William                        SHU1  
Bradley, William L.                     1991  
Bradmon, Gladys                         1997  
Bradmon, Lloyd N.                       1993  
Bradmon, Wayne R.                       2007  
Brady, David Ray                        1995  
Brady, Elzie Warren                     1999  
Brady, George                           1996  
Brady, James W.                         2006  
Brady, Mabel                            93DR  
Bragg, Infant                           HS02  
Braham, Lester Ray                      HS02  
Braham, William J.                      HS02  
Branch, Dorothy L. Bosley               1996  
Branch, Mamie                           93DR  
Branch, Thomas                          HS02  
Branch, Thomas, Mrs.                    PAT1  
Brand, Audie May Neely                  HS02  
Brand, Fern Patterson                   HS01  
Brand, Ferne Patterson                  DAV3  
Brand, Malville H.                      HS01  
Brand, Manda                            DAV5  
Brand, Manda M.                         SHU1  
Brand, Martha Garber                    DAV4  
Brand, Melville H.                      DAV4  
Brand, Paul E.                          1988  
Brand, Rhoda                            HS04  
Brand, Ruth D.                          1995  
Brand, Snaford Roy                      1991  
Brand, Virgil                           DAV5  
Brand, Virgil A.                        1985  
Brand, Walter L.                        1992  
Brand, Wilbert                          1994  
Brandau, Elizabeth                      SHU1  
Brandsetter, Herman                     1999  
Brandsetter, Mary                       DAV5  
Brandstetter, Herman                    1995  
Brandstetter, Joan M.                   2004  
Brandstetter, Mary A,                   SHU1  
Brandt, Mary E.                         1988  
Branisel, Bena J.                       2004  
Brannon, Clara Belle                    1978  
Brannon, Thomas Everett                 HS01  
Brant, Clara Whitlatch                  HEA1  
Brant, Clara Whitlatch                  HS01  
Brant, Frank N.                         1993  
Brant, Freda                            1989  
Brant, Freda W.                         PIT1  
Brant, James D.                         ING1  
Brant, Jerry Minor                      WEL1  
Brant, John J.                          PIT1  
Brant, Mona                             1989  
Brant, Neil, Mrs.                       ING1  
Brant, Ronald                           2000  
Brant, Ronald E.                        PIT1  
Brant, William Elza                     GM01  
Brant, William Elza                     HEA1  
Brant, William Elza                     HS04  
Brashear, Charles R.                    1994  
Braun, Georgianna                       1978  
Braun, Robert J.                        1995  
Braunger, Karen E.                      2002  
Braunger, Thelma C.                     1997  
Brauns, Auguste                         1986  
Braverman, Max                          DAV1  
Breakiron, Georgetta Woodward           2006  
Breakiron, Nora Daisy                   DAV3  
Brebenina, Mike                         HS03  
Brecht, Delores G. Bombalek             1996  
Breden, Tyrus                           1999  
Breese, Blanche S.                      SHU1  
Breese, Catherine Huffman               WEL1  
Breese, Donald Charles                  1996  
Breese, Etta                            HS02  
Breese, Frank I.                        1985  
Breese, J. Clyde                        DAV2  
Breese, Mary                            93DR  
Breese, Ross P.                         1978  
Breese, Sylvia P.                       1985  
Breese, W. B.                           HS01  
Bregan, Carol Ann Witt                  2006  
Bregan, John Robert                     HS02  
Bregan, Joseph F.                       1990  
Brendel, Diane F.                       2007  
Brendle, Richard                        2000  
Brenton, John Cary                      DAV2  
Brenzovich, Margaret K,                 1986  
Brenzovich, Michael                     2000  
Brese, James F.                         2004  
Bresock, Grace Rush                     1985  
Breuer, Edith M.                        93DR  
Brewer, Alice Kane                      HS04  
Brewer, Amos O.                         SHU1  
Brewer, Anna Bell                       HS01  
Brewer, Arthur Glenn                    1994  
Brewer, Blanche                         2000  
Brewer, Blanche D.                      1999  
Brewer, Cecil M.                        HS04  
Brewer, Everett                         2002  
Brewer, Faye H.                         CRA1  
Brewer, Faye Hickman                    HS02  
Brewer, Forest W.                       1992  
Brewer, Harold S.                       1993  
Brewer, Harvey                          HS03  
Brewer, Harvey H.                       1975  
Brewer, Ina Stewart                     1990  
Brewer, Jessie                          DAV5  
Brewer, John                            2001  
Brewer, Junia M.                        HS04  
Brewer, Laura                           HS03  
Brewer, Marguerite Titus                2005  
Brewer, Mary                            HS01  
Brewer, Minnie Arlenna Ealy             1991  
Brewer, Olive Rise                      WEL1  
Brewer, Paul J.                         DAV4  
Brewer, Sara E.                         1986  
Brewer, Stanley                         2006  
Brewer, Stanley                         DAV5  
Brewer, Thomas                          WEL1  
Brewer, Thomas L.                       1997  
Brewer, Vellma R.                       SHU1  
Brewer, Viola                           1996  
Brewer, Wanda Shehl                     1978  
Brewer, Warren Beall                    HS04  
Brewer, William Paul                    2002  
Brezovsky, Betty M. Daugherty           1990  
Brezovsky, Edward                       2000  
Brice, Harlan W.                        93DR  
Brice, Lydia                            MOR3  
Brice, William                          MOR3  
Brichetti, Filomena                     HS03  
Brichetti, Italio                       2005  
Brichetti, Milio P.                     1985  
Bricker, Elizabeth V.                   1997  
Brickett, Elizabeth MacDonald           HS04  
Brickler, John L.                       1995  
Bridgan, JoAnne                         1998  
Brigaman, Glenn K.                      1986  
Brigaman, Mildred H.                    1987  
Briggs, Doris A.                        HS03  
Briggs, Edith M. Wise                   1991  
Briggs, Glendon E.                      SHU1  
Briggs, Lee H.                          1987  
Briggs, Lenora M.                       2004  
Briggs, Linda K.                        2006  
Briggs, Mabel A.                        2001  
Briggs, Marie C.                        1999  
Briggs, Mary M.                         2003  
Briggs, Robert W.                       1997  
Bright, Jean                            2000  
Brightwell, Margaret A.                 WEL1  
Brightwell, Willliam Delancy            DAV3  
Brigman, Larry Wayne                    HS02  
Brinker, Brenda L.                      2003  
Briois, Laura Grim                      HS02  
Briselli, Battista Flavio               93DR  
Brister, Clair C.                       HS04  
Brister, May Clare                      HS04  
Bristor, Caroline                       HS03  
Bristor, Clara Poling                   1978  
Bristor, Garnet W.                      1995  
Bristor, Gerald W.                      HS03  
Bristor, Joseph C.                      PAT1  
Bristor, Joseph C.                      WEL1  
Bristor, Mary C.                        2001  
Bristor, May Clare Stetson              HS01  
Bristor, Mildred L. Moore               2006  
Bristor, Opal E.                        1996  
Bristor, Paul                           CRA1  
Bristor, Paul                           HS02  
Bristor, Paul                           PAT1  
Bristor, Reed                           DAV5  
Bristor, Reed Evans                     WEL1  
Bristor, Reid R.                        SHU1  
Bristor, Ruth K.                        SHU1  
Bristor, W. R.                          HS02  
Bristor, W. R.                          PAT1  
Bristor, W. Reed                        HS04  
Britner, James                          2002  
Britton, Goldie Gertrude Glover         HS01  
Britton, Mary Phillips                  1986  
Brnusak, Anna A.                        93DR  
Brnusak, Anna A. Verska                 1993  
Brnusak, Mary P.                        2001  
Broadfield, Elizabeth Margaret          93DR  
Broadsword, Israel                      MOR1  
Broadwater, Anne Whitney                1993  
Broadwater, Bruce                       DAV5  
Broadwater, Bruce W.                    SHU1  
Broadwater, C. Daniel                   1991  
Broadwater, Charles                     1987  
Broadwater, Charles W.                  HS01  
Broadwater, Edward                      TAY2  
Broadwater, Edward W.                   DAV4  
Broadwater, Elizabeth                   2002  
Broadwater, Emma                        DAV5  
Broadwater, Eugene H.                   1997  
Broadwater, Floyd                       DAV5  
Broadwater, Gloria Jean                 2005  
Broadwater, Hazel                       1989  
Broadwater, Henry                       DAV5  
Broadwater, Henry                       SHU1  
Broadwater, Kenneth A.                  2004  
Broadwater, Leroy                       DAV4  
Broadwater, Leroy                       HS02  
Broadwater, Lucille                     2004  
Broadwater, Mary Lou                    2004  
Broadwater, Minda                       HS02  
Broadwater, Minda Adams                 DAV4  
Broadwater, Robert                      2005  
Broadwater, William                     2002  
Brocinski, Anthony                      1991  
Brocinski, Evelyn                       DAV5  
Brock, Bobby R.                         PIT1  
Brock, Clara B.                         1985  
Brock, David Ellsworth                  HEA1  
Brock, Debbie Cosgray                   HEA1  
Brock, Deborah                          DAV1  
Brock, Delia A.                         ING1  
Brock, Dewitt T.                        HS03  
Brock, Elva L.                          HEA1  
Brock, Emily Craft                      HEA1  
Brock, Ernest                           HEA1  
Brock, Ernest                           HS04  
Brock, Ethel L.                         2006  
Brock, Francis                          GS01  
Brock, Francis Marion                   WEL1  
Brock, Gurnie W.                        SHU1  
Brock, Harry                            1989  
Brock, Homer E.                         2001  
Brock, Ina E.                           1988  
Brock, Ina E.                           PAT1  
Brock, Ira G.                           HS02  
Brock, Ira G.                           PAT1  
Brock, J. Warren                        HS03  
Brock, Joseph P.                        HEA1  
Brock, Justin Kurtis                    1991  
Brock, Kenneth                          1992  
Brock, Kenneth I.                       PIT1  
Brock, Lem S.                           DAV3  
Brock, Lem S.                           ING1  
Brock, Lena S.                          WEL1  
Brock, Lucy Gordon                      DAV3  
Brock, Lucy Gordon                      WEL1  
Brock, Lydia J.                         HS02  
Brock, Marinda B.                       HEA1  
Brock, Marion E.                        HS01  
Brock, R. E.                            DAV1  
Brock, R. E.                            PAT1  
Brock, Rosie F.                         HS03  
Brock, Rosie Florence Husk              HEA1  
Brock, Ruby K.                          HS03  
Brock, Sanford Columbus                 HEA1  
Brock, Sarah Priscilla                  HEA1  
Brodak, George                          HS03  
Brodak, Joseph                          DAV5  
Brodak, Joseph R.                       2004  
Brodak, Valeria                         DAV5  
Brodak, Valeria B.                      SHU1  
Broderick, Davin                        2001  
Broderick, Hester                       2002  
Broderick, Margaret                     2004  
Brodhagen, Daniel J.                    2002  
Brody, John                             2000  
Bronakoski, Adam A.                     2002  
Bronakoski, Albert F.                   HS01  
Bronakoski, Maecella Hall               2007  
Brookes, Hillis C.                      1997  
Brookes, J. Allan                       2004  
Brookes, James Clarence                 HS01  
Brookover, Asa                          1989  
Brookover, Beatrice B.                  2004  
Brookover, Ernest N.                    HS01  
Brookover, Mary L.                      1999  
Brookover, Robert G.                    HS01  
Brookover, Roy                          GS01  
Brookover, Thomas L.                    2004  
Brooks, Alfred                          HS03  
Brooks, Allen Waine                     DAV3  
Brooks, Betty                           1989  
Brooks, Catherine E.                    SHU1  
Brooks, Charles B.                      1999  
Brooks, Charles B.                      PIT1  
Brooks, Clifford                        DAV2  
Brooks, Cordelia E.                     HS04  
Brooks, Edith Elizabeth Stewart         HS02  
Brooks, Edith Elizabeth Stewart         PAT1  
Brooks, Eleanor B. Phillips             1992  
Brooks, Elmer                           DAV5  
Brooks, Elmer Bradford                  GM01  
Brooks, Elmer E.                        SHU1  
Brooks, Flora                           DAV1  
Brooks, George Thomas                   HS01  
Brooks, Helen                           DAV5  
Brooks, Irene C.                        HS02  
Brooks, J. Russell                      PAT1  
Brooks, James                           1998  
Brooks, James Paul                      DAV4  
Brooks, John M.                         TAY2  
Brooks, John McClelland                 HS01  
Brooks, Joseph P.                       HS04  
Brooks, Kathryn H. Hauger               2006  
Brooks, Lewis J.                        1986  
Brooks, Loretta Ann                     1995  
Brooks, Louie I.                        PIT1  
Brooks, Louise Pounds                   HS03  
Brooks, Mabel                           93DR  
Brooks, Mae W.                          DAV4  
Brooks, Mae W.                          HS02  
Brooks, Miles                           DAV5  
Brooks, Miles B.                        SHU1  
Brooks, Nancy Ann Steele                1978  
Brooks, Nellie                          DAV5  
Brooks, Nora E.                         PAT1  
Brooks, Olive M.                        1975  
Brooks, Olive M.                        PAT1  
Brooks, Wesley D.                       HS04  
Brooks, William R.                      HS01  
Broomhall, Walter Gladney               DAV3  
Brosovich, Estella Zivney               HS01  
Brosovich, John                         1987  
Brosovich, William L.                   DAV4  
Brotherton, Mable I.                    2002  
Brottish, John W.                       1988  
Brottish, Mabel                         1998  
Browder, Samuel A.                      1988  
Browell, Harry K.                       2002  
Brown, Alice D.                         1999  
Brown, Anna                             HS02  
Brown, Anna Mary David                  1990  
Brown, Arthur W.                        HEA1  
Brown, Arthur W.                        HS01  
Brown, Bessie Mae                       1985  
Brown, Betty J.                         HS02  
Brown, Beula B.                         1986  
Brown, C. Ewing                         1997  
Brown, C. Merle                         HS03  
Brown, C. Wilbur                        1996  
Brown, Carl E.                          1993  
Brown, Cassius Clay                     HEA1  
Brown, Charles                          PAT1  
Brown, Charles D.                       1985  
Brown, Charles Gay                      DAV2  
Brown, Charles R.                       1994  
Brown, Charles W.                       2005  
Brown, Charlotte M.                     1999  
Brown, Clyde                            1991  
Brown, Clyde C.                         WEL1  
Brown, David L.                         HS02  
Brown, Edgar J.                         HS01  
Brown, Edgar J.                         HS04  
Brown, Edgar J.                         TAY2  
Brown, Elizabeth                        DAV1  
Brown, Ellen Jane                       93DR  
Brown, Elsie L.                         93DR  
Brown, Emanuel                          HEA1  
Brown, Emma M.                          WEL1  
Brown, Essie                            1975  
Brown, Evelyn                           1998  
Brown, Florence C.                      PIT1  
Brown, Florence Conner                  1991  
Brown, Florence M.                      1978  
Brown, Frances                          1998  
Brown, Frances Irene Waters             1992  
Brown, Freeda                           1998  
Brown, Gail Y.                          1997  
Brown, Garnet                           2000  
Brown, Geneva R.                        SHU1  
Brown, George H.                        1995  
Brown, George W.                        HS01  
Brown, Gladys                           93DR  
Brown, Glenn Harry                      DAV4  
Brown, Glenn Harry                      HS04  
Brown, Harry                            1989  
Brown, Harry Henry                      HS01  
Brown, Harry Milton                     1999  
Brown, Ira H.                           1992  
Brown, Ira H.                           PIT1  
Brown, Isaac                            CRA1  
Brown, Isaac                            DAV5  
Brown, J. O.                            1999  
Brown, James A.                         1975  
Brown, James E.                         1990  
Brown, Jean R.                          1987  
Brown, Jessie G.                        1978  
Brown, John                             1989  
Brown, Joseph                           HEA1  
Brown, Joseph                           HS01  
Brown, Joseph Floyd                     HS04  
Brown, Joseph Scott                     1991  
Brown, Junior Leonard                   HS02  
Brown, Kathy Rogers                     1991  
Brown, Kenneth R.                       2005  
Brown, Kimberly Ann                     HS02  
Brown, Lee Roy                          HSS1  
Brown, Leon                             DAV5  
Brown, Leon A.                          1978  
Brown, Leonard                          1989  
Brown, Leonard                          DAV5  
Brown, Leonard F.                       1978  
Brown, Lewis Day                        HS01  
Brown, Lona                             HS02  
Brown, Lottie                           1998  
Brown, Margaret Delilah                 HS04  
Brown, Margaret J.                      1999  
Brown, Margaret McMillan                93DR  
Brown, Margaret Strosnider              1985  
Brown, Mark G.                          PIT1  
Brown, Mark G.                          TAY2  
Brown, Mary                             DAV5  
Brown, Mary A.                          2004  
Brown, May E.                           93DR  
Brown, Melissa                          DAV1  
Brown, Mildred K.                       1990  
Brown, Minnie Decker                    DAV3  
Brown, Nancy E. Perry                   2003  
Brown, Nannie                           93DR  
Brown, Patty Sue                        1997  
Brown, Pearl Louise                     HS03  
Brown, Ralph C.                         93DR  
Brown, Robert                           HS02  
Brown, Robert F.                        1994  
Brown, Roland M.                        2005  
Brown, Roy S.                           2003  
Brown, Sadie                            DAV1  
Brown, Sadie                            GAN1  
Brown, Sallie Hoge                      GM01  
Brown, Samuel D.                        1995  
Brown, Sarah                            2000  
Brown, Theodore A.                      1986  
Brown, Thomas C.                        2001  
Brown, W. C.                            HS04  
Brown, W. C.                            TAY2  
Brown, William C.                       DAV4  
Brown, William C.                       GM01  
Brown, William G.                       1996  
Brown, Willis Benton                    1996  
Brownfield, Estella                     HS02  
Brownfield, Estella Z. Evans            DAV4  
Brownfield, Harry Jay                   2007  
Brownfield, Ralph Wayne                 2006  
Browning, Dennis                        1975  
Browning, Josephine S.                  SHU1  
Brownlee, Alta F.                       93DR  
Brownlee, Alta F. Loughman              1993  
Brownlee, Grover Lehman                 2004  
Brownlee, Hazel Marie                   93DR  
Brownlee, L. Belle Longstreth           1994  
Brownlee, Leroy                         WEL1  
Brownlee, Margaret R,                   2004  
Brownlee, Varena                        93DR  
Broyles, Georgia Dunn                   WEL1  
Brozik, Eugene D.                       SHU1  
Brozik, Frank A.                        2007  
Brozik, Isabelle Raddish                2007  
Brozik, Kevin John                      2001  
Brozik, Mildred Vujcic                  2004  
Brozik, Olga Rohulich                   2005  
Brozovic, William P.                    HS02  
Brubaker, Burton Bayard                 GM01  
Brubaker, Edward M.                     HS01  
Brubaker, Mary McKain                   HS01  
Bruce, Arthur                           PAT1  
Bruce, Clay Eugene                      1992  
Bruce, David E.                         1996  
Bruce, Frank                            HS04  
Bruce, Katherine                        HS04  
Bruce, Mary L.                          2001  
Bruce, Robert D.                        1996  
Bruce, Ruth M.                          1988  
Bruce, Walter A.                        PAT1  
Bruce, Walter A.                        SHU1  
Bruckner, E. H.                         DAV3  
Bruckner, George A.                     PAT1  
Bruckner, George Arthur                 DAV4  
Bruckner, Kathryn                       DAV3  
Bruckner, Laura Belle                   DAV4  
Bruckner, Laura C.                      DAV4  
Bruckner, Laura Cowen                   HS04  
Bruckner, Nellie Josephine              DAV4  
Bruckner, Nellie Josephine              HS04  
Bruckner, Raymond O.                    1986  
Bruckner, William M.                    1991  
Bruhn, Elmer Emmerett                   1987  
Bruhn, Marjorie G.                      2005  
Bruhn, Sarah Graham                     1993  
Bruhn, Sarah Graham                     TAY2  
Brula, Frank C.                         SHU1  
Brumage, Charles Robert                 HS04  
Brumage, Cherry Lemasters               2006  
Brumage, Edith                          1997  
Brumage, Edith                          PIT1  
Brumage, Harry W.                       1995  
Brumage, Harry W.                       DAV3  
Brumage, John B.                        1993  
Brumage, John B.                        PIT1  
Brumage, Joseph C.                      SHU1  
Brumage, Lillie B.                      PAT1  
Brumage, Lillie B.                      PIT1  
Brumage, M. C.                          1986  
Brumage, M. C. Curt                     PIT1  
Brumage, Verda B.                       PIT1  
Brumen, Josephine                       93DR  
Brumley , Matthew G.                    2006  
Brumley, Anna E.                        1975  
Brumley, Anna E.                        DAV4  
Brumley, Genevieve I.                   2003  
Brumley, Hilda Haney                    1993  
Brumley, Lena                           2003  
Brumley, Lewis Allen                    1994  
Brumley, Sank S.                        1992  
Brummage, Dorothy L. Temple             1991  
Brummage, Harry W.                      WEL1  
Brummage, Joseph                        DAV5  
Brummage, Lillie B.                     HS02  
Brummage, Wildene E.                    1999  
Brunazzi, Valseno                       SHU1  
Brungart, Lester                        1989  
Bruno, Anthony C.                       1994  
Bruno, Dominic                          2004  
Bruno, Eileen Jane                      2007  
Bruno, Ernestine                        SHU1  
Bruno, Frank                            1975  
Bruno, Joseph                           1985  
Bruno, Louis                            HS03  
Bruno, Mary Angela                      HS04  
Bruno, Mary Jane                        HS01  
Brunofsky, Evelyn M.                    PIT1  
Brunofsky, Evelyn M. Bland              1993  
Brunofsky, Paul J.                      1995  
Brunofsky, Paul J.                      PIT1  
Brunofsky, William                      1989  
Brunofsky, William P.                   GAN1  
Brunofsky, William P.                   PIT1  
Brunofsky, William P.                   TAY2  
Brunsak, Anthony J.                     HS04  
Brush, Helen                            DAV5  
Bryan, Annie K.                         DAV2  
Bryan, Carrol Lou                       DAV3  
Bryan, Dewey H.                         1997  
Bryan, Frank                            DAV5  
Bryan, Frank F.                         1999  
Bryan, Frank F.                         SHU1  
Bryan, Frank Flenniken                  PIT1  
Bryan, Frank J.                         HS02  
Bryan, Frank J.                         PAT1  
Bryan, Gene                             1989  
Bryan, Gene W.                          PIT1  
Bryan, Goldie K.                        1975  
Bryan, Goldie K.                        PAT1  
Bryan, Harry Kenneth                    HS02  
Bryan, Jack L.                          1995  
Bryan, Jack L.                          PIT1  
Bryan, James                            DAV3  
Bryan, James                            ING1  
Bryan, James                            WEL1  
Bryan, Jennie Frances                   DAV3  
Bryan, John Henry                       1997  
Bryan, John Kennedy                     DAV3  
Bryan, John Kennedy                     HS01  
Bryan, John Kennedy                     WEL1  
Bryan, Kathryn H.                       1988  
Bryan, Kathryn H.                       PIT1  
Bryan, Margaret Jane Scott              1990  
Bryan, Nelle B.                         2003  
Bryan, Phoebe Ellen Zimmers             DAV2  
Bryan, Robert F.                        CRA1  
Bryan, Robert W.                        2003  
Bryan, Stella C.                        PAT1  
Bryan, Thomas J.                        WEL1  
Bryan, Virginia                         DAV5  
Bryan, Virginia A.                      GAN1  
Bryan, Virginia A.                      PIT1  
Bryan, Virginia A.                      SHU1  
Bryan, William                          DAV5  
Bryan, William R.                       GAN1  
Bryan, William R.                       PIT1  
Bryan, William R.                       SHU1  
Bryant, Freddy                          1996  
Bryant, Margaret M.                     93DR  
Bryker, Mary Margaret Edgar             2007  
Bryner, Charles L.                      2003  
Bryner, Earl C.                         1985  
Bryner, Edward R.                       1991  
Bryner, Jessie Mae Waters               HS04  
Buber, Mary                             1998  
Bubka, Anton                            DAV5  
Bubka, William T.                       2004  
Bubnich, Anthony                        1991  
Bucciarelli, Audrey J.                  2007  
Bucciarelli, Julia I.                   1986  
Bucciarelli, Mark                       DAV5  
Bucciarelli, Vincent                    1989  
Buchanan, Chester L.                    93DR  
Buchanan, Clark D.                      HS04  
Buchanan, Etta C.                       CRA1  
Buchanan, Etta C.                       GM01  
Buchanan, Etta C.                       HS02  
Buchanan, Etta C.                       PAT1  
Buchanan, Florence Tustin               1985  
Buchanan, Florence Tustin               CRA1  
Buchanan, George H.                     HS02  
Buchanan, George Henry                  PAT1  
Buchanan, Kenneth W.                    1993  
Buchanan, Ophelia                       HS01  
Buchanan, Rose                          PAT1  
Buchanan, Roy E.                        1999  
Buchanan, Roy L.                        SHU1  
Buchanan, Sarah Louise Rutan            2004  
Buchanan, William                       DAV5  
Buchanan, William A.                    GAN1  
Buchanan, William A.                    SHU1  
Buchanan, William D.                    CRA1  
Buchanan, William D.                    PAT1  
Buchanan, Willie                        HS04  
Buchanan, Winifred Headlee              1991  
Buchannon, Arthur                       GM01  
Buchner, Jeneva                         GS01  
Buchtell, Ethel I.                      SHU1  
Buck, Ethel Svanda                      HS04  
Buckhalter, Donal Allen                 1978  
Buckholder, Jean Milligan               1993  
Buckholt, Dona L.                       2007  
Buckingham, Bryson                      DAV4  
Buckingham, Ella                        DAV2  
Buckingham, Emma                        DAV1  
Buckingham, Emma G.                     WEL1  
Buckingham, Francis M.                  HS04  
Buckingham, Garnet                      1978  
Buckingham, Garnett                     DAV5  
Buckingham, Hazel E. Christopher        1996  
Buckingham, Lewis E.                    1993  
Buckingham, Lou Olive Orndoff           1991  
Buckingham, Nancy Hathaway              1996  
Buckingham, Philip                      2007  
Buckingham, Roy E.                      HS04  
Buckingham, William Kennedy             DAV3  
Buckland, Linda Lindsay                 2003  
Bucklew, Anna Mae                       1987  
Bucklew, Thurston J.                    1993  
Bucklew, Thurston J.                    93DR  
Buckley, Elizabeth Rachael              1978  
Buckley, Lloyd T.                       1975  
Buckrim, Edward                         HS03  
Buday, John                             2004  
Buday, John Henry                       1997  
Buday, John V.                          1995  
Buday, Joseph C.                        1997  
Buday, Joseph M.                        HS02  
Buday, Josephine L.                     2004  
Buday, Thomas A.                        2007  
Buddenberg, Ruth Cole                   HS02  
Budensiek, Margaret Sillett             1991  
Budinger, Emily                         HS03  
Budinsky, Theodore                      1989  
Budzina, Christopher J.                 2007  
Buffington, Paul E.                     1995  
Buffington, Rose Marie                  1997  
Bukowski, Phoebe A.                     1995  
Bular, Albert H.                        1996  
Bulina, John                            DAV4  
Bulina, Rose                            DAV5  
Bulina, Rose K.                         SHU1  
Buljat, Michael                         DAV5  
Bull, Dennis M.                         PIT1  
Bull, Dennis Marple                     PIT1  
Bumbarger, Lawrence E.                  HEA1  
Bumgardner, George                      DAV5  
Bump, Charles W.                        HS01  
Bump, Edward G.                         HS01  
Bump, Louraine Varner                   PAT1  
Bunch, Gerald                           SHU1  
Bunch, Ora                              1986  
Bunch, Ralph H.                         1996  
Bunch, Robert H.                        HS02  
Bunch, Robert H.                        PIT1  
Bungard, Charles William                HS04  
Bungard, Ellwood                        1998  
Bungard, Harry J.                       1987  
Bungard, Jane                           SHU1  
Bungard, John T.                        1987  
Bungard, Roy                            2000  
Bunner, Harold C.                       2002  
Bunner, Minnie D.                       HS03  
Bunt, Anna B.                           SHU1  
Bupka, Benjamin A.                      1986  
Bupka, Catherine                        2001  
Bupka, Edward T.                        1995  
Bupka, Leona                            DAV4  
Bupka, Leona                            HS02  
Burch, Alice Rush                       HS01  
Burch, Azuba                            GS01  
Burch, Harvey M.                        2005  
Burch, Mary                             1998  
Burch, Ronald L.                        2003  
Burchell, Roy H. B.                     HS04  
Burchinal, Sarah G.                     SHU1  
Burdette, Clarice                       2002  
Burdette, Mary G.                       HS01  
Burdine, Abigail                        MOR3  
Burdzel, Charles K.                     1999  
Burella, Anna B.                        SHU1  
Burgard, Ruth L.                        2004  
Burge, Charles J.                       HS01  
Burge, Claude E.                        PIT1  
Burge, Ella B. Sharp                    TAY2  
Burge, Ella B. Tharp                    HS01  
Burge, Eva Russell                      WEL1  
Burge, Evelyn T.                        PIT1  
Burge, Evelyn Thomas                    1996  
Burge, Fannie                           HS02  
Burge, Flora                            DAV5  
Burge, Flora Haught                     PAT1  
Burge, H. Russell                       PIT1  
Burge, Hugh A.                          HS02  
Burge, Irene Funk                       HS01  
Burge, John William                     GAN1  
Burge, John William                     PAT1  
Burge, Mary E.                          WEL1  
Burge, Mildred Mae                      GAN1  
Burge, Mildred Mae                      HS02  
Burge, Nellie E.                        HS03  
Burge, Pearl                            2007  
Burge, Russell                          HS03  
Burge, Russell A.                       DAV3  
Burge, Russell A.                       WEL1  
Burge, William                          1989  
Burger, Lena W.                         DAV4  
Burgess, Donald G.                      HS01  
Burgess, Edward E.                      HS04  
Burgess, Emma                           HS03  
Burgess, Irene                          1998  
Burgess, James L.                       HS01  
Burgess, James William                  TAY2  
Burgess, Mary Ritchie                   WEL1  
Burgess, Thomas J.                      1996  
Burgess, Walter                         2002  
Burhenn, Margaret C.                    1975  
Burich, Alice E. Yoskovich              1985  
Burich, Andrew S.                       1997  
Burich, Anna                            2000  
Burich, Anna M.                         HS02  
Burich, Barbara M.                      SHU1  
Burich, Faye                            1989  
Burich, Frank                           2006  
Burich, George N.                       1993  
Burich, George S.                       1995  
Burich, Joseph K.                       1997  
Burich, Pauline                         2006  
Burich, Samuel P.                       1995  
Burig, William Glenn                    DAV3  
Burig, Wilma R.                         PAT1  
Burke, Aleta M.                         1987  
Burke, Anna                             1995  
Burke, Betty A.                         2006  
Burke, Charlotte M.                     1995  
Burke, Dollie Spragg                    WEL1  
Burke, Douglas D.                       1986  
Burke, Florence                         DAV1  
Burke, Florence A.                      PAT1  
Burke, James Perry                      HEA1  
Burke, Miriam                           PAT1  
Burke, Patrick M.                       1992  
Burke, Richard M.                       HS04  
Burkett, Donald W.                      1995  
Burkett, Eva                            DAV5  
Burkett, Eva P.                         1978  
Burkett, James E.                       1991  
Burkett, Lydia Zephora                  2002  
Burkett, Mary                           2000  
Burkett, Mary Ann                       2006  
Burkett, Mary Louise                    1999  
Burkett, May Clark                      1986  
Burkette, Abraham                       HS02  
Burkey, William                         HS04  
Burkhamer, George Clyde                 DAV4  
Burkhamer, Mary Brumley                 1985  
Burkhammer, George Clyde                HS02  
Burkhammer, Mary                        2000  
Burkhardt, Marcella M. Bach             1992  
Burkhart, Edith M.                      2004  
Burkholder, Bertha W. Conrad            1991  
Burkholder, Clarence W.                 1996  
Burkle, Alexander                       PAT1  
Burkus, Frank                           1992  
Burkus, Frank S.                        2006  
Burkus, Mary Sakal                      2002  
Burless, John R.                        HS02  
Burless, Margaret                       1989  
Burless, Mary I.                        SHU1  
Burless, Steve P.                       2001  
Burley, Bertha Bell Simmons             HS01  
Burley, Clara Virginia                  HS01  
Burley, Dorothy E.                      HS02  
Burley, Leona Buzzard                   HS03  
Burley, Spray                           HS03  
Burn, Elizabeth M.                      SHU1  
Burner, Mary E. Tedrow                  HS04  
Burner, Nannie                          HS04  
Burnett, Charles                        DAV1  
Burnett, Mae Phillips                   1992  
Burnett, Mary                           DAV5  
Burnett, Ruth                           DAV3  
Burnette, Anna M.                       SHU1  
Burnette, Ellis H.                      HS02  
Burnette, Ethel Piper                   HS01  
Burnette, Ethel Wright                  1978  
Burnette, Florence                      HS03  
Burnette, Florence Linton               DAV4  
Burnette, Henry                         DAV5  
Burnette, James                         2000  
Burnette, John W.                       1995  
Burnette, Lena May                      2003  
Burnette, Leonard C.                    DAV4  
Burnette, Leonard C.                    HS02  
Burnette, Louise Adamson                DAV2  
Burnette, Margaret                      DAV1  
Burnette, Maxine G.                     2003  
Burnette, Nelly Fordyce                 DAV3  
Burnette, Norma W. Shultz               PIT1  
Burnette, Norma Webb                    1996  
Burnette, Robert C.                     HS01  
Burnette, W. Fred                       DAV4  
Burnette, W. Fred                       HS01  
Burnette, Wilbur Eugene                 1992  
Burnette, William H.                    1993  
Burnfield, Arthur E.                    1994  
Burnfield, Artie Hixenbaugh             PIT1  
Burnfield, Edward L.                    1985  
Burnfield, Elias Edward                 HS02  
Burnfield, Ella S.                      DAV4  
Burnfield, Ella S.                      HS01  
Burnfield, Hazel E. Pyle                1993  
Burnfield, James William                DAV4  
Burnfield, Jason                        2000  
Burnfield, Jesse L.                     1997  
Burnfield, Jesse R.                     1975  
Burnfield, Jesse R.                     PAT1  
Burnfield, Kenneth Rex                  HEA1  
Burnfield, Lizzie B.                    1986  
Burnfield, Randy                        DAV5  
Burnfield, Randy E.                     SHU1  
Burnfield, Roscoe                       HS02  
Burnham, Earl N.                        2007  
Burnofsky, Glenn                        HS02  
Burns, Anna Lee                         2003  
Burns, Anna Lee                         PIT1  
Burns, Anna Lucetta                     HS01  
Burns, Anna Mae                         93DR  
Burns, Arlis Ruth                       2003  
Burns, Belva Ayers                      GM01  
Burns, Belva Ayers                      HS03  
Burns, Braddock                         SHU1  
Burns, Dwight James                     2005  
Burns, Elizabeth D.                     1975  
Burns, Evelyn Irene Sanders             1996  
Burns, Gertrude Jones                   1994  
Burns, Harry L.                         HS02  
Burns, Irene P. Wiley                   1993  
Burns, James                            1978  
Burns, Josephine Parry                  1991  
Burns, Laurette E.                      DAV2  
Burns, Lloyd E.                         1987  
Burns, Marie C.                         HS03  
Burns, Mark Alan                        1996  
Burns, Mary E.                          WEL1  
Burns, Mary E. Sanders                  1990  
Burns, Michael C.                       HS03  
Burns, Michael J.                       1987  
Burns, Nell White                       1978  
Burns, Oliver Everett                   HS04  
Burns, Pauline                          DAV2  
Burns, Pearl                            SHU1  
Burns, Pearl Kiger                      PAT1  
Burns, Robert                           1989  
Burns, Robert                           HS02  
Burns, Ross                             DAV4  
Burns, Ross                             GM01  
Burns, Ross                             HS04  
Burnside, Helen S.                      SHU1  
Burnsworth, Donald Rodney               2007  
Burnsworth, Emogene Corwin              HS01  
Burnsworth, Freeda E.                   1988  
Burnsworth, Harry                       HS03  
Burnsworth, James W.                    1985  
Burnsworth, Michael                     1996  
Burnsworth, Ray L.                      HS01  
Burnsworth, Stella B.                   SHU1  
Burnsworth, Wilbert M.                  1985  
Burnworth, Ezra                         1989  
Burnworth, Roy W.                       2003  
Burr, Metta F. Shirk                    1988  
Burrell, Arthur                         DAV1  
Burrie, William R.                      1992  
Burris, Amanda Sanders                  HS01  
Burris, Benjamin F.                     HS01  
Burris, Charles J.                      HS01  
Burris, Dorothy E. Spicer               2005  
Burris, George W.                       SHU1  
Burris, Glenn Allen                     2005  
Burris, Jackie Lee                      HS02  
Burris, Lulu M.                         SHU1  
Burris, Raymond                         1995  
Burroughs, Samuel Gross                 HS02  
Burroughs, Thomas Charles               2006  
Burson, Charles E.                      HS02  
Burson, Elizabeth C.                    1999  
Burson, Margaret G.                     WEL1  
Burson, O. H. P.                        DAV1  
Burton, Betty                           2005  
Burton, Edith                           1998  
Burton, Fledora                         1999  
Burvan, Anna E.                         1985  
Burvan, Joseph E.                       HS04  
Burwell, Abner                          DAV4  
Burwell, Abner                          HS03  
Burwell, Abner                          PIT1  
Burwell, Harry E.                       HS04  
Burwell, Mary Jane DeHaas               1978  
Burwell, Olive M.                       HS01  
Burwell, Ralph E.                       2002  
Burwell, Violet                         2000  
Busby, Jean Kerr                        2007  
Busby, Louis                            2007  
Bush , Linda L.Mancuso                  2007  
Bush , Walter                           2007  
Bush, Marie Harris                      1994  
Bushick, Eva Lorraine                   2003  
Bushta, Eva Viner                       1991  
Busic, Anna P.                          SHU1  
Buskirk, Charles                        1998  
Bussert, Oscar                          HS01  
Bussey, Albert L.                       1990  
Bussey, E. Maurice                      HS02  
Bussey, E. Maurice                      PAT1  
Bussey, George A.                       HS04  
Bussey, Homer                           HS01  
Bussey, Janice Leona                    HS03  
Bussey, Mantie T.                       SHU1  
Bussey, Robert H.                       1978  
Bussey, Sarah Lillian Henderson         HS01  
Bussey, Tressie Mae                     HS01  
Bussey, Willis L.                       HS04  
Bussoletti, Frances Julia Matuschak     1991  
Bussoletti, John Eugene                 HS02  
Busti, Katie                            1995  
Busti, Mike                             HS04  
Busti, Mike                             SHU1  
Butalia, Eugene                         1998  
Butalla, Anna Sotak                     1990  
Butalla, Joseph                         2002  
Butalla, Sally V.                       1999  
Butcher, Ada Markley                    HS01  
Butcher, Diana Kay                      HS04  
Butcher, Florence Howard                1985  
Butcher, James David                    HS04  
Butcher, Jason D.                       SHU1  
Butcher, Lehman                         1998  
Butcher, Lucille M.                     HS04  
Butcher, Sally Hartley                  1996  
Butcher, Shirley F.                     1990  
Butcho, Gazie                           2006  
Butcho, Margaret V.                     1985  
Buterbaugh, Blanch                      1987  
Buterbaugh, Gilbert L.                  1986  
Buterbaugh, H. Carl                     1986  
Buterbaugh, Joseph A.                   PAT1  
Butler, Blanche                         DAV5  
Butler, Ernest G.                       HS03  
Butler, Gloria Palmer                   DAV4  
Butler, Kimberly Sue Kerley             2007  
Butler, Lucille Barclay                 1992  
Butler, Mary Wiley                      2001  
Butler, Ronald E.                       1992  
Butler, Samuel L.                       1992  
Butler, Virgil                          HS02  
Butler, Walter L.                       DAV4  
Butler, Walter L.                       HS03  
Butler, Wilbert H.                      1978  
Butler, William                         2000  
Butt, Alice M.                          SHU1  
Butt, Walter                            1989  
Buttermore, Anna                        1986  
Buttermore, James W.                    1993  
Buttermore, Mary J.                     SHU1  
Buttermore, William L.                  1992  
Buyny, Elizabeth Funk                   2002  
Buzzard, Arnetta                        HS04  
Buzzard, Dean                           GS01  
Buzzard, Elizabeth Anderson             Bane  
Buzzard, Elmer D.                       HAW1  
Buzzard, Frank                          HS02  
Buzzard, George E.                      1995  
Buzzard, Georgia Fry                    HS03  
Buzzard, Lloyd                          GS01  
Buzzard, Martha May Chase               HS01  
Buzzard, Thomas                         HS03  
Byard, Bertha Alice                     WEL1  
Byard, Bertha May                       PIT1  
Byard, Earl J.                          1986  
Byard, Lillian Keffer                   HEA1  
Byard, Mary                             DAV5  
Byard, Ted R.                           1978  
Byard, Walker                           1978  
Byer, George Orville                    HS03  
Byerly, Myrtle F.                       SHU1  
Byers, Betty Jane Simms                 1996  
Byers, Burhl                            HS02  
Byers, Charles W.                       2005  
Byers, Edwin H.                         DAV2  
Byers, Helen M. Crouch                  HS02  
Byers, John                             DAV1  
Byers, Mary Jane                        WEL1  
Bykovitz, Alex                          HS02  
Bykovitz, Stella                        HS02  
Byrne, James Eddie                      HS01  
Byrne, Jennie L. Green                  1996  
Byrne, Ronald F.                        2003  
Byrne, Sara                             HS01  
Byrnes, George W.                       WEL1  
Bystry, Mary Chimel                     HS02  
Bystry, Mike                            HS04  
Bystry, Peter                           HS03  

Name                                    Book
Cafferty, John W.                       1992  
Cafferty, Louise Scott                  1988  
Caffrey, James V.                       2002  
Cage, Allen O.                          HEA1  
Cage, Charles                           WEL1  
Cage, Charles E.                        DAV2  
Cage, Edward H.                         HS02  
Cage, Emma Frances                      DAV2  
Cage, Florence                          1998  
Cage, Harry E.                          1988  
Cage, Harry E.                          GAN1  
Cage, Nettie                            DAV1  
Cage, Willa Jane                        WEL1  
Cage, William S.                        WEL1  
Cahill, Hilda                           1989  
Cain, Ama L.                            1997  
Cain, Arthur                            1987  
Cain, Arthur B.                         HS03  
Cain, Arthur Burl                       DAV4  
Cain, Arthur Burl                       GM01  
Cain, Charles                           HAW1  
Cain, Daniel                            WEL1  
Cain, Daniel B.                         1993  
Cain, Edith                             1989  
Cain, Edward W.                         SHU1  
Cain, Elizabeth J.                      1975  
Cain, Elizabeth J.                      DAV4  
Cain, Elsie Goldstrom                   HS03  
Cain, Estella G.                        HS01  
Cain, Gail                              HS02  
Cain, Gail                              PAT1  
Cain, Gail Stiles                       GM01  
Cain, Harry J.                          HS03  
Cain, Harry J.                          SHU1  
Cain, Hilda Thorne                      2002  
Cain, James                             GS01  
Cain, James E.                          HS03  
Cain, James L.                          HS01  
Cain, Jesse L.                          HS04  
Cain, Joseph W.                         HS01  
Cain, Laura M.                          SHU1  
Cain, Leilia C.                         HEA1  
Cain, Martha Alice                      1975  
Cain, Mary                              2000  
Cain, Mary                              DAV5  
Cain, Mary Alice                        GM01  
Cain, Mary Alice                        HS04  
Cain, Paul Edwin                        1991  
Cain, Pexie W. Bane                     HS01  
Cain, Raymond                           DAV5  
Cain, Raymond                           PIT1  
Cain, Raymond                           SHU1  
Cain, Robert G.                         SHU1  
Cain, Sara Brumage                      1985  
Cain, Sara Brumage                      PIT1  
Cain, Timothy C.                        2006  
Cain, Vera M.                           SHU1  
Cain, Virginia I.                       1997  
Cain, William E.                        HS04  
Caine, Georgia C.                       1985  
Calabris, Ethel Sorovetz                HS04  
Calabris, Lois                          2006  
Calabris, Nellie Opolka                 1990  
Calapa, Anastasia T.                    2004  
Calarie, Edwin P.                       SHU1  
Calcioli, Melio                         HS04  
Caldwell, Ann Colquhoun                 93DR  
Caldwell, Anna L.                       HS01  
Caldwell, Catherine                     2003  
Caldwell, Dan C.                        HS01  
Caldwell, Daniel                        1989  
Caldwell, Harrison M.                   HAW1  
Caldwell, Hazel                         2006  
Caldwell, Herman E.                     HS04  
Caldwell, James A.                      1991  
Caldwell, James A.                      PIT1  
Caldwell, James W.                      1978  
Caldwell, Jennie Howden                 DAV4  
Caldwell, Jennie Howden                 HS04  
Caldwell, Julia Namet                   2002  
Caldwell, Mary                          DAV2  
Caldwell, Mary                          WEL1  
Caldwell, Mary McCurdy                  HS01  
Caldwell, Monnie                        1989  
Caldwell, Myrtle M. Courtwright         1991  
Caldwell, Nora B. Parson                2004  
Caldwell, Porter E.                     WEL1  
Caldwell, R. A.                         DAV1  
Caldwell, Ruby                          1989  
Caldwell, Russell James                 1987  
Caldwell, Samuel                        HS01  
Caldwell, Timmy                         1998  
Caldwell, Vela L.                       2005  
Caldwell, William                       1997  
Caldwell, William T.                    1988  
Caldwell, William T.                    PIT1  
Cales, Elsie Goldstrom                  DAV4  
Cales, John                             DAV2  
Calhoun, John W.                        HS02  
Califano, Katherine McCracken           1992  
Calkins, Eva C. Freeland                1990  
Call, Anne Branch                       2004  
Call, Clara Martin                      HS01  
Call, Clyde M.                          HS01  
Call, Emma S.                           HS02  
Call, H. Ray                            DAV2  
Call, Hallie E.                         WEL1  
Call, Hally E.                          DAV2  
Call, Hannah                            PAT1  
Call, Harold                            1986  
Call, Harvey                            DAV1  
Call, Harvey                            HEA1  
Call, Harvey                            PAT1  
Call, Ila M.                            HS02  
Call, James                             1988  
Call, James                             PAT1  
Call, John F.                           WEL1  
Call, John Seamy                        1988  
Call, Margaret                          DAV3  
Call, Martha                            WEL1  
Call, Ola                               DAV5  
Call, Pearl Aleen                       2002  
Call, Raymond S.                        DAV3  
Call, Raymond S.                        WEL1  
Call, Robert B.                         1986  
Call, William W.                        DAV2  
Call, William W.                        DAV3  
Callaghan, Mary O'Leary                 HS04  
Callaghan, William J.                   PAT1  
Callahan, Arthur B.                     1988  
Callahan, Christine R. Eaton            1993  
Callahan, Daniel                        1998  
Callahan, Edna Workman                  2005  
Callahan, Etta Workman                  2005  
Callahan, Inez S.                       2003  
Callahan, Jess                          DAV5  
Callahan, Jess W.                       1978  
Callahan, John                          DAV5  
Callahan, John W.                       1997  
Callahan, Margaret Blanche Fordyce      1992  
Callahan, Mary                          93DR  
Callahan, Mary M.                       1987  
Callahan, Raymond                       DAV5  
Callahan, Thelma G. Tuttle              1992  
Callahan, William James                 DAV4  
Callahan, William James                 HS02  
Calloway, Mary Pearl                    2001  
Calvert, Amy                            DAV5  
Calvert, Amy R.                         SHU1  
Calvert, Bernard L.                     2001  
Calvert, Bonnie F.                      SHU1  
Calvert, Carlton T.                     PIT1  
Calvert, Carlton T.                     TAY2  
Calvert, Cassie Jane                    WEL1  
Calvert, Clarence E.                    SHU1  
Calvert, Delbert                        PAT1  
Calvert, Delbert                        PIT1  
Calvert, Donnis M.                      2004  
Calvert, Dorothy Masters                1996  
Calvert, Flora Ethel                    HEA1  
Calvert, Hannah Martha Conklin          HEA1  
Calvert, Ida M.                         HS02  
Calvert, James Edward                   HS04  
Calvert, James G.                       1978  
Calvert, John                           HEA1  
Calvert, John M.                        HS02  
Calvert, John M.                        PAT1  
Calvert, Joseph Leasure                 1978  
Calvert, Leon Osborne                   HS03  
Calvert, Linda L. Tucci                 PIT1  
Calvert, Mary J. Stewart                ING1  
Calvert, Mary Lutie                     HS04  
Calvert, Minnie                         93DR  
Calvert, Norma N. Longstreth            1996  
Calvert, Ocie Lee Moore                 HEA1  
Calvert, Raymond L.                     1992  
Calvert, Richard                        HEA1  
Calvert, Richard Lee                    HEA1  
Calvert, Terry Carl                     HEA1  
Calvert, Terry Carl                     HS04  
Calvert, Thomas                         HEA1  
Calvert, Truman Russell                 PIT1  
Calvin, Iva M.                          SHU1  
Camerson, Charles C.                    93DR  
Camp , Ralph D.                         2006  
Camp, Mildred                           93DR  
Campbell, Albert                        HS01  
Campbell, Alice T.                      93DR  
Campbell, Alma T.                       SHU1  
Campbell, Anna Marie McBeth             1991  
Campbell, Barbara L. Parry              2006  
Campbell, Beryl                         1975  
Campbell, Beulah Hamill                 1985  
Campbell, Blanche                       1989  
Campbell, Charles M.                    2006  
Campbell, D. Floyd                      1978  
Campbell, Donald Leroy                  2004  
Campbell, Dora                          93DR  
Campbell, Emma Mahodil                  DAV3  
Campbell, Eugene Ollen                  1997  
Campbell, Everett A.                    HS04  
Campbell, Floyd                         DAV5  
Campbell, Floyd J.                      GAN1  
Campbell, Ford                          DAV4  
Campbell, Frederick D.                  2007  
Campbell, George                        1989  
Campbell, George                        2003  
Campbell, George W.                     HS04  
Campbell, Howard G.                     1987  
Campbell, James                         2007  
Campbell, James                         DAV5  
Campbell, James R.                      HS03  
Campbell, John B.                       HS01  
Campbell, Laura W. Jones                1994  
Campbell, Lawrence J.                   2005  
Campbell, Lenzie J.                     HS04  
Campbell, Leota K.                      HS02  
Campbell, Margaret W.                   1978  
Campbell, Mark A.                       HS04  
Campbell, Mary                          HS01  
Campbell, Olive Bernice Fetty           1996  
Campbell, Olive Burley                  HS02  
Campbell, Omar Myles                    HS04  
Campbell, Orpha Polen                   1990  
Campbell, Paul A.                       HS03  
Campbell, Paula Kelley                  HS01  
Campbell, Ray L.                        1997  
Campbell, Roy D.                        SHU1  
Campbell, Ruth                          2007  
Campbell, Susan B.                      HS02  
Campbell, Susan B.                      PIT1  
Campbell, Thelma E.                     1999  
Campbell, Victor O.                     HS02  
Campbell, Virginia Hooper               HS01  
Campbell, Wilda Cooper                  1996  
Campbell, William Allison               1985  
Campbell, William J.                    HS03  
Campbell, Zernie L.                     1997  
Campos, Pedro                           1992  
Campsey, Charles H.                     HS03  
Campsey, H. O.                          1985  
Campsey, Joseph C.                      SHU1  
Campsey, Lizzie Stewart                 WEL1  
Campsey, Mary E.                        1999  
Canan, Charles                          2000  
Canan, Charles C.                       HS04  
Canan, Glenn                            TAY2  
Canan, Glenn W.                         1975  
Canan, Glenn W.                         PAT1  
Canan, Hannah V. Loughman               1991  
Canan, Nelle M.                         PIT1  
Canan, Nelle Morris                     1993  
Cannon, Flossie Fox                     HS04  
Cannon, Frank D.                        HS04  
Cannon, Fred B.                         HS02  
Cannon, Jeanette Emma                   HS02  
Cannon, Lloyd R.                        2007  
Cannon, Oliver O.                       HS04  
Canter, Homer                           2000  
Capenter, Charles Melbourne             PAT1  
Capenter, Eliza Jane                    PAT1  
Capers, C. C.                           HS04  
Capers, James A.                        HS04  
Caperton, Stephen C.                    2007  
Capiot, Samuel                          1978  
Capo, Louis                             1992  
Cappelini, Joanna                       HS03  
Cappellini, Geno C.                     2001  
Cappellini, Josephine A. Frasconi       1990  
Cappriotti, Eugene C.                   SHU1  
Capriotti, Gloria M.                    1997  
Capriotti, Louis                        2000  
Caputo, James E.                        1994  
Carafa, Sara L.                         SHU1  
Caravaggio, Theresa T.                  SHU1  
Caraveggio, Theresa                     DAV5  
Cardill, Louis                          1988  
Cardilli, Louis                         HS03  
Cardilli, Mary G.                       1988  
Carhart, Florence Schmidt               HS04  
Carl, Charles                           1998  
Carl, Charles T.                        2004  
Carl, Clara B.                          HS02  
Carl, Mabel I.                          2004  
Carlson, Frederick G.                   HS01  
Carlson, J. E. Victor                   1995  
Carlson, Rudolph                        DAV4  
Carlson, Rudolph                        HS04  
Carlton, Dorothy                        93DR  
Carman, John                            1975  
Carman, Virginia I.                     2004  
Carmen, Sara Louise                     1987  
Carmichael, Alma E.                     HS03  
Carmichael, Arlie                       WEL1  
Carmichael, David                       HAW1  
Carmichael, Herbert  A.                 2007  
Carmichael, James                       SHU1  
Carmichael, John W.                     HS04  
Carmichael, Mr.                         GS01  
Carney, Edgar J.                        1992  
Carney, Martha Pearle                   2006  
Carney, Richard M.                      2004  
Carnock, August                         1989  
Carnok, Charles                         2003  
Caro, Stephen K.                        1999  
Caroll, Samuel T.                       MOR1  
Caromano, Nicola                        HS01  
Carothers, James Garfield               HS01  
Carpenter, Betty Jane                   PIT1  
Carpenter, Betty Jane Dulaney           1992  
Carpenter, Charles                      2000  
Carpenter, Charles                      DAV5  
Carpenter, Charles                      HEA1  
Carpenter, Charles E.                   HS02  
Carpenter, Della Ann                    1987  
Carpenter, Dorothy B.                   1999  
Carpenter, Edward L.                    1978  
Carpenter, Eleanor                      PIT1  
Carpenter, Eleanor Huffman              1992  
Carpenter, Eliza J.                     WEL1  
Carpenter, Ethelyn                      2001  
Carpenter, Ethelyn                      PIT1  
Carpenter, Eva                          2000  
Carpenter, Eva Effie                    1986  
Carpenter, Frank                        HS02  
Carpenter, Frank A.                     HS02  
Carpenter, George Lawrence              WEL1  
Carpenter, Glenn                        SHU1  
Carpenter, Hazel Huffman                HS01  
Carpenter, Helen                        1975  
Carpenter, Herbert                      2000  
Carpenter, J. Leslie                    HS03  
Carpenter, Jacob Luther                 HS04  
Carpenter, John B.                      HS04  
Carpenter, John T.                      2001  
Carpenter, Joseph                       HEA1  
Carpenter, Joseph L.                    HS01  
Carpenter, Margaret I. Rutan            1992  
Carpenter, Mary Willard                 HS04  
Carpenter, Rachel                       WEL1  
Carpenter, Rachel Ann                   HEA1  
Carpenter, Randy                        1998  
Carpenter, Robert L.                    1975  
Carpenter, Robert R.                    2002  
Carpenter, Roy Lee                      1990  
Carpenter, Ruth Elizabeth Daniels       1993  
Carpenter, S. Burdette                  2005  
Carpenter, Thurman                      HS01  
Carpenter, Velma M.                     HS04  
Carpenter, W. Bentley                   SHU1  
Carpenter, Zenia Jones                  HS04  
Carr , Mary Elizabeth                   2006  
Carr, A. T.                             DAV3  
Carr, Hoskin                            2000  
Carr, Mary L.                           1995  
Carr, Richard George                    2001  
Carr, Veronica Hilda                    1988  
Carr, Walter                            1986  
Carraway, William                       1978  
Carrico, Hazel E.                       1987  
Carrico, James                          DAV5  
Carrico, James P.                       SHU1  
Carrico, Norma Jean                     1995  
Carrico, Norma Jean Yorty               1994  
Carrington, Stanley G.                  1995  
Carroll, Bernice E. Conner              1993  
Carroll, Clara                          HS02  
Carroll, Cora Marie Ross                2007  
Carroll, Dortha L. Haines               1993  
Carroll, Edwin                          HS01  
Carroll, Eleanor Strosnider             1996  
Carroll, Elizabeth L.                   1987  
Carroll, Evalin                         93DR  
Carroll, Gary G.                        SHU1  
Carroll, Harleigh J.                    HS04  
Carroll, Harry E.                       HS03  
Carroll, James Allan                    2005  
Carroll, Jeanne                         2000  
Carroll, John A.                        2006  
Carroll, John R.                        PIT1  
Carroll, John Robert                    1988  
Carroll, John Robert                    PAT1  
Carroll, Joseph W.                      1990  
Carroll, Mary Garnet                    93DR  
Carroll, Michael                        HS01  
Carroll, Mildred L. Ramsey              1992  
Carroll, Norma J.                       2001  
Carroll, Raynor D.                      HS03  
Carson, Charlene Martin                 1996  
Carson, Clara Alberta                   93DR  
Carson, Grace M.                        DAV4  
Carson, Grace M.                        PAT1  
Carson, Haddie                          DAV2  
Carson, Louis                           DAV5  
Carson, Oscar P.                        DAV4  
Carson, Oscar P.                        PAT1  
Carson, Ruth E.                         1985  
Carte, Mark E.                          1988  
Carter, Andrew J.                       HS03  
Carter, C. Frank                        WEL1  
Carter, Charles                         HS02  
Carter, Clarence A.                     HS04  
Carter, Clarence E.                     HS02  
Carter, David Ray                       2003  
Carter, Donald E.                       1995  
Carter, Donald E.                       1995  
Carter, Dora Tedrow                     HS04  
Carter, Dorse A.                        2007  
Carter, Ellen Reid                      GM01  
Carter, Ellen Reid                      HS02  
Carter, Ellen Reid                      PAT1  
Carter, Elsie E.                        HS04  
Carter, Emma I.                         2006  
Carter, Frank D.                        1993  
Carter, Harry L.                        SHU1  
Carter, Helen B.                        2001  
Carter, Ida Mae Alfred                  HEA1  
Carter, Irene                           1989  
Carter, James Donley                    HS02  
Carter, James Y.                        2003  
Carter, John B.                         HS01  
Carter, John B.                         PAT1  
Carter, Joseph D.                       2001  
Carter, Lloyd L.                        2001  
Carter, Margaret J.                     2002  
Carter, Marie H.                        2002  
Carter, Mary                            1989  
Carter, Maude L.                        SHU1  
Carter, Nellie                          2000  
Carter, Phillip R.                      2005  
Carter, Russell C.                      WEL1  
Carter, Ruth                            PAT1  
Carter, Ruth                            PIT1  
Carter, Ruth A.                         1987  
Carter, Sara Groves                     1995  
Carter, Sara Groves                     PIT1  
Carter, Sarah Dunn                      WEL1  
Carter, Thelma                          2000  
Carter, Thelma K.                       93DR  
Carter, Ward                            HS02  
Carter, William Henry                   1990  
Carter, William T.                      SHU1  
Cartwright, A. Lee                      SHU1  
Cartwright, Bessie                      1986  
Cartwright, Lee                         DAV5  
Caruso, Pauline                         93DR  
Carvell, Antoinette                     93DR  
Cary, Elizabeth                         DAV1  
Cary, Elizabeth M.                      HS02  
Cary, Florence                          DAV1  
Cary, Lyda Bell                         HS01  
Cary, Marcena Mitchener                 DAV2  
Caseber, Emma Jane                      DAV4  
Casedy, Mildred Ruth                    93DR  
Caseman, William Morgan                 WEL1  
Casper, John                            DAV5  
Casper, John A.                         SHU1  
Cass, Leroy S.                          HS01  
Cass, Margot E.                         2007  
Casseday, Harold Edward                 1990  
Cassiday, Ann                           2000  
Cassidy, Grace R.                       1999  
Cassidy, Henrietta                      HS03  
Cassidy, Joseph L.                      2002  
Cassidy, Lorraine Ryan                  1990  
Cassidy, Margaret C.                    2001  
Cassidy, Mary Frances                   2004  
Cassidy, Nancy Lemley                   HEA1  
Cassidy, Sara Pettibon                  2002  
Castana, Carlo                          HS04  
Castelli, Jennie                        93DR  
Casterline, Hazel F.                    1995  
Casto, Orva Ward                        1987  
Castor, Homer W.                        HS02  
Castor, Homer W.                        PAT1  
Catalano, Morris                        DAV5  
Cather, Robert                          HSS1  
Cather, William Henry                   HSS1  
Cather, Zenas                           HSS1  
Cathers, Albert                         HS04  
Cathers, Ella J.                        WEL1  
Cathers, Fannie                         WEL1  
Cathers, Harry E.                       1993  
Cathers, Laura Ethel                    WEL1  
Cathers, M. Glenn                       1994  
Cathers, Myrtle B.                      PAT1  
Cathers, Nancy E.                       PAT1  
Cathers, Nellie I.                      GAN1  
Cathers, Nellie I.                      HS02  
Cathers, Orville                        HS03  
Cathers, Paul                           GAN1  
Cathers, Paul                           HS02  
Cattrell, Georgia                       HS02  
Cavalcante, Albert                      HS01  
Cavalcante, Anthony P.                  DAV4  
Cavalcante, Anthony P.                  HS04  
Cavalcante, Eleanor                     HS02  
Cavalcante, Joseph                      1975  
Cavalcante, Margaret                    SHU1  
Cavanaugh, George O.                    HS04  
Cavrak, Sophia K.                       2006  
Cavrak, Steve J.                        2003  
Cayton, Lillian M. Bosley               1996  
Cecchine, Russell F.                    2007  
Cech, Anna K. Novak                     1992  
Cecil, Mrs.                             HAW1  
Cecil, Sandra Jo                        HS01  
Cekovich, John                          HS04  
Cekrae, Andrew                          HS02  
Celani, Michael                         HS01  
Celani, Nazzarene                       HS04  
Celesky, Charles                        1998  
Celesky, Charles Clarence               HS01  
Celesky, Connie T.                      1997  
Celesky, Theodore J.                    1994  
Celesty, Alvira                         DAV3  
Celli, Baldo                            1994  
Celli, Baldo Richard                    1987  
Celli, Margery J.                       2002  
Centini, Sandra Pryor                   1994  
Ceranec, Mary A.                        2003  
Cerar, Louis                            2000  
Cerar, Paul M.                          2003  
Cerjanec, George J.                     1995  
Cerjanic, Helen Mary Verbos             1978  
Cerne, Anna                             1999  
Cerne, Katie                            93DR  
Cernek, Albert                          DAV4  
Cernek, Albert                          HS03  
Cerqueira, Mary                         1986  
Cerquiera, Serafin                      1988  
Cesarone, Fredericka A.                 1995  
Cessarone, Antoinette Marchio           1992  
Cettin, Anna                            HS04  
Cettin, Frank E.                        1999  
Cettini, Martin                         WEL1  
Chadderton, Clarence                    93DR  
Chadderton, Edna                        1998  
Chadderton, Harry W.                    SHU1  
Chaddock, Parker E.                     HAW1  
Chadwick, Duane                         1995  
Chadwick, Florence                      1998  
Chadwick, Gaylord                       2005  
Chadwick, Hazel O.                      HS04  
Chadwick, I. Newton                     PIT1  
Chadwick, Maude                         WEL1  
Chadwick, Susan E.                      PIT1  
Chadwick, Thomas W.                     HS03  
Chaildin, Mary L.                       1995  
Chalfant, Alcinda J.                    PAT1  
Chalfant, Bess Kathryn Phillips         HEA1  
Chalfant, Joseph R.                     HS04  
Chalovich, Charles                      2001  
Chalovich, Evelyn Rankin                1993  
Chalovich, Paul                         2007  
Chalton, June H.                        PIT1  
Chambala, Anna                          DAV5  
Chambala, John L.                       1993  
Chambala, Louis                         1978  
Chambala, Louis                         DAV5  
Chambala, Ocie M.                       HS02  
Chamberlain, C. Edward                  1978  
Chamberlain, Edward                     DAV5  
Chamberlain, Marie Belle                DAV3  
Chambers, Ada V. Jones                  HS01  
Chambers, Alfred R.                     1990  
Chambers, Anna Hazel Gilbert            HS04  
Chambers, Anna May Huffner              HAW1  
Chambers, August W.                     1986  
Chambers, Bernice                       2000  
Chambers, Bertha Mae                    HS04  
Chambers, Bertha Mae Sproat             DAV4  
Chambers, Betty Jean                    2001  
Chambers, Charles b.                    HS03  
Chambers, Charles Edward                1986  
Chambers, Charles Richard               HS01  
Chambers, Clarence C.                   SHU1  
Chambers, Deborah Elizabeth             1988  
Chambers, Donald L.                     2001  
Chambers, Donna Brokaw                  HS01  
Chambers, Dora                          HS03  
Chambers, Dorothy J.                    SHU1  
Chambers, Dorothy Jean                  DAV2  
Chambers, Dorothy Jean                  HAW1  
Chambers, Earl R.                       1997  
Chambers, Earl R.                       HS04  
Chambers, Earl R.                       PIT1  
Chambers, Florence Mae                  2005  
Chambers, George W.                     HS02  
Chambers, Georgia                       1989  
Chambers, Harry B.                      HS04  
Chambers, J. A.                         GS01  
Chambers, James B.                      HS02  
Chambers, Jane                          WEL1  
Chambers, Jesse                         1989  
Chambers, Jesse B.                      HS02  
Chambers, John P.                       1990  
Chambers, John R.                       PIT1  
Chambers, Joseph                        2000  
Chambers, Lillian G.                    2001  
Chambers, Lucy Gray                     HS04  
Chambers, Margaret R.                   2001  
Chambers, Mary M.                       HS02  
Chambers, Michael W.                    1991  
Chambers, Myrtle Iona                   93DR  
Chambers, Nancy Morris                  HS01  
Chambers, Ollie K.                      HS02  
Chambers, Ollie K.                      PAT1  
Chambers, Pauline L. McNeely            HS01  
Chambers, Ray Carroll                   1985  
Chambers, Robert                        2000  
Chambers, Ruth E.                       1991  
Chambers, S. L.                         GS01  
Chambers, Samuel S.                     HS04  
Chambers, Wilford M.                    1997  
Chambers, William                       HAW1  
Chambers, William                       SHU1  
Chambers, William F.                    SHU1  
Chambers, William M.                    HS04  
Chambla, Ocie M.                        DAV4  
Chambola, Martha                        1998  
Chanaki, Vincent J.                     HS03  
Chaney, Albert M.                       PAT1  
Chaney, Dora C.                         HS02  
Chaney, Dora C.                         PAT1  
Chaney, Elizabeth Grim                  HS04  
Chaney, George J.                       1995  
Chaney, Gladys                          1975  
Chaney, Grace Moore                     1994  
Chaney, J. Irvin                        HS03  
Chaney, Owen                            1997  
Chaney, Reah J.                         2003  
Chaney, Robert Lee                      1994  
Chaney, Shirley B.                      1999  
Chaney, Thomas                          WEL1  
Chaney, William Delbert                 WEL1  
Chaplin, Dorothy K.                     1987  
Chaplin, Minnie B. Strosnider           HEA1  
Chapman, Adrian L.                      1990  
Chapman, Altie Tedrow                   HS01  
Chapman, Barbara A.                     SHU1  
Chapman, Charles                        2003  
Chapman, Charles                        PIT1  
Chapman, Earnest                        GS01  
Chapman, Edwin C.                       1993  
Chapman, Elaine Fahey                   1996  
Chapman, Eliza                          HS04  
Chapman, Ernest T.                      HS02  
Chapman, Frank                          WEL1  
Chapman, George G.                      SHU1  
Chapman, George H.                      1993  
Chapman, Harold                         DAV5  
Chapman, Hazel V. Taylor                2004  
Chapman, Louise                         1989  
Chapman, Lucinda                        PAT1  
Chapman, Lucinda B.                     WEL1  
Chapman, Marguerite                     1986  
Chapman, Marguerite R.                  PIT1  
Chapman, Martha Sue                     HS04  
Chapman, Mary A.                        DAV3  
Chapman, Mary Gribben                   HS01  
Chapman, Vera A.                        1987  
Charbeneau, Joseph                      HS02  
Charlton, Pearl                         1998  
Charlton, Samuel M.                     HS03  
Chase, Charles                          HSS1  
Chase, Rebecca                          HSS1  
Chastain, Jim                           1990  
Chatham, Janet L.                       HS02  
Chatman, Alice                          1993  
Chatterton, Clarence William            1993  
Chazel, Harry                           PAT1  
Check, Julia J.                         93DR  
Chedester, Ola                          1986  
Chedester, Wilda                        HS03  
Chedister, H. H.                        HS01  
Cheek , Wylie F.                        2006  
Cheek, Catherine E.                     2005  
Cheek, Herbert                          1990  
Cheek, Herman T.                        2007  
Cheek, Julie Janelle                    1997  
Cheek, Kalah Marie                      2003  
Cheek, Mary                             2000  
Cheek, Mary Fannie Courtwright          HS01  
Cheek, Mary M.                          SHU1  
Cheek, Nellie B.                        1978  
Cheek, Price A.                         PAT1  
Cheek, Roy                              PAT1  
Cheek, Roy E.                           2001  
Cheek, Virginia M.                      SHU1  
Cheeks, Price                           WEL1  
Chekosky, Edith M.                      2002  
Chekosky, Edith M.                      2003  
Chekosky, John J.                       1992  
Chekosky, Mary Louise                   1987  
Chekosky, Mike                          1988  
Chekosky, Paul                          HS03  
Chekosky, Peter Paul                    1996  
Chekosky, Sophia Mikolajczyk            HS01  
Chekosly, Yeronka C.                    2001  
Chelena, Barbara Libak                  1985  
Chelton, June Headley                   1986  
Chenger, Evelyn R. Underwood            2007  
Chenney, Lena J. Hamilton               1993  
Chernisky, Elizabeth                    SHU1  
Chernisky, John                         SHU1  
Cherup, Andrew C.                       1997  
Cherup, Elizabeth                       1985  
Cherup, Mary T.                         2005  
Cheshire, Edna I.                       1987  
Chesney, Alex                           HS03  
Chesney, Donald                         1989  
Chesney, John                           1993  
Chesney, Luella B. Curry                1992  
Chess, Arthur                           2000  
Chess, Blaine W.                        1995  
Chess, Cora Violet                      1978  
Chess, Edith                            2000  
Chess, Ellen E.                         CRA1  
Chess, Ellen Elliot                     HS02  
Chess, Floyd                            CRA1  
Chess, Floyd William                    HS03  
Chess, Grover                           HS01  
Chess, Janas V.                         HAW1  
Chess, Lawrence J.                      HS04  
Chess, Margaret                         HS03  
Chess, Mary E. Hewitt                   HS01  
Chess, Richard                          DAV5  
Chess, Richard B.                       SHU1  
Chess, Robert Wayne                     1986  
Chess, Teresa                           1998  
Chess, Thomas A.                        1978  
Chess, Thomas A.                        GAN1  
Chess, Thomas A.                        SHU1  
Chesslo, Lucille Evans                  2006  
Chester, J. J.                          HAW1  
Chestnut, Genevieve                     93DR  
Chestnut, George W.                     DAV2  
Chestnut, Richard W.                    SHU1  
Cheze, John William                     1996  
Chidester, Wanda Eileen Gamble          1993  
Chieves, Cora Graham                    HS02  
Chilcote, Joseph                        WEL1  
Childs, Beatrice Pride                  1994  
Childs, Frances Elizabeth Turner        HS04  
Childs, Robert                          2000  
Childs, Ruth Caroline                   2005  
Childs, Vernon C.                       1997  
Chipps, Barbara Anne                    2007  
Chipps, Charles W.                      HS04  
Chipps, Nannie Jane Kelley              1994  
Chisler, Grace                          DAV5  
Chisler, Thomas                         DAV2  
Chisler, Velva Jewel                    1997  
Chivers, Frances                        2004  
Chivers, Ruth                           1998  
Chlustia, John                          HS01  
Choman, Mary                            93DR  
Chopp, Margaret Viola                   1988  
Chopyak, Stephen                        1991  
Choronzy, Anna Kaczmarczyk              1987  
Chory, George                           1975  
Chory, Henry                            2006  
Chory, Patricia                         2007  
Christen, Edward                        DAV1  
Christen, Elizabeth Rogers              1987  
Christen, Elizabeth Rogers              PIT1  
Christen, Ellis                         DAV5  
Christopher, Adna H.                    SHU1  
Christopher, Anna R.                    1999  
Christopher, Arverda L.                 1997  
Christopher, Bess L.                    1986  
Christopher, Bess L.                    CRA1  
Christopher, Bessie Crago               HS02  
Christopher, Bonnie Burson              1996  
Christopher, Carol J.                   1987  
Christopher, Carolyn Marie              2004  
Christopher, Charles A.                 2001  
Christopher, Clarence D.                DAV4  
Christopher, Della                      2001  
Christopher, Duane                      DAV5  
Christopher, Duane W.                   SHU1  
Christopher, Earl H.                    DAV4  
Christopher, Edwin                      DAV1  
Christopher, Francis                    HS02  
Christopher, Francis L.                 CRA1  
Christopher, Francis L.                 DAV4  
Christopher, George B.                  1994  
Christopher, George W.                  DAV2  
Christopher, Henry                      1998  
Christopher, Irma R.                    2002  
Christopher, Isabel                     DAV5  
Christopher, Isabel S.                  SHU1  
Christopher, James Orville              HS01  
Christopher, Jean M.                    PIT1  
Christopher, Kermit Ray                 1988  
Christopher, Kermit Ray                 DAV4  
Christopher, Kermit Ray                 HS01  
Christopher, Lillian Mae                PIT1  
Christopher, Lori                       1989  
Christopher, Marjorie B.                2004  
Christopher, Mary                       DAV5  
Christopher, Maxine L.                  2001  
Christopher, May O'Neal                 PAT1  
Christopher, Monica Coyne               2006  
Christopher, Myrtle Beatrice            93DR  
Christopher, Sadie                      DAV5  
Christopher, Sadie M.                   SHU1  
Christopher, Sarah                      DAV1  
Christopher, Sylvia Ewart               1986  
Christopher, Walter                     1988  
Christopher, Walter C.                  HS02  
Christopher, Wilbur E.                  1990  
Christopher, Wilbur E.                  CRA1  
Christopher, William E.                 1975  
Christopher, William E.                 DAV4  
Christopher, William L.                 1986  
Christopher, William Newton             DAV2  
Christy, Albert R.                      2004  
Christy, Andrew                         1998  
Christy, Annetta Haver                  1986  
Christy, Gladys R.                      1991  
Christy, Nellie Palone                  1996  
Christy, Shirley Jean Zuspan            1988  
Christy, Wilber D.                      1997  
Chrisulis, George                       DAV5  
Chrisulis, Laura Belle                  1999  
Chrisulus, George L.                    SHU1  
Chuiko, Charles                         2007  
Chulick, John P.                        2001  
Chun, Earl A.                           2004  
Chupella, Mary                          93DR  
Chupella, Mary Popson                   1993  
Chupella, Sophia                        HS04  
Church, Allan E.                        HS01  
Church, Andrew                          HS04  
Church, Anna                            HAW1  
Church, Anna                            WEL1  
Church, Anna Watson                     PAT1  
Church, Arthur M.                       GM01  
Church, Cephas Guthrie                  HS01  
Church, Charles Homer                   WEL1  
Church, Charles W.                      1999  
Church, Charles W.                      93DR  
Church, Charley Homer                   DAV3  
Church, Daisy Hull                      GM01  
Church, Daisy Hull                      HEA1  
Church, Daisy Hull                      HS01  
Church, David D.                        HS01  
Church, Emma                            GM01  
Church, Emma                            MOR3  
Church, Florence B.                     HS03  
Church, Florence B.                     MOR5  
Church, Floyd H.                        CRA1  
Church, Frances E.                      2007  
Church, Frank E.                        SHU1  
Church, George W.                       SHU1  
Church, George W.                       WEL1  
Church, Gertrude                        2001  
Church, Goldie                          HS03  
Church, Grace                           HS02  
Church, Hamilton B.                     PAT1  
Church, Hamilton B.                     WEL1  
Church, Howard E.                       HS02  
Church, Isa Tilton                      HS04  
Church, Ivey M.                         HS02  
Church, Ivey M.                         PAT1  
Church, J. Edward                       SHU1  
Church, J. Edward                       TAY2  
Church, J. Lloyd                        PAT1  
Church, J. Ralph                        PAT1  
Church, James                           WEL1  
Church, Laura M.                        1978  
Church, Marie                           1998  
Church, Martha                          2002  
Church, Matilda                         HS03  
Church, Matilda H.                      DAV4  
Church, Mildred                         2002  
Church, Mildred A.                      1988  
Church, Mildred C.                      PIT1  
Church, Nelle M.                        WEL1  
Church, Robert                          WEL1  
Church, Robert M.                       HEA1  
Church, Ruth                            WEL1  
Church, Ruth Naomi                      WEL1  
Church, Samuel Murray                   2004  
Church, Thomas S.                       WEL1  
Church, Walter                          HS03  
Church, William J.                      CRA1  
Church, William Mauz                    HS01  
Churney, Albert J.                      1996  
Churney, Albert J.                      PIT1  
Churney, Ella O'Hara                    CRA1  
Churney, Lawrence                       1998  
Churney, Michael T.                     2005  
Churning, Segretta Marlene Conaway      1993  
Chvostal, Elizabeth                     93DR  
Chyben, Hattie                          1989  
Ciberey, Stanley E.                     2007  
Cichon, Joseph A.                       HS04  
Cielensky, Frank                        1978  
Ciez, John T.                           1993  
Ciez, Margaret Eva Morris               1996  
Cihon, Joseph                           HS03  
Cimarolli, Mary Lesko                   93DR  
Ciminel, Gladys Morris                  1996  
Ciminel, John                           HS03  
Ciminel, Thomas                         1991  
Cimino, Antonietta S.                   93DR  
Cindrich, Nicholas A.                   HS01  
Ciosmak, Albert                         1975  
Ciosmak, Frances R.                     SHU1  
Cipcic, John                            DAV5  
Cipcic, John L.                         SHU1  
Cipcic, Mildred Skaro                   1992  
Cipcic, Pauline Ann                     DAV4  
Cipoletti, Sue Ellen Taylor             HS04  
Cirlingione, Rose                       93DR  
Cirota, Alberico V.                     2006  
Cirota, Carmen N,                       2002  
Cirota, Constance M.                    1999  
Cirota, James G.                        1975  
Cistead, Rhoda                          MOR1  
Citrone, Casper John                    HS01  
Citrone, Mary Kyovsky                   1986  
Civerella, Shirley                      2000  
Clair, Carrie E.                        93DR  
Clancy, Robert                          2000  
Clar, Joanna S.                         HEA1  
Clarchick, Anna Yanosek                 2001  
Clarchick, C. William                   2002  
Clarchick, George F.                    1996  
Clarchick, John W.                      1997  
Clarchick, Joseph                       HS03  
Clarchick, Josepj P.                    HS02  
Clarchick, Leona F. Krause              1990  
Clarchick, Margaret P.                  2003  
Clarchick, Pauline Tomko                1991  
Clarchick, Sophia B.                    HS03  
Clarchick, Stephen J.                   1999  
Claridge, Ossie D.                      SHU1  
Clarish, Mary                           HS02  
Clark, Aaron Lee                        2005  
Clark, Albert                           HS01  
Clark, Albert Mason                     WEL1  
Clark, Alice Gooden                     HS04  
Clark, Anna Kundrick                    2001  
Clark, Anna Lenore Headley              2007  
Clark, Arthur R.                        SHU1  
Clark, Artie V.                         WEL1  
Clark, Asbury                           HS02  
Clark, Austin E.                        HS02  
Clark, Bedivere D.                      1994  
Clark, Bedivere D.                      PIT1  
Clark, Bertha Starkey                   HS04  
Clark, Calvin                           2001  
Clark, Carolin Jane                     1985  
Clark, Charles R.                       1975  
Clark, Charles R.                       DAV4  
Clark, Charles R.                       PAT1  
Clark, Christine E.                     HS04  
Clark, Clara Knight                     HS01  
Clark, Clyde C.                         HS02  
Clark, Daisy E.                         2002  
Clark, David Core                       HEA1  
Clark, David William                    2002  
Clark, Dayton M.                        HS03  
Clark, Dewyne Allen                     2002  
Clark, Dorothy Emily                    HS04  
Clark, Dorothy Rush                     2002  
Clark, Dosie F.                         HS04  
Clark, E. Ted                           1992  
Clark, Edith Whoolery                   HS02  
Clark, Elizabeth Pearl                  1985  
Clark, Ella Mae                         1997  
Clark, Emma Null                        HS04  
Clark, Ethel G. Greene                  HS02  
Clark, Etta Frances                     GM01  
Clark, Etta Frances                     HS02  
Clark, Frances Phillips                 HS04  
Clark, Frank L.                         1992  
Clark, Fred                             1998  
Clark, Frederick L.                     2003  
Clark, George                           DAV1  
Clark, Gertie                           1987  
Clark, Harry                            HS02  
Clark, Hattie L. Smith                  HS01  
Clark, Hazel Irene                      2005  
Clark, Helen Dorothy                    1987  
Clark, Helen L. Barr                    SHU1  
Clark, Helen Rose                       1978  
Clark, Herbert W.                       HS03  
Clark, Homer E.                         SHU1  
Clark, James W.                         2002  
Clark, Janet F. Longstreth              1996  
Clark, Jason Madison                    WEL1  
Clark, Jeanne T.                        PAT1  
Clark, Jerry R.                         SHU1  
Clark, Jessie V.                        HS02  
Clark, John                             HS01  
Clark, John                             HS03  
Clark, John W.                          2003  
Clark, John W.                          DAV3  
Clark, John W.                          HS03  
Clark, John W.                          SHU1  
Clark, Jonathan                         HS03  
Clark, Joseph E.                        93DR  
Clark, Katherine Evans                  DAV4  
Clark, Katherine Evans                  HS04  
Clark, Kenneth                          2000  
Clark, Kenneth R.                       2002  
Clark, Leona Duffy                      HS02  
Clark, Leroy J.                         PAT1  
Clark, Leroy J.                         PIT1  
Clark, Leroy J.                         SHU1  
Clark, Lewis A.                         HS02  
Clark, Lillie Mae                       2004  
Clark, Marcheta E.                      2003  
Clark, Marcheta E.                      PIT1  
Clark, Martha                           2000  
Clark, Mary E. Fox                      1991  
Clark, Mary I. Buchanan                 1992  
Clark, Mary Jane                        PAT1  
Clark, Mary Kimble                      1985  
Clark, Mary M.                          1986  
Clark, Melvina Staggers                 2005  
Clark, Monte                            2000  
Clark, Monte I.                         PIT1  
Clark, Nellie Marguerite                1987  
Clark, Nellie Marguerite                PAT1  
Clark, Norma Jane Foley                 1992  
Clark, Orval R.                         HS04  
Clark, Oscar L.                         1994  
Clark, Oscar Lee                        1986  
Clark, Oscar S.                         HS02  
Clark, Oscie Headlee                    HS02  
Clark, Oscie Headlee                    PAT1  
Clark, Priscilla E. Pinkney             1990  
Clark, Ralph W.                         PAT1  
Clark, Ralph W.                         PIT1  
Clark, Ray W.                           GM01  
Clark, Ray W. Skeets                    HS01  
Clark, Raymond E.                       2003  
Clark, Raymond E.                       PIT1  
Clark, Raymond K.                       1999  
Clark, Richard F.                       SHU1  
Clark, Robert Arthur                    HEA1  
Clark, Rube                             1987  
Clark, Russell                          TAY2  
Clark, Russell                          WEL1  
Clark, Russell T.                       1996  
Clark, Ruth                             1997  
Clark, Samuel James                     HS01  
Clark, Sarah Crow                       HAW1  
Clark, Shirl H.                         DAV4  
Clark, Shirl H.                         HS04  
Clark, Stephen M.                       HS03  
Clark, Thomas                           1989  
Clark, Thomas E.                        1986  
Clark, Walter William                   2001  
Clark, William D.                       SHU1  
Clark, William J.                       1999  
Clark, Zackary John                     1996  
Clarke, Elisha                          MOR3  
Clarke, Emma                            WEL1  
Clarke, Katharine M.                    93DR  
Clarke, Nellie Watkins                  2003  
Clarke, William L.                      WEL1  
Clarkson, Lulu H.                       DAV4  
Clarkson, Lulu L.                       1975  
Clarkson, Thurman                       CRA1  
Clarkson, Thurman L.                    DAV4  
Clarkson, Thurman L.                    HS03  
Clausen, Rudolf                         SHU1  
Clausner, Ann                           DAV5  
Clavelin, Louise                        93DR  
Clayton, Alice                          HS04  
Clayton, Amy Jane                       GAN1  
Clayton, Anna Kern                      PAT1  
Clayton, Anna Kern                      PIT1  
Clayton, Arthur                         DAV5  
Clayton, Catherine                      HAW1  
Clayton, Charles H.                     HS04  
Clayton, Clyde                          1998  
Clayton, Clyde W.                       DAV4  
Clayton, Clyde W.                       HS04  
Clayton, Edna M.                        PIT1  
Clayton, Emmaline                       SHU1  
Clayton, Ernest                         DAV5  
Clayton, Ernest O.                      GAN1  
Clayton, Ernest O.                      SHU1  
Clayton, George A.                      1996  
Clayton, Harold                         2000  
Clayton, Helen Church                   2004  
Clayton, Helen S.                       1997  
Clayton, Henry G.                       DAV3  
Clayton, Henry G.                       WEL1  
Clayton, James R.                       1994  
Clayton, Jane                           HS01  
Clayton, Mary                           DAV5  
Clayton, Rachel                         DAV1  
Clayton, Rose                           DAV5  
Clayton, Roy                            DAV5  
Clayton, Roy T.                         SHU1  
Clayton, Sallie                         DAV5  
Clayton, Sallie E.                      SHU1  
Clayton, Samuel                         1989  
Clayton, Smith                          DAV3  
Clazey, Richard A.                      2002  
Cleavenger, Eunice G.                   SHU1  
Cleavenger, Fred Roland                 HS01  
Cleavenger, Mary Lee                    2003  
Cleavenger, Mildred Irene               1986  
Cleavenger, Nellie Melissa              DAV3  
Cleavenger, Ronald L.                   2002  
Cleavenger, Wilma Lee                   2002  
Cleaver, Everett E.                     93DR  
Clelland, Arthur J.                     2007  
Clelland, Charles                       DAV5  
Clelland, Clifton A.                    HS01  
Clelland, David H.                      PIT1  
Clelland, Elizabeth                     HS04  
Clelland, Elizabeth M.                  SHU1  
Clelland, Gaylord Morgan                2006  
Clelland, George                        HS03  
Clelland, George G.                     1991  
Clelland, Hazel                         DAV5  
Clelland, Hazel Corrigan                CRA1  
Clelland, Henrietta K.                  SHU1  
Clelland, Joseph Leonard                HS04  
Clelland, Ralph                         1998  
Clemens, Harold Eugene                  1996  
Clemens, Margaret                       93DR  
Clemens, Nell                           2002  
Clemens, Sara Jane                      93DR  
Clemens, Valgene T.                     2001  
Clemmer, Everett                        DAV4  
Clemsic, Margaret                       SHU1  
Clendaniel, Margaret E.                 93DR  
Clendenien, M. B.                       HS03  
Clendenning, Marie                      DAV5  
Clendenning, Sarah Kincaid              PAT1  
Clendenning, William                    DAV5  
Clendenning, William Ulysses            WEL1  
Clensic, Paul A.                        SHU1  
Cleri, Robert                           1987  
Clifford, Della                         HS02  
Clifford, Jay B.                        HS02  
Clifford, John H.                       HS04  
Cline , James F.                        2006  
Cline, James F.                         2001  
Clink, Flora G. Morris Reed             1985  
Clink, John H.                          2003  
Clipper, Dewey                          DAV5  
Clipper, Dewey                          SHU1  
Clipper, Mark W.                        2006  
Clipper, Peter                          DAV3  
Clish, John                             1993  
Clish, Minnie Belle Moore               93DR  
Clister, Denise Kowalczyk               1993  
Clister, Sanford G.                     1990  
Clites, Daniel Eugene                   1978  
Clites, Lois Ann                        1996  
Clites, Mary Etta                       1999  
Clites, Ray Edward                      1994  
Clites, Robert L.                       1975  
Clites, William H.                      1999  
Cliver, Francey M.                      1986  
Cllelland, Arthur J.                    2006  
Cloffy, Eva                             1989  
Close, Lisa Ann                         HS03  
Closser, Anna                           PAT1  
Closser, Anna L.                        PIT1  
Closser, Anna Loughman                  1996  
Closser, Catherine Hoge                 DAV2  
Closser, Edith                          DAV2  
Closser, Elizabeth M.                   GM01  
Closser, Elizabeth M.                   HS03  
Closser, Elizabeth M.                   PAT1  
Closser, Ella G.                        PAT1  
Closser, Ella Garner                    HS01  
Closser, Emma R.                        CRA1  
Closser, Erma Rose                      HS03  
Closser, Ernest R.                      PAT1  
Closser, Ernest Ray                     DAV4  
Closser, Gertrude Tapp                  1996  
Closser, Hallie J.                      GM01  
Closser, Hallie J.                      HS04  
Closser, Harold                         1998  
Closser, Harold                         PIT1  
Closser, J. Wesley                      HS01  
Closser, James W.                       HS02  
Closser, Margaret McKee                 1987  
Closser, Ruby T.                        1985  
Closser, Wilma N.                       PAT1  
Clouser, John D.                        HS01  
Clovis, Amelia                          1989  
Clovis, Dennis                          DAV5  
Clovis, Elizabeth M.                    WEL1  
Clovis, Elizabeth M. Hennen             HS01  
Clovis, Eva C.                          1988  
Clovis, Gale Johnson                    HEA1  
Clovis, Helen K.                        PAT1  
Clovis, Helen Kennedy                   DAV4  
Clovis, J. Milton                       SHU1  
Clovis, Jacob C.                        HS03  
Clovis, Jacob Eakin                     ING1  
Clovis, James M.                        1993  
Clovis, James S.                        2006  
Clovis, John C.                         SHU1  
Clovis, Mary Porter                     HS01  
Clovis, May Phillips                    1988  
Clovis, May Phillips                    PAT1  
Clovis, Nancy Catherine Renner          HEA1  
Clovis, Oscar R.                        HS02  
Clovis, Ralph Owen                      1986  
Clovis, Robert M.                       WEL1  
Clovis, Roy                             DAV5  
Clovis, Roy Milton                      2006  
Clovis, Roy W.                          SHU1  
Clovis, Stanley B.                      DAV4  
Clovis, Stanley B.                      HEA1  
Clovis, Stanley B.                      HS02  
Clovis, Stanley B.                      PAT1  
Clovis, Sudie Smith                     HS01  
Clutter, Albert                         1987  
Clutter, Alice W.                       HS04  
Clutter, Arthur L.                      HS04  
Clutter, Arthur Monroe                  1988  
Clutter, Bertha E.                      HS03  
Clutter, Bob A.                         1993  
Clutter, Carl C.                        SHU1  
Clutter, Cecil H.                       HS02  
Clutter, Charles H.                     HS04  
Clutter, Charles Leo                    1986  
Clutter, Clarence                       1995  
Clutter, Clarence Everett               1988  
Clutter, Delbert W.                     1985  
Clutter, Dewey W.                       HS04  
Clutter, Donald                         GS01  
Clutter, Eavie Paul                     1992  
Clutter, Edna A.                        SHU1  
Clutter, Emma S.                        PAT1  
Clutter, Floyd N.                       HS02  
Clutter, Frank R.                       1997  
Clutter, Frederick Lloyd                2006  
Clutter, Gladys L.                      1995  
Clutter, Goldie                         2000  
Clutter, Harry S.                       HS02  
Clutter, Herbert L.                     1999  
Clutter, Herman S.                      2007  
Clutter, Hester Lang                    HAW1  
Clutter, Irene S.                       2001  
Clutter, Irving J.                      HS01  
Clutter, James A.                       PAT1  
Clutter, John Bruce                     1999  
Clutter, Junita V.                      SHU1  
Clutter, Leota Sprowls                  2004  
Clutter, Lewis A.                       1985  
Clutter, Loretta                        1998  
Clutter, Mabel Polen                    1996  
Clutter, Margaret                       2006  
Clutter, Mary M.                        WEL1  
Clutter, Merle S.                       1988  
Clutter, Ola                            1989  
Clutter, Oliie L.                       HS04  
Clutter, Opal L.                        1997  
Clutter, Robert Dale                    HS01  
Clutter, Ronald Bryan                   1990  
Clutter, Ronnie G.                      1999  
Clutter, Ruth Huffman                   1985  
Clutter, Ruth Huffman                   PAT1  
Clutter, Silas Clifford                 DAV4  
Clutter, Thelma Louise                  2002  
Clutter, Thelma Louise                  PIT1  
Clutter, Vernon                         DAV3  
Clutter, Von Wallace                    1999  
Clutter, Walter Ray                     1991  
Clutter, Willis S.                      2001  
Clutter, Wilma A.                       1999  
Clutter, Wilma A.                       PIT1  
Clutter, Zella                          93DR  
Clyde, D. Roy                           DAV4  
Clymer, William Glenn                   2006  
Cmos  , Kreszentia H. Luger             2007  
Cmos  , Mike                            2007  
Coats, Alvida                           93DR  
Cobb, Almarine Lee                      1999  
Cobb, Charles L.                        SHU1  
Coburn, Elma Sitley                     PAT1  
Cochran, Anna Belle                     DAV5  
Cochran, Dean                           DAV5  
Cochran, Dean A.                        SHU1  
Cochran, E. Fred                        1989  
Cochran, John J.                        1996  
Cochran, Laura A. W.                    SHU1  
Cochran, Mary Elizabeth Piatt           HS01  
Cochran, Mary Ellen                     1975  
Cochran, Pearl M.                       HS02  
Cochran, Wylie                          HS01  
Cochrane, John C.                       DAV4  
Cochrane, John C.                       HS04  
Cochrane, Kathryn H.                    SHU1  
Coda, Adrian                            HS02  
Coder, Olive                            SHU1  
Coder, Vernon                           1998  
Coe, Durward W.                         1990  
Coe, Helen J.                           2002  
Coe, Lloyd Leonard                      HS04  
Coen, Carl                              WEL1  
Coen, John                              WEL1  
Coen, Norval B.                         1992  
Coen, Sarah                             GS01  
Coen, Shirley                           1998  
Coen, William H.                        WEL1  
Coet, Mary Jane Higgins                 1991  
Cofchin, Emily                          HS04  
Coffield, Charles                       HAW1  
Coffield, Charles C.                    2004  
Coffield, Harry L.                      1997  
Coffield, Infant                        HS04  
Coffield, Jemima M.                     1987  
Coffield, John                          93DR  
Coffield, Martin                        2006  
Coffield, Mary                          2000  
Coffield, Mary Ellen                    PIT1  
Coffing, Joshua                         MOR3  
Coffman, Bessie Elizabeth               DAV4  
Coffman, Elizabeth                      DAV1  
Coffman, Lucy                           93DR  
Coffman, Myrtle                         SHU1  
Coffman, Robert E.                      1990  
Coffman, William                        1998  
Coffman, William B.                     1988  
Coffroth, Ola Scott                     DAV4  
Cogar, Gary                             1978  
Cogar, Lelia                            1989  
Coger, Audrey                           1998  
Coger, Denzil S.                        1993  
Coger, Emma Jane Shaffer                2004  
Coger, Lona Bennett                     1987  
Coger, Walter                           HS02  
Cohen, Dan                              DAV1  
Cohen, Gertrude Wassum                  1996  
Cohill, Douglas Wilson                  93DR  
Cohill, Florence                        1989  
Coke, Lon R.                            HS04  
Cokey, Edith L.                         HS01  
Colabine, Reuben H.                     CRA1  
Colaianni, Carmelo                      1975  
Colaianni, Carmelo                      2005  
Colaianni, Rose                         1989  
Colantoni, Elvira M.                    2002  
Colbert, Bertha W.                      1986  
Colbert, Ethel Staskus                  1994  
Colbert, James H.                       HS02  
Colbert, John                           1990  
Cole, Albert                            1998  
Cole, Albert A.                         WEL1  
Cole, Albert W.                         HS04  
Cole, Alice Main                        PIT1  
Cole, Arthur W.                         HS02  
Cole, Benjamin T.                       PIT1  
Cole, Bernice L.                        SHU1  
Cole, Bessie P.                         SHU1  
Cole, Bessie Patterson                  HEA1  
Cole, Carl L.                           HS01  
Cole, Charles F.                        2005  
Cole, Charles F.                        HEA1  
Cole, Charley                           HS02  
Cole, Christina                         HS02  
Cole, Christine Lynn                    PAT1  
Cole, Clara                             2002  
Cole, Clarence                          HS01  
Cole, Clarence S.                       PIT1  
Cole, Clyde E.                          PAT1  
Cole, Dana Blake                        GAN1  
Cole, Dana Blake                        HS01  
Cole, Delmar W.                         PAT1  
Cole, Dora Miller                       WEL1  
Cole, Duwayne                           HS04  
Cole, Edward                            2000  
Cole, Edward L.                         DAV2  
Cole, Edwin S.                          HS04  
Cole, Eleanor J. George                 2006  
Cole, Eli                               1978  
Cole, Elizabeth J.                      PAT1  
Cole, Elizabeth P.                      WEL1  
Cole, Elizabeth S.                      HS03  
Cole, Emma S. Gilbet                    HS04  
Cole, Eva                               1987  
Cole, Everett P.                        WEL1  
Cole, George L.                         1987  
Cole, George W.                         HS02  
Cole, Hagan                             WEL1  
Cole, Hannah Lee Cooper                 HAW1  
Cole, Harriet Marie                     HS02  
Cole, Harriet Marie                     PAT1  
Cole, Hazel B.                          HS02  
Cole, Hazel B.                          PAT1  
Cole, Helen                             2000  
Cole, Helga                             DAV5  
Cole, Helga Judith                      1978  
Cole, Herschel H.                       WEL1  
Cole, I. M.                             1975  
Cole, Ida                               HS01  
Cole, Ida J.                            PIT1  
Cole, Ida John                          1992  
Cole, Ira                               HAW1  
Cole, Irene Watson                      1994  
Cole, J. C.                             DAV3  
Cole, J. C.                             WEL1  
Cole, Jacob A. J.                       TAY2  
Cole, James                             DAV2  
Cole, James D.                          2004  
Cole, James D.                          PAT1  
Cole, James Dewey                       HS02  
Cole, James H.                          1995  
Cole, Jesse Edwin                       HS02  
Cole, John Wesley                       1992  
Cole, Juanita L.                        TAY2  
Cole, Kate Kent                         1991  
Cole, Kent                              HS02  
Cole, Laura Alice Corkran               2007  
Cole, Lawrence A.                       1986  
Cole, Lawrence D.                       HS04  
Cole, Leo K.                            1991  
Cole, Louise                            HS02  
Cole, Lucy M. Thomas                    HS01  
Cole, Lucy White                        HS04  
Cole, Luther                            DAV5  
Cole, Luther                            SHU1  
Cole, Luther Ray                        1985  
Cole, Mable                             2001  
Cole, Mable                             PIT1  
Cole, Maddie G.                         1985  
Cole, Margaret K.                       PIT1  
Cole, Margaret K. Tanner                1992  
Cole, Margaret T.                       PIT1  
Cole, Mark Allen                        1991  
Cole, Martha K.                         PIT1  
Cole, Martha Kay                        1986  
Cole, Mary                              2000  
Cole, Mary                              MOR3  
Cole, Mary Ellen                        WEL1  
Cole, Mary H.                           1988  
Cole, Mary J.                           HS03  
Cole, Maye Catherine                    1987  
Cole, Minor P.                          DAV4  
Cole, Minor P.                          PAT1  
Cole, Missouri Geho                     WEL1  
Cole, Nancy Jane                        HS01  
Cole, Neil D.                           1995  
Cole, Ola McCleary                      HS01  
Cole, Osa J.;                           HS02  
Cole, Osa Tustin                        HS01  
Cole, Peter                             HAW1  
Cole, Rachel Ann                        WEL1  
Cole, Ralph B.                          SHU1  
Cole, Randolph                          1992  
Cole, Richard E.                        2005  
Cole, Robert M.                         1996  
Cole, Robert M.                         PIT1  
Cole, Robert W.                         1994  
Cole, Ronald R.                         2007  
Cole, Rosa Lee                          HS04  
Cole, Ruth Aldine                       HS02  
Cole, Sarah A.                          WEL1  
Cole, Severn                            PAT1  
Cole, Sister                            WEL1  
Cole, Sudie                             HS02  
Cole, Sudie                             PAT1  
Cole, Thomas P.                         CRA1  
Cole, Thomas P.                         DAV4  
Cole, Thomas P.                         PIT1  
Cole, Thomas W.                         SHU1  
Cole, Viola Anderson                    HS04  
Cole, Walter Homer                      1994  
Cole, Wesley O.                         SHU1  
Cole, William E.                        1992  
Cole, William Earl                      1995  
Cole, William Earl                      PIT1  
Cole, William G.                        DAV3  
Cole, William G.                        ING1  
Cole, William H.                        HS04  
Cole, William L.                        1997  
Colebank, Bryan F.                      HS03  
Colebank, Howard M.                     1978  
Colebank, Howard M.                     SHU1  
Coleman, James R.                       93DR  
Coles, Charles                          DAV5  
Coles, Charles P.                       1978  
Coles, Martha                           1998  
Collage, Clara Marie                    2006  
Collage, Edward                         1998  
Collage, Eva J.                         2004  
Collage, Frank S.                       2005  
Collage, John W.                        2007  
Collage, Josephine                      1978  
Collage, Josephine                      SHU1  
Colley, Eleanor M.                      93DR  
Colley, Virginia D.                     2007  
Colley, William B.                      2002  
Collier, Ida W.                         HS03  
Collier, Weller                         DAV5  
Collins, Archie T.                      DAV4  
Collins, Archie T.                      HS03  
Collins, Arthur                         1989  
Collins, Charles R.                     2003  
Collins, Corey Gene                     1990  
Collins, David N                        WEL1  
Collins, Delmar                         DAV5  
Collins, Delmar L.                      SHU1  
Collins, Elizabeth                      WEL1  
Collins, Elizabeth May                  DAV4  
Collins, Elizabeth May                  HS04  
Collins, Grace                          HS02  
Collins, Howard S.                      1997  
Collins, Idelia May                     1975  
Collins, James D.                       2007  
Collins, Joe E.                         2006  
Collins, Joseph Paul                    2004  
Collins, Lawrence V.                    HS04  
Collins, Mabel F.                       HS02  
Collins, Margaret                       1999  
Collins, Marie Bigelow                  DAV4  
Collins, Marie Bigelow                  HS04  
Collins, Marie Bigelow                  TAY2  
Collins, Mary E.                        1997  
Collins, Mary Jo Parkinson              2001  
Collins, Mary Sue Sadler                1996  
Collins, Orval                          1992  
Collins, Raymond K.                     1978  
Collis, John Joseph                     1996  
Colussi, Marina                         93DR  
Colussy, Prima                          93DR  
Colvin, Ada Longanecker                 DAV2  
Colvin, Blanch Dunn                     HS01  
Colvin, Brian Deith                     HS03  
Colvin, Carl Winfred                    1986  
Colvin, Evelyn                          DAV1  
Colvin, Hallie Abel                     HS03  
Colvin, James                           2000  
Colvin, Jeanette Sara Szoyka            1992  
Colvin, Nancy Leeper                    1991  
Colyer, Esther                          93DR  
Comar, Harry                            SHU1  
Comba, Michael                          1989  
Combs, Elbert                           1985  
Combs, Lina                             DAV5  
Comer, Patrick P.                       1991  
Comley, Perry C.                        WEL1  
Commons, Charles William                HS04  
Commons, George                         DAV5  
Commons, Mildred M. Crossland           HS04  
Como, Mary Louise                       2002  
Compton, Opal Tustin                    1991  
Conard, Charles W.                      2007  
Conard, Georgia Louise Berdine          1996  
Conard, Lovie Mae                       1985  
Conard, Martha Buskirk                  1990  
Conard, Thomas S.                       SHU1  
Conaway, Earl                           1985  
Conaway, Elizabeth                      2001  
Conaway, Floyd                          2003  
Conaway, Howard Lee                     1992  
Conaway, Joe                            1995  
Conaway, John W.                        WEL1  
Conaway, Louie Belle Cumberledge        1990  
Conaway, Margaret M.                    1999  
Conaway, Mary G.                        SHU1  
Conaway, Milton E.                      WEL1  
Conaway, Mona                           2007  
Conaway, Paul Andrew                    GM01  
Conaway, Paul Andrew                    HS04  
Conaway, Ralph E.                       2005  
Condit, Alice Groomes                   DAV4  
Condit, Alice Groomes                   HS04  
Condit, Arthur C.                       PAT1  
Condit, Arthur D.                       SHU1  
Condit, Jean O. Porter                  1993  
Condit, Mable McCombs                   DAV4  
Condit, Mable McCombs                   HS01  
Condit, William                         DAV5  
Coneway, bed                            HS02  
Coneway, Ella M.                        SHU1  
Coneybeer, Anna                         DAV5  
Coneybeer, Anna K.                      CRA1  
Coneybeer, Anna K.                      SHU1  
Coneybeer, Margaretha S.                1990  
Coneybeer, Phyllis A.                   2007  
Coneybeer, Thomas                       1975  
Coneybeer, Thomas                       DAV4  
Coneybeer, William E.                   1994  
Confer, Elizabeth Ely                   1993  
Confortini, Joseph                      DAV5  
Confortini, Nancy                       HS04  
Confortoni, Nancy                       DAV4  
Congalton, Emma Mae Miller              DAV4  
Congalton, Emma Mae Miller              HS04  
Conger, Frank                           HS02  
Conger, John C.                         HS02  
Conkey, Bessie J.                       1975  
Conkey, Charles Ray                     WEL1  
Conkey, Glenn R.                        HS04  
Conkey, J. Harl                         1988  
Conkey, J. Hart                         PAT1  
Conkey, James C.                        1990  
Conkey, James Martin                    WEL1  
Conkey, Pearle                          1995  
Conkey, Wilda F.                        PAT1  
Conkle, Leslie R.                       1992  
Conkle, Myrtle Fordyce                  DAV4  
Conkle, Myrtle Fordyce                  GAN1  
Conkle, Myrtle Fordyce                  PAT1  
Conkle, Walter T.                       GM01  
Conkle, Walter T.                       HS01  
Conkle, Willa Belle                     WEL1  
Conklin, Ann Marie                      1986  
Conklin, Betty                          DAV5  
Conklin, Betty G.                       SHU1  
Conklin, Cary L.                        SHU1  
Conklin, Catherine                      HEA1  
Conklin, Charles F.                     2001  
Conklin, Charles F.                     PIT1  
Conklin, Claire M.                      1988  
Conklin, Clinton C.                     HS01  
Conklin, Clyde W.                       SHU1  
Conklin, Curtis S.                      HS04  
Conklin, David L.                       HEA1  
Conklin, Delmont B.                     PIT1  
Conklin, Delmont B.                     SHU1  
Conklin, Dorothy M.                     1997  
Conklin, Earl E.                        HS02  
Conklin, Earl E.                        PAT1  
Conklin, Edward H.                      HS01  
Conklin, Eugene A.                      1995  
Conklin, Fannie M. Breese               1991  
Conklin, Faye                           1998  
Conklin, Faye M.                        PIT1  
Conklin, Floyd R.                       HS04  
Conklin, Francis E.                     HS01  
Conklin, Glenn A.                       1999  
Conklin, Goldie M.                      HS03  
Conklin, Harry Lee                      HEA1  
Conklin, Henry                          HAW1  
Conklin, Henry                          HEA1  
Conklin, Hettie Dell Cumberledge        HEA1  
Conklin, Ida M.                         GAN1  
Conklin, Ida M.                         HS02  
Conklin, Ida M.                         PIT1  
Conklin, J. Warren                      1994  
Conklin, James E.                       2001  
Conklin, James E.                       PIT1  
Conklin, Jessie S.                      HS02  
Conklin, Jessie S.                      PAT1  
Conklin, John R.                        HEA1  
Conklin, Josiah                         HEA1  
Conklin, Kenneth W.                     HEA1  
Conklin, LeMoyne                        GAN1  
Conklin, Lillian E. Barker              HS01  
Conklin, Lillian Moore                  PAT1  
Conklin, Linda                          2000  
Conklin, Lon M.                         HS02  
Conklin, Marie Y.                       PIT1  
Conklin, Marie Y.                       SHU1  
Conklin, Mary                           HEA1  
Conklin, Melissa D.                     WEL1  
Conklin, Oliver G.                      HS04  
Conklin, Paul Edgar                     1985  
Conklin, Peter                          HEA1  
Conklin, Ralph                          2002  
Conklin, Rick Alan                      2005  
Conklin, Ross                           HEA1  
Conklin, Ross                           HS01  
Conklin, Ross, Mrs.                     HS02  
Conklin, Ruth Lemley                    HEA1  
Conklin, Sanford M.                     HEA1  
Conklin, Thelna Stewart                 1992  
Conklin, Thomas S.                      PIT1  
Conklin, Tidd M.                        SHU1  
Conklin, Todd                           DAV5  
Conklin, Viola C.                       1987  
Conklin, Viola C.                       PIT1  
Conklin, W. Allan                       1975  
Conklin, Walter R.                      2007  
Conklin, Wanda M.                       2001  
Conklin, Warren                         MOR3  
Conklin, Warren B.                      HS03  
Conley, Bernice V.                      2005  
Conley, Lawrence A.                     HS04  
Conley, Roy E.                          2005  
Conlin, Edward H.                       GM01  
Conn, Gail Stephens                     HS01  
Conn, John Wesley                       HS04  
Conn, Mary Hagyari                      1996  
Connell, Mary                           WEL1  
Connell, Teresa C.                      2004  
Connell, William                        1989  
Conner, Anna Jaynes                     1993  
Conner, Bill Allen                      2002  
Conner, Byron B.                        2001  
Conner, Clarence W.                     1997  
Conner, Cora E.                         HS03  
Conner, Daniel W. M.                    PAT1  
Conner, David                           GS01  
Conner, Dorothy                         1985  
Conner, Edward L.                       1991  
Conner, Edward L.                       PIT1  
Conner, Fannie                          DAV2  
Conner, Floren E.                       PIT1  
Conner, Frances                         PIT1  
Conner, Frank Edward                    HS01  
Conner, Helen Higgins                   1991  
Conner, Helen Higgins                   PIT1  
Conner, Ina D.                          DAV4  
Conner, Jack W.                         2001  
Conner, John R.                         1995  
Conner, Lena Helen                      DAV3  
Conner, Luther E.                       DAV2  
Conner, Margaret                        1998  
Conner, Margaret J.                     PAT1  
Conner, Michael D.                      1988  
Conner, Minnie M.                       1997  
Conner, Pearl Chaney                    1985  
Conner, Raymond E.                      1999  
Conner, Ruth Ellen                      DAV3  
Conner, Sadie                           1989  
Conner, Thelma B.                       1987  
Conner, William                         DAV1  
Conner, William S.                      HS03  
Connolly, Raymond                       2000  
Connor , George H.                      2006  
Connor, Alfred                          HS03  
Connor, Anna                            93DR  
Connor, Charles L.                      SHU1  
Connor, Clara                           WEL1  
Connor, Clarence Irwin                  HEA1  
Connor, Clyde                           2000  
Connor, Dorothy Bowlby                  GAN1  
Connor, Edward Livingston               HS01  
Connor, Floren E.                       DAV4  
Connor, Floren E.                       PAT1  
Connor, Frances L.                      HS02  
Connor, George H.                       DAV4  
Connor, George H.                       HS01  
Connor, Hazel                           DAV5  
Connor, Hazel I.                        SHU1  
Connor, James                           HEA1  
Connor, James A.                        HS01  
Connor, John L.                         HS01  
Connor, Kelsey                          HEA1  
Connor, Margaret E. Cunningham          1992  
Connor, Margaret J.                     HEA1  
Connor, Paul R.                         SHU1  
Connor, Paul W.                         1992  
Connor, Ray L.                          PAT1  
Connor, Robert F.                       HEA1  
Connor, Robert F.                       HS04  
Connor, Russell                         SHU1  
Connor, Simon                           DAV1  
Connor, William                         DAV5  
Connor, William C.                      SHU1  
Connor, William J.                      HS02  
Connor, Zelma L. Kimble                 1992  
Connors, Sarah Elizabeth                HS04  
Connors, Timothy J.                     PAT1  
Conrad, Carl Wayne                      2002  
Conrad, David Odell                     2002  
Conrad, Helen Sue Varner                1992  
Conrad, James Samuel                    2006  
Conrad, Lloyd                           2004  
Conrad, Martha                          HS02  
Conrad, Mary Josephine                  HS04  
Conrad, Nichole L.                      HS02  
Conrad, Noah H.                         SHU1  
Conrad, Ocie                            GS01  
Conroy, Grace                           DAV5  
Conroy, William Francis                 HS04  
Constantino, Iona D.                    1986  
Conte, Angelo                           HS02  
Conte, Sue Rebar                        1990  
Conti, Adam                             HS03  
Conti, Elsie J.                         2003  
Conway, Charles C.                      HS01  
Conway, Eileen C.                       2003  
Conway, Emma Pratt                      1975  
Conway, Emma Pratt                      PIT1  
Conway, Frank W.                        HS03  
Conway, Lindsey                         HS03  
Conway, Margaret Thomas                 PAT1  
Conway, Margaret Titus                  1988  
Coogle, Charles J.                      SHU1  
Cook, Bernice H. Brooks                 2005  
Cook, Betty Irene Grinage               1992  
Cook, Brandy E.                         SHU1  
Cook, Charles M.                        1975  
Cook, Ethel G. Cannon Aspey             1975  
Cook, Frank Mike                        PAT1  
Cook, Ginger                            1998  
Cook, Harold L.                         2005  
Cook, Iona Lohr                         HS02  
Cook, James                             2000  
Cook, Jeanette Linton                   HS03  
Cook, Jessica                           1986  
Cook, John L.                           HS03  
Cook, Kenneth Gene                      HS02  
Cook, Laura Shipman                     HS04  
Cook, Laurence Clements                 Bane  
Cook, Loretta                           2004  
Cook, Lula Lohr                         HS01  
Cook, Margaret Collier                  HS01  
Cook, Mildred V.                        2003  
Cook, Nettie Lindley                    2001  
Cook, Nica                              1978  
Cook, Noah W.                           HS02  
Cook, Robert H.                         HS04  
Cook, Rosetta Welling                   HS01  
Cook, Thomas                            GS01  
Cook, Viola Pearl                       HS03  
Cook, Walter                            HS03  
Cook, William                           HS02  
Cook, William H.                        HS02  
Cooke, Arabella B.                      PAT1  
Cooke, Arthur I.                        PAT1  
Cooke, Bessie Bell                      GM01  
Cooke, Bessie Bell                      HS04  
Cooke, Burdette E.                      2004  
Cooke, Burns C.                         DAV4  
Cooke, Burns C.                         HS04  
Cooke, J. B.                            SHU1  
Cooke, James Leroy                      1997  
Cooke, James V.                         1999  
Cooke, John W.                          1992  
Cooke, John W.                          2002  
Cooke, John W.                          HS02  
Cooke, John W.                          PAT1  
Cooke, Martha Elizabeth                 1987  
Cooke, Nantie Bell Ryan                 HS04  
Cooke, Pearle C.                        PAT1  
Cooke, Robert A.                        HS03  
Cooke, Samuel Scott                     1975  
Cooke, Scott Alan                       2003  
Cooke, Susan Enlow                      2004  
Cooke, Thomas B.                        PAT1  
Cooke, Vera J. Yoders                   1992  
Cooke, William                          1989  
Cooklis, Helen                          1996  
Cookson, John P.                        2004  
Cooley, Chad E.                         2004  
Cooley, Constance                       DAV5  
Cooley, Guy                             DAV5  
Cooley, Guy R.                          SHU1  
Cooley, Minnie Mae Nicholson            1992  
Cooley, Willis L.                       PIT1  
Cooley, Wills L.                        2001  
Cooley, Winetta Huss                    HS04  
Coon, Earl                              1992  
Coon, Margaret                          1986  
Cooper , Rinehart                       2006  
Cooper, Alvah H.                        HS04  
Cooper, Anna Belle                      HAW1  
Cooper, Arnetta E.                      2003  
Cooper, Benjamin Lewis                  1993  
Cooper, Carl C.                         1991  
Cooper, Carl E.                         1990  
Cooper, Clyde                           2000  
Cooper, Clyde T.                        2002  
Cooper, Elizabeth C.                    HS03  
Cooper, Elsie                           GS01  
Cooper, Elsie V.                        93DR  
Cooper, Esther                          2000  
Cooper, Gwendolyn                       2000  
Cooper, Imogene                         WEL1  
Cooper, James C.                        HS01  
Cooper, James Eishman                   HS03  
Cooper, Joseph A.                       1986  
Cooper, Josephine C. Wilbert            1993  
Cooper, Kennie E.                       PIT1  
Cooper, Laura B. Wendell                HS04  
Cooper, Lawrence                        2000  
Cooper, Lawrence David                  1987  
Cooper, Lawrence W.                     2001  
Cooper, Lillian Elizabeth Long          2006  
Cooper, Lois                            DAV5  
Cooper, Lois W.                         PIT1  
Cooper, Lutelies Franklin               HS01  
Cooper, Margaret B.                     2003  
Cooper, Margaret Milliken               PAT1  
Cooper, Mark A.                         SHU1  
Cooper, Mary Emaline Gilmore            HS04  
Cooper, Mary J. Anthony                 HS01  
Cooper, Nellie M.                       PIT1  
Cooper, Nellie M. Hopkins               HS01  
Cooper, Nellie Matthias                 1994  
Cooper, Queen Arta                      1978  
Cooper, Recie Dukate                    PAT1  
Cooper, Rinehart                        PAT1  
Cooper, Robert Gail                     PAT1  
Cooper, Robert Lee                      2006  
Cooper, Roy E.                          1999  
Cooper, Ruth                            HS03  
Cooper, Samuel                          PIT1  
Cooper, Thomas E.                       2005  
Cooper, Timothy Allen                   PAT1  
Cooper, Walter G.                       HS01  
Cooper, Wymar                           TAY2  
Cooper, Wymar G.                        HS01  
Cope, George F.                         PAT1  
Copeland, Betta Jane Cummins            2006  
Copeland, Frances E.                    2004  
Copeland, Gary L.                       2002  
Copeland, Laura D. Tennant              HEA1  
Copeland, Lieuella F. Walls             1993  
Copeland, Smith                         HS04  
Copenhaver, Garland E.                  1997  
Copenhaver, Joseph E.                   HS03  
Coplan, Sarah Etta                      HS02  
Corabi, Gabriel                         2000  
Corazzi, Maurine                        1997  
Corbett, Dorothy Frew                   1993  
Corbin, John                            SHU1  
Corbley, William L.                     SHU1  
Corbly, Arthur William                  2003  
Corbly, Virginia Sellers                1991  
Corcoran, Charles                       GS01  
Corcoran, Frieda Triplett               1993  
Corcoran, Paul D.                       2007  
Corder, Charlotte Nieman                2007  
Corder, Ernest M.                       HS03  
Cordray, Camilla H.                     SHU1  
Cordray, Camilla Hancock                PAT1  
Cordray, Edward B.                      1993  
Cordray, Edward B.                      PIT1  
Cordray, Erma Belle                     HS03  
Cordray, Esther B. Tuckish              2003  
Cordray, Stewart                        HS02  
Cordwell, Robert E.                     2006  
Core, Earl F.                           HS04  
Core, Guy F.                            HS02  
Core, Jessie J.                         SHU1  
Core, Max                               2000  
Core, Verne                             HS04  
Corey, Carol                            1989  
Corey, James Allen                      1987  
Corey, Nellie Margaret Gump             1986  
Corey, Raymond                          1990  
Corl, Lynn L.                           HS02  
Corley, Harold Mark                     HS04  
Cormack, Anna Kagle                     2002  
Cormack, Edward                         2000  
Cormack, Erma J.                        2007  
Cormack, Frank B.                       1988  
Cormack, George J.                      1986  
Cormack, John George                    1996  
Cornelison, Jennie Herrington           ING1  
Cornielson, Jennie Herrington           WEL1  
Corra, Emma                             93DR  
Corrado, Ann S.                         2002  
Corrado, Hazel Marie Barney             1992  
Correll, Bernice M.                     2003  
Correll, Robert L.                      1978  
Corrigan, Anna Marie                    1997  
Corsie, Mary Frances                    2002  
Cortese, Mary                           93DR  
Corwin, Charles C.                      2002  
Corwin, Delbert                         ING1  
Corwin, Frances Madeline                1978  
Corwin, Frances Madeline Snodgrass      TAY2  
Corwin, Harold T.                       PAT1  
Corwin, Jack                            PIT1  
Corwin, Jack K.                         HS02  
Corwin, Jack L.                         PIT1  
Corwin, James Ray                       HS02  
Corwin, James Ray                       PAT1  
Corwin, L. D.                           GS01  
Corwin, Lana Edna Jane Waychoff         1986  
Corwin, Margaret Mary                   2006  
Corwin, Molly McNeely                   TAY2  
Corwin, Molly McNeely                   WEL1  
Corwin, Robert C.                       2007  
Corwin, Roy L.                          DAV4  
Corwin, Roy L.                          PAT1  
Corwin, Roy L.                          PIT1  
Corwin, Thomas L.                       HEA1  
Corwin, Verda Rose                      PIT1  
Cosgray, Caleb N.                       ING1  
Cosgray, Charles W.                     PAT1  
Cosgray, David A.                       DAV2  
Cosgray, Donald                         1995  
Cosgray, Dorcas Malinda Rinehart        HS01  
Cosgray, Elizabeth                      ING1  
Cosgray, Fannie Tustin                  WEL1  
Cosgray, Glenn                          PIT1  
Cosgray, Glenn E.                       1997  
Cosgray, Glenn W.                       2003  
Cosgray, Goldie B.                      PAT1  
Cosgray, Goldie B.                      WEL1  
Cosgray, Isadora H.                     2001  
Cosgray, Isadora H.                     PIT1  
Cosgray, James                          HEA1  
Cosgray, Mae                            2003  
Cosgray, Matilda                        DAV5  
Cosgray, Robert H.                      2003  
Cosgray, Robert H.                      2004  
Cosgray, W. Wayne                       GAN1  
Cosgray, Wayne                          DAV5  
Cosgrove, Anna Parrish                  HS04  
Cosgrove, Mary Jane                     93DR  
Cosgrove, Ruth                          1986  
Cosgrove, Thomas                        HS03  
Cosich, Margaret                        1995  
Coss, A. Myrtle                         1987  
Coss, Birdie R.                         HS02  
Coss, Doris C.                          1985  
Coss, Doris C.                          PIT1  
Coss, Everette F.                       HS04  
Coss, Frank                             PIT1  
Coss, Harry E.                          1975  
Coss, Mack                              SHU1  
Coss, Thomas R.                         2007  
Coss, William                           HS04  
Costa, Robert P.                        2003  
Costantini, William M.                  1996  
Costeen, Benjamin F.                    HS04  
Cott, John                              1990  
Cottage, Natalie S.                     1995  
Cottage, Peter                          1978  
Cotterel, Joseph                        DAV4  
Cotterel, Joseph A.                     HS04  
Cotterel, Nanta Bayard                  DAV2  
Cotterrel, William D.                   WEL1  
Cottle, Forrest Zernan                  DAV3  
Cottrell, Ronzel                        2000  
Coughenour, Letitia Arbella             93DR  
Coulter, G. B.                          HAW1  
Couper, Walter J.                       HS04  
Courie, Charles C.                      1995  
Courie, Donald Wayne                    1987  
Courie, Fred Floyd                      1985  
Courie, George Wayne                    HS01  
Courie, Irene M.                        1995  
Courie, Vivian M.                       1978  
Courtley, Donald H.                     2001  
Courtley, Isabelle Hayward              DAV2  
Courtley, Margaret                      DAV5  
Courtley, Margaret E.                   SHU1  
Courtley, Ralph                         DAV4  
Courtley, Ralph                         HS04  
Courtright, Grace                       HS04  
Courtwright, Arett                      CRA1  
Courtwright, Arett L.                   HS02  
Courtwright, Bert                       HS04  
Courtwright, Betty J.                   1999  
Courtwright, Blanche                    2001  
Courtwright, Charles Harrison           HS04  
Courtwright, Earl C.                    SHU1  
Courtwright, Edith                      1998  
Courtwright, Etta                       DAV1  
Courtwright, Grace                      DAV4  
Courtwright, Greta P.                   PAT1  
Courtwright, Guy                        1998  
Courtwright, Harry D.                   1996  
Courtwright, Hazel B. Taylor            1993  
Courtwright, Helen Irene Murphy         HS01  
Courtwright, Ira Carl                   1999  
Courtwright, Ira Carl                   2007  
Courtwright, James                      1995  
Courtwright, James H.                   HS01  
Courtwright, John T.                    1995  
Courtwright, John T.                    2001  
Courtwright, Kenneth Carl               1996  
Courtwright, Lee J.                     2003  
Courtwright, Melvin                     HS02  
Courtwright, Nellie Irene               1986  
Courtwright, Olive B.                   1997  
Courtwright, Pamela M. Brennan          1993  
Courtwright, Ray                        HS03  
Courtwright, Roger L.                   2004  
Courtwright, Roger V.                   1997  
Courtwright, Rosa H.                    WEL1  
Courtwright, Samuel                     HS02  
Courtwright, Shirley J.                 2002  
Courtwright, Thomas L.                  HS02  
Courtwright, Tillie                     GS01  
Courtwright, Virginia Pearle Taylor     1996  
Courtwright, William                    1986  
Courtwright, William                    DAV1  
Courtwright, William J.                 1996  
Courtwright, Wylie B.                   HS03  
Courtwright, Zella Florence Phillips    1996  
Cousins, Harry                          1989  
Coutry, Wilfred John                    1978  
Coutz, Clarissa C.                      HS04  
Coutz, Stidger                          HS03  
Covert, Alberta R. Boughamer            2006  
Cowan, Ada McCabe                       PAT1  
Cowan, Flora Dale                       1999  
Cowan, Forest Earl                      HS03  
Cowan, Frances K. Wood                  2007  
Cowan, Frederick Blair                  1978  
Cowan, George                           HS02  
Cowan, George C.                        GM01  
Cowan, George C.                        PAT1  
Cowan, Henry E.                         WEL1  
Cowan, Jesse                            HS02  
Cowan, Jesse                            PAT1  
Cowan, Joan G.                          HS03  
Cowan, Joan Gordon                      GM01  
Cowan, John M.                          1991  
Cowan, Lillian                          93DR  
Cowan, Martha                           DAV1  
Cowan, Richard S.                       1991  
Cowan, Richard S.                       PIT1  
Cowan, Thomas Ellsworth                 DAV3  
Cowan, Walter                           HS01  
Cowden, Elizabeth C.                    2003  
Cowden, Frances G.                      1997  
Cowden, Frank O.                        1988  
Cowden, Frank O.                        PAT1  
Cowden, Mildred Nyswaner                2004  
Cowden, Nettie Mitchell                 HS01  
Cowden, Ralph V.                        1995  
Cowell, Anna                            2000  
Cowell, Arthur R.                       SHU1  
Cowell, Bernice                         2000  
Cowell, Bertha K.                       PAT1  
Cowell, Bessie V.                       2001  
Cowell, Carl                            PIT1  
Cowell, Carl William                    1985  
Cowell, Charles Edward                  1986  
Cowell, Charles R.                      WEL1  
Cowell, Christopher C.                  DAV2  
Cowell, Cora Kiger                      HS01  
Cowell, Dennis F.                       DAV3  
Cowell, Don                             1998  
Cowell, Donald B.                       PIT1  
Cowell, Earl                            PAT1  
Cowell, Earl M.                         1988  
Cowell, Effie B.                        WEL1  
Cowell, George Gerald                   HS02  
Cowell, Gwendolyn Stephenson            1988  
Cowell, Gwendolyn Stephenson            PAT1  
Cowell, Haddie K.                       DAV3  
Cowell, Herbert                         DAV1  
Cowell, Jacob George                    1999  
Cowell, James A.                        PIT1  
Cowell, James W.                        PIT1  
Cowell, John A.                         1997  
Cowell, Josephine                       HEA1  
Cowell, Kathryn F.                      PIT1  
Cowell, Kathryn F.                      SHU1  
Cowell, Kinsey M.                       HS04  
Cowell, Kinsey McClelland               HEA1  
Cowell, Leasure B.                      1993  
Cowell, Leasure B.                      93DR  
Cowell, Lena Cree Fox                   1986  
Cowell, Lucretia Lynch                  HS01  
Cowell, M. Russell                      1985  
Cowell, M. Russell                      PIT1  
Cowell, Margaret M.                     2003  
Cowell, Mary Orndorff                   2005  
Cowell, Mary Valli                      1997  
Cowell, Murial E.                       1975  
Cowell, Northa H.                       HS03  
Cowell, Paul Elden                      DAV2  
Cowell, Rolland L.                      1985  
Cowell, Ronald                          WEL1  
Cowell, S. A.                           PAT1  
Cowell, Spencer M.                      ING1  
Cowell, Thomas J.                       HEA1  
Cowell, W. A.                           HS03  
Cowell, William L.                      HS01  
Cowell, Willis Clarence                 1993  
Cowen, Bessie Jean                      2002  
Cowen, Emma Lue Ellen                   1988  
Cowen, Ernest                           1990  
Cowen, Estella Bigler                   1994  
Cowen, Helen Mae                        1986  
Cowen, James                            DAV1  
Cowen, Martha J.                        DAV3  
Cowen, Matilda Scott                    DAV2  
Cowen, Paul W.                          DAV4  
Cowger, Bethany Jo                      1991  
Cowie, Edwin R.                         1997  
Cowie, Gloria                           2000  
Cowie, James                            1993  
Cowie, Neele Reesman                    1997  
Cowieson, Beldonna                      2000  
Cowieson, Graham P.                     GM01  
Cowieson, Nellie                        1995  
Cowieson, Nellie                        PIT1  
Cowleson, William Reed                  1992  
Cox, Agnes Keener                       2002  
Cox, Alta                               WEL1  
Cox, Alta May                           1978  
Cox, Anna Marshall                      1992  
Cox, Arthur                             2000  
Cox, Bertrand G.                        HS02  
Cox, Bertrand G.                        PAT1  
Cox, Bessie Alice                       HS04  
Cox, Betty M. Swaniger                  1991  
Cox, Blanche L.                         1997  
Cox, Byron W.                           1996  
Cox, Carl A.                            1987  
Cox, Charles                            1997  
Cox, Charles                            DAV5  
Cox, Charles E.                         1988  
Cox, Charles Ellis                      HS01  
Cox, Charles S.                         1978  
Cox, Clarinda Whyte                     1988  
Cox, Clarinda Whyte                     PAT1  
Cox, Clemmie E. Keener                  HS01  
Cox, David M.                           PIT1  
Cox, David W.                           HS02  
Cox, David W.                           PAT1  
Cox, Dessie                             SHU1  
Cox, Donald E.                          1993  
Cox, Dorothy Mae                        1995  
Cox, Eugene H.                          2006  
Cox, Fred R.                            2003  
Cox, George E.                          1995  
Cox, Glenn Raymond                      HS03  
Cox, Goldie L.                          1996  
Cox, Goldie M.                          DAV4  
Cox, Gregory A.                         2004  
Cox, Guy                                SHU1  
Cox, Guy T.                             GM01  
Cox, Harry Edward Thomas                1993  
Cox, Harry N.                           HS03  
Cox, Helen Marie                        1987  
Cox, Herbert                            1989  
Cox, Herbert A.                         PIT1  
Cox, Hugh M.                            HS01  
Cox, Ida                                DAV5  
Cox, Ida M.                             CRA1  
Cox, Ida M.                             SHU1  
Cox, Ira Roy                            HS03  
Cox, James H.                           HS02  
Cox, John                               1998  
Cox, John                               DAV5  
Cox, John                               HS04  
Cox, John E.                            1988  
Cox, John K.                            1992  
Cox, John M.                            SHU1  
Cox, Kenneth Ray                        2006  
Cox, Kenneth W.                         1995  
Cox, Leona M.                           1986  
Cox, Lucy Marie                         1978  
Cox, Lulu                               1987  
Cox, Lulu                               PAT1  
Cox, Margaret                           DAV2  
Cox, Margaret                           WEL1  
Cox, Margaret C.                        1985  
Cox, Maria                              DAV1  
Cox, Marlene K.                         2005  
Cox, Mary E. Huffman                    1992  
Cox, Mary Viola                         DAV4  
Cox, Mary Viola                         HS02  
Cox, Mary Viola                         PAT1  
Cox, Maryellen Anderson                 1996  
Cox, Millard                            SHU1  
Cox, Minnie K.                          1985  
Cox, Nell McClure                       1993  
Cox, Norma Yeager                       1991  
Cox, Paul L.                            2003  
Cox, Robert E.                          1991  
Cox, Ruby                               GS01  
Cox, Ruth                               2000  
Cox, Samuel                             MOR3  
Cox, Seigle Collins                     CRA1  
Cox, Seigle Collins                     DAV4  
Cox, Seigle Collins                     HS04  
Cox, Seigle Wayne                       2001  
Cox, Sibyl A.                           PAT1  
Cox, Stanley                            2006  
Cox, Stephen Gale                       1994  
Cox, Thomas A.                          1988  
Cox, Velma Graham                       1992  
Cox, Virginia                           SHU1  
Cox, Wendell H.                         1996  
Cox, William A.                         1978  
Cox, William G.                         2007  
Cox, William S.                         2005  
Coyle, Emma Ball                        PAT1  
Cozard, Anna Laura Cree                 HS01  
Cozard, Friel C.                        DAV2  
Cozard, Ida A.                          DAV4  
Cozard, Lewis Ellsworth                 DAV2  
Crable, Harry                           1998  
Crable, June M.                         1975  
Crable, June M.                         DAV4  
Crable, Phamie I.                       1985  
Crable, Thomas Nelson                   HS01  
Crable, William D.                      DAV4  
Crable, William D.                      HS04  
Crable, William H.                      2001  
Crackovich, Joseph M.                   1988  
Craft, Albert                           DAV2  
Craft, Bonnie M. Cyphers                1991  
Craft, Christine Schiffbauer            1989  
Craft, Clifford L.                      HS01  
Craft, David P.                         WEL1  
Craft, Earl D.                          HS01  
Craft, Elizabeth C.                     PIT1  
Craft, Elmer L.                         1990  
Craft, Flossie Garner                   1999  
Craft, Frank B.                         DAV4  
Craft, Frank B.                         HS02  
Craft, Frank, Mrs.                      WEL1  
Craft, George B.                        DAV3  
Craft, Grace                            DAV5  
Craft, Harold F.                        DAV4  
Craft, Harold F.                        GAN1  
Craft, Harold F.                        HS03  
Craft, Helen B.                         1988  
Craft, Helen B.                         PAT1  
Craft, Herman Howard                    DAV4  
Craft, Herman Howard                    HS04  
Craft, Herman Howard                    PIT1  
Craft, Howard A.                        2005  
Craft, James                            DAV1  
Craft, James S.                         DAV2  
Craft, Jay G.                           DAV2  
Craft, John                             DAV1  
Craft, John                             DAV5  
Craft, John E.                          1978  
Craft, Laura Bell                       HS04  
Craft, Laura Belle Areford              DAV4  
Craft, Lena Kerr                        HS01  
Craft, Lenora                           HS02  
Craft, Lloyd L.                         1991  
Craft, Louisa Madge Cain                1994  
Craft, Louise                           2000  
Craft, Margaret Waychoff                DAV3  
Craft, Martha Ella                      DAV3  
Craft, Mary Edna                        WEL1  
Craft, Mary Emma                        WEL1  
Craft, Orvin L.                         DAV4  
Craft, Orvin L.                         HS02  
Craft, Orvin L.                         PAT1  
Craft, Phoebe Ann                       DAV3  
Craft, Robert N.                        DAV4  
Craft, Ruth W.                          1997  
Craft, Ruth White                       PIT1  
Craft, Sherman                          DAV1  
Craft, Sherman W.                       DAV4  
Craft, Uriah Rinehart                   HS01  
Craft, William P.                       DAV4  
Craft, William Wilfred                  HS01  
Crage, Clara Dell Headley               HEA1  
Craggs, Charles E.                      1988  
Craggs, Charles M.                      1985  
Craggs, George                          HS02  
Craggs, Thomas Joseph                   1992  
Crago, Anna                             DAV4  
Crago, Anna Brooks                      HS01  
Crago, Anna E.                          PAT1  
Crago, Anna Elliott                     DAV4  
Crago, Annetta F. Morrow                1992  
Crago, Archie                           DAV2  
Crago, Bartley                          DAV1  
Crago, Bertie Thomas                    HS01  
Crago, Brinton W. R.                    HS03  
Crago, Celentine                        DAV1  
Crago, Charles                          1989  
Crago, Daniel                           DAV5  
Crago, Daniel W.                        SHU1  
Crago, Elizabeth                        DAV1  
Crago, Ella                             HS04  
Crago, Ernest R.                        HS03  
Crago, Flova F.                         HS02  
Crago, George                           DAV1  
Crago, George                           WEL1  
Crago, George R.                        1975  
Crago, George R.                        DAV4  
Crago, Goldie                           HS02  
Crago, J. Ross                          1978  
Crago, James A.                         HS02  
Crago, James P.                         DAV2  
Crago, James W.                         DAV2  
Crago, Jesse R.                         HS04  
Crago, John                             DAV5  
Crago, John Hays                        PAT1  
Crago, Joshua                           DAV1  
Crago, Lydia                            DAV5  
Crago, Lydia E.                         SHU1  
Crago, Margaret Hoge                    GM01  
Crago, Margaret S. McWilliams           1990  
Crago, Mary Ann                         DAV3  
Crago, Mary Cathryn                     DAV2  
Crago, Rota                             PAT1  
Crago, Russell Dean                     DAV4  
Crago, Ruth M.                          DAV4  
Crago, Sarah Louise Rush                DAV2  
Crago, Smith                            WEL1  
Crago, Thelma M.                        2007  
Crago, Thomas                           MOR3  
Crago, Thomas Allen                     HS01  
Crago, Vera M.                          1987  
Crago, William Fordyce                  DAV2  
Crago, William Winfield                 DAV3  
Craig, Alice Virginia Watson            1990  
Craig, Clarice M.                       1986  
Craig, Claude                           1975  
Craig, Dora C.                          93DR  
Craig, Dorthy                           DAV3  
Craig, Faye Irene                       DAV3  
Craig, Francis Asbury                   HS04  
Craig, George W.                        HEA1  
Craig, Gladys P.                        1999  
Craig, Glenn N,                         PAT1  
Craig, Grace Kendall                    HS01  
Craig, Jane M.                          93DR  
Craig, Jeffrey Bruce                    1999  
Craig, Joseph Allen                     1985  
Craig, Louella Gay                      1999  
Craig, Mayme H.                         1991  
Craig, Robert                           1989  
Craig, Ruby Jane                        2002  
Craig, Sue                              1998  
Craig, W, Paul                          PAT1  
Craig, William J.                       2002  
Craighead, Samuel J.                    2006  
Craley, Laura Hoge                      HS04  
Cralton, Floyd H.                       1988  
Cramer, Charles R.                      1997  
Cramer, Charles T.                      2004  
Cramer, Florence                        HS02  
Cramer, L. Pearl Gwynn                  1985  
Cramer, Pearl                           DAV5  
Crane, Gloria Crouch                    1991  
Crane, Joseph                           DAV3  
Cranshaw, Edward                        WEL1  
Cratty, Herman                          1998  
Cratty, Herman C.                       PIT1  
Craven, Verna Haynes                    HS04  
Craver, Dora Virginia Burrell           HS04  
Crawford , Ronald R.                    2006  
Crawford, A. J.                         PIT1  
Crawford, Achsah Meade                  HS01  
Crawford, Ada M.                        93DR  
Crawford, Bessie V.                     2002  
Crawford, Betty                         1998  
Crawford, Carl J.                       DAV3  
Crawford, Carl J.                       WEL1  
Crawford, Donald                        1998  
Crawford, Donald                        1999  
Crawford, Dora Rose                     DAV2  
Crawford, Earl                          DAV4  
Crawford, Earl                          HS03  
Crawford, Earl                          PIT1  
Crawford, Elva A.                       1999  
Crawford, Emma                          HS03  
Crawford, Fan Ross                      DAV4  
Crawford, Frances Hughes                HS04  
Crawford, Franklin                      1994  
Crawford, Helen Lee                     2001  
Crawford, Homer L.                      DAV4  
Crawford, James                         HS02  
Crawford, James                         PAT1  
Crawford, John J.                       SHU1  
Crawford, John R.                       2001  
Crawford, Louis G.                      93DR  
Crawford, Louis H.                      1997  
Crawford, Lucy Sara Ann                 HS03  
Crawford, Martha                        DAV5  
Crawford, Mary M.                       2001  
Crawford, Nora Snyder                   HS01  
Crawford, Nora Snyder                   PIT1  
Crawford, Oliver                        HS01  
Crawford, Oliver Cromlow                DAV2  
Crawford, Paula R.                      2006  
Crawford, Pleasy Hart                   DAV3  
Crawford, Pleasy Hart                   WEL1  
Crawford, Ralph                         1994  
Crawford, Russell                       2003  
Crawford, Russell G.                    1986  
Crawford, Ruth                          1989  
Crawford, Ruth J.                       1999  
Crawford, Ruth Kelley                   HS02  
Crawford, Ruth Kelley                   PAT1  
Crawford, W. Shirl                      HS02  
Crawford, William A.                    DAV2  
Crawford, William B.                    DAV4  
Crawford, William L.                    1999  
Crawford, William Paul                  DAV4  
Crawford, William Paul                  HS04  
Crawford, William Shirl                 CRA1  
Crawford, William Shirl                 DAV4  
Crayne, Albert                          DAV5  
Crayne, Allan H.                        CRA1  
Crayne, Allan H.                        DAV4  
Crayne, Anna                            1989  
Crayne, Anna                            DAV5  
Crayne, Anna T.                         1985  
Crayne, Bertha Garrett                  1978  
Crayne, Bertha Garrett                  CRA1  
Crayne, Bessie H.                       DAV3  
Crayne, Callie                          DAV5  
Crayne, Catherine                       DAV5  
Crayne, Catherine Mc.                   SHU1  
Crayne, Dannie W.                       DAV4  
Crayne, Dannie W.                       HS01  
Crayne, David B.                        WEL1  
Crayne, Donald L.                       2002  
Crayne, Elizabeth Myers                 DAV2  
Crayne, Hal                             CRA1  
Crayne, Hal                             DAV5  
Crayne, Hal C.                          CRA1  
Crayne, Harry A.                        TAY2  
Crayne, Harry F.                        DAV2  
Crayne, Harry F.                        WEL1  
Crayne, Herbert H.                      PIT1  
Crayne, Jack H.                         CRA1  
Crayne, Jack H.                         HS02  
Crayne, Jacob                           DAV1  
Crayne, James                           DAV5  
Crayne, John Bill                       1985  
Crayne, Kathryn                         DAV5  
Crayne, Kathryn Guiher                  1978  
Crayne, L. Myers                        1993  
Crayne, Lawson H.                       1975  
Crayne, Lawson H.                       CRA1  
Crayne, Lawson H.                       DAV4  
Crayne, Lenore                          DAV4  
Crayne, Margaret A.                     DAV2  
Crayne, Margaret C.                     1987  
Crayne, Mary Bane                       DAV3  
Crayne, Mary Gordon                     HS01  
Crayne, Mary Yoders                     DAV4  
Crayne, May                             HS03  
Crayne, Millie S.                       DAV3  
Crayne, Nettie J.                       DAV4  
Crayne, Nettie Lippencott               TAY2  
Crayne, Nettie Y.                       CRA1  
Crayne, Nora                            CRA1  
Crayne, Nora                            DAV4  
Crayne, Nora                            HS03  
Crayne, Rebecca A. Bosworth             HS01  
Crayne, Rebecca Arabelle                DAV3  
Crayne, Robert L.                       DAV4  
Crayne, Robert W.                       CRA1  
Crayne, Stephen                         DAV2  
Crayne, Thomas E.                       MOR1  
Crayne, Thomas H.                       1994  
Crayne, Thomas Hughes                   DAV2  
Crayne, Tracy                           DAV5  
Crayne, Tracy F.                        SHU1  
Craynon, Michael Anthony                2007  
Cree, Anna                              DAV1  
Cree, Anna Scott                        1990  
Cree, Ben                               2005  
Cree, Cecil Henry                       HS03  
Cree, Edwin                             DAV4  
Cree, Edwin A.                          PAT1  
Cree, Eleanor                           2000  
Cree, Elizabeth                         DAV1  
Cree, Ella                              DAV1  
Cree, Emma G.                           PAT1  
Cree, Erma                              DAV1  
Cree, Etta Nace                         DAV4  
Cree, Etta Nace                         HS04  
Cree, Eva                               DAV5  
Cree, Eva Barclay                       DAV3  
Cree, Eva M.                            SHU1  
Cree, Evelyn Ewart                      2004  
Cree, Forrest Dale                      1985  
Cree, Frances L.                        DAV3  
Cree, Gay D.                            PAT1  
Cree, Gay Dugan                         1988  
Cree, Gay Dugan                         CRA1  
Cree, George                            1998  
Cree, Georgia                           2000  
Cree, Grace R.                          1988  
Cree, Grace R.                          PAT1  
Cree, Guy Dugan                         PIT1  
Cree, Harold E.                         1999  
Cree, Harold S.                         1999  
Cree, Harold S.                         PIT1  
Cree, Harry                             DAV5  
Cree, Harry A.                          GAN1  
Cree, Hazel                             PIT1  
Cree, Hazel Mason                       1994  
Cree, Hazel Rush                        DAV4  
Cree, Hazel Rush                        HS03  
Cree, Hugh G.                           1991  
Cree, James L.                          1988  
Cree, James L.                          PAT1  
Cree, Leroy                             DAV4  
Cree, Leroy                             HS02  
Cree, Leroy                             PAT1  
Cree, Mary W.                           2002  
Cree, Ornie F.                          HS01  
Cree, Ralph                             DAV5  
Cree, Rosa Belle                        DAV4  
Cree, Rosa Belle Zimmerman              HS04  
Cree, Samuel                            DAV3  
Cree, Sara H.                           2004  
Cree, Toie                              DAV1  
Cree, William                           1987  
Cree, William I.                        DAV3  
Creel, Catherine                        DAV1  
Creel, Catherine W.                     PAT1  
Creel, Catherine W.                     WEL1  
Creel, John O.                          SHU1  
Creel, Sarah Elizabeth Cole             1997  
Creighton, Virginia R. Guthrie          1991  
Crenshaw, Roberta Sue                   HS03  
Cress, Evelyn Gertrude                  2001  
Cress, Marvin M.                        2002  
Crew, Edna                              1998  
Crew, Emmanuel                          2000  
Crick, Alice Krause                     1988  
Crick, Edward C.                        2006  
Crick, Franklin S.                      1978  
Crick, Rev.Ellwood H.                   2006  
Crick, William D.                       2006  
Crick, William E.                       2006  
Crickbaum, Frances G.                   HS04  
Crickbaum, Nora J.                      1999  
Crickbaum, Nora J.                      PIT1  
Crile, Blaine                           1998  
Crile, Paul E.                          2001  
Crise, Carrie Etta                      HS03  
Crise, Harry M.                         HS03  
Crislip, Clyde E.                       PAT1  
Crislip, Eugene Gilbert Wayne           1993  
Crispin, Wilbur                         HS03  
Criss, Benjamin                         1975  
Criss, Benjamin Eugene                  1994  
Critchfield, George W.                  2003  
Critchfield, Mary                       DAV3  
Critchfield, Ruth                       1992  
Critchlow, David                        GS01  
Crites, Herbert Henry                   HEA1  
Crock, Cora B. Zahniser                 HS01  
Crockard, Anna E.                       HS02  
Crockard, Charles                       2006  
Crockard, James Earl                    DAV3  
Crockard, Samuel                        DAV1  
Crockett, Byrdie E.                     GAN1  
Crockett, George Morris                 GAN1  
Crockett, Samuel R.                     1988  
Crockett, W. Warner                     SHU1  
Croft, Donna B.                         1986  
Croft, Jane                             93DR  
Croftcheck, Thomas                      1989  
Cromika, Albin E.                       1994  
Cromika, Emilie                         1989  
Cromila, Lenore B.                      2005  
Crompton, Bruce Alan                    1996  
Cromwell, James W.                      1986  
Cronjak, Mike                           1978  
Crooks, Bessie                          DAV3  
Crooks, Ruth Aleen                      HS03  
Cropp, Charles W.                       1992  
Cropp, Ruth T.                          SHU1  
Crosbie, Mary                           1989  
Crosgray, W. Wayne                      SHU1  
Crosgrove, Edward Patrick               HS01  
Cross, Betty Bryan                      HS03  
Cross, Birdie R.                        HS02  
Cross, Charles                          HS02  
Cross, Clifford C.                      HS04  
Cross, Dutchie A.                       1999  
Cross, Elzie F.                         HS01  
Cross, Flossie                          93DR  
Cross, Genevieve Rice                   1986  
Cross, H. Glenn                         HS02  
Cross, H. Glenn                         PAT1  
Cross, Jack L.                          HS02  
Cross, Janet L.                         PIT1  
Cross, Janet Leona                      PIT1  
Cross, Janet Leona Snell                1991  
Cross, Katherine                        SHU1  
Cross, Lillian Hunt                     HS04  
Cross, Lucy Jane                        HS03  
Cross, Mary Ellen                       HS02  
Cross, Mary Florence                    1990  
Cross, Myrtle Elizabeth                 1978  
Cross, Opal                             1999  
Cross, Rosella J. Knox                  1985  
Cross, William Carl                     1999  
Croston, Doty                           HS02  
Crouch, Jack M.                         2001  
Crouch, Margaret G.                     1986  
Crouch, Mary                            DAV1  
Crouch, Sarah                           93DR  
Crous, Harold C.                        HS02  
Crouse, A. A.                           PAT1  
Crouse, A. F.                           SHU1  
Crouse, Allison                         DAV3  
Crouse, Carrie Baysinger                1992  
Crouse, Clara Belle                     GAN1  
Crouse, Clara Belle                     HS04  
Crouse, Clarence A.                     SHU1  
Crouse, Clydia E.                       1999  
Crouse, Della F.                        1978  
Crouse, George                          1975  
Crouse, George Albert                   WEL1  
Crouse, Ina R. Lightner                 HS04  
Crouse, Irene L.                        WEL1  
Crouse, Irene Lemley                    DAV3  
Crouse, Ivy B.                          2004  
Crouse, James A.                        1994  
Crouse, Michael                         HS01  
Crouse, Nesema Howard                   PAT1  
Crouse, Rebecca Jane                    WEL1  
Crouse, Richard S.                      1999  
Crouse, S. Elizabeth Breese             1994  
Crouse, W. Lawrence                     SHU1  
Crouse, Wilma Smith                     2002  
Crouser, Agnes L.                       1985  
Crouser, Chester                        1992  
Crouser, Cora Margaret                  HS04  
Crouser, Frederick C.                   HS03  
Crouser, Georgia L.                     2005  
Crouser, Lucy P.                        HS03  
Crouser, Lucy P.                        PIT1  
Crouser, Margaret Virginia              HS04  
Crouser, Mildred Leona                  HS01  
Crouser, Paul R.                        1987  
Crouser, Paul R.                        PAT1  
Crouser, Shirley                        1989  
Crouser, Walter E.                      2005  
Crow, Berridge                          GS01  
Crow, Blanche L.                        1995  
Crow, Carl F.                           HS04  
Crow, Charles E.                        SHU1  
Crow, Ethel Brown                       1996  
Crow, Ethel Waters                      HS01  
Crow, Frank                             1999  
Crow, Harold Martin                     HS03  
Crow, Helen Harvey                      1999  
Crow, J. W.                             GS01  
Crow, James Homer                       1990  
Crow, Jesse H.                          HS01  
Crow, Leona M. Ansell                   1992  
Crow, Lindsay H.                        TAY2  
Crow, Nellie Beth                       HS02  
Crow, Ora Ella                          1995  
Crow, Pearl Mosier                      HS04  
Crow, Robert H.                         1997  
Crow, Samuel Alvin                      2006  
Crow, Sarah Bell Gosney                 HAW1  
Crow, Vivian Leda                       1995  
Crow, Wiley M.                          HS02  
Crowe, Belva Elizabeth Hughes           HS04  
Crowe, Dexter                           HAW1  
Crowe, Frank I.                         1993  
Crowe, French A.                        TAY2  
Crowe, Isabel H.                        SHU1  
Crowe, J. Frank                         HS02  
Crowe, Nathan                           SHU1  
Crowl, Dorothy                          1998  
Crowley, Doris                          2007  
Crum, Margaret J.                       2007  
Crum, Robert L.                         SHU1  
Crumline, Eleanor W.                    WEL1  
Crumlish, Hugh J.                       HS01  
Crumlish, Louise Green                  WEL1  
Crump, Richard A.                       PAT1  
Crumrine, Alta Flora                    93DR  
Crumrine, David P.                      1995  
Crumrine, Dorothy                       1998  
Crumrine, Emma P.                       1985  
Crumrine, Florence                      DAV2  
Crumrine, Francis M. Ullery             HS04  
Crumrine, Freda Doretha                 93DR  
Crumrine, George B.                     HS04  
Crumrine, Leta Jamison                  1990  
Crumrine, Stanley Boyd                  1996  
Crumrine, Virginia Maxine Schrader      1993  
Crumrine, Walter Kramer                 DAV2  
Crupe, Blanche                          2002  
Csmerka, Peter P.                       DAV4  
Csmerka, Peter P.                       HS02  
Csmpbell, Perry Laird                   2001  
Cubic, Andrew F.                        2004  
Cubic, Mary                             DAV4  
Cubic, Mary                             HS04  
Cullen, Alexander                       DAV4  
Cullen, Alexander                       HS04  
Cullen, David                           2007  
Cullen, John David                      DAV4  
Cullen, John David                      HS04  
Cullen, Mamie S.                        1986  
Cullen, Ralph                           DAV4  
Cullen, Ralph                           HS04  
Culp, Elliot                            2000  
Culp, Estella Moore                     1995  
Culp, Jerome M.                         2004  
Cumberledge, Ada P.                     PAT1  
Cumberledge, Alice Hoge                 DAV4  
Cumberledge, Alice Hoge                 PAT1  
Cumberledge, Amon B.                    SHU1  
Cumberledge, Charles F.                 WEL1  
Cumberledge, Charles F.                 WEL1  
Cumberledge, Charles P.                 2007  
Cumberledge, Charles W.                 HS01  
Cumberledge, Christine                  2005  
Cumberledge, Clarence V.                1992  
Cumberledge, Clyde R.                   1993  
Cumberledge, Clyde R.                   93DR  
Cumberledge, Dan                        WEL1  
Cumberledge, David E.                   1999  
Cumberledge, David Franklin             2004  
Cumberledge, Denny T.                   1988  
Cumberledge, Dewey                      HS02  
Cumberledge, Edward G.                  HS01  
Cumberledge, Edward L.                  HEA1  
Cumberledge, Ellen E.                   1999  
Cumberledge, Ellen Jean                 PAT1  
Cumberledge, Elliot                     HS02  
Cumberledge, Fanny                      SHU1  
Cumberledge, Francis M.                 1991  
Cumberledge, Fred W.                    HS03  
Cumberledge, Geraldine                  SHU1  
Cumberledge, Geraldine S.               2004  
Cumberledge, Goldie                     HS02  
Cumberledge, Hazel Kughn                1992  
Cumberledge, Helen E.                   1999  
Cumberledge, Homer R.                   SHU1  
Cumberledge, Infant                     HS02  
Cumberledge, Ira E.                     2002  
Cumberledge, Ira E.                     2003  
Cumberledge, Isaac N.                   HS02  
Cumberledge, J. W.                      HAW1  
Cumberledge, James Franklin             1987  
Cumberledge, James L.                   1995  
Cumberledge, Jessie L.                  PAT1  
Cumberledge, John                       HS04  
Cumberledge, John T.                    WEL1  
Cumberledge, John William               1994  
Cumberledge, Joseph H.                  SHU1  
Cumberledge, Leroy D.                   HS02  
Cumberledge, Levi J.                    HAW1  
Cumberledge, Louie H.                   HS03  
Cumberledge, Minerva                    HS03  
Cumberledge, Nellie S.                  HS02  
Cumberledge, Otis                       HS03  
Cumberledge, Otis                       PIT1  
Cumberledge, Pearl E.                   SHU1  
Cumberledge, Ray                        2003  
Cumberledge, Raymond                    2000  
Cumberledge, Robert                     WEL1  
Cumberledge, Serena                     DAV2  
Cumberledge, Thelma J.                  1999  
Cumberledge, Thompson                   1994  
Cumberledge, Velma I.                   2002  
Cumberledge, Verne                      HS02  
Cumberledge, William                    1989  
Cumer, Ottilia                          93DR  
Cumley, James P.                        HS02  
Cumley, Vivian                          PAT1  
Cummings, Albert                        1985  
Cummings, Bertha Z.                     1985  
Cummings, Emily J.                      1975  
Cummings, Emily J.                      PAT1  
Cummings, Ester P.                      SHU1  
Cummings, Flo                           1975  
Cummings, Flo                           PAT1  
Cummings, Frank X.                      1978  
Cummings, George L.                     1991  
Cummings, Harry                         HS04  
Cummings, James O.                      2001  
Cummings, Joseph P.                     PAT1  
Cummings, Jushua                        PIT1  
Cummings, Leasure K.                    1975  
Cummings, Leasure K.                    PIT1  
Cummings, Leroy D.                      DAV4  
Cummings, Leroy D.                      HS04  
Cummings, Lutellis L.                   1985  
Cummings, Mary E.                       2007  
Cummings, Mary H.                       HS02  
Cummings, Mary H.                       PAT1  
Cummings, Mary V. Butler                1990  
Cummings, Ralph R.                      1994  
Cummings, Ray Edward                    1993  
Cummings, Raymond G.                    SHU1  
Cummings, Rosie Piper                   1993  
Cummings, Sarah Annie                   HS04  
Cummings, William G.                    1991  
Cummins, Albert                         DAV1  
Cummins, Alice                          2006  
Cummins, Alonzi                         PIT1  
Cummins, Alonzo                         HS02  
Cummins, Alonzo                         PAT1  
Cummins, Arthur Owen                    HS04  
Cummins, Barbara Lou                    2004  
Cummins, Bertha Jane Owen               HEA1  
Cummins, Bertha Jane Owen               HS01  
Cummins, Betty H.                       SHU1  
Cummins, Blanche                        SHU1  
Cummins, Caroline L.                    1993  
Cummins, Charles C.                     PAT1  
Cummins, Charles C.                     PIT1  
Cummins, Charles R.                     1992  
Cummins, Charles R.                     GAN1  
Cummins, Charles R.                     PIT1  
Cummins, Charlie Harold                 1993  
Cummins, Edith                          1998  
Cummins, Edward A.                      2005  
Cummins, Evelyn R.                      SHU1  
Cummins, George Gordon                  GM01  
Cummins, George Gordon                  HEA1  
Cummins, George Gordon                  HS04  
Cummins, George Gordon                  PIT1  
Cummins, George William                 2005  
Cummins, Hannah                         PIT1  
Cummins, Harriet Shultz                 PAT1  
Cummins, Helen M.                       2003  
Cummins, Inghram                        DAV3  
Cummins, Inghram                        ING1  
Cummins, Inghram R.                     HS04  
Cummins, J. A.                          HEA1  
Cummins, J. Brice                       PIT1  
Cummins, J. Brice                       SHU1  
Cummins, J. Bryce                       GAN1  
Cummins, J. Cecil                       2003  
Cummins, Jack                           2000  
Cummins, Jack V.                        PIT1  
Cummins, Jack V.                        PIT1  
Cummins, John A.                        PAT1  
Cummins, John A.                        WEL1  
Cummins, John D.                        GM01  
Cummins, John D.                        HS01  
Cummins, John D.                        PIT1  
Cummins, M. Helen                       1985  
Cummins, Marilee                        PIT1  
Cummins, Mary E.                        HS04  
Cummins, Minnie L.                      PAT1  
Cummins, Myrtle A.                      PIT1  
Cummins, Myrtle Anderson                HS04  
Cummins, Myrtle G.                      DAV4  
Cummins, Myrtle G.                      GAN1  
Cummins, Myrtle G.                      HS04  
Cummins, Nancy Anne                     PIT1  
Cummins, Neva Ross                      1992  
Cummins, Neva Ross                      PIT1  
Cummins, Paul                           DAV5  
Cummins, Rachel                         HS03  
Cummins, Rita M.                        CRA1  
Cummins, Rita Rush                      HS02  
Cummins, Rohamy                         MOR1  
Cummins, Ronald A.                      2005  
Cummins, Ross                           PAT1  
Cummins, Russell O.                     1993  
Cummins, Russell O.                     PIT1  
Cummins, Shirley E.                     2004  
Cummins, Simon                          TAY2  
Cummins, Simon Grover                   HS01  
Cummins, Victor W.                      1997  
Cummins, William A.                     WEL1  
Cumpson, John William                   HS01  
Cumpson, Tommy W.                       1985  
Cumpston, Albert                        HS01  
Cumpston, B. M., Mrs.                   HS04  
Cumpston, Barney                        HS01  
Cumpston, Barney M.                     HS01  
Cumpston, Charles                       HS02  
Cumpston, Claude R.                     1986  
Cumpston, Claude R.                     PIT1  
Cumpston, Earl Lee                      2002  
Cumpston, Earl Lee                      PIT1  
Cumpston, Edna Headley                  HS04  
Cumpston, Edna L.                       2005  
Cumpston, Florence Conger               GM01  
Cumpston, Furman H.                     HS02  
Cumpston, Furman M.                     PIT1  
Cumpston, Geneva K. Buzzard             HS01  
Cumpston, Glenn R.                      1994  
Cumpston, Helen J. Hewitt               1996  
Cumpston, John                          WEL1  
Cumpston, John D.                       HS03  
Cumpston, John Frank                    1985  
Cumpston, John K.                       HS02  
Cumpston, Margaret A. Martin            HS01  
Cumpston, Mary Frances                  1988  
Cumpston, Mary Frances                  PAT1  
Cumpston, Nora Dell                     HS01  
Cumpston, Ora E.                        PAT1  
Cumpston, Paul R.                       2002  
Cumpston, Paul R.                       PIT1  
Cumpston, Richard Stephens              HS01  
Cumpston, Russell                       HS02  
Cumpston, Sara Cummins                  1993  
Cumpston, Thelma S.                     SHU1  
Cumpston, Velda                         1998  
Cumpston, Wilbur B.                     1991  
Cumpston, William R.                    DAV4  
Cumpston, William R.                    HS01  
Cunningham, Alta                        1975  
Cunningham, Artie E.                    2001  
Cunningham, Bentley                     HS02  
Cunningham, Betty Lee                   2007  
Cunningham, Burhl                       1998  
Cunningham, Charles                     1995  
Cunningham, Charles Edward              1994  
Cunningham, Charles W.                  HS02  
Cunningham, Clyde                       DAV4  
Cunningham, Clyde                       HS03  
Cunningham, Dorothy                     1985  
Cunningham, Dwayne                      1978  
Cunningham, Edith Phillips              HS04  
Cunningham, Edward D.                   2003  
Cunningham, Ella                        93DR  
Cunningham, Erma                        GS01  
Cunningham, Ethel G.                    GAN1  
Cunningham, Evelyn Myrtle               HAW1  
Cunningham, Fannie                      1995  
Cunningham, Frances                     2007  
Cunningham, George Edward               HS03  
Cunningham, George L.                   1992  
Cunningham, Goldie                      SHU1  
Cunningham, Guy                         1991  
Cunningham, Helen Ruth                  WEL1  
Cunningham, Irene                       2000  
Cunningham, Irene M.                    2005  
Cunningham, James                       SHU1  
Cunningham, James E.                    SHU1  
Cunningham, Jessie Coen                 HS01  
Cunningham, John H.                     HS01  
Cunningham, Joseph                      HS01  
Cunningham, Leo                         1987  
Cunningham, Leroy E.                    2002  
Cunningham, Lewis                       SHU1  
Cunningham, Margaret C.                 1987  
Cunningham, Margaret Jane               1985  
Cunningham, Mary                        1995  
Cunningham, Mary Louise                 2004  
Cunningham, Mary Virginia               HS01  
Cunningham, Mattie B.                   SHU1  
Cunningham, May                         DAV2  
Cunningham, Montford                    1990  
Cunningham, Nancy                       HS02  
Cunningham, Nancy Jane                  DAV2  
Cunningham, Nancy S.                    WEL1  
Cunningham, Nellie D.                   WEL1  
Cunningham, Norman                      HS03  
Cunningham, Orville                     1986  
Cunningham, Robert                      2000  
Cunningham, Robert E.                   2006  
Cunningham, Rose Fee                    DAV4  
Cunningham, Ruby L. Gain                1990  
Cunningham, Ruby V.                     1995  
Cunningham, Ruth                        SHU1  
Cunningham, Samuel A,                   1994  
Cunningham, Thomas P.                   2006  
Cunningham, Timothy                     2003  
Cunningham, Violet Jane Clark           1994  
Cunningham, Wilda L.                    1997  
Cunningham, William A.                  1993  
Cupcheck, Stephen                       1995  
Cupps, Lawrence E.                      1995  
Cupps, Viola Mae                        1991  
Curfman, Florence A.                    1995  
Curfman, Florence L.                    1987  
Curfman, Glen L.                        HEA1  
Curfman, Glen L.                        HS04  
Curfman, Jesse                          SHU1  
Curfman, Ralph D.                       1997  
Curfman, Sylvania Ellen                 WEL1  
Curlin, Alba A.                         1991  
Curlin, Glee S.                         1985  
Curlin, Lloyd                           1993  
Curlin, Lloyd                           93DR  
Curlin, Ora I.                          WEL1  
Curlin, Viola Evans                     1985  
Curran, Patrick Joseph                  93DR  
Currier, Marie A.                       2004  
Curry, Eva R. Bristor                   HS01  
Curry, Ezekiel G.                       1978  
Curry, Lillian M.                       1992  
Curry, Lloyd A.                         2004  
Curry, Louise A.                        2004  
Curstead, William                       MOR1  
Curtis, Carol T.                        2006  
Curtis, Daniel R.                       HS04  
Curtis, Daniel Rudolph                  DAV4  
Curtis, Emery L.                        1975  
Curtis, Ernest W.                       2003  
Curtis, Ernest W.                       PIT1  
Curtis, Jean A.                         2002  
Curtis, John F.                         1986  
Curtis, Ralph                           1998  
Curtis, Ralph F.                        1986  
Curtis, Ruth                            DAV5  
Curtis, Ruth B.                         PIT1  
Curtis, William                         1989  
Cuss, Frank                             HS04  
Custer, Cassie S. Kinney                HS01  
Custer, Charles D.                      2006  
Custer, Ivan C.                         1990  
Custer, Ivan C.                         PIT1  
Custer, Ivan James                      DAV4  
Custer, Regina                          1989  
Cusumano, Jack                          93DR  
Cutler, Erma Peters                     HS04  
Cutler, John G.                         HS04  
Cutler, Mary T.                         HS03  
Cutler, William A.                      1999  
Cutler, William J.                      HS02  
Cutlip, Noah                            1985  
Cutright, Vennis D.                     1995  
Cutshall, Osie Cree                     1988  
Cutshall, Osie Cree                     PAT1  
Cutwright, Boyd                         1990  
Cutwright, Dacie                        2000  
Cutwright, Evelyn B.                    HS04  
Cutwright, Thomas A.                    1990  
Cvetan, Michael P.                      1990  
Cwierz, Anna O'Brochta                  1990  
Cwierz, John J.                         1995  
Cwierz, Mae D.                          1997  
Cwierz, Mary D.                         1985  
Cwik, John E.                           1996  
Cwikiel, Ceceila Rechicher              2006  
Cwiklinski, John E.                     1996  
Cybak, Joseph                           HS02  
Cybak, Joseph G.                        1999  
Cybak, Thelma M.                        1987  
Cycler, Anthony                         HS01  
Cyphers, James M.                       1991  
Cyphert, Carol Cinda Johnson            HS01  
Cyphert, James                          2002  
Cyr, Joseph G.                          1991  
Czajko, Josephine                       HS03  
Czako, Evelyn Margaret                  1988  
Czako, Louis L.                         2003  
Czako, Mable O.                         1999  
Czako, Steve                            PAT1  
Czako, Thelma Marilyn                   HS02  
Czerwinsky, Mary Frances                1996  
Czinki, Joseph                          CRA1  
Czinki, Joseph W.                       HS03  
Czinki, Lenora Hackney                  1988  
Czinki, Lenora Hackney                  CRA1  
Czinki, Lenora Hackney                  PAT1  
Czyzewski, Janina                       2003  

Name                                    Book
Dabney, Ballard                         DAV3  
Dabney, Lillie Belle                    HS04  
Dabney, Lillie Belle Alexander          DAV4  
DaFoe, Allen Roy                        DAV3  
Dagsher, Edith Manes                    2005  
Dagsher, John                           1989  
Dague, Hamilton F.                      HS01  
Dague, Norma M.                         2003  
Dague, Walter J.                        HS01  
Dailey, Anna E.                         HS03  
Dailey, Annabelle                       1995  
Dailey, Byron B.                        MOR4  
Dailey, Charles A.                      HS03  
Dailey, Emma                            2002  
Dailey, Ethel T.                        1999  
Dailey, Frances I.                      1978  
Dailey, Francis M.                      2001  
Dailey, James M.                        1988  
Dailey, Pauline                         2001  
Dailey, Rexell                          2001  
Dailey, Russell W.                      1978  
Dailey, William Arthur                  HS02  
Dailey, William Arthur                  PAT1  
Daily, Bernard Byron                    DAV3  
Daily, Byron B.                         DAV2  
Daily, Byron B.                         GAN1  
Daily, Elmer M.                         HS03  
Daily, J. Leroy                         GAN1  
Daily, Jane H.                          GAN1  
Daily, Jane H.                          GM01  
Daily, Jane H.                          HS04  
Daily, John L.                          2001  
Daily, Willa H.                         SHU1  
Dains, Dorsey                           1992  
Dains, James Thomas                     HAW1  
Dains, Solomon                          PAT1  
Dains, Solomon LeRoy                    1988  
Dalby, Azel E.                          HS02  
Dalby, Frances                          2000  
Dalby, John W.                          DAV2  
Dale, Rose                              93DR  
Daleo, Helen                            2003  
Dalnoky, Helen M.                       1987  
Dalton, Frances D. Jasinski             1996  
Dalzuffo, Jennie                        93DR  
Dami, Edna Elizabeth Fredericks         1996  
D'Amico, Domenicuccua                   93DR  
Dane, Gordon S.                         2002  
Dane, William                           HS01  
Danforth, Dennis  J.                    2007  
Danforth, John S.                       1988  
Danforth, John S.                       PAT1  
Danforth, Lucy Ellen                    HS03  
Danforth, Walter R.                     HS01  
Daniels, Carrie E.                      93DR  
Daniels, Evelyn Bradigan                HS02  
Daniels, George R.                      HS02  
Danko, Catherine G.                     2003  
Danko, Frank S.                         1999  
Danko, Irene V. Dzurik                  1993  
Danko, Joann                            2007  
Danko, Joseph S.                        2004  
Danko, Martha N.                        2001  
Danko, Michael P.                       2003  
Danko, Paul                             1989  
Danko, Ruth E.                          1999  
Dankovich, Geoffrey Michael             2006  
Dankovich, John J.                      1997  
Dankovich, Rita Ciarrocchi              1992  
Danley, Alvin E.                        1999  
Danley, Eileen                          1988  
Danley, Ethel Bessie                    2006  
Danley, Gertrude Hester Ealy            1992  
Danley, Phillip C.                      1985  
Danley, Warren S.                       HSS1  
Danney, Samuel Fulton                   DAV3  
Danser, Nora P.                         1997  
D'Antonio, Anna                         DAV5  
D'Antonio, Charles                      1989  
D'Antonio, John                         DAV5  
Dantonio, Michael T.                    1999  
D'Antonio, Paul                         DAV5  
D'Antonio, Paul F.                      1985  
Danyluk, Pauline                        HS03  
Darby, James E.                         WEL1  
Darby, John A.                          1995  
Darby, Leroy Allen                      HS03  
Darby, Ray L.                           DAV2  
Darby, William C.                       DAV4  
Darby, William C.                       HS02  
Darchanowicz, John A.                   HS03  
Darner, Eva Dye                         HS02  
Darner, Eva Dye                         PAT1  
Darney, Albert                          1985  
Darney, Andrew T.                       2001  
Darney, Dennis                          2002  
Darney, Emma Bertugli                   2007  
Darney, Ralph J.                        2007  
Darr, Betty Arbogast                    1994  
Darr, Maxine V.                         2006  
Darr, Myrtle May Hawk                   HS01  
Darrah, Jean Beatty                     DAV4  
Darrah, Robert                          GS01  
Darrah, Theresa Mae                     HS04  
Darrall, Alexander                      HS01  
Darwin, Rose M.                         2006  
Dasta, Lula Reagan                      1997  
Dattalo, John S.                        1993  
Daugherty, Agnes                        2007  
Daugherty, Anona S.                     1997  
Daugherty, C. William                   1987  
Daugherty, Charles L.                   PAT1  
Daugherty, Charles Lawrence             WEL1  
Daugherty, Charles William              PAT1  
Daugherty, Freda L.                     1995  
Daugherty, Gay                          2001  
Daugherty, Gerald S.                    HS02  
Daugherty, H. Edison                    DAV4  
Daugherty, H. Edison                    HS04  
Daugherty, Malvin H.                    CRA1  
Daugherty, Margaret Adele Donham        HS01  
Daugherty, Margaret J.                  SHU1  
Daugherty, Marie D.                     2003  
Daugherty, Norval R.                    DAV2  
Daugherty, Patrick J.                   1987  
Daugherty, Robert                       1993  
Daugherty, Robert                       2000  
Daugherty, Ruth                         DAV2  
Daugherty, Sarah Elizabeth              DAV3  
Daugherty, William F.                   HS02  
Daugherty, William F.                   WEL1  
Davenport, Kathryn D.                   HS04  
Davey, Caroline                         2001  
Davey, Everett E.                       1997  
Davey, Gladys Irene Neil                2004  
David, Anna Wysocki                     1995  
David, Delores Leasure                  1995  
David, Helen                            DAV5  
David, Jacob                            PAT1  
David, Mary F. Brown                    1992  
Davidson, Carol Virginia                DAV2  
Davidson, Clarence V.                   1990  
Davidson, Dorothy                       DAV5  
Davidson, Faye Blaker                   1996  
Davidson, G. Harold                     HS03  
Davidson, Grace Hardy                   2007  
Davidson, Harold T.                     2001  
Davidson, Ida E.                        DAV2  
Davidson, Josephine Marie               WEL1  
Davidson, Lena Viola                    DAV2  
Davidson, Lloyd H.                      1993  
Davidson, Lona                          DAV2  
Davidson, Lona                          WEL1  
Davidson, Margaret Evelyn Gildroy       1991  
Davidson, Myra Gregg                    DAV3  
Davidson, Phoebe Wilson                 HEA1  
Davidson, Robert                        2000  
Davidson, Robert Allison                DAV4  
Davidson, S. B.                         DAV3  
Davidson, William                       SHU1  
Davidson, Zella M.                      1995  
Davies, Barbara E.                      2004  
Davies, Charles E.                      2004  
Davies, David G.                        1990  
Davies, Grace A. Mundell                1996  
Davies, Herbert                         2000  
Davies, William Morgan                  HS03  
Daviidson, Michael Lee                  HS04  
Davis, A. Blaine                        DAV4  
Davis, A. Blaine                        HS02  
Davis, A. Blaine                        PAT1  
Davis, A. Cecil                         1989  
Davis, Albert M.                        1992  
Davis, Allen A.                         2006  
Davis, Andrew P.                        DAV2  
Davis, Anice H.                         SHU1  
Davis, Anice Hoy                        HEA1  
Davis, Anna                             DAV4  
Davis, Anna                             HS04  
Davis, Anthony                          2000  
Davis, Barbara Jean Drury               1992  
Davis, Basil G.                         1988  
Davis, Benjamin                         1994  
Davis, Benjamin                         1998  
Davis, Bertha E. Hiles                  1994  
Davis, Bertha McClelland                1996  
Davis, Bertha W.                        WEL1  
Davis, C. Freemont                      HS04  
Davis, Carrie B.                        HS04  
Davis, Charles                          DAV1  
Davis, Charles                          HS01  
Davis, Charles                          MOR1  
Davis, Charles L.                       DAV2  
Davis, Charlotte                        HS02  
Davis, Christy                          1996  
Davis, Clarence F.                      1991  
Davis, Clifford                         SHU1  
Davis, Clifford H.                      PAT1  
Davis, Coleen                           1988  
Davis, Coleen                           PAT1  
Davis, Cora Spicer                      1978  
Davis, Dewey                            HS03  
Davis, Doris Jean Miller                HS03  
Davis, Dorothy S.                       1997  
Davis, Dorsie Miller                    DAV4  
Davis, Dorsie Miller                    HS01  
Davis, Edna B.                          2006  
Davis, Edna W.                          PAT1  
Davis, Edward D.                        1996  
Davis, Edward W.                        HS02  
Davis, Elizabeth                        1989  
Davis, Ethel E. Fordyce                 HS04  
Davis, Ewing O.                         1988  
Davis, Ezra H.                          DAV2  
Davis, Flora                            1998  
Davis, Florence Osler                   1996  
Davis, Floyd                            2004  
Davis, Floyd L.                         1995  
Davis, Frank                            DAV5  
Davis, Fred W.                          SHU1  
Davis, George                           WEL1  
Davis, George A.                        DAV2  
Davis, George C.                        DAV2  
Davis, George Edward                    1992  
Davis, George W.                        HS02  
Davis, Gertrude                         93DR  
Davis, Glenwood W.                      SHU1  
Davis, Happy Alice                      DAV4  
Davis, Happy Alice Mosley               HS01  
Davis, Harry B.                         WEL1  
Davis, Harry R.                         1990  
Davis, Hazel K.                         2003  
Davis, Hazel Seals                      1991  
Davis, Helen V.                         SHU1  
Davis, Henry Earl                       HS01  
Davis, Herbert Crayne                   1987  
Davis, Herbert Crayne                   PAT1  
Davis, Ida Mae                          2003  
Davis, Ida May                          HS04  
Davis, Ira L.                           DAV4  
Davis, Ira L.                           HS02  
Davis, Irene                            1995  
Davis, Irene                            2002  
Davis, Irene E.                         DAV4  
Davis, J. Roy                           DAV3  
Davis, Jacob Richey                     ING1  
Davis, James                            DAV5  
Davis, James Oscar                      1999  
Davis, James R.                         1986  
Davis, James W.                         1996  
Davis, Jean                             1989  
Davis, Jean                             1998  
Davis, Joe                              DAV4  
Davis, Joe                              HS04  
Davis, John                             DAV1  
Davis, John E.                          2006  
Davis, John J.                          1992  
Davis, John R.                          1996  
Davis, John R.                          DAV3  
Davis, John R.                          DAV4  
Davis, Joseph                           HS04  
Davis, Joseph                           WEL1  
Davis, Julius                           DAV4  
Davis, Julius                           HS04  
Davis, Karl                             DAV5  
Davis, Karl P.                          CRA1  
Davis, Karl, Mrs.                       WEL1  
Davis, Kathleen A.                      2007  
Davis, Kenneth W.                       SHU1  
Davis, Kenneth Wilson                   2005  
Davis, Laura                            DAV1  
Davis, Lewis W.                         1975  
Davis, Lily                             2000  
Davis, Lois                             1998  
Davis, Lorraine                         1986  
Davis, Louise                           1994  
Davis, Louise Belle                     HS04  
Davis, Margaret Brown                   1994  
Davis, Margaret Reagan                  HS01  
Davis, Margaret W.                      1987  
Davis, Marguerite                       HS02  
Davis, Martha                           2000  
Davis, Martha N. Rasel                  1991  
Davis, Mary                             DAV1  
Davis, Mary Arrison                     1975  
Davis, Mary H.                          1996  
Davis, Mary Jane                        DAV2  
Davis, Mary Perry                       HS02  
Davis, Mary Perry                       PAT1  
Davis, Mary Perry                       PIT1  
Davis, Milton T.                        DAV4  
Davis, Minor                            1978  
Davis, Minor                            SHU1  
Davis, Morgan                           1998  
Davis, Nancy                            DAV1  
Davis, Nancy Lynn                       HS04  
Davis, Nellie G.                        1986  
Davis, Nile H.                          HS02  
Davis, Olive                            1986  
Davis, Orville Roy                      1991  
Davis, Patricia J.                      1995  
Davis, Pearl Swaniger                   2002  
Davis, Perry Albert                     DAV3  
Davis, Playford Ray                     1996  
Davis, Ray E.                           2004  
Davis, Retha                            2007  
Davis, Robert R.                        1993  
Davis, Ronald K.                        2005  
Davis, Roy                              1989  
Davis, Ruth Ann                         2001  
Davis, Ruth E.                          2004  
Davis, Ruth Fordyce                     HS01  
Davis, S. Earl                          DAV4  
Davis, Samuel W.                        DAV4  
Davis, Samuel W.                        HS04  
Davis, Sara Hathaway                    DAV4  
Davis, Sara Hathaway                    HS02  
Davis, Sarah                            DAV1  
Davis, Sarah A.                         1988  
Davis, Shirley A.                       PAT1  
Davis, Terry Lee                        1999  
Davis, Thelma L. Shoup                  2006  
Davis, Tiffany Brooke                   1987  
Davis, Viola McNeely                    1996  
Davis, Vurble Sue                       1997  
Davis, Warren Douglas                   HS02  
Davis, Wayne P.                         1996  
Davis, William                          DAV4  
Davis, William M.                       DAV4  
Davis, William M.                       HS03  
Davis, William R.                       2007  
Davis, William Randolph                 DAV2  
Davis, Willis                           1992  
Davison, Clarence R.                    1999  
Davison, Dorothy P.                     SHU1  
Davison, Floyd I.                       PIT1  
Davison, Frank E.                       1994  
Davison, Frank E.                       PIT1  
Davison, Frederick                      GM01  
Davison, Frederick                      HS04  
Davison, George                         2002  
Davison, Henrietta E.                   1991  
Davison, Lafayette                      HEA1  
Davison, Lawrence B.                    2003  
Davison, Margaret Brown                 PIT1  
Davison, Mary Reeves                    GM01  
Davison, Mary Reeves                    HS01  
Dawson, Clara B. McCracken              Bane  
Dawson, Edgar E.                        1995  
Dawson, Edith                           1989  
Dawson, Frank G.                        1990  
Dawson, Jeffery Dale                    1992  
Dawson, Josephine                       HS02  
Dawson, Mary E.                         HS02  
Dawson, Naomi Elaine Fullem             2006  
Dawson, Nettie                          HS02  
Dawson, Nettie                          PAT1  
Dawson, Thomas J.                       HS02  
Dawson, V. Christine                    2005  
Dawson, Wiley Clark                     Bane  
Day, Albert C.                          1999  
Day, Alma Althea                        HS02  
Day, Anna A.                            SHU1  
Day, Anna E.                            WEL1  
Day, Arthur Blaine                      DAV3  
Day, Arthur R.                          SHU1  
Day, Bonnie M.                          2005  
Day, Cecil Hoy                          PIT1  
Day, Charles B.                         HEA1  
Day, Clinton                            DAV2  
Day, Dale                               1975  
Day, Darrell L.                         2005  
Day, David                              HS02  
Day, Douglas                            2000  
Day, Earl                               WEL1  
Day, Edward L.                          DAV4  
Day, Edward L.                          HS02  
Day, Edward L.                          PAT1  
Day, Edythe                             WEL1  
Day, Elizabeth                          SHU1  
Day, Frances                            2000  
Day, Gerald                             1989  
Day, H. Vance                           1994  
Day, Hamilton R.                        HS04  
Day, Harley L.                          SHU1  
Day, Harold Vance                       HS04  
Day, Hazel                              WEL1  
Day, Homer L.                           HS04  
Day, Jack                               1998  
Day, Jennie V.                          HS02  
Day, John Albert                        1991  
Day, Joseph                             2000  
Day, Laura Belle                        DAV2  
Day, Lillian Lucille                    HS04  
Day, Lily Hupp                          1975  
Day, Lucille Milliken                   HS04  
Day, Madlyn Archer                      1993  
Day, Margaret                           1986  
Day, Margaret M.                        2004  
Day, Martha Teagarden                   HS01  
Day, Mary                               2000  
Day, Mary                               93DR  
Day, Mary M.                            HS03  
Day, Oscar L.                           DAV3  
Day, Paul                               1998  
Day, Paul Preston                       1986  
Day, Ralph W.                           HS02  
Day, Raymond H.                         1975  
Day, Reed O.                            2002  
Day, Ruth E.                            1995  
Day, Ruth G.                            2003  
Day, Serepta Minor                      HS04  
Dayak, Anna                             1978  
Dayich , Louis                          2006  
Dayton, Albert C.                       PIT1  
Dayton, Amma Alberta Braden             DAV4  
Dayton, Ann Braden                      HS04  
Dayton, Clell Franklin                  DAV3  
Dayton, Edward L.                       PIT1  
Dayton, Helen Merryman                  1996  
Dayton, Joseph A.                       PAT1  
Dayton, Joseph E.                       HS03  
Dayton, Nancy Zane                      HS04  
Dayton, Orville                         2002  
Dayton, Paul R.                         PIT1  
Dayton, Raymond E.                      CRA1  
Dayton, Raymond E.                      DAV4  
Dayton, Raymond E.                      HS03  
Dayton, Robert                          DAV5  
Dayton, Robert J.                       1999  
Dayton, Robert Paul                     PAT1  
Dayton, Ruth L.                         2001  
Dayton, Ruth L.                         PIT1  
Dayton, Sara Kramer                     1994  
Dean, Anna Tennant                      HEA1  
Dean, Anna Tennant                      HS04  
Dean, Bessie A.                         1987  
Dean, Charles Roy                       1996  
Dean, Clarence Buck                     HS03  
Dean, Clarence E.                       1999  
Dean, Clarence R.                       TAY2  
Dean, Cora Lee                          1975  
Dean, Cora Lee                          PAT1  
Dean, Emma                              DAV1  
Dean, Ermaline                          2002  
Dean, Ermaline                          PIT1  
Dean, George Allen                      TAY2  
Dean, Georgia Doris Tennant             HS03  
Dean, Gerald M.                         1988  
Dean, Heather                           SHU1  
Dean, Jacob F.                          1986  
Dean, Jean S. Hixon                     1996  
Dean, Lloyd                             TAY2  
Dean, Luzetta Minor                     HEA1  
Dean, Marion                            2007  
Dean, Mary                              1989  
Dean, Maxine Louise                     2002  
Dean, Paul E.                           2005  
Dean, Ruth Cowell                       1991  
Dean, Stanley O.                        SHU1  
Dean, Terri                             DAV5  
Dean, Thomas                            2000  
DeAngelis, Francesco                    1986  
DeAngelis, Francis                      1991  
DeAngelis, Jane Lee                     1995  
Deblock, Edward                         DAV5  
Deblock, M. Carl                        2005  
Deblock, Patricia A.                    2002  
Debolt, Ann Riley                       1992  
Debolt, Anna                            DAV1  
Debolt, Barbara J.                      2002  
Debolt, Bess Hampson                    DAV4  
DeBolt, Betty J. Wyckoff                1994  
Debolt, Charles                         1989  
Debolt, Curtis                          HS01  
DeBolt, David B.                        HS02  
DeBolt, Delbert                         1998  
DeBolt, Donald                          2006  
Debolt, Downey R.                       1988  
Debolt, Ethel                           1989  
DeBolt, Ethel Davis                     1990  
Debolt, Eugene                          DAV5  
Debolt, George D.                       1997  
Debolt, Gertrude J                      1995  
Debolt, Gladys                          PAT1  
Debolt, Gladys P.                       1999  
Debolt, Harvey                          1989  
DeBolt, Helen L.                        SHU1  
DeBolt, Helen L. Gibbs                  1994  
DeBolt, Howard R.                       2007  
Debolt, James                           1989  
DeBolt, Jay H.                          1995  
Debolt, Jennie E.                       DAV2  
Debolt, Jennie E. Blackshere            HS01  
Debolt, Jerry Keenan                    1986  
Debolt, John                            SHU1  
Debolt, Joseph M.                       1975  
Debolt, Joseph M.                       DAV4  
Debolt, Joseph R.                       SHU1  
DeBolt, Kenneth W.                      1993  
Debolt, Louis                           DAV1  
Debolt, M. S. Quay                      DAV2  
Debolt, M. S. Quay                      HS01  
Debolt, Minnie Duncan                   HS04  
Debolt, Nellie Bayles                   HS04  
DeBolt, Ralph B.                        DAV3  
Debolt, Ralph B.                        ING1  
Debolt, Shirley Victoria                DAV2  
Debolt, Sylvia                          2005  
DeBolt, Vallie Etta Riggs               1991  
Debolt, Viola F.                        DAV4  
DeBolt, Viola F.                        HS03  
Debolt, Walter H.                       2006  
DeBolt, Walter H.                       DAV3  
Debolt, Walter H.                       WEL1  
Debolt, William Henry                   2005  
Debolt, Willliam                        2006  
DeBord, Grace Jones                     PIT1  
DeBord, Willis                          PIT1  
DeBreuil, William R.                    SHU1  
Dec, Joseph                             1989  
DeCapri, Ella Mae                       1995  
DeCarlucci, Albert                      1995  
Decker, Ernest E.                       1987  
Decker, Helen Irene                     2006  
Decker, James H.                        WEL1  
Decker, Regena E.                       93DR  
Decker, W. Frank                        WEL1  
Decker, Walter E.                       2005  
DeClair, Joseph                         DAV3  
DeClair, Marty Nester                   DAV3  
Deduch, Charles                         DAV4  
Deduch, Helen Beban                     HS01  
Deeb, Florence Elizabeth                2005  
Deeb, Moses                             2005  
Deeds, Leanna Pearl Cox                 1996  
Deegan, John L.                         1986  
Deems, Albert Franklin                  1985  
Deems, Anna Laura                       HS03  
Deems, Betty                            1986  
Deems, Daisy B.                         1978  
Deems, Danny L                          SHU1  
Deems, Decatur W.                       1993  
Deems, Edwin F.                         1996  
Deems, Elizabeth                        1989  
Deems, Esmeralda                        2007  
Deems, Infant                           HS03  
Deems, J. Edwin                         1986  
Deems, James William                    DAV2  
Deems, Judith Ann                       2001  
Deems, Lawrence G.                      SHU1  
Deems, Lewis Lynn                       DAV3  
Deems, Lucy Ann Clark                   1999  
Deems, Margaret                         1989  
Deems, Randall F.                       1987  
Deems, Randall F.                       1996  
Deems, Ronald T.                        SHU1  
Deems, Russel G.                        1994  
Deems, Russell J.                       SHU1  
Deems, Walter L.                        SHU1  
Deets, Wilma June                       1997  
Deeve, Kathryn H.                       PIT1  
Deever, Kathryn H.                      1999  
DeFabbo, Anna Marie                     2002  
DeFazio, Joan                           1988  
DeFillippo, Anna                        93DR  
DeFrank, Michael                        HS03  
DeGeorge, Linda M.                      1986  
DeHass, Ernest                          1998  
Dehass, Sarah                           HS02  
DeHaven, Lillian R.                     2003  
DeHosse, Pierre J.                      1978  
Deigan, Rose Marie                      1986  
Deitreich, Eleanor Parker               1997  
Deitreich, Gladys                       1989  
Deitreich, Kenneth G.                   1995  
DeJoseph, Carl                          HS02  
Delan, Gail Irene                       HS04  
Delancey, Charles                       DAV2  
Delancey, Priscilla                     DAV1  
Delancy, Alpheus                        DAV1  
Delancy, Anne Santore                   2001  
DeLancy, Clara A.                       1975  
Delancy, Clara A.                       DAV4  
Delancy, Clara A.                       PAT1  
DeLancy, Clara Axtell                   PAT1  
DeLancy, Olive                          DAV5  
DeLancy, Robert L.                      1999  
DeLancy, Wayne                          DAV5  
DeLancy, William                        DAV3  
Delaney, Alfred                         HS02  
Delaney, Alfred W.                      HEA1  
Delaney, Alvin F.                       1992  
Delaney, Byron                          SHU1  
Delaney, Charles G.                     HS02  
Delaney, Ella A. King                   HS01  
Delaney, Ethel                          DAV5  
Delaney, Ethel Mae                      PAT1  
Delaney, George A.                      HEA1  
Delaney, George A.                      PAT1  
Delaney, Guy Ernest                     DAV4  
Delaney, Guy Ernest                     HS01  
Delaney, Hester J. Headley              HEA1  
Delaney, Jerry                          WEL1  
Delaney, Kenneth G.                     2007  
Delaney, Lawrence                       SHU1  
DeLaney, Lee Roy                        2006  
Delaney, Lee Roy                        2006  
Delaney, Lillian M.                     HS02  
Delaney, Mildred J.                     1985  
Delaney, Paul                           DAV5  
Delaney, Pearl Wade                     1996  
Delaney, Sarah Inez                     GM01  
Delaney, Thomas A.                      PAT1  
Delaney, Tony T.                        1985  
Delaney, Walter                         2000  
Dell, Joseph E.                         1986  
Dell, Nancy W.                          2005  
Della Pozza, Matteo                     HS04  
Dellinger, Louis Alden                  2006  
DeLoach, Hazel Conklin                  WEL1  
Deluca, Angelo G.                       2001  
DeLuca, John                            1990  
DeLuca, Mary A.                         2007  
DeLuca, Mary C.                         2007  
DeLuca, Ralph                           HS03  
DeLuca, Waneta Maxine Deems             1993  
Demaske, Beverly J.                     2005  
Demaske, Ruth V.                        1987  
Demaske, Ruth V.                        PIT1  
Demaske, Stanley                        DAV5  
DeMay, John A.                          2002  
Dembo, Levi                             WEL1  
Demchak, Andrew                         SHU1  
Demchak, Andy                           HS03  
Demchak, Anna M. Rumancik               1996  
Demchak, Anna R. Macuga                 1994  
Demchak, Helen Paylo                    HS01  
Demchak, John                           1985  
Demchak, Lois Babyak                    1999  
Demchak, Michael Edward                 2006  
Demchak, Mildred Maddich                1992  
Demchak, Robert A.                      2005  
DeMola, Nita                            2000  
DeMoss, Betty L.                        2002  
DeMoss, Ernest                          HS04  
DeMurray, Fred A.                       HS02  
DeMurray, Frederick                     1995  
DeMurray, Tony                          1988  
DeMurray, Tony                          PAT1  
DeMurry, Fred A.                        PAT1  
DeMurry, Richard R.                     HS04  
DeNardo, Dan                            1991  
Deneen, Mae                             1998  
Deneen, Thomas                          TAY2  
Deneen, Thomas E.                       HS02  
DeNeen, Thomas E.                       PAT1  
DeNicola, Esther M.                     1987  
Denman, Audley R.                       1990  
Denman, Eleanor Marie Farrell           1996  
Denman, John                            MOR3  
Denman, Leonard O.                      1985  
Denman, Monte O.                        SHU1  
Denney, Isabelle                        DAV2  
Denney, Louella                         DAV2  
Denney, Ross L.                         DAV2  
Dennis, Abram                           1989  
Dennis, Anna Pearl                      HS01  
Dennis, Elizabeth                       1989  
Dennis, Hilda                           1999  
Dennis, John                            DAV5  
Dennis, John                            SHU1  
Dennis, Marjorie A.                     1988  
Dennis, Mary M.                         SHU1  
Dennison, Gladys                        SHU1  
Denny, Earl O.                          HS03  
Denny, Frank M.                         DAV4  
Denny, Hannah M.                        HS02  
Denny, Hannah M.                        PAT1  
Denny, Hannah Martha                    GM01  
Denny, John Bayard                      DAV3  
Denny, Joseph A.                        1993  
Denny, Josephine                        1992  
Denny, Josephine                        CRA1  
Denny, Josephine                        PIT1  
Denny, Matilda C.                       1986  
Denny, Viola                            1988  
Denson, Collie                          1986  
Dent, James A.                          HS04  
Denton, William E.                      2003  
Denver, John                            HS02  
DePasquale, Catherine                   1996  
DePoe, Elsie                            HS01  
DePoe, Ferne                            DAV5  
DePoe, Ferne W.                         SHU1  
DePoe, Glenn F.                         1987  
DePoe, Iva Lee                          DAV3  
DeRoche, Florence                       2002  
Derry, Esther                           2005  
Descaro, Barbara Agnes                  1986  
Desch, Betty Jane                       1986  
DeSellems, Bertha G. Donley             1991  
Desellems, Daniel R.                    2001  
Desellems, Edgar Allen                  1987  
DeShields, James D.                     1995  
DeShields, James F.                     1991  
Despot, Sophie A. Kimtantas             1991  
DeStefano, Charles R.                   SHU1  
Deter, Beverly                          2000  
Deter, Charles O.                       2003  
Deter, Edward W.                        1986  
Deter, Elda M.                          2004  
Deter, Gilbert                          1998  
Deter, Levi Morgan                      1986  
Deter, Randall S.                       2005  
Deter, Robert                           1975  
Deter, Robert                           DAV4  
Deter, Valerie Lynn                     2005  
Detrick, Sharron Bobbs                  1985  
Detwiler, Helen Graham                  1987  
Deuesenberry, Helen Marlene Rush        1987  
Deusenberry, Michael                    2000  
Deush, Anna                             HS01  
DeVault, Blanche Lloyd                  1994  
Deveaney, John                          1989  
Devecka, David D.                       1978  
Devecka, Edward M.                      2001  
Devecka, John J.                        2001  
Devecka, John M.                        2001  
Devecka, Laddie M.                      1997  
Devecka, Mary                           DAV5  
Devecka, Mary A. Clark                  2007  
Devecka, Mary S.                        SHU1  
Devecka, Milan                          2005  
Devecka, Susan Bendis                   2006  
Develbus, Edith E.                      DAV2  
Devenney, Anna Mae Furman               1996  
Devenney, Charles Martin                1985  
Dever, Genevieve                        93DR  
Devers, Genevieve Chestnut              1993  
DeVilling, Jenneth E.                   1992  
Devine, J. Wayne                        2002  
Devine, Margaret                        1975  
Devine, Sarah Belle                     WEL1  
DeVito, Pauline                         DAV5  
Devoe, Charlotte                        1989  
Devore, Katherine Curran                1992  
DeVore, Mary Gardner                    HS02  
Dew, G. Richard                         SHU1  
Dewalt, Ruth M.                         93DR  
Dewar, Nellie D.                        93DR  
DeWeese, Maude M.                       SHU1  
DeWeese, William J.                     HS01  
DeWitt, Daniel W.                       DAV3  
DeWitt, Georgia                         1998  
DeWitt, Ora                             DAV3  
DeWItt, Winifred V.                     1992  
Dewitte, Severin                        2001  
Deyell, Velma D.                        2005  
Deynzer, Aline                          1989  
DeZardo, Elizabeth                      1986  
Diamond, C. Olive                       2003  
Diamond, Clyde                          HS02  
Diamond, Delores                        DAV3  
Diamond, Eliza Caudell                  HEA1  
Diamond, Gerald R.                      2003  
Diamond, Patrick                        1989  
Diana, Sarah P.                         2007  
Diarse, Angie                           2002  
DiBiase, Albert P.                      1997  
DiBiase, John T.                        1993  
DiBiase, Mary                           1989  
DiBiase, Mary                           2003  
Dice, Bobbi Jo                          1999  
Dice, Frances Kennedy                   HS01  
Dice, Robert L.                         DAV3  
Dicesore, Blanche Datillio              HS01  
Dicesore, Tony                          1986  
Dicey, C. Austin                        1987  
Dicey, Charles E.                       1988  
Dicey, Douglas I.                       1996  
Dicey, Leoda                            1998  
Dicey, Lucille                          2000  
Dickett, Arthur F.                      1995  
Dickett, Marjorie                       2007  
Dickey, Anna F.                         SHU1  
Dickey, Anna M.                         HS02  
Dickey, Douglas Allen                   2007  
Dickey, Effie Susan                     2003  
Dickey, Ella Scott                      HS01  
Dickey, Ernest D.                       HS02  
Dickey, Helen M.                        1995  
Dickey, Henry E.                        HS01  
Dickey, Matthew B.                      HS03  
Dickey, Merle F.                        HS02  
Dickey, Merle Finch                     GM01  
Dickey, Merle Finch                     PAT1  
Dickey, Robert W.                       SHU1  
Dickey, Woodrow C.                      2004  
Dicks, Margaret O.                      1999  
Dickson, Gilbert                        SHU1  
Dickson, John Grant                     1992  
Dickson, L. Marie                       2004  
Diehl, Clifford                         DAV4  
Diehl, Loretta                          DAV5  
Diehl, Louis Glenn                      1978  
Diehl, Nellie Shaffer                   1986  
Diehl, Olive Blanche                    DAV2  
Diehl, W. Bruce                         DAV4  
Diehl, W. Bruce                         HS02  
Diehl, W. Bruce                         PAT1  
Dieke, Sarah Call                       1975  
Dierken, Marilyn Jane                   1986  
Dieter, Mildred                         93DR  
Dietz, August A.                        SHU1  
Diggs, James                            1996  
Diggs, James                            2000  
Diggs, Mary Price                       1996  
Dilek, Nick                             HS01  
Dill, John                              1989  
Dillaman, Frank B.                      HS04  
Dillard, Frank E.                       1986  
Dille, Alvin B.                         1988  
Dille, Anna Wolf                        1992  
Dille, C. Austin                        1987  
Dille, C. Austin                        GAN1  
Dille, Charles                          DAV5  
Dille, Clarence Edward                  HS01  
Dille, Daryl George                     1999  
Dille, David D.                         HS03  
Dille, Della J.                         1986  
Dille, Edna Pearl                       1994  
Dille, Harriet McElhaney                1992  
Dille, Harvey E.                        DAV3  
Dille, Helen L.                         SHU1  
Dille, Ivan Eugene                      1996  
Dille, Lewis Milford                    HS03  
Dille, Lida S.                          HS03  
Dille, Lucy M. Elms                     HS01  
Dille, Mona Loreene                     2004  
Dille, Oren I.                          HS04  
Dille, Paul C.                          PAT1  
Dille, Ruth S.                          1985  
Dille, Stella                           MOR3  
Dille, Walter E.                        PAT1  
Dillie, LeRoy R.                        1988  
Dillie, William                         1987  
Dilliner, Ambrose                       GS01  
Dillinger, Beatrice V. Kovalcheck       1993  
Dillinger, Franklin H.                  DAV3  
Dillinger, James E.                     2004  
Dillinger, Marilyn Lee Virgin           1990  
Dillinger, Oliver                       DAV5  
Dillinger, Walter L.                    SHU1  
Dillow , Donald F.                      2006  
Dillow, Charles E,                      1993  
Dillow, Helen K. Hess                   HS03  
Dillow, Velda Viola                     1999  
Dils, Ann Lucas                         1985  
DiLuca, Louis                           HS04  
DiMatteo, Margaret M.                   1986  
DiMola, Lucy                            HS01  
DiNardo, Pasqualina                     1986  
Dinch, Bert Leroy                       1986  
Dinch, Lenora E.                        2006  
Dindal, Don F.                          1997  
Dinger, Esther                          93DR  
Dingle, Isabella Vaughn                 HS04  
Dingle, Laura Jeannette                 1995  
Dingle, Margaret A. Hudock              1993  
Dingle, Richard                         HS03  
DiNicola, Barbara A. Sabo               1993  
Dinsmore, Betty R.                      2002  
Dinsmore, Donald T.                     1999  
Dinsmore, Dorwin                        HS02  
Dinsmore, Elizabeth                     HS02  
Dinsmore, Elizabeth                     PAT1  
Dinsmore, George Benjamin               1992  
Dinsmore, George H.                     HS02  
Dinsmore, Helen C.                      2002  
Dinsmore, Henry                         HAW1  
Dinsmore, J. Elmer                      HS04  
Dinsmore, James                         2000  
Dinsmore, James Gross                   PIT1  
Dinsmore, John                          DAV5  
Dinsmore, John C.                       HS02  
Dinsmore, John Gray                     HS04  
Dinsmore, Jon Gray                      GM01  
Dinsmore, Malvern H.                    1994  
Dinsmore, Margaret A.                   DAV2  
Dinsmore, Marie                         DAV5  
Dinsmore, Marie N.                      SHU1  
Dinsmore, Nora J. Headley               HEA1  
Dinsmore, Philip J.                     SHU1  
Dinsmore, Sarah Burris                  HEA1  
Dinsmore, Sarah M.                      PAT1  
Dinsmore, Susannah                      HS03  
Dinsmore, Vernelle                      1989  
Dionisio, Antonia                       1986  
DiPrampero, Lena                        1986  
DiPrampero, Silvio                      1990  
DiSalvo, Beulah C.                      HS02  
Ditko, Betty Jane Hartley               1992  
Ditko, James                            1997  
Dittman, D. Allen                       DAV4  
Dittman, D. Allen                       HS02  
Dittman, D. Allen                       PAT1  
Dittman, Helen G.                       1996  
Dittman, Lillian H.                     GM01  
Dittman, Ruth W.                        1997  
Dittman, Ruth W.                        PIT1  
DiTullio, Anthony John                  1986  
Divich, Anna                            1987  
Divil, Darrell D.                       2007  
Dixon, Catherine J.                     2007  
Dixon, Mary Louise                      2007  
Dixon, Michael J.                       1999  
Dixson, Minnie                          HS02  
Dmochowsky, Christine                   2005  
Dmochowsky, Michalina Niemczyk          1992  
Dmochowsky, Peter                       SHU1  
Dobbins, Lloyd E.                       HS02  
Dobbins, Margaret                       HS03  
Dobbs, Donald                           HS02  
Dobbs, Lovina                           GS01  
Dobbs, Vurdell                          HS01  
Dobbs, Walter                           SHU1  
Dobeck, Mary C.                         93DR  
Docking, George                         HS01  
Dodd, Blanche Gladys                    PIT1  
Dodd, Edith Deborah                     2001  
Dodd, Emma G.                           WEL1  
Dodd, Helen McGee                       1990  
Dodd, Helen McGee                       PIT1  
Dodd, Kathryn Rush                      PIT1  
Dodd, Lawrence                          1978  
Dodd, Lawrence                          PIT1  
Dodd, Lillian M.                        HS03  
Dodd, Otto                              1975  
Dodd, Otto                              PIT1  
Dodd, Ruth                              93DR  
Dodd, Samuel Jesse                      PAT1  
Dodd, Zura Murdock                      HS04  
Dodds, Anna Ellen                       DAV4  
Dodds, Anna Ellen Rutter                HS01  
Dodds, Ethel                            2001  
Dodds, John W.                          DAV3  
Dodds, Wlater                           1995  
Dodge, David Lyle                       1996  
Dodge, Kathryn Rush                     1991  
Dodge, Melville Lyle                    HEA1  
Dodge, Melville Lyle                    HS04  
Dodge, Melvin L.                        1975  
Dodge, Melvin L.                        PAT1  
Dodson, Sandra Lee                      2003  
Dolan, Geraldine M.                     PAT1  
Dolan, Nicholas David                   1996  
Dolansky, Anna M. Yurick                1986  
Dolansky, Mary E.                       HS03  
Dolansky, Stephen F.                    SHU1  
Dolansky, Steve S.                      SHU1  
Dole, Betty Nichols                     1990  
Dole, Clarence                          DAV5  
Dole, Howard L.                         1986  
Dole, Joan G.                           1975  
Dolen, Bruce Burley                     HS01  
Dolen, Floyd B.                         HS03  
Dolfi, Dino                             HS01  
Dolfi, Ferdinand Anthony                2007  
Dollar, Alexander                       2000  
Dollar, Emma                            2000  
Dollar, Robert S.                       1990  
Doltz, Mike                             HS04  
Doman, Dorcas Ann                       1999  
Doman, Frances Hart                     1999  
Doman, Frank W.                         1975  
Doman, George B.                        1985  
Doman, Gertrude                         1998  
Doman, Hilda Ryan                       PAT1  
Doman, Mary                             2002  
Doman, Pauline A.                       2001  
Doman, Robert T.                        2001  
Doman, Rock A.                          2007  
Doman, Victor Eli                       2001  
Doman, Walter                           2002  
Doman, William B.                       2001  
Dombrowski, Rose B.                     2004  
Domen, Edward J.                        1991  
Domon, Katherine T.                     2005  
Domovich, Colleen M.                    1997  
Domovich, Paul                          1975  
Donahoo, Catherine                      HS02  
Donahoo, Mark L.                        1988  
Donahoo, Mildred                        1989  
Donahoo, Mildred Novak                  PIT1  
Donahoo, Mildred Novak                  PIT1  
Donahoo, Pearl L.                       2006  
Donahoo, William                        1989  
Donahue, Mary Lou                       2007  
Donahue, Michael Linn                   PIT1  
Donaldson, A. Marie                     93DR  
Donaldson, Gladys R.                    2002  
Donaldson, Virginia M.                  93DR  
Donella, Dolores J. Welsh               1986  
Doney, Charles J.                       DAV4  
Doney, Charles J.                       HS03  
Doney, Grace Fowler                     1994  
Doney, Michael Carl                     DAV4  
Doney, Michael Carl                     HS01  
Doney, Phillip Leo                      2007  
Donham, Arlene                          2002  
Donham, Hazel Swart                     1975  
Donham, John C.                         1986  
Donham, Kate McCall                     HS04  
Donham, Leland B.                       HS01  
Donham, Mark                            DAV5  
Donham, Mark F.                         SHU1  
Donham, Myron H.                        PAT1  
Donley, Adelia B.                       HS02  
Donley, Albert                          2002  
Donley, Albert                          HS02  
Donley, Alta C.                         PIT1  
Donley, Alverna                         SHU1  
Donley, Benjamin                        1998  
Donley, Bert                            HS01  
Donley, Beryl E.                        1986  
Donley, Brenda McClure                  1985  
Donley, Charles Ira                     1988  
Donley, Charles Ira                     PAT1  
Donley, Charles M.                      GM01  
Donley, Charles M.                      HS01  
Donley, David Edward                    HS03  
Donley, Dicie Florence                  DAV3  
Donley, E. J.                           WEL1  
Donley, Eleanor Tucker                  HS01  
Donley, Elizabeth                       2000  
Donley, Ellen Rafferty                  1989  
Donley, Ellen Wells                     HS01  
Donley, Frank                           DAV5  
Donley, Gala                            93DR  
Donley, Gala Rich                       1993  
Donley, Geraldine L.                    DAV4  
Donley, Geraldine L.                    PAT1  
Donley, Harold                          2000  
Donley, Helen C.                        1999  
Donley, Herschel L.                     1975  
Donley, Icie M.                         HS03  
Donley, Iris McDOuglas                  HS02  
Donley, J. Patrick                      DAV3  
Donley, Jacqueline B.                   2004  
Donley, Jennie Assia                    1985  
Donley, Jessie Core                     1997  
Donley, John Earl                       1997  
Donley, John Spencer                    HS01  
Donley, Joseph Edward                   2005  
Donley, Leota Rogers                    HS04  
Donley, Lindsey B.                      PAT1  
Donley, Louisa                          DAV1  
Donley, Lucile                          1998  
Donley, Mabel May Herod                 HEA1  
Donley, Marion Norman                   HS04  
Donley, Mary Elizabeth                  2005  
Donley, Mary M.                         DAV4  
Donley, Mary M. Brewer                  HS04  
Donley, Maud Litman                     HS01  
Donley, Melvin O.                       HS03  
Donley, Mildred K.                      2001  
Donley, Mina Greenleaf                  DAV3  
Donley, Minnie Fox                      DAV2  
Donley, Nellie Wells                    HS01  
Donley, Ora J.                          HS03  
Donley, Ralph E.                        2004  
Donley, Robert                          1998  
Donley, Robert Inghram                  1994  
Donley, Robert P.                       2004  
Donley, Willa D.                        HS04  
Donley, William                         1989  
Donley, William E.                      1992  
Donley, William H.                      DAV2  
Donley, William Owen                    HS04  
Donoughe, Irene O.                      2004  
Donovan, Viola G.                       1988  
Donovan, Viola G.                       PIT1  
Donson, Jessie L. Bradbury              1987  
Donston, Agnes E.                       2001  
Donston, Paul                           WEL1  
Doody, Joseph M.                        1990  
Doody, Mayme S.                         HS02  
Dooley, Margaret Higgins                1988  
Dooley, Mildred Higgins                 PAT1  
Dooley, Roy Oaklee                      1986  
Dorazio, Rose                           2007  
Doriguzzi, Leno L.                      1985  
Doriguzzi, Mae                          2006  
Dorricott, Helen                        1998  
Dorsch, Arletta                         1999  
Dorsey, Alonzo                          GAN1  
Dorsey, Alva W.                         1985  
Dorsey, Charles                         HS02  
Dorsey, Charles Weldon                  GM01  
Dorsey, Clarence                        HS02  
Dorsey, Cornelius                       GS01  
Dorsey, Elizabeth                       1998  
Dorsey, Elizabeth C.                    GM01  
Dorsey, Elizabeth C.                    HS03  
Dorsey, Floyd W.                        2001  
Dorsey, Fred W.                         1991  
Dorsey, Fred W.                         GAN1  
Dorsey, Gaylord                         2002  
Dorsey, George                          SHU1  
Dorsey, Harold Leo                      2005  
Dorsey, Helen L.                        2003  
Dorsey, Icie Myrtle                     HS02  
Dorsey, Jerry                           1996  
Dorsey, John Parker                     2006  
Dorsey, Laura E.                        GM01  
Dorsey, Laura E.                        HS03  
Dorsey, Parry L.                        GM01  
Dorsey, Perry L.                        HEA1  
Dorsey, Peter                           2007  
Dorsey, William                         HS01  
Dotson, Glennie P.                      2003  
Dotto, Rose Marie                       93DR  
Doty, Dennis H.                         HS02  
Doty, Frank A.                          HS02  
Doty, Frank A.                          PAT1  
Doty, Frank C.                          PAT1  
Doty, Frank C.                          PIT1  
Doty, Hazel L.                          2003  
Doty, J. Wilbert                        HS02  
Doty, John                              GS01  
Doty, Katherine May                     1978  
Doty, Tennie Lee                        HS03  
Doty, Thomas Miller                     DAV2  
Doty, Wilma                             2000  
Doty, Wilma C.                          PIT1  
Doud, Marietta Porter                   WEL1  
Douds, Howard Calvin                    1991  
Dougal, Anna Laura                      HS01  
Dougal, David W.                        HS01  
Dougal, Mary J.                         HS01  
Dougal, Ralph F.                        1988  
Dougal, Vaidnia Harden                  HS01  
Dougal, Viola Maude                     GM01  
Dougal, Viola Maude                     HS02  
Dougan, Freda J.                        2002  
Dougan, Guy A.                          2002  
Dougan, Onedia Belle                    HS03  
Dougan, Oneida Belle                    DAV4  
Douglas, Anna M.                        PAT1  
Douglas, Anna Marie                     2005  
Douglas, Clyde Howard                   HS04  
Douglas, Clyde William                  WEL1  
Douglas, Domenic                        HS02  
Douglas, Edgar W.                       1996  
Douglas, Josephine  Davidson            1992  
Douglas, Mary Jane                      1987  
Douglas, P. M.                          WEL1  
Douglas, Thomas                         1994  
Douglass, Anna                          DAV1  
Doutt, Annabelle                        SHU1  
Doutt, Louis R.                         SHU1  
Dovshek, Anna Dale                      1986  
Dow, Ichabod                            DAV5  
Dow, Lena                               DAV5  
Dow, Lena M.                            SHU1  
Dowdy, Fred                             HS02  
Dowdy, Fred S.                          PAT1  
Dowler, I C.                            Bane  
Dowler, Raymond C.                      1997  
Dowlin, Alfred Carter                   1988  
Dowlin, Baily                           DAV1  
Dowlin, Elbert C.                       1996  
Dowlin, Eva L.                          DAV4  
Dowlin, J. Gwynne                       WEL1  
Dowlin, Lena K.                         HS03  
Dowlin, Lena Kathryn                    DAV4  
Dowlin, Margaret Effra                  DAV2  
Dowlin, Margaret Olive                  HS03  
Dowlin, Melissa                         DAV1  
Dowlin, Myrtle C.                       1988  
Dowlin, Myrtle C.                       PAT1  
Dowlin, Nellie June                     2004  
Dowlin, Puel W.                         2005  
Dowlin, Purl C.                         1992  
Dowlin, Ralph E.                        1994  
Dowlin, Rebecca Jane                    DAV3  
Dowlin, Simon Earl                      1992  
Dowlin, William                         1989  
Downer, Eugene D.                       1988  
Downer, Helen                           DAV5  
Downer, Helen R.                        1985  
Downes, Ella Mae                        HS03  
Downes, Sherry J. Bamberger             1992  
Downey, Arbutus                         1989  
Downey, Daniel                          2006  
Downey, Frederick M.                    1986  
Downey, Grace V.                        2006  
Downey, Harold A.                       1985  
Doytek, Denna L.                        SHU1  
Doytek, John Paul                       2002  
Dragan, Verna                           1989  
Dragich, Bessie                         2002  
Dragich, Mellon                         2000  
Dragich, Michael Lee                    HS04  
Dragich, Peter                          1987  
Dragich, Sophia                         1998  
Dragish, George                         1994  
Drahuse, Anne                           2006  
Drain, Carl Wade                        1990  
Drake, Christopher Scott                1988  
Drake, Janey Phelan                     HS04  
Drake, Sandra                           HS01  
Dran, Cinda S. Irey                     2007  
Draper, Helen B. Stockdale              PAT1  
Drayton, Sadie                          WEL1  
Dreamel, Joseph F.                      93DR  
Dreier, Herriet W.                      PAT1  
Dreitzler, Cora                         2000  
Dressel, Norma J.                       CRA1  
Drev, Mary                              93DR  
Drew, Dorothy L. Miller                 1994  
Drews, Gustave                          HS04  
Drews, Mary A.                          1986  
Dreyer, Vivian Layton                   1992  
Drizos, James S.                        1988  
Drizos, James S.                        PAT1  
Drizos, Mary                            PAT1  
Drizos, Steve J.                        PAT1  
Drobac, Nick                            2002  
Drockton, Tessie                        2001  
Drocton, Alexandria Rimkus              HS01  
Drocton, Leonard                        1978  
Droctor, Genevieve W.                   SHU1  
Drodge, Robert Hoover                   2003  
Drodge, William, Mrs.                   HS02  
Drombosky, George                       DAV2  
Dronsfield, Raymond Eli                 1999  
Dropik, Steve                           1994  
Dropko, Mary Louise King                1994  
Drordswka, Mary                         93DR  
Drucheck, John                          1992  
Drum, Lula Greenlee                     HS02  
Drummond, Marie Jane                    HS01  
Drury, Dolores Busti                    2007  
Drury, George F.                        DAV3  
Drury, Joseph                           DAV2  
Dryburg, Anastasia                      1997  
Dryer, John C.                          HS03  
Dryer, Katherine                        2000  
Dryer, Margaret E.                      GAN1  
Dryer, Margaret Stella                  GM01  
Dryer, William R.                       SHU1  
Drylie, Nellie A.                       1987  
Dubinsky, Anthony                       1989  
Dubinsky, Elizabeth Rembold             1975  
Dubinsky, Margaret Ruth Helmick         1993  
Dublin, James E.                        2002  
DuBreuil, Etta Mae                      2003  
Dubroski, William J.                    93DR  
Ducsay, Andrew F.                       1996  
Duda, Mary                              DAV5  
Duda, Thomas                            1975  
Duda, Thomas                            DAV4  
Dudics, Lily Madison                    2006  
Dudla, Elizabeth Smozik                 1994  
Dudley, Cecil Lantz                     HS02  
Dudley, David Douglas                   2004  
Dudley, Donald A.                       2003  
Dudley, Irene E.                        2004  
Dufala, Pauline Kachersky               2005  
Dufalia, Helen Sabo                     2003  
Dufalla, Mike                           2002  
Duffey, Charles R.                      1988  
Duffield, C. Paul                       1992  
Duffield, C. Paul                       PIT1  
Duffield, Maxine Brown                  1995  
Duffield, Maxine Brown                  PIT1  
Duffy, Bernard                          GS01  
Duffy, Sarah Seese                      HS02  
Dugan, Bessie                           1988  
Dugan, Charles C.                       HS01  
Dugan, Dora Ellen                       1986  
Dugan, Earl P.                          HS01  
Dugan, Elizabeth Bailey                 DAV2  
Dugan, Emma Jane                        DAV3  
Dugan, George Robert                    1991  
Dugan, Glenn R.                         1990  
Dugan, Guy                              HS04  
Dugan, Irene J.                         1986  
Dugan, James R.                         HS02  
Dugan, John W.                          HS02  
Dugan, Josephine Grooms                 DAV4  
Dugan, Josephine Grooms                 HS01  
Dugan, Margaret                         SHU1  
Dugan, Mark Warner                      HS03  
Dugan, Mary Orrell                      1988  
Dugan, Mattie J.                        SHU1  
Dugan, Randall A.                       2004  
Dugan, Roberta Lopes                    1994  
Dugan, Roy B.                           1975  
Dugan, Roy B.                           DAV4  
Dugan, Roy B.                           PIT1  
Dugan, Samuel M.                        SHU1  
Dugan, Warner L.                        2003  
Dugan, William C.                       CRA1  
Dugan, William E.                       HS03  
Dugan, William G.                       DAV2  
Dugan, William S.                       1992  
Dukate, Elsie                           DAV1  
Dukate, Gertrude                        2000  
Dukate, Gertrude S.                     PIT1  
Dukate, Hope Kiger                      HS04  
Dukate, J. David                        PAT1  
Dukate, John                            DAV5  
Dukate, John F.                         1997  
Dukate, John F.                         HS03  
Dukate, John F., Mrs.                   HS03  
Dukate, Paul C.                         1986  
Dukate, Raymond L.                      2003  
Dukate, Raymond L.                      PIT1  
Dukate, Russell Charles                 DAV3  
Dukate, Suzanne                         HS02  
Duke, Catherine Lesko                   DAV4  
Duke, Catherine Lesko                   HS02  
Duke, Donald                            DAV5  
Duke, Donald A.                         SHU1  
Duke, Helen                             1998  
Duke, Ronald J.                         PIT1  
Dulaney, A. L.                          HEA1  
Dulaney, Addie Marie Johnson            HEA1  
Dulaney, Agnes D.                       2006  
Dulaney, Alfred                         HEA1  
Dulaney, Anna G.                        1994  
Dulaney, Arch                           HEA1  
Dulaney, Caroline                       DAV2  
Dulaney, Catherine                      HEA1  
Dulaney, Charles A.                     HEA1  
Dulaney, Charles H.                     HS02  
Dulaney, Charles L.                     1991  
Dulaney, Charles L.                     PIT1  
Dulaney, Cora Miller                    WEL1  
Dulaney, Dale                           2000  
Dulaney, Dalie                          PAT1  
Dulaney, David                          HEA1  
Dulaney, David F.                       WEL1  
Dulaney, David H.                       HS02  
Dulaney, David H.                       PAT1  
Dulaney, Dennis                         SHU1  
Dulaney, Dennis Allan                   PIT1  
Dulaney, Dennis Allen                   GAN1  
Dulaney, Dorothy M.                     1985  
Dulaney, Dustin                         1996  
Dulaney, Echo Fuller                    HS04  
Dulaney, Edith                          HS02  
Dulaney, Edith                          PIT1  
Dulaney, Ezekiel                        PAT1  
Dulaney, F. Ray                         HEA1  
Dulaney, Forney                         2000  
Dulaney, Forney L.                      PIT1  
Dulaney, Fred E.                        1978  
Dulaney, Fred E.                        DAV5  
Dulaney, Fred H.                        1999  
Dulaney, Gladys A. Byers                1990  
Dulaney, Grace Mitchell                 1994  
Dulaney, Grace Zimmerman                HEA1  
Dulaney, Harold                         PAT1  
Dulaney, Harold                         PIT1  
Dulaney, Hiram B.                       2005  
Dulaney, Ida L.                         WEL1  
Dulaney, Iva C.                         HEA1  
Dulaney, James                          1989  
Dulaney, James A.                       1993  
Dulaney, James Earl                     1975  
Dulaney, Jessica                        1998  
Dulaney, John E.                        1997  
Dulaney, John F.                        HEA1  
Dulaney, Kinsey F.                      1986  
Dulaney, Laura Sharpnack                DAV4  
Dulaney, LeMoyne                        HEA1  
Dulaney, Lindsey                        HEA1  
Dulaney, Luella J.                      1996  
Dulaney, Madge                          2004  
Dulaney, Malissa S.                     PAT1  
Dulaney, Malissa Strosnider             HEA1  
Dulaney, Margaret                       DAV3  
Dulaney, Mary Jane Grove                HEA1  
Dulaney, Mary Leona                     2005  
Dulaney, Mary Tennant                   WEL1  
Dulaney, Mattie Stewart                 TAY2  
Dulaney, Melissa                        PIT1  
Dulaney, Minor E.                       DAV2  
Dulaney, Opal May                       1987  
Dulaney, Otho                           HS03  
Dulaney, Otho                           PIT1  
Dulaney, Patricia A. Barlow             PIT1  
Dulaney, Patricia Barlow                2001  
Dulaney, Pearl                          HS02  
Dulaney, Pearl                          PAT1  
Dulaney, Ralph R.                       1987  
Dulaney, Raymond                        1989  
Dulaney, Raymond R.                     PIT1  
Dulaney, Reason                         2000  
Dulaney, Roberta                        2000  
Dulaney, Roberta K.                     PIT1  
Dulaney, Roland                         DAV1  
Dulaney, Roland F.                      PAT1  
Dulaney, Stanley A.                     2005  
Dulaney, Victoria C.                    DAV3  
Dulaney, Viola Dulaney                  HEA1  
Dulaney, Viola Patterson                HEA1  
Dulaney, Viola Patterson                HS01  
Dulaney, Walter E.                      2005  
Dulaney, Walter V.                      1987  
Dulaney, Walter V.                      HS01  
Dulaney, Wilbur Lee                     PAT1  
Dulany, Frances                         1999  
Dulany, Leo C.                          1986  
Dulany, Mabel                           1985  
Dumont, Shea K.                         SHU1  
Dumont, Shea Kristen                    DAV5  
Dunbar, Vera Catherine                  HS04  
Duncan, Florence E.                     HS03  
Duncan, James R.                        HS01  
Duncan, James Richard                   HS01  
Dunfee, Neil Everett                    1986  
Dunham, Aldene Haines                   1991  
Dunham, Howard M.                       DAV4  
Dunham, Howard M.                       HS02  
Dunham, Iva L.                          DAV4  
Dunham, Iva L.                          HS02  
Dunham, J. Frank                        1986  
Dunham, Mary                            DAV5  
Dunham, Nathaniel                       HS04  
Dunham, Ray D.                          2007  
Dunkerton, Albert Frank                 2004  
Dunkerton, Dorothy P. Douglas           2004  
Dunkerton, Douglas Edwin                2005  
Dunkle, Glenn Russell                   1986  
Dunkle, Jennie Parkinson                HS01  
Dunlap, Harry                           DAV5  
Dunlap, Harry L.                        DAV2  
Dunlap, Harry L.                        SHU1  
Dunlap, Harry L.                        WEL1  
Dunlap, Harry Lowell                    PAT1  
Dunlap, John Foutz                      HS02  
Dunlap, Karlyn J.                       1999  
Dunlap, Mary                            1975  
Dunlap, Olive                           1998  
Dunlap, Roy                             HS03  
Dunlap, Serepta M.                      WEL1  
Dunlop, Alfred H.                       PAT1  
Dunlop, Effie                           DAV1  
Dunlop, Margaret                        93DR  
Dunn, A. Artie                          2001  
Dunn, Albert B.                         1995  
Dunn, Alice E.                          2007  
Dunn, Anna                              1995  
Dunn, Benjamin                          DAV4  
Dunn, Benjamin                          HS03  
Dunn, Blanche M.                        1978  
Dunn, Charles                           DAV5  
Dunn, Charles Anson                     HS01  
Dunn, Clarence M.                       GM01  
Dunn, Donald Wayne                      1996  
Dunn, Dorothy Mae Walker                2006  
Dunn, Ella Parker                       DAV2  
Dunn, Florence Hall                     HS01  
Dunn, Frances Pratt                     1997  
Dunn, George Ewing                      2006  
Dunn, George J.                         GAN1  
Dunn, George J.                         HS04  
Dunn, George M.                         DAV4  
Dunn, George S.                         2002  
Dunn, Gleason G.                        1995  
Dunn, Harry                             1998  
Dunn, Harry R.                          SHU1  
Dunn, Herbert                           1995  
Dunn, Hester E.                         1991  
Dunn, Isabel                            1997  
Dunn, Isabel                            PIT1  
Dunn, Iva Mellon                        HS03  
Dunn, James J,                          2006  
Dunn, James L.                          SHU1  
Dunn, Janet T,                          SHU1  
Dunn, Jeremiah                          1985  
Dunn, Jeremiah                          PIT1  
Dunn, Jesse W.                          HS02  
Dunn, John G.                           DAV2  
Dunn, Joseph                            1989  
Dunn, Kathryn Rush                      1999  
Dunn, Lenora H.                         HS03  
Dunn, Lillian M.                        1995  
Dunn, Lowry B.                          1987  
Dunn, Lucille                           93DR  
Dunn, Lucille Anna                      1987  
Dunn, Lucille G. Kerr                   1992  
Dunn, Margaret                          DAV1  
Dunn, Margaret Reeves                   DAV2  
Dunn, Marjorie                          HS01  
Dunn, Marjory Allen Crawford            2005  
Dunn, Martin                            DAV1  
Dunn, Mary                              93DR  
Dunn, Mary L. Six                       1992  
Dunn, Mary McCarroll                    1993  
Dunn, Mary Morris                       GM01  
Dunn, Mary Morris                       HS03  
Dunn, Mildred C. M.                     93DR  
Dunn, Nellie                            CRA1  
Dunn, Nellie Garber                     HS02  
Dunn, Nellie Garber                     PAT1  
Dunn, Reed J.                           HS01  
Dunn, Richard                           2000  
Dunn, Roland                            1989  
Dunn, Russell A.                        SHU1  
Dunn, Russell Ralph                     PIT1  
Dunn, Ruth E.                           1997  
Dunn, Ruth K.                           1987  
Dunn, Ruth Roberts                      1994  
Dunn, Sherman                           DAV1  
Dunn, Stella E. Pettit                  1992  
Dunn, Studger David                     1992  
Dunn, Texanna                           DAV2  
Dunn, Walter Glenn                      1996  
Dunn, Walter L., Mrs.                   WEL1  
Dunn, Walter Lowry                      DAV3  
Dunn, William                           DAV1  
Dunn, William H.                        1987  
Dunn, William Moore                     DAV3  
Dunseath, David D.                      DAV4  
Dunson, Allen W.                        SHU1  
Dunson, Charles S.                      SHU1  
Dunson, Clyde Vernon                    1992  
Dunson, Harvey J.                       HS03  
Dunston, Arra Belle                     DAV2  
Dunston, Jesse Lynn                     DAV3  
Dunton, Donald James                    1999  
Dunton, Lloyd E.                        1999  
Dunton, Pauline                         2007  
Dupont, Michael T.                      SHU1  
Durand, Augustine                       93DR  
Durbin, Alonzo                          GS01  
Durbin, Bernice                         1998  
Durbin, Brenda E. Patterson Wright      2005  
Durbin, Carrie Beth                     1997  
Durbin, Charles                         1989  
Durbin, Charles E.                      1997  
Durbin, Charles H.                      1978  
Durbin, Charles H.                      1996  
Durbin, Charles N.                      1985  
Durbin, Della L. Parsons                HS01  
Durbin, Edna Montgomery                 1991  
Durbin, Elizabeth Cooper                Bane  
Durbin, Evelyn Lenora                   HAW1  
Durbin, Gertrude                        HS03  
Durbin, Grace L.                        1997  
Durbin, Harry D.                        HS03  
Durbin, Harry J.                        1985  
Durbin, Herman B.                       1993  
Durbin, Irma L.                         HS02  
Durbin, Jack R.                         1999  
Durbin, James Edward                    WEL1  
Durbin, John D.                         DAV2  
Durbin, John William                    1999  
Durbin, Joseph R.                       1992  
Durbin, Keith                           1990  
Durbin, Larry Roger                     1990  
Durbin, Lawrence H.                     HS02  
Durbin, Leah                            WEL1  
Durbin, Lenora Pearl                    1987  
Durbin, Lucy B.                         WEL1  
Durbin, Mary Bell                       WEL1  
Durbin, Maude Hill                      HS01  
Durbin, Norma                           1990  
Durbin, Phyllis R.                      1999  
Durbin, Ralph                           SHU1  
Durbin, Sarah                           HS02  
Durbin, Sarah                           PAT1  
Durbin, Thurman                         HS04  
Durbin, Virginia                        2000  
Durbin, William H.                      HS04  
Durbin, William Melvin                  1978  
Durbin, Wilma                           1986  
Durco, Mary Barich                      1994  
Durco, Stephen J.                       2006  
Durko, Helen M. Fortely                 2004  
Durko, John                             1998  
Durr, Ellen                             2006  
Durr, Grace Hart                        1975  
Durr, Grace Ruth Hart                   DAV4  
Durr, Herman Frederick                  DAV4  
Durr, Herman Frederick                  HS02  
Durr, Robert                            2003  
Durr, Robert G.                         2001  
Durr, William Waitman                   HS03  
Durr, Wynona                            1989  
Durst, Colleen King                     1987  
Dusenberry, Charles D.                  1997  
Dusenberry, Charles E.                  HS03  
Dusenberry, Donald L.                   2001  
Dusenberry, Elizabeth G. Wade           1990  
Dusenberry, George R.                   PAT1  
Dusenberry, George R.                   SHU1  
Dusenberry, Harry G.                    1999  
Dusenberry, Harry H.                    HS02  
Dusenberry, Harry H.                    PAT1  
Dusenberry, Kathryn E.                  1997  
Dusenberry, Lee                         1989  
Dusenberry, Nora                        DAV5  
Dusenberry, Nora R.                     SHU1  
Dusenberry, Susie W.                    1999  
Dusenberry, William                     1978  
Dusenberry, William                     DAV5  
Dusenberry, Wilma                       2000  
Dusha, Mitchell J.                      DAV3  
Dusha, Walter F.                        2006  
Duvall, Charles L.                      DAV4  
Duvall, Charles L.                      GM01  
Duvall, Emma Bradford                   HS02  
Duvall, Harry                           2000  
Duvall, Melvin R.                       HS02  
Duvall, Ruth V.                         1988  
Duvall, Samuel                          2000  
Duvall, Thomas F.                       1997  
Duvall, Thomas L.                       1988  
Duwe, Nancy R.                          HS01  
Dwyer, Ellen                            93DR  
Dwyer, Helen V.                         93DR  
Dye, Albert                             1998  
Dye, Francis                            1989  
Dye, Ida M.                             SHU1  
Dye, Mary E.                            1995  
Dye, Vergie                             2003  
Dyer, Nellie Emma                       HS02  
Dzwonczyk, John                         2005  

Name                                    Book
Eadie, Grace L.                         SHU1  
Eagleson, Angeline                      1992  
Eagon, Albert John                      HS04  
Eagon, Allen B.                         SHU1  
Eagon, Bronce W.                        HS04  
Eagon, Clarence S.                      WEL1  
Eagon, Donald J.                        1988  
Eagon, Donald J.                        PAT1  
Eagon, Erma                             PAT1  
Eagon, Francis J.                       HS01  
Eagon, Hannah                           PAT1  
Eagon, Jesse R.                         WEL1  
Eagon, Mary Churney                     2002  
Eagon, Mary Katherine                   1993  
Eagon, Mary Katherine                   93DR  
Eagon, Mary P.                          1988  
Eagon, Mildred Cox                      PAT1  
Eagon, Stella Yost                      HEA1  
Eagon, Stephen A.                       PAT1  
Eagon, William T.                       HS03  
Eakin, Elizabeth                        HS02  
Eakin, Robert F.                        HS04  
Ealy, Alma L.                           HS03  
Ealy, Bessie F. Huffman                 HS04  
Ealy, Carl R.                           2004  
Ealy, Cecil                             1998  
Ealy, Cecil Edward                      2007  
Ealy, Charley L.                        1991  
Ealy, Dale R                            2007  
Ealy, Dollie Lee                        PIT1  
Ealy, Doris Conkey                      1987  
Ealy, Edna Ruth                         2001  
Ealy, Eva F.                            PAT1  
Ealy, Florence E.                       2002  
Ealy, Floyd                             2000  
Ealy, G. Stewart                        1991  
Ealy, G. Stewart                        GAN1  
Ealy, Garnet                            1993  
Ealy, Gayle Burns                       1991  
Ealy, George A.                         2003  
Ealy, George A.                         2004  
Ealy, George B.                         HS04  
Ealy, Gerald R.                         1994  
Ealy, Harold                            2000  
Ealy, Harry Cleveland                   PAT1  
Ealy, Havley F.                         1985  
Ealy, Herald R.                         1987  
Ealy, Howard N.                         HS04  
Ealy, Janie M.                          2006  
Ealy, Jessie P.                         1988  
Ealy, Jessie P.                         PAT1  
Ealy, Leona                             1998  
Ealy, Marie Miller                      2007  
Ealy, Martha J.                         1986  
Ealy, Mildred A.                        PAT1  
Ealy, Paul                              1998  
Ealy, Raymond E.                        2006  
Ealy, Robert W.                         2001  
Ealy, Sylvia                            2000  
Ealy, Thomas E.                         1992  
Ealy, Thomas F.                         HS01  
Ealy, Vicki L.                          SHU1  
Ealy, Wilbert                           2000  
Ealy, William                           1975  
Ealy, William S.                        PAT1  
Earhart, Sally Q.                       1999  
Earnest, Alice R.                       1986  
Earnest, Charles W.                     DAV2  
Earnest, Charles W.                     HS01  
Earnest, Clara B.                       1975  
Earnest, Clarence                       HS01  
Earnest, Cora Howard                    HS03  
Earnest, Ellen                          2000  
Earnest, Emily                          HAW1  
Earnest, Hettie W.                      HS03  
Earnest, James William                  HS01  
Earnest, John                           DAV1  
Earnest, Josie                          HS02  
Earnest, Josie May                      PAT1  
Earnest, Josie May                      PIT1  
Earnest, Lloyd Franklin                 HS04  
Earnest, Mary Phillippi                 HS01  
Earnest, Ruth L.                        HS02  
Earnest, Samuel Griffith                HS01  
Earnest, Samuel H.                      HS02  
Earnest, Virginia Buzzard               HS04  
Easley, Barkley                         SHU1  
Easley, Clara Garner                    1987  
Easley, Clara Garner                    PIT1  
Easterday, Harold                       HS02  
Eastman, H. James                       HS04  
Eaton, Anna Louise                      DAV4  
Eaton, Bertha L.                        2003  
Eaton, Bertha L.                        PIT1  
Eaton, Charles E.                       DAV3  
Eaton, David                            DAV5  
Eaton, Granville                        DAV5  
Eaton, Granville K.                     PIT1  
Eaton, Harold E.                        1987  
Eaton, Jessie Pryor                     HS01  
Eaton, John                             DAV5  
Eaton, John s.                          SHU1  
Eaton, Lois E.                          2002  
Eaton, Olive                            DAV5  
Eaton, Robert Kylr                      1986  
Eaton, Susan Gwyn                       DAV1  
Eaton, Wesley                           HS03  
Eaton, William                          DAV1  
Eaton, William Carl                     2004  
Eaton, William J.                       DAV4  
Eberhart, Floyd B.                      1975  
Eberhart, Frank                         DAV1  
Eberhart, Lucretia Garrison             HS04  
Eberhart, Virda                         2004  
Eckels, Walter                          1995  
Eckert, Aldene                          2005  
Eckhardt, Mearl H. Dean                 1993  
Eckles, Tiffany Lee                     1991  
Eddy, A. Raymond                        CRA1  
Eddy, Alexander S.                      1985  
Eddy, Allen Jacob                       1999  
Eddy, Amanda Patterson                  HS02  
Eddy, Bernard Lee                       HEA1  
Eddy, Billy D.                          1992  
Eddy, Catherine M.                      2007  
Eddy, Charles F.                        1994  
Eddy, Crystal Lynne                     1999  
Eddy, Delores R. Patterson              1993  
Eddy, Derrick Allen                     1999  
Eddy, Don J.                            HEA1  
Eddy, Donald R.                         1991  
Eddy, Dorothy Morris                    1990  
Eddy, Earl                              1989  
Eddy, Edna S.                           2002  
Eddy, Edward                            2000  
Eddy, Edward L.                         1987  
Eddy, Edward O.                         2005  
Eddy, Elizabeth H.                      WEL1  
Eddy, Ella Mae                          HS01  
Eddy, Ellen Jo                          1999  
Eddy, Emojean McNeely                   2007  
Eddy, Florence B.                       1975  
Eddy, Floyd                             1986  
Eddy, Gail Masters                      1986  
Eddy, Gail Masters                      HEA1  
Eddy, Gail Masters                      PIT1  
Eddy, Geraldine                         2004  
Eddy, Goldie May                        HS02  
Eddy, Goldie Y.                         1978  
Eddy, Helen J.                          1985  
Eddy, Helen J.                          PIT1  
Eddy, Helen Louise                      2003  
Eddy, Helene M. Morris                  2005  
Eddy, Irene                             1998  
Eddy, Iris K. Dean                      1994  
Eddy, Jacob                             HEA1  
Eddy, James S.                          2006  
Eddy, Jesse                             2000  
Eddy, Jesse J.                          1985  
Eddy, Jesse N.                          PIT1  
Eddy, John William                      HS03  
Eddy, Joseph                            2000  
Eddy, Joseph                            PIT1  
Eddy, Kenneth Eugene                    2001  
Eddy, Lawrence A.                       2006  
Eddy, Leon O.                           1990  
Eddy, Linda Lee                         2004  
Eddy, Lloyd G.                          1975  
Eddy, Lloyd G.                          PAT1  
Eddy, Louis                             1989  
Eddy, Louisa W.                         HS02  
Eddy, Louisa W.                         PAT1  
Eddy, Luella Ann                        1988  
Eddy, Luther A.                         HEA1  
Eddy, Luther A.                         HS01  
Eddy, Luther A.                         HS04  
Eddy, Lyle                              PIT1  
Eddy, Mae V.                            2001  
Eddy, Margaret J. Newell                HS01  
Eddy, Margaret Sarah                    HS02  
Eddy, Mary Kalafsky                     2005  
Eddy, Melody Ann                        HS02  
Eddy, Melody Ann                        PAT1  
Eddy, Michael D.                        SHU1  
Eddy, Michael S.                        SHU1  
Eddy, Michael Stephen                   PIT1  
Eddy, Neva Urcelene                     1985  
Eddy, Paul O.                           WEL1  
Eddy, Quentin O.                        1995  
Eddy, Quentin O.                        PIT1  
Eddy, Ralph                             WEL1  
Eddy, Rebecca Lynn Blake                2007  
Eddy, Ross                              HEA1  
Eddy, Ruth A.                           2006  
Eddy, Samuel E.                         1994  
Eddy, Samuel H.                         HS02  
Eddy, Samuel H.                         PAT1  
Eddy, Samuel H.                         PIT1  
Eddy, Samuel Osborne                    HS02  
Eddy, Sara Ann                          1999  
Eddy, Shelia R.                         1997  
Eddy, Simmie Ray                        HS03  
Eddy, Spencer E.                        1999  
Eddy, Stanley H.                        1987  
Eddy, Stanton                           1998  
Eddy, Stella                            1989  
Eddy, Thomas                            DAV1  
Eddy, Thomas E.                         HAW1  
Eddy, Thomas Jacob                      HS01  
Eddy, Thomas R.                         2006  
Eddy, Willis                            DAV5  
Eddy, Willis Harold                     PIT1  
Edenfield, Evelyn M.                    DAV3  
Edgar, A. Mae Cooke                     1994  
Edgar, Aldine Brown                     HS04  
Edgar, Alice A.                         DAV4  
Edgar, Ann Hodgson                      PAT1  
Edgar, Belle                            HEA1  
Edgar, Belle                            HS01  
Edgar, Bycie Day                        DAV4  
Edgar, Bycie Day                        HS01  
Edgar, Cassie Shriver                   2002  
Edgar, Clarence                         HS04  
Edgar, Clementine M.                    1991  
Edgar, Donald                           1990  
Edgar, Doris Ruth                       93DR  
Edgar, Dorothy Church                   2004  
Edgar, Earl R.                          1993  
Edgar, Edward E.                        1988  
Edgar, Edward E.                        PAT1  
Edgar, Eleanor Areford                  2004  
Edgar, Elmer                            1978  
Edgar, Elsie E.                         1999  
Edgar, Emma Yeager                      HEA1  
Edgar, Ivan                             DAV2  
Edgar, James L.                         2004  
Edgar, John                             1987  
Edgar, Kathryn M.                       2003  
Edgar, Lavonna                          1995  
Edgar, Melvin L.                        1995  
Edgar, Raymond O.                       1994  
Edgar, Reba Eoline                      93DR  
Edgar, Sara L.                          2007  
Edgar, Thomas Reuben                    WEL1  
Edgar, Thompson                         WEL1  
Edgar, Thompson Reuben                  HEA1  
Edgar, Willa M.                         93DR  
Edgar, William                          1998  
Edger, Neil                             1999  
Edson, Gertrude Charlotte               1986  
Edwards, Allison Danielle               1994  
Edwards, E. Louise                      2004  
Edwards, Earl                           1986  
Edwards, Pearl                          1989  
Edwards, Phyllis Gay                    1996  
Edwards, Stewart                        SHU1  
Efaw, Anna Olive                        HS03  
Efaw, Annie Jones                       HEA1  
Efaw, Charles                           HS01  
Efaw, Florence M. Neal                  1994  
Efaw, Gerald D.                         2002  
Efaw, Harry O.                          2006  
Efaw, Hester                            1995  
Efaw, Jesse W.                          HS03  
Efaw, Kenneth W.                        2004  
Efaw, Mailon                            1986  
Efaw, Orville Kenneth                   1986  
Efaw, Phyllis                           2000  
Efaw, Regina R.                         2004  
Efaw, Samuel Clark                      HS02  
Efaw, Samuel Clark                      PAT1  
Efaw, Thomas L.                         1994  
Efaw, William C.                        2002  
Efaw, Wilma Amanda                      2007  
Eggars, Ocie P.                         2002  
Egger, Edward H.                        PIT1  
Egger, Ethel                            2003  
Egger, Frank                            DAV5  
Egger, Frank                            SHU1  
Eggers, Carl E.                         SHU1  
Eggers, Grover C.                       1987  
Eggers, Joseph                          2004  
Eggers, Mildred E.                      2006  
Eggers, William A.                      HS02  
Egros, Agnes S.                         1987  
Eichenlaub, Agnes                       HS03  
Eichenlaub, Robert M.                   1997  
Eisiminger, Agnes                       PIT1  
Eisiminger, Agnes C.                    2001  
Eisiminger, Bernard A.                  2007  
Eisiminger, Billy C.                    DAV4  
Eisiminger, Billy C.                    HS03  
Eisiminger, Charles J.                  PIT1  
Eisiminger, Charles M.                  PIT1  
Eisiminger, Charles W.                  HS01  
Eisiminger, Clara Ellen                 HS01  
Eisiminger, Creal                       HS01  
Eisiminger, Donna B.                    2001  
Eisiminger, Elsie Louise                WEL1  
Eisiminger, George M.                   PIT1  
Eisiminger, George W.                   TAY2  
Eisiminger, Helen M. Ketchum            1996  
Eisiminger, Helen Walker                PIT1  
Eisiminger, Iola M.                     PIT1  
Eisiminger, Iola McCracken              1996  
Eisiminger, Jack P.                     1997  
Eisiminger, Jack P.                     PIT1  
Eisiminger, James                       WEL1  
Eisiminger, Jesse L.                    PAT1  
Eisiminger, Jesse Lazear                PAT1  
Eisiminger, John                        MOR1  
Eisiminger, John B.                     PAT1  
Eisiminger, Lorena E.                   PIT1  
Eisiminger, Lorena E. Ferguson          1990  
Eisiminger, Marie                       PIT1  
Eisiminger, Owen Jesse                  HS04  
Eisiminger, Patrick                     PIT1  
Eisiminger, Ruth                        1975  
Eisiminger, Ruth                        DAV4  
Eisiminger, Ruth                        PIT1  
Eisiminger, Ruth L.                     1999  
Eisiminger, Ruth L.                     PIT1  
Eisiminger, S. B.                       TAY2  
Eisiminger, Thomas A.                   1994  
Eisiminger, Thomas A.                   PIT1  
Eisiminger, Thomas P.                   WEL1  
Eisminiger, Jesse Lazer                 HS02  
Eisminiger, John B.                     HS02  
Eisminiger, Marie                       HS02  
Eitner, Mary                            1989  
Eitner, Rickie Lee                      1978  
Elbin, Doyle                            HS01  
Elbin, Nellie N.                        SHU1  
Elbin, Weir W.                          1975  
Elder, David E.                         DAV2  
Elder, Elizabeth H.                     HS03  
Eldred, Harry Jarvis                    2003  
Elefterin, William                      HS04  
Elek, Anna Sokol                        1991  
Elerick, Willard E.                     2001  
Elia, Rose                              1996  
Elias, Alexandria                       2004  
Elizalde, Patricia A.                   1988  
Elks, Clair R.                          HS04  
Ellams, Arine                           93DR  
Elleard, Bernice K.                     1985  
Elleard, George E.                      1978  
Ellenberger, Garland M., Mrs.           DAV4  
Ellenberger, J. S.                      HS04  
Ellenberger, Percy M.                   HS01  
Ellenberger, S. J.                      1994  
Ellenberger, William                    1992  
Eller, John                             GS01  
Eller, Margaret Lyon                    HAW1  
Ellie, Inez Garber                      HS02  
Elliot, James G.                        PAT1  
Elliot, Mary M.                         WEL1  
Elliott, George M. Maze                 2004  
Elliott, Icy Slonaker                   HS01  
Elliott, J. Edward                      1995  
Elliott, James L.                       2004  
Elliott, John L.                        HS01  
Elliott, Lois I. Townsend               2005  
Elliott, Lucretia White                 1993  
Elliott, Lucy Vankirk                   DAV2  
Elliott, Mabel Crago                    HS04  
Elliott, Mildred Gail                   93DR  
Elliott, Mildred Smith                  2007  
Elliott, N. Irene                       2007  
Elliott, Patti Jo Marie                 2004  
Elliott, Ruth                           93DR  
Elliott, Zelma                          93DR  
Ellis, David William                    2001  
Ellis, Diane G.                         2002  
Ellis, Gail Grim                        1992  
Ellis, John                             2000  
Ellis, Stanley                          HS01  
Ellis, Susan Harton                     1996  
Ellis, Virginia Mary                    2002  
Ellks, Edward R.                        1993  
Ellsworth, Ralph                        DAV5  
Ellsworth, Ralph                        SHU1  
Elms, Alice H.                          1992  
Elms, Bessie Lewis                      HS04  
Elms, G. Harvey                         WEL1  
Elms, George G,                         PAT1  
Elms, George Gordon                     1988  
Elms, Grace                             DAV5  
Elms, Jack                              DAV1  
Elms, John W.                           HS03  
Elms, John William                      DAV4  
Elms, Margaret C.                       DAV2  
Elms, Sarah                             PAT1  
Elnikar, Joseph R.                      1999  
Elnikar, Mary                           SHU1  
Elniker, Stanley A.                     2003  
Elsbury, Beverley K. McMannes           1993  
Elson, Erma Mae                         HS03  
Elsworth, James R.                      SHU1  
Elsworth, Ralph W.                      SHU1  
Ely, Aliff P.                           1999  
Ely, Anna                               MOR2  
Ely, Anna H.                            WEL1  
Ely, Anna Montgomery                    HS01  
Ely, Bessie Mitchel                     1994  
Ely, Caleb                              WEL1  
Ely, Carl W.                            1992  
Ely, Charles A.                         HS01  
Ely, Charles C.                         1985  
Ely, Cora B.                            GAN1  
Ely, Donald J.                          PAT1  
Ely, Elijah C.                          PAT1  
Ely, Ernest S.                          1995  
Ely, Esta E.                            WEL1  
Ely, Estella Stewart                    1995  
Ely, Ethel Rose                         HS01  
Ely, Harry                              HS01  
Ely, Hazel C.                           1999  
Ely, Herbert Raymond                    HS02  
Ely, Hiram, Mrs.                        HS03  
Ely, Ida H.                             WEL1  
Ely, J. P.                              1998  
Ely, James                              2000  
Ely, James H.                           2003  
Ely, James H.                           DAV4  
Ely, Jane                               WEL1  
Ely, Margaret                           2003  
Ely, Margaret V.                        DAV5  
Ely, Margaret V.                        PIT1  
Ely, Mary Garrison                      2004  
Ely, Mary K. Throckmorton               TAY2  
Ely, Mary Lee                           PAT1  
Ely, Raymond H.                         SHU1  
Ely, Robert W.                          SHU1  
Ely, Ruby                               DAV1  
Ely, W. Edward                          1996  
Ely, Wilbur                             DAV5  
Ely, Woodrow W.                         1994  
Emanuel, Gizella                        HS02  
Emerick, Sherri Lynn Riggs              1992  
Emerling, Kenneth                       DAV5  
Emerling, Kenneth C.                    PAT1  
Emerson, Alvin                          1989  
Emerson, Carrie                         1975  
Emerson, Dennis R.                      1997  
Emerson, James                          1985  
Emerson, Karen Blackburn                1985  
Emerson, Mary Jane Means                HS02  
Emerson, Richard C.                     1997  
Emery, Benjamin F.                      1999  
Emery, Mable                            1989  
Emery, Raymond H.                       1999  
Emery, Sadie E. Chambers                Bane  
Emmerich, Eunice                        2000  
Emmerling, Kenneth Clayton              1993  
Emmerling, Mildred                      PAT1  
Emph, Edith                             1995  
Enci, Jack                              HS01  
Enci, Mary                              1985  
Endler, Hermann                         1986  
Engel, Mabel                            2000  
Engelhardt, August H.                   1978  
England, Anthony J.                     SHU1  
Engle, Alta                             93DR  
Engle, Bertha Cage Edwards              HS04  
Engle, Doris Parson                     1996  
Engle, Doris Parson                     PIT1  
Engle, Edith M.                         SHU1  
Engle, Emma                             WEL1  
Engle, Ida G.                           SHU1  
Engle, James Rufus                      1999  
Engle, Lloyd F.                         HS02  
Engle, Lloyd F.                         PAT1  
Engle, Mabel D. Morris                  1993  
Engle, Margaret A.                      PAT1  
Engle, Margaret A.                      WEL1  
Engle, Nancy                            PAT1  
Engle, Peter S.                         PAT1  
Engle, Peter S.                         WEL1  
Engle, Robert G.                        1988  
Engle, Roy S.                           2006  
English, Carl                           DAV5  
English, Carl W.                        1978  
English, Daniel James                   1996  
English, Edward                         DAV5  
English, Emerson H.                     1993  
English, Emerson H.                     93DR  
English, Harry C.                       2002  
English, Margaret Joyce                 DAV2  
English, Michael J.                     DAV4  
English, Michael J.                     HS04  
English, Mildred C.                     DAV4  
English, Mildred E. Cozard              HS04  
English, Quentin R.                     DAV4  
English, Sarah                          2000  
English, Thomas A.                      DAV3  
English, William John                   DAV4  
English, William John                   HS04  
Enlow, John                             1989  
Enoch, Henry                            MOR3  
Enoff, Dick                             SHU1  
Enoff, Emil R.                          1992  
Ensminger, Ruth H.                      1995  
Enstrom, Eric A.                        DAV4  
Enstrom, Eric A.                        HS02  
Enstrom, Erica A.                       PAT1  
Enstrom, Harry F.                       2001  
Enstrom, Henry A.                       DAV4  
Enstrom, Margaret H.                    1999  
Enstrom, Oscar                          1989  
Entler, Emily L.                        HS02  
Eppley, Dwight Barnard                  DAV4  
Eppley, Dwight Barnard                  HS04  
Erhart, Earl T.                         SHU1  
Erjavek, Agnes                          1988  
Erjavek, John L.                        2006  
Ermacoff, McClese I.                    2004  
Ernest, Alfred                          HS04  
Ernest, Harold                          HS04  
Ernest, Hazel Virginia Hicks            HS01  
Ernest, Lizzie                          SHU1  
Ernest, Maude Mary Anderson             HS04  
Ernest, William                         SHU1  
Ersagovich, Edward                      1995  
Eslinger, Evelyn B.                     PIT1  
Eslinger, Evelyn B.                     SHU1  
Eslinger, Howard N.                     1997  
Essary, William G.                      1997  
Estanich, Otis F.                       2007  
Estel, Albert R.                        SHU1  
Estel, Charles Leroy                    DAV4  
Estel, Eli                              HS04  
Estel, Erdice I.                        HS03  
Estel, Jesse                            1975  
Estel, John Dewaine                     HS04  
Estel, John L.                          HS04  
Estel, Kenneth                          HAW1  
Estel, Mary M. Mundell                  DAV2  
Estel, Violet L.                        HS02  
Estel, William J.                       HS03  
Estel, William L.                       DAV1  
Estle, Betty J.                         2001  
Estle, Harold L.                        1990  
Estle, John                             MOR1  
Estle, Ross                             HEA1  
Estle, Ross                             WEL1  
Estvanic, John                          DAV5  
Estvanic, John M.                       SHU1  
Estvanic, Manda                         DAV4  
Estvanic, Manda                         HS03  
Estvanic, Margaret                      2001  
Estvanic, Matthew                       DAV4  
Estvanic, Matthew                       HS03  
Estvanic, Steve                         DAV5  
Estvanic, Steve J.                      1985  
Etheredge, Edward H.                    HS03  
Eubank, Terry Kuran                     HS02  
Eusanio, Anna Dascenzo                  HS04  
Eustis, Leola                           2000  
Evancheck, Pauline A.                   1999  
Evanesky, Mary                          DAV5  
Evans, Ada V.                           1975  
Evans, Ada V.                           PAT1  
Evans, Arthur                           1989  
Evans, Belle F.                         HS02  
Evans, Belle F.                         PAT1  
Evans, Betty Lou Lyon                   1990  
Evans, Blanche                          HS01  
Evans, Carl                             1989  
Evans, Charles Minor                    DAV3  
Evans, Cora F. Henderson                HS04  
Evans, Delbert L.                       1990  
Evans, Della W.                         HS03  
Evans, Edward L.                        1975  
Evans, Eliza                            GS01  
Evans, Emma                             DAV1  
Evans, Emma Boydstone                   WEL1  
Evans, Erma                             HS02  
Evans, Gladys L.                        HS02  
Evans, Gladys Mae                       HS04  
Evans, H. Madeline                      1993  
Evans, Harry B.                         HS01  
Evans, Harry H.                         HS01  
Evans, Helen                            DAV5  
Evans, Helga Rogge                      1986  
Evans, Hilda A.                         1993  
Evans, Hilda A.                         93DR  
Evans, Ida Garner                       HS01  
Evans, Ida Mae                          DAV4  
Evans, Irene M.                         1987  
Evans, J. Oscar                         1975  
Evans, J. Oscar                         GAN1  
Evans, James                            2000  
Evans, James Alfred                     1991  
Evans, James Parker                     HS04  
Evans, Jesse A.                         HS01  
Evans, Josie Lee                        1995  
Evans, Kenneth B.                       PAT1  
Evans, L. C.                            DAV3  
Evans, Laura Edna                       1975  
Evans, Leah Rose Fox                    2007  
Evans, Lucretia                         PAT1  
Evans, Mabel Irene Grinnage             1991  
Evans, Mabel Shaw                       1997  
Evans, Margaret M.                      DAV2  
Evans, Mary D.                          HS02  
Evans, Mary M.                          2005  
Evans, Nathan E.                        DAV3  
Evans, Opal P.                          2005  
Evans, Pearl Collins                    1990  
Evans, Robert E.                        HS02  
Evans, Rose                             HS03  
Evans, Ross                             HS04  
Evans, Sara                             DAV1  
Evans, Stockton H.                      WEL1  
Evans, Thomas F.                        1990  
Evans, Thomas Floyd                     1986  
Evans, Wilbur                           2000  
Evans, William                          93DR  
Evans, William E.                       1995  
Evans, William G.                       HS04  
Evans, William H.                       HEA1  
Evans, Wilma Ruth                       1987  
Evanseky, Mary E.                       1985  
Evendole, Michael                       HS01  
Everett, Eliza Summersgill              1995  
Everett, Matthew Warren                 1985  
Everly, Anna M.                         WEL1  
Everly, Bernice Louise Hillen           2005  
Everly, Eva Keener                      WEL1  
Everly, Faith Catherine                 1993  
Everly, Fred                            PAT1  
Everly, Goldie Rumble                   1992  
Everly, Grover C.                       HS01  
Everly, Guy                             DAV5  
Everly, Guy E.                          SHU1  
Everly, Hazel Delilah                   1975  
Everly, Heyward                         DAV4  
Everly, Heyward                         HS04  
Everly, John Shirl                      HS02  
Everly, Lillian                         DAV5  
Everly, Lillie N.                       HS03  
Everly, Louise                          HS03  
Everly, Marcellus M.                    WEL1  
Everly, Margaret                        WEL1  
Everly, Mary Cumpston                   HS02  
Everly, Mary Elizabeth Haines           HS01  
Everly, Mary Shehl                      1992  
Everly, Minor                           DAV3  
Everly, Richard                         HS04  
Everly, Samuel L.                       PIT1  
Everly, Vance                           HS01  
Everly, William                         2000  
Everly, William                         PAT1  
Evosevich, Michael                      2005  
Evosevich, Milan                        1987  
Evosirch, Pete                          1985  
Evosirich, Mike                         DAV4  
Evosirich, Mike                         HS03  
Evosirich, Nick                         2001  
Evosirich, Sarah S.                     HS03  
Evosirvich, Pete                        DAV5  
Ewart, Alice S.                         WEL1  
Ewart, Andrew                           2002  
Ewart, Arleigh K.                       HS02  
Ewart, Arthur William                   DAV4  
Ewart, Arthur William                   HS02  
Ewart, Arthur William                   PAT1  
Ewart, Ary J.                           HS04  
Ewart, Calvin C.                        1990  
Ewart, Clarence                         DAV5  
Ewart, Clarence                         SHU1  
Ewart, Donald C.                        HS02  
Ewart, Edna                             HS02  
Ewart, Edna G.                          CRA1  
Ewart, Emma L.                          2006  
Ewart, Fremont                          1991  
Ewart, Glady B.                         DAV5  
Ewart, Herbert N.                       1992  
Ewart, I. O.                            HS01  
Ewart, Israel B.                        1992  
Ewart, J. L.                            HS01  
Ewart, Jessie D.                        SHU1  
Ewart, Lillie Elizabeth                 2007  
Ewart, Lloyd Harry                      HS04  
Ewart, Lydia Cowell                     DAV3  
Ewart, Martin                           SHU1  
Ewart, Mary L.                          2005  
Ewart, Matilda N.                       WEL1  
Ewart, Minor M.                         DAV3  
Ewart, Nancy E.                         SHU1  
Ewart, Olive H. May                     1993  
Ewart, Pearl                            1975  
Ewart, Pearl                            DAV4  
Ewart, Pearl                            PAT1  
Ewart, Thomas William                   1996  
Ewart, Wanita R.                        PAT1  
Ewart, Wanita Rood                      DAV4  
Ewart, William M.                       WEL1  
Ewing, Bertha J.                        HS02  
Ewing, C. Elgie                         1990  
Ewing, Charles Edward                   HS04  
Ewing, Franklin                         HS02  
Ewing, Gaylord L.                       SHU1  
Ewing, Hollis G.                        HS02  
Ewing, Homer                            1991  
Ewing, Lewis M.                         1996  
Ewing, Lillian                          HS02  
Ewing, Margaret M. Breese               HS04  
Ewing, Robert L.                        2001  
Ewing, Wilda R.                         1986  
Ewing, Wilma                            1989  
Exosirch, Rudy                          2004  

Name                                    Book
Fabery, Ann Kundrick                    1993  
Fabery, Donald S.                       2006  
Fabery, Mary                            2000  
Fabery, Mike R.                         SHU1  
Fabery, Richard Anthony                 1987  
Fabery, Robert S.                       2004  
Fabery, Ruth A.                         2001  
Fabery, Steve                           2000  
Fabery, Steve L.                        1985  
Fabian, Andrew                          2000  
Fabian, Anne J.                         1995  
Fabian, John E.                         1986  
Fabian, Mary Louise                     2005  
Fabian, Mary M. Bizik                   1990  
Fabisik, John                           HS01  
Fabrey, Hilda K.                        SHU1  
Faddis, Bertha Darrah                   HS02  
Faddis, Charles I.                      GAN1  
Faddis, Charles I.                      PAT1  
Faddis, Charles L.                      DAV4  
Faddis, Elizabeth                       1992  
Faddis, Erba Long                       1990  
Faddis, Estella Kurtyka                 DAV4  
Faddis, Flora Belle                     1985  
Faddis, Frances Blanche                 DAV3  
Faddis, Frances Blanche                 WEL1  
Faddis, G. Elizabeth                    HS04  
Faddis, George                          DAV4  
Faddis, George                          HS04  
Faddis, Henry Clay                      1993  
Faddis, James M.                        2007  
Faddis, Jane Morris                     1992  
Faddis, John                            DAV2  
Faddis, Lucille                         DAV5  
Faddis, Paula Connelly                  2001  
Faddis, Paula Connelly                  PIT1  
Faddis, Pauline                         DAV1  
Faddis, Samuel C.                       1992  
Faddis, Samuel Crans                    PAT1  
Faddis, Scott E.                        1990  
Faddis, Scott Edward                    GAN1  
Faddis, Thomas M.                       DAV2  
Faddis, Violet T.                       2003  
Faddis, William                         DAV1  
Faddis, William George                  1985  
Fagan, Alice Durr                       HS02  
Fagan, Mary Olive                       93DR  
Fagiani, Costanza                       1978  
Fahey, James H.                         HS02  
Fahey, John                             HS04  
Fahey, Julia T.                         SHU1  
Fahey, Robert W.                        2002  
Fahey, Sophia K.                        1999  
Faieta, Donato                          HS02  
Faieta, Joan M. Varto                   HS02  
Faieta, Josephine                       1987  
Fair, Ester M.                          SHU1  
Fair, Sarah Lyon                        HS04  
Fairman, Theresa M.                     2002  
Fairman, Wayne R.                       1994  
Faith, Harry R.                         1975  
Falcon, Rita Ceccarelli                 1999  
Falcon, Robert H.                       2002  
Falconi, Jennie                         93DR  
Falor, Doyle H.                         1988  
Falor, E. Lucille                       1985  
Falvo, David Joseph                     2004  
Fameli, Irene A.                        2003  
Famularo, Benjamin F.                   1986  
Famularo, Joseph                        1987  
Fandozzi, Geraldine                     2007  
Fansler, Bridget Hennessey              HS04  
Fansler, Tiffany Louise                 1993  
Farabee, Brenda Marie                   DAV5  
Farabee, Charles C.                     2002  
Farabee, Charles C.                     HS02  
Farabee, Cleve                          WEL1  
Farabee, Don F.                         1990  
Farabee, Dorothy Ruth                   1995  
Farabee, Earl                           HS02  
Farabee, Homer B.                       1985  
Farabee, Ida                            HS03  
Farabee, Margaret C.                    1987  
Farabee, Margaret Jane                  HS01  
Farabee, Nancy                          TAY2  
Farabee, Nancy E.                       HS03  
Farabee, Thomas J.                      2006  
Farabee, Virginia                       1999  
Farabee, William R.                     1991  
Farace, Felix                           HS01  
Farkas, Elmer P.                        2004  
Farkas, Joseph                          HS04  
Farmer, Harriet Schreiber               PAT1  
Farrah, Brahim                          1985  
Farrah, Mildred                         2004  
Farrar, Jakob Michael                   2007  
Farrar, June                            2000  
Farrel, Irene                           1992  
Farrell, Charles                        1989  
Farrell, Frank A.                       1999  
Farrell, Harry                          2000  
Farrell, Ina Smith                      WEL1  
Farrell, Irene                          1991  
Farrell, Irene                          PIT1  
Farrell, Mary                           1998  
Farrell, Mildred E.                     1996  
Farrell, Robert J.                      WEL1  
Farris, Harry R.                        2002  
Farrison, Fred                          PAT1  
Farrrar, Myranda Lynn                   2006  
Fartley, Charles K.                     HS02  
Fartley, Julia Ann                      HS02  
Fatkin, Eleanor                         DAV1  
Faucett, Earnest T.                     HS03  
Faust, James                            1998  
Faust, James Christian                  2007  
Faux, Charles Arthur                    1978  
Faux, Charles Arthur                    PIT1  
Faux, Eldred C.                         1987  
Faux, Irene                             2002  
Faux, Jessie Louise                     HS02  
Faux, Linnie S.                         PIT1  
Faux, Linnie Stewart                    1978  
Fawcett, Billie S.                      1997  
Fawley, Mary Lou Wells                  HS01  
Fazekas, Donald J.                      1996  
Fazzari, Angeline                       2004  
Fazzari, Anthony                        1995  
Fazzari, Joseph                         1990  
Fazzari, Theodore L.                    1996  
Fearer, Ernest                          2000  
Fearer, Frank                           1998  
Fearer, Marie                           1985  
Fearer, Peggy Owen                      1994  
Feather, Bernice Riley                  1992  
Feather, Ed Custer                      2006  
Feather, Grace Martha Smith             1986  
Feather, Lloyd C.                       1978  
Fecheck, Frank J.                       SHU1  
Feconda, Ruth                           93DR  
Fecsko, Helen J.                        1999  
Fecsko, Theresa                         1997  
Fecteau, Patricia                       2000  
Fefolt, Dennis A.                       2002  
Fehl, Mildred E.                        1985  
Fehling, Frederick W.                   1999  
Feich, Andy                             DAV1  
Feitt, Mark McKinley                    DAV4  
Feitt, Paul                             DAV4  
Feitt, Paul                             HS02  
Feitt, Suda H.                          DAV4  
Feitt, Suda H., Mrs.                    HS03  
Feldman, Allan Lee                      PIT1  
Feldman, Allen Lee                      HS04  
Felix, Shirley A. White                 2002  
Fell, Joseph E.                         1999  
Fell, Leroy M.                          2004  
Fell, Rose                              1998  
Felski, Clareece Ruth                   1999  
Felton, Bertha                          93DR  
Fencil, James                           1993  
Fencil, James                           93DR  
Fencil, Mary                            2007  
Fenske, Augusta                         PAT1  
Fenske, Herman R.                       1975  
Fenske, Herman R.                       PAT1  
Fenstermacher, A. Alice Kull            1996  
Ferek, Stan                             2000  
Ferek, Stanley W.                       SHU1  
Ferenc, Stanley                         1978  
Ferencak, Helen                         HS03  
Ferencak, Helen K.                      DAV4  
Ferencak, Madlyn                        1998  
Ferencak, Robert P.                     1987  
Ferguson, A. F.                         PAT1  
Ferguson, Alberta Adams                 1993  
Ferguson, Anne B.                       1997  
Ferguson, Arthur L.                     HS04  
Ferguson, Caroline E.                   WEL1  
Ferguson, James C.                      HS01  
Ferguson, Marie                         WEL1  
Ferguson, Mary B.                       1985  
Ferguson, Roy C.                        HS02  
Ferrari, Biggs                          1993  
Ferrari, Mary                           HS01  
Ferrari, Norma G. Lynn                  1991  
Ferrari, Peter                          2000  
Ferrari, Rita May                       2002  
Ferrari, Rose Marie                     93DR  
Ferrari, Ubert                          2007  
Ferrari, William                        2005  
Ferraro, Martha Maslanka                HS04  
Ferree, Frances E. Nedley               HS01  
Ferree, George Reed                     1992  
Ferree, Thelma Frazier                  1997  
Ferrell, Eliza Elizabeth Gidley         WEL1  
Ferrell, Harry H.                       SHU1  
Ferrell, Harvey W.                      1996  
Ferrell, Madge                          1989  
Ferrell, Margaret Smith                 HAW1  
Ferrell, Retta                          WEL1  
Ferrell, Roberta A.                     SHU1  
Ferrell, Vera G.                        1978  
Ferri, Robert Allan                     2004  
Fetherlin, Ferne N.                     93DR  
Fetherlin, George Herschel              2004  
Fetkenhour, Margaret E.                 93DR  
Fetterman, Blanford                     2004  
Fetterman, Shirley Ann Allshouse        1994  
Fetty, Elizabeth O. Bower               HS01  
Fetty, Lena M.                          2004  
Fetty, Lester E.                        HS03  
Few, Anna                               GM01  
Fezie, Esther I.                        HS02  
Fezie, Gilbert                          1975  
Fezie, Helen                            2007  
Fezie, Jennie Chekosky                  2006  
Fezie, Joseph                           HS03  
Fiala, Mary                             1986  
Fiala, Paul A.                          2004  
Fiala, Sally                            1998  
Fiala, Suzanne H,                       2003  
Fickey, Mildred                         2006  
Fidler, Evelyn C.                       2004  
Fiedor, Dorothy                         SHU1  
Field, Mary                             GS01  
Fields , Ruby L. Landman                2007  
Fields , Tammy L.                       2007  
Fields, Charles                         1989  
Fields, Darlene Rene Ross               1992  
Fields, Donald M.                       1985  
Fields, James William                   1985  
Fields, John M.                         GM01  
Fields, John M.                         HS03  
Fields, Opal Chaney                     1987  
Fields, Rosa A.                         GM01  
Fields, Sarah Bell                      1985  
Fields, Virginia Jane                   1985  
Fields, Virginia Mae Knisley            1994  
Fieldson, Robert F.                     HS02  
Fieldson, William Henry                 WEL1  
Fieldson, William J.                    DAV4  
Figel, Justine Butalia                  2003  
Fike , Robert C.                        2007  
Fike, Bertha Mae                        HS03  
Fike, Bertha May                        DAV4  
Fike, Charles                           DAV2  
Fike, Dorothy J.                        1999  
Fike, Effie Mae McDowell                1996  
Fike, Gertrude Tilton                   WEL1  
Fike, J. Earl                           1986  
Fike, Joseph W.                         1987  
Fike, Lossie Guesman                    DAV2  
Fike, Myrtle L.                         1997  
Fike, Walter E.                         DAV4  
Fike, Walter E.                         HS03  
Filbey, Charles R.                      1995  
Filbey, Frances R.                      2005  
Filbey, George Bayard                   HS01  
Filbey, Gertrude L.                     HS04  
Filbey, Goldie                          1998  
Filbey, J. Earl                         DAV4  
Filbey, J. Earl                         HS04  
Filbey, James C.                        GM01  
Filbey, James C.                        HS02  
Filbey, James O.                        HS03  
Filbey, Jennie Hill                     DAV4  
Filbey, Jennie Hill                     HS01  
Filbey, Margaret E.                     1997  
Filbey, Margaret E.                     PIT1  
Filbey, Raymond                         1998  
Filby , John A.                         2006  
Filby, Allen S.                         HS04  
Filby, Billie Jean                      2002  
Filby, Charles A.                       DAV3  
Filby, Furman L.                        HS01  
Filby, Inez McMannis                    1989  
Filby, James B.                         SHU1  
Filby, John S.                          HEA1  
Filby, John W.                          DAV4  
Filby, Marie A.                         2002  
Filby, Orville A.                       SHU1  
Filby, William L.                       HS01  
Filby, Wilma E. Dille                   2002  
Filby, Winfield L.                      HS01  
Filer, Alfred W.                        DAV4  
Filer, Dana                             1998  
Filer, Dana E.                          PIT1  
Filer, Donald E.                        1997  
Filer, Donald E.                        PIT1  
Filer, Edith A.                         PIT1  
Filer, Edith Amelia                     DAV5  
Filer, Henry                            DAV4  
Filer, Robert Henry                     1997  
Filer, Robert Henry                     PIT1  
Filimek, Carl J.                        1995  
Filippelli, Ottavio                     93DR  
Filo, John                              DAV5  
Filo, Marie                             DAV5  
Filo, Marie Shriver                     1978  
Filo, Martha F.                         HS02  
Filson, Blanche                         DAV4  
Filson, Blanche                         HS04  
Finch, Anna Virginia Lawrence           1992  
Finch, Arthur                           1989  
Finch, Belle Cage                       HS01  
Finch, David                            GS01  
Finch, Doris Aldene                     2001  
Finch, Edward S.                        DAV2  
Finch, Effie Tharp                      1986  
Finch, Elizabeth                        1986  
Finch, Flora Eden                       HS01  
Finch, Floyd                            1986  
Finch, Floyd                            SHU1  
Finch, Fred F.                          HS04  
Finch, Iona B, Sellers                  DAV2  
Finch, James Floyd                      HS04  
Finch, Jean Rose                        GAN1  
Finch, Jennie                           HS03  
Finch, John                             HS03  
Finch, John                             PIT1  
Finch, Lucille L.                       1985  
Finch, Lydia Elizabeth                  HAW1  
Finch, Mae Kent                         HS03  
Finch, Maude L.                         HS03  
Finch, Milton B.                        DAV2  
Finch, Milton B.                        HS01  
Finch, Mona Voorheis                    HS01  
Finch, Robert L.                        1988  
Finch, Robert L.                        PAT1  
Finch, Ruth Dye                         1975  
Finch, Stella McDougal                  1991  
Finch, Thomas N.                        1988  
Finch, Thomas N.                        GAN1  
Finch, Thomas N.                        PAT1  
Finch, William                          DAV1  
Finch, William A.                       1995  
Finch, William Stanton                  1986  
Fincham, Donald W.                      1999  
Fincham, Edward Franklin                1996  
Findlay, Ivan                           HS04  
Findling, Mildred Pearl                 93DR  
Finlay, Alfred R.                       2003  
Finley, Grace Blasiole                  2004  
Finn, Terry                             1998  
Finn, Virginia Calvert                  1995  
Finnegan, Albert                        SHU1  
Finnegan, Carrie Welling                HS01  
Finnegan, Daniel R.                     HS01  
Finnegan, Daniel T.                     SHU1  
Finnegan, Delores                       1998  
Finnegan, Fred L.                       2001  
Finnegan, George A.                     1999  
Finnegan, James P.                      HS01  
Finnegan, Kenneth Leland                2007  
Finnegan, Mae                           1986  
Finnegan, Mary M, Gray                  1992  
Finnegan, Robert M.                     HS04  
Finnerin, Regina E.                     93DR  
Firestone, George M.                    1975  
Firestone, George M.                    DAV4  
Firestone, Hazel Holmes Toland          1978  
Firestone, Pearl                        SHU1  
Firestone, Susan L.                     DAV3  
Firestone, Vida M.                      93DR  
Firestone, Virginia S.                  1985  
Firestone, Woodrow W.                   1988  
Fischer, Donna                          DAV5  
Fischer, Frank  A.                      2007  
Fischer, Fred                           DAV5  
Fischer, Fred H.                        1992  
Fischer, Fred J.                        SHU1  
Fischer, Harry W.                       1996  
Fischer, James Lee                      DAV4  
Fischer, James Lee                      HS02  
Fischer, Jesse                          DAV5  
Fischer, John                           DAV4  
Fischer, John                           HS04  
Fischer, Louella Cowden                 1996  
Fischer, Mary                           1998  
Fischer, Vernice M.                     2006  
Fischer, Viola                          2005  
Fish, C. G.                             WEL1  
Fish, Charles F.                        HS04  
Fish, Cora Logsdon                      HS02  
Fish, George Edward                     HS04  
Fisher, Amelia                          DAV2  
Fisher, Anna Mary Coss                  1995  
Fisher, Betty Irene Owens               1996  
Fisher, Doris Fetty                     2006  
Fisher, Elizabeth                       DAV1  
Fisher, Florence                        93DR  
Fisher, Gertrude B.                     1988  
Fisher, J. James                        HS04  
Fisher, James A.                        1997  
Fisher, James Blaine                    1975  
Fisher, James R.                        1997  
Fisher, John A.                         2005  
Fisher, Joseph Earl                     1985  
Fisher, Julia Bucciarelli               2005  
Fisher, Laura Bierer                    1993  
Fisher, Mary A.                         2004  
Fisher, Mina J.                         SHU1  
Fisher, Nellie Savage                   1986  
Fisher, Olive J.                        1999  
Fisher, Phyllis K.                      1995  
Fisher, Ralph                           PAT1  
Fisher, Ralph W.                        1975  
Fisher, Steve J.                        1994  
Fisher, Teresa Ann                      1995  
Fisher, Virginia H.                     SHU1  
Fisher, William                         2007  
Fisher, William S.                      1975  
Fitch, Everett                          HS03  
Fitch, Everett Hartley                  DAV4  
Fitch, Hilary                           1989  
Fitch, Mabel Fulton                     1992  
Fitch, Ruth Tatum                       2004  
Fitz Randolph, Thomas                   DAV1  
Fitzgerald, Cecile                      2000  
Fitzgerald, Larah Lally                 HAW1  
Fitzgerald, William C.                  1988  
Fitzner, Margaret Lewis                 1992  
Fitzwater, Gladys                       2000  
Fitzwilliams, Lucille                   1998  
Flack, Mary Riddle                      HS03  
Flaherty, William G.                    SHU1  
Flanagan, Daisy S.                      1995  
Flanagan, Gladys M.                     1987  
Flanick, Maude K.                       1985  
Flanigan, Anna Evelyn                   DAV4  
Flanigan, Anna Evelyn                   HS02  
Flanigan, Peter Vincent                 HS04  
Fleckenstein, Patricia Hoge             2001  
Fleming, James                          1978  
Fleming, James                          DAV5  
Fleming, Joanna Shell                   1991  
Fleming, Joseph L.                      HS01  
Fleming, Minnie H.                      PAT1  
Fleming, Ruth E.                        2006  
Fleming, William A.                     2004  
Flemming, Josephine                     HS02  
Flemming, Minnie H.                     HS02  
Fleniken, Robert W.                     1994  
Flenniken, Alice Houston                HS01  
Flenniken, Annie B.                     DAV2  
Flenniken, Audrey                       2003  
Flenniken, Charles                      DAV4  
Flenniken, Charles                      HS04  
Flenniken, Clarence                     1975  
Flenniken, Daisy Bell Conn              DAV2  
Flenniken, Gisa                         2005  
Flenniken, Harleigh E.                  HS02  
Flenniken, Margaret Ellen               HS04  
Flenniken, Mary                         2003  
Flenniken, Ola F.                       SHU1  
Flenniken, Robert                       DAV1  
Flenniken, Tillie E.                    1999  
Flenniken, William G.                   1993  
Flesher, Ethelyn Newill                 1986  
Flesher, Roy Edison                     HS04  
Flesher, Roy Edson                      DAV4  
Fletcher, Annie Polen                   HS01  
Fletcher, Beatrice E.                   HS01  
Fletcher, Cathryn Downey Inghram        WEL1  
Fletcher, Charles                       HS04  
Fletcher, Charles A.                    DAV4  
Fletcher, Charles A.                    HS02  
Fletcher, Charles B.                    HS04  
Fletcher, Della Blanche Wendt           HS01  
Fletcher, Doris M.                      1987  
Fletcher, Essie T.                      SHU1  
Fletcher, Frank Henry                   HS02  
Fletcher, Freda Kinsey                  HS01  
Fletcher, Geneva M.                     2003  
Fletcher, George Everette               1996  
Fletcher, Harold                        HS03  
Fletcher, Helen Hicks                   1985  
Fletcher, Helen W.                      HS02  
Fletcher, Joan A.                       2005  
Fletcher, Kathryn Inghram               HAW1  
Fletcher, Madelyn Jean                  1987  
Fletcher, Nettie M.                     HS04  
Fletcher, Olive J,                      HS04  
Fletcher, Olive Jenkins                 DAV4  
Fletcher, Reynold                       1998  
Fletcher, Robert L.                     2007  
Fletcher, Ronald K.                     1990  
Fletcher, Roy E.                        1999  
Fletcher, William E. S.                 GM01  
Fletcher, William E. S.                 HS04  
Fletcher, Winfield E.                   HS04  
Flickinger, Martha F.                   HS03  
Flickinger, Paul                        HS03  
Flinders, Edna Rena                     HS02  
Flood, Letha Davis                      1991  
Floreak, Michael Joseph                 1985  
Floreak, Stanley Daniel                 HS04  
Floreak, Virginia L.                    2004  
Flotin, Andrew                          HS02  
Flowers, C. Edwin                       PAT1  
Flowers, Charles E.                     HS02  
Flowers, Edice Knight                   2003  
Flowers, Elizabeth A.                   DAV4  
Flowers, Elizabeth A.                   HS04  
Flowers, Florence                       DAV5  
Flowers, Florence E.                    SHU1  
Flowers, G. Edwin                       1988  
Flowers, Ida M.                         HS03  
Flowers, J. B.                          TAY2  
Flowers, Jean L.                        DAV4  
Flowers, Jonathan                       WEL1  
Flowers, Joshua Beeler                  HS04  
Flowers, Joshua Begler                  DAV4  
Flowers, Lemon                          1995  
Flowers, Marie                          HS04  
Flowers, Marion Davies                  1987  
Flowers, Mary Sayers                    HS02  
Flowers, Mary Sayers                    PAT1  
Flowers, Phineas                        HS03  
Flowers, Ralph H.                       HS02  
Flowers, Susan Beeler                   DAV2  
Flowers, William Manuel                 1996  
Floyd, Howard F.                        HS02  
Fluharty, Eloise Delphina               1978  
Fluharty, Illas                         HS02  
Fluke, Gae L.                           1985  
Flynn, Esther Jean                      2007  
Fodor, Julius                           1995  
Foight, Elizabeth Thompson              2004  
Folan, Letitia Hughes                   1994  
Folan, Nickolei Scott                   2006  
Foley, Agnes                            93DR  
Foley, Dennis Edward                    2001  
Foley, Donald R.                        2007  
Foley, Doris Vance                      1992  
Foley, Fern E.                          SHU1  
Foley, Genevieve L.                     2002  
Foley, John William                     2001  
Foley, Lucy A.                          1997  
Foley, Nellie B. Rogers                 1993  
Foley, Phillip F.                       1992  
Foley, Ruford                           HEA1  
Foley, Sebastian                        1986  
Foley, Sebastian                        PIT1  
Foley, Stella A. Kesner                 1991  
Foley, Terry Lynne Hartman              2005  
Folman, Mabel R.                        SHU1  
Folman, William R.                      1995  
Folwell, Clark C.                       DAV2  
Folwell, Harry E.                       1990  
Folwell, Harry E.                       CRA1  
Folwell, Margaret M.                    HS01  
Folwell, Margaret Maude                 DAV4  
Folwell, Ruth H.                        1990  
Folwell, Ruth H.                        CRA1  
Fominko, Shirley Ann                    2007  
Fonner, Albert                          DAV3  
Fonner, Alice Evans                     GM01  
Fonner, Alice Evans                     HS01  
Fonner, Blanche E.                      HS01  
Fonner, Brian K.                        2002  
Fonner, Cora Ellen                      DAV2  
Fonner, Dora                            2002  
Fonner, Dora B.                         1975  
Fonner, Dora B.                         PAT1  
Fonner, Edna McMasters                  1996  
Fonner, Evelyn Ruth Weaver              1993  
Fonner, Freda M. Helemrick              1994  
Fonner, Harold B.                       WEL1  
Fonner, Helen J.                        1999  
Fonner, Henry B.                        1995  
Fonner, Henry B.                        HS01  
Fonner, Hugh                            SHU1  
Fonner, James E.                        1994  
Fonner, James W.                        1999  
Fonner, James W.                        HS04  
Fonner, Joseph                          1999  
Fonner, Karen Sue                       1999  
Fonner, Leona Stahl                     HS04  
Fonner, Lon Fred                        HS02  
Fonner, Marie J.                        WEL1  
Fonner, Marie Johnson                   DAV3  
Fonner, Martin D.                       1995  
Fonner, Marvin Lee                      2007  
Fonner, Mary M.                         DAV2  
Fonner, Mary M.                         WEL1  
Fonner, Mildred                         2000  
Fonner, Olive G.                        PIT1  
Fonner, Olive G. Burge                  1992  
Fonner, Patricia                        1989  
Fonner, Patricia Anne                   1990  
Fonner, Theodore Seymour                DAV3  
Fonner, William F.                      1985  
Fonzi, Lida M.                          SHU1  
Fonzi, Mildred Gardner                  1993  
Ford, Alvin Emery                       2004  
Ford, Mary Belle Wildman                HS04  
Ford, Olin R.                           1987  
Ford, Ruth                              93DR  
Ford, Sylvia A. Polen                   1991  
Fordyce, Alice Loretta                  HS02  
Fordyce, Alice Loretta                  PAT1  
Fordyce, Alvah A.                       WEL1  
Fordyce, Andrew J.                      PAT1  
Fordyce, Anna P.                        HS03  
Fordyce, Anna Pearl                     GM01  
Fordyce, Archibald G.                   WEL1  
Fordyce, Archibald Guthrie              WEL1  
Fordyce, Arleigh R.                     1988  
Fordyce, Aubrey W.                      SHU1  
Fordyce, Benson                         WEL1  
Fordyce, Benson Earl                    DAV2  
Fordyce, Bessie Eakes                   HS04  
Fordyce, Carl C.                        1993  
Fordyce, Carl C.                        GAN1  
Fordyce, Charles B.                     WEL1  
Fordyce, Charles D.                     2007  
Fordyce, Claude                         1998  
Fordyce, Denny                          HEA1  
Fordyce, Denny                          SHU1  
Fordyce, Edward Archibald               DAV3  
Fordyce, Edward Archibald               HS01  
Fordyce, Elizabeth Huffman              ING1  
Fordyce, Emma                           1998  
Fordyce, Forney W.                      1994  
Fordyce, George                         1989  
Fordyce, Grace V                        PAT1  
Fordyce, Hartford J.                    1995  
Fordyce, Henry L.                       PAT1  
Fordyce, Howard D.                      HS03  
Fordyce, Ica                            HS02  
Fordyce, Ica Rex                        DAV4  
Fordyce, Ica Rex                        PAT1  
Fordyce, Jesse James                    GM01  
Fordyce, Jesse James                    HS01  
Fordyce, Jessie T.                      1986  
Fordyce, John Franklin                  HS04  
Fordyce, Joseph M.                      DAV4  
Fordyce, Joseph M.                      HS04  
Fordyce, Karen S.                       2007  
Fordyce, Kent C.                        HS03  
Fordyce, Larry W.                       1987  
Fordyce, Leila                          HS02  
Fordyce, Leona                          1995  
Fordyce, Lloyd J.                       HS01  
Fordyce, Lucy                           HS01  
Fordyce, Mary                           HS02  
Fordyce, Mary L.                        HS03  
Fordyce, Mattie Jane Johnson            HEA1  
Fordyce, Maude Guthrie                  2004  
Fordyce, Miller M.                      2006  
Fordyce, Minnie Pearl                   GM01  
Fordyce, Minnie Pearl Sellers           HS01  
Fordyce, Minor J.                       1985  
Fordyce, Nannie L.                      HS01  
Fordyce, Nannie S.                      WEL1  
Fordyce, Ollie                          HS03  
Fordyce, Ralph                          1975  
Fordyce, Rebecca                        WEL1  
Fordyce, Rebecca Rice                   DAV4  
Fordyce, Rebecca Rice                   HS03  
Fordyce, Robert                         HS01  
Fordyce, Roy A.                         HS04  
Fordyce, Silas R.                       1991  
Fordyce, Spencer B.                     HS03  
Fordyce, T. R.                          1978  
Fordyce, Virginia Presock               HS01  
Fordyce, W. Charles                     1990  
Fordyce, Wilbert G.                     HS03  
Fordyce, William Arthur                 HS01  
Fordyce, William H.                     HS01  
Foreman, Doris K.                       1995  
Foreman, Ray P.                         2005  
Forman, Betty Jane                      2004  
Forman, Donald E.                       1987  
Forman, James W.                        DAV4  
Forman, James W.                        HS03  
Forman, Nancy                           DAV5  
Forman, Nancy Presock                   1978  
Forman, Ocie Gay                        1978  
Forney, Cornelius                       93DR  
Forney, Leslie J.                       PAT1  
Forquer, Donald D.                      2006  
Forquerer, Eugene                       DAV3  
Forshey, Charles E.                     1978  
Forshey, Florence                       1985  
Forshey, Florence                       PIT1  
Forshey, Frank M.                       1986  
Forshey, Jerry L.                       SHU1  
Forshey, Jessie Lee                     1999  
Forshey, M. Fred                        2003  
Forshey, M. Fred                        PIT1  
Forshey, Mary O.                        SHU1  
Forshey, Samuel D.                      1997  
Forsyth, C. Leslie                      1997  
Forsyth, Donald E.                      PIT1  
Forsyth, Emmett L.                      DAV3  
Forsyth, Kenneth A.                     1995  
Forsyth, Louise                         2003  
Forsyth, Luella                         HS02  
Forsyth, Paul E.                        2002  
Forsyth, Thelma R.                      GAN1  
Forsyth, Thelma Rifenberg               HEA1  
Forsyth, Wilma R.                       1999  
Forsythe, Freda Grace                   HS03  
Forsythe, Janet                         1995  
Forsythe, John R.                       2003  
Forsythe, Lillian J.                    2003  
Forsythe, Olive Savage                  HS01  
Forsythe, Ronald L.                     2006  
Forsythe, Ruth D.                       2004  
Fortney, Charles L.                     HS04  
Fortney, Dara Propst                    HS02  
Fortney, Elizabeth Jane                 2004  
Fortney, Foster Harold                  2003  
Fortney, Hazel V.                       2004  
Fortney, Ida Scott                      HS01  
Fortney, Paul                           2000  
Fortney, Sarah Ann Youst                1992  
Fortune, Frank                          HS02  
Foschia, Catherine M.                   2001  
Fossom, Kyle H.                         1987  
Fosson, Mima L.                         1988  
Foster, Frederick Edward                1996  
Foster, Jack                            DAV5  
Foster, Jack L.                         1993  
Foster, Jack L.                         1999  
Foster, Ralph E.                        2004  
Foster, Ralph L.                        2001  
Foster, Raymond                         1998  
Foster, Ruth                            93DR  
Fotta, Annie                            DAV5  
Foutz, Agnes Zalac                      HS04  
Foutz, Alfred Kenneth                   2006  
Fowkes, Jacob                           HS02  
Fowkes, Mae E.                          SHU1  
Fowler, Albert                          DAV3  
Fowler, Bernice                         DAV5  
Fowler, Charles Whitney                 1975  
Fowler, Cora Patterson                  HS03  
Fowler, Dorothy                         2000  
Fowler, Earlene King                    1994  
Fowler, Elizabeth                       2001  
Fowler, Emma F.                         PAT1  
Fowler, Eva Bane                        DAV3  
Fowler, Heloise                         DAV5  
Fowler, Heloise C.                      SHU1  
Fowler, Jean                            DAV5  
Fowler, Jean E.                         CRA1  
Fowler, John                            DAV5  
Fowler, Keith J.                        1996  
Fowler, Marion S.                       DAV4  
Fowler, Marion S.                       HS02  
Fowler, Maurice                         2000  
Fowler, Richard F.                      HS04  
Fowler, Roy                             DAV5  
Fowler, Sadie Bane                      DAV1  
Fowler, Simeon                          DAV1  
Fowler, Stanley                         1991  
Fowler, Stanley G.                      1997  
Fowler, Terry                           2003  
Fowler, Wesley M.                       2005  
Fowler, William E.                      1992  
Fox, Alexander                          HEA1  
Fox, Allen                              DAV5  
Fox, Alma Loretta                       2005  
Fox, Alva                               1998  
Fox, Amos                               HEA1  
Fox, Arleigh H.                         HS04  
Fox, Arnold Forney                      1991  
Fox, Audie T.                           SHU1  
Fox, Bertha Headlee                     HEA1  
Fox, Bertha Headlee                     HS04  
Fox, Besse                              93DR  
Fox, Bessie Fetty                       1997  
Fox, Betty                              1998  
Fox, Blanche Taylor                     1995  
Fox, Blanche Taylor                     PIT1  
Fox, Brenda Lea                         1985  
Fox, Bryan                              HS04  
Fox, Carl L.                            HS03  
Fox, Carl M.                            SHU1  
Fox, Carolyn Sue                        2004  
Fox, Catherine C.                       WEL1  
Fox, Charles Arthur                     1978  
Fox, Charles L.                         SHU1  
Fox, Charles M.                         2007  
Fox, Charles Miller                     2003  
Fox, Charles R.                         1987  
Fox, Charles William                    2002  
Fox, Chauncey I.                        HEA1  
Fox, Chauncey I.                        SHU1  
Fox, Cheerful                           2000  
Fox, Clara Hank                         PAT1  
Fox, Clara Husk                         GM01  
Fox, Clarence E.                        2002  
Fox, Clarence J.                        1995  
Fox, Clyde Watson                       1978  
Fox, Cyrus E.                           HS04  
Fox, Daisy Louella                      HS04  
Fox, Dandford A.                        HS02  
Fox, David                              HEA1  
Fox, David C.                           HEA1  
Fox, David W.                           PAT1  
Fox, Deborah K.                         2006  
Fox, Della                              HS01  
Fox, Dennis                             HEA1  
Fox, Dennis Morgan                      1985  
Fox, Donald                             2001  
Fox, Donald                             DAV5  
Fox, Donald                             PIT1  
Fox, Donna Lucille                      HS04  
Fox, Dora                               MOR1  
Fox, Dorothy H.                         1986  
Fox, Dorothy L                          1986  
Fox, Downey Harold                      HS01  
Fox, Earl                               HS02  
Fox, Earl                               PAT1  
Fox, Earl C.                            1987  
Fox, Edward A.                          HS03  
Fox, Edward S.                          HS02  
Fox, Effie G.                           HS02  
Fox, Effie Mae                          HS02  
Fox, Eliza Zimmerman                    1985  
Fox, Elmer K.                           1996  
Fox, Emil W.                            DAV4  
Fox, Emma J.                            2006  
Fox, Ernest J.                          1994  
Fox, Ernest Virgil                      1990  
Fox, Ernest Virgil                      PIT1  
Fox, Esther W.                          1985  
Fox, Evelyn H.                          PIT1  
Fox, Evelyn Headlee                     1991  
Fox, Evelyn Headlee                     PIT1  
Fox, Evelyn V.                          SHU1  
Fox, Flora Belle                        PAT1  
Fox, Flora E.                           DAV4  
Fox, Florence Ella                      2004  
Fox, Florence Neil                      HS01  
Fox, Francis                            2002  
Fox, Francis                            PIT1  
Fox, Francis F.                         SHU1  
Fox, Francis M.                         WEL1  
Fox, Francis Marion                     HS01  
Fox, Frank                              HS04  
Fox, Frank                              SHU1  
Fox, Fred                               1978  
Fox, Freda L.                           2005  
Fox, Furman F.                          2004  
Fox, Furman L.                          1993  
Fox, Furman L.                          SHU1  
Fox, George                             1990  
Fox, George                             2000  
Fox, George Newton                      HEA1  
Fox, Georgia V.                         1985  
Fox, Gladys                             1989  
Fox, Gordon G.                          2003  
Fox, Hallie Fordyce                     HEA1  
Fox, Harry B.                           HS04  
Fox, Hazel                              DAV5  
Fox, Hazel Etta Lemley                  2006  
Fox, Helen Christina Eddy               HS01  
Fox, Henry I.                           HS03  
Fox, Herschel                           HS02  
Fox, Homer E.                           1996  
Fox, Homer E.                           PIT1  
Fox, Hugh R.                            1996  
Fox, Ira Encil                          HS03  
Fox, Irving M.                          1978  
Fox, J. Franklin                        1995  
Fox, James                              1998  
Fox, James                              2000  
Fox, James                              HEA1  
Fox, James Robert                       PIT1  
Fox, Jerry L.                           1992  
Fox, Jese William                       1999  
Fox, Jesse                              1978  
Fox, Jesse                              PIT1  
Fox, Jessica Lancaster                  DAV4  
Fox, Jessie Lancaster                   HS04  
Fox, Jogn                               1988  
Fox, John                               HEA1  
Fox, John                               PIT1  
Fox, John E.                            2005  
Fox, John L.                            DAV4  
Fox, John L.                            HS04  
Fox, John Walter                        1991  
Fox, Juanita Brock                      HEA1  
Fox, Karen Sue                          2001  
Fox, Karen Sue                          PIT1  
Fox, Kathryn Butler                     HS04  
Fox, Kathryn M. Boyles                  1992  
Fox, Kenneth D.                         PIT1  
Fox, Kenneth E.                         1997  
Fox, Kenneth G.                         HS03  
Fox, Kenneth L.                         2006  
Fox, Lafe E.                            HS02  
Fox, Leonidas                           HS03  
Fox, Letha Edith                        HEA1  
Fox, Lillian                            1989  
Fox, Lillian                            SHU1  
Fox, Lindsay R.                         2001  
Fox, Linnie                             DAV5  
Fox, Linnie S.                          PIT1  
Fox, Linnie Stewart                     1978  
Fox, Lloyd Kermit                       1992  
Fox, Lola                               1998  
Fox, Lola M.                            PIT1  
Fox, Lually                             93DR  
Fox, Lucinda                            HEA1  
Fox, Lucretia                           1995  
Fox, Lucretia                           HEA1  
Fox, M. Alene Knight                    1994  
Fox, M. Arlene                          PIT1  
Fox, Mabel                              2000  
Fox, Mae                                DAV5  
Fox, Mae E.                             SHU1  
Fox, Margaret                           HS02  
Fox, Margaret E.                        1999  
Fox, Margaret Johns                     HEA1  
Fox, Margaret L.                        1985  
Fox, Marie                              2001  
Fox, Martha R. Wilkinson                1992  
Fox, Marvy L.                           1991  
Fox, Merle Finch                        1992  
Fox, Mildred K.                         PIT1  
Fox, Mildred Kiger                      1994  
Fox, Morris                             HS02  
Fox, Morris B.                          PIT1  
Fox, Myrtle                             DAV5  
Fox, Myrtle                             SHU1  
Fox, Nancy Belle Headlee                HEA1  
Fox, Nancy Etta                         HEA1  
Fox, Nancy Vandruff                     HEA1  
Fox, Nellie A.                          2004  
Fox, Nettie Wade                        1992  
Fox, Noah E.                            PAT1  
Fox, Nora King                          HS04  
Fox, Nora Wilkinson                     HEA1  
Fox, Norma E.                           2006  
Fox, Norman Glenn                       1988  
Fox, Norman Glenn                       PAT1  
Fox, Norman Glenn                       PIT1  
Fox, Olive                              1999  
Fox, Ollie J.                           DAV4  
Fox, Ollie J.                           HS04  
Fox, Ollie J.                           PIT1  
Fox, Ott                                HS04  
Fox, Pearl M.                           1985  
Fox, Rachel Mary Burch                  HS01  
Fox, Ralph S.                           HS02  
Fox, Ray                                HS04  
Fox, Raymond L.                         1986  
Fox, Raymond Morris                     1990  
Fox, Rex L.                             HS02  
Fox, Richard Albert                     DAV2  
Fox, Richard W.                         2001  
Fox, Robert M.                          HS04  
Fox, Robert William                     DAV2  
Fox, Ross                               1986  
Fox, Ruth                               DAV5  
Fox, Ruth Ellen                         2005  
Fox, Ruth Esther Dille                  1985  
Fox, Ruth Esther Dille                  PAT1  
Fox, Ruth White                         1994  
Fox, Sanford A.                         PIT1  
Fox, Sarah Anne Franks                  HEA1  
Fox, Sarah Ellen Owens                  HEA1  
Fox, Stanley A.                         1986  
Fox, Stanley A.                         PIT1  
Fox, Susannah                           HS04  
Fox, Sylvia Jane Britton                HS04  
Fox, Taylor                             HEA1  
Fox, Thomas L.                          1985  
Fox, Thomas, Mrs.                       HS04  
Fox, Verna Violena Fuller               1992  
Fox, Viona Rose                         DAV4  
Fox, Viona Rose                         PIT1  
Fox, Virginia A.                        2006  
Fox, Virginia May                       1975  
Fox, Walter                             1975  
Fox, Wendell Ralph                      1997  
Fox, William                            HEA1  
Fox, William                            HS04  
Fox, William A.                         WEL1  
Fox, William P.                         HS03  
Fox, William Ross                       PIT1  
Fox, Willis E.                          1991  
Fox, Willis E.                          PIT1  
Fox, Wilma Edith                        HS04  
Fox, Wilma Jean Paugh                   HS04  
Fox, Winfield Ammons                    HEA1  
Fox, Winifred Clark                     1988  
Fox, Worthy E.                          1995  
Foy, Everett R.                         1985  
Frameli, Dominick                       SHU1  
Frameli, Helen                          2000  
Frameli, Isabelle P.                    2003  
Frameli, James                          1996  
Frameli, Joseph                         2000  
Francey, Joseph L.                      HS04  
Francey, Silvia E.                      SHU1  
Francey, Sylvia Ellen                   2006  
Francis, Edna P.                        2003  
Francis, Effie M.                       1975  
Francis, Fane Burdette                  HS01  
Francis, Helen A.                       1999  
Francis, John M.                        2002  
Francis, Sam                            HS03  
Francis, Samuel                         CRA1  
Francis, Sarah                          GS01  
Franczek, Joseph                        2005  
Frank, Andy                             1992  
Frank, Louise Dittman                   1975  
Frank, Louise Dittman                   PAT1  
Frank, Mary Urbany                      CRA1  
Frank, Mike                             1998  
Frankenberger, Alice M.                 DAV2  
Frankenberger, W. Sturgis               HS01  
Frankenberry, Gertrude                  2002  
Frankenberry, James D.                  HS04  
Frankenberry, Virgil                    1994  
Frankenberry, Winifred Sharpnack        1994  
Frankland, James                        DAV5  
Frankland, Margaret                     DAV5  
Frankland, Margaret                     SHU1  
Franklin, Howard L.                     2007  
Franko, Albert L.                       1986  
Franks, Agnes R.                        HS03  
Franks, Agnes Riggen                    DAV4  
Franks, Alice                           DAV5  
Franks, Alice                           SHU1  
Franks, Andy                            CRA1  
Franks, Carrie V.                       1985  
Franks, Charles E.                      DAV4  
Franks, Charles Edward                  HS04  
Franks, Edward J.                       1985  
Franks, Gene M.                         1997  
Franks, George G.                       1988  
Franks, George W.                       DAV2  
Franks, Jack L.                         SHU1  
Franks, James E.                        SHU1  
Franks, Jesse Leroy                     HS04  
Franks, John                            DAV4  
Franks, John N.                         1996  
Franks, Laura Rachel                    DAV2  
Franks, Lebro                           1996  
Franks, Mae                             HS01  
Franks, Mary E.                         SHU1  
Franks, Mary V. Urbany                  1990  
Franks, Mary Zupancich                  HS03  
Franks, Natalie Dawn                    2003  
Franks, Rodger                          1995  
Franks, Rufus                           HEA1  
Franks, Russell Grant                   HS02  
Franks, Steve P.                        SHU1  
Franks, Tony                            CRA1  
Franks, Wayne C.                        1997  
Franks, Willard Miller                  PIT1  
Franks, William                         DAV5  
Frantz, Helen A. McCullough             1990  
Franz, Donald John                      2007  
Frascarelli, Antoinette                 2001  
Frascarelli, Querrino                   93DR  
Frasconi, Andrew J.                     1988  
Frasconi, Andrew J.                     PAT1  
Frasconi, Charles C.                    1992  
Frasconi, Nora                          SHU1  
Frater, Terezia                         93DR  
Frayte, Christine                       DAV5  
Frayte, Christine A.                    SHU1  
Frayte, Gertrude Zagoric                1992  
Frayte, John S.                         2002  
Frazier, Edward G.                      HS01  
Frazier, Isaac                          HS03  
Frazier, Mildred Marion                 93DR  
Frederick, Alice                        2000  
Frederick, Alice Joanna Mackey          2007  
Frederick, John                         HS03  
Frederick, Lindsey H.                   HS02  
Frederick, Mary H.                      1996  
Frederick, Viola                        1975  
Fredley, Ruth H.                        SHU1  
Fredley, Theodore R.                    1993  
Fredley, Theodore R.                    1994  
Freeland, Benjamin Newton               DAV2  
Freeland, Benjamin Newton               HAW1  
Freeland, David L.                      DAV2  
Freeland, Edward L.                     HS01  
Freeland, Elizabeth                     HS04  
Freeland, Franklin D.                   WEL1  
Freeland, Franklin Dawson               DAV3  
Freeland, Harry D.                      DAV4  
Freeland, Harry D.                      GM01  
Freeland, Harry D.                      HS04  
Freeland, John F.                       DAV3  
Freeland, John F.                       ING1  
Freeland, Layra Myrtle                  WEL1  
Freeland, Lora Myrtle                   DAV2  
Freeland, Lucy Gordon                   DAV4  
Freeland, Lucy Gordon                   GM01  
Freeland, Sarah Jane Kiger              DAV2  
Freeland, Sarah Jane Kiger              HS01  
Freeman, Clara Odessa                   1999  
Freeman, June                           SHU1  
Freeman, Lulu                           1997  
Freeman, Scott F.                       PAT1  
Freeman, Theresa Lee                    1999  
Frey, Margaret H.                       2001  
Frey, Wilma Horner                      2001  
Freyer, John J.                         1978  
Friday, Michael J.                      HS03  
Friday, Minnie                          1986  
Friedman, Madeline                      2003  
Friend, Blaine H.                       1975  
Friend, Gerald Vance                    HS02  
Friend, Mark D.                         2004  
Fritz, Catherine                        HS04  
Fritz, Catherine Belle                  DAV4  
Fritz, Charles Richard                  1994  
Fritz, James A.                         2005  
Fritz, Jennifer Joan                    2002  
Fritz, John                             DAV1  
Fritz, John D.                          HS02  
Fritz, John D.                          PAT1  
Fritz, John Herman                      WEL1  
Frodelius, Richard Martin               2004  
Froehley, Mame H.                       HS03  
Frontera, Antonia                       2006  
Frontera, Filomenia                     2003  
Frost, Donnie A.                        HS02  
Frost, Edwin L.                         2001  
Frost, Edwin L.                         DAV4  
Frost, Forest Ray                       DAV4  
Frost, Forest Ray                       HS04  
Frost, Helen Bell                       DAV5  
Frost, M. Ferne                         1995  
Frost, Margaret Angeline                DAV2  
Frost, Marjorie M.                      2001  
Frost, Mary E.                          DAV3  
Frum, Velma McFarland                   1996  
Frund, Austin O.                        1975  
Frund, Evelyn E.                        1975  
Fry, Bessie M.                          1985  
Fry, Dessie C.                          HS03  
Fry, Frank                              HS01  
Fry, Homer W.                           HS01  
Fry, James Douglas                      HS04  
Frye, Albert F.                         WEL1  
Frye, Andrew H.                         HAW1  
Frye, Andrew Henry                      DAV2  
Frye, Andrew J.                         HS01  
Frye, Beridge L.                        HS01  
Frye, Betty Lee Cole                    1986  
Frye, Betty Lee Cole                    CRA1  
Frye, Betty Lee Cole                    PIT1  
Frye, Charles R.                        HS04  
Frye, Charles Raymond                   DAV4  
Frye, Donald A.                         2006  
Frye, Dora                              1998  
Frye, Dora A.                           HS02  
Frye, Edgar B.                          HS01  
Frye, Elizabeth                         SHU1  
Frye, Emma                              HAW1  
Frye, Emma L.                           HS02  
Frye, Emma Stewart                      WEL1  
Frye, G. W. G.                          PAT1  
Frye, Garrett                           DAV1  
Frye, Garrett                           PAT1  
Frye, George D.                         SHU1  
Frye, George W.                         WEL1  
Frye, H. Leonard                        PIT1  
Frye, Harriet Isabella                  2006  
Frye, Hazel                             1998  
Frye, Helen C.                          1988  
Frye, J. Russell                        HS02  
Frye, Keith B.                          1988  
Frye, Kenneth                           1989  
Frye, Kenneth Marvin                    1995  
Frye, Leonard                           1998  
Frye, Marjorie H.                       2001  
Frye, Martha E.                         PAT1  
Frye, Mary A.                           WEL1  
Frye, McKinley                          HS01  
Frye, Olive                             MOR1  
Frye, Peter                             WEL1  
Frye, Raymond                           DAV5  
Frye, Wilbert E.                        2006  
Frye, William C.                        HS01  
Frye, William C.                        HS04  
Frye, William F.                        HAW1  
Frye, William R.                        1975  
Fuchick, Margaret Niverth               1992  
Fudala, Brenda Carol                    2002  
Fudala, Frank                           2004  
Fudala, Irene Sakal                     2002  
Fudala, Joseph S.                       1990  
Fudala, Pauline                         1987  
Fuddla, Anna                            HS03  
Fuddla, Sophie                          SHU1  
Fugate, Jessie                          1975  
Fugate, Joseph                          HS03  
Fulks, Peter E.                         1992  
Fullem, Donna                           PIT1  
Fuller, Alice V.                        2002  
Fuller, Anna Hartley                    DAV5  
Fuller, Anna M.                         SHU1  
Fuller, Arnett F.                       HS01  
Fuller, Arnett F.                       PIT1  
Fuller, Arthur C.                       HEA1  
Fuller, Benjamin F.                     HS03  
Fuller, Bowman M.                       DAV2  
Fuller, Charles                         1989  
Fuller, Charles S.                      PIT1  
Fuller, Cora B.                         HS02  
Fuller, Cora B.                         PIT1  
Fuller, Dennis J.                       HS01  
Fuller, Donald Ross                     2002  
Fuller, Edna G.                         PIT1  
Fuller, Edna Gwynn                      1996  
Fuller, Edward J.                       1993  
Fuller, Ellen C.                        1987  
Fuller, Eloise S,                       2006  
Fuller, Elosia                          DAV1  
Fuller, Elosia Baker                    WEL1  
Fuller, Emily                           DAV2  
Fuller, Everett                         DAV3  
Fuller, George                          GS01  
Fuller, George Ralph                    2004  
Fuller, George W.                       HS03  
Fuller, George William                  CRA1  
Fuller, Grace W.                        PIT1  
Fuller, Grace Wright                    1993  
Fuller, Helen Maxon                     HAW1  
Fuller, Helen Maxon                     PAT1  
Fuller, Homer F.                        HS03  
Fuller, Jennifer Ann Smith              2006  
Fuller, John Calvin                     DAV4  
Fuller, John M.                         HS02  
Fuller, John M.                         PIT1  
Fuller, John Moredock                   DAV4  
Fuller, John S.                         HS02  
Fuller, Laura Edna                      DAV4  
Fuller, Laura Edna                      PAT1  
Fuller, Leta Day                        DAV2  
Fuller, Leta Day                        HS01  
Fuller, Levi                            DAV5  
Fuller, Levi A.                         SHU1  
Fuller, Margaret Jane                   DAV4  
Fuller, Martha D.                       HAW1  
Fuller, Mary P.                         PIT1  
Fuller, Mary P. Kiger                   1996  
Fuller, Mary Tennant                    ING1  
Fuller, Mary Wilma                      1997  
Fuller, Maude Riffle                    HS01  
Fuller, Ramona Jean                     HS03  
Fuller, Samuel Earl                     1992  
Fuller, Smith                           PIT1  
Fuller, Virginia M.                     PAT1  
Fuller, Vivian JoAnn Shultz             1994  
Fullick, Bertha H.                      DAV3  
Fulmer, Mildred Curtis                  1996  
Fulmer, William Russell                 HS02  
Fulton, Adda H.                         DAV2  
Fulton, Adda H.                         WEL1  
Fulton, Annie E. Iams                   WEL1  
Fulton, Challen W.                      1994  
Fulton, Earl H.                         2003  
Fulton, Edna Talbert                    HS01  
Fulton, Elizabeth D.                    SHU1  
Fulton, Emma A.                         DAV2  
Fulton, Evan                            DAV1  
Fulton, Evan M.                         SHU1  
Fulton, Evan Michael                    DAV5  
Fulton, George                          DAV5  
Fulton, Hannah M.                       DAV2  
Fulton, Helen                           1990  
Fulton, Helen M.                        PIT1  
Fulton, J, L.                           DAV3  
Fulton, James B.                        WEL1  
Fulton, Lucy E.                         DAV4  
Fulton, Lucy E. Lippencott              HS04  
Fulton, Mary                            2000  
Fulton, Mary R.                         DAV4  
Fulton, Mary R.                         HS02  
Fulton, Mary R.                         PAT1  
Fulton, Mildred I.                      93DR  
Fulton, Pauline                         HS01  
Fulton, Quinlin                         DAV5  
Fulton, Samuel J.                       DAV4  
Fulton, Stephen D.                      DAV2  
Fulton, Virginia R.                     HS03  
Fulton, William C.                      HS04  
Fulton, William H.                      1975  
Fulton, William H.                      DAV4  
Fulton, William H.                      PAT1  
Funk , Hal E                            2007  
Funk , Richard William                  2007  
Funk, Albert                            HS04  
Funk, Amelia A.                         1999  
Funk, Avis                              1998  
Funk, Carrie Carpenter                  HS01  
Funk, Carter Tilton                     1996  
Funk, Charles                           1989  
Funk, Christina                         1978  
Funk, Clarence Franklin                 HS01  
Funk, Clarence H.                       2003  
Funk, Elizabeth R.                      2001  
Funk, Evelyn                            2000  
Funk, George J.                         WEL1  
Funk, Goldie T.                         SHU1  
Funk, Goldie Taylor                     TAY2  
Funk, Hal                               DAV5  
Funk, Hal E.                            PAT1  
Funk, Harry Austin                      HS04  
Funk, Hays R.                           DAV2  
Funk, Henry Elmer                       WEL1  
Funk, Herman Edward                     WEL1  
Funk, Jonathan                          MOR4  
Funk, Jonathan M.                       WEL1  
Funk, Lawrence L.                       1999  
Funk, Lena E. Patterson                 HS04  
Funk, Lillian Varner                    1993  
Funk, Lottie M. Staley                  1996  
Funk, Mary                              2000  
Funk, Mary E.                           HS01  
Funk, Nellie Day                        WEL1  
Funk, Nellie N.                         1997  
Funk, Richard Lee                       HS04  
Funk, Sylvia W.                         HS02  
Funk, Sylvia W.                         PAT1  
Funk, Sylvia W.                         PIT1  
Funk, Sylvia White                      TAY2  
Funk, William                           DAV5  
Funk, William M.                        HS02  
Funk, William R.                        1995  
Furbee, Ida L.                          HS02  
Furbee, Jefferson L.                    HS02  
Furbee, John A.                         HS02  
Furbee, John A.                         PAT1  
Furbee, Mary                            93DR  
Furintini, Victoria                     93DR  
Furman, Anna L.                         1991  
Furman, Donald Clark                    1992  
Furman, Esther                          2000  
Furman, Georgeina M.                    2004  
Furman, Helen Irene                     1995  
Furman, Helen R.                        DAV4  
Furman, Helen Ross                      GM01  
Furman, Helen Ross                      HS04  
Furman, Hugh                            DAV1  
Furman, James L.                        DAV4  
Furman, James L.                        HS04  
Furman, Kenneth R.                      HS02  
Furman, Laura Morris                    HS01  
Furman, Loretta                         2001  
Furman, Luna Evans                      DAV4  
Furman, Luna Evans                      HS02  
Furman, Margaret I. Crouch              HS04  
Furman, Mary                            PAT1  
Furman, Ralph W.                        SHU1  
Furman, Roy E.                          PAT1  
Furman, William A.                      HS02  
Fye, Hester Mahan                       HS01  
Fye, James Mahan                        HS03  
Fye, John                               DAV1  

Name                                    Book
Gabb, Beulah                            93DR  
Gabb, Rose E.                           HS02  
Gabeletto, Harry A.                     1985  
Gable, Mary Greenlee                    HS02  
Gable, Mary Opal                        HS02  
Gabler, Archie Titus                    DAV4  
Gabler, Arcie Titus                     HS03  
Gabler, Avarala                         1995  
Gabler, Edgar R.                        2003  
Gabler, Ellen Virgin                    1985  
Gabler, Ernest S.                       2001  
Gabler, Jessie E.                       1994  
Gabler, Rhoda Debolt                    HS01  
Gabler, Rose Marie                      HS03  
Gabler, T. Herbert                      HS02  
Gabler, Thelma                          DAV5  
Gabler, William E.                      HS02  
Gabriel, James R.                       2005  
Gacek, Anna Balsega                     1975  
Gacek, Charles W.                       1985  
Gacek, Edward R.                        1995  
Gacek, Joella Krause                    2004  
Gacek, Kumegunda S.                     SHU1  
Gacek, Kunegunda S.                     DAV5  
Gacek, Leopold                          2002  
Gacek, Louis                            2000  
Gadd, Alice H.                          HS04  
Gadd, Amanda Jane Anderson              HS01  
Gagliano, Mary A.                       93DR  
Gaigher, Maggie                         DAV1  
Gainer, Mary E.                         HS02  
Gaines, Dorothy L.                      1986  
Gaines, James A.                        2007  
Gaines, John B.                         HS02  
Gaines, John B.                         PAT1  
Gaines, Johney                          2007  
Gaines, Johney W.                       2007  
Gaines, Lorna Kay                       2004  
Gaines, Temperance Coen                 HS01  
Gaines, Wayne Robert                    1978  
Gaiser, Cora Mae Ketchem                HS01  
Gaither, Benjamin F.                    PAT1  
Gaither, Maggie                         PAT1  
Galanko, Joseph                         HS02  
Galanko, Mary N.                        1986  
Galata, Mary                            93DR  
Galati, Rose Tossoni                    1978  
Galatic, Edna Pearl Murphy              1994  
Galatic, John D.                        2007  
Galbraith, J. C.                        DAV1  
Galentine, Dwight B.                    1992  
Galentine, Howard E.                    1993  
Galentine, Isaac Frank                  HS04  
Galentine, Mildred F.                   1997  
Galentine, Ralph A.                     SHU1  
Galentine, Rex Eugene                   2001  
Galentine, Thelma S.                    2003  
Galentine, Thomas Donald                1987  
Galford, Cecil L.                       2003  
Galford, Ronald Lee                     2003  
Galinovski, E. E.                       HS03  
Galinovsky, William                     HS01  
Gallagher, Aron Richard                 1991  
Gallagher, Dale L.                      SHU1  
Gallagher, Florence                     93DR  
Gallagher, Jesse Ray                    1993  
Gallagher, Joseph R.                    1996  
Gallagher, Joseph T.                    1993  
Gallaher, Joseph                        DAV5  
Gallatin, Anna Rebecca                  DAV2  
Gallatin, Calvin G.                     1986  
Gallatin, Carson                        HS01  
Gallatin, Frank                         DAV1  
Gallatin, Gary Ray                      2005  
Gallatin, Gaylord G.                    HS04  
Gallatin, George Ira                    HS03  
Gallatin, Harriett Etta                 CRA1  
Gallatin, Harry                         DAV1  
Gallatin, Helen Johnson                 1997  
Gallatin, Isaac                         DAV1  
Gallatin, Jacob                         CRA1  
Gallatin, Jacob                         DAV1  
Gallatin, James Samuel                  HS04  
Gallatin, Jedy                          HS01  
Gallatin, Jeffrey                       HS01  
Gallatin, Laura Marie                   HS02  
Gallatin, Lawrence                      HS03  
Gallatin, Letha                         HS01  
Gallatin, Linda Diane                   HS01  
Gallatin, Ora                           DAV4  
Gallatin, Ora                           HS02  
Gallatin, W. Wilson                     2001  
Gallatin, William Miller                DAV4  
Gallatin, William Miller                HS04  
Gallentine, Bertha W.                   HS03  
Gallentine, Erwin C.                    WEL1  
Gallentine, Gladys Thomas               1987  
Gallentine, Irwin                       DAV1  
Gallentine, James L.                    PAT1  
Gallentine, Jason G.                    1995  
Gallentine, Virginia                    HS03  
Gallentine, William                     GS01  
Gallentine, William                     PAT1  
Gallenton, Mary I.                      DAV2  
Gallina, Henry G.                       1996  
Gallo, Anna Bakos                       1999  
Gallo, Anthony                          HS02  
Gallo, Christina                        1995  
Galloway, John H.                       HS03  
Galloway, Julian                        1992  
Galloway, Martha Katheryn               1986  
Galloway, Mary Jane                     GM01  
Galloway, Mary Jane                     HS02  
Galloway, Olive A. Tharp                1994  
Galloway, Rosemarie                     2006  
Galloway, Ross                          WEL1  
Gamber, Elizabeth Ann                   DAV2  
Gamber, George                          DAV1  
Gamble, Kenneth R.                      2004  
Gamble, Raymond                         1998  
Gamble, Ryan William                    1985  
Gandy, Helen K.                         SHU1  
Ganiear, Brenda                         PIT1  
Ganiear, Charlotte Devore               HS01  
Ganiear, Charlotte Devore               PAT1  
Ganiear, Frank C.                       DAV2  
Ganiear, J. Wood                        DAV4  
Ganiear, J. Wood                        GM01  
Ganiear, Jane                           HS04  
Ganiear, Kathryn M.                     PIT1  
Ganiear, Mary C.                        PIT1  
Ganiear, Matilda J. Hedges              HS01  
Ganiear, Nora Wood                      PAT1  
Ganiear, Nora Wood                      PIT1  
Ganiear, Viola                          1989  
Ganier, Brenda Hogue                    1994  
Ganier, Frank R.                        SHU1  
Ganier, Kathryn                         1991  
Ganier, Mary Anderson                   1990  
Ganier, Thomas Glennen                  WEL1  
Gann, Ray Dale                          2001  
Ganocy, Al                              1997  
Ganocy, Doris                           1989  
Ganocy, Kathryn L. McIntire             1992  
Ganocy, Sylvester C.                    2004  
Ganocy, Wilma O. Faux                   1990  
Ganoe, Edith M. Gabler                  2005  
Ganoe, Jesse Howard                     HS02  
Ganoe, Leora R. Daugherty               2007  
Ganoe, William H.                       HS02  
Gansor, Charles J.                      1978  
Gansor, John A.                         SHU1  
Gansor, Margaret A.                     1995  
Gapen, Anna E. Brewer                   HS04  
Gapen, Bessie Titus                     HS03  
Gapen, David Bruce                      1986  
Gapen, Dolly                            2005  
Gapen, Esther McElroy                   PIT1  
Gapen, Forney H.                        1975  
Gapen, Forney M.                        PAT1  
Gapen, George Barb                      1986  
Gapen, George Barb                      PIT1  
Gapen, Harold S.                        HS03  
Gapen, Henrietta Mavin                  2005  
Gapen, Herschel C.                      2003  
Gapen, James M.                         HS01  
Gapen, Lillian                          HS03  
Gapen, Maybelle Keener                  PAT1  
Gapen, Melissa                          DAV1  
Gapen, S. Clarke                        2002  
Gapen, S. Clarke                        PIT1  
Gapen, Virginia L.                      PIT1  
Gapen, Virginia Lardin                  1991  
Garard, Annie Long                      DAV2  
Garard, Corbly                          HS01  
Garard, Ira                             DAV5  
Garard, Ira D.                          SHU1  
Garard, J. C.                           DAV3  
Garard, James Corbly                    1993  
Garard, Jesse Lazear                    DAV2  
Garard, Jesse Lazear                    WEL1  
Garard, Lulu V.                         DAV4  
Garard, Lulu V.                         HS02  
Garard, Oscie Pounds Grove              1975  
Garard, William F.                      DAV4  
Garard, William F.                      HS04  
Garber, Blake Sheldon                   2005  
Garber, Charles Herman                  1986  
Garber, Elsie M.                        2006  
Garber, Emma A.                         PAT1  
Garber, Emma E.                         HS02  
Garber, George T.                       1996  
Garber, Harry W.                        DAV4  
Garber, Harry W.                        PAT1  
Garber, Harry W.                        PIT1  
Garber, Helen E. Guthrie                1990  
Garber, Hiram Lawrence                  HS01  
Garber, Howard L.                       PAT1  
Garber, Icie Belle                      1975  
Garber, Ida                             DAV2  
Garber, Madge                           1988  
Garber, Mildred B.                      1999  
Garber, Mildred B.                      PIT1  
Garber, Raymond                         2002  
Garber, Ruth                            2000  
Garber, Tyler Ray                       1999  
Garber, William F. M.                   HS04  
Garber, Wilma Jane                      2001  
Garchar, Viola E.                       HS02  
Gardei, Florence                        93DR  
Gardner , William Wilson                2006  
Gardner, Chelsea                        2000  
Gardner, Elizabeth Burns                1990  
Gardner, Frank, Mrs.                    DAV1  
Gardner, George P.                      SHU1  
Gardner, Harry E.                       GM01  
Gardner, Harry E.                       HS02  
Gardner, Harry E.                       PAT1  
Gardner, John Ross                      2007  
Gardner, LeRoy B.                       HS04  
Gardner, Lloyd                          DAV5  
Gardner, Lloyd C.                       SHU1  
Gardner, Mark W.                        SHU1  
Gardner, Mark Warren                    DAV5  
Gardner, Mary E.                        2001  
Gardner, Odetta                         HS02  
Gardner, Robert B.                      PAT1  
Gardner, Sadie Sarah                    1985  
Gardner, Violet Marie                   DAV5  
Gardner, William                        DAV5  
Garee, James B.                         2005  
Garee, Nellie Rose                      2003  
Garee, Pearl M.                         2002  
Garet, Helen                            1989  
Garetson, Thomas F.                     1995  
Garger, Mary E.                         2006  
Garland, Gregg Allen                    2003  
Garland, Helen Farina                   2002  
Garland, Josephine                      SHU1  
Garland, Lloyd A.                       SHU1  
Garling, Elizabeth A.                   SHU1  
Garlow, Cora L.                         HS02  
Garnavish, Anna Ceclia                  93DR  
Garnek, Mary Kosarek                    1992  
Garner, Arthur R.                       1994  
Garner, Belle M.                        DAV4  
Garner, Belle M.                        GAN1  
Garner, Belle M.                        PAT1  
Garner, Belle M.                        PIT1  
Garner, Catherine E.                    GAN1  
Garner, Catherine E. Wolf               HS01  
Garner, Clarence                        GAN1  
Garner, Clyde F.                        1985  
Garner, Harry N.                        GAN1  
Garner, Harry N.                        HS02  
Garner, Harry N.                        PAT1  
Garner, Harvey F.                       WEL1  
Garner, Helen M.                        GAN1  
Garner, Helen M.                        PAT1  
Garner, Lorena C.                       GAN1  
Garner, Lorena Corwin                   1992  
Garner, Lucille Renner                  1986  
Garner, Lucy B.                         1997  
Garner, Lucy B.                         PIT1  
Garner, Mary Elizabeth                  WEL1  
Garner, Thomas R.                       SHU1  
Garner, Thomas Russell                  DAV5  
Garner, Thomas Russell                  GAN1  
Garner, William F.                      1994  
Garner, William F.                      PIT1  
Garren, Alda Ruth                       1999  
Garren, Verna B.                        1985  
Garretson, Daisy E.                     1988  
Garretson, J. Wright                    GM01  
Garretson, J. Wright                    HS04  
Garrett, Alma                           1998  
Garrett, Arthur L.                      HS02  
Garrett, David                          DAV1  
Garrett, Elizabeth                      HEA1  
Garrett, Ida Mae                        2002  
Garrett, Lester Roy                     1988  
Garrett, Louis R.                       1994  
Garrettson, Daisy E.                    PAT1  
Garrettson, Dallas E.                   1997  
Garrettson, Delphia                     HS03  
Garrettson, Henry                       HS04  
Garrettson, James                       2000  
Garrettson, Mabel F.                    GAN1  
Garrettson, Mabel R.                    SHU1  
Garrettson, Pearl                       PAT1  
Garrettson, Walter M.                   HS02  
Garrison, Albert S.                     1975  
Garrison, Betty Jane                    DAV4  
Garrison, Betty Jane Orrison            HS01  
Garrison, Betty Jean                    CRA1  
Garrison, Charles E.                    1987  
Garrison, Charles M.                    1990  
Garrison, David M.                      HS03  
Garrison, Deborah May                   1978  
Garrison, Ellen D.                      1999  
Garrison, Ellen D.                      PIT1  
Garrison, Emma M.                       2003  
Garrison, Fred                          HS02  
Garrison, Frederick D.                  HS03  
Garrison, George M.                     2003  
Garrison, Guy                           HS01  
Garrison, Heidi Jo                      2003  
Garrison, Hester M.                     1978  
Garrison, Holley C.                     WEL1  
Garrison, Ira R.                        SHU1  
Garrison, Isa P. Tilton                 HS04  
Garrison, Isaac D.                      HS04  
Garrison, J. Ross                       HS01  
Garrison, John T.                       1987  
Garrison, Lee Edward                    GM01  
Garrison, Lee Edward                    HS01  
Garrison, Lee Roy                       ING1  
Garrison, Mary Meighen                  HS02  
Garrison, Mildred                       1989  
Garrison, Mildred                       1998  
Garrison, Minnie L.                     SHU1  
Garrison, Ralph                         2001  
Garrison, Ralph K.                      1988  
Garrison, Ralph R.                      CRA1  
Garrison, Ralph R.                      HS02  
Garrison, Ross                          1999  
Garrison, Roy                           WEL1  
Garrison, Shirley Beall                 1994  
Garrison, William W.                    1987  
Garside, Clare                          HS03  
Garside, Joseph M.                      HS03  
Garver, Samuel                          2000  
Garvin, John D.                         HS04  
Garvin, Mary Jewell                     HS01  
Gary, Arthur L.                         SHU1  
Gary, Charles Edward                    PAT1  
Gary, Ethyl Lenore                      HS04  
Gary, Mary Frances                      1986  
Gary, Paul R.                           1987  
Gary, Terry S.                          1993  
Gary, William Emerson                   PAT1  
Gary, William R.                        HS04  
Gashel, Vesta A. Spragg                 1992  
Gashie, Bertha M.                       1997  
Gashie, Frank J.                        1996  
Gashie, Joseph                          HS04  
Gashie, Lawrence E.                     2005  
Gashie, Lawrence M.                     SHU1  
Gashie, Michael J.                      1985  
Gasien, Helen Block                     1987  
Gaskell, Joyce Horton                   HS02  
Gaskill, Edna W.                        SHU1  
Gaskill, James E.                       1992  
Gass, Mary Belle Davis                  CRA1  
Gass, Mary Belle Davis                  DAV4  
Gass, Mary Belle Davis                  HS04  
Gass, Nannie                            DAV2  
Gaste, Michael                          1999  
Gasti, Michael                          HS02  
Gaston, Gardner                         2002  
Gaston, Roland V.                       DAV4  
Gates, Jane                             HAW1  
Gates, John L.                          Bane  
Gates, William H.                       DAV3  
Gates, William H.                       HS01  
Gatrell, Dorothy Johanne Shipley        1994  
Gatrell, Howard                         1975  
Gatrell, Howard                         PAT1  
Gatrell, Margaret E.Breithaupt          2006  
Gatten, Donald C.                       1993  
Gatts, Lena Germaine Geho               HS04  
Gatts, Matilda                          GS01  
Gatts, Thomas                           GS01  
Gaudette, Ernest E.                     1999  
Gault, Ada Douglas                      WEL1  
Gaus, C. Verne Wiley                    1987  
Gaus, Lawrence                          1989  
Gaus, Maurice S.                        HS04  
Gavlak, Frank Joseph                    HS04  
Gavlak, Rudolph                         HS02  
Gawthrop, Naomi Leona                   93DR  
Gay, Russell L.                         1975  
Gay, Viola L.                           2004  
Gaydos, John                            SHU1  
Gayman, Eva Frankenberry                HS03  
Gayman, Isaac E.                        2003  
Gayman, John G.                         DAV4  
Gayman, Verona                          HS04  
Gazy, Belva Jean                        HS02  
Gazy, Belva Jean                        PAT1  
Gazy, Edward M.                         HS04  
Gazy, Frances M.                        2002  
Gazy, Mary                              2000  
Gazy, Michael E.                        SHU1  
Gazy, Peter E.                          1994  
Gazy, Suzanne Toth                      1991  
Gazy, Thomas Anthony                    1990  
Geary, William                          HS04  
Geho, Charles                           2000  
Geho, Charles L.                        HS03  
Geho, Georgia E.                        HS02  
Geho, Gladys K.                         1985  
Geho, Goldie Grim                       1978  
Geho, Herbert Wiley                     1985  
Geho, Joseph Morgan                     HAW1  
Geho, Louisa Eva                        HS04  
Geho, Mary Taylor                       1988  
Geho, Opal M.                           2004  
Geho, Willard E.                        HS02  
Geho, William Slater                    WEL1  
Gehring, C. F.                          DAV2  
Gehring, O. F.                          HS01  
Geiss, Rose Mary                        HS03  
Geisweidt, Emma Mae Johnson             1994  
Gellner, Charles W.                     2001  
Gelt, Barbara                           1995  
Gency, Esther Mae                       2002  
Gency, Howard Clinton                   1999  
Gency, John J.                          1994  
Gency, Junior                           1989  
Gency, Margaret                         HS02  
Genet, Louisa Hauenstein                HS01  
Gentile, Joseph                         HS01  
Gentile, Pietro                         HS04  
Gento, Anna Andrusky                    DAV4  
Gento, Anna Andrusky                    HS04  
Gento, John                             DAV4  
Genzano, Emma D.                        1999  
Georgalas, Helen Albert                 1992  
Georgalas, Louis                        1997  
George, Abraham M.                      2004  
George, Abraham Michael                 1996  
George, Albert                          PAT1  
George, Albert                          SHU1  
George, Anne Klonsick                   1993  
George, Donald E.                       1992  
George, Donald E.                       PIT1  
George, Emily                           93DR  
George, George                          PAT1  
George, George Michael                  1985  
George, Grace H.                        1987  
George, Grace H.                        PAT1  
George, Harry                           HS02  
George, Herry Kenneth                   1987  
George, Ida V.                          PAT1  
George, Ida V.                          PIT1  
George, Iona Ann                        1987  
George, Isabella Labo                   2007  
George, Jay Vincent                     1995  
George, Jay Vincent                     PIT1  
George, John                            1989  
George, John                            1999  
George, Joseph J.                       1988  
George, Kenneth Wayne                   1990  
George, Kenneth Wayne                   PIT1  
George, Leo                             DAV2  
George, Mary Helen                      2006  
George, Mary Lou                        HS02  
George, Mary M.                         2003  
George, Minta Alice Upole               HS04  
George, Nicholas                        2000  
George, Nicholas John                   PIT1  
George, Reva Mae Taylor                 1992  
George, Sam                             1985  
George, Sarah                           1989  
George, Sboura Elias                    HS04  
George, Susan                           PAT1  
George, Thomas C.                       2004  
George, Tufeek H.                       1993  
George, William                         HS01  
George, William                         PIT1  
George, William H.                      93DR  
George, William R.                      2002  
George, William T.                      1996  
George, Wilson                          1988  
George, Wilson                          PAT1  
George, Zareph Deeb                     1975  
George, Zareph Deeb                     PAT1  
Georgetti, Antonia                      1978  
Gephart, Robert B.                      HS04  
Gephart, William D.                     SHU1  
Gera, Helen Agnes                       2001  
Gera, John Edward                       1990  
Gergitch, Theresa                       93DR  
Gerhard, Betty Jean Walters             GM01  
Gerhard, Betty Jean Walters             HS02  
Germaine, Roland David                  2006  
Gesko, John                             DAV5  
Gettemy, Mary A.                        93DR  
Gettemy, Mary A. Gagliano               1993  
Gettings, Harry                         1998  
Gey, Frances M.                         93DR  
Giacomel, Angelo N.                     1993  
Giacomel, Jack                          SHU1  
Giardini, Nellie                        1975  
Gibala, Louise                          1999  
Gibble, Margaret Kathleen Riley         1994  
Gibbons, Linnie                         DAV1  
Gibeaut, John L.                        HS04  
Gibeaut, Lillian Mallory                1978  
Gibson, Arthur                          HS01  
Gibson, Bessie D.                       SHU1  
Gibson, Charles                         1985  
Gibson, Elizabeth K.                    WEL1  
Gibson, John S.                         1985  
Gibson, LeRoy                           HS04  
Gibson, Lorraine M.                     2001  
Gibson, Monita M.                       1997  
Gibson, Richard R.                      1975  
Gibson, Robert Mark                     2005  
Gideon, Amy Juanita Kerr                2007  
Gideon, Audrey Beryl Connor             2006  
Gideon, George                          1988  
Gideon, James A.                        DAV3  
Gideon, John H.                         SHU1  
Gideon, Mary Ellen Patterson            1990  
Gideon, Nelson                          HS02  
Gideon, Robert                          1989  
Gideon, Ruby                            1998  
Gideon, William J.                      1999  
Gidley, George D.                       WEL1  
Gidley, Harry A.                        93DR  
Gidley, John Sheldon                    2005  
Gifford, Clarence A.                    GM01  
Gifford, Clarence A.                    HS04  
Gifford, Clay Luse                      1985  
Gifford, David                          1991  
Gifford, Emalene S.                     1995  
Gifford, Emalene S.                     PIT1  
Gifford, Jamie Lynn                     1991  
Gifford, Mary Luce                      HS04  
Gifford, Mary Luse                      GM01  
Gifford, Philip E.                      1987  
Gifford, Philip E.                      PIT1  
Gifford, Samuel                         DAV5  
Gigliotta, Herman                       DAV5  
Gigliotti, Ann A.                       2001  
Gigliotti, Frank                        1992  
Gilbert, Albert S.                      1988  
Gilbert, Annie Roberts                  DAV2  
Gilbert, Bernice                        DAV5  
Gilbert, Carl R.                        WEL1  
Gilbert, Charles                        HS04  
Gilbert, Charles                        PIT1  
Gilbert, Charles R.                     HS01  
Gilbert, Cora Blake                     HAW1  
Gilbert, Edward                         HS01  
Gilbert, Eliza A.                       HAW1  
Gilbert, Elizabeth Jane Rush            WEL1  
Gilbert, Ella E.                        DAV4  
Gilbert, Ella E.                        PAT1  
Gilbert, Francis L.                     1991  
Gilbert, Frank W.                       HS02  
Gilbert, George Newton                  1995  
Gilbert, H. R.                          1978  
Gilbert, Harriet L.                     1987  
Gilbert, Hildred                        DAV5  
Gilbert, Homer                          HS04  
Gilbert, Infant                         HS04  
Gilbert, J. F.                          WEL1  
Gilbert, J. Frank                       HS04  
Gilbert, Jane                           WEL1  
Gilbert, Jesse T.                       DAV3  
Gilbert, Jesse T.                       WEL1  
Gilbert, John                           1978  
Gilbert, John                           PIT1  
Gilbert, John Joseph                    1999  
Gilbert, Laura                          1989  
Gilbert, Lloyd                          SHU1  
Gilbert, Mary B.                        PIT1  
Gilbert, Mildred                        GAN1  
Gilbert, Nancy E. Bowler                1994  
Gilbert, Nancy L.                       2006  
Gilbert, Nellie M.                      2001  
Gilbert, Robert T.                      PAT1  
Gilbert, Suzanne L.                     2007  
Gilbert, Thomas                         WEL1  
Gilbert, Violet E.                      2006  
Gilbert, Waitman T.                     WEL1  
Gilbert, William H.                     HS02  
Gilchrist, Howard                       HS03  
Giles, Frances M.                       2007  
Giles, Frank Blatchley                  HS01  
Giles, George                           DAV5  
Giles, Mary Swan                        HS04  
Giles, Sarah K.                         2001  
Giles, Thomas W.                        2005  
Giles-Johnson, Alexis -Taylor           2006  
Gilette, Freddie G.                     HS02  
Gilfillan, Helen                        93DR  
Gilfillan, Margaret H.                  DAV3  
Gilfillan, Robert M.                    DAV2  
Gilfillan, Robert M.                    PAT1  
Gilfillan, Robert M.                    WEL1  
Gillen, Gertrude M.                     93DR  
Gillespie, B. W.                        WEL1  
Gillespie, Edythe M.                    2002  
Gillis, Sara Evelyn                     93DR  
Gillispie, Harry D.                     HS01  
Gillispie, Homer S.                     1993  
Gillispie, Homer S.                     HS04  
Gillispie, Huey A.                      1986  
Gillispie, Maud McCardle                1986  
Gillispie, Wilma A. Wilson              1990  
Gillogly, A. Perry                      GAN1  
Gillogly, Andrew                        DAV5  
Gillogly, Fred T.                       1993  
Gillogly, Fred T.                       93DR  
Gillogly, Jeanette C.                   1999  
Gillogly, Kim S.                        2002  
Gillogly, Mary Scott                    1994  
Gillogly, Myrtle M.                     DAV4  
Gillogly, Myrtle M.                     GAN1  
Gillogly, Myrtle Milliken               HS04  
Gillogly, Robert L.                     2006  
Gillogly, Texa L.                       HS02  
Gillogly, Texa L.                       PAT1  
Gilmer, Howard                          DAV5  
Gilmer, Jo Ann                          HS02  
Gilmer, Ocie F.                         DAV4  
Gilmer, Ocie F. McCarthy                HS04  
Gilmer, Sallie                          DAV4  
Gilmer, Thomas                          2000  
Gilmer, Thomas Jefferson                DAV4  
Gilmer, William E.                      1987  
Gilmore, James Arthur                   HS01  
Gilmore, Mansell Earl                   HS02  
Gilmore, William Henry                  HS04  
Gilpen, Harry                           1989  
Gilson, Elizabeth P.                    2004  
Ginter, Ethel Mae                       93DR  
Giovanelli, Dante                       1995  
Giovanelli, Dominick                    1998  
Giovanelli, Otto                        1995  
Giovanelli, Pete                        2005  
Giovanelli, William                     1999  
Girgas, Joseph A.                       1975  
Girgas, Mary V.                         2004  
Girts, Gladys R.                        93DR  
Gittings, Arthur G.                     HS02  
Gittings, Helen                         2002  
Gittings, Mary R.                       HAW1  
Gittings, Wayne                         HS02  
Giubileo, John J.                       2004  
Giubileo, Louise A.                     1993  
Giubileo, Margaret                      HS02  
Giughnour, Eugene                       2000  
Glad, Leonard                           1999  
Gladden, Cynthia                        HS02  
Gladden, Cynthia H.                     PAT1  
Gladden, James W.                       1993  
Gladden, Minor                          WEL1  
Gladden, Thomas M.                      HS04  
Glaser, Annie                           93DR  
Glasier, Ferne Smith                    1987  
Glaspell, Juanita                       2007  
Glass, Helen C. Eckenrod                1994  
Glass, John                             2000  
Glass, Katherine I.                     1999  
Glasser, Irving                         1996  
Glasser, Norman                         HS04  
Glaum, Charles Russell                  PAT1  
Glendenning, Ethelyn                    2000  
Glendenning, Icie                       1975  
Glendenning, John W.                    1985  
Glendenning, Porter                     2000  
Glendenning, Roy W.                     SHU1  
Glenn, Frances Acklin                   1992  
Glennen , Thomas W.                     2006  
Glennen, Emma Morris                    WEL1  
Glennen, Grace Archer                   1992  
Glennen, Thomas Walter                  HS03  
Glennon, Regina                         2003  
Glidden, Howard F.                      1988  
Glidden, Reenie                         2003  
Glidden, Ronald J.                      HS04  
Glister, Frances E.                     2007  
Glister, John                           1991  
Glod, Mildred                           1989  
Glovak, Theresa                         93DR  
Glover, Arthur Frank                    1994  
Glover, Clair D.                        2001  
Glover, Emma F.                         93DR  
Glover, Francis E.                      HS03  
Glover, Gorman Gordon                   2004  
Glover, Irene Marie                     HS04  
Glover, Lucy B.                         HS02  
Gluvna, Joseph P.                       1997  
Gnatuk, Dennis W.                       2004  
Gnatuk, Naomi K.                        2005  
Gnatuk, William                         2001  
Goddard, Irene B. Jones                 1996  
Goddard, Netta R.                       1985  
Godfrey, Robert L.                      2003  
Godisart, David R.                      2006  
Godisart, Morris N.                     1996  
Godshall, Rheyma                        1998  
Godshall, William H.                    2006  
Godwin, Louise                          93DR  
Goe, Edna Ringer                        1978  
Goertz, Eric W.                         2003  
Goetz, George F.                        1995  
Goff, Grace E.                          1987  
Goff, Loren Glen                        1985  
Golash, John                            HS01  
Goldberg, Lillian                       DAV5  
Goldberg, Lillian M.                    PAT1  
Goldberg, William M.                    1978  
Goldbloom, Mae                          DAV1  
Golden, Albert                          2006  
Golden, Hale                            HS02  
Goldsmith, Sigmund                      DAV1  
Goldsmith, Sigmund                      PAT1  
Goldstone, Adele                        93DR  
Goldstrom, Andrew O.                    DAV3  
Goldstrom, Charles R.                   HS04  
Goldstrom, Lizzie A.                    HS04  
Golem, Edna Ersagovich                  1988  
Golomb, Myrle Stephan                   1990  
Gomez, David Rafael                     HS01  
Gomez, James A.                         1999  
Gomez, Phyllis Isabel Phillips          1992  
Gomez, Rafael                           1996  
Gomez, Rose M. Posgay                   1996  
Gonda, John Anthony                     HS03  
Gonder, Lindsay A.                      PAT1  
Gonzales, Maria P.                      93DR  
Good, Archie V.                         1987  
Good, Catherine Moore                   HS01  
Good, Edith                             DAV5  
Good, Harry                             1998  
Good, Harry T.                          2002  
Good, Hazel                             93DR  
Good, Herbert H.                        2002  
Good, John H.                           1986  
Good, Josephine                         2004  
Good, Mildred R.                        1988  
Gooden, Francis Marion                  HS03  
Gooden, Francis Michael                 1992  
Gooden, Kethryn H.                      PIT1  
Gooden, Nelle I.                        2004  
Gooden, Samuel                          HEA1  
Gooden, Samuel L.                       1975  
Gooden, Susannah Rose                   HEA1  
Goodish , John                          2006  
Goodish, Mary Plisko                    1988  
Goodman, Lucille Ridgeway               1978  
Goodnight, Flora May                    HS04  
Goodnight, Nelle Howard                 HS01  
Goodwin, Anna Gladden                   GM01  
Goodwin, Arthur Inghram                 DAV3  
Goodwin, Charles E.                     2007  
Goodwin, Charles E.                     HS04  
Goodwin, Ernest Ray                     HS01  
Goodwin, Ethel Ann Moore                HS01  
Goodwin, Florence H.                    DAV4  
Goodwin, Frances M.                     DAV4  
Goodwin, Frances M.                     PAT1  
Goodwin, Guy L.                         1975  
Goodwin, Harry Lynn                     PAT1  
Goodwin, J. T., Mrs.                    WEL1  
Goodwin, James                          DAV1  
Goodwin, James A.                       1985  
Goodwin, James H.                       PAT1  
Goodwin, John Tilton                    DAV2  
Goodwin, Katherine                      HS03  
Goodwin, Lafayette                      HS01  
Goodwin, Louise McCracken               2004  
Goodwin, Marlene S.                     1999  
Goodwin, Mary Blair                     DAV4  
Goodwin, Mary Blair                     HS03  
Goodwin, Mary S.                        2006  
Goodwin, Melvina Inghram                DAV2  
Goodwin, Nancy Annabelle                DAV2  
Goodwin, Nellie McCracken               1994  
Goodwin, Pearle B.                      DAV4  
Goodwin, Pearle B.                      PAT1  
Goodwin, Ray W.                         HS02  
Goodwin, Raymond                        1992  
Goodwin, Ross A.                        2003  
Goodwin, Ruby                           HS02  
Goodwin, Seth                           MOR2  
Goodwin, Stella C. Orndoff              HS01  
Goodwin, Thomas C.                      HAW1  
Goodwin, Thomas Collins                 WEL1  
Goodwin, William D.                     HS03  
Goozdich, Julia B.                      1999  
Gopas, Pavolis                          1996  
Gorby, Bernard Paul                     1978  
Gorby, Eliza Ellen                      HS02  
Gorby, Homer Emerson                    HS04  
Gorby, James C.                         2001  
Gorby, Juanita                          HS03  
Gorby, Margaret Pearl                   1986  
Gorby, Martin                           1987  
Gorby, Myrtle E. Booth                  1996  
Gorby, Yeager P.                        SHU1  
Gorcheck, Emma Morofsky                 1995  
Gordon, A. Byron                        1986  
Gordon, A. Randolf                      HS02  
Gordon, A. Randolph                     PAT1  
Gordon, Agnes D.                        ING1  
Gordon, Amanda Cowell                   PIT1  
Gordon, Andrew                          1989  
Gordon, Bennington R.                   HS04  
Gordon, Charlotte E. Sproat             ING1  
Gordon, Delilah Inghram                 HSS1  
Gordon, Eleanor C.                      WEL1  
Gordon, Elizabeth                       1985  
Gordon, Elizabeth                       DAV5  
Gordon, Ewing                           DAV5  
Gordon, Ewing                           HS01  
Gordon, Ewing C.                        1978  
Gordon, Frank                           WEL1  
Gordon, Frank E.                        1988  
Gordon, Fred R.                         DAV4  
Gordon, Fred R.                         HS04  
Gordon, Fred R.                         PIT1  
Gordon, George                          1995  
Gordon, George                          DAV5  
Gordon, George W.                       PAT1  
Gordon, George W.                       PIT1  
Gordon, Harold S.                       1987  
Gordon, Helen                           93DR  
Gordon, Helen M.                        1997  
Gordon, Isiah                           DAV2  
Gordon, John Brice                      PIT1  
Gordon, Joseph Ammons                   PAT1  
Gordon, Kathryn L. Murphy               1992  
Gordon, Laura Walsh                     DAV5  
Gordon, Lillian Phillips                1986  
Gordon, Lula C.                         HS04  
Gordon, Lula C.                         PIT1  
Gordon, Lulu C.                         DAV4  
Gordon, Margaret                        93DR  
Gordon, Margaret S.                     1985  
Gordon, Margaret S.                     1995  
Gordon, Margaret S.                     PIT1  
Gordon, Mary O.                         HS04  
Gordon, Mary Orndoff                    HS03  
Gordon, Melvina                         HS04  
Gordon, Minerva Thiessing               HS01  
Gordon, Raymond Timothy                 2007  
Gordon, Robert R.                       1993  
Gorman, Blanche R. Wood                 HS04  
Gorman, Kelly Lee                       HS04  
Gormley, Eleanor Lantz                  DAV3  
Gormley, Joseph R.                      HS01  
Gorney, Judith M.                       2005  
Goslin, Albert N.                       1999  
Goslin, Beulah                          93DR  
Goslin, Beulah Gabb                     1993  
Goslin, Charles C.                      DAV4  
Goslin, Charles C.                      HS04  
Goslin, Edna                            DAV2  
Goslin, Ira Lee                         DAV2  
Goslin, Melissa Jane Dean               DAV4  
Goslin, Melissa Jane Dean               HS02  
Goslin, Melissa Jane Dean               PAT1  
Goslin, Ralph A.                        1994  
Goslin, Rhoda P.                        DAV4  
Goslin, Rhoda P.                        HS03  
Goslin, Rhoda Phillips                  TAY2  
Goslin, Richard                         DAV3  
Goslin, Robert                          1978  
Goslin, William L.                      DAV4  
Goslin, William L.                      HS04  
Goslyne, Donald                         HS01  
Gosney, Austie C., Mrs.                 SHU1  
Goss, Margaret C.                       1978  
Gosselin, Anna                          93DR  
Gosset, David, Mrs.                     WEL1  
Gosset, Mary Ellen                      DAV2  
Gossett, Paul R.                        1992  
Gossett, Roberta Harford                2004  
Gotch, Eli                              HS03  
Gotch, John                             HS03  
Gotch, Maude Glover                     1988  
Gotch, Mellie                           HS04  
Gotch, Pearl                            HS01  
Gotch, Samuel                           HS01  
Gotch, Steve                            HS02  
Gottschalk, R. Jean                     2005  
Gouch, Edwin S.                         HS04  
Goudy, Sidney                           93DR  
Gough, Effie Mae                        HS03  
Gough, Jack                             1986  
Gough, James C.                         HS02  
Gough, Ralph F.                         HS03  
Gough, Vinnie F. Scott                  1992  
Goughnour, Alma C.                      2001  
Gould, Alice May                        1997  
Gould, Edward                           2000  
Gould, Emma                             HS02  
Gould, George H.                        1975  
Gould, Hazel Hughes                     1987  
Gould, Robert P.                        1995  
Gould, Rosa Ruse                        HS04  
Gould, Ruby                             93DR  
Gould, Sarah C.                         HS03  
Gould, Stanley                          2000  
Gould, Stephen G.                       HS04  
Gould, Stephen R.                       1996  
Gould, Theresa Grace                    2003  
Goulet, Katheryn D.                     2006  
Gover, Albert F.                        HS03  
Gover, Charles Albert                   1986  
Gover, Charles H.                       DAV3  
Gover, Mary Frances Kughn               HS01  
Gower, Charles                          WEL1  
Gower, Jacob E.                         1997  
Gower, Mary                             DAV1  
Goza, Walter                            HS01  
Grable, Bruce G.                        1999  
Grable, Cecile                          2003  
Grable, Irene M. Dunn                   1994  
Grable, Joseph G.                       2004  
Grable, Loretta Cree                    2006  
Grable, Mabel E.                        93DR  
Grable, Mabel E. Porter                 1993  
Grable, Rose M.                         1988  
Grable, Ruth Clair                      1985  
Grable, Thomas J.                       HS02  
Grable, Thomas J.                       PAT1  
Grable, Thomas J.                       PIT1  
Graff, Jean H,                          2005  
Graff, Jean H.                          2004  
Gragula, Joseph                         DAV4  
Gragula, Joseph                         HS04  
Graham, Artie Ray                       HS04  
Graham, Earl E.                         1994  
Graham, Ethel                           CRA1  
Graham, Eva Harker                      HS04  
Graham, Gertrude D.                     2001  
Graham, Harold                          HS03  
Graham, Harry C.                        HS02  
Graham, Harry L.                        SHU1  
Graham, James                           GS01  
Graham, James A.                        HS03  
Graham, John                            DAV5  
Graham, John S.                         PIT1  
Graham, John S.                         SHU1  
Graham, Joseph                          1997  
Graham, Kathryn Headley                 2004  
Graham, Mary                            2000  
Graham, Mary Elizabeth                  HAW1  
Graham, Mildred Behm                    DAV5  
Graham, Mildred Behm                    PIT1  
Graham, Nellie J.                       SHU1  
Graham, Olive B.                        WEL1  
Graham, Olive Barnes                    DAV4  
Graham, Samuel B.                       1975  
Graham, Sarah A.Price                   HS01  
Graham, Scott J.                        HS03  
Graham, Vaun                            2000  
Graham, Vernon                          1986  
Graham, William E.                      HS04  
Grandel, Dorothy                        2007  
Grandon, George A.                      SHU1  
Grandon, Herbert L.                     1994  
Grandon, Louise Dulaney                 1991  
Grandon, Preston E.                     1985  
Grandstaff, Florence F.                 93DR  
Grandstaff, Grace A. Riggle             1991  
Grandstaff, J. B.                       GS01  
Granger, Laurena                        1975  
Granlee, Donald C.                      1991  
Granlee, Dorothy E.                     2002  
Granlee, Floyd                          WEL1  
Granlee, Frank                          WEL1  
Granlee, George Hinney                  HS02  
Granlee, Goldie Orndoff                 WEL1  
Granlee, Hiram                          GS01  
Granlee, Jennie W.                      WEL1  
Granlee, John L.                        WEL1  
Granlee, Lucy J.                        WEL1  
Granlee, Lydia                          WEL1  
Granlee, Mary K.                        HS02  
Granlee, Roy H.                         SHU1  
Granlee, Sadie                          2000  
Granlee, Victor                         1991  
Grant, Alex                             HS04  
Grant, Lynnetta Marie                   2003  
Granus, Eli N.                          2006  
Granus, Gloria M.                       2005  
Granus, Paul                            1996  
Grash, Lucy A.                          1985  
Grash, Martin V.                        HS04  
Grasha, Barbara                         DAV1  
Grasha, David M.                        1999  
Grasha, Frank L.                        1994  
Grasha, George                          DAV4  
Grasha, George                          HS03  
Grasha, John                            1993  
Grasha, Joseph                          HS02  
Grasha, Matthew                         DAV4  
Grasha, Matthew                         HS01  
Grasha, Rose Barsick                    1992  
Grass, Dominick                         HS04  
Gray, Anna Lee                          2006  
Gray, Arthur R.                         2003  
Gray, Audrey Belma Glover               1993  
Gray, Benjamin                          1998  
Gray, Burnese A.                        93DR  
Gray, Cassie M.                         1988  
Gray, Cassie M.                         PAT1  
Gray, Charles B.                        1985  
Gray, Charles Leroy                     2002  
Gray, Chester                           HS04  
Gray, Clarence                          1975  
Gray, Clarence                          2005  
Gray, David                             1999  
Gray, Dora Wood                         HS01  
Gray, Dorothy                           1989  
Gray, Dorothy L.                        1997  
Gray, Edith Blanche                     PIT1  
Gray, Effie                             HS02  
Gray, Ella C.                           SHU1  
Gray, Elwood E.                         2003  
Gray, Ernest L.                         1991  
Gray, Erwin                             HS01  
Gray, Estella Brown                     HS01  
Gray, Fannie Morris                     WEL1  
Gray, Francis M.                        PIT1  
Gray, Fred                              1992  
Gray, George Lee                        1996  
Gray, Georgia M.                        1978  
Gray, Gladys G. Neely                   1992  
Gray, Goldie Lowther                    1994  
Gray, Harry Allen                       1993  
Gray, Harry T.                          HS03  
Gray, Haven E.                          2001  
Gray, Inzie Hannah Isiminger            1996  
Gray, Isabelle Hart                     HS03  
Gray, James G.                          1997  
Gray, Jane Hewitt                       GM01  
Gray, Jesse L.                          HS01  
Gray, Jessie Lee                        1995  
Gray, June Evelyn Clutter               1994  
Gray, Leora Swiger                      HS02  
Gray, Leota                             2000  
Gray, Lillian L.                        HS04  
Gray, Lucille M.                        1992  
Gray, Luella S.                         HS04  
Gray, Margaret Guthrie                  HS03  
Gray, Marie                             1989  
Gray, Michael Robert                    1995  
Gray, Mildred V. Chaney                 1990  
Gray, Neil                              1987  
Gray, Nelson                            93DR  
Gray, Ora McCoy                         1996  
Gray, Rex W.                            1990  
Gray, Robert                            1998  
Gray, Robert B.                         1993  
Gray, Robert H.                         HS02  
Gray, Robert L.                         1996  
Gray, Ronald Lee                        WEL1  
Gray, Roxanna                           WEL1  
Gray, Roy                               HS04  
Gray, Roy                               WEL1  
Gray, Ruth Etta Hatfield                1990  
Gray, Sara Frances                      2006  
Gray, Sarah Ellen                       WEL1  
Gray, Sarah Ellen Thomas                WEL1  
Gray, Shirl                             DAV5  
Gray, Stephen C.                        WEL1  
Gray, Terry                             1989  
Gray, Thomas                            1989  
Gray, Viola Jane                        2005  
Gray, Virginia Ruth                     HAW1  
Gray, Walter J.                         2004  
Gray, Wilbur                            1991  
Gray, Wilford G.                        1997  
Gray, William                           DAV1  
Gray, William C.                        WEL1  
Gray, William V.                        1986  
Gray, Winelle C.                        1999  
Gray, Zane                              WEL1  
Graznak, Walter William                 1975  
Grdich, Anna                            93DR  
Greathouse, Deborah                     2000  
Greathouse, Harold V.                   1990  
Greathouse, Harry                       1991  
Greathouse, Mary Rebecca Moore          1978  
Greaves, Eugene                         1996  
Greco, Domenick                         HS02  
Greco, George W.                        SHU1  
Greco, Louie                            1986  
Green, Flora Alice                      DAV3  
Green, Flora Fordyce                    HS01  
Green, Hettie M.                        HS01  
Green, Howard S.                        1999  
Green, Leasure                          DAV1  
Green, Owen                             DAV2  
Greenawalt, Crosby                      HS04  
Greene, Sara Jane Trump                 1996  
Greene, Wilson                          DAV2  
Greenlee, Albert                        DAV1  
Greenlee, Annie Deems                   DAV2  
Greenlee, Blanche V. McGlumphy          HS01  
Greenlee, Caroline                      DAV1  
Greenlee, Charles I.                    HS04  
Greenlee, Daniel Paul                   2005  
Greenlee, Erma Walker                   1996  
Greenlee, James B.                      1988  
Greenlee, James B.                      PAT1  
Greenlee, James I.                      HS03  
Greenlee, John T.                       2005  
Greenlee, Katherine E. Nichols          1992  
Greenlee, Mary Arnold                   WEL1  
Greenlee, Mary E.                       1997  
Greenlee, Mary Elizabeth                WEL1  
Greenlee, Mary McNay                    1978  
Greenlee, Paul D.                       PAT1  
Greenlee, S. Carl                       PAT1  
Greenlee, Samuel B.                     DAV2  
Greenlee, Samuel B.                     DAV4  
Greenwood, Gary                         1989  
Greenwood, Gary Lynn                    HEA1  
Greenwood, Gary P.                      PIT1  
Greenwood, Harry W.                     HS03  
Greenwood, Henry P.                     1999  
Greenwood, Henry P.                     PIT1  
Greenwood, Ina Grace                    2006  
Greenwood, Jeanette                     DAV5  
Greenwood, Ruth Y.                      1985  
Greenwood, Verna L.                     2002  
Greer, Elwood                           1991  
Greer, Fred R.                          HS04  
Greer, Henry Lee                        1987  
Greer, Kay Ayersman                     1992  
Gregan, Catherine                       1995  
Gregan, Martin                          1994  
Greger, Mike                            HS02  
Gregg, Alma                             DAV1  
Gregg, Desmond C.                       HS03  
Gregg, Donna Jane                       1994  
Gregg, George                           DAV5  
Gregg, Grover                           CRA1  
Gregg, Grover                           DAV4  
Gregg, Herbert L.                       1978  
Gregg, J. F.                            DAV2  
Gregg, Joseph                           DAV1  
Gregg, Joseph C.                        HS01  
Gregg, Leo                              HS04  
Gregg, Lloyd W.                         2005  
Gregg, Lois C.                          2003  
Gregg, Lorna C.                         1978  
Gregg, Lucinda Smith                    DAV4  
Gregg, Lucinda Smith                    HS01  
Gregg, Mary                             DAV1  
Gregg, Mortimer Richardson              HS01  
Gregg, Rebecca                          1975  
Gregg, Ruth                             HS03  
Gregg, William Worley                   HS01  
Gregor, James D.                        HS01  
Gregory, Floyd R.                       HS02  
Gregory, Harry                          1998  
Gregory, Henrietta Marie Swaney         1991  
Gregory, Karen J.                       2003  
Gregory, Laura Cooper                   HS01  
Gregory, Loreen                         1986  
Gregory, Mike                           HS04  
Gregory, Robert J.                      1997  
Gregula, Joseph                         DAV5  
Gregula, Joseph P.                      1978  
Grella, Frank J.                        1996  
Greschke, Mary Frances                  HS02  
Greschke, Mary Frances                  PAT1  
Gresh, Anna                             SHU1  
Gresh, Barbara Koki                     1996  
Gresh, John                             HS01  
Gresko, Alex                            1985  
Gresko, Ernest J.                       2005  
Gresko, John S.                         SHU1  
Gresko, Mildred                         2005  
Gresko, Nichols                         HS01  
Gresko, Terri Lynn Croftcheck           2005  
Greskovich, Jean Ellis                  1991  
Gress, Arthur G.                        2002  
Gress, Dolores Jean                     2002  
Gress, Mary C.                          93DR  
Gressley, John Francis                  1991  
Gressly, Theodore                       2000  
Grey, Cecil N.                          PAT1  
Grey, Clayton S.                        HS03  
Grey, Frances Valjean                   2002  
Grey, Ruth K.                           SHU1  
Greyhosky, A. Yvonne                    1995  
Gribben, J. W.                          HS01  
Gribben, Jesse Smith                    HS03  
Gribben, John Elmer                     HS03  
Gribben, Michael                        HS01  
Gribble, Lloyd Raymond                  2001  
Gribble, Todd Allan                     1986  
Griedel, Joseph William                 2005  
Griesbach, Mary E.                      1995  
Griffen, Jamie R.                       1999  
Griffin, Alfred L.                      2007  
Griffin, Anna B.                        PAT1  
Griffin, Elizabeth A.                   SHU1  
Griffin, Elizabeth Ann                  DAV5  
Griffin, J. Donald                      1985  
Griffin, Louis L.                       HS04  
Griffin, Robert L.                      2001  
Griffin, Sanford Doraine                2007  
Griffith, Betty                         2005  
Griffith, Betty                         2006  
Griffith, Charles C.                    2002  
Griffith, George W.                     HS04  
Griffith, Harrison H.                   PAT1  
Griffith, Henrietta                     WEL1  
Griffith, Isaac Ward                    HS04  
Griffith, Iva F.                        SHU1  
Griffith, Marie E.                      SHU1  
Griffith, Meredith R.                   1997  
Griffith, Omar E.                       HS03  
Griffith, Rhetta Rush                   PIT1  
Griffith, Z. D.                         WEL1  
Grile, Bertha                           1987  
Grile, Charles                          HS02  
Grim, Allum                             HS01  
Grim, Bonnie Lou                        1991  
Grim, Charles L.                        2001  
Grim, Charles S.                        HS01  
Grim, Deba Lulu                         HS04  
Grim, Della                             WEL1  
Grim, Demas Lazear                      HS01  
Grim, Dessie V. Crow                    1991  
Grim, Edith Hoy                         1994  
Grim, Edna K. Simms                     1986  
Grim, Edward                            HS02  
Grim, Emma Clutter                      HS04  
Grim, Emma F.                           WEL1  
Grim, Fern                              1987  
Grim, Francis L.                        2004  
Grim, Frank                             HS04  
Grim, Freda F.                          1988  
Grim, G. Edward                         2006  
Grim, George                            HS04  
Grim, George E.                         1992  
Grim, George William                    HS01  
Grim, Gladys Mae Sanders                1993  
Grim, Grace D.                          1987  
Grim, Harold E.                         2003  
Grim, Harriet Brown                     1991  
Grim, Harriet F.                        WEL1  
Grim, Hazel Kathryn                     1975  
Grim, Icie K.                           GM01  
Grim, Icie K.                           HS02  
Grim, Ida                               GS01  
Grim, J. Walter                         1989  
Grim, Jacob J.                          1993  
Grim, James Buchanan                    DAV3  
Grim, James W.                          1999  
Grim, John Garfield                     HS02  
Grim, John L.                           WEL1  
Grim, John N.                           1994  
Grim, Kenneth H.                        2002  
Grim, Kenneth M.                        1999  
Grim, Lawrence                          HS01  
Grim, Lillian M.                        1994  
Grim, Lloyd Edward                      2002  
Grim, Lloyd P.                          SHU1  
Grim, Mabel                             GS01  
Grim, Martha Courtwright                HS01  
Grim, Mary Kathryn                      1999  
Grim, Minnie Burgan                     HS04  
Grim, Olive A.                          1995  
Grim, Pleasy Cavert                     DAV2  
Grim, Reuben G.                         HS04  
Grim, Robert L.                         SHU1  
Grim, Sarah                             DAV1  
Grim, Theo M.                           2004  
Grim, Wayne                             1989  
Grim, Wilfred E.                        1990  
Grim, William                           2000  
Grimek, Martin Robert                   HS02  
Grimes, Abraham Lincoln                 GM01  
Grimes, Abraham Lincoln                 HS01  
Grimes, Albert                          DAV2  
Grimes, Allie M.                        HS03  
Grimes, Allie M.                        PIT1  
Grimes, Bertha                          DAV5  
Grimes, Betty                           DAV5  
Grimes, Caleb                           DAV1  
Grimes, Calvin                          HS01  
Grimes, Carlton Oliver                  Bane  
Grimes, Carrie O.                       1978  
Grimes, Carrie O.                       GAN1  
Grimes, Cephas                          PAT1  
Grimes, Cephas Jackson                  HS01  
Grimes, Charles T.                      DAV3  
Grimes, Charles Tilton                  DAV4  
Grimes, Charles Tilton                  HS04  
Grimes, Charllyene T.                   HS03  
Grimes, Clarence                        DAV5  
Grimes, Clarence                        SHU1  
Grimes, Clarence W.                     1994  
Grimes, Clarinda P.                     PAT1  
Grimes, Cora Elizabeth                  DAV3  
Grimes, David Edward                    2007  
Grimes, Donald R.                       SHU1  
Grimes, Edwin M.                        1985  
Grimes, Edwin Michael                   GAN1  
Grimes, Ella                            DAV5  
Grimes, Elta L.                         1985  
Grimes, Ernest E.                       1988  
Grimes, Ernest E.                       PAT1  
Grimes, Fannie H.                       SHU1  
Grimes, Fay Greenlee                    1994  
Grimes, Fred R.                         PAT1  
Grimes, Gary Richard                    WEL1  
Grimes, George E., Mrs.                 WEL1  
Grimes, George Ellsworth                DAV3  
Grimes, George O.                       2006  
Grimes, George W.                       DAV2  
Grimes, George W.                       WEL1  
Grimes, Halfred B.                      GAN1  
Grimes, Hazel Ellen                     2001  
Grimes, Henry Scott                     WEL1  
Grimes, Henty                           DAV1  
Grimes, Ida                             DAV1  
Grimes, J. W.                           PAT1  
Grimes, Jessie Phoebe                   DAV2  
Grimes, Joseph C.                       WEL1  
Grimes, Jsssie Funk                     HS01  
Grimes, LeRoy                           GAN1  
Grimes, LeRoy E.                        1985  
Grimes, LeRoy E.                        PAT1  
Grimes, Mabel Denny                     HS01  
Grimes, Marie H.                        2006  
Grimes, Martha                          GM01  
Grimes, Martha D.                       GAN1  
Grimes, Martha D.                       WEL1  
Grimes, Mary                            1989  
Grimes, Mary                            1998  
Grimes, Mary Ann                        WEL1  
Grimes, Mary L.                         2001  
Grimes, Morford                         1989  
Grimes, Orville                         HS02  
Grimes, Pearl Scott                     DAV2  
Grimes, Ralph Alvin                     2005  
Grimes, Raymond C.                      1992  
Grimes, Roger                           2002  
Grimes, Thelma G.                       2002  
Grimes, Thomas E.                       HS04  
Grimes, Verta                           1993  
Grimes, Verta                           93DR  
Grimes, Vivian Belle                    WEL1  
Grimes, William                         WEL1  
Grimm, Betty June                       2005  
Grimm, Christine Beth Hawk              DAV4  
Grimm, David S.                         2002  
Grimm, Deborah J.                       1995  
Grimm, Don S.                           2005  
Grimm, Dora C.                          93DR  
Grimm, E. Louetta Longstreth            1991  
Grimm, Emerson                          DAV5  
Grimm, Eva I. Rush                      HS04  
Grimm, Everett A.                       DAV4  
Grimm, Homer R.                         HS04  
Grimm, Howard Stanley                   1991  
Grimm, Irvin A.                         1992  
Grimm, J. Blaine                        GM01  
Grimm, James                            HS02  
Grimm, James E.                         1996  
Grimm, James R.                         2005  
Grimm, Jobe                             2005  
Grimm, Jobe                             SHU1  
Grimm, John Albert                      HS01  
Grimm, John S.                          2005  
Grimm, John W.                          1990  
Grimm, Joshua                           HS01  
Grimm, Lillian M. Huntley               1992  
Grimm, Lloyd E.                         1975  
Grimm, Lloyd E.                         DAV4  
Grimm, Lou H.                           HS03  
Grimm, Marie D.                         HS02  
Grimm, Marle D.                         DAV4  
Grimm, Millie Long                      HS02  
Grimm, Morgan W.                        1988  
Grimm, Myrtle T.                        1999  
Grimm, Nellie                           DAV5  
Grimm, Nellie Kelley                    1978  
Grimm, Pearl Phillips                   1990  
Grimm, Robert A.                        2005  
Grimm, Robert B.                        HS04  
Grimm, Robert W.                        2007  
Grimm, Russell Dale                     DAV5  
Grimm, Ruth W.                          2003  
Grimm, Samuel E.                        HS01  
Grimm, Violet Riley                     HS04  
Grimm, William                          2000  
Grimm, William H.                       HS04  
Grinage, Belle                          HS03  
Grinage, Elmer                          1978  
Grinage, Lindsey                        HS03  
Grinage, Margaret Parnell               HS04  
Grinage, Martha Ellen                   HS01  
Grinage, Mary E.                        HS02  
Grinage, Mary E.                        PAT1  
Grinage, Simeon                         HAW1  
Grinage, Verna Riggs                    HS01  
Grinage, William C.                     DAV2  
Grinnage, Arleigh                       1997  
Grinnage, George A.                     1986  
Grinnage, Haddie                        WEL1  
Grinnage, Ollie Marshall                WEL1  
Grinnage, Pearl Maxine Rayl             1992  
Grinnage, Peter                         1989  
Grinnage, Simeon                        WEL1  
Grinnage, Susanna D.                    WEL1  
Grinnage, Thelma G.                     1986  
Grinnage, William                       WEL1  
Grinnage, William C.                    WEL1  
Grishow, Emma Marie                     93DR  
Grondolsky, Joseph                      HS02  
Groomes, Howard                         DAV5  
Groomes, Howard A.                      1978  
Groomes, Russell S.                     DAV4  
Grooms, Bertha E.                       2004  
Grooms, Bertha E.                       2005  
Grooms, Clinton C.                      DAV4  
Grooms, Clinton C.                      HS02  
Grooms, Clinton C.                      PAT1  
Grooms, Elbin                           DAV5  
Grooms, Emma L. Miller                  HS01  
Grooms, Ethel L.                        HS02  
Grooms, George                          DAV4  
Grooms, George                          HS04  
Grooms, Gwendola E.                     PIT1  
Grooms, Gwendola Eaton                  1992  
Grooms, Hazel Mae Lewis                 2007  
Grooms, Helen                           1995  
Grooms, Helen H.                        DAV4  
Grooms, Helen Haky                      HS04  
Grooms, Ira Wesley                      1987  
Grooms, Jessie Sproat                   HS01  
Grooms, Patricia Parker                 1985  
Grooms, Paul                            DAV3  
Grooms, Phebe Jane Christopher          DAV3  
Grooms, Phyllis                         DAV2  
Grooms, Raymond                         2000  
Grooms, Raymond W.                      1993  
Grooms, Raymond W.                      93DR  
Grooms, Robert Lee                      1987  
Grooms, Robert R.                       HS01  
Grooms, Roy, Mrs.                       HS02  
Grooms, Wanda Spitznogle                1993  
Grooms, Wilbur C.                       2001  
Grooms, William F.                      1990  
Grooms, William G.                      DAV2  
Grooms, William S.                      1988  
Grooms, William S.                      PAT1  
Groover, Jeffrey A.                     2005  
Grosenbaugh, Mary E.                    SHU1  
Grosick, Diara Blue                     HS01  
Gross, Emma Marsh                       HS02  
Gross, Ralph                            DAV3  
Gross, William R., Mrs.                 HS01  
Grossman, David S.                      HS02  
Grossman, Isaac                         PAT1  
Grove, Charles R.                       PAT1  
Grove, Charles W.                       1990  
Grove, Charles W.                       PIT1  
Grove, Ella                             GAN1  
Grove, Ella G.                          1985  
Grove, Emma Jane                        WEL1  
Grove, Emma Morris                      HS01  
Grove, Frances                          2000  
Grove, G. Frank                         DAV1  
Grove, George                           1997  
Grove, Grace L.                         2004  
Grove, Jessie Ely                       GAN1  
Grove, John                             1998  
Grove, John E.                          PIT1  
Grove, Kathalene T.                     PAT1  
Grove, Kenneth Eugene                   GM01  
Grove, Lindsey D.                       PAT1  
Grove, Lindsey D.                       WEL1  
Grove, Margaret                         WEL1  
Grove, Merle L. Lippencott              2005  
Grove, Minnie M.                        2001  
Grove, Nellie C.                        1995  
Grove, Oren                             WEL1  
Grove, Pearle                           1989  
Grove, Pierce                           WEL1  
Grove, Thomas                           WEL1  
Grove, William T.                       WEL1  
Groves, Charles Minton                  2006  
Groves, Donna E.                        2001  
Groves, Ella Minton                     WEL1  
Groves, Ethel L.                        1978  
Groves, Florence                        2005  
Groves, Gerald Eugene                   1978  
Groves, Jane Burnette                   2004  
Groves, John                            2000  
Groves, Lennie Elizabeth Summers        1990  
Groves, Margaret T.                     1996  
Groves, Robert T.                       1996  
Groves, RoseToner                       HS01  
Groves, Roy D.                          1985  
Grubbs, Dora B.                         HS03  
Grueseu, Anna Ihnatke Chupa             1978  
Grula, Adam Joseph                      HS04  
Grula, John                             2004  
Grula, Susan Frederick                  1986  
Grzesik, Bernice                        HS03  
Grzesik, Joseph Andrew                  HS04  
Guerra, Joseph                          1975  
Guesman, Annie                          1989  
Guesman, Arthur H.                      HS03  
Guesman, Arthur Lowell                  DAV5  
Guesman, Beatrice V.                    1987  
Guesman, Betty Dale                     1999  
Guesman, Civella May                    1999  
Guesman, Clifton                        DAV2  
Guesman, Dale C.                        1994  
Guesman, David A.                       DAV2  
Guesman, David A.                       WEL1  
Guesman, Earl                           HS02  
Guesman, Earl Louis                     DAV4  
Guesman, Earl Louis                     HS03  
Guesman, Effie Crago                    HS01  
Guesman, Effie Craigo                   DAV4  
Guesman, Frank Bayard                   2005  
Guesman, George H.                      DAV4  
Guesman, George H.                      HS03  
Guesman, Harold R.                      2005  
Guesman, Harry W.                       HS04  
Guesman, Hilda Curtis                   1994  
Guesman, James                          DAV2  
Guesman, James Howard                   DAV4  
Guesman, John Paul                      1996  
Guesman, Joshua                         DAV5  
Guesman, Marie                          HS02  
Guesman, Marie Smith                    PAT1  
Guesman, Marion Lynn                    DAV3  
Guesman, Mintie                         2004  
Guesman, Norval E.                      DAV4  
Guesman, Reuben                         1993  
Guesman, Reuben                         93DR  
Guesman, Rosa Davis                     DAV3  
Guesman, Roy                            HS04  
Guesman, Sally A.                       DAV2  
Guesman, Thelma Jane                    2005  
Guesman, Wilbert                        DAV4  
Guesman, Wilbert                        HS04  
Guesman, Wilbur F.                      1987  
Guesman, William A.                     HS03  
Guesman, William Andrew                 DAV4  
Guest, Howard E.                        HS01  
Gugar, Michael                          SHU1  
Gugliotta, Brenda                       1998  
Gugliotta, Helen Minor                  1999  
Gugliotta, Herman                       SHU1  
Gugliotta, Martin E.                    HS02  
Guidas, Eleanor                         2000  
Guiher, Elizabeth                       1992  
Guiher, Mary                            HS01  
Guiher, Mertie                          DAV3  
Guiher, Nanct Alice                     HS01  
Guiher, Ruth                            1989  
Guiliani, Goldie                        1998  
Gulentz, Elmira Waters                  DAV5  
Guley , Anthony R.                      2007  
Guley, Anna M.                          SHU1  
Guley, Edward                           1989  
Guley, Helen Christy                    2001  
Gumbert, Florence                       93DR  
Gump, Allen A.                          HS02  
Gump, Arthur H.                         1975  
Gump, Audrey Jean                       1994  
Gump, Bern                              HS04  
Gump, Bert R.                           1993  
Gump, Bert R.                           93DR  
Gump, Calvin Allen                      1993  
Gump, Cecil D.                          SHU1  
Gump, Charles                           HS03  
Gump, Charles Edward                    PIT1  
Gump, Charles J.                        1978  
Gump, Christina                         HS02  
Gump, Christina Shriver House           PAT1  
Gump, Cora C.                           WEL1  
Gump, Corbley Frank                     PIT1  
Gump, Corbly                            HS01  
Gump, Della Elizabeth Kirby             HS04  
Gump, Denzel B.                         HEA1  
Gump, Doss                              1985  
Gump, Edward S.                         HS04  
Gump, Edward W.                         HS02  
Gump, Edwin                             1990  
Gump, Effie Cole                        HAW1  
Gump, Elizabeth C.                      PAT1  
Gump, Elmer J.                          1975  
Gump, Emma C. Longstreth                HS01  
Gump, Emma E.                           WEL1  
Gump, Eva                               1998  
Gump, Everett Stanley                   PAT1  
Gump, Faye Maxine                       1994  
Gump, Flossie                           93DR  
Gump, Flossie C.                        1993  
Gump, Floyd                             1998  
Gump, Frances Hiller                    2007  
Gump, Frank A.                          HEA1  
Gump, Frank A.                          WEL1  
Gump, Fred L.                           2001  
Gump, G. Lester                         1996  
Gump, George                            1989  
Gump, George M.                         HS01  
Gump, George M.                         ING1  
Gump, George Moss                       ING1  
Gump, Helen E. Thistlethwaite           1990  
Gump, Hersey B.                         HS01  
Gump, Ida Kent                          HEA1  
Gump, J. M.                             HEA1  
Gump, J. N.                             HS04  
Gump, James R.                          1992  
Gump, James Samuel                      1994  
Gump, Jane                              DAV5  
Gump, Jane                              WEL1  
Gump, John C.                           ING1  
Gump, Joseph                            HS02  
Gump, Katherine Elaine                  WEL1  
Gump, Lena Terrill                      Bane  
Gump, Leona Irene                       HS04  
Gump, Madaline B.                       1975  
Gump, Mahalia                           PAT1  
Gump, Margaret M.                       2003  
Gump, Mary E.                           HS03  
Gump, Melvin                            HS04  
Gump, Minnie P.                         SHU1  
Gump, Myrtle Crawford                   HEA1  
Gump, Nellie Warrick                    HS01  
Gump, Norma J. Ratliff                  1996  
Gump, Oadie N.                          GAN1  
Gump, Perry                             HS04  
Gump, Raymond B.                        HS02  
Gump, Raymond B.                        PAT1  
Gump, Raymond Eugene                    1986  
Gump, Rhetta Vay                        HS04  
Gump, Robert                            GS01  
Gump, Ruby D.                           PAT1  
Gump, Russell                           1998  
Gump, Ruth                              1989  
Gump, Sandra Rae                        WEL1  
Gump, Shirley J.                        HEA1  
Gump, Stanley                           1999  
Gump, Stanley H.                        1991  
Gump, W. S.                             WEL1  
Gump, Wecie Leota                       PAT1  
Gump, Wecie Leota                       PIT1  
Gump, William                           1989  
Gump, Zella Marie                       HS03  
Gunn, Mary Frances Gruzella             WEL1  
Gunn, Opal Workman                      1992  
Gunn, William                           GS01  
Gurick, Julia Sarosi                    HS01  
Guritza, John                           HS03  
Guritza, John A,                        1987  
Guritza, Kathryn                        1986  
Guritza, Mary T.                        SHU1  
Guritza, Mry Timar                      DAV5  
Gursky, Elizabeth Cech                  HS04  
Gursky, Margaret Cech                   1978  
Guseman, Isaac Newton                   DAV3  
Guseman, Lora                           DAV2  
Gusic, Anthony R.                       2003  
Gusic, Anthony R.                       PIT1  
Gusic, Mary J.                          1985  
Gusic, Matthew L.                       1997  
Gusic, Matthew L.                       PIT1  
Gusich, Elizabeth                       1998  
Gusick, Rudolph E.                      1996  
Gutberlet, Arnold C.                    HS02  
Gutberlet, Arnold C.                    PAT1  
Guth, Olive G.                          PAT1  
Guthrie, Alice Staggers                 WEL1  
Guthrie, Charles E.                     2007  
Guthrie, Edith                          93DR  
Guthrie, Edith Whyte                    1993  
Guthrie, Edna                           SHU1  
Guthrie, Eli K.                         DAV3  
Guthrie, J. B., Mrs.                    DAV3  
Guthrie, J. B., Mrs.                    WEL1  
Guthrie, J. E.                          WEL1  
Guthrie, J. H., Mrs.                    WEL1  
Guthrie, J. L.                          HS01  
Guthrie, James C.                       PAT1  
Guthrie, James P.                       PIT1  
Guthrie, Jerome B.                      DAV2  
Guthrie, Kenneth J.                     2005  
Guthrie, Leigh Ann                      PAT1  
Guthrie, Lloyd H.                       SHU1  
Guthrie, Lloyd Hall                     DAV5  
Guthrie, Lois                           1989  
Guthrie, Mabel S.                       PIT1  
Guthrie, Margaret G.                    SHU1  
Guthrie, Marvie                         HS01  
Guthrie, Marvie C.                      GM01  
Guthrie, Marvie C.                      HS01  
Guthrie, Olive Cathers                  1975  
Guthrie, Raymond H.                     1992  
Guthrie, Richard Leslie                 DAV3  
Guthrie, Sanford Leslie                 HS04  
Guthrie, Sheldon A.                     1991  
Guthrie, Simon L.                       PAT1  
Guthrie, Thelma Eileen                  HAW1  
Guthrie, Thomas                         GS01  
Guthrie, William B.                     1993  
Guthrie, William Royal                  HS01  
Guthrie, Willis Burdette                1993  
Gutosky, William J.                     2002  
Guy, Eleanor Davis                      HS03  
Guy, Elenora Davis                      DAV4  
Guy, Frank                              1978  
Guy, James R.                           HS03  
Guy, Janelle R.                         1978  
Guy, Kenneth J.                         1999  
Guy, Wanda                              1988  
Guzensky, Brenny                        HS04  
Guzensky, Kathryn Nowicki               HS01  
Gwynn, Aurilee Harvey                   1990  
Gwynn, Beulah Bittinger                 1996  
Gwynn, Dora Leta Cales                  1978  
Gwynn, Floyd                            1996  
Gwynn, Gary Evans                       2003  
Gwynn, George                           DAV5  
Gwynn, Glenora Lindberg                 1991  
Gwynn, Harriet                          DAV2  
Gwynn, Howard                           DAV5  
Gwynn, Lana May                         HS03  
Gwynn, Lana Rich                        1991  
Gwynn, Lottie M. Ruth                   1996  
Gwynn, Lysle                            DAV5  
Gwynn, Lysle T.                         SHU1  
Gwynn, Martha L.                        2003  
Gwynn, Myrtle M.                        1987  
Gwynn, Robert C.                        HS02  
Gwynn, Ronald                           DAV5  
Gwynn, Ronald E.                        1978  
Gwynn, Thomas F.                        1985  
Gwynn, Thomas F.                        CRA1  
Gwynne, Allan F.                        DAV3  
Gwynne, Anne                            DAV1  
Gwynne, Arthur Cramer                   DAV2  
Gwynne, Franklin                        DAV1  
Gwynne, George W.                       DAV2  
Gwynne, Howard W.                       PIT1  
Gwynne, J. Calvin                       DAV2  
Gwynne, Jean C.                         1988  
Gwynne, Leslie F.                       1992  
Gwynne, Leslie F.                       GAN1  
Gwynne, Leslie F.                       PIT1  
Gwynne, Mary                            1989  
Gwynne, Ralph                           DAV3  
Gwynne, William                         DAV1  
Gyurke, Janice                          2000  
Gyzensky, Brenny                        DAV4  

Name                                    Book
Haass, Walter                           SHU1  
Habe, Virginia Polak                    2005  
Haberstump, Maude Inman                 WEL1  
Hackerman, Beverly J.                   2002  
Hackett, Edna T.                        1975  
Hackney, Ada M.                         93DR  
Hackney, Annabelle T.                   1997  
Hackney, Charles                        HS02  
Hackney, Clark                          HS04  
Hackney, Emma Lillian Thomas            1992  
Hackney, Evelyn L.                      2002  
Hackney, John                           DAV5  
Hackney, John G.                        1978  
Hackney, John G.                        CRA1  
Hackney, Ruth L.                        HS02  
Hackney, Ruth L.                        PAT1  
Hackney, Violet Mullen                  PIT1  
Hafner, Otto                            2004  
Hagan, Margaret L.                      WEL1  
Hagan, Martha Meighen                   1990  
Hagan, Mary Eakin                       HS01  
Hagans, Charlie Jared                   HS01  
Hagar, Beulah Mae                       2002  
Hagar, Catherine                        HS01  
Hagar, Lillie M.                        SHU1  
Hagar, Ray                              HS02  
Hagedorn, Lillie E.                     2004  
Hagen, Charles E.                       1996  
Hagen, Clara                            93DR  
Hager, Blaine E.                        1999  
Hager, Helen G.                         1997  
Hager, Jane Lorence                     2005  
Hager, John Ernest                      1986  
Hager, John H.                          1988  
Hager, Kululu                           1998  
Hager, Leota G.                         1995  
Hager, Louis A.                         1988  
Hager, Louise Mazzocco                  1995  
Hager, Richard Lee                      HS04  
Hager, Roger E.                         1995  
Hager, Stella                           HS02  
Hager, Theora K.                        1988  
Hager, Theresa A.                       2006  
Hager, Willous                          DAV5  
Hagerman, Ethel D. Campbell             HS04  
Hagerman, Robert Paul                   HS04  
Hagerty, Harriet Mae                    2001  
Hagerty, Robert Earl                    DAV4  
Hagerty, Robert Earl                    HS04  
Hageter, Hazel Marie                    2005  
Haggart, Bessie M.                      HS02  
Haggert, Isabel N.                      HS02  
Haggerty, Michael S.                    1975  
Hagyari, Edward L.                      2004  
Hagyari, Flora Marie Abbadini           2007  
Hai, Alice                              HS02  
Haiden, Rudolph                         2001  
Hailgowski, Helen M.                    2002  
Haines, Adrian L.                       PIT1  
Haines, Alice Hart                      DAV2  
Haines, Ancil Woodrow                   1988  
Haines, Anna                            1998  
Haines, Anna                            HS03  
Haines, Anna Lou                        2002  
Haines, Bertha Kiger                    HEA1  
Haines, Bessie Johnson                  1997  
Haines, Billy Lee                       1994  
Haines, Carl Joseph                     1987  
Haines, Carl V.                         2001  
Haines, Charles E.                      HS01  
Haines, Charles L.                      PAT1  
Haines, Charles L.                      WEL1  
Haines, Claude R.                       HS01  
Haines, D. Clyde                        HEA1  
Haines, D. Clyde                        SHU1  
Haines, Delmar E.                       2004  
Haines, Delphine Fox                    WEL1  
Haines, Donald                          DAV5  
Haines, Donald                          HS02  
Haines, Edith                           2000  
Haines, Edith L.                        2001  
Haines, Edith P.                        PIT1  
Haines, Edna                            2000  
Haines, Edna M.                         2001  
Haines, Edna R.                         PIT1  
Haines, Edwin D.                        SHU1  
Haines, Edwin Sherwood                  PAT1  
Haines, Ellis Auvil                     1987  
Haines, Floyd H.                        1994  
Haines, Franklin P.                     1987  
Haines, Franklin P.                     PIT1  
Haines, Gary Ray                        2005  
Haines, George                          WEL1  
Haines, George Hubert                   2003  
Haines, George Hubert                   PIT1  
Haines, Geraldine R.                    HS04  
Haines, Geraldine Roberts               HEA1  
Haines, Gertrude A.                     HS01  
Haines, Glenn W.                        2005  
Haines, Halford Emmon                   2003  
Haines, Hallie Lemley                   1997  
Haines, Hilda Shultz                    2003  
Haines, Hope                            2000  
Haines, Ida Mary                        HS02  
Haines, Ida Mary                        PAT1  
Haines, Ira D.                          HEA1  
Haines, Ira D.                          HS02  
Haines, Iva                             1995  
Haines, Jacob Edward                    1991  
Haines, James                           1989  
Haines, James I.                        PAT1  
Haines, James Irwin                     DAV4  
Haines, James L.                        1997  
Haines, James L.                        PIT1  
Haines, Jane Zimmerman                  PAT1  
Haines, John C.                         DAV4  
Haines, John C.                         HS02  
Haines, John E.                         1995  
Haines, Joseph C.                       1995  
Haines, Kathryn Kiger                   PIT1  
Haines, Lena S.                         WEL1  
Haines, Lena Smith                      DAV3  
Haines, Leslie M.                       PIT1  
Haines, Leslie W.                       1992  
Haines, Leslie W.                       PIT1  
Haines, Lessie M.                       2001  
Haines, Lessie M.                       PIT1  
Haines, Lula Bowers                     1985  
Haines, Mary                            DAV4  
Haines, Mary                            HS04  
Haines, Mary Belle Davis                HS04  
Haines, Mary E..                        2006  
Haines, Mary M.                         2001  
Haines, Matilda Dulaney                 HS01  
Haines, Mercedes                        2004  
Haines, Ocie J.                         PIT1  
Haines, Olive Fordyce                   PAT1  
Haines, Olive Fordyce                   PIT1  
Haines, Oliver Fordyce                  HS02  
Haines, Pauline                         SHU1  
Haines, Ralph H.                        1999  
Haines, Ralph H.                        PIT1  
Haines, Raymond C.                      1986  
Haines, Selma                           DAV1  
Haines, Selma Margaret                  PAT1  
Haines, Stanley                         PAT1  
Haines, Vera S.                         PIT1  
Haines, Vera Shultz                     1991  
Haines, Victor F.                       1999  
Haines, Violet Wade                     1997  
Haines, Virginia May Taylor             1986  
Haines, William M.                      1995  
Haines, William T.                      PIT1  
Haines, Woodrow M.                      1985  
Haines, Woodrow M.                      GAN1  
Hainzer, Anna A.                        2005  
Hainzer, Dorothy                        1989  
Hainzer, Frank J.                       HS01  
Hainzer, Joseph                         1987  
Hajduk, Anna                            HS01  
Haky, Jack                              HS02  
Haky, Katherine G.                      DAV4  
Haky, Katherine G.                      HS03  
Haky, Mary E.                           2003  
Haladyna, Mabel E.                      DAV4  
Haladyna, Mollie C.                     2004  
Halapy, John P.                         1996  
Halbert, Elza                           1988  
Halbert, Susan Darlene                  HS04  
Haldeman, Martin                        2003  
Hale, Jean                              2002  
Hale, Maxine                            2000  
Haley, Blanche E. Tarr                  2001  
Haley, Dolores                          1998  
Haley, Helene Orndoff                   1993  
Haley, Mary Lindley                     1992  
Haley, William T.                       1995  
Halfin, H.Wayne                         2006  
Halfin, William Burdell                 1978  
Haligowski, Marion J.                   1987  
Halio, Lenora M. Long                   1996  
Halio, Victor                           1997  
Hall   , Franklin R.                    2006  
Hall   , Pearl C.                       2006  
Hall, Addie                             HS03  
Hall, Adeline                           1998  
Hall, Alice                             DAV1  
Hall, Betty S.                          2003  
Hall, Chester W.                        1999  
Hall, Cora Hinerman                     HAW1  
Hall, Darkasan                          GS01  
Hall, David W.                          2005  
Hall, Dennis D.                         1975  
Hall, Folta Ellen                       HS02  
Hall, George R.                         HS02  
Hall, Haddie Gwynne                     HEA1  
Hall, Harold Grover                     1986  
Hall, Henry Elsworth                    HS02  
Hall, Herbert S.                        SHU1  
Hall, Inez M.                           1999  
Hall, John F.                           1996  
Hall, Joseph S.                         SHU1  
Hall, Juanita G. Kerr                   1991  
Hall, Louie Owen                        HEA1  
Hall, Louie Owen                        HS03  
Hall, Luella Brown                      1985  
Hall, Margaret Elby                     1986  
Hall, Martha I.                         1999  
Hall, Myrtle E. Wilson                  HS04  
Hall, Nellie May Mapel                  1996  
Hall, Paul M.                           1993  
Hall, Paul M.                           93DR  
Hall, Samuel E.                         1997  
Hall, Sarah A.                          SHU1  
Hall, William Gwynne                    WEL1  
Hall, William Hervey                    HS01  
Hall, William J.                        HS01  
Hallam, Edna Marie                      93DR  
Hallam, Madeleine                       2000  
Hallam, Wilfred                         SHU1  
Hallaway, Charles                       1991  
Hallaway, George                        HS02  
Hallaway, Helen M.                      2007  
Hallman, Lois Garrison                  2003  
Halterman, Branson M.                   2003  
Hamel, Ruth                             DAV5  
Hamel, Virginia E.                      1999  
Hamelin, Doris R.                       HS03  
Hamercheck, Dale A.                     2003  
Hamilton, Abigail                       2000  
Hamilton, Annie                         DAV2  
Hamilton, Arnie Wayne                   1985  
Hamilton, Arthur C.                     HS04  
Hamilton, Clovis D.                     1987  
Hamilton, Delbert                       SHU1  
Hamilton, Delbert E.                    1991  
Hamilton, Edyth L. McNeely              1985  
Hamilton, Festus                        HS02  
Hamilton, Festus C.                     PAT1  
Hamilton, G. Philip                     1991  
Hamilton, Harry K,                      HS04  
Hamilton, Hattie Gail Brookover         1990  
Hamilton, Herbert W.                    2001  
Hamilton, Herry K.                      HEA1  
Hamilton, Inez Berry                    1990  
Hamilton, Kenneth M.                    2003  
Hamilton, Lewis L.                      HS04  
Hamilton, Lydia Tustin                  2001  
Hamilton, Malisa Bell                   2007  
Hamilton, Margaret                      1988  
Hamilton, Mariah Church                 WEL1  
Hamilton, Mary                          WEL1  
Hamilton, Mary Katherine                93DR  
Hamilton, Morris                        HEA1  
Hamilton, Purman L.                     HS02  
Hamilton, Raymond                       1975  
Hamilton, Raymond Charles               DAV4  
Hamilton, Richard                       2000  
Hamilton, Ronald                        2000  
Hamilton, Rosalie Hughes                1985  
Hamilton, Sonja L.                      2005  
Hamilton, Walter K.                     1997  
Hamilton, William S.                    HS02  
Hammercheck, Martin                     1992  
Hammers, Gail S.                        SHU1  
Hammers, Irene L.                       SHU1  
Hammers, Lester                         1989  
Hammon, A. Paul                         2005  
Hammon, Goldia M.                       1999  
Hammon, Sherman B.                      DAV4  
Hammon, Wayne N.                        1997  
Hammond, James S.                       1990  
Hamner, Carlyn E.                       2006  
Hampe, Ruth Crumrine                    1992  
Hampe, Thomas Irwin                     1992  
Hampson, Arabelle                       WEL1  
Hampson, Arabelle Gillogly              DAV3  
Hampson, Byron Curtis                   GAN1  
Hampson, Cora Day                       PAT1  
Hampson, Donald Wiley                   DAV4  
Hampson, Edward Benton                  HS01  
Hampson, Elizabeth                      2000  
Hampson, Ida Bell Garner                HS04  
Hampson, Ida Belle                      GAN1  
Hampson, James N.                       PAT1  
Hampson, John E.                        1988  
Hampson, M. Madeline                    2007  
Hampson, Ralph Day                      1997  
Hampson, Raymond Byron                  HS01  
Hampson, T. Ross                        DAV1  
Hampton, Helen E. Johnson               1992  
Hamstead, Lucille A.                    2002  
Hancheck, Deanna M.                     1995  
Hancher, Marjorie L. Sprowls            2007  
Hancher, Ocie Olive                     1987  
Hancock, Carrie E.                      HS02  
Hancock, Carrie E.                      PAT1  
Hancock, Thelma                         2007  
Handford, Angeline                      1989  
Handford, James                         DAV5  
Handford, Mary                          HS02  
Hanek, Charles                          HS01  
Haney, Betty F.                         1997  
Haney, Clarence C.                      SHU1  
Haney, Ethel Mae Porter                 1993  
Haney, Lee A.                           SHU1  
Haney, Leslie G.                        1988  
Haney, Lindley Schell                   HEA1  
Haney, Lucy Leona                       93DR  
Haney, Maude M.                         DAV4  
Haney, Paul  Lewis                      2007  
Haney, S. Floyd                         1999  
Haney, Sherman                          DAV5  
Haney, Sherman S.                       SHU1  
Haney, Vaum Areford                     PAT1  
Haney, Vaun                             DAV5  
Hanford, C. Edward                      1990  
Hank, Alice Jane                        93DR  
Hanko, Andrew G.                        SHU1  
Hanko, Edward                           2002  
Hanko, John W.                          1996  
Hanko, Mary Uswa                        2003  
Hanko, Paul                             SHU1  
Hanko, Stephen                          1989  
Hanko, Ursula                           2004  
Hanley, Mark Duane                      1975  
Hanley, Shirley M. Wilson               2005  
Hanley, Shirley M. Wilson               2006  
Hanley, William P.                      1999  
Hanlin, Donna M. DeWitt                 2006  
Hann, Willis H.                         HS02  
Hanna, Bertha R.                        DAV4  
Hannah, Cecilia P. Chavez               2006  
Hannah, Elinor Marie                    2003  
Hannah, James K.                        2007  
Hannan, Irene T.                        2004  
Hannan, Lillian Dean                    HEA1  
Hannigan, Imogene                       DAV5  
Hannigan, James                         DAV5  
Hannigan, John                          2000  
Hannigan, John Joseph                   DAV3  
Hannigan, William                       DAV5  
Hannon, Nora B.                         SHU1  
Hanratty, Thomas Hugh                   DAV3  
Hanyok, Lorraine J.                     2007  
Harbarger, Lucy E. Thomas               2004  
Harbaugh, Anna H. Tissue                HS02  
Harbaugh, Mark D.                       1986  
Harbaugh, Philip                        HS01  
Harbaugh, Philip Jackson                DAV4  
Harbaugh, Russell R.                    HS02  
Harbaugh, Ruth E. Mills                 1993  
Harden, Edith May Bates                 2004  
Harden, Elizabeth                       HS01  
Harden, Elizabeth                       WEL1  
Harden, George                          PAT1  
Harden, Henry L.                        WEL1  
Harden, John E.                         2001  
Harden, Kenneth                         1990  
Harden, Lena                            93DR  
Harden, Lena Walters                    1993  
Harden, Nora                            WEL1  
Harden, Ruby J.                         2001  
Harden, Warren Eldon                    1993  
Harden, William E.                      1995  
Hardesty, Carl Homer                    HS04  
Hardesty, Irene D.                      1985  
Hardesty, Marie                         WEL1  
Hardesty, Robert R.                     WEL1  
Hardesty, Ruby                          HS04  
Hardin, Robert H.                       1996  
Hardin, William Francis                 1986  
Harding, A. Pauline                     1995  
Harding, Anne M.                        1993  
Harding, Dorothy                        2007  
Harding, Genevieve D.                   2006  
Harding, George Albert                  1987  
Harding, Gladys Gallatin Riggen         2005  
Harding, John Lowe                      HS01  
Harding, Olga                           1989  
Harding, Paul M.                        SHU1  
Hardman, Charles                        GS01  
Hardy, Clara Elizabeth Hixon            HS01  
Hardy, Deane R.                         2003  
Hardy, Florence                         HS02  
Hardy, G. Irene Christoff               1992  
Hardy, Harry L.                         2003  
Hardy, John                             2005  
Hardy, Norman Philip                    1978  
Hardy, Warren G.                        HS01  
Hare, Goldie Pauline                    2001  
Hare, Lindsey F.                        HS01  
Hare, Maxine Betty Work                 HS01  
Harford, Charles J.                     1987  
Haring, Anna Durbin                     1992  
Haring, Donald Leroy                    HS04  
Haring, George D,.                      1999  
Haring, Joseph Vincent                  1992  
Haring, Naomi                           DAV5  
Harker, Albert                          1975  
Harker, Charles Raymond                 1986  
Harker, Emma Scott                      1975  
Harker, Glenn O.                        SHU1  
Harker, Howard R.                       1985  
Harker, John M.                         HEA1  
Harker, John Owen                       DAV2  
Harker, Lora                            1992  
Harker, Rose White                      1988  
Harker, Sarah J.                        SHU1  
Harker, Sharon                          2001  
Harkey, Anna                            1988  
Harkins, Beryl M.                       SHU1  
Harkins, Betty Jean                     2003  
Harkins, Carrie Lint Brewer             1996  
Harkins, Charles L.                     HS04  
Harkins, Charles W.                     1993  
Harkins, Grace Shore                    1987  
Harkins, Harry A.                       1997  
Harkins, Joseph                         DAV5  
Harkins, Robert A.                      HS01  
Harkins, Rose Waine                     HS04  
Harkolli, Tony                          DAV1  
Harman, Martha Smith                    HS01  
Harmon, Patricia                        1998  
Harmon, Willard Calvin                  2005  
Harms, Theodore G.                      HS04  
Harn, Alice                             2002  
Harn, Arthur H.                         1992  
Harn, Donald A.                         2002  
Harn, Florence F.                       1992  
Harn, Harry                             HS01  
Harn, Leslie                            2000  
Harn, Mildred C.                        2005  
Harn, William Arnold                    2002  
Harner, Kathleen V.                     2006  
Harper, Andrew                          1994  
Harper, Mary Cordelia                   DAV3  
Harper, Samuel Ulysses                  1993  
Harper, Terry                           1998  
Harr, Helen B. Mezatis                  1992  
Harr, William Walter                    1975  
Harrah, Margaret                        DAV2  
Harretos, Goldie Cox                    GM01  
Harrington, Ben J.                      HS02  
Harrington, Chester W.                  1996  
Harrington, Edna                        1989  
Harrington, Kathleen                    2000  
Harris, Alpha Augustus                  DAV2  
Harris, Alvin                           2003  
Harris, Bernice S.                      HS03  
Harris, Charles                         2000  
Harris, Charles W.                      PIT1  
Harris, Charlotte H.                    1988  
Harris, Eva R.                          SHU1  
Harris, Everett R.                      HS04  
Harris, Frank W.                        HS04  
Harris, George H.                       2001  
Harris, George J.                       1986  
Harris, Herman                          1993  
Harris, Herman                          93DR  
Harris, Howard A.                       DAV4  
Harris, Iva P.                          1985  
Harris, James                           GS01  
Harris, James Joseph                    DAV3  
Harris, Jane                            93DR  
Harris, John M.                         1978  
Harris, John Morgan                     DAV2  
Harris, John Philip                     2001  
Harris, John W.                         HS02  
Harris, June                            2000  
Harris, Katherine                       2000  
Harris, Katherine A.                    PIT1  
Harris, Lillian M.                      HS01  
Harris, Mabel Morris                    HS01  
Harris, Margaret E.                     1996  
Harris, Mary E. Lewis                   1994  
Harris, Mary Elizabeth                  WEL1  
Harris, Melvin J.                       1996  
Harris, Miller J.                       DAV3  
Harris, Nancy E.                        2004  
Harris, Nancy Wood                      DAV3  
Harris, Nancy Wood                      WEL1  
Harris, Nellie M.                       2004  
Harris, Norman                          HS03  
Harris, Rance L.                        2003  
Harris, Reuben G.                       HS01  
Harris, Russell                         1989  
Harris, Sally Huffman                   DAV4  
Harris, Sara Grayson                    1996  
Harris, Theodore                        SHU1  
Harris, Theodore H.                     PIT1  
Harris, Thomas  W.                      2006  
Harris, Victorene                       DAV3  
Harris, Viola J.                        2002  
Harris, William Riley                   WEL1  
Harris, Zerelda                         1999  
Harrison, Allan H.                      HS01  
Harrison, Angela D.                     2001  
Harrison, Catherine                     1989  
Harrison, Clyde M.                      1991  
Harrison, G. M.                         1991  
Harrison, Gordon Sinclair               1988  
Harrison, Isabelle                      HS02  
Harrison, Melvin Eugene                 2006  
Harrison, Rebecca Leona Robbins         HS04  
Harrison, Thelma D.                     2001  
Harrison, William C.                    HS04  
Harrison, William M.                    1997  
Harry, Alexander M.                     2006  
Harry, Angela Sagosky                   1992  
Harry, C. Carlton                       1993  
Harry, Charles C.                       DAV3  
Harry, Elizabeth                        DAV1  
Harry, George                           HS01  
Harry, Jay S.                           1988  
Harry, Jay S.                           PAT1  
Harry, Jay S.                           PIT1  
Harry, John B.                          DAV4  
Harry, John B.                          PAT1  
Harry, John Bayard                      2001  
Harry, John Bayard                      PIT1  
Harry, Lorna S.                         DAV4  
Harry, Lorna S.                         HS04  
Harsh, Ferne Whiteman                   1990  
Harsh, William A.                       2005  
Harsh, William M.                       2005  
Harsha, Rebecca Swart                   HS01  
Harshman, Betty Nicholson               2005  
Harshman, Earl                          DAV5  
Harshman, Earl                          SHU1  
Harshman, Eva                           WEL1  
Harshman, Glenn W.                      DAV4  
Harshman, Grace Mary                    DAV4  
Harshman, Grace Mary Jackman            HS04  
Harshman, Virginia H.                   DAV4  
Hart, Anna Grace                        DAV5  
Hart, Anne Craven                       HS04  
Hart, Arthur                            2005  
Hart, Beatrice I,                       1993  
Hart, Bessie                            1994  
Hart, Betty                             DAV5  
Hart, Betty W.                          SHU1  
Hart, Catharine                         HS02  
Hart, Charles                           DAV5  
Hart, Charles Andrew                    HS01  
Hart, Charles E.                        DAV2  
Hart, Charles Thomas                    HS02  
Hart, Clyde E.                          SHU1  
Hart, Edmund C.                         HS02  
Hart, Edward M.                         1992  
Hart, Edward M.                         PIT1  
Hart, Franklin L.                       1993  
Hart, George N.                         HS01  
Hart, Grace M.                          1978  
Hart, Hanna Mae                         HS04  
Hart, Harold E.                         1994  
Hart, Harriet                           DAV5  
Hart, Harriett Elizabeth                1978  
Hart, Helen E.                          2007  
Hart, Helen G.                          1991  
Hart, Helen Guess                       1992  
Hart, Helen M.                          93DR  
Hart, Herman J.                         PAT1  
Hart, Howard Lee                        1975  
Hart, Jacqueline J.                     SHU1  
Hart, James A.                          1995  
Hart, Jesse E.                          DAV2  
Hart, John                              2000  
Hart, Jonah Carl                        DAV3  
Hart, Joseph D.                         1996  
Hart, L. Fllorence                      2001  
Hart, Lola Crow                         1994  
Hart, Lula E.                           SHU1  
Hart, Mary                              1990  
Hart, Mildred Virginia                  1987  
Hart, Miles Ewing                       1993  
Hart, Nancy                             DAV5  
Hart, Nancy J.                          SHU1  
Hart, Neri G.                           1986  
Hart, Nora                              DAV5  
Hart, Nora B.                           SHU1  
Hart, Ola Rea                           DAV2  
Hart, Paul R.                           HS02  
Hart, Pauline                           1994  
Hart, Ralph G.                          2006  
Hart, Rebecca Ellen                     DAV3  
Hart, Ruth E.                           SHU1  
Hart, Sarah Grimm                       HAW1  
Hart, Talmage                           HS01  
Hart, Ulysses                           DAV1  
Hart, William Franklin                  DAV2  
Hart, William Newton                    HS02  
Hart, William Spencer                   DAV2  
Harter, Calvin C.                       HS01  
Harter, George W.                       93DR  
Harter, Nina                            HS01  
Hartkey, Thomas T.                      1991  
Hartlett, John W.                       1991  
Hartley, Aldra                          DAV5  
Hartley, Alva Lee                       HS03  
Hartley, Annabel Longanecker            DAV3  
Hartley, Anne M.                        2003  
Hartley, Arthur                         1989  
Hartley, Arthur A.                      1986  
Hartley, Brenda Joyce                   2001  
Hartley, Charles                        2000  
Hartley, Charles J.                     PIT1  
Hartley, Cleva D.                       1986  
Hartley, Clyde                          HS01  
Hartley, Coan I.                        HS01  
Hartley, Doris G.                       2003  
Hartley, Edgar Minor                    DAV2  
Hartley, Edward A.                      1999  
Hartley, Elizabeth M.                   1985  
Hartley, Elmer L.                       HS04  
Hartley, Elsie Pearl Roberts            1990  
Hartley, Emma Lemley                    HS01  
Hartley, Enoch C.                       WEL1  
Hartley, Eugene F.                      HS03  
Hartley, Evalyn Mundell                 1991  
Hartley, Flora                          1989  
Hartley, Geraldine                      1987  
Hartley, Geraldine                      PAT1  
Hartley, Glady                          1989  
Hartley, Goldie                         1986  
Hartley, Goldie D.                      1975  
Hartley, Harold Minor                   HS01  
Hartley, Hazel                          DAV5  
Hartley, Herbert                        HS03  
Hartley, Homer H.                       2001  
Hartley, Howard                         DAV5  
Hartley, Howard D.                      2003  
Hartley, Howard E.                      HS03  
Hartley, Howard William                 1978  
Hartley, Hugh Calvin                    HS01  
Hartley, Inez                           2007  
Hartley, Iona Riffle                    HS02  
Hartley, Iona Riffle                    PAT1  
Hartley, J. Clayton                     HS04  
Hartley, James O.                       2002  
Hartley, Jayne L.                       2005  
Hartley, John Leslie                    HS03  
Hartley, John Milton                    DAV2  
Hartley, John Milton                    WEL1  
Hartley, Josephus                       HS04  
Hartley, Kenneth  M.                    2006  
Hartley, Kenneth Lee                    2002  
Hartley, Laura J.                       DAV3  
Hartley, Lawrence W.                    HS01  
Hartley, Leona A.                       2001  
Hartley, Lillian                        HS02  
Hartley, Lillian M.                     PAT1  
Hartley, Lois Teal                      HS03  
Hartley, Louella Wiles                  HS04  
Hartley, Lulu                           1989  
Hartley, Mabel S.  Grooms               1992  
Hartley, Mary                           1998  
Hartley, Mary                           DAV5  
Hartley, Mary Dulaney                   HEA1  
Hartley, Merrill E.                     1994  
Hartley, Morgan Lee                     DAV4  
Hartley, Noah Minor                     HS02  
Hartley, Ora S.                         HS02  
Hartley, Oscar F.                       2006  
Hartley, Oscar F.                       DAV2  
Hartley, Ottis M.                       CRA1  
Hartley, Ransell W.                     1987  
Hartley, Ray                            1987  
Hartley, Rex H.                         1992  
Hartley, Robert L.                      SHU1  
Hartley, Rose C.                        1985  
Hartley, Roy E.                         DAV4  
Hartley, Roy E.                         HS04  
Hartley, Samuel T.                      HS04  
Hartley, Sarah Harris                   HS04  
Hartley, Scott                          DAV5  
Hartley, Scott                          SHU1  
Hartley, Thelma H.                      PAT1  
Hartley, Thelma Marie                   2001  
Hartley, Thomas                         DAV2  
Hartley, Timothy E,                     SHU1  
Hartley, William H.                     CRA1  
Hartley, William H.                     DAV5  
Hartley, Willis A.                      1994  
Hartman, Charles R.                     HS04  
Hartman, George F.                      1999  
Hartman, Harold J.                      1992  
Hartman, Helen                          2000  
Hartman, John                           1978  
Hartman, John Edward                    HS04  
Hartman, John W.                        2002  
Hartman, Myrtle Sarah Cunningham        HS01  
Hartman, Robert L.                      1996  
Hartwick, Emanuel                       1986  
Hartwick, Rose Brozik                   1978  
Hartzell, Arthur                        1998  
Hartzell, Bertha Herr                   2001  
Hartzell, Clara Esta Courtwright        HS01  
Hartzell, Dorothy A.                    2001  
Hartzell, Elsie                         WEL1  
Hartzell, Garfield A.                   HAW1  
Hartzell, Helen J.                      1995  
Hartzell, James A.                      HS01  
Hartzell, Ruth M.                       1985  
Hartzell, Virginia Elizabeth            1986  
Hartzell, William                       1989  
Harvey, Albert R.                       1993  
Harvey, Albert W.                       HS04  
Harvey, Barbara                         1989  
Harvey, Bernard H.                      2004  
Harvey, Charles                         1988  
Harvey, Charles Ed                      1990  
Harvey, Daniel                          DAV4  
Harvey, Daniel                          HS03  
Harvey, Daniel B.                       HEA1  
Harvey, Dorothy G.                      2006  
Harvey, Frances I.                      SHU1  
Harvey, Francis Irwin                   PAT1  
Harvey, Garvey                          1988  
Harvey, Hope Ramona                     2001  
Harvey, Irene C.                        1987  
Harvey, Kathryn                         2000  
Harvey, Laura Ellen                     1999  
Harvey, Leona E.                        93DR  
Harvey, Leona E. Hawk                   1993  
Harvey, Leroy F.                        1991  
Harvey, Lewis C.                        SHU1  
Harvey, Lora E.                         HS01  
Harvey, Luta G.                         HS03  
Harvey, Mark L.                         2003  
Harvey, Rebecca Wood                    2001  
Harvey, Rebecca Wood                    PIT1  
Harvey, Samuel H.                       PAT1  
Harvey, Samuel Robert                   2003  
Harvey, Teressa Hawkins                 HS01  
Harvey, Velma Catherine                 DAV4  
Harvey, Velma Sheehan                   HS04  
Harvey, W. Price                        HS03  
Harvey, William                         DAV1  
Harvey, William C.                      HS02  
Harvilla, Ann M.                        1997  
Harvilla, Stephen                       1997  
Harvilla, Steve                         DAV5  
Haskins, Dollie F.                      1987  
Hassen, John                            HS04  
Hastings, Olive                         1987  
Hatfield, Edward J.                     HS04  
Hatfield, Estella B.                    1999  
Hatfield, Estelle B.                    PIT1  
Hatfield, G. W.                         WEL1  
Hatfield, George W.                     DAV3  
Hatfield, Henry M.                      GM01  
Hatfield, John N.                       1987  
Hatfield, Mary                          DAV1  
Hatfield, Olive May                     93DR  
Hatfield, Richard                       DAV5  
Hatfield, Richard                       SHU1  
Hatfield, Sceney Rinehart               GM01  
Hatfield, Sceney Rinehart               HS04  
Hatfield, Vera Jane McMillion           2007  
Hatfield, William                       MOR1  
Hathaway, Albert                        DAV5  
Hathaway, Alberta R.                    1999  
Hathaway, Alice                         DAV5  
Hathaway, Alice Biddle                  1988  
Hathaway, Alice V.                      SHU1  
Hathaway, Alta                          93DR  
Hathaway, Amy Jo                        HS04  
Hathaway, Ann                           1999  
Hathaway, Anna Bystry                   1993  
Hathaway, Anne Fiedor                   1996  
Hathaway, Bertha L. Guesman             HS01  
Hathaway, Calvin M.                     HS02  
Hathaway, Charles Yard                  DAV2  
Hathaway, Earl Wesley                   HS01  
Hathaway, Edward                        HS01  
Hathaway, Ella Hart                     DAV3  
Hathaway, Emma Jones                    DAV2  
Hathaway, Florence Bayard               1993  
Hathaway, Francis                       DAV5  
Hathaway, George                        DAV5  
Hathaway, George L.                     1995  
Hathaway, George W.                     PIT1  
Hathaway, Georgia                       DAV2  
Hathaway, Gerald N.                     DAV4  
Hathaway, Gerald N.                     HS03  
Hathaway, Herbert L.                    2007  
Hathaway, Jack                          1998  
Hathaway, James                         2003  
Hathaway, John                          DAV1  
Hathaway, John Edward                   2003  
Hathaway, John W.                       1985  
Hathaway, John W.                       HS01  
Hathaway, Joseph Marion                 HS04  
Hathaway, Kathleen A.                   1999  
Hathaway, Lester                        DAV4  
Hathaway, Lester                        HS04  
Hathaway, Lynn V.                       DAV4  
Hathaway, Lynn V.                       HS02  
Hathaway, Margaret                      DAV5  
Hathaway, Margaret Mc.                  SHU1  
Hathaway, Mary                          WEL1  
Hathaway, Mary Elizabeth                DAV4  
Hathaway, Mary Elizabeth                HS02  
Hathaway, Mary J. Horner                DAV2  
Hathaway, Mary Shirly                   HS02  
Hathaway, Mildred I.                    2003  
Hathaway, Nettie Lynn                   DAV2  
Hathaway, Paul A.                       DAV3  
Hathaway, Ray                           DAV5  
Hathaway, Ray C.                        SHU1  
Hathaway, Rose K.                       1987  
Hathaway, Rose K.                       PAT1  
Hathaway, Rose K.                       PIT1  
Hathaway, Rose Kiger                    PIT1  
Hathaway, Russell Calvin                HS04  
Hathaway, Sylvia Kelley                 1990  
Hathaway, Thomas Jacob                  1988  
Hathaway, Thomas Jacob                  DAV4  
Hathaway, Thomas Jacob                  HS04  
Hathaway, W. Richard                    1994  
Hathaway, Walter A.                     1987  
Hathaway, William                       DAV5  
Hathaway, William Anderson              DAV2  
Hathaway, William W.                    HS04  
Hathaway, William Wesley                DAV4  
Hathaway, Wilma E.                      2001  
Hatina, Martha Gertrude Hill            HS04  
Hatton, Lynne Rae                       1999  
Haughney, Doris Jean                    2002  
Haught, Archie M.                       1986  
Haught, Archie M.                       PIT1  
Haught, Connie Mason                    1986  
Haught, Daisy Chloe                     HS02  
Haught, David R.                        DAV4  
Haught, David R.                        HS02  
Haught, David R.                        PAT1  
Haught, David R.                        PIT1  
Haught, Debbie Pauline                  PIT1  
Haught, Ella White                      PAT1  
Haught, Emery C.                        SHU1  
Haught, Emma                            DAV3  
Haught, Ernie W.                        HS02  
Haught, Forrest C.                      1995  
Haught, Frances Rose                    1994  
Haught, Freda Collins                   DAV4  
Haught, Freda Collins                   PAT1  
Haught, Freda Collins                   PIT1  
Haught, Freeman H.                      HS01  
Haught, Gayle T.                        2006  
Haught, Helen Jane Rush                 2007  
Haught, Ida Henderson                   1990  
Haught, Jams M.                         HS02  
Haught, Jane Wright                     1978  
Haught, Josephine                       2003  
Haught, Julia                           HS03  
Haught, Laura J.                        2007  
Haught, Leo D.                          HS02  
Haught, Lloyd W.                        1987  
Haught, Lonnie                          2004  
Haught, Lovie                           93DR  
Haught, Margaret                        1988  
Haught, Margaret Hart                   HS04  
Haught, Marie S.                        1986  
Haught, Myrtle Olive                    HS04  
Haught, Virginia Pearl                  1986  
Haught, Warren E.                       HS02  
Haught, William                         1998  
Haught, William                         DAV4  
Haught, William                         HEA1  
Haught, William                         HS04  
Haught, William M.                      HS02  
Haupt, Sue V. Dinsmore                  1985  
Havanas, Anna                           HS01  
Havanas, Edward M.                      HS02  
Havanas, Henry W.                       2002  
Havanas, Mary Anne                      1990  
Havanas, Mary J.                        HS04  
Havanas, Robert L.                      1986  
Havanas, Stephen                        HS04  
Havanas, Stephen A.                     SHU1  
Havanis, Frank B.                       SHU1  
Havanis, George                         2001  
Havanis, Leonard                        1994  
Havanis, Marie Shaw                     1994  
Havanis, Pauline                        2006  
Havanis, Steve                          SHU1  
Haver, Anna                             DAV5  
Haver, Anna L.                          SHU1  
Haver, Charles                          DAV1  
Haver, Charles H.                       WEL1  
Haver, Clifford L.                      CRA1  
Haver, Clifford L.                      DAV4  
Haver, Clifford L.                      HS02  
Haver, Elizabeth                        DAV4  
Haver, Elizabeth                        HS04  
Haver, Fannie                           DAV4  
Haver, Fannie                           HS03  
Haver, Francis Bradley                  HS01  
Haver, George M.                        DAV4  
Haver, George M.                        HS04  
Haver, Homer L.                         1990  
Haver, Irene                            DAV5  
Haver, Irene D.                         PAT1  
Haver, Irene D.                         PIT1  
Haver, J. Rex                           DAV5  
Haver, John Wesley                      PIT1  
Haver, Joseph                           DAV4  
Haver, Laura Keighly                    HS01  
Haver, Mary                             DAV1  
Haver, Mary Genevieve                   2004  
Haver, Nelle T.                         2002  
Haver, Veronica                         DAV4  
Haver, Wanda                            1989  
Haver, Wanda M.                         CRA1  
Haver, William C.                       1993  
Haver, William C.                       93DR  
Haver, William C.                       CRA1  
Haveron, Victor James                   1988  
Haviland, Harry G.                      HS02  
Haviland, Harry G.                      PAT1  
Haviland, Henry H.                      HS04  
Hawk, Betty Haywood                     2004  
Hawk, Blanche E.                        1975  
Hawk, Blanche E.                        DAV4  
Hawk, Charles Taylor                    1995  
Hawk, Christopher James                 2006  
Hawk, Doris E.                          2002  
Hawk, Edna E.                           1995  
Hawk, Harry F.                          2001  
Hawk, Harry W.                          1988  
Hawk, Harry Winfield                    DAV4  
Hawk, Harry Winfield                    HS04  
Hawk, Herry                             PAT1  
Hawk, J. Fulton                         HS04  
Hawk, James E.                          1994  
Hawk, Leona E.                          93DR  
Hawk, Lillian                           1998  
Hawk, Rebecca A.                        1986  
Hawkinberry, Samuel                     HS03  
Hawkins, Anna E.                        MOR2  
Hawkins, Betty                          DAV1  
Hawkins, Catherine D.                   HS03  
Hawkins, Catherine Davis                DAV4  
Hawkins, Clara Bailey                   DAV2  
Hawkins, Dora Virginia                  DAV4  
Hawkins, Earl L.                        DAV4  
Hawkins, Earl L.                        PAT1  
Hawkins, Ellis Baily                    HS04  
Hawkins, Elva M., Mrs.                  HEA1  
Hawkins, Ernest L.                      DAV4  
Hawkins, Ernest L.                      HS02  
Hawkins, George                         DAV1  
Hawkins, George                         DAV5  
Hawkins, George Moredock                1978  
Hawkins, Glorietta Coffman              DAV3  
Hawkins, Harry Lemoyne                  DAV2  
Hawkins, Herbert C.                     HS01  
Hawkins, Herbert C.                     HS04  
Hawkins, J. Willis                      1996  
Hawkins, James                          MOR2  
Hawkins, James A.                       MOR3  
Hawkins, James W.                       GAN1  
Hawkins, John I., Mrs.                  HS02  
Hawkins, Joseph T. C.                   DAV4  
Hawkins, Joseph T. C.                   HS02  
Hawkins, Joseph T. C.                   PAT1  
Hawkins, Joseph Wise                    DAV3  
Hawkins, L. Lena                        HS02  
Hawkins, L. Lena                        PAT1  
Hawkins, L.Lena                         DAV4  
Hawkins, Lena                           CRA1  
Hawkins, Louella Fulmer                 HS04  
Hawkins, Lucille F.                     2004  
Hawkins, Luella Fulmer                  DAV4  
Hawkins, Luella Fulmer                  GAN1  
Hawkins, Martha J.                      2003  
Hawkins, Mary                           DAV1  
Hawkins, Mary H.                        CRA1  
Hawkins, Mary Hoge                      HS02  
Hawkins, Mary Hoge                      PAT1  
Hawkins, Mary Moredock                  DAV3  
Hawkins, Noah Ray                       1988  
Hawkins, Samuel                         DAV1  
Hawkins, Samuel C.                      DAV2  
Hawkins, Thomas                         DAV1  
Hawkins, Thomas J.                      PAT1  
Hawkins, Virginia K.                    1975  
Hawkins, W. W.                          DAV3  
Hawkins, Walter                         DAV1  
Hawkins, Walter R.                      MOR2  
Hawkins, Wilbur James                   HS01  
Hawkins, William Burson                 DAV3  
Hawn, Ina A.                            HS03  
Hawthorne, Maria M.                     WEL1  
Haybation, Virginia                     1991  
Hayden, Harold B.                       2002  
Hayes , James Michael                   2006  
Hayes, Charles                          HS04  
Hayes, Earl                             PIT1  
Hayes, Edward C.                        SHU1  
Hayes, Elnora                           2006  
Hayes, Frederick Daniel                 HS03  
Hayes, Grace Louise                     2005  
Hayes, Helen J.                         93DR  
Hayes, James E.                         1997  
Hayes, James M.                         1991  
Hayes, James M.                         1997  
Hayes, Jesse David                      2007  
Hayes, John W.                          1986  
Hayes, Kevin                            2000  
Hayes, Kevin G.                         PIT1  
Hayes, Leslie W.                        HS04  
Hayes, Mabel R.                         1987  
Hayes, Mary E.                          1999  
Hayes, Nellie Moore                     HS04  
Hayes, Opal Marie                       1997  
Hayes, Ora L. Williams                  HS01  
Hayes, Pearl                            1986  
Hayes, Timothy B.                       SHU1  
Hayes, Timothy Bryan                    PIT1  
Hayes, Xander                           2004  
Hayges, Louis                           2000  
Hayges, Mary Anne Vargo                 2004  
Haynes, Kevin G.                        2002  
Haynes, Shirley L.                      2002  
Haynie, Charles R.                      SHU1  
Hays, A. M.                             HS01  
Hays, Carie A.                          HS01  
Hays, Goodwin                           HS03  
Hays, Jennie M.                         PAT1  
Hays, John E.                           HS01  
Hays, Ora L.                            GM01  
Hays, Valena Alton                      DAV3  
Haywood, Clifford                       DAV5  
Haywood, Dennis                         1993  
Haywood, Earl W.                        HS03  
Haywood, Emmett                         DAV4  
Haywood, Emmett                         HS01  
Haywood, Grace                          DAV5  
Haywood, James T.                       1999  
Haywood, Joseph M.                      DAV4  
Haywood, Joseph M.                      HS04  
Haywood, Katharine                      HS04  
Haywood, Katherine Dunseath             DAV4  
Haywood, Lois Jean                      DAV2  
Haywood, Marlene A.                     1995  
Haywood, Rita                           DAV2  
Haywood, Robert Emmett                  DAV4  
Haywood, Robert Emmett                  HS04  
Haywood, William                        DAV5  
Hazelett, Jesse H.                      WEL1  
Hazlett, Frances Anna Huffman           1993  
Hazlett, Frank                          DAV5  
Hazlett, Jesse H.                       DAV3  
Hazlett, Rita L. Evans                  1996  
Headlee, Alvah John                     1990  
Headlee, Alvah John                     PIT1  
Headlee, Annie E. Fox                   GM01  
Headlee, Arthur L.                      DAV3  
Headlee, Arthur L.                      HEA1  
Headlee, Beatrice O.                    DAV4  
Headlee, Beatrice O.                    PAT1  
Headlee, Beatrice Orndoff               HEA1  
Headlee, Cecil Hamilton                 HEA1  
Headlee, Charles E.                     HS02  
Headlee, Cindy Lynn                     PAT1  
Headlee, Clarence O.                    1995  
Headlee, David L.                       HEA1  
Headlee, Dessie M.                      1997  
Headlee, Dessie Marguerite              PIT1  
Headlee, Dessie Pratt                   TAY2  
Headlee, Dorothy A.                     2001  
Headlee, Dorothy A.                     PIT1  
Headlee, Earle C.                       1986  
Headlee, Edith G.                       HS02  
Headlee, Edna V.                        SHU1  
Headlee, Edward F.                      HS03  
Headlee, Edwin Rex                      HEA1  
Headlee, Edythe                         2000  
Headlee, Edythe Strosnider              PIT1  
Headlee, Ella Delaney                   HEA1  
Headlee, Ella Delaney                   HS02  
Headlee, Ella Delaney                   PAT1  
Headlee, Ella Ruth Williams             HEA1  
Headlee, Emma Dulaney                   1987  
Headlee, Ethel                          DAV5  
Headlee, Ethel R.                       SHU1  
Headlee, Ethel Rose                     HEA1  
Headlee, Fay                            TAY2  
Headlee, Flossie Gail                   HEA1  
Headlee, Floyd W.                       HS03  
Headlee, Floyd W.                       PIT1  
Headlee, Frankie Boor                   1992  
Headlee, Furman H.                      1975  
Headlee, Furman H.                      PAT1  
Headlee, Gail Wade                      1991  
Headlee, George H.                      HEA1  
Headlee, George Washington              HEA1  
Headlee, Glenn                          2000  
Headlee, Glenn                          PIT1  
Headlee, Grace Kennedy                  1986  
Headlee, H. Russell                     HEA1  
Headlee, Harry George                   HEA1  
Headlee, Harry J.                       PAT1  
Headlee, Helen                          93DR  
Headlee, Helen Gilfillan                1993  
Headlee, Homer                          HEA1  
Headlee, Homer Raymond                  1985  
Headlee, James Clark                    1985  
Headlee, James Clark                    TAY2  
Headlee, James E.                       HEA1  
Headlee, James O.                       1990  
Headlee, Joseph K.                      HEA1  
Headlee, Joseph L.                      1997  
Headlee, Kenneth J.                     2007  
Headlee, L. Floyd                       1975  
Headlee, Louie                          PAT1  
Headlee, Margaret                       DAV1  
Headlee, Margaret                       WEL1  
Headlee, Margaret Ann                   HEA1  
Headlee, Margaret D.                    2007  
Headlee, Mark                           HS02  
Headlee, Mark                           PIT1  
Headlee, Mary J. Lemley                 HEA1  
Headlee, Mary Jones                     1994  
Headlee, Myrtle                         HS04  
Headlee, Nelle L.                       2002  
Headlee, Oderra Blanche                 HEA1  
Headlee, Ola                            CRA1  
Headlee, Ola Walsh                      HS03  
Headlee, Oscar A.                       HEA1  
Headlee, Paul W.                        HEA1  
Headlee, Rachel Cole                    HEA1  
Headlee, Rachel H.                      SHU1  
Headlee, Rachel Henderson               PIT1  
Headlee, Ray A,                         2005  
Headlee, Robert Glenn                   PAT1  
Headlee, Rolene C.                      1997  
Headlee, Ronald J.                      PIT1  
Headlee, Rose Ella                      HS02  
Headlee, Ross M.                        HEA1  
Headlee, Russell E.                     1987  
Headlee, Russell E.                     TAY2  
Headlee, Russell H.                     DAV4  
Headlee, Russell H.                     HEA1  
Headlee, Russell H.                     HS04  
Headlee, Sarah                          HEA1  
Headlee, Sarah E.                       DAV3  
Headlee, Sarah E.                       WEL1  
Headlee, Stanley J.                     2007  
Headlee, Stephen Richard                HS02  
Headlee, Thirza Bebout                  1994  
Headlee, Virginia Wilson                HEA1  
Headlee, Washington G.                  HEA1  
Headlee, William F.                     HEA1  
Headlee, William Glen                   HEA1  
Headlee, William R.                     HEA1  
Headlee, William Ralph                  HEA1  
Headley, Ada Hubb                       DAV3  
Headley, Ada Hubb                       WEL1  
Headley, Allen Harland                  HS02  
Headley, Allen Harland                  PAT1  
Headley, Alma Patterson                 HS01  
Headley, Alvin E.                       1975  
Headley, Alvin Eugene                   HEA1  
Headley, Anna C. Rinehart               CRA1  
Headley, Anna C. Rinehart               DAV4  
Headley, Anna C. Rinehart               HEA1  
Headley, Annie V.                       ING1  
Headley, Arthur P.                      HS04  
Headley, Artie Whyte                    HS03  
Headley, Arvel F.                       HS04  
Headley, Betty Jane                     1978  
Headley, Betty Kiger                    1995  
Headley, Betty Kiger                    PIT1  
Headley, Carl F.                        HEA1  
Headley, Carmen Orndoff                 DAV1  
Headley, Carmen Orndoff                 WEL1  
Headley, Carol                          2005  
Headley, Cecil Hamilton                 PAT1  
Headley, Chester P.                     1999  
Headley, Daisy Milliken                 HEA1  
Headley, David L.                       WEL1  
Headley, Donald                         WEL1  
Headley, Dora A. Stewart                1990  
Headley, Dorothy J.                     2003  
Headley, E. Judson                      DAV1  
Headley, Eskie                          DAV5  
Headley, Eskie O.                       HEA1  
Headley, Floyd                          HS04  
Headley, Francis Marion                 HEA1  
Headley, Frank R.                       1996  
Headley, Frank R.                       PIT1  
Headley, Franklin  P.                   HAW1  
Headley, Fred V.                        HEA1  
Headley, Freda M.                       SHU1  
Headley, Freda Margaret                 HEA1  
Headley, G. F.                          HEA1  
Headley, G. F.                          WEL1  
Headley, Genevieve C.                   2004  
Headley, Gerald                         1998  
Headley, Gladys M.                      HS02  
Headley, Gladys M.                      PAT1  
Headley, Gladys O.                      1995  
Headley, Grace Lois Reader              HS01  
Headley, Grover C.                      HEA1  
Headley, Grover C.                      SHU1  
Headley, H. Paul                        1978  
Headley, H. Paul                        HEA1  
Headley, Harold D.                      1997  
Headley, Harriet Moore                  HEA1  
Headley, Hazel P. Wade                  1993  
Headley, Helen Elena                    2002  
Headley, J. Stanley                     DAV3  
Headley, J. Stanley                     HEA1  
Headley, J. Stanley                     WEL1  
Headley, Jack                           HS02  
Headley, John E.                        HS02  
Headley, John M.                        HS01  
Headley, John Milton                    DAV3  
Headley, Johnson                        GS01  
Headley, Joseph K.                      HEA1  
Headley, Lawrence R.                    1992  
Headley, Lela                           1989  
Headley, Lela E.                        PIT1  
Headley, Lenora J.                      SHU1  
Headley, Lida E.                        SHU1  
Headley, Lida E. Johnson                HEA1  
Headley, Lidie Finnegan                 WEL1  
Headley, Lloyd E.                       HS03  
Headley, Lulu                           WEL1  
Headley, Marie P.                       2002  
Headley, Martha Taylor                  PAT1  
Headley, Mary E. Hughes                 HS04  
Headley, Mary J.                        HS04  
Headley, Mary Margaret Morris           1990  
Headley, Maxine                         SHU1  
Headley, Melvin P.                      PAT1  
Headley, Michael Joseph                 1978  
Headley, Mitzie Jean                    HS01  
Headley, Nancy                          HEA1  
Headley, Nora P.                        SHU1  
Headley, Ocie Phillips                  HEA1  
Headley, Odie C.                        HS02  
Headley, Oscar R.                       HS04  
Headley, Otley M.                       HEA1  
Headley, Otley M.                       SHU1  
Headley, Ray Fleming                    HS02  
Headley, Robert B.                      HEA1  
Headley, Robert H.                      HS03  
Headley, Robert M.                      1996  
Headley, Ronald Lloyd                   WEL1  
Headley, Sara E. Crago                  1994  
Headley, Urbana                         SHU1  
Headley, Urbana Kerr                    HEA1  
Headley, Vada Louella                   1995  
Headley, Velma Chess                    1987  
Headley, Virginia L.                    2005  
Headley, W. Clarence                    HS01  
Headley, Wallace                        1998  
Headley, William Leroy                  1994  
Healey, Nellie Shields                  1994  
Hearen, Rebecca Phillips                1992  
Hearin, Virginia Kerr                   HS02  
Hearn, Virginia Kerr                    PAT1  
Heath, Norma                            DAV1  
Heaton, Charles L.                      1992  
Heaton, Clara C.                        1988  
Heaton, Mattie Morre                    HS01  
Hebel, Alta                             93DR  
Hebert, Geraldine McDonald              2004  
Heck, David                             DAV3  
Heckerman, Beverly J.                   2002  
Heckerman, Donald Harvey                2004  
Hedge, Elizabeth D.                     SHU1  
Hedge, Emma Williams                    1988  
Hedge, J. Nelson                        1994  
Hedge, Mary A.                          PAT1  
Heft, Belle R.                          SHU1  
Heft, William F.                        DAV4  
Heft, William F.                        HS04  
Hegan, Nancy                            2000  
Hegedis, Stephen E.                     2001  
Hegedis, Stephen E.                     2007  
Hegedis, Steve                          2003  
Hegedis, Virginia Marshall              2007  
Hegendeffer, Ernest H.                  1990  
Hegendeffer, Ruth M.                    2001  
Heilman, Grace V,                       2003  
Heim, Lawrence Price                    HS03  
Heim, Mary C.                           1995  
Heisse, Bonnie L.                       2001  
Held, Arthur O.                         2004  
Held, Elizabeth N.                      2003  
Held, Keith                             HS02  
Heldreth, Fern Tennant                  1991  
Heldreth, Willie L.                     2003  
Helisek, Margaret B.                    1997  
Helisek, Opal B. Tasker                 1994  
Helisek, Stephen                        HS01  
Hellen, C. David                        2002  
Heller, Carrie Ann                      1985  
Heller, Christopher John                1985  
Hellier, Margaret                       93DR  
Hellstrom, Eric K.                      HS02  
Helmich, Herman                         1998  
Helmick, Anna Burnett                   DAV3  
Helmick, Beatrice                       DAV5  
Helmick, Bessie Ann McMinn              1978  
Helmick, Delas                          HS02  
Helmick, Edgar K.                       1999  
Helmick, Frances P.                     2007  
Helmick, Harry                          DAV4  
Helmick, Ida Schrader                   1992  
Helmick, John                           DAV2  
Helmick, John S.                        1986  
Helmick, John W.                        1994  
Helmick, Lulu                           HS03  
Helmick, Martin Van Buren               DAV4  
Helmick, Martin VanBuren                HS04  
Helmick, Nancy                          DAV5  
Helmick, Nancy Jane                     1985  
Helmick, Orpha T.                       1995  
Helmick, Robert J.                      2002  
Helmick, Rosella                        SHU1  
Helmick, William                        1994  
Helmick, William M.                     1987  
Helmick, William M.                     HS02  
Helms, Charles E.                       1991  
Helper, Charles F.                      SHU1  
Helper, Edna M. Hess                    HS02  
Helphenstine, A. Lance                  1996  
Helphenstine, Corale                    2000  
Helphenstine, Corale                    PIT1  
Helphenstine, Corale H.                 PIT1  
Helphenstine, Gail C.                   HS04  
Helphenstine, Gay                       HS01  
Helphenstine, Margaret A.               1997  
Helphenstine, Robert Alexander          2005  
Helphenstine, William T.                2001  
Helphenstine, Williamn T.               PIT1  
Helsel, Anna E.                         1987  
Helsel, Lloyd C.                        SHU1  
Helsley, Velma M.                       2001  
Henard, Clara P. Burkett                1991  
Henard, Lavern R.                       1997  
Henard, Ramma                           2003  
Hench, Charles M.                       HS03  
Hench, Donald                           1998  
Henck, Mary Marguerite Belovich         1996  
Henck, Michael                          1998  
Hendershot, Alice                       1978  
Hendershot, Anna V.                     SHU1  
Hendershot, Hazel                       93DR  
Hendershot, Ward H.                     HS01  
Henderson, Aida                         1998  
Henderson, Alonzo J.                    SHU1  
Henderson, Alta May Cole                1988  
Henderson, Alta May Cole                PAT1  
Henderson, Alta May Cole                PIT1  
Henderson, Audie Ellen                  93DR  
Henderson, Beatrice E.                  HS02  
Henderson, Beatrice F.                  PIT1  
Henderson, Bertha Cole                  1978  
Henderson, Bertha Pearl Carpenter       1992  
Henderson, Carolian S.                  2002  
Henderson, Charles                      HS03  
Henderson, Charles W.                   1988  
Henderson, Darrel R.                    PIT1  
Henderson, David E.                     HS02  
Henderson, David E.                     PAT1  
Henderson, David L.                     2005  
Henderson, Dewey R.                     HS02  
Henderson, Donald W.                    2004  
Henderson, Dorothy Thomas               1991  
Henderson, Dorsey O.                    PAT1  
Henderson, Elizabeth                    GM01  
Henderson, Elizabeth Yeager             HS01  
Henderson, Emmett Louis                 1996  
Henderson, Euphemia                     1986  
Henderson, Flora                        HS03  
Henderson, Flora McDonald               1990  
Henderson, George                       2002  
Henderson, George B.                    TAY2  
Henderson, George F.                    1990  
Henderson, George F.                    PIT1  
Henderson, George L.                    PIT1  
Henderson, George W.                    HS01  
Henderson, Georgia                      HS02  
Henderson, Georgia King                 PAT1  
Henderson, Gertrude B.                  WEL1  
Henderson, Gertrude D.                  DAV2  
Henderson, Goldie E. Lewis              2006  
Henderson, Goldie M. Cobb               1992  
Henderson, Helen S.                     1999  
Henderson, Helen Spragg                 PIT1  
Henderson, Herman F.                    PAT1  
Henderson, Hilda                        HS03  
Henderson, Hilda A.                     93DR  
Henderson, Ira C.                       HS01  
Henderson, Irene Mason                  1986  
Henderson, Iva M.                       1999  
Henderson, J. Wesley                    HS01  
Henderson, James E.                     PAT1  
Henderson, Jesse C.                     PAT1  
Henderson, John                         WEL1  
Henderson, John G.                      SHU1  
Henderson, John H.                      SHU1  
Henderson, John L.                      WEL1  
Henderson, John R.                      HS02  
Henderson, John Steve                   1985  
Henderson, John W.                      1993  
Henderson, Joseph E.                    WEL1  
Henderson, Kelsey                       PAT1  
Henderson, Kenneth                      DAV5  
Henderson, Kenneth E.                   1985  
Henderson, Leo N.                       2001  
Henderson, Leona Lippencott             TAY2  
Henderson, Leota I. Headley             1994  
Henderson, Lindsey C.                   PAT1  
Henderson, Lloyd R.                     1993  
Henderson, Lloyd R.                     PIT1  
Henderson, Lois B.                      2005  
Henderson, Margaret Lippencott          HS01  
Henderson, Margaret Lippencott          TAY2  
Henderson, Margaret Louise Zollars      1991  
Henderson, Mary                         1989  
Henderson, Mary A.                      DAV2  
Henderson, Mary C.                      WEL1  
Henderson, Minnie                       HS03  
Henderson, Morgan                       1991  
Henderson, Morgan                       GAN1  
Henderson, Morgan                       PIT1  
Henderson, Nancy K.                     1986  
Henderson, Nancy K.                     PIT1  
Henderson, Naomi Irene                  2006  
Henderson, Ochel                        1997  
Henderson, Ola H. Bennington            HS04  
Henderson, Olive                        1989  
Henderson, Owen E.                      HS03  
Henderson, Ralph C.                     2001  
Henderson, Ralph C.                     PIT1  
Henderson, Raymond                      2000  
Henderson, Ronald                       HS04  
Henderson, Ruth J.                      2007  
Henderson, Sarah G.                     HS03  
Henderson, Stanley B.                   WEL1  
Henderson, Thomas M.                    WEL1  
Henderson, Thomas W.                    HS01  
Henderson, Titus Quentin                1996  
Henderson, Verena                       2004  
Henderson, William H.                   HS03  
Henderson, William M.                   2001  
Henderson, Willis B.                    1995  
Hendrickson, Paul                       1988  
Henke, Frances Cole                     1990  
Henke, Frances Cole                     PIT1  
Henkel, Theresa Mae                     DAV4  
Henkel, Theresa Mae                     HS04  
Henkins, John Henry                     PIT1  
Henkins, Minerva Strosnider             HEA1  
Hennen, Anna Gayle                      2002  
Hennen, Bernard                         PAT1  
Hennen, Birt Mason                      HS04  
Hennen, C. Gay Rice                     2004  
Hennen, Chester A.                      HS01  
Hennen, Conrad V.                       PIT1  
Hennen, Cora Hagan                      HS04  
Hennen, Donald                          1991  
Hennen, Dorothy                         1995  
Hennen, Dorothy Tennant                 PIT1  
Hennen, Esta L.                         2001  
Hennen, Everett L.                      2001  
Hennen, Frances M.                      WEL1  
Hennen, Hannah Margaret                 DAV2  
Hennen, Harold F.                       1987  
Hennen, Harold Stanley                  HEA1  
Hennen, James                           1998  
Hennen, James R.                        1994  
Hennen, John W.                         1987  
Hennen, Katherine E.                    2003  
Hennen, Kathryn E.                      PIT1  
Hennen, Kenneth S.                      TAY2  
Hennen, Kenneth S.                      WEL1  
Hennen, Lena V.                         1978  
Hennen, Leona                           DAV5  
Hennen, Lon G.                          GM01  
Hennen, Lon G.                          HS01  
Hennen, Lucinda T.                      WEL1  
Hennen, M. James                        PIT1  
Hennen, M. Naomi Barnhart               1990  
Hennen, Mae                             HS04  
Hennen, Martin Luther                   WEL1  
Hennen, Mary E.                         HS04  
Hennen, Mary Jeannette Headley          HEA1  
Hennen, Matthew                         DAV3  
Hennen, Matthew                         WEL1  
Hennen, Monad James                     DAV4  
Hennen, Monad James                     HS04  
Hennen, Monad James                     SHU1  
Hennen, O. D.                           HS01  
Hennen, O. S., Mrs.                     DAV1  
Hennen, Paul E.                         1994  
Hennen, Ronald K.                       1988  
Hennen, Stanley E.                      2001  
Hennen, Tina A.                         WEL1  
Hennen, Tressie                         2000  
Hennen, Victoria Bissett                HS01  
Hennen, Violet E. Harriff               HS01  
Hennen, Zola J.                         DAV4  
Hennen, Zola J.                         GM01  
Hennen, Zola J.                         HS04  
Hennesey, Garnet                        DAV2  
Hennessey, Anna                         1985  
Hennessey, Frances Craig Rager          HS04  
Hennessey, Frances Rager                DAV4  
Hennessey, George W.                    DAV3  
Hennessey, James E.                     2007  
Hennessey, Margaret                     1991  
Hennessey, Patrick                      HS03  
Hennessey, Patrick J.                   2007  
Hennessey, Vincent M.                   SHU1  
Hennsey, Anne Kenney                    HS04  
Henrich, Colette Anne                   2003  
Henrich, Michael J.                     2005  
Henrish, Betty J.                       2006  
Henrish, George                         1975  
Henrish, George                         DAV4  
Henrish, Katie                          DAV5  
Henrish, Katie Y.                       SHU1  
Henry, Anna                             HS02  
Henry, Arthur Glenn                     93DR  
Henry, Charles Nutt                     DAV3  
Henry, Charles Wilbert                  2006  
Henry, Craig                            1996  
Henry, Harry McClain                    HS01  
Henry, Infant Son                       HS02  
Henry, John                             DAV1  
Henry, Joseph L.                        1999  
Henry, Mary Norma                       DAV3  
Henry, Sarah Isabelle                   DAV3  
Henry, Wilda Dugan                      1993  
Henry, William A.                       HS02  
Henry, William Joseph                   HS04  
Henry, Zoe Zenas                        HS04  
Henson, Lillian Virginia Scoggins       1996  
Hepler, Charles                         DAV5  
Hepler, Etta                            1995  
Hepler, Gladys                          93DR  
Hepner, Alice M.                        1988  
Hepner, Francis Lee                     2007  
Herakovic, Dan                          HS01  
Herbik, Anna Kostak                     1978  
Herbruck, Opal O.                       HS04  
Herceg, Michael                         1998  
Herczyk, Anna Skirtush                  HS02  
Hermann, Lena C.                        1985  
Herndon, Janice                         2000  
Herod, Anna Loretta                     HS04  
Herod, Callie R.                        SHU1  
Herod, Ida M.                           1985  
Herod, Jack                             HS01  
Herring, William N.                     1985  
Herrington, Arnold                      HS03  
Herrington, Charles Raymond             PIT1  
Herrington, Charles W.                  1997  
Herrington, Charles W.                  PIT1  
Herrington, Delbert M.                  PIT1  
Herrington, Delbert W.                  HS02  
Herrington, Devonne                     1989  
Herrington, Donald                      1992  
Herrington, Donald                      PIT1  
Herrington, Ella                        1998  
Herrington, Emma Lantz                  WEL1  
Herrington, Frank M.                    HS04  
Herrington, Gladys O.                   2003  
Herrington, Hattie Cunningham           HS01  
Herrington, Josephine                   2000  
Herrington, Lennie Fry                  HS01  
Herrington, Mary                        1989  
Herrington, Rachel                      WEL1  
Herrington, Randy W.                    2001  
Herrington, Tasco Raymond               GM01  
Herrington, Tasco Raymond               HS04  
Herrington, Thomas A.                   DAV3  
Herrington, Thomas A.                   HS03  
Herrington, Thomas A.                   WEL1  
Herrman, Anthony M.                     93DR  
Herrod, Albert                          1978  
Herrod, Charles S.                      DAV4  
Herrod, Flora Fordyce                   HEA1  
Herrod, Flora Fordyce                   PAT1  
Herrod, Fred W.                         1994  
Herrod, Geraldine F.                    SHU1  
Herrod, Ida Blanche Morley              DAV4  
Herrod, Ida Blanche Morley              HS04  
Herrod, James L.                        2007  
Herrod, Linda Joanna                    GM01  
Herrod, Marie I.                        2006  
Herrod, Melvin L.                       1993  
Herrod, Pierce Lee                      WEL1  
Herrod, Porter                          HS02  
Herrod, Ruby Barbara                    2002  
Herrod, Thurman                         HS02  
Herrod, Thurman                         PAT1  
Herrod, Thurman L.                      GM01  
Hershman, Bernice                       HS02  
Hersman, Herbert G.                     HS04  
Hertig, John Adolph                     1996  
Hertzog, James E.                       1999  
Herval, Ludwig                          1990  
Hess , William P.                       2006  
Hess, Clyde L.                          HS04  
Hess, Daniel G.                         1996  
Hess, Harriet L.                        DAV3  
Hess, Isaac                             DAV3  
Hess, Luretta L.                        HS02  
Hess, Thomas C.                         DAV3  
Hesse, Alfred W.                        HS03  
Hessell, Jennie                         DAV3  
Hester, Harriett B.                     2002  
Hetherington, Guy                       DAV5  
Hetherington, Vesta Young               PAT1  
Hetrick, Clarence H.                    SHU1  
Hetrick, Ray                            2000  
Hetu, Paul L.                           2003  
Hetu, Paul L.                           PIT1  
Hetz, Henry Harry                       2007  
Hetz, John S.                           1988  
Hetz, Louise Ann                        HS02  
Hetz, Stanley L.                        HS01  
Hewitt, Adam                            DAV1  
Hewitt, Albert                          DAV3  
Hewitt, Benjamin F.                     WEL1  
Hewitt, Boyd M.                         1985  
Hewitt, Charles E.                      HS02  
Hewitt, Charles I.                      1995  
Hewitt, Don Thompson                    2003  
Hewitt, Dorotha V.                      2003  
Hewitt, Edgar B.                        DAV3  
Hewitt, Effie                           DAV3  
Hewitt, Eli                             DAV1  
Hewitt, Elsie Polen                     HS01  
Hewitt, Essie S.                        1995  
Hewitt, Eva Longanecker                 PAT1  
Hewitt, Fred W,                         2005  
Hewitt, Furman                          HS03  
Hewitt, Glenn                           DAV3  
Hewitt, Grace Phillips                  WEL1  
Hewitt, Harry C.                        HS02  
Hewitt, Harry S.                        HS02  
Hewitt, Hazel J.                        PIT1  
Hewitt, Hazel J.                        SHU1  
Hewitt, Helen Louise                    2003  
Hewitt, Henry                           DAV3  
Hewitt, Herman B.                       1993  
Hewitt, Isaac                           DAV1  
Hewitt, Jacob                           DAV1  
Hewitt, James A.                        1992  
Hewitt, John Arthur                     HS04  
Hewitt, John J.                         1999  
Hewitt, Judy J. Fox                     1992  
Hewitt, Laura Jane                      HS02  
Hewitt, Mabel M.                        PAT1  
Hewitt, Mary U.                         HS02  
Hewitt, Mildred D.                      2006  
Hewitt, Odella                          HS02  
Hewitt, Oliver E.                       WEL1  
Hewitt, Oliver N.                       HS03  
Hewitt, Patricia A.                     SHU1  
Hewitt, Paul E.                         SHU1  
Hewitt, Phoebe                          DAV1  
Hewitt, Russell E.                      1995  
Hewitt, Samuel                          GS01  
Hewitt, Urna Viola McMinn               HS01  
Hewitt, Virginia McKenna                1985  
Hewitt, William                         DAV1  
Hewitt, William E.                      1994  
Hewitt, William G.                      1978  
Hewitt, William Porter                  WEL1  
Hewitt, Wilma E.                        1987  
Hewitte, Ella McClain                   DAV2  
Hewitte, William George                 DAV3  
Hexenbaugh, Alice V.                    2002  
Hezlep, Sophia                          HS04  
Hice, Bonnie                            2000  
Hice, Harold E.                         2002  
Hice, Mabel Irene                       2001  
Hice, Roy E.                            1999  
Hickey, Charles E.                      DAV3  
Hickle, Belle L. Zettler                HS04  
Hickling, Tillie Ely                    HS01  
Hickman, Abraham                        PAT1  
Hickman, Amy Lynn                       1975  
Hickman, Billy Joe                      WEL1  
Hickman, Blanche M.                     PAT1  
Hickman, Cecil                          HS01  
Hickman, Clarence Gilman                HS02  
Hickman, Cora                           1989  
Hickman, Derrell                        1999  
Hickman, Derrell                        PIT1  
Hickman, Doris Hough                    1991  
Hickman, Floyd T.                       WEL1  
Hickman, Frank                          1989  
Hickman, Frences D.                     1994  
Hickman, Furman W.                      SHU1  
Hickman, Harley                         1993  
Hickman, Harley                         PIT1  
Hickman, Hazel                          1989  
Hickman, Helen M. Danley                1992  
Hickman, James Hatfield                 HS01  
Hickman, John                           PAT1  
Hickman, Keith Allen                    2006  
Hickman, L. M.                          WEL1  
Hickman, Lucy Lemley                    HEA1  
Hickman, Mary                           2000  
Hickman, Mary M.                        GM01  
Hickman, Mildred M.                     2002  
Hickman, Paul F.                        1978  
Hickman, Red Eugene                     2004  
Hickman, Ruth                           1998  
Hickman, Ruth                           2000  
Hickman, Ruth Anne                      PIT1  
Hickman, Sarah E.                       1975  
Hickman, Srah E.                        PIT1  
Hickman, Vernon                         2000  
Hickman, William T.                     SHU1  
Hicks, Clay Anderson                    1978  
Hicks, George Edward                    HS04  
Hicks, Harry                            1987  
Hicks, Harry                            PAT1  
Hicks, James                            GS01  
Hieronimus, Achamania                   HS04  
Hieronimus, Elizabeth                   HAW1  
Higginbotham, Cecil Piper               1994  
Higginbotham, Ferne                     1993  
Higginbotham, Louie Day                 HS01  
Higginbotham, Nannie Piper              1999  
Higginbotham, Sherman Woodrow           1995  
Higginbotham, Thelma                    2001  
Higgins, Addie Bowers                   1975  
Higgins, Addie Bowers                   PIT1  
Higgins, Charles                        HS01  
Higgins, Doris Hildred                  HS04  
Higgins, Edna                           2000  
Higgins, Edward A.                      1992  
Higgins, Elmer J.                       PIT1  
Higgins, Elmer James                    1990  
Higgins, Florence O.                    SHU1  
Higgins, Florence Orndoff               PIT1  
Higgins, Harvey H.                      PIT1  
Higgins, Helen P. Orndoff               PIT1  
Higgins, James                          1998  
Higgins, James                          PIT1  
Higgins, James Francis                  DAV4  
Higgins, James Francis                  HEA1  
Higgins, James Francis                  HS04  
Higgins, James Franklin                 PIT1  
Higgins, James O.                       1975  
Higgins, James O.                       PAT1  
Higgins, John M.                        PIT1  
Higgins, John W.                        HS02  
Higgins, John W.                        PAT1  
Higgins, Joseph T.                      HEA1  
Higgins, Luvada F. Murphy               1991  
Higgins, Margaret Alta                  PIT1  
Higgins, Sarah Phillips                 HS04  
Higgins, William                        2000  
Higgins, William G.                     PIT1  
Higgs, Dale Joseph                      2006  
Higgs, Nancy Carol Magee                2007  
High , Fred                             2006  
High, Daniel L.                         HS01  
High, Fred                              MOR4  
High, Frederick                         TAY2  
High, Frederick                         WEL1  
High, Frederick Albert Lee              1986  
High, Frederick Perry                   CRA1  
High, Frederick Perry                   ING1  
High, Halford H.                        SHU1  
High, John DeWitt                       HS01  
High, June Flowers                      2007  
High, Nora                              MOR3  
High, Nora                              MOR4  
High, Nora Summersgill                  CRA1  
High, Nora Summersgill                  GM01  
High, Nora Summersgill                  HS04  
Higinbotham, Lucy G.                    SHU1  
Hilberry, Daniel O.                     HS02  
Hildebrand, Allan Bryce                 2006  
Hildebrand, Lewis                       HS03  
Hildebrand, Louisa Donham               1994  
Hildebrand, Margaret Catherine Lambert  HS03  
Hildebrand, Mildred C. M.               93DR  
Hildock, Catherine Emma                 HS01  
Hildreth, Curtis Edwin                  1995  
Hildreth, James H.                      2007  
Hildreth, James J,                      1993  
Hildreth, James J.                      93DR  
Hildreth, Lurena R. Goins               1990  
Hill, Agnes                             DAV1  
Hill, Allen R.                          HS02  
Hill, Allen Thomas                      WEL1  
Hill, Annie                             HS01  
Hill, Carlos P.                         1985  
Hill, Cecil R.                          GAN1  
Hill, Clarence                          DAV3  
Hill, Clarence Der                      1985  
Hill, Clifford M.                       1986  
Hill, David Ja                          1985  
Hill, Doris                             1998  
Hill, Edward R.                         DAV2  
Hill, Emma                              DAV1  
Hill, Emma Wilmetta                     WEL1  
Hill, Ernest Blaine                     2001  
Hill, Ethel Stoneking                   1985  
Hill, Frank B.                          1978  
Hill, Frank B., Mrs.                    CRA1  
Hill, Frank R.                          DAV3  
Hill, Frank R.                          HAW1  
Hill, Frank R.                          WEL1  
Hill, Fred M.                           HS01  
Hill, George B.                         DAV3  
Hill, Gladys                            93DR  
Hill, Gladys P. Clutter                 1987  
Hill, Hebron                            1978  
Hill, Hebron                            DAV5  
Hill, Ida Blair                         HS01  
Hill, Irene Miller                      PAT1  
Hill, Iris B.                           DAV4  
Hill, J. Robert                         DAV2  
Hill, James W. R.                       DAV2  
Hill, Jennie                            DAV1  
Hill, John                              DAV5  
Hill, John B.                           GAN1  
Hill, Josephine                         93DR  
Hill, Joy Lee                           2004  
Hill, Kathleen W.                       SHU1  
Hill, Larry                             1987  
Hill, Laura Bell                        2001  
Hill, Lenora                            DAV5  
Hill, Linnie J.                         DAV3  
Hill, Margaret R.                       1995  
Hill, Mary M.                           SHU1  
Hill, Millie                            DAV1  
Hill, Minnie Ruse                       DAV2  
Hill, Nancy A.                          HS04  
Hill, Nina Alexander                    HS01  
Hill, Oma Mary W.                       HS03  
Hill, Paul W.                           DAV4  
Hill, Paul W.                           HS03  
Hill, Pauline Bruce                     1975  
Hill, Rachel                            DAV1  
Hill, Ralph W.                          HS01  
Hill, Robert J.                         1985  
Hill, Romeo F.                          HS04  
Hill, Ross J.                           1997  
Hill, Susan Little                      DAV3  
Hill, Sylvia Long                       DAV4  
Hill, Sylvia Long                       HS04  
Hill, Virginia                          DAV1  
Hill, W. Alfred                         1986  
Hill, W. Alfred                         GAN1  
Hill, W. E., Mrs.                       HS01  
Hill, Walter                            DAV5  
Hill, Walter                            SHU1  
Hill, Walter T.                         1978  
Hill, Wilbert A.                        WEL1  
Hill, William                           1998  
Hill, William                           93DR  
Hill, William                           DAV1  
Hill, William Carl                      GM01  
Hill, William Carl                      HS04  
Hill, William E.                        PAT1  
Hill, William W.                        SHU1  
Hill, Wilmetta                          PAT1  
Hillberry, Alta                         93DR  
Hillberry, Arthur F.                    1999  
Hillberry, Benny F.                     1986  
Hillberry, Della Irene Ritchea          1990  
Hillberry, Grant W.                     1990  
Hillberry, Mary                         1989  
Hillberry, Rose May Henderson           HEA1  
Hillberry, Spencer S.                   SHU1  
Hillen, Harry                           DAV3  
Hillen, Simon                           HS04  
Hiller, Anna R.                         1987  
Hiller, Anna R.                         PIT1  
Hiller, Dora E.                         WEL1  
Hiller, Harriet Kent                    DAV1  
Hiller, Helen P.                        HS03  
Hiller, Helen P.                        PIT1  
Hiller, J. W.                           PAT1  
Hiller, Joseph                          TAY2  
Hiller, Joseph Harold                   HS04  
Hiller, Joseph Harold                   PIT1  
Hiller, Kit                             DAV1  
Hiller, Kit                             PAT1  
Hiller, Verna J.                        2002  
Hillier, Rina L. Barth                  2002  
Hilling, Michael                        1998  
Hillis, Betty Louise                    DAV4  
Hillman, Norman Eugene                  2001  
Hillsman, Helen P.                      SHU1  
Hillsman, Michael C.                    1991  
Hillsman, Stephen Andrew                HS04  
Hilverding, Carol L.                    1988  
Hilverding, Florence L.                 1995  
Hilverding, George                      HS03  
Hilverding, George Frederick            HS01  
Hilverding, Robert Theodore             WEL1  
Hilverding, Virgil                      DAV5  
Hilverding, William                     HS02  
Hilverding, William Gale                PAT1  
Hime, Wanda                             2000  
Himelrick, Willliam Sheridan            HS01  
Himes, Mildred Cook                     1995  
Himmelberger, Laura M.                  HS02  
Hincy, Anna                             DAV5  
Hincy, Anna Kiger                       PAT1  
Hincy, Anna Kiger                       PIT1  
Hincy, Edythe Knisley                   1986  
Hincy, Thomas H.                        PAT1  
Hincy, Tyrus R.                         2004  
Hindman, Fayette K.                     1988  
Hinds, Alice Ruth Tennant               1992  
Hinds, William                          1975  
Hinds, William Wallace                  HEA1  
Hinds, William Wallace                  HS04  
Hinebaugh, Morris F.                    SHU1  
Hiner, Mary                             HS03  
Hinerman, Charles E.                    HS04  
Hinerman, Claudia A.                    1978  
Hinerman, Clyde Ray                     HS01  
Hinerman, Curtis L.                     HS04  
Hinerman, David                         GS01  
Hinerman, Frances                       2005  
Hinerman, George A.                     1993  
Hinerman, Glenna Michelle               HS04  
Hinerman, Ida Virginia                  HAW1  
Hinerman, James L.                      HS04  
Hinerman, Lindsey                       GS01  
Hinerman, Lulu                          HAW1  
Hinerman, Mona                          1989  
Hinerman, Nile H.                       HS02  
Hinerman, Nile Wayne                    Bane  
Hinerman, Patricia Webb                 1992  
Hinerman, Virginia C.                   HS03  
Hinerman, Willard                       PAT1  
Hinerman, Willis P.                     SHU1  
Hines, Eula                             2000  
Hinkins, Curtis                         WEL1  
Hipala, William                         1987  
Hipsley, Randall E.                     HS03  
Hirosky, Edward J.                      1997  
Hirsh, Jill Elizabeth                   1996  
Hirsh, Sara E.                          2006  
Hissey, William E.                      2004  
Hissom, Carole Ann Renz                 2006  
Hitchcock, Ruth                         93DR  
Hitchens, Fred S.                       GM01  
Hitchens, Fred S.                       HS02  
Hitchens, Fred S.                       PAT1  
Hitchens, Margaret S.                   GM01  
Hitchens, Margaret Sayers               HS04  
Hitt, Robert Dale                       1995  
Hixenbaugh, Carl D.                     1988  
Hixenbaugh, Carrie Montgomery           HS04  
Hixenbaugh, Charles                     HS02  
Hixenbaugh, Dorsey                      SHU1  
Hixenbaugh, Emma A.                     HS04  
Hixenbaugh, Francis N.                  PAT1  
Hixenbaugh, Gladys                      1998  
Hixenbaugh, Harry E.                    1997  
Hixenbaugh, Irene                       1975  
Hixenbaugh, Iva                         SHU1  
Hixenbaugh, Jeanette                    2000  
Hixenbaugh, Joseph Earl                 HEA1  
Hixenbaugh, Lewis                       HS04  
Hixenbaugh, Lewis Wetzel                HS04  
Hixenbaugh, Lissie Mae Six              HS04  
Hixenbaugh, Maude E.                    HS02  
Hixenbaugh, Maude E.                    PAT1  
Hixenbaugh, Minor                       SHU1  
Hixenbaugh, Nellie M. King              1990  
Hixenbaugh, Randy L.                    2005  
Hixenbaugh, Ray                         HS02  
Hixenbaugh, Rebecca Kughn               HS01  
Hixenbaugh, Ronald                      2000  
Hixenbaugh, Samuel H.                   HS04  
Hixenbaugh, Walter                      2003  
Hixenbaugh, William A.                  2004  
Hixenbaugh, William N.                  HS04  
Hixenbaugh, Willis                      1998  
Hixon, Dorothy Mae                      2001  
Hixon, Elma L.                          1992  
Hixon, Ethel A.                         1993  
Hixon, George R.                        1992  
Hixon, Goldie M.                        2002  
Hixon, Hattie Robinson                  1975  
Hixon, James Edward                     1988  
Hixon, Joseph                           DAV5  
Hixon, Joseph F.                        SHU1  
Hixon, Kenneth                          2002  
Hixon, Roy A.                           1992  
Hixon, Sarah E.                         1997  
Hixon, Susan Lawrence                   DAV4  
Hixson, Susan Lawrence                  HS02  
Hlaj, George                            DAV4  
Hlaj, George B.                         HS04  
Hlaj, Sophia Koricich                   1988  
Hlatky, Hallie Jean                     2006  
Hlavay, Nellie D. Pirrung               1991  
Hlipala, Mary Isabelle Rogers           1996  
Hlipala, Mary Kathryn                   2002  
Hlipala, Norma                          1998  
Hllegast, Brenda Sue Jenkins            1987  
Hlubin, Mike                            HS04  
Hluszti, Catherine                      HS04  
Hoag, Christopher                       1989  
Hoard, Rebecca                          GS01  
Hoban, Paul Francis                     2001  
Hoban, Wilda Mae Davis                  1993  
Hobbs, Andrew                           1999  
Hobbs, Andrew                           PIT1  
Hobbs, Leora                            2000  
Hobbs, William                          1989  
Hobert, Earl                            DAV1  
Hoch, Betty                             1989  
Hockenberry, John C.                    2001  
Hockenberry, John C.                    HS04  
Hockin, Sharon A. Prete                 1996  
Hocks, Robert Milton                    HAW1  
Hoda, Joseph                            HS02  
Hodel, Charles F.                       PAT1  
Hoden, Paul                             DAV5  
Hodge, Isaac W.                         1988  
Hodgess, Anne M. Whalley                1996  
Hodgess, Edwin E,                       PAT1  
Hodgess, Joseph A.                      HS03  
Hodgess, Mae E. Roberts                 1992  
Hodgson, Brittany Nicole                1996  
Hodgson, Russell E.                     2007  
Hoff, Gerard                            1998  
Hoffman, Alan G.                        1991  
Hoffman, Alan G.                        PIT1  
Hoffman, Belle Sheff                    WEL1  
Hoffman, Charlotta                      HS04  
Hoffman, Daisy Spragg                   ING1  
Hoffman, Earl H.                        PIT1  
Hoffman, Eleanor M.                     1994  
Hoffman, Estella Gray                   HS01  
Hoffman, Grace Estelle                  1990  
Hoffman, Guy R.                         SHU1  
Hoffman, H. Lee                         GAN1  
Hoffman, Hazel M.                       HS02  
Hoffman, Helen                          1993  
Hoffman, Helen                          93DR  
Hoffman, Henry W.                       HS01  
Hoffman, John L.                        1993  
Hoffman, John L.                        PAT1  
Hoffman, John L.                        PIT1  
Hoffman, Karl H.                        GAN1  
Hoffman, Karl H.                        HS02  
Hoffman, Karl H.                        PAT1  
Hoffman, Mary                           1998  
Hoffman, Mary Hampson                   1994  
Hoffman, Minnie P.                      SHU1  
Hoffman, Rudolph K.                     HS02  
Hoffman, Rudolph K.                     PAT1  
Hoffman, Vista A. Garber                1996  
Hoffmann, William                       2000  
Hofstetter, Mary                        1975  
Hofstetter, Mary                        PAT1  
Hogan, Lonal M.                         2004  
Hogan, Theodore                         HS02  
Hoge, A. Furman                         DAV1  
Hoge, A. Furman                         WEL1  
Hoge, Abigail                           MOR2  
Hoge, Abigail                           WEL1  
Hoge, Abigail Woods                     PAT1  
Hoge, Abner                             DAV1  
Hoge, Abner                             MOR2  
Hoge, Abner                             MOR3  
Hoge, Albert                            DAV5  
Hoge, Albert Furman                     HEA1  
Hoge, Albert G.                         1975  
Hoge, Albert G.                         DAV4  
Hoge, Alice Wood                        DAV3  
Hoge, Allen                             DAV5  
Hoge, Amanda                            MOR2  
Hoge, Arabell Regester                  WEL1  
Hoge, Benjamin Franklin                 HS02  
Hoge, Benjamin Franklin                 PAT1  
Hoge, Clara M.                          DAV4  
Hoge, Clara M.                          HS03  
Hoge, Delilah Inghram                   PAT1  
Hoge, Elizabeth                         DAV5  
Hoge, Elizabeth                         GM01  
Hoge, Elizabeth                         PAT1  
Hoge, Elizabeth                         WEL1  
Hoge, Elizabeth Belle Ross              HS01  
Hoge, Elizabeth S.                      CRA1  
Hoge, Ella Ekhart                       1991  
Hoge, Ellen C.                          1987  
Hoge, Emma Stewart                      DAV3  
Hoge, Emma Stewart                      HS01  
Hoge, Estella Ankrom                    GM01  
Hoge, Estella Ankrom                    HS04  
Hoge, Ethel Rae                         HS02  
Hoge, Ethel Rea                         PAT1  
Hoge, Ethel Rea                         PIT1  
Hoge, Ezra                              DAV5  
Hoge, Ezra D.                           PAT1  
Hoge, Floren E.                         1975  
Hoge, Furman                            MOR1  
Hoge, George E.                         CRA1  
Hoge, George E.                         DAV4  
Hoge, George E.                         GM01  
Hoge, George E.                         HS04  
Hoge, George Ira                        WEL1  
Hoge, Glen L.                           WEL1  
Hoge, Guy B.                            DAV4  
Hoge, Harry C.                          HS04  
Hoge, Helen Zahniser                    GM01  
Hoge, Helen Zahniser                    HS01  
Hoge, Hiram L.                          DAV4  
Hoge, Hiram L.                          GM01  
Hoge, Howard O.                         1991  
Hoge, J. L., Mrs.                       WEL1  
Hoge, James Kendall                     DAV4  
Hoge, Jane                              MOR2  
Hoge, Jesse B.                          HS01  
Hoge, John                              1988  
Hoge, John                              PIT1  
Hoge, Katie E.                          DAV2  
Hoge, LeMoyne                           PAT1  
Hoge, Leslie Leroy                      HS01  
Hoge, Lewis                             DAV1  
Hoge, Louise                            DAV1  
Hoge, Lucille Hulse                     1999  
Hoge, Lue A.                            DAV2  
Hoge, Mabel                             DAV5  
Hoge, Mabel J. Fordyce                  1992  
Hoge, Madeline Jacinda                  2003  
Hoge, Mafry Sutton                      GM01  
Hoge, Margaret                          PAT1  
Hoge, Margaret J.                       1978  
Hoge, Martha Ullom                      WEL1  
Hoge, Mary                              DAV1  
Hoge, Mary                              DAV5  
Hoge, Mary Gordon                       CRA1  
Hoge, Mary Jane Cumberledge             1992  
Hoge, Mary Jo                           1991  
Hoge, Mary Jo                           PIT1  
Hoge, Mary K.                           1985  
Hoge, Mary R.                           SHU1  
Hoge, Mary Rinehart                     CRA1  
Hoge, Mary Sutton                       DAV4  
Hoge, Rachel                            HS03  
Hoge, Ralph                             2000  
Hoge, Ralph L.                          PIT1  
Hoge, Ralph V.                          1993  
Hoge, Raymond Eugene                    2003  
Hoge, Richard A.                        1992  
Hoge, Robert Stewart                    1995  
Hoge, Ronnie R.                         1995  
Hoge, Ruth E.                           2006  
Hoge, S. F.                             MOR1  
Hoge, Samuel M.                         HS01  
Hoge, Sarah Ely                         DAV3  
Hoge, Sarah Ely                         WEL1  
Hoge, Smith A.                          WEL1  
Hoge, Smith Adamson                     DAV2  
Hoge, Stewart Arabella                  HEA1  
Hoge, Susan J.                          2002  
Hoge, Thelma Stewart                    2002  
Hoge, Thomas M.                         WEL1  
Hoge, Vane Morgan                       HS02  
Hoge, William Graham                    PAT1  
Hoge, William Graham                    WEL1  
Hoge, William H. R.                     DAV2  
Hoge, William R.                        PAT1  
Hogue, Charles                          PIT1  
Hogue, Charles T.                       1990  
Hogue, Charlotte Wenrich                HS04  
Hogue, G. Paul                          HS01  
Hogue, G. Russell                       2003  
Hogue, Jany                             GM01  
Hogue, Jany                             HS02  
Hogue, Jany                             PAT1  
Hogue, Louise Hickle                    1994  
Hogue, P. William                       1989  
Hogue, Paul A.                          HS01  
Hogue, Richard                          1989  
Hogue, Richard A.                       PIT1  
Hohage, Alfred                          1993  
Hohenshell, Ernest I.                   1991  
Hohing, Otto A.                         1994  
Hohing, Otto A.                         PIT1  
Hoke, Frank                             DAV3  
Hoke, Gabrella Ella                     DAV4  
Hoke, Gabrella Hawley                   HS04  
Hoke, Homer C.                          HS01  
Hoke, Jane                              2007  
Hoke, Ross M.                           2004  
Hoke, Sarah E.                          PAT1  
Hokla, Anna Lucas                       HS01  
Holbert, Amy Michelle                   2005  
Holbert, Cecil S.                       HS02  
Holbert, Clarissa                       2004  
Holbert, Edith G.                       SHU1  
Holbert, Evelyn P.                      1988  
Holbert, Evelyn P.                      PAT1  
Holbert, Mary Ellen                     DAV4  
Holbert, Michael James                  2005  
Holbert, Nancy                          GS01  
Holbert, Pearl Long                     PAT1  
Holbert, Robert                         HS03  
Holbert, Ruth                           93DR  
Holbert, Willard D.                     1988  
Holda, Adam                             HS03  
Holda, Andrew                           2002  
Holda, Mildred Barnhart                 DAV4  
Holden, Paul E.                         SHU1  
Holder, Albert J.                       WEL1  
Holder, Alice Cannon                    HS04  
Holder, Catherine Elizabeth             WEL1  
Holder, Elsie                           DAV5  
Holdren, Rolla C.                       1990  
Holdsworth, George                      DAV3  
Holdsworth, Mabel Alma                  DAV3  
Holdsworth, Pearl Barkley               DAV4  
Holdsworth, Pearl Barkley               HS04  
Hollabaugh, Gerald F.                   1990  
Holland, Fred                           1998  
Holleran, Carolyn                       HS03  
Holleran, James T.                      2006  
Holleran, Marjorie H.                   2005  
Holleran, Walter E.                     PAT1  
Holliday, Ruth G.                       1991  
Hollis, Gerald L.                       1996  
Hollis, Goldie B.                       SHU1  
Hollis, Joseph G.                       SHU1  
Hollis, Mae                             1989  
Hollis, Teresa                          2000  
Hollobaugh, Winifred Trask              HS01  
Holloway, Christina M.                  2003  
Holloway, Emma                          93DR  
Holman, Bertha                          2002  
Holmes, Jessie M.                       93DR  
Holmes, John Chess                      1996  
Holmes, John W.                         1988  
Holmes, Nellie M.                       SHU1  
Holmes, Thomas S.                       WEL1  
Holmes, Victor Hal                      HS01  
Holmes, William F.                      2004  
Holsopple, Eva Marie                    93DR  
Holste, Benjamin                        1989  
Holste, Rhoda Carmichael                1989  
Holston, John M.                        HS01  
Holt, Jesse Herman                      DAV3  
Holt, Jesse Herman                      WEL1  
Holupka, Edith Jean McLaughlin          1992  
Holupka, George                         2002  
Holupka, John                           HS02  
Holupka, Mary Yancheck                  1975  
Holzworth, Christine E.                 2004  
Homa, Stella P.                         93DR  
Homer, Ruth S.                          SHU1  
Homme, Mary E.                          2002  
Homoney, John Charles                   2005  
Homrock, George Wayne                   1990  
Homrock, T. Kathryn                     1988  
Honer, Adaline                          HEA1  
Honsaker, Albin                         DAV1  
Honsaker, Elizabeth M.                  HS02  
Honsaker, Elva                          DAV5  
Honsaker, Elva                          SHU1  
Honsaker, Harland D.                    1992  
Honsaker, Kelyn                         DAV1  
Honsaker, Kelyn                         DAV2  
Honsaker, Pearl C.                      SHU1  
Honsaker, Ray                           DAV5  
Honsaker, Ray W.                        1978  
Hood, Paul Offutt                       DAV3  
Hook, Bertha                            HS02  
Hook, Bertha Von Ende Scarborough       GM01  
Hook, Bertha Von-Ende                   PAT1  
Hook, Harold H.                         SHU1  
Hook, John I.                           1985  
Hook, John I.                           DAV5  
Hook, John I.                           PIT1  
Hook, John I.                           SHU1  
Hook, John Inghram                      PIT1  
Hook, Margaret A.                       1978  
Hook, Robert K.                         HS04  
Hook, Sara Graham Iams                  GM01  
Hook, Sara Graham Iams                  PIT1  
Hook, W. A.                             GS01  
Hook, William C.                        HSS1  
Hook, William Harvey                    WEL1  
Hooker, Carl                            1990  
Hooper, John                            HS04  
Hooper, Mary H.                         PAT1  
Hootman, Mildred                        93DR  
Hoover, Anna G.                         PAT1  
Hoover, Charles V.                      HS01  
Hoover, Flora B.                        HS03  
Hoover, Frank L.                        GAN1  
Hoover, Frank L.                        HS01  
Hoover, Freeman                         HS04  
Hoover, Grace Morris                    DAV2  
Hoover, Marian Hoskinson                HS04  
Hoover, Robert W.                       HS03  
Hoover, Vada Pearl                      1975  
Hoover, Vada Pearl                      PIT1  
Hope, Harvey C.                         DAV3  
Hopes, Glenn C.                         CRA1  
Hopes, Harry C.                         HS03  
Hopkins, Clara                          HS02  
Hopkins, Dorothy Rush                   1991  
Hopkins, Earl F.                        1993  
Hopkins, Glen Webster                   1995  
Hopkins, Hazel Shoup                    HS04  
Hopkins, Irene                          DAV5  
Hopkins, John R.                        1991  
Hopkins, John R.                        PIT1  
Hopkins, Linda Kay                      2006  
Hopkins, Marciline                      1987  
Hopkins, Mildred                        1995  
Hopkins, Nellie                         HS02  
Hopkins, Nellie Conklin                 PAT1  
Hopkins, Patricia D. Litton             1993  
Hopkins, Patricia D. Litton             PIT1  
Hopkins, Ruth                           1999  
Hopkins, Ruth                           PIT1  
Hopkins, Wallace                        2003  
Hopkins, William                        1989  
Hopkins, William L.                     HS02  
Hopkins, William L.                     PAT1  
Hopkins, William P.                     1990  
Hopper, Shirley Ann                     2003  
Hopshire, John  Allen                   2006  
Hopton, Earl A.                         1991  
Hopton, Edward                          DAV5  
Hopton, Harold G.                       1987  
Hordies, Marcella A.                    1988  
Horkey, Albert                          1975  
Horkey, Albert                          DAV4  
Horkey, Edna                            1998  
Hormell, Jane                           WEL1  
Horn, Almira H.                         DAV3  
Horn, Carl                              DAV5  
Horn, Cora A.                           DAV5  
Horn, Earl W.                           DAV4  
Horn, Earl W.                           HS01  
Horn, Fauna                             DAV5  
Horn, Fauna G.                          SHU1  
Horn, Francine                          1995  
Horn, Gail Miller                       1992  
Horn, Harry U.                          HS01  
Horn, Helen C.                          2003  
Horn, Helen C.                          PIT1  
Horn, Joseph G.                         DAV4  
Horn, Laura C. Acklin                   HS04  
Horn, Myra K.                           DAV4  
Horn, Paul M.                           1996  
Horn, Ralph                             1999  
Horn, Ronald L.                         2002  
Horn, Zenas D.                          HS03  
Hornack, Anna Volvhko                   1995  
Hornaver, Carolyn E.                    1985  
Horne, Charles E.                       HS01  
Horne, Ethel Marie Bates                HS04  
Horne, J. M.                            DAV4  
Horne, Lewis                            WEL1  
Horne, Lisa A.                          1999  
Horne, Lorena Ackley                    1993  
Horne, Nellie Leota                     2003  
Horne, Russell                          DAV5  
Horne, Sarah                            WEL1  
Horne, Virginia                         93DR  
Horne, William                          DAV5  
Horner, Alfred L.                       1999  
Horner, Amos                            DAV1  
Horner, Amos B.                         WEL1  
Horner, Amos Ellsworth                  DAV3  
Horner, Anna Eicher                     DAV2  
Horner, Bonnie E.                       1997  
Horner, Charles R.                      DAV3  
Horner, Clyde                           HS03  
Horner, Clyde                           PIT1  
Horner, Dianna                          2002  
Horner, Dolores Marie                   2007  
Horner, Earle C.                        1992  
Horner, George                          DAV1  
Horner, Helen June                      1975  
Horner, John                            DAV3  
Horner, Joseph                          DAV1  
Horner, Karen Rae                       DAV4  
Horner, Karen Rae                       HS04  
Horner, Madonna M.                      HS03  
Horner, Mary Belle                      DAV2  
Horner, Mary Crago                      DAV2  
Horner, Mary E.                         PIT1  
Horner, Mary E. Dains                   1986  
Horner, Mary Rea                        DAV4  
Horner, Mildred J.                      2002  
Horner, Morgan S.                       HS01  
Horner, Myrtle                          GS01  
Horner, Oliver Garfield                 DAV2  
Horner, Paul                            HS02  
Horner, Ralph                           DAV4  
Horner, Ralph                           PAT1  
Horner, Richard C.                      2006  
Horner, Rose T.                         1997  
Horner, Rose T.                         PIT1  
Horner, Ruth                            1989  
Horner, Ruth Simmons                    1996  
Horner, Samuel N.                       1986  
Horner, Sarah E.                        1988  
Horner, Thomas R.                       1990  
Horner, Tressa Hawkins                  DAV4  
Horner, Tressa Hawkins                  HS04  
Horner, W. Howard                       1990  
Horner, W. Rea                          1991  
Horner, William                         HS01  
Horner, William C.                      HS04  
Horner, William H.                      1991  
Horner, William R.                      DAV4  
Horner, William R.                      HS04  
Hornickel, Helen Hoge                   1988  
Hornickel, Helen Hoge                   PAT1  
Hornickel, Marian                       DAV1  
Horr, Amy Lynn                          1991  
Horr, Clara Ritchey                     HAW1  
Horr, Conner William                    1999  
Horr, Glenn                             1998  
Horr, Helen M.                          SHU1  
Horrell, Margaret Frances               1978  
Horton, Marie                           93DR  
Horton, Russell E.                      93DR  
Horvat, Elsie P.                        1999  
Horvat, John Paul                       1978  
Horvath, Mary Pribula                   1996  
Horvath, Mary Sabol                     1996  
Horvwalt, Gertrude A.                   1999  
Horwath, Pete                           1988  
Hoskins, Anna                           2003  
Hoskins, Anna Fay Fuller                PIT1  
Hoskins, Cecil G.                       SHU1  
Hoskins, Elizabeth M.                   HS04  
Hoskins, Georgia                        1987  
Hoskins, Isaac R.                       2001  
Hoskins, Jean Spangenberg               1994  
Hoskins, Kay B/                         HS04  
Hoskins, Mildred Jane                   2001  
Hoskins, Roy H.                         1991  
Hoskins, Roy H.                         PIT1  
Hoskins, Stephen Craig                  1992  
Hoskins, William Guy                    2002  
Hoskins, William Guy                    PIT1  
Hoskinson, Betty Ruth Kughn             2007  
Hoskinson, C. Wilbur                    HS01  
Hoskinson, Eva M.                       1985  
Hoskinson, G. Wilbur                    DAV4  
Hoskinson, G. Wilbur                    HS01  
Hoskinson, George                       WEL1  
Hoskinson, Harry Brooks                 HS01  
Hoskinson, Harry G.                     1991  
Hoskinson, Jack                         HAW1  
Hoskinson, Leota                        1995  
Hoskinson, Margaret Smith               HS01  
Hoskinson, Mary Smith                   PIT1  
Hoskinson, Michael G.                   2001  
Hoskinson, Sarah Anna                   HS02  
Hoskinson, Sarah Wolfe                  HS01  
Hoskinson, W. Victor                    HS03  
Hosler, Pauline Paroda                  1992  
Hosteller, Laura Z.                     HS02  
Hostetler, Ellsworth                    DAV4  
Hostetler, Ellsworth                    HS04  
Hostetler, Orpha Etta Firestone         1996  
Hostutler, Clyde W.                     HS04  
Hostutler, John A.                      HS04  
Hostutler, Ray                          WEL1  
Hotko, Barbara                          DAV5  
Hott, Edward F.                         1996  
Houck, Mildred D.                       HS03  
Hough, Erma Tennant                     HEA1  
Hough, Erma Tennant                     HS03  
Hough, Josephine H.                     1999  
Hough, Mary F.                          1975  
Housand, William                        HS02  
House, Floyd                            GM01  
House, Winnie                           DAV3  
Houseal, Grace O. Temple                1994  
Household, Mertie Jamison               PAT1  
Householder, Mertie                     HS02  
Housel, Carol A.                        2003  
Houser, Charles S.                      HS04  
Houser, Evelyn Roberts                  1992  
Houston, Alta                           HAW1  
Houston, Artie Phillips                 HS04  
Houston, Betty M.                       1995  
Houston, Claire                         93DR  
Houston, Dorothy W.                     1995  
Houston, Emily Fulton                   1996  
Houston, Fern Powers                    1993  
Houston, George McVay                   HS04  
Houston, I. N., Mrs.                    WEL1  
Houston, John W.                        1988  
Houston, Joseph P.                      1995  
Houston, Mary                           DAV1  
Houston, Melvin S.                      1993  
Houston, Patty                          1978  
Houston, Ralph D.                       1975  
Houston, Ralph D.                       PAT1  
Houston, Sarah                          WEL1  
Houston, Theodore                       1998  
Houston, Thomas                         2000  
Hovanis, John                           HS02  
Howard , Charles Donovan                2007  
Howard , James E.                       2007  
Howard, Anna                            DAV1  
Howard, Anna D.                         1978  
Howard, Anna Melda Chambers             HS04  
Howard, Annie B.                        HS01  
Howard, Anton David                     DAV4  
Howard, Antoon David                    HS01  
Howard, Bertha Estella                  1999  
Howard, Betty                           2000  
Howard, Britney Don                     2004  
Howard, Brutus L.                       1985  
Howard, Byard H.                        1978  
Howard, Byard H.                        SHU1  
Howard, C. Melvin                       1994  
Howard, Carl Arthur                     1993  
Howard, Carrie Mathews                  HS01  
Howard, Charles                         Bane  
Howard, Charles                         HS04  
Howard, Charles E.                      GM01  
Howard, Charles E.                      HS02  
Howard, Charlotte                       2002  
Howard, Clara Ruth                      HS02  
Howard, Clarence R.                     HS03  
Howard, Clyde                           HS04  
Howard, Cora Davis Thomas               1975  
Howard, Cora Davis Thomas               PAT1  
Howard, Crawford G.                     HS03  
Howard, Debbie Ann                      HS03  
Howard, Donald                          1989  
Howard, Donna                           1998  
Howard, E. D.                           HS04  
Howard, Elizabeth C. Wilson             HS04  
Howard, Elsie Katherine Temple          1991  
Howard, Ethel M.                        1987  
Howard, Fannie Campbell                 DAV2  
Howard, G. C.                           DAV1  
Howard, G. C.                           PAT1  
Howard, G. C.                           WEL1  
Howard, George A.                       1993  
Howard, George Edward                   DAV4  
Howard, George Edward                   HS03  
Howard, George H.                       HEA1  
Howard, Harold T.                       PIT1  
Howard, Harry Patrick                   WEL1  
Howard, Helen                           DAV5  
Howard, Helen Denny                     PIT1  
Howard, Howard                          HS02  
Howard, Jack M.                         1992  
Howard, James A.                        HS04  
Howard, John                            2000  
Howard, John                            HS01  
Howard, John A.                         HS04  
Howard, John Elza                       HS03  
Howard, John H.                         2004  
Howard, John H.                         DAV2  
Howard, John Scott                      1994  
Howard, Joseph                          DAV1  
Howard, Joseph                          DAV2  
Howard, Kathleen                        HS03  
Howard, Lida White                      WEL1  
Howard, Louise B.                       2004  
Howard, Loyal E.                        HS04  
Howard, Lucy                            HS03  
Howard, Mae                             1978  
Howard, Mary                            DAV5  
Howard, Mary E. Roupe                   1991  
Howard, Mary Margaret                   HS02  
Howard, Mary N.                         PAT1  
Howard, Maude M.                        HS04  
Howard, Merle M.                        1975  
Howard, Opal                            HEA1  
Howard, Opal V.                         PIT1  
Howard, Opal V. Rhodes                  1994  
Howard, Pleasie                         PIT1  
Howard, Ralph L.                        1986  
Howard, Rea W.                          PAT1  
Howard, Rhoda                           DAV1  
Howard, Richard Lee                     1994  
Howard, Robert E.                       SHU1  
Howard, Rosella                         HS04  
Howard, Ruth S.                         GM01  
Howard, Ruth Sutton                     HS04  
Howard, Sharon Lee                      WEL1  
Howard, Stella Bradley                  HS04  
Howard, Thomas                          1989  
Howard, William S.                      WEL1  
Howden, Margaret                        DAV1  
Howden, Ray                             DAV3  
Howe, Annie                             DAV3  
Howe, Annie                             HS03  
Howe, Robert Lee                        1986  
Howell, Christine Lynn                  PAT1  
Hower, Joseph Leroy                     1999  
Howes, Arthur C.                        HS01  
Howes, Edna                             2000  
Howes, Edna                             PIT1  
Howie, W Donald                         TAY2  
Howie, W. Donald                        SHU1  
Hoy, Adam G.                            WEL1  
Hoy, Alice                              WEL1  
Hoy, Altha Clovis                       1987  
Hoy, Anna Belle Rush                    HS01  
Hoy, Arthur A.                          1995  
Hoy, Arthur A.                          PAT1  
Hoy, Arthur A.                          PIT1  
Hoy, Benson F.                          HS01  
Hoy, Bertha Kiger                       1986  
Hoy, Blanche                            HS02  
Hoy, Blanche                            PAT1  
Hoy, Blanche S.                         PIT1  
Hoy, Carl W.                            1987  
Hoy, Carl W.                            PIT1  
Hoy, Charles Hamilton                   GAN1  
Hoy, Charles L.                         DAV4  
Hoy, Charles L.                         PAT1  
Hoy, Clara K.                           WEL1  
Hoy, Clara Kiger                        HEA1  
Hoy, Clara Kiger                        WEL1  
Hoy, David A.                           WEL1  
Hoy, David L.                           1999  
Hoy, David M.                           WEL1  
Hoy, Earl S.                            1987  
Hoy, Earl S.                            PAT1  
Hoy, Earl S.                            PIT1  
Hoy, Elizabeth E.                       PIT1  
Hoy, Florence Walters                   1987  
Hoy, Francis Marion                     DAV2  
Hoy, Genevieve                          PAT1  
Hoy, Genevieve                          WEL1  
Hoy, George L.                          1992  
Hoy, Georgia                            HS02  
Hoy, Georgia Raber                      PAT1  
Hoy, Georgia Raber                      PIT1  
Hoy, H. Clay                            DAV5  
Hoy, H. Clay                            PIT1  
Hoy, Harriet M.                         1987  
Hoy, Harriet M.                         PAT1  
Hoy, Harriet M.                         PIT1  
Hoy, Iris Fern                          HS03  
Hoy, J. Frank                           HS02  
Hoy, J. T., Mrs.                        WEL1  
Hoy, Jack Wayne                         1994  
Hoy, Jacob Michael                      2005  
Hoy, James                              WEL1  
Hoy, James F.                           HS04  
Hoy, James L.                           HS02  
Hoy, Joann Margaret                     2004  
Hoy, John                               DAV5  
Hoy, John S.                            1978  
Hoy, John S.                            GAN1  
Hoy, John S.                            PIT1  
Hoy, John S.                            SHU1  
Hoy, John W.                            1990  
Hoy, Kyrstie May                        1992  
Hoy, L. Clyde                           DAV4  
Hoy, L. Clyde                           HEA1  
Hoy, L. Clyde                           HS01  
Hoy, Lillian Moore                      HEA1  
Hoy, Louie E. Cole                      HEA1  
Hoy, Louie E. Cole                      HS01  
Hoy, M. T.                              PAT1  
Hoy, Mary Fisher                        GM01  
Hoy, Maude E.                           1975  
Hoy, Maude E.                           HEA1  
Hoy, Media S.                           1975  
Hoy, Media S.                           DAV4  
Hoy, Media S.                           PIT1  
Hoy, Media Spitznogle                   HEA1  
Hoy, Opal                               DAV5  
Hoy, Opal Lemley                        1985  
Hoy, Opal Lemley                        PIT1  
Hoy, Opal Lemley                        TAY2  
Hoy, Paul                               2004  
Hoy, Paul K.                            1978  
Hoy, Ralph                              1991  
Hoy, Robert E.                          2004  
Hoy, S. Stanley                         SHU1  
Hoy, Simon S.                           WEL1  
Hoy, Thomas                             DAV1  
Hoy, W. Edison                          DAV4  
Hoy, W. Edison                          HEA1  
Hoy, W. Edison                          HS01  
Hoy, Wilbert M.                         HS02  
Hoy, William Arthur                     HEA1  
Hoy, William Arthur                     WEL1  
Hoy, Winifred                           1998  
Hoy, Winifred                           PIT1  
Hoyack, Albert                          SHU1  
Hoyack, Sara                            93DR  
Hoyack, Sara McLaughlin                 1993  
Hoyle, Edgar H.                         1988  
Hoyle, Edgar H.                         PAT1  
Hoyle, George                           DAV5  
Hoyle, George Edward                    1978  
Hoyle, George Edward                    1994  
Hoyle, Harriet M.                       PAT1  
Hoyle, Mary E.                          2001  
Hoyle, Violet Arnold                    1986  
Hoyt, Bernice M. Wagner                 1994  
Hreeod, Fred W.                         PIT1  
Hreso, Mary                             HS04  
Hribal, Charles                         2000  
Hribal, James H.                        HS01  
Hribal, Mary Bulina                     1992  
Hritz, Helen M. Jacobs                  1991  
Hritz, Martin                           1991  
Hritz, Mary Ann                         1999  
Hritz, Mike                             SHU1  
Hruska, August J.                       2003  
Hubbs, Sophia                           GS01  
Hudak, Eleanor                          1996  
Hudock, Andrew                          HS03  
Hudock, Ann L. Almasi                   2007  
Hudock, Anna E.                         93DR  
Hudock, Frank                           HS01  
Hudock, Helen M.                        2001  
Hudock, John A.                         2005  
Hudock, Joseph P.                       2004  
Hudson, Florence Barclay                HS01  
Hudson, Harriet M.                      DAV2  
Hudson, John F.                         WEL1  
Hudson, William F.                      HS04  
Huey, Ada Wiltrout                      1995  
Huey, John Clark                        1994  
Huey, Leona Jane                        2001  
Huey, Nanette Willard                   HS04  
Huey, Nannette Willard                  GM01  
Huey, Roebrt W.                         1992  
Huey, Theresa Steindl                   HS04  
Huey, William H.                        HS04  
Huff, Alvin D.                          1997  
Huff, Amanda E. Carll                   HEA1  
Huff, Edward W.                         HS04  
Huff, Estella E.                        1975  
Huff, Estella Ellen Temple              HEA1  
Huff, Harper                            HEA1  
Huff, Harper                            HS04  
Huff, Melvin Edward                     HS01  
Huffman , Roy                           2006  
Huffman, A. C. J.                       HS04  
Huffman, A. J.                          1996  
Huffman, A. J.                          HS02  
Huffman, A. J.                          PAT1  
Huffman, A. L.                          HEA1  
Huffman, Ada May                        HS03  
Huffman, Alice Taylor                   WEL1  
Huffman, Anna J.                        PAT1  
Huffman, Anna Luebkert                  HS02  
Huffman, Arthur                         1998  
Huffman, Arthur L.                      1996  
Huffman, Audrey A.                      2006  
Huffman, Barbara Alice                  DAV2  
Huffman, Beatrice Taylor                HS01  
Huffman, Belle M.                       CRA1  
Huffman, Bernice                        SHU1  
Huffman, Bessie May                     DAV4  
Huffman, Bessie May                     PAT1  
Huffman, Blake                          DAV5  
Huffman, Blake Blair                    1985  
Huffman, Catherine                      HS03  
Huffman, Cecile Sapp                    1991  
Huffman, Charles                        2000  
Huffman, Charles C.                     1999  
Huffman, Charles C.                     PIT1  
Huffman, Charles F.                     2002  
Huffman, Charles F.                     PAT1  
Huffman, Charles F.                     WEL1  
Huffman, Charles H.                     2003  
Huffman, Charles Woodrow                PIT1  
Huffman, Clifford W.                    1994  
Huffman, Constance Toland               2005  
Huffman, Coral Thompson                 WEL1  
Huffman, Daniel B.                      PAT1  
Huffman, Debra                          PAT1  
Huffman, Debra K.                       GAN1  
Huffman, Delmar                         GS01  
Huffman, Dorothy P.                     1986  
Huffman, Dorothy P.                     CRA1  
Huffman, Edith C.                       HS02  
Huffman, Edward L.                      WEL1  
Huffman, Eliza Jane                     DAV3  
Huffman, Elizabeth Ellen                PAT1  
Huffman, Elizabeth Ellen                WEL1  
Huffman, Emma Belle                     HS02  
Huffman, Emma K. Porter                 HS04  
Huffman, Emma Mary                      HS02  
Huffman, Emma Mary                      PAT1  
Huffman, Emma S.                        PAT1  
Huffman, Emma S.                        WEL1  
Huffman, Emma Shriver                   DAV1  
Huffman, Emma V. Leonard                WEL1  
Huffman, Ethel M.                       DAV2  
Huffman, Ethel M.                       WEL1  
Huffman, Etta M.                        WEL1  
Huffman, Evelyn Moore                   1992  
Huffman, Ferne                          DAV5  
Huffman, Flora                          WEL1  
Huffman, Floyd E.                       2007  
Huffman, Forney J.                      1986  
Huffman, Frances                        2000  
Huffman, Frank                          DAV4  
Huffman, Frank E.                       1986  
Huffman, Fred                           PAT1  
Huffman, Fred                           WEL1  
Huffman, G. Conrad                      1987  
Huffman, G. Edward                      CRA1  
Huffman, Gary Lee                       WEL1  
Huffman, Genevera J.                    2004  
Huffman, George                         DAV3  
Huffman, George C.                      1997  
Huffman, George E.                      HS03  
Huffman, Gertrude A. Crouse             HS01  
Huffman, Grace                          2000  
Huffman, Harley V.                      HS04  
Huffman, Harry                          WEL1  
Huffman, Harry G.                       CRA1  
Huffman, Harry G.                       HS03  
Huffman, Henry                          HS03  
Huffman, Hestel                         DAV4  
Huffman, Hestel                         HS04  
Huffman, Hubert                         DAV2  
Huffman, Ida Ellen Bennington           HS04  
Huffman, Ida S                          PIT1  
Huffman, Ida S.                         HS02  
Huffman, Irvin                          HS02  
Huffman, Irvin                          PAT1  
Huffman, J. Francis                     1986  
Huffman, Jacob                          HS01  
Huffman, Jacob A. J.                    PAT1  
Huffman, Jacob A. J.                    WEL1  
Huffman, Jacob C.                       2004  
Huffman, James C.                       HS01  
Huffman, James R.                       1997  
Huffman, James W.                       HS02  
Huffman, James W.                       HS04  
Huffman, James Wilbur                   GM01  
Huffman, Jennie Fordyce                 HEA1  
Huffman, Jerry                          2005  
Huffman, Jesie Garner                   PAT1  
Huffman, Jessie Garner                  HS02  
Huffman, Jessie Silveus                 DAV2  
Huffman, Jessie Silveus                 HS01  
Huffman, John A.                        1992  
Huffman, John A.                        2005  
Huffman, John D.                        HS04  
Huffman, John D.                        SHU1  
Huffman, John F.                        HS01  
Huffman, John W.                        WEL1  
Huffman, John William                   1985  
Huffman, Jonas S.                       1992  
Huffman, Jordan B.                      DAV4  
Huffman, Joseph                         1991  
Huffman, Joseph                         PAT1  
Huffman, Joseph                         PAT1  
Huffman, Josephine S.                   GAN1  
Huffman, Josephine S.                   PIT1  
Huffman, Josephine Shultz               1992  
Huffman, Kathryn Barnhart               1993  
Huffman, Keith                          HS02  
Huffman, Keith H.                       PAT1  
Huffman, Lucy Pearl Arnold              DAV4  
Huffman, Mabel O.                       HS04  
Huffman, Margaret                       DAV5  
Huffman, Margaret R.                    1988  
Huffman, Margaret R.                    PAT1  
Huffman, Marie B.                       HS02  
Huffman, Marie Seals                    1996  
Huffman, Marjorie E. Corwin             2005  
Huffman, Mary                           DAV5  
Huffman, Mary E.                        2003  
Huffman, Myrna                          DAV5  
Huffman, Myrna T.                       1978  
Huffman, Myron R.                       1993  
Huffman, Nancy E.                       WEL1  
Huffman, Nancy Eleanor                  1992  
Huffman, Nellie Kerr                    1993  
Huffman, Nellie M.                      PAT1  
Huffman, Paul                           DAV5  
Huffman, Paul L.                        1993  
Huffman, Paul W.                        SHU1  
Huffman, Porter                         MOR1  
Huffman, R. S.                          WEL1  
Huffman, Ralph                          WEL1  
Huffman, Ray                            DAV4  
Huffman, Ray                            PAT1  
Huffman, Ray F.                         SHU1  
Huffman, Reed O.                        2006  
Huffman, Richard M.                     1996  
Huffman, Rickey S.                      1999  
Huffman, Roy Neal                       1990  
Huffman, Russell A.                     1992  
Huffman, Ruth Riggs                     2001  
Huffman, Ruth Stewart                   1988  
Huffman, Samuel Cage                    HS03  
Huffman, Sidney Stewart                 WEL1  
Huffman, Susan                          WEL1  
Huffman, Susan K.                       DAV4  
Huffman, T. Riley                       PAT1  
Huffman, Theo B.                        SHU1  
Huffman, Thomas J.                      DAV2  
Huffman, Thomas J.                      WEL1  
Huffman, Thomas W.                      HS01  
Huffman, Violet Edna                    1985  
Huffman, W. Marvin                      2007  
Huffman, Wesley T.                      2002  
Huffman, William                        1975  
Huffman, William Franklin               DAV4  
Huffman, William L.                     WEL1  
Huffman, William Mathias                PIT1  
Huffman, Winifred                       DAV5  
Huffman, Winifred L.                    SHU1  
Huffman, Woodrow                        1992  
Huffmann, B. J.                         DAV1  
Huffner, Della M.                       HS04  
Hufford, L. M.                          HS03  
Hufford, Reed A.                        1995  
Huggins, Charles Franklin               2004  
Huggins, Donnie R.                      2005  
Huggins, Edith                          2000  
Huggins, Glad C.                        DAV4  
Huggins, Glad C.                        PIT1  
Huggins, Harold E.                      1991  
Huggins, Linda C.                       2006  
Hughes, Albert C.                       HS02  
Hughes, Alfred Hoge                     HAW1  
Hughes, Alice Reid                      HS04  
Hughes, Amanda Strawn                   DAV2  
Hughes, Anna B.                         HS02  
Hughes, Anna B.                         WEL1  
Hughes, Annie                           DAV1  
Hughes, Artie M.                        HS03  
Hughes, B. Paul                         1987  
Hughes, Carl R.                         HS01  
Hughes, Charles R.                      2007  
Hughes, Charles R.                      HS02  
Hughes, Colton Lane                     2002  
Hughes, Cora Pauline                    HS03  
Hughes, David N.                        1995  
Hughes, Dwyne                           1989  
Hughes, Earl G.                         HS02  
Hughes, Earl G.                         PAT1  
Hughes, Earl R.                         SHU1  
Hughes, Earnest R.                      SHU1  
Hughes, Edna I.                         HS02  
Hughes, Edward R.                       WEL1  
Hughes, Elizabeth                       WEL1  
Hughes, Ella Huffman                    HS04  
Hughes, Emma R.                         HS03  
Hughes, Everett LeRoy                   GM01  
Hughes, Faye V. McCracken               1992  
Hughes, Floyd H.                        SHU1  
Hughes, Frances Ailene                  DAV2  
Hughes, Frances Allen                   WEL1  
Hughes, Frances C.                      2005  
Hughes, Fred                            1975  
Hughes, G. Scott                        HS02  
Hughes, Gail                            DAV5  
Hughes, Gail Jacobs                     PIT1  
Hughes, George Charles                  WEL1  
Hughes, George L.                       WEL1  
Hughes, Gerald M.                       1995  
Hughes, Gladys R.                       HS03  
Hughes, Glenn L.                        1990  
Hughes, Glenn L.                        2007  
Hughes, Hannah Margaret                 DAV3  
Hughes, Hansel C.                       1995  
Hughes, Harodl W.                       1993  
Hughes, Harold                          HS01  
Hughes, Harvey J.                       DAV2  
Hughes, Helen Derry                     1994  
Hughes, Helen Louise                    2005  
Hughes, Howard Thomas                   HS01  
Hughes, Howard W.                       DAV3  
Hughes, Irene S.                        SHU1  
Hughes, Irene Shipman                   PIT1  
Hughes, Isaac L.                        HAW1  
Hughes, Isaac L.                        WEL1  
Hughes, J. Oscar                        HS02  
Hughes, James V.                        2001  
Hughes, James V.                        PIT1  
Hughes, John                            HS04  
Hughes, John H.                         PAT1  
Hughes, John H.                         PIT1  
Hughes, John L.                         PAT1  
Hughes, John L.                         WEL1  
Hughes, John R.                         1985  
Hughes, John W.                         HS04  
Hughes, John Wells                      PAT1  
Hughes, Larry N.                        1999  
Hughes, Lillian                         1975  
Hughes, Lillian Funk                    PAT1  
Hughes, Lois M.                         2006  
Hughes, Lucille Schultz                 1990  
Hughes, M. Jane                         1999  
Hughes, Madeliene McKee                 1985  
Hughes, Margaret                        SHU1  
Hughes, Mary Frances Egger              1991  
Hughes, Mary Smouse                     1986  
Hughes, Melba Mazzer                    1985  
Hughes, Mildred Fonner                  HS01  
Hughes, Mildred L.                      2007  
Hughes, Myrtle Corale                   PAT1  
Hughes, Nancy Wahula                    2003  
Hughes, Nellie Johnson                  HS01  
Hughes, O. R.                           TAY2  
Hughes, Odessa M.                       1986  
Hughes, Olivedell V.                    PIT1  
Hughes, Olivedell Varner                1996  
Hughes, Ollie R.                        DAV4  
Hughes, Orline C.                       2001  
Hughes, Patrick J.                      1992  
Hughes, Ray                             SHU1  
Hughes, Rose Marie Povich               1992  
Hughes, Roy E.                          2006  
Hughes, Roy L.                          1995  
Hughes, Ruby M.                         2006  
Hughes, Ruth Frye                       1991  
Hughes, Ruth Love                       DAV2  
Hughes, Sarah Ellen                     HAW1  
Hughes, Theodore M.                     1975  
Hughes, Thomas                          DAV2  
Hughes, Thomas                          DAV5  
Hughes, Thomas D.                       HS04  
Hughes, Thomas D.                       SHU1  
Hughes, Verna E.                        SHU1  
Hughes, Vernon E.                       1990  
Hughes, Vivien A.                       1985  
Hughes, Vivien A.                       GAN1  
Hughes, Waite R.                        HS01  
Hughes, William A.                      1975  
Hughes, William G.                      1978  
Hughes, Winfield S.                     1986  
Hugus, Geraldine                        2000  
Huhn, Minnie Long                       HS04  
Hulen, Pauline                          93DR  
Hulett, Barbara Jane Taylor             HS04  
Hull, Anna Carter                       HS01  
Hull, Austin J.                         HS04  
Hull, Basha Flaherty                    WEL1  
Hull, Charles B.                        DAV4  
Hull, Charles B.                        HS02  
Hull, Daisy L.                          GM01  
Hull, Donald                            HS03  
Hull, Earl D.                           2003  
Hull, Earl Wilbur                       1985  
Hull, Edgar                             GS01  
Hull, Floyd                             DAV5  
Hull, Floyd J.                          SHU1  
Hull, George H.                         2004  
Hull, Goldie Pearle                     1987  
Hull, James Arthur                      1985  
Hull, John W.                           HS01  
Hull, Kenneth J. R.                     1993  
Hull, L. Merle                          1997  
Hull, Laura E.                          2005  
Hull, Lawrence W.                       DAV4  
Hull, Lawrence W.                       HS03  
Hull, Lloyd E.                          PAT1  
Hull, Lloyd Eugene                      2005  
Hull, Lulu M.                           SHU1  
Hull, Margaret I.                       2001  
Hull, Marguerite Estella                PIT1  
Hull, Marguerite Estella Teagarden      HS01  
Hull, Marie Roberts                     1994  
Hull, Mary                              2005  
Hull, Milton                            HS04  
Hull, Rebecca Henderson                 1991  
Hull, Winfield H.                       DAV4  
Hull, Winfield H.                       PAT1  
Hulton, W. Paul                         93DR  
Humbert, Gert                           2007  
Humbert, Vera A. Brock                  1996  
Humble, Bertha Mae                      PAT1  
Humble, Bertha Mae Phillips             TAY2  
Humble, Danny Ed                        1986  
Humble, Frederick                       TAY2  
Humble, Gregory Paul                    2007  
Humble, Janie M.                        SHU1  
Humble, John Henry                      HS03  
Humble, Mary E.                         SHU1  
Humphreys, Carrie Sillet                2005  
Humphreys, Patricia Andrews             1991  
Hunchuck, Edith G. Smith                1992  
Hunchuck, Joseph P.                     2006  
Hunchuck, Steve                         1999  
Hundermark, Paul E.                     2003  
Hundertmark, Clara                      HS01  
Hundertmark, Hettie                     HS01  
Hundertmark, Merie Edgar                1997  
Hundertmark, Merle Edgar                PIT1  
Hungerford, Frank L.                    HS03  
Hunker, Flora J.                        93DR  
Hunkins, Curtis                         HEA1  
Hunnell, A.                             HEA1  
Hunnell, Benjamin A.                    1990  
Hunnell, Benjamin A.                    PIT1  
Hunnell, Charles E.                     1985  
Hunnell, Charles E.                     2004  
Hunnell, Charles L.                     PIT1  
Hunnell, Charles Lewis                  1987  
Hunnell, Charles R.                     WEL1  
Hunnell, Edna Faye                      HS02  
Hunnell, Edna Faye                      PAT1  
Hunnell, Edna Kaye                      PIT1  
Hunnell, Ella F. Tustin                 HS04  
Hunnell, Eugene                         DAV5  
Hunnell, Eugene Joseph                  1978  
Hunnell, Florence V.                    2005  
Hunnell, Frank T.                       1987  
Hunnell, Fred                           SHU1  
Hunnell, Freda                          1989  
Hunnell, Gail                           1989  
Hunnell, Garner W.                      WEL1  
Hunnell, George                         HS03  
Hunnell, George                         PIT1  
Hunnell, Grace                          HS01  
Hunnell, Harriett C.                    1988  
Hunnell, Harry                          HS04  
Hunnell, Irene Marie                    HS04  
Hunnell, Jacob Brant                    HS02  
Hunnell, Jacob Brant                    PAT1  
Hunnell, Jesse                          WEL1  
Hunnell, Jesse Wesley                   WEL1  
Hunnell, Louise Yoney                   1996  
Hunnell, Lulu Zimmerman                 HS01  
Hunnell, Mary                           DAV5  
Hunnell, Mary E.                        SHU1  
Hunnell, Mary Frances                   DAV2  
Hunnell, Mary Seals                     HS01  
Hunnell, Morgan                         HS01  
Hunnell, Morgan A.                      DAV4  
Hunnell, Nellie                         1975  
Hunnell, Nellie                         PAT1  
Hunnell, Rindfus                        HS04  
Hunnell, Robert Bruce                   1975  
Hunnell, Ross G.                        HS02  
Hunnell, Ruth L.                        1997  
Hunnell, Ruth Rice                      PIT1  
Hunnell, Sara E. Brugh                  1990  
Hunnell, Theresa                        HS03  
Hunnell, Wayne E.                       1990  
Hunt, Aura Mae Cole                     HS01  
Hunt, Daniel C.                         WEL1  
Hunt, Elba W.                           DAV4  
Hunt, Elba W.                           HS04  
Hunt, Garrett L.                        HS03  
Hunt, George                            HS01  
Hunt, George William                    HS01  
Hunt, George William                    WEL1  
Hunt, Grover                            HS04  
Hunt, John Goodwin                      WEL1  
Hunt, John Halsey                       1988  
Hunt, John S.                           HS04  
Hunt, June                              HS03  
Hunt, Margaret                          1985  
Hunt, Mary Leota                        1997  
Hunt, Maude Preston                     DAV4  
Hunt, Maude Preston                     HS04  
Hunt, Mildred Strope                    HS01  
Hunt, Nancy L.                          2006  
Hunt, Rodney C.                         2006  
Hunt, Tammy Marie                       HS02  
Hunt, Walter                            1997  
Hunt, William F.                        HS01  
Hunter, Clement W.                      HS01  
Hunter, Lee S.                          SHU1  
Hunter, M. Evelyn                       2001  
Hunter, Marcella Marie                  2004  
Hunter, Mary Frances Palmer             DAV4  
Hunter, Michael Walter                  2004  
Hunter, Samuel W.                       1991  
Hunter, Thomas W.                       1988  
Hunter, William                         1993  
Hunter, Wyatt                           DAV4  
Hunter, Wyatt                           HS04  
Huntermark, Hettie                      GM01  
Huntley, Francis M.                     PAT1  
Huntley, Howard B,                      1999  
Huntley, Jack B.                        1992  
Huntley, Laura                          DAV5  
Huntley, Robert J.                      1990  
Huntsman, Elsie Toland                  1985  
Hunyady, Goldie E. Perrine              1994  
Hupp, Aaron H.                          DAV2  
Hupp, Anna B.                           DAV4  
Hupp, Anna B.                           HS01  
Hupp, Carl                              DAV5  
Hupp, Cora                              DAV1  
Hupp, Donald L.                         2002  
Hupp, Garvin M.                         1999  
Hupp, Grace                             1998  
Hupp, James Wiley                       HS04  
Hupp, John                              DAV5  
Hupp, John W.                           SHU1  
Hupp, Kenneth                           2002  
Hupp, Kenneth                           DAV5  
Hupp, Kenneth U.                        1985  
Hupp, Marie R.                          DAV4  
Hupp, Marie R.                          HS04  
Hupp, Marie Rinehart                    CRA1  
Hupp, Mary Ruth                         2007  
Hupp, Neva Sutton                       1993  
Hupp, Roy D.                            HS03  
Hupp, Thelma P.                         CRA1  
Hupp, Thelma P. Carter                  HS04  
Hupp, William                           DAV2  
Hurd, Robert                            1989  
Hurd, Robert J.                         CRA1  
Hurford, Alice Williams                 DAV3  
Hurford, William                        DAV1  
Hurley-Yatsko, Daisy                    2007  
Huryn, Margaret Florence                1986  
Husarcik, Anna                          HS01  
Husarcik, Peter                         1995  
Husarcik, Peter                         1998  
Husarcik, Peter                         2002  
Huseman, Frank                          1989  
Husk, Carl E.                           1991  
Husk, Clarence William                  HS01  
Husk, Elizabeth Brock                   WEL1  
Husk, Elizabeth Haines                  1990  
Husk, Elizabeth Haines                  PIT1  
Husk, Florence M.                       1997  
Husk, George Ronald                     1993  
Husk, Harry Everertt                    HEA1  
Husk, Helen E. Mooney                   2006  
Husk, Herschel                          HS03  
Husk, Ira L.                            1975  
Husk, James Carl                        HEA1  
Husk, Jean Johnson                      1991  
Husk, Jeannette J.                      2004  
Husk, Jenny                             1989  
Husk, John C.                           PAT1  
Husk, Mahala                            PAT1  
Husk, Mahala                            WEL1  
Husk, Nannie T.                         HS03  
Husk, Oliver                            HEA1  
Husk, Oliver                            WEL1  
Husk, Pearl                             2001  
Husk, Rhetta Masters                    PAT1  
Husk, Rodney                            1998  
Husk, Russell E.                        HS03  
Husk, Thelma I. Wilson                  1991  
Husk, Woodrow W.                        1991  
Huskey, Ava Behm                        1992  
Huskey, Durwood A.                      SHU1  
Huskey, William B.                      1999  
Huss, David                             DAV1  
Huss, David R.                          PAT1  
Huss, Oralie Stine                      HS04  
Husted, George V.                       HAW1  
Husted, Morris L.                       HS02  
Husted, Morris L.                       PAT1  
Huston, Albert Orox                     DAV2  
Huston, Florence Baily                  1985  
Hustutler, Riva D.                      HS02  
Hutchins, Nelle Throckmorton            HS04  
Hutchinson, Bobette                     1998  
Hutchinson, Brian P.                    SHU1  
Hutchinson, Frank J.                    1993  
Hutchinson, Hannah                      1998  
Hutchinson, Harmer D.                   DAV2  
Hutchinson, Harold                      HS04  
Hutchinson, Nelle R.                    SHU1  
Hutchinson, Sarah Emma                  HS03  
Hutchinson, Violet M.                   2001  
Hutchinson, Virginia Frances            93DR  
Hutchison, Marion C.                    PIT1  
Hvizda, John                            2003  
Hvizda, John Andrew                     HS01  
Hvizdos, Andrew                         HS01  
Hvizdos, George A.                      1988  
Hyatt, Mary Louise                      DAV3  
Hyde, Ernest F.                         HS03  
Hyneackeal, Etta Mae                    HS02  
Hyson, W. F.                            HS03  

Name                                    Book
Iams, Amy Tharp                         HS01  
Iams, Betty Ruth                        2005  
Iams, Cathy                             2000  
Iams, Cathy D.                          PIT1  
Iams, Charles                           2000  
Iams, Cora M. Webster                   HS01  
Iams, Draye Wesley                      2001  
Iams, Effie N.                          CRA1  
Iams, Effie N.                          DAV4  
Iams, Effie N.                          HS04  
Iams, Elizabeth D.                      DAV3  
Iams, Ella                              HS01  
Iams, Ella Bradbury                     HS01  
Iams, Elsie Leona                       93DR  
Iams, Elzie H.                          HS04  
Iams, Flora Anna                        DAV2  
Iams, Fred S.                           SHU1  
Iams, George B.                         DAV2  
Iams, Gray P.                           DAV2  
Iams, Gray P.                           WEL1  
Iams, Helen L.                          2005  
Iams, Jack, Mrs.                        HS01  
Iams, James                             1989  
Iams, James A.                          1992  
Iams, John                              DAV5  
Iams, John T.                           1997  
Iams, John T.                           CRA1  
Iams, John T.                           PIT1  
Iams, John T.                           SHU1  
Iams, Judson A.                         1992  
Iams, Kate Orndoff                      PAT1  
Iams, Lindsey Ray                       1986  
Iams, Lucius Hill                       DAV2  
Iams, Margaret A. Longstreth            1991  
Iams, Mark D.                           HS02  
Iams, Mark D.                           PAT1  
Iams, Mary Annetta                      1999  
Iams, Mary B.                           1978  
Iams, Mary M.                           GM01  
Iams, Mary Virginia                     DAV2  
Iams, Mary Virginia Patterson           HS01  
Iams, Myrl L. Hillberry                 1990  
Iams, Nellie G.                         SHU1  
Iams, Samuel H.                         WEL1  
Iams, Samuel Harvey                     DAV2  
Iams, Samuel R.                         WEL1  
Iams, William                           2000  
Iams, William A.                        HS01  
Iams, William W.                        1985  
Iams, Zenas J.                          DAV2  
Ianetta, Michael C.                     1978  
Ice, Lester L.                          HS01  
Ice, Luther Richard                     HS04  
Ice, Ruth Gates                         2007  
Ienco, J. V.                            HS03  
Iiams, Amber E.                         93DR  
Ilko, George                            1998  
Imperatore, Leon                        1995  
Impiccini, Lena                         93DR  
Impiccini, Lena Roncadori               1993  
Imrich, Margaret M.                     2007  
Imrich, Mary Tobian                     HS03  
Ingharm, Ruth Daisy Kerns               TAY2  
Inghram, A. Edward                      2006  
Inghram, Arthur                         DAV1  
Inghram, Arthur K.                      1978  
Inghram, Arthur S.                      PAT1  
Inghram, C. Lester                      2004  
Inghram, Christina Spitznogle           DAV4  
Inghram, Christina Spitznogle           GM01  
Inghram, Christina Spitznogle           HS01  
Inghram, Clara Mae                      PAT1  
Inghram, David                          DAV1  
Inghram, David William                  PAT1  
Inghram, Debra J.                       2004  
Inghram, Delilah                        2003  
Inghram, Delilah                        PIT1  
Inghram, Dorothy E. Wright              1994  
Inghram, Edward C.                      1986  
Inghram, Elizabeth                      HSS1  
Inghram, Ella Bayard                    DAV1  
Inghram, Eva Dodge                      1987  
Inghram, Flo R.                         WEL1  
Inghram, Frank                          DAV2  
Inghram, Frank                          WEL1  
Inghram, Fred                           HS01  
Inghram, George B.                      1975  
Inghram, George Michael                 HS01  
Inghram, George W.                      HSS1  
Inghram, Georgianna                     PAT1  
Inghram, Georgianna Hwakins             1988  
Inghram, Harold C.                      DAV3  
Inghram, Harry Slater                   HS01  
Inghram, Hattie B.                      WEL1  
Inghram, Hattie Bell                    ING1  
Inghram, Helen                          2000  
Inghram, Henrietta B.                   WEL1  
Inghram, Herbert C.                     HS03  
Inghram, Honore B.                      1988  
Inghram, Honore B.                      PAT1  
Inghram, Inez                           1985  
Inghram, James                          DAV1  
Inghram, James                          HSS1  
Inghram, James C.                       1990  
Inghram, James R.                       HS02  
Inghram, James Rinehart                 DAV4  
Inghram, John G.                        PAT1  
Inghram, John H.                        1992  
Inghram, John Rinehart                  1978  
Inghram, John T.                        DAV2  
Inghram, Josiah                         DAV1  
Inghram, Josiah H.                      HS04  
Inghram, Josiah, Mrs.                   GM01  
Inghram, Leroy H.                       HS03  
Inghram, Louise Dailey                  1994  
Inghram, Luella McNay                   PAT1  
Inghram, Mark G.                        HS02  
Inghram, Mary Duke                      1988  
Inghram, Mary Duke                      PAT1  
Inghram, Nancy B.                       2003  
Inghram, Norman                         TAY1  
Inghram, Norman W.                      HS03  
Inghram, Paul D.                        CRA1  
Inghram, Paul D.                        HS02  
Inghram, Ralph E.                       1992  
Inghram, Rebecca                        DAV1  
Inghram, Rebecca E.                     DAV3  
Inghram, Rebecca E.                     HS01  
Inghram, Richard                        DAV1  
Inghram, Richard Henry                  HS01  
Inghram, Robert Downey                  HS01  
Inghram, Robert S.                      1999  
Inghram, Robert S.                      PIT1  
Inghram, Ruth Daisy Kerns               HS04  
Inghram, Sadie                          HS02  
Inghram, Sara Hewitt                    DAV4  
Inghram, Thomas                         DAV5  
Inghram, Thomas J.                      DAV2  
Inghram, Thomas Mickie                  DAV2  
Inghram, Thomas P.                      PAT1  
Inghram, Thomas, Mrs.                   HSS1  
Inghram, Uriah G.                       WEL1  
Inghram, Virginia Gordon                DAV4  
Inghram, W. Ray                         SHU1  
Inghram, William                        MOR1  
Inghram, Zella                          HS03  
Ingland, C. Weston                      2001  
Ingland, Charles F.                     HS03  
Ingland, Charles S.                     SHU1  
Ingland, Charles, Mrs.                  HS03  
Ingland, Gladys                         WEL1  
Ingland, William A.                     HS03  
Ingland, Wilma Jean                     1986  
Ingram, Aldine Kiger                    1991  
Ingram, Aldine Kiger                    GAN1  
Ingram, Aldine Kiger                    PIT1  
Ingram, Calvin D.                       PIT1  
Ingram, Clara                           2000  
Ingram, Eliza Jane                      GAN1  
Ingram, George B.                       PAT1  
Ingram, George Brock                    DAV4  
Ingram, Leroy Harry                     GM01  
Ingram, Myrtle Lousie Snyder            Bane  
Ingram, Richard Harry                   GM01  
Inman, Celia                            2000  
Inman, Frank L.                         1993  
Ireland, Charles A.                     SHU1  
Ireland, Edna May                       HS04  
Ireland, John B.                        SHU1  
Ireland, Lillian C.                     SHU1  
Ireland, Ralph                          1989  
Ireland, Sadie J.                       1997  
Ireland, Virginia D.                    PIT1  
Ireland, Virginia D. Lemley             1992  
Ireland, Walter W.                      HS01  
Ireland, William S.                     1995  
Irey, Edna F.                           1986  
Irey, Ruth L. Wilson                    1994  
Irvin, Calvin D.                        HS04  
Irvine, Jamie T.                        HS03  
Irvine, Kathryn Waychoff                1986  
Irwin, James E.                         WEL1  
Irwin, LeNora                           WEL1  
Irwin, Marie Agnes                      DAV3  
Isenberg, Vincent                       HS04  
Isherwood, James E.                     DAV3  
Isiminger, Abraham R.                   HAW1  
Isiminger, Anon                         2000  
Isiminger, Blanche Moose                1987  
Isiminger, Elias                        GS01  
Isiminger, Eliza R.                     SHU1  
Isiminger, Elizabeth Belch              1991  
Isiminger, Garland                      HS04  
Isiminger, Goldie B.                    SHU1  
Isiminger, Harold R.                    1975  
Isiminger, Harold Reid                  1994  
Isiminger, Helen                        HS03  
Isiminger, Henry W.                     HS04  
Isiminger, Jacob                        WEL1  
Isiminger, Jacob L.                     1991  
Isiminger, Jacob L.                     WEL1  
Isiminger, Jemima                       2000  
Isiminger, Jennie Dinsmore              HAW1  
Isiminger, John L.                      WEL1  
Isiminger, Lettie                       HS04  
Isiminger, Mabel Howard                 1990  
Isiminger, Miles                        HS04  
Isiminger, Rachel                       ING1  
Isiminger, Ray                          SHU1  
Isiminger, Wilford                      HS02  
Isler, Sudie                            SHU1  

Name                                    Book
Jablonski, Adam P.                      2004  
Jabour, Leon John                       1993  
Jabour, Peter                           1994  
Jabour, Ratha Farris                    HS01  
Jack, Andrew M.                         HS03  
Jack, Linda L.                         2007  
Jack, Phil R.                           1985  
Jack, Roy C.                            1993  
Jackaway, J. Nelson                     HS03  
Jackley, Josephine Gregory              HS02  
Jackley, Matne, Mrs.                    HS02  
Jackman, Alvy C.                        1991  
Jackman, Alvy Charles                   1992  
Jackman, Gladys J.                      2005  
Jackman, Gladys Maude Haught            1992  
Jackman, Mabel Oleda                    1986  
Jackman, Sadie Margaret                 2004  
Jackman, William R.                     2003  
Jackovic, Mary L.                       1999  
Jackson, Ada K. Matheny                 1996  
Jackson, Carl F.                        HS04  
Jackson, Clarence Clifton               GM01  
Jackson, Clarence Clifton               HS02  
Jackson, Edna                           HS03  
Jackson, Edna Bailey                    DAV4  
Jackson, Edward E.                      2003  
Jackson, Elsie Mae                      1985  
Jackson, Emma Crowsdale                 HS01  
Jackson, Georgia                        1989  
Jackson, Georgia Moore                  HS01  
Jackson, Gracie Mae                     HS02  
Jackson, Helen Jean                     1986  
Jackson, Homer                          GM01  
Jackson, James Donald                   HS02  
Jackson, Jasper L.                      1986  
Jackson, John G.                        WEL1  
Jackson, John R.                        HS02  
Jackson, John S.                        2007  
Jackson, Johnny                         PAT1  
Jackson, Leanna F.                      2002  
Jackson, Lewis H.                       DAV4  
Jackson, Lewis Homer                    HS04  
Jackson, Louvisa McLaughlin             HS04  
Jackson, Margaret                       93DR  
Jackson, Margaret F. Blackburn          HS04  
Jackson, Margaret Scott                 HS04  
Jackson, Mary                           1998  
Jackson, Norma J.                       PAT1  
Jackson, Percy E.                       PAT1  
Jackson, R. Edward                      SHU1  
Jackson, Raymond                        PAT1  
Jackson, Robert H.                      1985  
Jackson, Robrt H.                       CRA1  
Jackson, Russell                        DAV5  
Jackson, Sarah Matthews                 1992  
Jackson, Tacie E.                       1975  
Jackson, Thomas C.                      HS03  
Jackson, Virginia                       DAV5  
Jackson, Virginia Wells                 CRA1  
Jackson, Wallace N.                     1985  
Jackson, Walter Ralph                   1996  
Jackson, William M.                     HS04  
Jacobs, Alice J.                        HS04  
Jacobs, Alice Jane                      93DR  
Jacobs, Ann Eliza                       1975  
Jacobs, Anna Johnson                    DAV4  
Jacobs, Anna Johnson                    HS02  
Jacobs, Anna Johnson                    PAT1  
Jacobs, Audrey L.                       SHU1  
Jacobs, Autumn Raye                     PAT1  
Jacobs, Ben W.                          DAV4  
Jacobs, Ben W.                          HS03  
Jacobs, Benjamin                        1999  
Jacobs, Cecil R.                        2003  
Jacobs, Cecil R.                        PIT1  
Jacobs, Charles Allen                   HS01  
Jacobs, Daniel W.                       WEL1  
Jacobs, Donald R.                       HS01  
Jacobs, Donald W.                       1995  
Jacobs, Donald W.                       PIT1  
Jacobs, Dorothy E.                      2002  
Jacobs, E. Bryan                        1997  
Jacobs, E. Bryan                        PIT1  
Jacobs, Edwin                           1995  
Jacobs, Evelyn J.                       HS01  
Jacobs, Flo                             1998  
Jacobs, Flo Minton                      PIT1  
Jacobs, Francis Joseph                  1975  
Jacobs, Freemont                        WEL1  
Jacobs, George D.                       DAV1  
Jacobs, Georgia P.                      HS02  
Jacobs, Glenn R.                        2007  
Jacobs, Grace                           1986  
Jacobs, Harry B.                        HS04  
Jacobs, Helen A.                        PAT1  
Jacobs, Helen A.                        WEL1  
Jacobs, Helen G.                        HS03  
Jacobs, J. Earl                         1991  
Jacobs, J. Warren                       1985  
Jacobs, J. Warren                       WEL1  
Jacobs, Jack                            2002  
Jacobs, James                           1985  
Jacobs, Jasper D.                       1975  
Jacobs, Jeneva W.                       2002  
Jacobs, Joanna                          1985  
Jacobs, John                            DAV5  
Jacobs, John H.                         1995  
Jacobs, John H.                         SHU1  
Jacobs, John M.                         1985  
Jacobs, John S.                         HS04  
Jacobs, John W.                         1999  
Jacobs, Kristie Marie                   1999  
Jacobs, Larry Allen                     2004  
Jacobs, Louie A.                        WEL1  
Jacobs, Louise Widdup                   1994  
Jacobs, Louise Widdup                   PIT1  
Jacobs, M. Kent                         DAV2  
Jacobs, Margaret Emma                   1978  
Jacobs, Margaret Hoge                   DAV4  
Jacobs, Margaret Hoge                   HS02  
Jacobs, Margaret Hoge                   PAT1  
Jacobs, Margaret J.                     1997  
Jacobs, Martha                          HAW1  
Jacobs, Metta B.                        HAW1  
Jacobs, Mettie Booher                   Bane  
Jacobs, Nathaniel Cecil                 2003  
Jacobs, Nellie                          DAV5  
Jacobs, Nellie H.                       PAT1  
Jacobs, Patricia                        DAV5  
Jacobs, Paul                            2002  
Jacobs, Ralph                           HS02  
Jacobs, Robert                          2006  
Jacobs, Samuel I.                       SHU1  
Jacobs, Sara M.                         1995  
Jacobs, Thomas Edward                   1996  
Jacobs, Vaughn W.                       1993  
Jacobs, Wanda R.                        2004  
Jacobs, William                         GS01  
Jacobs, William Francis                 1978  
Jacoby, Charles W.                      1995  
Jae, David A.                           1995  
Jagello, Barbara Ann                    1995  
Jaggie, Benjamin F.                     1993  
Jaggie, Franklin L.                     SHU1  
Jaggie, Ruth Ann                        2005  
Jagoda, Joseph Peter                    1986  
Jakubik, Andrew                         HS02  
James, Edward                           WEL1  
James, George William                   1975  
James, George William                   DAV4  
Jamison, Betty Whipkey                  2004  
Jamison, C. Vernon                      1978  
Jamison, Earl Willis                    DAV4  
Jamison, Earl Willis                    HS01  
Jamison, Ethel Irene                    2002  
Jamison, Frank                          HS02  
Jamison, Frank M.                       1987  
Jamison, Frank M.                       PAT1  
Jamison, Hazel Thompson                 HS02  
Jamison, Kathryn M. Genet               1994  
Jamison, L. Richard                     1997  
Jamison, Larry                          1998  
Jamison, Lavina E. Sloneker             2004  
Jamison, Margaret                       2000  
Jamison, Paul                           PAT1  
Jamison, Rachel                         DAV1  
Jamison, Ralph E.                       2005  
Jamison, Robert A.                      HS04  
Jamison, Robert L.                      1995  
Jamison, Robert L.                      1996  
Jamison, Robert M.                      HS02  
Jamison, Sara V. Craft                  1996  
Jamison, Sarah Ann                      DAV4  
Jamison, Sarah Ann Ivory                HS01  
Jamison, Sylvia                         2004  
Jamison, Sylvia A.                      2003  
Jamison, William                        DAV5  
Jamison, Willis                         DAV1  
Janco, Anna Squarick                    HS01  
Janco, Ignatz                           DAV4  
Jankowski, Joseph                       HS01  
Jankowski, Pauline                      DAV4  
Jankowski, Sigmond                      DAV3  
Jankowski, Walter                       1992  
Janosek, Wilma Lako                     1990  
Janovich, Eli                           1995  
Jansante, James                         1998  
Janus, Catherine Zolnierczyk            1994  
Janus, John R.                          1996  
Janus, Ralph                            1986  
Jareck, Joseph                          1978  
Jarek, Hendryka                         SHU1  
Jarrell, Nancy Jane                     1997  
Jarrell, Ralph                          1989  
Jarrell, Ralph                          SHU1  
Jarvis, Lois Elizabeth                  1987  
Jarvis, Mary Mullins                    1991  
Jasien, John V,                         2006  
Jay, David                              1991  
Jay, John                               2003  
Jay, John                               2004  
Jaynes, Anna                            93DR  
Jaynes, Betty Jean                      HS03  
Jefferies, Dessie M.                    SHU1  
Jefferies, Dorothy E. Knisely           1996  
Jefferies, Thomas Henry                 HS02  
Jefferies, Victoria Yap                 1996  
Jeffers, Delphia Burgh                  1996  
Jeffers, John G.                        1996  
Jefferson, George                       HS02  
Jefferson, Mary M. Kerr                 1991  
Jeffrey, Ella                           93DR  
Jeffrey, Leroy H.                       2002  
Jeffrey, Margaret                       HS02  
Jeffrey, Margaret                       PAT1  
Jeffrey, Sadie Margaret                 2004  
Jeffries, Albert B.                     1986  
Jeffries, Allen T.                      2001  
Jeffries, Charles Ray                   HS04  
Jeffries, Christopher E.                2001  
Jeffries, Dessie                        DAV5  
Jeffries, Dessie Mae Mariner            HEA1  
Jeffries, Elmer                         1986  
Jeffries, Hannah R.                     SHU1  
Jeffries, Harion L.                     2004  
Jeffries, James                         TAY2  
Jeffries, Olive I.                      2002  
Jeffries, Ruth D.                       2001  
Jeffries, Ruth D.                       PIT1  
Jeffries, Ruth Doris                    PIT1  
Jeffries, Thomas Henry                  PAT1  
Jelinski, Thomas, Mrs.                  HS01  
Jellick, Joseph W.                      DAV4  
Jellots, Andrew A.                      2007  
Jellots, John Andrew                    2006  
Jellotts, Elvira                        1989  
Jenaway, William Frank                  HS03  
Jenkins, Alba G.                        HS04  
Jenkins, Brian Lee                      2004  
Jenkins, C. Leonard                     1997  
Jenkins, Catherine L. Wilson            1992  
Jenkins, Chauncey Allen                 HS04  
Jenkins, Commodore P.                   PAT1  
Jenkins, Cora                           SHU1  
Jenkins, Delcna D.                      SHU1  
Jenkins, Donald L.                      2002  
Jenkins, Eddy C.                        1985  
Jenkins, Elizabeth                      WEL1  
Jenkins, Elizabeth Ogden                HS01  
Jenkins, Elizabeth Ogden                WEL1  
Jenkins, Florence                       2004  
Jenkins, Florence L.                    1986  
Jenkins, George D.                      DAV2  
Jenkins, George V.                      1997  
Jenkins, Ida Marie                      2004  
Jenkins, Irene Ray                      GM01  
Jenkins, Irene Ray                      HS04  
Jenkins, Isaac Newton                   DAV2  
Jenkins, J. Lacy                        HS04  
Jenkins, John J.                        DAV4  
Jenkins, John J.                        HS01  
Jenkins, Leota B.                       2003  
Jenkins, Mary Bell Tustin               1986  
Jenkins, Maud                           1997  
Jenkins, Maud                           1998  
Jenkins, Perie Morris                   1993  
Jenkins, Samuel A.                      1988  
Jenkins, Sara Ellen                     HS02  
Jenkins, Van                            1999  
Jenkins, Vernon Gene                    1991  
Jennings, Anna M.                       HS04  
Jennings, Annabelle Horne               WEL1  
Jennings, Charles                       GS01  
Jennings, Edward M.                     SHU1  
Jennings, George                        HS01  
Jennings, Howard B.                     SHU1  
Jennings, Maude Loughridge              HS01  
Jennings, Ruby Carter                   1987  
Jennings, Ruby Carter                   PAT1  
Jennings, Salome                        MOR1  
Jennings, William H.                    HS01  
Jensen, Carl E.                         1999  
Jensen, Kristian S.                     1975  
Jensen, Loraine E.                      1999  
Jensen, Louise                          1987  
Jenson, Alan L.                         1991  
Jenson, Harold L.                       2001  
Jenson, Lizzie Adams                    1991  
Jenson, Mary                            HS03  
Jepson, Elwood M.                       1996  
Jepson, Marcella Morris                 PAT1  
Jessick, Helen Bober                    2003  
Jessick, John                           1987  
Jett, R. Dennis                         PIT1  
Jewell, Edith M.                        PAT1  
Jewell, Larry C.                        DAV4  
Jewell, Larry C.                        HS04  
Jewell, Lewis C.                        DAV3  
Jewell, Malinda                         PAT1  
Jewell, Mary E.                         1999  
Jewell, Ralph                           DAV5  
Jewell, Ralph S.                        1985  
Jewell, William A.                      HS01  
Jezewski, Elizabeth                     1997  
Jezewski, Frank J.                      1986  
Jezewski, James W.                      DAV4  
Jezewski, James W.                      HS02  
Jiles, Bonnie                           2000  
Jillison, Edith Orr                     1991  
Jillson, Leroy W.                       HS03  
Jobes, Campbell                         GS01  
Jobes, Evelyn Darlene                   HS04  
Jobes, Lee M.                           HS01  
Jobes, Sarah                            WEL1  
Jobinger, Joseph L.                     1975  
Jobinger, Mary V.                       HS01  
Johanssen, Elizabeth Heim               HS02  
John, Agnes C.                          1986  
John, Agnes C.                          PIT1  
John, Alice Hays                        HS01  
John, Almeda                            HEA1  
John, Amanda Mestrezat                  HS01  
John, Blanche Taylor                    HEA1  
John, Blanche Taylor                    PIT1  
John, Calvin Earl                       PIT1  
John, Calvin Ernest                     PIT1  
John, Charles E.                        HS04  
John, Charles W.                        WEL1  
John, Clara E.                          CRA1  
John, Clara E.                          HS02  
John, Edith                             1986  
John, Elizabeth M. Fox                  HS04  
John, Ellsworth                         PIT1  
John, Eva D. Headlee                    HEA1  
John, Everett                           HS01  
John, Foresy W.                         PAT1  
John, Francis Marion                    PAT1  
John, Haddie Eliza                      WEL1  
John, Hagan                             HS02  
John, Ida Ethel                         DAV4  
John, Ida Ethel                         HS02  
John, Ida Ethel                         PAT1  
John, Ida Ethel                         PIT1  
John, Ida Rose                          HS04  
John, J. Arleigh                        PAT1  
John, James Leasure                     PIT1  
John, Kenneth R.                        DAV4  
John, Kinsey                            WEL1  
John, Lucy Baily                        WEL1  
John, Lydia                             HEA1  
John, Margaret                          PIT1  
John, Margaret C.                       DAV4  
John, Margaret Tustin                   1994  
John, Myrtle Beatrice                   93DR  
John, Robert S.                         DAV2  
John, Ross                              HS01  
John, Roy William                       1993  
John, Samuel Leslie                     HS04  
John, Sarah Catherine                   PIT1  
John, Victoria Johnston                 HS04  
John, William P.                        HS02  
John, William P.                        PAT1  
John, Willis E.                         HS02  
John, Willis E.                         PIT1  
Johns, Albert Leslie                    DAV2  
Johns, Beatrice                         DAV5  
Johns, Emily Fox                        HEA1  
Johns, Paul R.                          2006  
Johnson, Abbie Frances                  HEA1  
Johnson, Ada Grimes                     HS04  
Johnson, Adrian                         DAV3  
Johnson, Albert Frank                   HS01  
Johnson, Alberta Osborn                 DAV3  
Johnson, Alexander Clark                HEA1  
Johnson, Alice Eleanor                  1999  
Johnson, Alice L.                       1999  
Johnson, Alva B.                        HS04  
Johnson, Amy Mundell                    1999  
Johnson, Andrew                         DAV4  
Johnson, Andrew                         PAT1  
Johnson, Anna Kate                      HEA1  
Johnson, Anna Seckman                   WEL1  
Johnson, Annabelle Church               WEL1  
Johnson, Beatrice L.                    2003  
Johnson, Belva M.                       2001  
Johnson, Bertha Hoover                  HS01  
Johnson, Bess Snyder                    WEL1  
Johnson, Besse Williams                 HS04  
Johnson, Bessie Bennington              HS01  
Johnson, Betty M.                       93DR  
Johnson, Billy C.                       1990  
Johnson, Blanche                        HS04  
Johnson, C. Geraldine                   2003  
Johnson, Carl Alfred                    DAV4  
Johnson, Carlton A.                     2005  
Johnson, Charles                        2000  
Johnson, Charles                        HS04  
Johnson, Charles M.                     HS01  
Johnson, Charles W.                     2005  
Johnson, Charles W.                     PIT1  
Johnson, Charles W.                     WEL1  
Johnson, Clyde R.                       1996  
Johnson, Clyde R.                       2004  
Johnson, Columbus                       GAN1  
Johnson, Corbly                         HS04  
Johnson, D. Clayton                     HS02  
Johnson, David                          DAV1  
Johnson, David                          HS04  
Johnson, David E.                       1987  
Johnson, Donald                         2004  
Johnson, Donald C.                      HEA1  
Johnson, Donald E.                      2001  
Johnson, Donald Lee                     HS02  
Johnson, Donna W.                       HS02  
Johnson, Donna W.                       PAT1  
Johnson, Dorothy                        HS02  
Johnson, Dorothy                        PAT1  
Johnson, Dorothy B.                     1999  
Johnson, Dorothy S.                     2004  
Johnson, E. J.                          WEL1  
Johnson, Earnest J.                     SHU1  
Johnson, Edith Crago                    1993  
Johnson, Edith L.                       1992  
Johnson, Edith Marie                    1997  
Johnson, Edna Gwynne                    DAV4  
Johnson, Edward Raymond                 1986  
Johnson, Edwin D.                       HS03  
Johnson, Elinor                         2000  
Johnson, Eliza Barber                   DAV2  
Johnson, Elizabeth                      DAV5  
Johnson, Elizabeth                      SHU1  
Johnson, Elizabeth Spragg               HS04  
Johnson, Elles B,                       DAV2  
Johnson, Elma Frances                   1996  
Johnson, Elma Frances                   PIT1  
Johnson, Elmer                          1975  
Johnson, Emma Lou Lowther               2007  
Johnson, Ethel M.Snyder                 2004  
Johnson, Ettice E.                      2007  
Johnson, Eva                            1998  
Johnson, Eva M.                         HS03  
Johnson, Eva M.                         PIT1  
Johnson, Eva Scott                      HS02  
Johnson, Evelyn M.                      2002  
Johnson, Florence                       93DR  
Johnson, Fred                           1978  
Johnson, Fronella                       SHU1  
Johnson, Gale Cumberledge               1992  
Johnson, Genevieve                      1989  
Johnson, George W.                      1999  
Johnson, George W.                      2003  
Johnson, Georgia                        DAV1  
Johnson, Gertrude                       HS02  
Johnson, Gloria Everly                  2007  
Johnson, Hannah                         WEL1  
Johnson, Harold Michael                 2007  
Johnson, Harold W.                      HS04  
Johnson, Harold Z.                      CRA1  
Johnson, Harriet Josephine Steenburg    HS01  
Johnson, Harrison N.                    HS03  
Johnson, Harry E.                       HS03  
Johnson, Harry T.                       2002  
Johnson, Harry W.                       1975  
Johnson, Harry W.                       HS03  
Johnson, Hazel M.                       2001  
Johnson, Helene Crow                    1987  
Johnson, Herbert P.                     HS01  
Johnson, Herman F.                      1993  
Johnson, Homer                          1989  
Johnson, Howard F.                      1978  
Johnson, Howard L.                      1986  
Johnson, Inez McFadden                  1986  
Johnson, Isaac                          2000  
Johnson, Iva Pyle                       1997  
Johnson, J. O.                          HS03  
Johnson, J. Thomas                      1993  
Johnson, James A.                       HS02  
Johnson, James H.                       HS03  
Johnson, James R.                       HS04  
Johnson, John                           2000  
Johnson, John                           DAV1  
Johnson, Joseph E.                      HS02  
Johnson, Kathleen Milliken              1993  
Johnson, Kathryn                        1995  
Johnson, Kathryn J.                     2006  
Johnson, Kenneth B.                     HS04  
Johnson, L. W.                          PAT1  
Johnson, L. W.                          SHU1  
Johnson, Lawrence H.                    1993  
Johnson, Lawrence H.                    93DR  
Johnson, Lawrence H.                    GAN1  
Johnson, Leona Esther                   1986  
Johnson, Leroy                          HS04  
Johnson, Lester M.                      HS01  
Johnson, Lester V.                      DAV3  
Johnson, Lew                            DAV5  
Johnson, Lew                            HS04  
Johnson, Lois E.                        SHU1  
Johnson, Lucille Filby                  HS04  
Johnson, Lucinda Stoops                 HEA1  
Johnson, Lulu Morris                    HS04  
Johnson, Lydia Marie                    1999  
Johnson, Mabel                          93DR  
Johnson, Mabel Pamelia                  1986  
Johnson, Margaret                       DAV1  
Johnson, Margaret E.                    HS02  
Johnson, Margaret Fordyce               HEA1  
Johnson, Margeret E.                    PAT1  
Johnson, Martha Benjock                 1996  
Johnson, Martha May                     PAT1  
Johnson, Mary                           93DR  
Johnson, Mary                           DAV5  
Johnson, Mary E.                        SHU1  
Johnson, Mary F.                        PAT1  
Johnson, Mary F.                        SHU1  
Johnson, Mary M.                        HS04  
Johnson, Maude                          HS03  
Johnson, Melvin                         1997  
Johnson, Mildred                        93DR  
Johnson, Minor H.                       DAV3  
Johnson, Nora                           2000  
Johnson, Nora B.                        1978  
Johnson, Olan Leslie                    1987  
Johnson, Opal                           2000  
Johnson, Oris Lee                       HS02  
Johnson, Orland                         1986  
Johnson, Orland                         HS02  
Johnson, Orris L.                       1988  
Johnson, Orton A.                       SHU1  
Johnson, Robert                         2005  
Johnson, Robert H.                      DAV2  
Johnson, Robert L.                      1985  
Johnson, Robert Lee                     2001  
Johnson, Ronald E.                      1992  
Johnson, Rose T.                        2004  
Johnson, Roy Lee                        DAV4  
Johnson, Russell G.                     DAV4  
Johnson, Russell G.                     HS03  
Johnson, Samuel                         1978  
Johnson, Samuel                         HS04  
Johnson, Samuel T.                      2007  
Johnson, Sandra Kay                     2006  
Johnson, Sara J. M.                     SHU1  
Johnson, Sara Jane Wilson               1993  
Johnson, Sara Lee Fordyce               2004  
Johnson, Sarah                          DAV5  
Johnson, Sarah                          HS04  
Johnson, Sarah Ann McDougal             HEA1  
Johnson, Sarah E.                       SHU1  
Johnson, Sherman                        1998  
Johnson, Silas C.                       DAV2  
Johnson, Silas C.                       WEL1  
Johnson, Smith R.                       WEL1  
Johnson, Spencer W.                     HS02  
Johnson, Terry Nelson                   1994  
Johnson, Velma Carol                    WEL1  
Johnson, Viola E. Stuck                 1994  
Johnson, W. I., Mrs.                    CRA1  
Johnson, W. Robert                      1985  
Johnson, Ward                           HS03  
Johnson, William                        1989  
Johnson, William                        2002  
Johnson, William                        DAV5  
Johnson, William                        HS02  
Johnson, William Ira                    PIT1  
Johnson, William Mose                   WEL1  
Johnson, William Ralph                  PIT1  
Johnson, Willis D.                      1987  
Johnson, Wilma Texel Long               2005  
Johnston, Althea Lou                    CRA1  
Johnston, Althea Lou                    GAN1  
Johnston, Alton                         DAV5  
Johnston, Anne C.                       SHU1  
Johnston, Bernice                       2006  
Johnston, Bernice Kelley                DAV4  
Johnston, Carl Irwin                    2002  
Johnston, Clyde M.                      HEA1  
Johnston, Dorothy                       1989  
Johnston, Dorothy M.                    1997  
Johnston, Douglas Mark                  1993  
Johnston, Emily                         DAV1  
Johnston, Frances B, Stone              HS04  
Johnston, Frank Tilton                  1995  
Johnston, Georgia L.                    1987  
Johnston, Grover C.                     SHU1  
Johnston, H. Margaret                   2004  
Johnston, Harry M.                      HS04  
Johnston, Jack E.                       1997  
Johnston, James                         DAV5  
Johnston, James R.                      2004  
Johnston, James Robert                  2004  
Johnston, Lew B.                        DAV4  
Johnston, Lew B.                        HS02  
Johnston, Lew F.                        HS02  
Johnston, Lew F.                        PAT1  
Johnston, Lou Ella                      DAV4  
Johnston, Louella King                  HS04  
Johnston, Mary                          93DR  
Johnston, Mary B.                       PIT1  
Johnston, Mary Breese                   1993  
Johnston, Nathan B.                     DAV2  
Johnston, Nicholas                      2001  
Johnston, Ronald J.                     2001  
Johnston, Ronald Lee                    2007  
Johnston, Ruth Harriet                  2002  
Johnston, Sarah Cather                  HSS1  
Johnston, Walter J.                     2007  
Johnston, William                       DAV1  
Joiner, Burnese A.                      93DR  
Joliffe, Roy W.                         HS01  
Jolley, Margaret E. Meloy               1996  
Jolliffe, Clarence                      SHU1  
Jolliffe, Mary F.                       SHU1  
Jolliffe, Orga H.                       1987  
Jolliffe, William Edwin                 DAV4  
Jolliffe, William H.                    2002  
Jones, A. Milton                        1994  
Jones, A. Milton                        PIT1  
Jones, Albert A.                        HS03  
Jones, Albert Arley                     1986  
Jones, Alfred L.                        2001  
Jones, Alva L.                          1985  
Jones, Anna G.                          93DR  
Jones, Arleda                           HS02  
Jones, Arlis E.                         1986  
Jones, Arthur Benjamin                  1978  
Jones, Arthur C.                        1991  
Jones, Barry L.                         HS02  
Jones, Bernice K.                       1975  
Jones, Beryl K.                         HS01  
Jones, Blaine                           HS02  
Jones, Blanche May Cosgray              1990  
Jones, Carl                             1989  
Jones, Charles A.                       1999  
Jones, Charles C..                      CRA1  
Jones, Charles Franklin                 1985  
Jones, Charles M.                       1990  
Jones, Charles Owen                     HS03  
Jones, Charles W.                       HEA1  
Jones, Charley C.                       HEA1  
Jones, Charley C.                       HS04  
Jones, Charlie Glenn                    HS01  
Jones, Clair E.                         1988  
Jones, Clara                            HS04  
Jones, Clara Dougal Moore               GM01  
Jones, Clara Mae                        HEA1  
Jones, Clarence S.                      GAN1  
Jones, Clarence S.                      HS02  
Jones, Clarice M.                       SHU1  
Jones, Clarice Mae                      1978  
Jones, Daisy Rybik                      2003  
Jones, David                            HAW1  
Jones, Delbert                          HS03  
Jones, Della Gae                        HS02  
Jones, Della Staggers                   1986  
Jones, Denzil Paul                      1978  
Jones, Dessie Florence                  1995  
Jones, Dorothy                          1993  
Jones, Dorothy                          1995  
Jones, Dorothy M.                       1991  
Jones, Edith Irene                      HS02  
Jones, Edna C.                          SHU1  
Jones, Edna C. Headley                  HEA1  
Jones, Edward                           1998  
Jones, Edward R.                        1993  
Jones, Edwin P.                         2006  
Jones, Elizabeth J.                     PAT1  
Jones, Elizabeth Jane Hughes            HEA1  
Jones, Elizabeth M.                     HS02  
Jones, Elsie L.                         HS02  
Jones, Elsie L.                         PAT1  
Jones, Elsie Mae                        HS04  
Jones, Ernest                           HS01  
Jones, Esther                           93DR  
Jones, Ethel Renner                     1990  
Jones, Evalena Yauger                   HS04  
Jones, F. Earl                          1995  
Jones, Floyd                            PAT1  
Jones, Frances L.                       1999  
Jones, Frank                            MOR3  
Jones, Frank E.                         1993  
Jones, Franklin N.                      1995  
Jones, Fred H.                          1978  
Jones, Frederick                        GS01  
Jones, Frederick Earl                   1988  
Jones, Gene                             1989  
Jones, George                           GS01  
Jones, George E.                        HS01  
Jones, George R.                        1996  
Jones, Georgia G.                       SHU1  
Jones, Gerald                           PAT1  
Jones, Gerald                           SHU1  
Jones, Glenda Arlene Berry              HEA1  
Jones, Glennah McDaniel                 1990  
Jones, Gordon R.                        HS02  
Jones, Gordon R.                        PAT1  
Jones, Guy M.                           WEL1  
Jones, H. G.                            WEL1  
Jones, H. Pauline Ullom                 1992  
Jones, Hannah Roberts                   HS01  
Jones, Harriet F.                       2004  
Jones, Harry                            1985  
Jones, Harry A.                         1993  
Jones, Harry W.                         1994  
Jones, Hazel                            1998  
Jones, Inghram                          HS03  
Jones, Isaac Newton                     WEL1  
Jones, Isabelle                         1989  
Jones, J. Robert                        1997  
Jones, Jack                             1985  
Jones, James E.                         HS02  
Jones, James Garfield                   HS01  
Jones, James H.                         HS01  
Jones, James L.                         1993  
Jones, James M.                         HS01  
Jones, James Milton                     1990  
Jones, James R.                         2003  
Jones, James T.                         1975  
Jones, James W.                         2006  
Jones, Jane Meredith                    HS04  
Jones, Jean                             GAN1  
Jones, Jean                             SHU1  
Jones, Jesse O.                         1991  
Jones, John Paul                        1996  
Jones, John R.                          1995  
Jones, John William                     1988  
Jones, Julia                            93DR  
Jones, Keith                            2000  
Jones, Keith W.                         1978  
Jones, Keith W.                         GAN1  
Jones, Lee A.                           93DR  
Jones, Leland S.                        HS02  
Jones, Leland S.                        PAT1  
Jones, Lemuel Odis                      HAW1  
Jones, Leroy F.                         1985  
Jones, Lillian Metz                     2002  
Jones, Lucy Jenkins                     1996  
Jones, Lutie M.                         HS03  
Jones, M. Jane                          1997  
Jones, Mabel Taylor                     1975  
Jones, Mabel Taylor                     DAV4  
Jones, Margaret Gordon                  HS04  
Jones, Margaret L.                      1997  
Jones, Margery Jean                     2003  
Jones, Marie                            HS02  
Jones, Marion L.                        2004  
Jones, Marvin H.                        2001  
Jones, Mary A.                          WEL1  
Jones, Mary Carpenter                   1990  
Jones, Mary E.                          WEL1  
Jones, Mary Stickles J.                 2007  
Jones, Mathias Clark                    HS01  
Jones, Maxine Willis                    2006  
Jones, Milburn H.                       HS03  
Jones, Milton E.                        WEL1  
Jones, Minnie Kiger                     1985  
Jones, Misty                            2000  
Jones, Morgan                           HS02  
Jones, Morgan                           PAT1  
Jones, Myrtle                           HS03  
Jones, NelleCoral                       HS03  
Jones, Nellie                           SHU1  
Jones, Nellie C.                        2004  
Jones, Newton Lewis                     HS01  
Jones, Odie Glover                      HS01  
Jones, Pauline                          HS03  
Jones, Paye                             GAN1  
Jones, Paye                             PIT1  
Jones, Priscilla                        1997  
Jones, Quincy Arthur                    WEL1  
Jones, Ralph Carlton                    HS04  
Jones, Ralph H.                         2002  
Jones, Ralph W. Shader                  HS01  
Jones, Richard A.                       2002  
Jones, Robert                           1989  
Jones, Robert                           1990  
Jones, Robert                           1998  
Jones, Robert                           HEA1  
Jones, Robert A.                        SHU1  
Jones, Robert Allen                     PAT1  
Jones, Robert Verne                     HS01  
Jones, Roberta L.                       1985  
Jones, Rocky                            1992  
Jones, Rommie R.                        1985  
Jones, Samuel M.                        DAV4  
Jones, Sandra Lee                       1985  
Jones, Sarah                            WEL1  
Jones, Sarah Ann                        HS03  
Jones, Sarah Rebecca Calvert            HEA1  
Jones, Sudie                            1989  
Jones, Susan C.                         2003  
Jones, Terry K.                         1993  
Jones, Thelma M.                        1986  
Jones, Thomas R.                        SHU1  
Jones, Thomas W.                        1975  
Jones, Thomas W.                        PAT1  
Jones, Thurman Hall                     1999  
Jones, Urbie E.                         1975  
Jones, Vaughn R.                        1985  
Jones, Victor L.                        HS02  
Jones, W. Jean                          1995  
Jones, Walter N.                        HS03  
Jones, Wilbert H.                       HS02  
Jones, William E.                       2001  
Jones, William E.                       WEL1  
Jones, Willie F.                        HEA1  
Jones, Willie F.                        HS04  
Jones, Wilma P.                         2002  
Jones, Zora                             SHU1  
Jordan, Benjamin                        SHU1  
Jordan, Charles Clement                 DAV4  
Jordan, Charles Clement                 HS04  
Jordan, Daniel J.                       1978  
Jordan, Edna L.                         1995  
Jordan, Elizabeth L.                    CRA1  
Jordan, Elizabeth L.                    DAV4  
Jordan, Evelyn L. Wotring               2004  
Jordan, Harry                           2000  
Jordan, Harry J.                        DAV4  
Jordan, Helen                           2000  
Jordan, Helen Virginia                  2002  
Jordan, Huey M.                         HS01  
Jordan, Isa Mc.                         SHU1  
Jordan, James W.                        1987  
Jordan, Mabel J.                        2002  
Jordan, Nancy                           WEL1  
Jordan, Nellie                          DAV4  
Jordan, Robert E.                       1988  
Jordan, Willa G.                        2006  
Jordon, Clancy Albert                   DAV3  
Jordon, Ida                             DAV2  
Jordon, John                            DAV1  
Jordon, Paul J.                         1991  
Jordon, Paul R.                         1991  
Joseph, Albert D.                       HS04  
Joseph, Margaret E.                     SHU1  
Joseph, Marshall                        HS02  
Joseph, Mary                            HS02  
Joseph, Mary Frances                    PAT1  
Joseph, Mike D.                         2003  
Journic, Elma Teagarden                 1992  
Journic, Joseph John                    HS04  
Journic, Mary C. R.                     SHU1  
Journic, Michael                        1988  
Journic, Richard C.                     2001  
Joyce, Charmaine V.                     2002  
Judge, Ross Altmiller, Mrs.             DAV1  
Juliani, Beno B.                        SHU1  
Juliani, Deno                           SHU1  
Juliani, Elizabeth                      2007  
Juliani, Wilda I.                       2006  
Juliani, Wilda I.                       2007  
Junge, Fred L.                          DAV4  
Juracko, Emil L.                        2002  
Juracko, Rudy Thomas                    HS02  
Jurczak, Frank R.                       1992  
Jurczak, Joseph                         2003  
Jurica, Mary                            HS04  
Jury, Margaret Ann Thompson             HS04  
Juskowich, Frederick                    1986  
Juskowich, Frederick D.                 2007  
Justice, Louise C.                      93DR  
Juston, Ruth E.                         CRA1  

Name                                    Book
Kachesrki, Nicholas                     2002  
Kachurik, Joseph John                   HS02  
Kachurk, Mary V.                        1987  
Kaczmarczyk, Bruno A.                   1987  
Kaczmarczyk, Josephine S.               HS03  
Kaczmarczyk, Linda J.                   2003  
Kaczmark, Michael                       HS01  
Kaczmark, Rose Luberda                  1991  
Kademenos, Samuel                       1993  
Kafton, Karl C.                         2002  
Kahler, Marie Adamson                   PAT1  
Kairat, James Leroy                     HS01  
Kairat, Martha                          HS02  
Kalafsky, Frank M.                      2003  
Kalafsky, Steve P.                      2004  
Kalasky, Andrew F.                      HS02  
Kalasky, Paul M.                        1978  
Kalasky, William F.                     2001  
Kalata, Roberta                         SHU1  
Kales, George W.                        DAV4  
Kales, George W.                        HS04  
Kalift, Antonin                         HS01  
Kalis, Joseph F.                        1992  
Kalis, Katherine                        1987  
Kalist, Donald L.                       2005  
Kalist, Joseph                          2001  
Kalist, Kathryn                         2006  
Kalley, Alta Hampson                    GAN1  
Kalley, Charles Ray                     1985  
Kalley, Margaret                        1987  
Kalsey, Mary A.                         2003  
Kaluza, Anna B.                         93DR  
Kalvich, Francis W.                     1978  
Kamenos, Bessie F.                      2004  
Kamenos, Edward                         1997  
Kamenski, Jerome H.                     1999  
Kamerer, Grace R.                       SHU1  
Kamerer, Samuel B.                      SHU1  
Kametz, Edward J.                       SHU1  
Kaminski, Mary Matijevich               1996  
Kancer, Victoria                        HS02  
Kancir, Andrew                          1989  
Kandjar, Mary Kuran                     HS01  
Kane, Gerald Edward                     HS04  
Kane, James S.                          SHU1  
Kania, John                             HS04  
Kanopsky, Josephine Chambola            1992  
Kanopsky, Stanley W.                    HS04  
Kanopsky, Stanley Walter                DAV4  
Kanotz, Margaret Irene                  2001  
Kanyuch, Andrew                         HS01  
Kanyuh, John J.                         1987  
Kanyuh, Mary                            1999  
Kanyuh, Mary Ann                        HS02  
Kanyuh, Mary Ann                        PAT1  
Kapelac, Samuel                         DAV4  
Kapelac, Samuel                         HS04  
Kapottas, Christine M.                  1990  
Kapp, Joan                              1995  
Kappes, Letha N.                        2003  
Kappes, Letha N.                        PIT1  
Kappes, Raymond                         1997  
Kaputa, Andrew J.                       HS02  
Karasiewicz, Leon                       HS02  
Karcesky, Phillip J.                    HS02  
Karg, Elsa                              93DR  
Karlock, John                           HS01  
Karlovic, Aleska                        HS02  
Karlovic, Bertha H. Kalinowski          HS04  
Karlyak, John                           HS01  
Karmitzski, Raymond Edward              2005  
Karmitzski, Stella A.                   1987  
Karnash, Stella P.                      93DR  
Karnock, Alex J.                        DAV4  
Karnock, Alex J.                        HS04  
Karnock, Gladys                         DAV5  
Karp, Martha Wood Barker                1978  
Karr, Emma Virginia Marshall            HS01  
Karr, John Edward                       HS04  
Kartley, Nicholas                       1995  
Kartley, Susie                          1989  
Karvan, Dorothy M. Beabout              1991  
Karvan, Mitchell                        1994  
Karvan, Mitchell                        PIT1  
Kasinec, John                           1988  
Kasinec, Mary                           HS04  
Kasinec, Michael                        1991  
Kasinec, Mike                           HS04  
Kasinec, Suzanna B.                     SHU1  
Kassell, Mike                           HS03  
Kast, Susie                             1995  
Kasuba, Albert J.                       1986  
Kasuba, Joseph                          HS03  
Kasuba, Joseph                          HS04  
Kasula, Agnes                           DAV5  
Katarsky, Ralph F.                      2001  
Katchmark, Charles D.                   2002  
Katchmark, Julia                        1997  
Katchmark, Leonard T.                   1991  
Katchmark, Leonard T.                   PIT1  
Katchmark, Pearle Huffman               1993  
Katchmark, Rose Luberda                 1991  
Katchmark, Thomas E.                    1987  
Katich, Mary Mosier                     1991  
Katich, Paul                            HS04  
Katruska, Laura                         2000  
Katruska, Patricia Louise Bosdash       1996  
Katruska, Paul J.                       1992  
Katusa, Joesphine M.                    1995  
Katusa, John H.                         2007  
Katusa, Joseph                          HS04  
Kauffman, Glenn                         2007  
Kaufman, A. Edd                         HS02  
Kaufman, Alda C.                        SHU1  
Kaufman, Paul                           2006  
Kaufman, Shirley D.                     2001  
Kavlick, Linus H.                       1997  
Kavlick, Marie Lorraine Ellis           HS01  
Kavlick, Thomas F.                      1996  
Kavoulakis, Liberty Costas              1993  
Kavulish, Jack                          1987  
Kavulish, Victoria                      HS01  
Kavulish, William R.                    1978  
Kayla, Frank                            2000  
Kayla, Mary L.                          2003  
Kayla, Pearl E.                         1999  
Kays, Rebecca                           1987  
Kazimer, Julia                          HS01  
Kearns, Clara                           DAV5  
Kearns, Ray                             1978  
Kearns, Ray                             DAV5  
Kearns, Wilber                          DAV5  
Keck, Elmer Clark                       HS01  
Keck, Gayle Marie                       1988  
Keck, Lefa Hunt                         1988  
Keefer, Donna Gadd                      1986  
Keek, Otilda                            93DR  
Keeley, Nancy                           HS02  
Keeley, Nancy                           PAT1  
Keeling, Henry                          2000  
Keeling, Margaret Kathryn Smith         2005  
Keenan, Evelyn                          DAV5  
Keenan, Evelyn M.                       SHU1  
Keenan, George L.                       HS03  
Keenan, Hugh                            DAV1  
Keenan, John W.                         1988  
Keenan, Paul Miner                      HS01  
Keene, Alvida                           93DR  
Keener, AnnaMatilda                     WEL1  
Keener, Belle                           PAT1  
Keener, Belle Huffman                   1978  
Keener, Belle Huffman                   HEA1  
Keener, Charles Wayne                   2005  
Keener, David E.                        PAT1  
Keener, David Lee                       1987  
Keener, Dora Cathryn                    CRA1  
Keener, Earl                            DAV5  
Keener, Earl Thomas                     PIT1  
Keener, Edna B. Nedrow                  1996  
Keener, Eleanor                         1999  
Keener, Elizabeth M.                    2002  
Keener, Floyd                           2003  
Keener, Floyd W.                        PIT1  
Keener, Frances Alberta                 1985  
Keener, Frank                           WEL1  
Keener, Gay Nelle                       HEA1  
Keener, Gay Nelle                       PAT1  
Keener, George W.                       SHU1  
Keener, Geraldine                       PAT1  
Keener, Geraldine                       PIT1  
Keener, Harry A.                        2005  
Keener, Ida                             DAV4  
Keener, Ida Kent                        HS04  
Keener, John                            2002  
Keener, Lemon                           WEL1  
Keener, Lillian Elizabeth               2005  
Keener, Lindsay                         DAV2  
Keener, Margaret Owens                  ING1  
Keener, Marion Franklin                 HEA1  
Keener, Mary A. K.                      HS02  
Keener, Mary Moore                      ING1  
Keener, Merrill H.                      HS03  
Keener, Merrill P.                      1991  
Keener, Minerva                         HEA1  
Keener, Minnie                          HS03  
Keener, Minnie Lee                      DAV2  
Keener, Olan R.                         1985  
Keener, Paul R.                         1986  
Keener, Pearl R.                        PIT1  
Keener, Rhoda Kuhn                      PIT1  
Keener, Robert W.                       1991  
Keener, Robert W.                       PIT1  
Keener, Ronald Lloyd                    WEL1  
Keener, Sallie Laughlin                 HEA1  
Keener, Sarah                           1998  
Keener, Sarah Moore                     PIT1  
Keener, Spencer M.                      HEA1  
Keener, Sue Price                       2007  
Keener, Susannah C.                     1997  
Keener, Sylvia                          GS01  
Keener, T. F.                           CRA1  
Keener, Thomas Owen                     HEA1  
Keener, Waitman W.                      WEL1  
Keener, William L.                      1997  
Keener, William W.                      HS02  
Keffer, Charles D.                      HS01  
Keffer, Helen                           1998  
Keffer, Jennie Masters                  HS01  
Keffer, John W.                         1990  
Keffer, John W.                         PIT1  
Keffer, Margaret M.                     HS02  
Keffer, Mildred Moore                   1985  
Keffer, Ralph C.                        1988  
Keffer, Robert Wlliam                   WEL1  
Keffer, W. O.                           HS03  
Keffer, William Kay                     2003  
Kefover, David E.                       1992  
Kefover, Haddie Grace                   1997  
Keifer, Anne Rastovsky                  1992  
Keifer, Jack                            1986  
Keigley, Homer L.                       DAV2  
Keigley, Jessie                         DAV2  
Keister, Hazel C.                       DAV4  
Keister, Hazel C.                       HS03  
Keller , Donald R.                      2006  
Keller, Cathy S.                        2005  
Keller, Charles E.                      2006  
Keller, Charles E.                      2007  
Keller, Daniel                          GS01  
Keller, Edna H.                         HS03  
Keller, Edna Hathaway                   DAV4  
Keller, Edward Monroe                   2003  
Keller, Edwin A.                        PAT1  
Keller, Emma                            1987  
Keller, Emma L.                         HS04  
Keller, Gladys Josephine                HS04  
Keller, Helen Jean                      HS01  
Keller, J. Paul                         HEA1  
Keller, James Edward                    HS02  
Keller, Robert Earl                     PAT1  
Keller, Roxie B.                        2003  
Keller, Samuel Brooks                   GM01  
Keller, Samuel Brooks                   HS01  
Keller, Sarah Jane Rhodes               HS04  
Keller, Shirley A.                      1999  
Keller, Theresa L.                      2006  
Keller, William E.                      HS02  
Kellerberg, Henry                       93DR  
Kelley , Donald Lee                     2006  
Kelley, Alta Hampson                    1990  
Kelley, Anna Simmons                    DAV1  
Kelley, Bertha M.                       DAV4  
Kelley, Betty L. Hupp                   1995  
Kelley, Buster                          1987  
Kelley, Carl J.                         1986  
Kelley, Charles F.                      HS04  
Kelley, D. Earl                         HS03  
Kelley, David D.                        2001  
Kelley, Donald Manane                   1993  
Kelley, Doris Elaine                    1995  
Kelley, Dorotha Holbert                 1991  
Kelley, Dorothea                        1978  
Kelley, Earnest K.                      HS03  
Kelley, Edith Shultz                    2007  
Kelley, Elizabeth                       1975  
Kelley, Elizabeth                       DAV4  
Kelley, Elizabeth A.                    DAV2  
Kelley, Ernest H.                       1975  
Kelley, Ernest R.                       DAV4  
Kelley, Eva Venetia                     93DR  
Kelley, Fred G.                         HS01  
Kelley, George                          PIT1  
Kelley, George L.                       2007  
Kelley, Georgina                        2003  
Kelley, Geraldine Marshall              1992  
Kelley, Gilbert W.                      1991  
Kelley, Guy M.                          HS02  
Kelley, Helen J. Nevedale               1992  
Kelley, Infant                          HS02  
Kelley, Infant                          PAT1  
Kelley, James G.                        1987  
Kelley, James Paul                      1996  
Kelley, James R.                        HS01  
Kelley, Jean Crayne                     1999  
Kelley, Jenny Lynne                     1991  
Kelley, Kenneth C.                      HS01  
Kelley, Laura P.                        DAV2  
Kelley, Leotta M.                       93DR  
Kelley, Luella Griffin                  DAV2  
Kelley, Margaret                        HS02  
Kelley, Marjorie G.                     SHU1  
Kelley, Martha M.                       2003  
Kelley, Maud                            1998  
Kelley, Michael Rupert                  1996  
Kelley, Miriam B.                       DAV2  
Kelley, Miriam R.                       HS01  
Kelley, Oliver W.                       2002  
Kelley, Paul M.                         2003  
Kelley, Raymond                         1975  
Kelley, Raymond L.                      DAV4  
Kelley, Raymond L.                      PIT1  
Kelley, Roy C.                          SHU1  
Kelley, Ruth                            93DR  
Kelley, Ruth L.                         1995  
Kelley, Sarah Gilbert                   HS01  
Kelley, Stella                          DAV1  
Kelley, Stella                          WEL1  
Kelley, Stephen B.                      SHU1  
Kelley, Timothy                         GAN1  
Kelley, Velma M.                        1997  
Kelley, W. W.                           HS03  
Kelley, Wilmer W.                       SHU1  
Kelly, Benjamin E.                      2007  
Kelly, Carolyn                          2000  
Kelly, Charles E.                       HS04  
Kelly, Dorothy A. Yoders                1996  
Kelly, Edna A.                          HS02  
Kelly, Edna A.                          PAT1  
Kelly, Floyd Edward                     2002  
Kelly, Frank C.                         93DR  
Kelly, George                           DAV1  
Kelly, Janet Lee Rice                   1997  
Kelly, Janet Lee Rice                   PIT1  
Kelly, Jay L.                           1987  
Kelly, John E.                          1996  
Kelly, Joseph                           WEL1  
Kelly, Joyce Ann                        1999  
Kelly, Laura Meda                       HS01  
Kelly, Laura Porter                     DAV3  
Kelly, LeRoy F.                         93DR  
Kelly, Mary A.                          WEL1  
Kelly, Mary Moses                       HS02  
Kelly, Ray D.                           HS01  
Kelly, Robert W.                        1990  
Kelly, Sarah Clarke                     PAT1  
Kemenovich, Steve                       DAV4  
Kemenovich, Steve                       HS04  
Kemp, Katherine                         GS01  
Kendall, Hannah B.                      MOR1  
Kendall, Rebecca Burson Provins         DAV4  
Kendall, Ruby Pauline                   DAV4  
Kendall, Ruth E.                        2006  
Kendall, Samuel R.                      DAV2  
Kendall, Samuel R.                      WEL1  
Kendall, Stella Daisy                   DAV3  
Kendall, William Penn                   DAV4  
Kendell, Daisy                          DAV3  
Kendo, Mary                             93DR  
Kendralla, Elizabeth Kocerka            1996  
Kendrella, John C.                      1993  
Kennedy, Amanda Lue                     1988  
Kennedy, Annabell                       2003  
Kennedy, Barbara B.                     2002  
Kennedy, Bess Olive                     2004  
Kennedy, Brice                          HS04  
Kennedy, Brice W.                       DAV4  
Kennedy, Brice W.                       GM01  
Kennedy, Calvin Junior                  2006  
Kennedy, Charles L.                     DAV4  
Kennedy, Charles L.                     HS04  
Kennedy, Claire Beerbower               HS01  
Kennedy, Clara Imogene Spicer           2007  
Kennedy, David Dale                     2004  
Kennedy, Deborah                        2006  
Kennedy, Della M. Combs                 1994  
Kennedy, Deloris                        2002  
Kennedy, Denzil C.                      HSS1  
Kennedy, Earl D.                        2003  
Kennedy, Earl W.                        1975  
Kennedy, Earl William                   HS02  
Kennedy, Earl William                   PAT1  
Kennedy, Earnest                        1989  
Kennedy, Elbert                         1975  
Kennedy, Elbert M.                      PAT1  
Kennedy, Essie I.                       1995  
Kennedy, Estelle E.                     1985  
Kennedy, Estelle E.                     HEA1  
Kennedy, Eva H.                         1995  
Kennedy, Felicia Howard                 HS04  
Kennedy, Florence                       93DR  
Kennedy, Florinda                       GS01  
Kennedy, G. W.                          HS01  
Kennedy, Geneva G.                      2005  
Kennedy, George                         1995  
Kennedy, George                         1998  
Kennedy, George L.                      1997  
Kennedy, Gertrude                       2003  
Kennedy, Helen Tustin                   1990  
Kennedy, Herman C.                      1988  
Kennedy, Howard N.                      SHU1  
Kennedy, Ida Russell                    HS01  
Kennedy, Irene May                      HS04  
Kennedy, James                          1991  
Kennedy, James Anthony                  2007  
Kennedy, James E.                       2001  
Kennedy, Jerome T.                      2003  
Kennedy, John Henry                     1991  
Kennedy, Joseph Blaine                  1996  
Kennedy, Lavina Reed                    HAW1  
Kennedy, Leona Brown                    HS04  
Kennedy, Lou                            1989  
Kennedy, Margaret                       HS03  
Kennedy, Margaret Louise Davis          1994  
Kennedy, Marie H.                       2001  
Kennedy, Marvin R.                      2003  
Kennedy, Mary E.                        SHU1  
Kennedy, Maude I.                       2001  
Kennedy, Melissa Worley                 WEL1  
Kennedy, Mildred B.                     PIT1  
Kennedy, Minor N.                       1999  
Kennedy, Nannie G.                      HS04  
Kennedy, Pearl                          HS02  
Kennedy, Phillip J.                     1994  
Kennedy, Rex E.                         SHU1  
Kennedy, Richard A.                     1992  
Kennedy, Robert E.                      1988  
Kennedy, Robert H.                      HS01  
Kennedy, Sara Ailene                    2001  
Kennedy, Sara Bradford                  2007  
Kennedy, Thomas                         DAV2  
Kennedy, Thomas                         SHU1  
Kennedy, Thomas E.                      1993  
Kennedy, Thomas J.                      HS01  
Kennedy, Vicki D.                       2004  
Kennedy, Vincent                        1991  
Kennedy, William                        SHU1  
Kennedy, William Curtis                 PAT1  
Kennedy, William Donley                 HS04  
Kennell, Ruth                           1998  
Kensek, Blanche R.                      2003  
Kensek, John J.                         HS02  
Kensic, Ann B.                          1975  
Kensic, Francis J.                      1988  
Kensic, Jacob                           DAV5  
Kent, Albert E.                         HS04  
Kent, Christeney                        WEL1  
Kent, Christine                         WEL1  
Kent, Dorwin                            HS04  
Kent, Elizabeth                         WEL1  
Kent, Elizabeth Simington               GS01  
Kent, Gail M.                           1990  
Kent, Gertrude Reese                    HS04  
Kent, Harry                             HS01  
Kent, Hazel                             2000  
Kent, Helen Snell                       1995  
Kent, Jacob Inghram                     HS04  
Kent, Jesse Franklin                    DAV2  
Kent, John S.                           1985  
Kent, Kelly Marlene                     2005  
Kent, Laura E.                          HS02  
Kent, Laura E.                          PAT1  
Kent, Lillian R.                        PAT1  
Kent, Lucy Jane                         HS03  
Kent, Mabel                             2000  
Kent, Mabel Ross                        PIT1  
Kent, Mary                              PAT1  
Kent, R. E.                             DAV2  
Kent, R. E.                             HS01  
Kent, Roy                               DAV1  
Kent, Roy                               PAT1  
Kent, Susan S.                          PAT1  
Kent, Susan S.                          WEL1  
Kent, Thomas                            HS04  
Kent, Thomas Jefferson                  HS03  
Kent, Wesley Edward                     HS01  
Kent, William Albert                    DAV3  
Kent, William E.                        1990  
Kent, William Thomas                    GM01  
Kent, Wretha V.                         DAV2  
Keough, Ora                             HS02  
Kepich, Margaret                        1978  
Kepich, Margaret                        DAV5  
Kepich, Pete                            DAV3  
Kepich, Peter                           1975  
Kepich, Peter                           DAV4  
Kepler, Darrell                         HS01  
Kerfoot, Lorraine H.                    2004  
Kerley, Frances Lorraine                1997  
Kermish, Dolores E.                     2001  
Kern, Arthur A.                         1991  
Kern, Daniel Leroy                      2007  
Kern, David D.                          1975  
Kern, Ethel Louise                      DAV4  
Kern, Ethel Louise                      HS04  
Kern, Etta                              HS03  
Kern, George W.                         SHU1  
Kern, Grace                             DAV4  
Kern, Grace Spotts                      HS04  
Kern, Jonathan                          HAW1  
Kern, Josephine M. Fordyce              2007  
Kern, LaVerne J.                        1995  
Kern, Leroy                             1991  
Kern, Louise B.                         SHU1  
Kern, Paul W.                           DAV4  
Kern, Walter Harvey                     1986  
Kern, Wanda J. McDonald                 1996  
Kern, Winfield Scott                    HS04  
Kerner, Albert A.                       1993  
Kerns, Anna E.                          2004  
Kerns, C. W.                            1975  
Kerns, C. W.                            DAV4  
Kerns, C. W.                            PAT1  
Kerns, C. W.                            PIT1  
Kerns, Curtis S.                        1986  
Kerns, Delcie K.                        SHU1  
Kerns, Ethel                            DAV5  
Kerns, Ethel                            GAN1  
Kerns, Ethel                            SHU1  
Kerns, Evelyn May Hughes                HS04  
Kerns, Frances Courtwright              HS04  
Kerns, Goldie E.                        PAT1  
Kerns, Jacob W.                         HS04  
Kerns, James W.                         PAT1  
Kerns, Mabel C.                         2001  
Kerns, Marie                            1986  
Kerns, Mary Elizabeth                   DAV3  
Kerns, Mary Elizabeth                   WEL1  
Kerns, Newton Walker                    HS02  
Kerns, Raymond L.                       1997  
Kerns, Terrill D.                       1990  
Kerr, Addrienne Fordyce                 PIT1  
Kerr, Albert R.                         1975  
Kerr, Albert R.                         DAV4  
Kerr, Albert R.                         PAT1  
Kerr, Alice B.                          2003  
Kerr, Amanda                            DAV1  
Kerr, Amanda J.                         WEL1  
Kerr, Audrienne Fordyce                 1991  
Kerr, Autye Bennette                    PAT1  
Kerr, Bertha Crago                      HS02  
Kerr, Blaine G.                         WEL1  
Kerr, Brooksie M.                       PAT1  
Kerr, Charles                           DAV1  
Kerr, Charles L.                        2003  
Kerr, Charles Lloyd                     PIT1  
Kerr, Clair                             HS02  
Kerr, Clytie V.                         HAW1  
Kerr, Clytie V.                         WEL1  
Kerr, David H.                          1985  
Kerr, Dorothy F.                        1978  
Kerr, Edgar L.                          DAV2  
Kerr, Edison B.                         1990  
Kerr, Edward U.                         HS02  
Kerr, Edward U.                         PAT1  
Kerr, Eli F.                            1975  
Kerr, Eli F.                            PAT1  
Kerr, Emma L.                           DAV3  
Kerr, Emma L.                           HS01  
Kerr, Emma L.                           WEL1  
Kerr, Ethel M.                          GAN1  
Kerr, Ethel Morris                      1991  
Kerr, Eva                               2000  
Kerr, Gay Elizabeth                     1985  
Kerr, George                            DAV5  
Kerr, George E.                         SHU1  
Kerr, George Edison                     2007  
Kerr, George L.                         HEA1  
Kerr, George R.                         SHU1  
Kerr, Glenn Crago                       1975  
Kerr, Glenn T.                          2005  
Kerr, Goldie M.                         HS02  
Kerr, Goldie M.                         PAT1  
Kerr, H. Richard                        1994  
Kerr, Harold A.                         DAV2  
Kerr, Harry R.                          1990  
Kerr, Helen                             1998  
Kerr, Helen B.                          SHU1  
Kerr, Helen Elaine Menhart              PAT1  
Kerr, Isa Floyd                         HS02  
Kerr, J. William                        1986  
Kerr, James Allan                       HS02  
Kerr, Jane                              PIT1  
Kerr, Jerry B.                          2007  
Kerr, Joanne Goslin                     HS02  
Kerr, Joanne Goslin                     PAT1  
Kerr, John C.                           HS02  
Kerr, John C.                           PAT1  
Kerr, John D.                           DAV4  
Kerr, John D.                           HS04  
Kerr, John Michael                      PAT1  
Kerr, John T.                           1986  
Kerr, John T.                           1988  
Kerr, Josephine G.                      2003  
Kerr, Katie Smith                       HS02  
Kerr, Keith V.                          1986  
Kerr, Kenneth Earl                      HS02  
Kerr, Kenneth K.                        GAN1  
Kerr, Kenneth R.                        1999  
Kerr, Kimberley E.                      SHU1  
Kerr, Laura Ruse                        HS02  
Kerr, Lawrence L.                       1990  
Kerr, Leone Davis                       1993  
Kerr, Lloyd J.                          TAY2  
Kerr, Lois                              1989  
Kerr, Loreen Yoders                     DAV4  
Kerr, Louise Baily                      1996  
Kerr, Malinda A.                        WEL1  
Kerr, Malinda Ann                       DAV3  
Kerr, Margaret                          DAV5  
Kerr, Margaret M.                       WEL1  
Kerr, Mary Catherine                    DAV2  
Kerr, Mary J.                           2001  
Kerr, Nathan Barnes                     1993  
Kerr, Philip Rex                        HEA1  
Kerr, Philip Rex                        HS01  
Kerr, Ruben                             1995  
Kerr, Ruby I.                           1999  
Kerr, Rufus                             DAV2  
Kerr, Rufus                             WEL1  
Kerr, Ruth E.                           DAV4  
Kerr, Ruth E.                           HS04  
Kerr, S. L.                             1985  
Kerr, S. L.                             DAV5  
Kerr, Samuel                            PAT1  
Kerr, Samuel Jack                       2004  
Kerr, Samuel O.                         PAT1  
Kerr, Samuel R.                         1997  
Kerr, Samuel W.                         1991  
Kerr, Sara                              1989  
Kerr, Sarah E. Stiles                   HS04  
Kerr, Thomas                            DAV1  
Kerr, Thomas A.                         WEL1  
Kerr, Thomas W.                         HEA1  
Kerr, Thomas W.                         HS01  
Kerr, Thomas, Mrs.                      HS03  
Kerr, Ulfert                            1978  
Kerr, Virginia Belle Burge              1986  
Kerr, Virginia Belle Burge              TAY2  
Kerr, William                           DAV1  
Kerr, William                           DAV5  
Kerr, William G.                        1985  
Kerr, William Henry                     DAV3  
Kerr, William L.                        2005  
Kerr, Wilma                             1986  
Keslar, Robert Wayne                    1988  
Keslar, Sarah Louise                    1999  
Kesner, Andrew                          HS02  
Kesner, James J.                        1994  
Kesner, Vance Orville                   1986  
Kesock, Bernard C.                      HS02  
Kesock, Jack Edward                     2007  
Kesock, Josephine M.                    1987  
Kesock, Velma Agnes Strizak             2005  
Kesselman, Mary Jane Hoyt               DAV4  
Kesselman, Mary Jane Hoyt               PAT1  
Kesselring, Edith N.                    2001  
Kesserling, Wade Haught                 1986  
Kessler, F. James                       2007  
Kessler, Frank                          1996  
Kessler, Lena L. Palone                 1994  
Kessler, Rebecca M.                     2001  
Kestler, Hazel Ramsey Nichols           HS04  
Ketcham, Georgia A.                     1990  
Ketchem, Alva A.                        HS03  
Ketchem, Belva L.                       DAV4  
Ketchem, Belva L.                       HS04  
Ketchem, Carrie E.                      SHU1  
Ketchem, Evadean                        HS03  
Ketchem, George W.                      HS04  
Ketchem, Goldie                         DAV5  
Ketchem, Hazel A.                       2003  
Ketchem, Hazel A.                       PIT1  
Ketchem, Joanna D.                      DAV2  
Ketchem, John W.                        1987  
Ketchem, John W.                        PIT1  
Ketchem, Marguerite                     DAV5  
Ketchem, Morris F.                      1987  
Ketchum, Goldie Lee                     1978  
Ketchum, Levi                           WEL1  
Ketler, I. C.                           MOR1  
Kettering, Sara Evelyn                  93DR  
Ketterle, Albert                        HS04  
Ketterling, Edward George               HS02  
Ketz, Julia Kuski                       1993  
Keys, Ainsley                           DAV4  
Keys, Barbara E.                        2002  
Keys, Betty Lou                         2001  
Keys, Cecelia M.                        1999  
Keys, Edith M.                          93DR  
Keys, Harriet                           DAV5  
Keys, John A.                           DAV3  
Keys, Julia M. Ruse                     2001  
Keys, Lenora                            DAV1  
Keys, Louise                            1997  
Keys, Lowye                             DAV4  
Keys, Lowye                             HS04  
Keys, Lucinda B.                        DAV2  
Keys, Nannie                            SHU1  
Keys, Ralph                             2004  
Keys, Ralph E.                          DAV4  
Keys, Ralph E.                          HS04  
Keys, Rosella                           DAV1  
Keys, Rosella                           DAV2  
Keys, Sarah H.                          WEL1  
Keys, William                           DAV1  
Keyser, William Kent                    1991  
Kibbler, Lawrence                       PAT1  
Kidwell, Ellen Kughn                    1999  
Kiefer, Elizabeth R.                    HS03  
Kiefer, Kathryn Manfredi                1993  
Kiefer, Lambert F.                      1988  
Kierer, Mary Congor                     HS04  
Kifer, Elizabeth Todd                   1994  
Kifer, Ruth Conner                      DAV2  
Kiger, Agnes C.                         SHU1  
Kiger, Albert  Roland                   1994  
Kiger, Albert J.                        PAT1  
Kiger, Alberta                          2000  
Kiger, Alberta R.                       PIT1  
Kiger, Aldene Margaret Hall             1990  
Kiger, Alfred                           HS02  
Kiger, Alva F.                          WEL1  
Kiger, Armstrong                        GS01  
Kiger, Arnold Lee                       1994  
Kiger, Arvel                            DAV5  
Kiger, Audra May                        WEL1  
Kiger, Ava Letha Hodges                 1996  
Kiger, Ava M.                           1987  
Kiger, Barb                             PAT1  
Kiger, Belle H.                         PIT1  
Kiger, Benjamin Ellsworth               WEL1  
Kiger, Bennett                          1986  
Kiger, Bennett                          PIT1  
Kiger, Bernice                          2000  
Kiger, Bertha P.                        SHU1  
Kiger, Blanche                          DAV4  
Kiger, Blanche                          HS02  
Kiger, Bonnie                           1989  
Kiger, Bonnie B.                        PIT1  
Kiger, Brad Lee                         PAT1  
Kiger, Carol K.                         1995  
Kiger, Carrie Headlee                   HEA1  
Kiger, Catherine R.                     1997  
Kiger, Charles                          2002  
Kiger, Charles D.                       PIT1  
Kiger, Charles Duane                    1991  
Kiger, Charles E.                       1987  
Kiger, Charles F.                       1999  
Kiger, Charles Hughes                   DAV3  
Kiger, Charles Hughes                   WEL1  
Kiger, Clarence                         1994  
Kiger, Clarence E.                      1994  
Kiger, Clarence E.                      PIT1  
Kiger, Clarence Edward                  HS04  
Kiger, Collene Faye Donley              1992  
Kiger, Dale K.                          2001  
Kiger, Dale K.                          PIT1  
Kiger, Daws S.                          1991  
Kiger, Daws S.                          PIT1  
Kiger, Dean                             GAN1  
Kiger, Debra Sue                        PAT1  
Kiger, Donald K.                        1990  
Kiger, Edith Phillips                   PIT1  
Kiger, Edward                           2000  
Kiger, Elizabeth Johns                  HEA1  
Kiger, Elizabeth Marie                  PIT1  
Kiger, Ella G.                          PAT1  
Kiger, Elza E.                          GAN1  
Kiger, Elzie E.                         HS01  
Kiger, Emma Baily                       WEL1  
Kiger, Ensel N.                         1991  
Kiger, Ethel Estella                    HS04  
Kiger, Ethel Faye                       PIT1  
Kiger, Ethel Faye Brock                 1991  
Kiger, Ethel L.                         1986  
Kiger, Etta Marie                       1985  
Kiger, Eva L.                           HEA1  
Kiger, Evelyn Lewis                     HS04  
Kiger, Everett L.                       1987  
Kiger, Everett L.                       PIT1  
Kiger, Flora B.                         HS02  
Kiger, Flora S.                         HS03  
Kiger, Flora S.                         PIT1  
Kiger, Flossie P.                       GAN1  
Kiger, Flossie P.                       HS02  
Kiger, Floyd Wayne                      1996  
Kiger, Forrest                          2000  
Kiger, Frances Hoy                      2005  
Kiger, Francis Louis                    2005  
Kiger, Frank J.                         1992  
Kiger, Frank N.                         PAT1  
Kiger, Fred B.                          1997  
Kiger, Furman C.                        HEA1  
Kiger, Geneva                           1998  
Kiger, Geneva Mae Riggle                1996  
Kiger, George                           HS04  
Kiger, George Earl                      2005  
Kiger, George Kent                      PAT1  
Kiger, George W.                        HS01  
Kiger, Gernie Willis                    PIT1  
Kiger, Goldie M.                        SHU1  
Kiger, Goldie M. Renner                 HEA1  
Kiger, Grover Allen                     2007  
Kiger, Grover C.                        HS01  
Kiger, Grover C.                        PIT1  
Kiger, Hannah Belle                     HS02  
Kiger, Hansel Floren                    1978  
Kiger, Harry                            HS02  
Kiger, Harry                            PAT1  
Kiger, Harry                            PIT1  
Kiger, Hazel M.                         GAN1  
Kiger, Hazel V.                         1999  
Kiger, Herman R.                        1999  
Kiger, Holland                          GM01  
Kiger, Holland                          HS03  
Kiger, Holland                          PIT1  
Kiger, Ida C. Gooden                    HS04  
Kiger, Inghram O.                       PIT1  
Kiger, Inghram O.                       SHU1  
Kiger, Ira                              1991  
Kiger, Ira                              PIT1  
Kiger, J. Frank                         1978  
Kiger, J. S.                            WEL1  
Kiger, Jack H.                          2007  
Kiger, Jean                             1999  
Kiger, Jennie M.                        SHU1  
Kiger, Jeremiah                         WEL1  
Kiger, John                             1987  
Kiger, John Dale                        1988  
Kiger, John F.                          PIT1  
Kiger, John Herschel                    HS01  
Kiger, John L.                          WEL1  
Kiger, Joseph                           2007  
Kiger, Karen                            2000  
Kiger, Kathryn Kent                     1987  
Kiger, Kenneth L.                       1993  
Kiger, Larnie D.                        2006  
Kiger, Lela K.                          SHU1  
Kiger, Lindsay S.                       HS04  
Kiger, Lona G.                          MOR1  
Kiger, Louise T.                        PIT1  
Kiger, Mabel Leichleter                 1992  
Kiger, Marinda Wildman                  HS04  
Kiger, Martha Jane Shultz               HS01  
Kiger, Mary                             GS01  
Kiger, Mary C.                          PIT1  
Kiger, Mary Elizabeth                   2001  
Kiger, Mary Elizabeth                   PIT1  
Kiger, Mary Hoskins                     1978  
Kiger, Mary Lockart                     HEA1  
Kiger, Mary Walters                     PIT1  
Kiger, Michael Edgar                    1991  
Kiger, Mildred                          1989  
Kiger, Morgan                           HS01  
Kiger, Morgan                           PIT1  
Kiger, Moss McClellan                   HAW1  
Kiger, Moss McClellan                   WEL1  
Kiger, Muriel Everly                    1991  
Kiger, Nora A.                          1986  
Kiger, O. R.                            WEL1  
Kiger, Ocie B. C.                       SHU1  
Kiger, Ocie F.                          1975  
Kiger, Ocie F.                          PAT1  
Kiger, Okle O.                          2002  
Kiger, Ortha W.                         PAT1  
Kiger, Oscar                            HS03  
Kiger, Oscar                            PAT1  
Kiger, Otie E.                          1999  
Kiger, Pauline                          DAV5  
Kiger, Pauline                          WEL1  
Kiger, Pauline C.                       SHU1  
Kiger, Pauline Cole                     TAY2  
Kiger, Pierce                           HEA1  
Kiger, R. Edgar                         TAY2  
Kiger, R. Snowden                       DAV4  
Kiger, Ralph                            1995  
Kiger, Ralph C.                         1996  
Kiger, Ralph E.                         1994  
Kiger, Ralph H.                         1988  
Kiger, Ralph H.                         HS04  
Kiger, Ray                              2004  
Kiger, Rex A.                           1999  
Kiger, Rex A.                           PIT1  
Kiger, Richard L.                       1996  
Kiger, Richard T.                       2001  
Kiger, Richard T.                       PIT1  
Kiger, Robert                           1996  
Kiger, Robert E.                        2006  
Kiger, Robert F.                        PAT1  
Kiger, Robert F.                        WEL1  
Kiger, Robert P.                        1996  
Kiger, Ronald E.                        2006  
Kiger, Ruth Arlene                      PIT1  
Kiger, Sarah B.                         1986  
Kiger, Siddie Belle Fox                 HEA1  
Kiger, Simona                           PAT1  
Kiger, Snowden                          HS04  
Kiger, Sue                              2002  
Kiger, Sylva R.                         1986  
Kiger, Sylvia R.                        TAY2  
Kiger, Thelma T.                        1999  
Kiger, Virginia                         1988  
Kiger, William H.                       HEA1  
Kiger, Willis A.                        HS02  
Kiggans, A. Janet                       2006  
Kiggans, Robert J.                      2003  
Kikta, Martin A.                        HS04  
Kilby, Helen Whitfield                  1986  
Kilgore, Clayton E.                     1985  
Kilgore, Doyle L.                       SHU1  
Kilgore, Hallie Delmont                 HS01  
Kilgore, Irma Bowers                    HS02  
Kilgore, Oakley                         1998  
Kilgore, Ralph                          2000  
Kilgore, Thelma M.                      1985  
Kilianski, Joseph Vincent               1996  
Kilkenny, Martha M.                     1999  
Killen, Don Edwin                       2003  
Killian, Charlee Emma Rankin            1990  
Killings, Elizabeth Victoria            DAV4  
Kimberland, Edna M. Ferrell             1990  
Kimble, Ada                             HS04  
Kimble, Alva Paul                       HS02  
Kimble, Archie L.                       1993  
Kimble, Bernard                         1998  
Kimble, Bernard                         1998  
Kimble, Charles W.                      HS01  
Kimble, Chester V.                      1995  
Kimble, Edward L.                       1975  
Kimble, Ella Mary                       HS02  
Kimble, Emma                            SHU1  
Kimble, Flossie C. Staggers             1992  
Kimble, George                          1990  
Kimble, Greta Cramer                    1993  
Kimble, John L.                         HS03  
Kimble, John N.                         HS04  
Kimble, Mae Winters                     HS04  
Kimble, Merle Edison                    2007  
Kimble, Norma H.                        1997  
Kimble, Paul                            SHU1  
Kimble, Paul B.                         SHU1  
Kimble, Ray D.                          HS02  
Kimble, Russell                         1989  
Kimble, Shirley M.                      2001  
Kimble, Steven Ellwood                  HS01  
Kime, Anthony                           2000  
Kime, Jeffrey                           1992  
Kimes, Martin F.                        2003  
Kimmel, Edward A.                       2006  
Kimmel, Mary K.                         1988  
Kimmel, Maycel I.                       2002  
Kimmel, Robert                          1998  
Kimmell, Anna Mary Paugh                1991  
Kimmell, Oliver J.                      SHU1  
Kimpel, Flora R.                        2004  
Kimtantas, Lucille                      1998  
Kinder, Florin L.                       PIT1  
Kinder, Grace                           DAV5  
Kinder, Katherine M.                    PIT1  
Kinder, Lloyd E.                        PIT1  
Kindervater, Edward J.                  2006  
Kindle, Charles                         HS03  
King, Abby Gail                         1975  
King, Abby Gail                         PAT1  
King, Albert                            DAV4  
King, Albert                            HS04  
King, Albert E.                         GM01  
King, Aldine                            1997  
King, Alice Longstreth                  WEL1  
King, Allison                           DAV3  
King, Allison                           WEL1  
King, Alma                              1989  
King, Alma G.                           1991  
King, Alta M.                           HS03  
King, Ardath Kiger                      HS04  
King, Arlene A.                         2002  
King, Arnold                            1998  
King, Arthur                            HS03  
King, Benjamin Franklin                 HS04  
King, Bertha Zimmerman                  HEA1  
King, Betty Jean Kerr                   1996  
King, Beverly Jo                        HS04  
King, Birdie E. Grimes                  HS01  
King, Blanche                           HS02  
King, Blanche                           PAT1  
King, Boyd                              HS02  
King, Buddy                             DAV5  
King, C. Stanley                        HS04  
King, Caroline M.                       1978  
King, Charles                           HS04  
King, Charles R.                        SHU1  
King, Clara L.                          2004  
King, Clara Wanetta                     2007  
King, Clyde Edward                      DAV4  
King, Clyde Edward                      PAT1  
King, Clyde, Mrs.                       HS03  
King, Constance I.                      1985  
King, Coral Leah Wise                   HS04  
King, D. L.                             DAV3  
King, Daisy M. Snodgrass                HS01  
King, Dale                              1998  
King, David                             GS01  
King, David P.                          SHU1  
King, Debrah Sue Conard                 2001  
King, DeEtta Guthrie                    1993  
King, Dempsey                           HS02  
King, Dessie Mae                        PIT1  
King, Donald                            1992  
King, Donley A.                         1985  
King, Earl                              DAV5  
King, Earl B.                           SHU1  
King, Earl Warren                       1993  
King, Earnest E.                        1999  
King, Edison                            1988  
King, Edison                            PAT1  
King, Edith                             DAV5  
King, Edith H.                          SHU1  
King, Edna                              2000  
King, Edna                              PIT1  
King, Edna Hoge                         1994  
King, Edna K.                           DAV3  
King, Edna L. Scott                     1999  
King, Eli W.                            1986  
King, Elizabeth                         DAV5  
King, Elizabeth Alice                   2001  
King, Elizabeth D.                      1978  
King, Elizabeth H.                      DAV4  
King, Elizabeth V.                      SHU1  
King, Ella Catherine                    2001  
King, Ella Scott                        DAV2  
King, Ella Scott                        HS01  
King, Ella V.                           HS03  
King, Ellen Hickman                     WEL1  
King, Elma                              1997  
King, Emma Pearl                        2004  
King, Emmons Theodore                   HAW1  
King, Ethel                             1989  
King, Eugene J.                         1986  
King, Floyd A.                          1999  
King, Floyd A.                          PIT1  
King, Frances Gail                      1985  
King, Frances J.                        1995  
King, Frank                             1998  
King, Franklin D.                       2004  
King, Gary                              2000  
King, Gayle L.                          SHU1  
King, George                            DAV3  
King, George                            DAV5  
King, George E.                         1993  
King, George M.                         WEL1  
King, Georgia V.                        1992  
King, Georgia V.                        PIT1  
King, Gertrude L.                       2006  
King, Gertrude Tilton                   HEA1  
King, Gertrude Tilton                   WEL1  
King, Glancy Elroy                      HS02  
King, Goldie Huffman                    WEL1  
King, Goldie Mae                        1987  
King, Goldie Roberts                    CRA1  
King, Goldie Roberts                    DAV4  
King, Goldie Roberts                    HS02  
King, Goldie Roberts                    PAT1  
King, Harold                            2000  
King, Harold Edward                     1990  
King, Harry                             1991  
King, Harry Eugene                      TAY2  
King, Hazel Strope                      2006  
King, Homer B.                          1985  
King, Ida Carter                        HS04  
King, Ida Mae                           HS01  
King, Ida Mae Kelley                    1991  
King, Ida May                           HS02  
King, Ida N.                            WEL1  
King, Ilah Hope Slonaker                1996  
King, Isaac                             WEL1  
King, Isaac H.                          HS03  
King, Isabel                            GS01  
King, J. Paul                           HS02  
King, J. Paul                           PAT1  
King, J. Paul                           PIT1  
King, James                             GS01  
King, James A.                          1992  
King, James E.                          1988  
King, James F.                          1986  
King, James Henry                       HS04  
King, James T.                          DAV2  
King, Janet C.                          SHU1  
King, Jeanne Hickman                    2001  
King, Jeremiah                          1985  
King, Jesse E.                          HS02  
King, Joe B.                            1996  
King, John Calvin                       WEL1  
King, John E.                           1990  
King, John H.                           HS03  
King, Joseph Iva                        HS02  
King, Josephine                         1988  
King, Joyce                             1998  
King, June Eleanor Hewitt               HS01  
King, Karen                             1998  
King, Katherine                         93DR  
King, Laura                             DAV1  
King, Laura Jane                        1994  
King, Leasure                           CRA1  
King, Leasure                           TAY2  
King, Lee                               HS04  
King, Lida Josephine                    HS04  
King, Lloyd Russell                     1994  
King, Maezella                          SHU1  
King, Margaret Ellen                    1988  
King, Margaret Ellen                    PAT1  
King, Margaret M. Dow                   1993  
King, Margaret Mary                     2002  
King, Mary E.                           2005  
King, Mary E.                           HS02  
King, Mary Laura                        1995  
King, Mary M.                           1995  
King, Melvin                            PIT1  
King, Mildred                           1995  
King, Minnie E.                         1987  
King, Minnie P.                         HS02  
King, Miriam Donley                     WEL1  
King, Myrtle                            DAV5  
King, Nancy E.                          DAV2  
King, Nannette                          1989  
King, Nellie Tedrow                     1988  
King, Nellie Tedrow                     PAT1  
King, Oliver                            DAV4  
King, Oliver                            HS02  
King, Orvil                             DAV5  
King, Owen                              WEL1  
King, Paul                              HS03  
King, Paul B.                           PAT1  
King, Paul U.                           1985  
King, Pauline E.                        2003  
King, Pauline Yanak                     2004  
King, Porter B.                         1995  
King, Rachel Ann Belford                HS04  
King, Raymond D.                        1991  
King, Raymond E.                        1991  
King, Robert J.                         2001  
King, Robert P.                         1987  
King, Robert P.                         PAT1  
King, Robert T.                         WEL1  
King, Robert Troy                       HS01  
King, Robert W.                         1996  
King, Roberta Lottie                    2002  
King, S. Leasure                        HS03  
King, Samuel                            HS04  
King, Samuel L.                         HS01  
King, Sara Lee                          1993  
King, Shane Wesley                      2001  
King, Shawna Raye                       2007  
King, Susanna                           WEL1  
King, Thomas I.                         1999  
King, Thomas Roseberry                  WEL1  
King, V. P.                             GAN1  
King, V. P., Mrs.                       WEL1  
King, Virginia Leone                    PIT1  
King, Virginia Mae Miner                1993  
King, Wanda                             2000  
King, William                           DAV5  
King, William A.                        WEL1  
King, William B.                        1994  
King, William E.                        1990  
King, William E.                        2004  
King, William Earl                      HS02  
King, William F.                        HS01  
King, William H.                        DAV2  
King, William Henry                     HS04  
King, William Leasure                   HS04  
King, William M.                        DAV4  
King, William M.                        HS02  
King, William Roy                       HEA1  
Kingan, Albert T.                       1988  
Kingan, Hannah T.                       2001  
Kingsley, Ruth                          1985  
Kingsley, Walter                        1985  
Kinnan, Carrie                          93DR  
Kinnan, Daisy H.                        HS02  
Kinnan, Daisy H.                        PAT1  
Kinnan, Lrona L.                        2005  
Kinnan, William Henry                   HAW1  
Kinney, Earl L.                         SHU1  
Kinney, Eleanor Hamilton                WEL1  
Kinney, Florist                         DAV5  
Kinney, Florist V.                      1978  
Kinney, Gay E.                          WEL1  
Kinney, George D.                       HAW1  
Kinney, James A.                        HS02  
Kinney, James A.                        PAT1  
Kinney, John L.                         HS01  
Kinney, Josephine                       2004  
Kinney, Keith                           WEL1  
Kinney, Lona McMillan                   HS01  
Kinney, Mary                            DAV1  
Kinney, Mary E.                         PAT1  
Kinney, Mary Ellen                      WEL1  
Kinney, Nancy Anna                      HS02  
Kinney, Nancy Anna                      PAT1  
Kinney, Robert Stoy                     WEL1  
Kinney, Stella Shultz                   1993  
Kino, Viola Childs                      1985  
Kinsel, Lillian M. Hanford              1991  
Kinsel, Marlene A. Stephens             1993  
Kinsell, Bertha R.                      SHU1  
Kinsell, Howard                         1989  
Kinsell, Lillian                        HS03  
Kinsell, Louis H.                       2004  
Kinsell, Mary                           2000  
Kinsell, Richard J.                     2004  
Kinsely, Bertha Anne Sherratt           HS04  
Kipuras, Ida M.                         1985  
Kipuras, James P.                       WEL1  
Kirby , Francis H.                      2006  
Kirby, Adaline E.                       2002  
Kirby, Francis                          HS03  
Kirby, Gertrude Meek                    2006  
Kirby, James E.                         PIT1  
Kirby, James F.                         1999  
Kirby, Jessie Louise Brant              HS01  
Kirby, Mark Francis                     1997  
Kirby, Viola                            HS03  
Kircher, Patricia L. Frank              1997  
Kirchner, Fred                          1987  
Kirchner, Henry                         2005  
Kirin, John                             DAV5  
Kirin, John                             SHU1  
Kirkendall, Donald C.                   1991  
Kirzgavis, John Charles                 HS01  
Kisella, Elizabeth Susan                93DR  
Kiser, Fred J.                          HS01  
Kisner, Ernest Leroy                    1985  
Kisner, Evelyn C. Fike                  1986  
Kisner, Perry J.                        1993  
Kisner, Robert S.                       2003  
Kisner, Virgil E.                       2005  
Kissinger, Harvey S.                    HS03  
Kissinger, Maud                         HS03  
Kissler, Earl S.                        CRA1  
Kistner, Mark                           HS04  
Kita, Anna Mae Welling                  1996  
Kita, Margaret Jane                     2006  
Kittle, Silas                           GS01  
Kiwall, Wilmyna Faye Courtley           1991  
Klamerus, William F.                    2005  
Klanchar, Helen A.                      2002  
Klapkowski, Elizabeth M.                93DR  
Klatchko, Patricia Jean                 HS04  
Klees, Margaret                         93DR  
Klemencic, Jean Silvestri               1991  
Kligore, Elizabeth                      HS02  
Klimek, Joseph                          1988  
Klimek, Rose                            1989  
Kline, Elizabeth E.                     DAV2  
Kline, Frank M.                         DAV4  
Kline, Frank M.                         HS04  
Kline, Gertude Dayton                   1985  
Kline, Harold                           DAV5  
Kline, Harold                           SHU1  
Kline, James A.                         DAV2  
Kline, James Robert                     2003  
Kline, Louise                           DAV5  
Kline, Margaret                         DAV5  
Kline, Mildred Gideon                   1996  
Kline, Peral Smith                      HS04  
Kline, Sallie                           MOR3  
Kline, Sallie A.                        HS03  
Kline, Sally                            DAV1  
Kline, Thelma E.                        2005  
Kline, Walter R.                        1995  
Kline, William O.                       WEL1  
Klinger, Donna J.                       2004  
Klink, Caroline C.                      2001  
Klink, Charles W.                       SHU1  
Klink, Frank C.                         1990  
Klink, Frank E.                         SHU1  
Klink, Gloral Haney                     1999  
Klink, Violet Lowery                    1993  
Kloska, Keith W.                        2005  
Kluenich, Verna M. Rutherford           2005  
Kmetz, Anna M.                          SHU1  
Kmetz, John R.                          HS02  
Kmetz, Mary L.                          2001  
Knapik, John A.                         1988  
Knapik, John A.                         1999  
Knapik, Michael W.                      HS04  
Knapper, Ronald Allen                   2006  
Knepp, Anna Goola                       DAV3  
Knepp, Peter                            1978  
Knepp, Peter                            SHU1  
Knepp, Susan A.                         2003  
Knerler, Charles C.                     DAV3  
Knerler, Eva W.                         DAV2  
Knerler, Eva W.                         WEL1  
Knestrick, Catherine L.                 93DR  
Knestrick, Elizabeth Gertrude Perry     PAT1  
Knestrick, Elizabeth P.                 PAT1  
Knicely, Gail                           2000  
Knicely, Grace H.                       2001  
Knicely, Sarah C. Kinney                HS01  
Knight, Ada G.                          2002  
Knight, Albert Allen                    1988  
Knight, Anna Mary                       HS03  
Knight, Annie                           GS01  
Knight, Bertha M.                       1987  
Knight, C. Kelsey                       1986  
Knight, Charles F.                      1996  
Knight, Charles F.                      PIT1  
Knight, Charles H.                      WEL1  
Knight, Donald E.                       2007  
Knight, Dorcas E.                       PAT1  
Knight, Edna E. O.                      WEL1  
Knight, Elijah                          WEL1  
Knight, Elizabeth                       HS02  
Knight, Elizabeth                       PAT1  
Knight, Elizabeth Jane                  WEL1  
Knight, Eva S.                          WEL1  
Knight, Ferne                           1989  
Knight, Floyd H.                        WEL1  
Knight, Gail Crow                       1992  
Knight, Geraldine                       2000  
Knight, Glen L.                         2005  
Knight, Glenn                           DAV5  
Knight, Harriet                         MOR1  
Knight, Helen M.                        PIT1  
Knight, Helen McCracken                 DAV4  
Knight, James                           WEL1  
Knight, James C.                        1992  
Knight, James C.                        1993  
Knight, James M.                        1985  
Knight, James M.                        PAT1  
Knight, James M.                        WEL1  
Knight, Jared P.                        1990  
Knight, John Clyde                      HS01  
Knight, John T.                         1975  
Knight, Kenneth W.                      SHU1  
Knight, LaVerne W.                      1985  
Knight, Lillie Porter                   HS01  
Knight, Maggie L.                       HS03  
Knight, Mantie H.                       WEL1  
Knight, Marguerite L. Keefover          1994  
Knight, Mary A.                         HS04  
Knight, Mary Alcie Cole                 HS01  
Knight, Mary Ankrom                     HS04  
Knight, Mary E.                         WEL1  
Knight, Mary J.                         SHU1  
Knight, Nannie McCoy                    WEL1  
Knight, Opal                            1993  
Knight, Paul                            DAV5  
Knight, Perry                           DAV2  
Knight, Ralph                           1991  
Knight, Ralph W.                        DAV4  
Knight, Rex                             HS03  
Knight, Rex, Mrs.                       WEL1  
Knight, Rose Marie                      2005  
Knight, Roy F.                          DAV4  
Knight, Roy F.                          HS04  
Knight, Russell                         1987  
Knight, Stephen                         WEL1  
Knight, Thomas                          WEL1  
Knight, Thomas A.                       1991  
Knight, Vera Kathleen                   2002  
Knight, Virginia E.                     2007  
Knight, W. A.                           WEL1  
Knight, Wilbur                          DAV5  
Knight, Wilbur L.                       SHU1  
Knight, William M.                      HS03  
Kniha, Helen D.                         1987  
Kniha, John                             DAV5  
Kniha, John J.                          2003  
Kniseley, James Roger                   DAV3  
Kniseley, Pearl I.                      HS01  
Knisely, Amelia C.                      HS03  
Knisely, Calvin Lee                     DAV3  
Knisely, Calvin Lee                     WEL1  
Knisely, Clarence A.                    HS03  
Knisely, Clarence A.                    PIT1  
Knisely, Delilah B.                     PIT1  
Knisely, Delilah B. Pitcock             1991  
Knisely, Eleanor M.                     SHU1  
Knisely, Ella                           HS02  
Knisely, Ella                           PAT1  
Knisely, Homer E.                       2003  
Knisely, James                          DAV5  
Knisely, James                          HS03  
Knisely, James H.                       SHU1  
Knisely, Jeffery L.                     1994  
Knisely, John L. F.                     TAY2  
Knisely, John Z.                        1986  
Knisely, Linda M.                       2007  
Knisely, Myrtle Ellen                   DAV4  
Knisely, Ralph L.                       1992  
Knisely, Richard Alan                   DAV3  
Knisely, Richard Allen                  WEL1  
Knisely, Robert                         PIT1  
Knisely, Robert L.                      2003  
Knisely, Robert M.                      1985  
Knisely, Ruth Poland                    1990  
Knisely, Wayne A.                       1991  
Knisely, Wesley                         2007  
Knisely, William                        DAV5  
Knisley, Betty                          1998  
Knisley, Charles                        2000  
Knisley, Ella                           GM01  
Knisley, Hazel                          DAV5  
Knisley, Hazel M.                       CRA1  
Knisley, Jerry                          1989  
Knisley, Laura                          DAV5  
Knisley, Lloyd                          1987  
Knisley, Myrtle Ellen Roberts           HS01  
Knisley, William                        HEA1  
Knizner, Julia I.                       2005  
Knonk, Jesse R.                         1978  
Knoop, Foster E.                        HS02  
Knopsnyder, Levada                      1987  
Knotts, Bertha Gress                    HS02  
Knotts, Claude                          SHU1  
Knotts, D. Lawrence                     HS04  
Knotts, Ella J.                         PAT1  
Knotts, Ethelyn                         SHU1  
Knotts, Florence Kay                    2001  
Knotts, Frank S.                        HS02  
Knotts, George                          1989  
Knotts, Harold                          HS02  
Knotts, Harold L.                       PIT1  
Knotts, Hazel S.                        1997  
Knotts, Ira N.                          HS04  
Knotts, Lewis                           HEA1  
Knotts, Lula W.                         1985  
Knotts, Marjorie                        1998  
Knotts, Patricia G.                     PIT1  
Knotts, Patricia Gardner                1993  
Knotts, William Benjamin                HS01  
Knotts, William Jesse                   WEL1  
Knotts, Willis F.                       1993  
Knowlson, Karen Lynn                    2001  
Knox, James A.                          DAV2  
Knox, James A.                          HAW1  
Knox, James A.                          WEL1  
Knox, John                              HS01  
Knox, John C.                           HS04  
Knox, John Clark                        GM01  
Knox, John Clark                        HS01  
Knox, John Walton                       1975  
Knox, Lulu S.                           WEL1  
Knox, Margaret L. Pratt                 HS01  
Knox, Mary S.                           WEL1  
Knox, Paul Waddell                      HS04  
Knox, Thomas                            DAV5  
Knox, Thomas B.                         PIT1  
Knox, Thomas B.                         SHU1  
Knox, Ursula Bayne                      PAT1  
Knox, Ursula Bayne                      WEL1  
Knurler, Charles W.                     HS04  
Koast, Anna                             SHU1  
Koast, John                             1994  
Koast, John                             2004  
Koast, Josephine                        2004  
Koast, Mary                             1986  
Koast, Michael                          HS02  
Koast, Oretta S.                        2004  
Koast, Ustine K.                        HS02  
Kobal, Agnes Wilson                     PIT1  
Koballa, Michael                        HS01  
Koban, Lillian                          2004  
Koby, Nell Rose                         1997  
Kobylarz, John W.                       SHU1  
Kocerka, Andrew J.                      1997  
Kocerka, John                           1985  
Kocerka, Nelllie                        SHU1  
Kochis, Steve                           1993  
Kochis, Steve                           HS01  
Kochy, John                             HS04  
Koci, Mary E.                           1988  
Koci, Stanley                           2001  
Kocielek, Martin M.                     SHU1  
Kociolek, John T.                       2006  
Kodrin, Mary M.                         2006  
Koebert, John                           DAV1  
Kohl, Charles L.                        1975  
Kohler, Marie Adamson                   HS02  
Kohlmyer, W. James                      1996  
Kohout, Marie                           93DR  
Kohut, Elizabeth B. Miller              HS01  
Kohut, Geneva                           1989  
Kohut, Jean G.                          1995  
Kohut, John P.                          1986  
Kois, Dorothy V.                        1985  
Kois, Fred                              1994  
Kois, Joseph                            2003  
Kois, Lucy                              1999  
Kois, Terry                             1993  
Koki, Michael                           1992  
Kolat, Alma L.                          2004  
Kolat, Andrew                           2001  
Kolat, Jason Michael                    1999  
Kolat, Joseph M.                        1990  
Kolat, Victoria A.                      2001  
Kolb, Norma F.                          1991  
Kolomlenko, Pete L.                     HS02  
Koloszezyk, Sophie                      HS02  
Kolvek, Mae Phillips                    1991  
Kolvek, Robert Russell                  1985  
Kolvek, Ruth Alene                      2007  
Komats, John William                    PAT1  
Komats, Joseph F.                       1990  
Komats, Lucy C.                         1987  
Komer, Anna                             DAV3  
Komonder, Andrew                        1996  
Komondor, George R.                     93DR  
Komula, John Charles                    2006  
Komula, Raymond                         DAV5  
Komula, William Stephen                 1996  
Konicki, Stephen                        1993  
Konkus, Louise Murray                   2004  
Konosky, Ann                            1999  
Konosky, John                           2000  
Konter, Donald                          1989  
Kontomanoli, Paraskevas                 93DR  
Koon, Harley E.                         93DR  
Kooser, Ethel                           HS04  
Kope, Ethel E. Lash                     1990  
Kopec, Anna                             HS03  
Kopec, John J.                          HS02  
Kopechessi, Ronald T.                   1990  
Kopp, William J.                        1990  
Kopsack, Margaret                       93DR  
Koral, Anna                             SHU1  
Koral, Harry                            1987  
Koral, John                             HS04  
Koratich, Darlene D.                    SHU1  
Koratich, Margaretta                    2000  
Koratich, Mike                          1978  
Koratich, Mike                          DAV5  
Koratich, Stephan                       PIT1  
Koratich, Stephen                       PAT1  
Korcheck, Anna M.                       1995  
Korcheck, Michael                       HS02  
Korczek, Matthias                       HS02  
Kordich, Mary                           1999  
Korely, John                            HS01  
Koricich, David Lee                     1986  
Kormendi, Alex                          2006  
Kormendi, Elizabeth                     DAV4  
Kormendi, John                          DAV4  
Kormendi, Katherine                     1999  
Kormendi, Michael David                 DAV4  
Kormith, Eugene                         HS02  
Kormos, Joseph                          SHU1  
Kormuth, Frank                          DAV5  
Kormuth, Michael A.                     1994  
Koroly, Margaret H.                     2003  
Koroly, Mike                            1988  
Korzun, Jack                            1978  
Kos, George                             1999  
Kosco, Marjorie J. Stein                2007  
Kosczuk, Mary                           2000  
Kose, John                              HS01  
Koser, Dorothy                          93DR  
Kosey, Mildred                          2000  
Koss, Evelyn M.                         1999  
Koss, Francis J.                        2002  
Koss, John                              HS02  
Kostelnik, Francis John                 2004  
Kostitch, Danica A.                     2004  
Kosuh, Mary A.                          2002  
Koszarsky, Albina                       1989  
Kotarsky, Agnes M.                      2004  
Kotarsky, Stephen                       1988  
Kotarsky, Thomas A.                     1986  
Kotarsky, Thomas P.                     1994  
Kotch, Agnelia A.                       SHU1  
Kotch, George                           SHU1  
Kotch, Irene Elizabeth                  PAT1  
Kotch, Mike                             2004  
Kotch, Nicholas                         1992  
Kotch, Pete K.                          1997  
Kotch, William                          1998  
Kotchar, Martha E.                      2002  
Kotowski, Edna Ruth Nassar              2006  
Kott, Anna                              2006  
Kott, Helen                             1988  
Kott, Paul                              2000  
Kotti, Beverly Snyder                   1986  
Kouklakis, Mary                         93DR  
Kovach , Louis J.                       2006  
Kovach, Andy M.                         1994  
Kovach, Barbara                         HS03  
Kovach, Frank Mike                      DAV3  
Kovach, Irene                           1998  
Kovach, John                            1992  
Kovach, John                            HS02  
Kovach, John B.                         HS02  
Kovach, Mary A.                         1986  
Kovach, Mike                            1987  
Kovach, Sophia Buchan                   2004  
Kovach, Virginia C.                     1978  
Kovach, William                         2007  
Kovach, William                         93DR  
Kovacic, Josephine                      1989  
Kovacic, Nick                           2001  
Kovacik, Steve                          GM01  
Kovacik, Steve                          HS01  
Koval, Agnes Wilson                     HS03  
Koval, Agnes Wilson                     PIT1  
Koval, Anna T. Skvarka                  1992  
Koval, Kathyn J.                        2004  
Koval, Mabel Marie                      2001  
Koval, Mary                             1989  
Kovalcheck, Cora                        SHU1  
Kovalcheck, John                        1991  
Kovalcheck, Robert                      2004  
Kovalcheck, Ruth Conkey                 1992  
Kovalcheck, Teresa                      HS02  
Kovalic, John A.                        HS03  
Kowalczyk, Edward                       HS02  
Kowalczyk, Edward M.                    2007  
Kowalczyk, Marcella                     HS03  
Kowalczyk, Ruth Ann                     2005  
Kowalczyk, Tracey C. Righetti           1993  
Kowalewski, August C.                   1999  
Kowalewski, Richard W.                  1993  
Kozak, John Michael                     HS04  
Koziak, Bessie                          1996  
Kozich, Mary                            HS03  
Kozlowski, Charles                      HS01  
Krach, Ellen M.                         1987  
Krach, William B.                       1988  
Kracik, Rose Gabalec                    1992  
Kraft, Judith Ann Sanders               2004  
Kraich, Mary                            2000  
Kraich, Mary                            2005  
Kraich, Michael                         1991  
Krajnak, Andy                           1995  
Krajnak, Eleanora J.                    1997  
Krajnak, Sophia Biros                   HS04  
Krajnak, Sophia D.                      1996  
Kramer, Clarabel                        HS03  
Kramer, Clare                           DAV5  
Kramer, Clare M. H.                     SHU1  
Kramer, Edith K.                        SHU1  
Kramer, Frank B.                        HS04  
Kramer, Harry Ellsworth                 DAV4  
Kramer, Harry Ellsworth                 HS04  
Kramer, Joseph P.                       2007  
Kramer, Lawrence                        1975  
Kramer, Lawrence                        DAV4  
Kramer, Lois M.                         1992  
Kramer, Margaret I.                     1986  
Kramer, Patricia                        2004  
Kramer, Raymond                         2002  
Kramer, Russell                         DAV4  
Kramer, Russell                         HS02  
Kramer, Wilfred E.                      1986  
Kramer, William Albert                  1987  
Krause, Charles K..                     1996  
Krause, Charlotte                       1985  
Krause, E. Richard                      2002  
Krause, Emma S.                         HS03  
Krause, Frank J.                        HS04  
Krause, Frederick William               HS02  
Krause, Gladys Dragich                  1991  
Krause, Leroy K.                        HS02  
Krause, Mary G.                         1993  
Krause, Mary G.                         93DR  
Krause, Richard Lee                     1993  
Kravats, Anna                           1989  
Kravats, Frank A.                       1988  
Kravats, Michael                        2000  
Kravats, Mildred                        DAV5  
Kravats, Mildred Evosovich              1978  
Kravats, Sophie E.                      1999  
Kravets, Andy J.                        1999  
Kravetz, John                           1991  
Kraynak, John A.                        2001  
Krcelich, Joseph                        SHU1  
Kremer, Louise F.                       93DR  
Krempa, Mary M.                         1985  
Krempasky, Catherine                    2002  
Krempasky, Francis A.                   1996  
Krency, John                            1999  
Krency, John                            HS02  
Krency, Margaret L.                     1999  
Krency, Mary Ventura                    1975  
Krepkovich, John                        HS01  
Krepps, George H.                       DAV3  
Krepps, Ruby P.                         SHU1  
Krepps, Thelma                          1989  
Kresovich, Frances Cvetan               1986  
Kress, Emily                            93DR  
Kress, Gavin Walker                     2006  
Kretzing, Willa                         1998  
Kreuzer, Mary Ann Duncan                2004  
Kridle, Audrey A.                       PIT1  
Kridle, Bernard J.                      HS02  
Kridle, Fred                            DAV5  
Kridle, Leo Andrew                      1994  
Kridle, William F.                      HS01  
Kriss, Charles                          1996  
Krivan, Catherine                       2005  
Krivoski, William                       2007  
Krivosky, Pete                          2003  
Krkovich, Joseph                        2007  
Krok, Jesse B.                          HS03  
Kroll, John                             2000  
Kromer, Anthony                         HS02  
Kronjak, Sophia Klippi                  HS02  
Kronk, Frank G.                         HS02  
Kronk, Gene Richard                     1993  
Kronk, Hazel A. Shaw                    1993  
Kronk, Jonathan                         1995  
Kronk, Joseph                           1989  
Kronk, Mary B.                          DAV4  
Kronk, Mary B.                          HS04  
Kronk, Maude                            HS02  
Kronk, Robert                           DAV5  
Kronk, Sarah                            1989  
Kronk, Violet Mae Nichols               1993  
Krosinger, Anna                         HS03  
Krosinger, Michael                      HS02  
Krosinger, Robert L.                    2001  
Krosunger, George                       HS01  
Krosunger, Ruby                         1989  
Krovioski, Mike                         HS04  
Kruel, Nellie                           1997  
Krupa, Charles A.                       2002  
Krupinsky, John A.                      1999  
Krupzig, Nellie M.                      1988  
Krusper, Virginia Mellon                2007  
Krutch, Wanda                           2006  
Krutko, Elizabeth M.                    2007  
Krutko, Melvin                          1989  
Krutko, Susan B.                        2001  
Krutz, Mary Andrusky                    1993  
Krysak, John Jeffrey                    2007  
Krysak, Ruby Brownfield                 1992  
Krysmalski, Shirley A.                  1988  
Kubacki, Mary Marie Malinak             1996  
Kubasik, John A.                        2003  
Kubasik, John W.                        HS03  
Kubasik, Rochelle L. Kovalcheck         1996  
Kubes, John                             HS02  
Kubicar, Anna                           1998  
Kubicar, Edward J.                      2001  
Kubicar, Elizabeth Ross                 1993  
Kubicar, John E.                        1988  
Kubicar, Margaret R.                    2002  
Kubicar, Mary Kuric                     1993  
Kubicar, Mike S.                        2002  
Kubicar, Stephen A.                     2003  
Kubik, Louia                            1995  
Kubik, Vera Kubicar                     1985  
Kubit, Josephine L.                     93DR  
Kubitsky, Mike                          HS01  
Kuchinsky, Joseph J.                    1988  
Kuchinsky, Natalie D.                   1978  
Kuczykowski, Chester R.                 2006  
Kudack, Anna Cecelia                    93DR  
Kudas, Dolores                          2000  
Kughn, Abe F.                           HS04  
Kughn, Elijah                           WEL1  
Kughn, Elsie Lethia Riggs               WEL1  
Kughn, George                           GS01  
Kughn, George M.                        PAT1  
Kughn, Grover                           HS04  
Kughn, Guy                              HS01  
Kughn, Guy                              PIT1  
Kughn, Harold E.                        1995  
Kughn, Hraold E.                        PIT1  
Kughn, I. N.                            HAW1  
Kughn, Jane                             WEL1  
Kughn, John L.                          HEA1  
Kughn, John L.                          PAT1  
Kughn, Justice                          HS03  
Kughn, Kenneth E.                       2002  
Kughn, Lucy V.                          WEL1  
Kughn, Lucy Wihtlatch                   WEL1  
Kughn, Lucy Yeager                      HEA1  
Kughn, Marilyn R.                       2001  
Kughn, Marilyn R.                       PIT1  
Kughn, Marilyn Ruth                     PIT1  
Kughn, Ocie Ettice                      1986  
Kughn, Sara                             1989  
Kughn, Silas                            HEA1  
Kughn, William                          PAT1  
Kuharcik, Bernice                       1995  
Kuharcik, George                        2003  
Kuharcik, Mary                          HS02  
Kuharick, Michael John                  HS04  
Kuharik, Michael John                   DAV4  
Kuhl, Alice E. Morris                   HS04  
Kuhn, Alva C.                           HS02  
Kuhn, Alva C.                           PAT1  
Kuhn, Amanda Susan                      2001  
Kuhn, Asa                               WEL1  
Kuhn, Earl                              HS02  
Kuhn, Eliza A.                          HS02  
Kuhn, Elizabeth M.                      1987  
Kuhn, Ephraim E.                        DAV4  
Kuhn, Ephraim E.                        HS01  
Kuhn, Floyd Edison                      PAT1  
Kuhn, Harrison                          WEL1  
Kuhn, Isaac                             GS01  
Kuhn, Jane                              GS01  
Kuhn, Madolyn                           2006  
Kuhn, Mary E. Huffman                   HS01  
Kuhn, Mary E. Huffman                   HS04  
Kuhn, Paul W.                           HS04  
Kuhn, Samuel H.                         1985  
Kuhn, William                           WEL1  
Kuhns , Henry E.                        2006  
Kuhns, Catherine B.                     2005  
Kuhns, Henry Edward                     HS03  
Kuhns, Louisa Belle                     HS03  
Kuhtik, Michael                         HS04  
Kuis, Anna Zelennik                     HS03  
Kuis, John                              1975  
Kuklar, Robert T.                       1994  
Kukler, Violet Mae Redman               HS04  
Kukuchka, Ann E. Lukasik                1990  
Kukuchka, Louis G.                      1994  
Kukuchka, Mary                          PAT1  
Kula, Louise Fudala Raffatz             HS04  
Kulan, Philip                           HS01  
Kulha, Mary M.                          2007  
Kulha, Susie                            HS02  
Kulla, Betty I. Riggs                   2007  
Kumar, Minnie                           2004  
Kundrick, Andrew                        HS02  
Kundrick, Andrew                        HS03  
Kundrick, Dolores Jean                  2006  
Kundrick, John                          HS03  
Kundrick, Mike                          HS02  
Kunty, Agnes G.                         2006  
Kuntz, Edward                           1985  
Kuntz, Herbert R.                       1988  
Kuntz, Robert T.                        2004  
Kuntz, Russell H.                       1975  
Kuran, Eugenia Jewel                    2006  
Kuran, Joseph L.                        1988  
Kuran, Michael Jonas                    1990  
Kuran, Thomas F.                        1993  
Kurek, Mildred I.                       93DR  
Kurek, Steve                            HS04  
Kurguka, Katherine                      DAV2  
Kurila, John S.                         HS02  
Kurila, Mary Margaret                   2006  
Kurilko , Charles                       2006  
Kurilko, Anna Doman                     1978  
Kurilko, Anthony F.                     1991  
Kurilko, George C.                      1999  
Kurilko, James H.                       1988  
Kurilko, Joseph F.                      1987  
Kurilko, Julia                          1989  
Kurilko, Margaret F.                    2004  
Kurilko, Margaret M. Galenko            1991  
Kurilko, Pearl Marie                    1988  
Kurilko, Shirley                        2000  
Kurilko, Thomas F.                      1991  
Kurilko, Vera Haynie                    2006  
Kurilko, Virginia                       SHU1  
Kurincak, Joseph                        1985  
Kurincak, Joseph M.                     SHU1  
Kurpjuweit, Margaret                    DAV2  
Kurpjuweit, Mary A.                     PIT1  
Kurpjuweit, Mary Alice Bell             1994  
Kurpjuweit, Ronald W.                   1990  
Kurpjuweit, Ronald W.                   PIT1  
Kurtyka, Frank Carl                     DAV2  
Kurtyka, John                           DAV1  
Kurtyka, John A.                        CRA1  
Kurtyka, Martin J.                      2001  
Kurtz, Donald R.                        1991  
Kurtz, Harley H.                        HS01  
Kurtz, Helen Rush                       1987  
Kurtz, John L.                          1978  
Kurtz, Mary                             93DR  
Kushner, John                           2005  
Kuykendall, Joseph                      HS02  
Kuzlinski, Andrew E.                    2001  
Kvako, John                             HS02  
Kveder, Kevin Paul                      1985  
Kwiatkowski, Imogene                    PAT1  
Kyle, Emory R.                          1978  
Kyle, Robert Elmer                      1975  
Kyle, W. J.                             WEL1  
Kyle, William J.                        DAV2  
Kyovsky, Elizabeth Kazmaryk             HS04  
Kyper, Carey E.                         HS04  

Name                                    Book
Labick, Katherine                       1996  
Labin, George P.                        GM01  
Labons, Arthur                          HS01  
Labutta, Mike                           HS04  
Lacava, Louis                           2000  
Lacey, Clara Mazzocco                   1997  
Lacey, Clara Mazzocco                   PIT1  
Lacey, Donald                           1995  
Lacey, James Joseph                     1991  
Lacey, James Joseph                     PIT1  
Lacey, Patrick J.                       2007  
Lach, Anna M.                           SHU1  
Lachinsky, Charles C.                   HS03  
Lacinak, Ida Mae                        2001  
Lacinak, Joseph                         1987  
Lackney, Martha Eloise                  2004  
Lacko, Mary Judson                      1991  
Lacock, Abner Clark                     HS01  
Lacock, John                            DAV1  
Lacock, Morgan R.                       PAT1  
Lacock, Robert Voy                      93DR  
Lacy, Janice                            2000  
Ladd, Arline Dushaw                     HS04  
Ladick, Frances                         2000  
Ladick, Nick                            HS04  
Ladick, Walter E.                       DAV4  
Ladisic, Catherine                      1998  
Lagaza, Helen                           DAV5  
Lagaza, Michael                         DAV4  
Lagaza, Michael                         HS04  
Lagojda, Charles William                2004  
Lagojda, Christ                         HS04  
Lagojda, Mary Watona                    1995  
Lahew, Albert E.                        2001  
Lahew, Albert E.                        PIT1  
Lahew, Carol Ann                        HS04  
Lahew, Ethel                            DAV5  
Lahew, Gertrude Cox                     1995  
Lahew, Jack                             1978  
Lahew, June                             2002  
Lahew, Kyla Alisha                      1992  
Lahew, Margaret Leona                   WEL1  
Lahew, Robert K.                        2003  
Lahew, Ross S.                          SHU1  
Lahew, William                          1998  
Laick, Mary Gail Luzadder               PIT1  
Laidley, Alvin D.                       2002  
Laidley, Jeanne                         DAV5  
Laidley, Katherine Heinbeck             HS01  
Laidley, Lowell Terry                   HS01  
Laidley, William                        DAV2  
Lako, James                             1989  
Lalanze, Josephine                      93DR  
Lalich, Katie                           HS04  
Lamb, Terrence                          HS04  
Lamb, Thomas Martin                     HS01  
Lambert, Carrie Elizabeth               2001  
Lambert, Julia J.                       93DR  
Lambert, Robert E.                      1997  
Lamberton, J. Paul                      HS03  
Lancaster, George O.                    HS02  
Lancaster, Margy E.                     1986  
Lancaster, Sarah                        DAV1  
Lancaster, Sophia F.                    1985  
Lancaster, William                      2000  
Lancuski, Adam                          CRA1  
Lander, James E.                        1996  
Lander, Mary                            93DR  
Landers, Joseph Paul                    1987  
Landon, Pearle                          DAV5  
Landon, Pearle S.                       SHU1  
Lane, Iva Mae                           1986  
Lane, James P.                          WEL1  
Lane, John H.                           1996  
Lane, Joseph Powers                     93DR  
Lane, Kathryn M. Lancaster              1991  
Lane, William                           2000  
Lang, Henrietta Kent                    1986  
Lang, James P.                          SHU1  
Lang, Margaret R.                       HS02  
Lang, Marguerite                        2007  
Lang, Pearl Victoria Waychoff           1991  
Lang, Susan Hickman                     HS04  
Lang, William P.                        1978  
Lang, William P.                        PIT1  
Langenheim, Leroy E.                    SHU1  
Langenheim, Nettie                      1989  
Langheldt, Bess Ankrom                  HS04  
Lanham, Gertrude Evalene Dugh           HS01  
Lanham, Shelly Reed                     1992  
Lankie, Margaret                        93DR  
Lanning, W. H.                          MOR3  
LaNoue, Matrina M.                      2003  
Lantz, Alta Hughes                      1990  
Lantz, Anna V.                          1985  
Lantz, Atha Bly                         HS04  
Lantz, Belle P.                         WEL1  
Lantz, Cecyle M. Powell                 1996  
Lantz, Charles                          DAV2  
Lantz, David                            DAV1  
Lantz, Edgar B.                         1985  
Lantz, George W.                        1975  
Lantz, George W.                        HS02  
Lantz, Ira                              HS01  
Lantz, John                             DAV1  
Lantz, John F.                          WEL1  
Lantz, June Rose                        HS03  
Lantz, Kate                             DAV2  
Lantz, Laura                            HS03  
Lantz, Lawrence                         1989  
Lantz, Linnie Jacobs                    HS01  
Lantz, Lyle E.                          1993  
Lantz, Mildred Johnson                  DAV2  
Lantz, Myrtle Mae                       HS03  
Lantz, Myrtle Mae Henderson             HEA1  
Lantz, Omi Myers                        DAV2  
Lantz, R. S.                            HEA1  
Lantz, Richard James                    2004  
Lantz, Robert L.                        2006  
Lantz, Robert L.                        HS03  
Lantz, Ulysses Grant                    WEL1  
Lantz, W. Oscar                         HS01  
Lantzer, Aaron W.                       2001  
Lapana, Gerald R.                       HS02  
LaPana, Ruth Naomi                      2006  
Lapcevic, Alexandra                     93DR  
Lape, Harold K.                         1999  
Lape, Wilemma G.                        2004  
Lapkowicz, Michael                      1985  
LaPoe, Delores Lee                      2002  
Lapoe, Mahala Franks                    DAV1  
Lapoe, Orville J.                       HS02  
Lapping, Anna                           PAT1  
Lapping, Anne                           DAV1  
Lapping, Arthur T.                      1990  
Lapping, Bertha Gump                    1995  
Lapping, Betty J.                       SHU1  
Lapping, Charles O.                     1975  
Lapping, David                          DAV1  
Lapping, David E.                       PAT1  
Lapping, Della C.                       PAT1  
Lapping, Donna Sue                      HS04  
Lapping, Frank                          ING1  
Lapping, John E.                        GAN1  
Lapping, John F.                        SHU1  
Lapping, John W.                        HS04  
Lapping, Nora                           HS01  
Lapping, Nora England                   HEA1  
Lapping, Stanley T.                     1990  
Larden, Margaret                        1978  
Lardin, Margaret                        SHU1  
Large, J. Kenneth                       93DR  
Largent, Daniel                         DAV5  
Largent, Estella M.                     1995  
Largent, Frances B.                     SHU1  
Largent, Frank                          1975  
Largent, Herley N.                      1986  
Largent, Jane Dinsmore                  1975  
Largent, Maxine C.                      1995  
Largent, Robert M.                      1991  
Largent, Ronald L.                      2001  
Larimer, Frank Aughey                   93DR  
LaRose, Katherine J.                    1995  
LaRue, Arthur E.                        1994  
Larue, Doris Mae                        2001  
LaRue, Dorothy R.                       1997  
LaRue, Jessie                           SHU1  
LaRue, Marguerite                       2004  
Laschen, Mary S.                        SHU1  
Lash, Edna F.                           DAV4  
Lash, George                            DAV5  
Lash, George R.                         SHU1  
Lasko, Albert C.                        1994  
Lasko, Andrew S.                        2004  
Lasko, Charles Allen                    2003  
Lasko, Charles J.                       HS02  
Lasko, Donald Richard                   HS03  
Lasko, Josephine                        2006  
Lasko, Mary                             2000  
Lasko, Rose G.                          1993  
Lasko, Rose G.                          93DR  
Laskody, John Joseph                    HS02  
Laskosky, Emma Grega                    1993  
Laskosky, John M.                       1995  
Laskosky, Rose J.                       1997  
Lasky, Alex                             HS02  
Latanation, Daniel S.                   1990  
Latanation, John                        HS02  
Latanation, Priscilla                   2000  
Latsha, Frances Gilmer                  1995  
Latsnic, Julia Gorcheck                 2006  
Latta, Ann E.                           2004  
Latta, Mabel M.                         HS03  
Laucher, Charles                        HS01  
Laucher, Marvin E.                      2004  
Laucher, Ruth L.                        1997  
Laucner, Marvin                         1989  
Lauderbeck, Eli                         DAV1  
Laughlin, Margaret                      ING1  
Laur, Howard                            1998  
Laurent, James F., Mrs.                 HS02  
Laurenti, Orlando                       2002  
Lauther, Bridget                        93DR  
Laverde, Charles                        2001  
Lavigne, Amediee A. D.                  2002  
Lavigne, Clement J.                     2001  
Lavigne, Edna M.                        1995  
Lavigne, Ethelyn N.                     SHU1  
Lavigne, Fern Grinage                   1992  
Lavigne, Ignatius A.                    1991  
Lavigne, Victorine M.                   SHU1  
Lavins, Anna G.                         SHU1  
Lavins, Clare W., Mrs.                  HS03  
Lavins, John A.                         2002  
Lavins, Mary Karpitchnik                HS01  
Lavins, Odessa                          1987  
Lavins, Odessa                          PAT1  
Lavins, Paul N.                         1990  
Lawler, John                            1989  
Lawrence, Andrew                        DAV5  
Lawrence, Andrew                        SHU1  
Lawrence, Charles David                 2006  
Lawrence, Edward                        1986  
Lawrence, Emma Virginia                 2007  
Lawrence, Ethel Bates                   1991  
Lawrence, Harold D.                     HS01  
Lawrence, Harry                         DAV5  
Lawrence, John                          2005  
Lawrence, John Edward                   HS02  
Lawrence, John J.                       1986  
Lawrence, Joseph                        1978  
Lawrence, Josephine W.                  2005  
Lawrence, Robert L.                     1975  
Lawrence, Robert L.                     DAV4  
Lawrence, Virginia B. White             DAV4  
Lawrence, Virginia B. White             HS04  
Lawson, Addie Ellen                     2003  
Lawson, Arthur Samuel                   HS03  
Lawson, Gay A.                          SHU1  
Lawson, Harry O.                        1992  
Lawson, Joseph                          HS03  
Lawson, Mary Lou Olive Pryor            HS01  
Lawson, Michelle Lyn                    1999  
Lawton, Alberta T.                      SHU1  
Lawver, Caroline C.                     1986  
Lawver, Lawrence A.                     HS02  
Layton, Florence M.                     93DR  
Layton, Truman E.                       1999  
Lazear, Arlene R.                       2004  
Lazear, Ivy Myrtle                      1987  
Lazear, Jesse                           PAT1  
Lazear, Jesse Aaron                     1990  
Lazear, John M., Mrs.                   HS04  
Lazear, John Q.                         1985  
Lazear, O. Jack                         1988  
Lazo, Lindsay-Grace                     2003  
Lazuka, Walter R.                       2007  
Leabhart, Marion                        1999  
Leach, Nellie Elizabeth                 DAV4  
Leach, Nellie Elizabeth                 HS03  
Leahew, Barbara                         1985  
Leahew, Effie                           DAV5  
Leary, Helen T.                         2003  
Leary, Henry C.                         HS02  
Leary, Karl S.                          1994  
Leasure, Barbara Ann                    1999  
Leasure, C. E.                          DAV4  
Leasure, Camel E.                       HS04  
Leasure, Charles                        DAV5  
Leasure, Elizabeth Bihun                1978  
Leasure, Grover W.                      1986  
Leasure, Margaret E.                    93DR  
Leasure, Mary L.                        1999  
Leasure, Russell G.                     1990  
Leasure, Slice Stewart                  HS04  
Leasure, Walter Blaine                  HS01  
Leathers, Ben Kay                       1990  
Leathers, Shirley Milissa               1975  
LeBrun, Clarence E.                     1992  
Lechowicz, Henry E.                     1997  
Leckemby, Arlie M. Durbin               1986  
Leckemby, Laura Allison                 HS04  
Leckey, Helen Patton                    DAV4  
Leckey, Howard                          TAY2  
Leckey, Howard Louis                    WEL1  
Leckley, Helen Patton                   HS04  
LeClere, Albert, Mrs.                   HS02  
LeClere, Dora Brooks                    PAT1  
LeCorchick, Thomas E.                   HS04  
LeCount, Curtis                         2000  
Ledger, Ruth Katherine                  1978  
Ledingham, Clara Kay Blair              PIT1  
Ledonne, Bridget                        2004  
Ledwith, Bess Day                       GM01  
Ledwith, Bessie Day                     HS02  
Lee, Bernice                            1985  
Lee, Earl P.                            2002  
Lee, Etha Alice                         2001  
Lee, Harry Frederick                    HS02  
Lee, Katherine                          2007  
Lee, Margaret G.                        SHU1  
Lee, Robert A.                          1993  
Lee, Robert E.                          HS01  
Lee, Robert M.                          PIT1  
Lee, Theresa M.                         PIT1  
Lee, Theresa Matz                       1993  
Leech, Keith A.                         2005  
Leeper, Gladys                          1998  
Leeper, Opal M.                         2003  
Leggett, Mary Jean                      HS01  
Leggin, Michael                         HS01  
Lehew, Carl Edward                      1986  
Lehew, John Ellsworth                   2002  
Lehman, Adda May Bryan                  HS04  
Lehman, Cynthia S.                      1987  
Leichliter, Bertha                      2002  
Leichliter, Bertha Vernetta Guthrie     HS04  
Leichliter, Clarence                    2002  
Leichliter, Clarence J.                 HS02  
Leichliter, James                       SHU1  
Leichliter, Mary Etta                   1987  
Leichliter, Otto Ney                    HS04  
Leichliter, Polly Joann                 1997  
Leichliter, Samuel J.                   HEA1  
Leichliter, Sandra Lee                  HS02  
Leichliter, Thomas N.                   HS02  
Leichter, Blanche                       HS03  
Leichter, Charles                       HS04  
Leichter, Clara Wendt                   1978  
Leichter, Infant                        HS03  
Leichter, Laura                         HAW1  
Leichter, Leo D.                        2003  
Leigh, Anna Kalinowsky                  HS04  
Leighliter, Clarence J.                 PAT1  
Leighty, Domer C.                       2001  
Leighty, Earl                           DAV5  
Leighty, Genevieve                      2002  
Leighty, Kurt B.                        1996  
Leighty, Rebecca                        DAV5  
Leighty, Rebecca S.                     SHU1  
Leighty, William                        1995  
Leimkuchler, Henry E.                   2001  
Leimkuehler, John A.                    1997  
Leimkuehler, John A.                    PIT1  
Leinback, Russell                       HS02  
Leko, Vincent                           1975  
Lemasters, Arvel R.                     HS03  
Lemasters, Beatrice Holland             2006  
Lemasters, Carl Jesse                   1975  
Lemasters, David W.                     2004  
Lemasters, Jason                        HAW1  
Lemasters, Kenneth                      1998  
LeMasters, Leota B.                     2003  
LeMasters, Mildred Bryner               1991  
Lemasters, Roy G.                       HS03  
Lemasters, Wiley Earl                   1978  
Lemasters, William R.                   1987  
Lemley , Fred G.                        2006  
Lemley, Abigail Connor                  HEA1  
Lemley, Albert                          HS01  
Lemley, Alfretta Cecelia Blair          2007  
Lemley, Alice L.                        2003  
Lemley, Allen                           1998  
Lemley, Amanda E.                       PIT1  
Lemley, Anna E.                         HS02  
Lemley, Anna E.                         PAT1  
Lemley, Anna E.                         WEL1  
Lemley, Anna Kughn                      HEA1  
Lemley, Ansel Arl                       1986  
Lemley, Arthur I.                       HS04  
Lemley, B. Frank                        HS04  
Lemley, Basil                           WEL1  
Lemley, Bazel                           DAV3  
Lemley, Bazel                           HEA1  
Lemley, Bazel                           TAY2  
Lemley, Behler Bruce                    2007  
Lemley, Betty C.                        1992  
Lemley, C. Donald                       PIT1  
Lemley, C. Ronald                       2001  
Lemley, Carl S.                         1987  
Lemley, Carolyn Crouse                  1988  
Lemley, Carolyn Crouse                  PAT1  
Lemley, Charles G.                      HEA1  
Lemley, Charles H.                      WEL1  
Lemley, Charles Hatfield                HEA1  
Lemley, Charles Leroy                   1987  
Lemley, Charlotte K.                    1995  
Lemley, Clara D.                        HS02  
Lemley, Clara D.                        PIT1  
Lemley, Clarence R.                     1990  
Lemley, Clarence W.                     HS01  
Lemley, Clarissa                        WEL1  
Lemley, Clifford R.                     SHU1  
Lemley, Clyde W.                        GAN1  
Lemley, D. Paul                         2002  
Lemley, David S.                        HS03  
Lemley, Don V.                          1993  
Lemley, Don V.                          PIT1  
Lemley, Donald D.                       2004  
Lemley, Donell                          PAT1  
Lemley, Donzel                          2000  
Lemley, Dora Cronk                      HS01  
Lemley, Dorothy                         1987  
Lemley, Dorothy R. Fox                  HS01  
Lemley, Drusilla Mae                    2002  
Lemley, Earl I.                         GAN1  
Lemley, Edna Florence                   HEA1  
Lemley, Edna Fox                        HS04  
Lemley, Edward                          1993  
Lemley, Edward                          HS01  
Lemley, Edward                          HS02  
Lemley, Edward                          PAT1  
Lemley, Edward Dewey                    1987  
Lemley, Edward Dewey                    HEA1  
Lemley, Edward G,.                      CRA1  
Lemley, Edward G.                       DAV4  
Lemley, Edward G.                       HS02  
Lemley, Edward G.                       PIT1  
Lemley, Edwin Harry                     ING1  
Lemley, Ella S.                         SHU1  
Lemley, Elmer E.                        2007  
Lemley, Elzie E.                        1990  
Lemley, Emma                            HS02  
Lemley, Emma Belle                      PIT1  
Lemley, Emma D.                         HS02  
Lemley, Ernest                          DAV5  
Lemley, Ernest C.                       PIT1  
Lemley, Etta Howard                     HS04  
Lemley, Evelyn                          1986  
Lemley, Evelyn Zollars                  1985  
Lemley, Floyd                           DAV1  
Lemley, Floyd Carl                      HEA1  
Lemley, Floyd N.                        PAT1  
Lemley, Floyd N.                        WEL1  
Lemley, Floyd S.                        HS02  
Lemley, Floyd S.                        PAT1  
Lemley, Floyd W.                        1993  
Lemley, Francis H.                      2007  
Lemley, Francis M.                      1992  
Lemley, Francis M.                      GAN1  
Lemley, Francis M.                      PIT1  
Lemley, Frank W.                        HS03  
Lemley, Franklin Burns                  HAW1  
Lemley, Franklin Burns                  HEA1  
Lemley, Fred Scott                      PIT1  
Lemley, Frederick                       HS01  
Lemley, Frederick S.                    1996  
Lemley, Furman                          HS04  
Lemley, George Garland                  HS02  
Lemley, George R.                       2002  
Lemley, George W.                       HS03  
Lemley, Gertrude Lockart                1978  
Lemley, Gertrude Lockart                PIT1  
Lemley, Gladys H.                       PIT1  
Lemley, Gladys Haines                   1990  
Lemley, Gladys I. Schroy                1992  
Lemley, Gladys Masters                  PIT1  
Lemley, Glenn L.                        1985  
Lemley, Glenn L.                        PIT1  
Lemley, Goldie Pearl                    PIT1  
Lemley, Goldie Pearl John               HS01  
Lemley, Gwendolyn Kay                   DAV4  
Lemley, Gwendolyn Kay                   HS04  
Lemley, Harold G.                       2001  
Lemley, Harold W.                       1988  
Lemley, Harold W.                       PAT1  
Lemley, Harry                           HS03  
Lemley, Harry L.                        DAV4  
Lemley, Helen                           1995  
Lemley, Helen L.                        PAT1  
Lemley, Herchel Lee                     HS02  
Lemley, Herciel Lee                     DAV4  
Lemley, Hice                            DAV5  
Lemley, Hice F.                         1985  
Lemley, Hice F.                         PIT1  
Lemley, Hice F.                         TAY2  
Lemley, Icie Kiger                      HS02  
Lemley, Isaac D.                        HS04  
Lemley, Jacqueline S.                   2002  
Lemley, James                           1989  
Lemley, James L.                        2001  
Lemley, James L.                        DAV3  
Lemley, James L.                        HEA1  
Lemley, James L.                        ING1  
Lemley, Janet R.                        2001  
Lemley, Jasper                          1998  
Lemley, Jesse Raymond                   1978  
Lemley, Joan                            1999  
Lemley, Joan                            PIT1  
Lemley, John                            2000  
Lemley, Joseph Harold                   HS04  
Lemley, Josie                           WEL1  
Lemley, Juanita B.                      1991  
Lemley, Kathryn M.                      1987  
Lemley, Kelsey L.                       HS04  
Lemley, Kenneth A.                      DAV4  
Lemley, Laura                           HS02  
Lemley, Leah Headlee                    HEA1  
Lemley, Lena P.                         1995  
Lemley, Lena P.                         PIT1  
Lemley, Lenna M.                        1975  
Lemley, Lenna M.                        PAT1  
Lemley, Leona E.                        1988  
Lemley, Leona E. Cain                   HEA1  
Lemley, Lester E.                       HS02  
Lemley, Lester, Mrs.                    HS03  
Lemley, Lewis                           HEA1  
Lemley, Lewis R.                        SHU1  
Lemley, Lina                            HEA1  
Lemley, Lori Ann                        1986  
Lemley, Lucy                            2000  
Lemley, Mae Martin                      PIT1  
Lemley, Mae Masters                     1990  
Lemley, Margaret                        1995  
Lemley, Margaret R.                     SHU1  
Lemley, Marie                           2004  
Lemley, Marshall                        2004  
Lemley, Marshall W.                     2004  
Lemley, Martha P.                       SHU1  
Lemley, Mary                            HEA1  
Lemley, Mary A.                         1975  
Lemley, Mary A.                         PAT1  
Lemley, Mary Fox                        HS04  
Lemley, Mary Jane                       HS04  
Lemley, Mary Lillian                    HEA1  
Lemley, Mary McDougal                   1985  
Lemley, Mary V.                         HS02  
Lemley, Mearle H.                       HS04  
Lemley, Muriel F.                       2003  
Lemley, Myrtle Corale                   PAT1  
Lemley, Nannie Knotts                   1990  
Lemley, Nannie Knotts                   PIT1  
Lemley, Norman R.                       1991  
Lemley, O. Ray                          GM01  
Lemley, O. Ray                          HS04  
Lemley, Ocie B.                         1985  
Lemley, Ocie B.                         PIT1  
Lemley, Oliver                          HEA1  
Lemley, Omar                            1998  
Lemley, Omar F.                         HS02  
Lemley, Omar J.                         PIT1  
Lemley, Ora Belle                       HS01  
Lemley, Pearl L.                        HEA1  
Lemley, Pearl L.                        HS03  
Lemley, Perrly E.                       HS01  
Lemley, Phyllis                         1995  
Lemley, Phyllis Headlee                 PIT1  
Lemley, Rachel                          WEL1  
Lemley, Rachel Headley                  HEA1  
Lemley, Ralph A.                        1999  
Lemley, Ralph V.                        HS02  
Lemley, Raymond E.                      HS02  
Lemley, Rex                             1990  
Lemley, Rex A.                          PIT1  
Lemley, Robert E.                       WEL1  
Lemley, Robert Gordon                   1992  
Lemley, Robert L.                       1986  
Lemley, Robert L.                       1987  
Lemley, Roena Belle Varner              HS01  
Lemley, Rosa                            DAV5  
Lemley, Rosa Fox                        PIT1  
Lemley, Roy L.                          1986  
Lemley, Roy L.                          1995  
Lemley, Roy L.                          PIT1  
Lemley, Russell                         DAV5  
Lemley, Russell I.                      PIT1  
Lemley, Sadie Rush                      HS01  
Lemley, Sarah                           DAV2  
Lemley, Simeon                          DAV4  
Lemley, Stanley H.                      HS03  
Lemley, Stella                          1989  
Lemley, Thelma                          DAV5  
Lemley, Thelma M.                       1999  
Lemley, Thelma Mae Vernon               CRA1  
Lemley, Tressa E.                       SHU1  
Lemley, Vaughn W.                       1997  
Lemley, Vinetta                         DAV5  
Lemley, Violet E.                       DAV4  
Lemley, Violet E.                       HS01  
Lemley, Virginia                        HS02  
Lemley, Virginia H.                     2001  
Lemley, Vivian Ruth                     1999  
Lemley, Vlelland                        PIT1  
Lemley, Vnetta C.                       SHU1  
Lemley, Vnetta Clelland                 CRA1  
Lemley, Warren E.                       1991  
Lemley, Warren P.                       2004  
Lemley, Wilbert                         HS01  
Lemley, Wiliam Robert                   HS02  
Lemley, William                         2000  
Lemley, William A.                      PIT1  
Lemley, William A.                      PIT1  
Lemley, William C.                      SHU1  
Lemley, William Lawrence                HS01  
Lemley, William M.                      HS04  
Lemley, William Woodrow                 1986  
Lemley, Willis W.                       2001  
Lemley, Winfield Scott                  HEA1  
Lemley, Winfield Scott                  HS01  
Lemmon, A. S.                           HS01  
Lemmon, Barney R.                       HS01  
Lemmon, Betty L.                        HS02  
Lemmon, Betty L.                        PIT1  
Lemmon, Cassie E.                       PAT1  
Lemmon, Charles E.                      1999  
Lemmon, Earle M.                        1975  
Lemmon, Earle M.                        PAT1  
Lemmon, Edward S.                       HS02  
Lemmon, Ferne E. Conner                 1992  
Lemmon, H. Irene                        PIT1  
Lemmon, H. Irene Six                    1992  
Lemmon, Harry E.                        HS04  
Lemmon, Joseph P.                       HS03  
Lemmon, Lizzie M. Hennen                WEL1  
Lemmon, Luch B.                         PIT1  
Lemmon, Lucy                            1998  
Lemmon, Luke                            1998  
Lemmon, Minnie Leota Myers              HS01  
Lemmon, Nora M.                         2001  
Lemmon, Pauline Smith                   1996  
Lemmon, Pearl Antill                    2004  
Lemmon, Robert M.                       1997  
Lemmon, Sarah Rice                      1978  
Lemmon, Thomas B.                       WEL1  
Lemmon, William F.                      HS03  
Lemmons, Catherine Shultz               WEL1  
Lemmons, Hubert                         HS04  
Lemmons, Lem B.                         HS04  
Lemmons, W. T., Mrs.                    HS03  
Lemon, Downey P.                        1985  
Lemon, Eugene                           HS02  
Lemon, Lloyd Lee                        2002  
Lemons, Clara Hughes                    HS01  
Lemons, Maria Kent                      PAT1  
Lemunyon, Edith                         1989  
Lemunyon, Emma                          PAT1  
Lemunyon, Forney W.                     HS01  
Lemunyon, John D.                       2006  
Lemunyon, John E.                       1999  
Lemunyon, Kenneth W.                    1991  
Lemunyon, Louise                        WEL1  
Lemunyon, Marie Darr                    1992  
Lemunyon, Richard Carl                  1994  
Lemunyon, Sadie                         1988  
Lencewicz, Joseph F.                    HS04  
Lencewicz, Walter C.                    2004  
Leneskie, Charles                       1987  
Lenhoff , Edward  III                   2006  
Lentz, Vivian                           2000  
Leo, Anthony Frank                      HS03  
Leo, Bonnie Michele                     HS02  
Leo, Carmen                             HS01  
Leo, Catherine Gusic                    HS04  
Leo, James L.                           1994  
Leo, James L.                           PIT1  
Leo, Samuel F.                          1978  
Leonard, Alma Mae                       PIT1  
Leonard, Clifford                       2004  
Leonard, George F.                      1987  
Leonard, Helen                          2004  
Leonard, John B.                        1985  
Leonard, Katherine                      2002  
Leonard, Leona                          WEL1  
Leonard, Orinona S.                     2003  
Leonard, Phyllis D.                     2006  
Leonard, W. Z.                          WEL1  
Leonard, Wilbur Sheldon                 1985  
Lepolis, Josephine                      1985  
Leposky, Katherine                      2002  
Leppado, Harriett E. Minor              1996  
Lepre, Cecile M. Amos                   1991  
Leque, John B.                          HS01  
Lerch, Ann A.                           2007  
Lerch, Walter A.                        1985  
Lerch, William                          1998  
Leroy, Jules F.                         CRA1  
Lesako, Anna                            93DR  
Lesako, Paul                            1985  
Lescar, Ann M.                          2001  
Lese, William G.                        1996  
Lesko, Anna                             1997  
Lesko, George E.                        2005  
Lesko, George N.                        2001  
Lesko, Helen Rigda                      1991  
Lesko, John S.                          1993  
Lesko, Marianne                         2001  
Lesko, Ruth M.                          1995  
Leskosky, William J.                    2007  
Leslie, Edgar L.                        1985  
Leslie, Laura M.                        SHU1  
Leslie, Lillian Filby                   HS04  
Leslie, Marjorie M.                     2002  
Leslie, Nellie Mae Kidwell              1991  
Leslie, Oneita                          1989  
Leslie, Oneita B.                       PIT1  
Leslie, Richelle L.                     2004  
Leslie, Robert                          1998  
Leslie, Robert P.                       1999  
Leslie, Robert P.                       HS04  
Leslie, Robert P.                       PIT1  
Leslie, S. S.                           WEL1  
Lesnick, Andy                           1992  
Lesnick, Catharina R.                   1978  
Lesnick, William W.                     2005  
Lessner, Gladys B.                      SHU1  
Lessner, John J.                        2001  
Letrick, Joan                           1998  
Levenkron, Stella J.                    1999  
Levers, Edward C.                       1991  
Levers, Edward C.                       PIT1  
Levers, Walter James                    1996  
Levers, William S.                      1985  
Levin, Barbara Williamson               1985  
Levine, Anne                            DAV5  
Levine, Elizabeth J.                    2001  
Levine, Ida                             PAT1  
Levine, Morris                          1988  
Levine, Morris                          PAT1  
Levine, Tillie                          HS01  
Levo, Minnie Trofnoff                   1992  
Lewandowski, Anna                       1993  
Lewandowski, Anna                       93DR  
Lewandowski, John P.                    1995  
Lewandowski, Joseph                     1996  
Lewandowsky, John Bernard               HS04  
Lewandowsky, Joseph                     2000  
Lewandowsky, Pauline                    HS03  
Lewellen, Della H.                      SHU1  
Lewellen, Della Hughes                  PAT1  
Lewellen, Denny R.                      WEL1  
Lewellen, Dora R.                       HS02  
Lewellen, Dora R.                       PAT1  
Lewellen, James Richard                 1986  
Lewellen, John F.                       2006  
Lewellen, Lillian                       SHU1  
Lewellen, Mary E. Pitcock               1996  
Lewellen, Maxine Fox                    HS02  
Lewellen, Ralph                         1998  
Lewellen, Ralph B.                      1997  
Lewellen, Ralph B.                      PIT1  
Lewellen, Raymond V.                    HS04  
Lewellyn, Thomas K.                     2003  
Lewicki, Carla                          1989  
Lewis, A. Frances Crow                  HS01  
Lewis, Allen J.                         HS02  
Lewis, Anna I. Statler                  1992  
Lewis, Arlan C.                         HS01  
Lewis, Bernice                          1987  
Lewis, Bernice                          1998  
Lewis, Carol J.                         1995  
Lewis, Catherine                        1989  
Lewis, Catherine E.                     2003  
Lewis, Charles Reed                     1999  
Lewis, Claudia S.                       SHU1  
Lewis, Donald V.                        DAV4  
Lewis, Donald V.                        HS03  
Lewis, Dora Jane Moore                  2007  
Lewis, Doris E.                         1997  
Lewis, Dorothy S.                       93DR  
Lewis, Duane E.                         1985  
Lewis, Earl                             1989  
Lewis, Earl W.                          1992  
Lewis, Edith V.                         2001  
Lewis, Ellis H.                         SHU1  
Lewis, Elsie Mae Bane                   1992  
Lewis, Emma Jean                        HS02  
Lewis, Ethel Marie                      1996  
Lewis, Eva Fulton                       HS02  
Lewis, Eva Marie                        93DR  
Lewis, Florence Cole                    1985  
Lewis, Frank E.                         HS01  
Lewis, Frank T.                         HS04  
Lewis, Fred H.                          HS02  
Lewis, G. Samuel                        2004  
Lewis, Gail                             1989  
Lewis, Gail                             HS02  
Lewis, Gail S.                          1992  
Lewis, Gail S.                          PIT1  
Lewis, Gary                             2002  
Lewis, Gaylord                          DAV5  
Lewis, Georgia                          DAV5  
Lewis, Grace R.                         HS03  
Lewis, Gratia M.                        DAV4  
Lewis, Gratia M.                        HS02  
Lewis, H. B.                            CRA1  
Lewis, Harry R.                         2003  
Lewis, Hazel R.                         1978  
Lewis, Henry Benton                     DAV3  
Lewis, Herbert L.                       2003  
Lewis, Hollis D.                        HS04  
Lewis, J. B.                            1990  
Lewis, James B.                         PAT1  
Lewis, Jesse R.                         WEL1  
Lewis, Jessie L.                        WEL1  
Lewis, John Edgar                       HS01  
Lewis, John Leslie                      DAV3  
Lewis, June P.                          2003  
Lewis, Kenneth L.                       DAV4  
Lewis, Laura D.                         SHU1  
Lewis, Lawrence E.                      1991  
Lewis, Levi                             DAV2  
Lewis, Lotiffe, Mrs.                    HS04  
Lewis, Louise J.                        1978  
Lewis, Mabel Carter                     CRA1  
Lewis, Mabel Carter                     HS01  
Lewis, Margaret                         DAV2  
Lewis, Margaret Ellen                   PAT1  
Lewis, Margaret M.                      DAV3  
Lewis, Mark                             1978  
Lewis, Martha Ellen                     DAV3  
Lewis, Martha Ellen                     WEL1  
Lewis, Mary Alice                       1992  
Lewis, Maude                            1998  
Lewis, Melvin                           HS02  
Lewis, Mildred                          1998  
Lewis, Mildred Hull                     1988  
Lewis, Mildred Hull                     PAT1  
Lewis, Morgan                           GS01  
Lewis, Nannie K.                        WEL1  
Lewis, Norma Lee                        2005  
Lewis, Orville G.                       2001  
Lewis, Paul Albert                      HS01  
Lewis, Paul Eugene                      CRA1  
Lewis, Paul Eugene                      DAV4  
Lewis, Paul V.                          DAV4  
Lewis, Ralph R.                         1987  
Lewis, Ravia K,                         2004  
Lewis, Robert A.                        DAV4  
Lewis, Robert E.                        HS04  
Lewis, Robert S.                        HS04  
Lewis, Ruth                             93DR  
Lewis, Ruth                             DAV1  
Lewis, Samuel                           DAV5  
Lewis, Sarah E.                         1999  
Lewis, Virginia Frances                 1991  
Lewis, Virginia Lively                  DAV4  
Lewis, Vona Murray                      DAV4  
Lewis, Vona Murray                      HS02  
Lewis, William H.                       HS02  
Lewis, William H.                       PAT1  
Lewis, William H. B.                    1997  
Lewis, William Horace                   HS04  
Lewis, Wray                             HS03  
Lewoc, Gertrude M.                      2006  
Liberatore, Joseph                      2004  
Liberty, Milton J.                      2007  
Lichliter, Thomas A.                    2003  
Lidey, Ida E.                           HS02  
Lidey, Raymond                          1987  
Lidey, Raymond                          1989  
Liebhardt, Linda Kerr                   1995  
Ligenfield, Glenn A.                    SHU1  
Liggett, Quint                          1978  
Lightner, Arthur Franklin               2006  
Lightner, Artie B.                      WEL1  
Lightner, Betty Louise                  2003  
Lightner, Blanche                       WEL1  
Lightner, Charles                       HS01  
Lightner, Charles S.                    HS04  
Lightner, Edward H.                     1978  
Lightner, Edward H.                     WEL1  
Lightner, Faye Hartzell                 1988  
Lightner, Faye Hartzell                 PAT1  
Lightner, Faye Hartzell                 PIT1  
Lightner, Infant Son                    HS03  
Lightner, John Robert                   GAN1  
Lightner, John Robert                   PIT1  
Lightner, John Robert                   TAY2  
Lightner, Lafayette D.                  WEL1  
Lightner, Margaret C.                   DAV4  
Lightner, Margaret C.                   HS04  
Lightner, Margaret Clutter              HS01  
Lightner, Margaret Leona                2004  
Lightner, Peter                         DAV1  
Lightner, Ralph                         PIT1  
Lightner, Ralph H.                      1991  
Lightner, Reed D.                       2005  
Lightner, Richard B.                    2007  
Lightner, S. Exra                       HS01  
Lightner, William Arless                HS04  
Likar, Mary                             93DR  
Lilja, Andrew                           1999  
Lilley, Issac A.                        1991  
Lilley, James                           1975  
Lilley, Jean J. Fleming                 1991  
Lilley, Lisa L.                         SHU1  
Lilley, Mary Lou Hillberry              1987  
Lilley, Sarah                           HS02  
Lilley, William H.                      2006  
Lilley, Wilma B.                        SHU1  
Lilly, Bernard S.                       HS02  
Lilly, Douglas V.                       2002  
Liming, Dora Renner                     HS03  
Lincoln, April Lynn                     2005  
Lincoln, Clifford A.                    1986  
Lincoln, Clifford A.                    HS01  
Lincoln, Eulalia Minor                  HS01  
Lincoski, Frank                         2005  
Lind, John R.                           1987  
Lind, Mary Virginia                     1995  
Lind, Mary Virginia                     PIT1  
Lindberg, Hilda Cole                    1994  
Lindberg, J. Thomas                     HS02  
Lindberg, Peter Carl                    PIT1  
Lindemuth, Carol                        PIT1  
Lindemuth, Carol Scott                  1990  
Linder, Charles H.                      HS04  
Linder, Marie Mitchell                  HS03  
Linder, William                         HS02  
Linderman, Garnet J.                    2003  
Lindley, Albert                         HS01  
Lindley, Albert S.                      1988  
Lindley, Arthur W.                      1990  
Lindley, Arthur W.                      PIT1  
Lindley, Lucille Gamble                 GM01  
Lindley, Lucille Gamble                 HS03  
Lindley, Margaret M.                    2001  
Lindley, Paul M.                        1988  
Lindquist, R. G.                        2002  
Lindquist, Rhea                         SHU1  
Lindsay, Bess                           DAV5  
Lindsay, Bess Moredock                  CRA1  
Lindsay, James W                        CRA1  
Lindsay, Lonas G.                       HS03  
Lindsay, Sarah Jane Gross               HS01  
Lindsey, Ann                            MOR3  
Lindsey, Cora Ann                       93DR  
Lindsey, Forrest                        1993  
Lindsey, Hiram H.                       HSS1  
Lindsey, John                           HSS1  
Lindsey, Maria L.                       HSS1  
Linganfelter, Ruth                      HS02  
Lingenfeld, Ethel Rebecca Hyatt         HS01  
Lingenfeld, James Albert                HS01  
Lingenfield, Ethel Rebecca              DAV4  
Lingenfield, Glenn                      DAV5  
Lingerfield, Mabel R.                   1975  
Lingfield, Gilbert Glenn                HS02  
Lingham, Wilda H.                       2001  
Lingis, Joseph Charles                  1987  
Linn, John                              DAV1  
Lint, Alice Josephine Dillinger         HS01  
Lint, Amos M.                           1978  
Lint, Chester Wayne                     HS01  
Lint, Donald                            1999  
Lint, Edith A. Howes                    1993  
Lint, Edwin R.                          DAV4  
Lint, George S.                         1993  
Lint, Helen S.                          SHU1  
Lint, Jessie F.                         1994  
Lint, Laura H.                          DAV3  
Lint, Lydia M.                          DAV2  
Lint, Mary E.                           HS03  
Lint, Mary Reddick                      HS04  
Lint, Raymond Stewart                   HS03  
Lint, Russell E.                        HS04  
Lint, Wayne                             2003  
Lint, Wilber Harland                    1975  
Lint, William                           2000  
Linton, Fannie                          HS03  
Linton, Fannie Shultz                   GM01  
Linton, James Lindsey                   WEL1  
Linton, Kathryn                         1998  
Linton, Kathryn M.                      PIT1  
Linton, Leroy Louis                     93DR  
Linton, Thomas G.                       2002  
Linville, Catharine B.                  93DR  
Liotta, Thomas                          HS02  
Lipniskis, Benjamin                     1995  
Lipniskis, Rose                         1998  
Lippencott, Ada M.                      HS04  
Lippencott, Ada M. Warrick              HEA1  
Lippencott, Ada M. Warrick              HS04  
Lippencott, Alice L. Parkinson          2006  
Lippencott, Allen D.                    2004  
Lippencott, Allen R.                    HS01  
Lippencott, Allene                      HS02  
Lippencott, B. F.                       DAV1  
Lippencott, B. F.                       DAV3  
Lippencott, Brant E.                    DAV4  
Lippencott, Brant E.                    HS01  
Lippencott, Chauncy T.                  DAV4  
Lippencott, Edward                      DAV1  
Lippencott, Edward B.                   PAT1  
Lippencott, Edward B.                   WEL1  
Lippencott, Edward Blaine               1990  
Lippencott, Elisha                      DAV1  
Lippencott, Elsie D.                    PAT1  
Lippencott, Erma B.                     DAV4  
Lippencott, Erma B.                     HS04  
Lippencott, Ersheal L.                  1996  
Lippencott, Ewing S.                    DAV4  
Lippencott, Ewing S.                    HS04  
Lippencott, George                      DAV1  
Lippencott, George E.                   2004  
Lippencott, Guy A.                      CRA1  
Lippencott, Guy A.                      DAV4  
Lippencott, Guy A.                      HS04  
Lippencott, Irene                       DAV5  
Lippencott, J. Howard                   TAY2  
Lippencott, Jessie                      DAV5  
Lippencott, Keith                       TAY2  
Lippencott, Linda Sue                   PIT1  
Lippencott, Mary E. Grimes              TAY2  
Lippencott, Opal K.                     2003  
Lippencott, Richard Lee                 1975  
Lippencott, Robert M.                   HS04  
Lippencott, Ruth E.                     1995  
Lippencott, Sarah A.                    DAV2  
Lippencott, Stella                      DAV5  
Lippencott, Stella C.                   SHU1  
Lippencott, Sylvanus Irwin              DAV3  
Lippencott, Thomas Earl                 1987  
Lippencott, Thomas W.                   GM01  
Lippencott, Thomas W.                   HS01  
Lippencott, Tillie G.                   PIT1  
Lippencott, U. B.                       DAV1  
Lippencott, Vicie                       DAV3  
Lippencott, Vicie                       WEL1  
Lippencott, Wilbur I.                   HS01  
Lippencott, William                     DAV1  
Lippencott, William Ralph               1986  
Lippincott, Jay A.                      PAT1  
Lippincott, L. M.                       DAV1  
Lippincott, Sarah                       DAV1  
Lipscomb, Benjamin G.                   SHU1  
Lipscomb, Bessie Miller                 1991  
Lipscomb, Della V.                      SHU1  
Lipscomb, Mary                          1998  
Lipscomb, Theoma Yoders                 HS03  
Lipsky, Irene M.                        1988  
Liston, Prescilla E. Colbert            1996  
Litman, Bessie J.                       1990  
Litman, Bessie J.                       PIT1  
Litman, Clark F.                        HS03  
Litman, Estella Titus                   HS02  
Litman, Estella Titus                   PAT1  
Litman, Lanfer Vance                    1997  
Litman, Opal E.                         1988  
Litman, Opal E.                         PAT1  
Litten, David                           DAV5  
Litten, Geraldine                       1997  
Litten, H. Dewey                        2002  
Litten, Harry                           DAV5  
Litten, Harry L.                        SHU1  
Litten, Irene Lint                      1985  
Litten, Jennie                          DAV5  
Litten, Jennie                          SHU1  
Litten, John                            HS01  
Litten, Lemuel                          DAV4  
Litten, Lemuel                          HS02  
Litten, Leslie H.                       CRA1  
Litten, Leslie H.                       DAV4  
Litten, Leslie H.                       HS04  
Litten, Margaret L.Hoy                  2006  
Litten, Marion Hoge                     DAV3  
Litten, Martha                          1998  
Litten, Marthann Whiting                1986  
Litten, Maxine                          DAV4  
Litten, Maxine                          HS03  
Litten, Russell                         DAV5  
Litten, Virginia M. Scott               1993  
Litten, W. Russell                      SHU1  
Little, Edward S.                       1996  
Little, Leotta M.                       93DR  
Little, Mary M.                         MOR2  
Litton, Alice Bane                      DAV4  
Litton, Barbara Darlene Patterson       1990  
Litton, Edna Yoders                     HS02  
Litton, Robin D.                        2002  
Litwin, Emil W.                         1978  
Litwinovich, Michael D.                 SHU1  
Litwinovich, Theresa Blazek             HS02  
Lively, Chauncey                        CRA1  
Lively, Chauncy                         2000  
Lively, Grace                           HS03  
Lively, Grace King                      CRA1  
Lively, Grace King                      DAV4  
Lively, Janet Scott                     2001  
Lively, John R.                         2001  
Lively, John R.                         PIT1  
Lively, Robert L.                       1994  
Livengood, Earl                         1999  
Livengood, Flora                        HS02  
Livengood, Jacob M.                     HS03  
Livengood, Marjorie Huffman             1996  
Livengood, Mary Elizabeth Blaker        DAV3  
Livengood, Naomi Sarah Renner           1991  
Livengood, Roger                        2000  
Livengood, Thurman                      HS04  
Livengood, Vincent Earl                 HS02  
Livingood, Arthur T.                    1988  
Livingood, Arthur T.                    PAT1  
Livingood, Clarence                     1975  
Livingood, Douglas Jay                  2001  
Livingood, Ella Ealy                    HS04  
Livingood, Jesse                        GS01  
Livingood, John Madison                 HS01  
Livingood, Lyman                        1998  
Livingood, Mary Ellen Riggs             HS01  
Livingood, Minnie Armeda Vance          HS01  
Livingood, Rachel                       GS01  
Livingood, Richard Delmer               2005  
Livingood, William C.                   2007  
Livingston, Bill R.                     2002  
Livingston, James Lee                   2002  
Livingston, Laverna                     2000  
Livingston, M. Raymond                  1993  
Livingston, Olive                       1998  
Llewellyn, Marjoris G.                  2005  
Lloyd, Eleanor M.                       93DR  
Loar, A. Richard                        SHU1  
Loar, Alice Zoerado                     DAV3  
Loar, Andrew J.                         1992  
Loar, Delbert W.                        1990  
Loar, Dock                              DAV4  
Loar, Earnest P.                        SHU1  
Loar, Edith B.                          2007  
Loar, Ella W.                           HS02  
Loar, Gerald E.                         2006  
Loar, Isaiah M.                         HS02  
Loar, Jack E.                           2004  
Loar, James F.                          HS04  
Loar, Katherine                         93DR  
Loar, Myrtle B.                         1986  
Loar, Paul E.                           2002  
Loar, Robert                            GS01  
Loar, Robert Allen                      PAT1  
Loar, Ruth Elizabeth Simpson            1990  
Loar, Samuel E.                         2006  
Loar, Thomas                            HAW1  
Loar, Violet M.                         1995  
Loar, Walter C.                         1999  
Loar, William H.                        PIT1  
Lobozzo, Julia Frances                  2006  
Lochar, Anna Pavlin                     1975  
Lockard, Freda Halfin                   1991  
Lockard, Velva                          WEL1  
Lockart, Betty Jean                     HS01  
Lockart, Betty Jean                     TAY2  
Lockart, Christopher H.                 WEL1  
Lockart, Clarence                       HEA1  
Lockart, Edward                         WEL1  
Lockart, Ethel Kiger                    HS02  
Lockart, Frances E.                     2005  
Lockart, Hallie Jane Hunnell            HS04  
Lockart, Jarrett                        HEA1  
Lockart, Kinsey                         HS04  
Lockart, Mary Louise                    2002  
Lockart, William                        WEL1  
Lockart, William E.                     1975  
Locke, Mary B.                          1991  
Lockett, Eugene B.                      2002  
Lockett, Patricia Ann                   1985  
Lockhart, Betty Jean                    PIT1  
Lockhart, Ethel K.                      PIT1  
Lockhart, Eugene                        1989  
Lockhart, Eugene                        PIT1  
Lockhart, Mary Louise                   PIT1  
Lockwood, Mary E.                       1987  
Locy, Earl W.                           1975  
Locy, Josephine                         GM01  
Locy, Josephine                         HS02  
Locy, Josephine R.                      CRA1  
Locy, Kenneth                           2002  
Locy, Kenneth                           2003  
Locy, Orpha Mae                         2003  
Locy, Paul C.                           1992  
Loffer, Grace M.                        HS03  
Lofgren, Charles                        HS03  
Lofstead, Beth Ann                      HS04  
Lofstead, Frank M.                      DAV4  
Lofstead, Frank M.                      HS03  
Lofstead, Shirley Ann                   2003  
Loftus, John J.                         93DR  
Logan, Byron J.                         1996  
Logan, Clayton K.                       2002  
Logan, Helen                            1998  
Logan, John A.                          HS04  
Logan, William P.                       2005  
Logsdon, Andrew W.                      DAV4  
Logsdon, Andrew W.                      HS02  
Logsdon, Charles A.                     HS04  
Logsdon, Irvin G.                       HS02  
Logsdon, Nancy E.                       HS02  
Logsdon, Patricia                       HS04  
Logsdon, Patricia Ann                   DAV4  
Logsdon, Violet G.                      1997  
Logston, Gerald R.                      2007  
Logue, Elizabeth Zimmerman              HS04  
Logue, James L.                         PAT1  
Logue, Janet                            1998  
Lohn, Michael Allan                     HS02  
Lohr, Alice A.                          1985  
Lohr, Bert M.                           2004  
Lohr, Bessie Kennedy                    1990  
Lohr, C. G.                             HS03  
Lohr, Caroline Potter                   HAW1  
Lohr, Cecil J                           1987  
Lohr, Clara Pettit                      HS04  
Lohr, Clarence W.                       HS03  
Lohr, Dorothy                           2002  
Lohr, Ethel Gaye                        PAT1  
Lohr, Fairy Jane                        2003  
Lohr, Fred                              1993  
Lohr, Fred                              PIT1  
Lohr, Harold                            1985  
Lohr, Isaac Stidger                     1987  
Lohr, Jesse W.                          HS01  
Lohr, Josephine Seibert                 1991  
Lohr, Louise                            1989  
Lohr, Louise                            2000  
Lohr, Margaret R.                       2002  
Lohr, Murray                            GS01  
Lohr, Orval                             HS04  
Lohr, Peter                             HS04  
Lohr, Peter Douglas                     HS04  
Lohr, Robert L.                         1985  
Lohr, Ruth                              1989  
Lohr, Sondra Treece                     1996  
Lohr, W. Noel                           DAV3  
Lohr, Walter                            1989  
Lombard, Claire Baily                   2004  
Lombard, Elizabeth Susan                93DR  
Lombardi, Domenic                       1978  
Lombardi, Domenic                       DAV5  
Long, Ada J. Bowlby                     1996  
Long, Albert                            DAV1  
Long, Andrew Jack                       1987  
Long, Barbara J.                        2004  
Long, Beatrice                          DAV5  
Long, Beatrice Helen                    1978  
Long, Carl Edward                       HS03  
Long, Catherine A. Gwynn                1992  
Long, Clarence C.                       PAT1  
Long, Clarence F.                       DAV3  
Long, Clarence F.                       WEL1  
Long, Curtis G.                         DAV2  
Long, David H.                          HS02  
Long, Earl                              HS01  
Long, Edna                              DAV5  
Long, Edna Moredock                     CRA1  
Long, Ella                              DAV2  
Long, Ellen I. Dunham                   2007  
Long, Emma Johnston                     1995  
Long, Erma Goldsmith                    1991  
Long, Estella Ross                      HS01  
Long, Floyd B.                          DAV3  
Long, Floyd B.                          SHU1  
Long, Floyd Edward                      PAT1  
Long, George E.                         DAV3  
Long, George W.                         DAV3  
Long, Glen A.                           HS04  
Long, Glen A. C.                        DAV4  
Long, Gray W.                           2002  
Long, Helen Beatrice                    CRA1  
Long, Ida                               DAV1  
Long, Ida May                           WEL1  
Long, Inez Miller                       HS01  
Long, James G.                          HEA1  
Long, James G.                          HS01  
Long, James L.                          PAT1  
Long, Jesse                             DAV1  
Long, Jesse Grant                       MOR3  
Long, John Jerome                       DAV2  
Long, Laura McKahan                     HS01  
Long, Laura Pearl                       DAV4  
Long, Laura Pearl                       PAT1  
Long, Lloyd Leslie                      HS01  
Long, Marguerite                        DAV5  
Long, Marie F.                          DAV4  
Long, Marilyn A.                        2002  
Long, Mattie                            HS02  
Long, May H.                            PAT1  
Long, May Harden                        WEL1  
Long, Merritt L.                        PAT1  
Long, Nellie D.                         SHU1  
Long, Paul M.                           1997  
Long, Paul M.                           PIT1  
Long, Rachel Rush                       DAV3  
Long, Rachel Rush                       HS01  
Long, Rachel Rush                       WEL1  
Long, Ralph C.                          HS03  
Long, Ralph C.                          HS04  
Long, Reed Milton                       DAV2  
Long, Ross                              DAV2  
Long, Russell                           2000  
Long, Ruth                              2000  
Long, Samuel                            HS01  
Long, Sarah Evalene                     GM01  
Long, Sarah Evalene                     HS03  
Long, Sarah Smith                       DAV1  
Long, Sarah Smith                       PAT1  
Long, Stella Parker                     HS01  
Long, Thomas H.                         HS03  
Long, Thomas N.                         DAV4  
Long, Thomas N.                         HS04  
Long, Thurman                           DAV1  
Long, Walter                            HEA1  
Long, Walter C.                         HS04  
Long, Wayne M.                          2003  
Long, Wayne M.                          PIT1  
Long, William                           PAT1  
Longanecker, Albert E.                  DAV3  
Longanecker, Albert E.                  WEL1  
Longanecker, Carrie                     DAV5  
Longanecker, Carrie G.                  SHU1  
Longanecker, Christian E.               DAV2  
Longanecker, Don                        1989  
Longanecker, Don                        PIT1  
Longanecker, Don C.                     1990  
Longanecker, Don C.                     DAV3  
Longanecker, Don C.                     HS01  
Longanecker, Elmira                     HS04  
Longanecker, Ida                        DAV1  
Longanecker, J. D.                      DAV5  
Longanecker, J. Frank                   HS01  
Longanecker, John C.                    PAT1  
Longanecker, John Caleb                 DAV2  
Longanecker, Laura Lantz                DAV3  
Longanecker, Laura Lantz                WEL1  
Longanecker, Lucien                     DAV1  
Longanecker, Margaret D. Core           HS01  
Longanecker, Mary                       DAV5  
Longanecker, Mary S.                    PAT1  
Longanecker, Pleasy Garrison            DAV1  
Longanecker, Sarah                      DAV5  
Longanecker, Sarah Hartley              1978  
Longanecker, Stella M.                  DAV3  
Longanecker, W. Lantz                   HS02  
Longanecker, W. Lantz                   PAT1  
Longanecker, William Lester             DAV3  
Longanecker, William Lester             WEL1  
Longcar, Mike                           HS02  
Longdon, Fred L.                        PIT1  
Longdon, Mary Jane                      PIT1  
Longo, James                            2000  
Longo, John                             HS01  
Longstreth, Adam Glen                   1992  
Longstreth, Beatrice P. Young           1991  
Longstreth, Besse                       93DR  
Longstreth, Charles                     DAV1  
Longstreth, Charles Doak                1975  
Longstreth, Charles Doak                PAT1  
Longstreth, Charles W.                  PAT1  
Longstreth, Charlotte Roupe             WEL1  
Longstreth, Chester                     1990  
Longstreth, Clemmie  B.                 2006  
Longstreth, Della                       HS02  
Longstreth, Della White                 1987  
Longstreth, Della White                 PAT1  
Longstreth, Edison L.                   PIT1  
Longstreth, Floyd                       1998  
Longstreth, Frances                     GM01  
Longstreth, Frances                     HS03  
Longstreth, George L.                   1975  
Longstreth, George L.                   PAT1  
Longstreth, Gladys S.                   1985  
Longstreth, Goldie                      HS02  
Longstreth, Goldie Mae                  PAT1  
Longstreth, Goldie May                  PIT1  
Longstreth, Hallie C.                   PAT1  
Longstreth, Hamilton                    WEL1  
Longstreth, Hamilton L.                 SHU1  
Longstreth, Isaac T.                    WEL1  
Longstreth, J. W.                       WEL1  
Longstreth, James Layton                1986  
Longstreth, James Leroy                 1993  
Longstreth, Jospeh P.                   HS01  
Longstreth, Larry Layton                1990  
Longstreth, Leah Sprowls                1992  
Longstreth, Mary Elizabeth Stewart      HEA1  
Longstreth, Mary Keener                 1988  
Longstreth, Mary Keener                 PAT1  
Longstreth, Mary Smith                  DAV4  
Longstreth, Mary Smith                  HS04  
Longstreth, Nellie B.                   PAT1  
Longstreth, Nellie Baily                DAV1  
Longstreth, Paul E.                     HS01  
Longstreth, Thomas M.                   DAV4  
Longstreth, Thomas M.                   HS02  
Longstreth, Thomas M.                   PAT1  
Longstreth, William Hamilton            1975  
Longstreth, William O.                  GM01  
Longstreth, William O.                  HS02  
Lonich, Dewis                           DAV4  
Lonich, Verna I.                        1986  
Looch, Brad                             HS04  
Looch, Minnie                           HS02  
Looman, Oral A.                         HS02  
Loos, William Daniel                    HS04  
Loper, Mabel Simms                      Bane  
Lopez, Mary                             HS01  
Lopez, Phyllis                          DAV2  
Lopp, Amelia                            DAV4  
Lopp, Amelia                            HS03  
Lopp, Ruth Dearth                       1999  
Lopp, William W.                        1986  
Lorano-Beatty, Sean M.                  2002  
Lorence, Dorothy                        2000  
Lorence, Judith D. Cosgrove             1993  
Lorentzen, Bessie Farris                1986  
Lorenz, Frank                           HS02  
Lorenz, Frank                           HS04  
Lorinchack, Mary V.                     SHU1  
Loring, Ida M.                          1985  
Loring, Nora                            1989  
Los, Alexandra                          93DR  
Losonsky, John T.                       1990  
LoTemplo, Barbara A. Bartowick          1992  
Lott, Aldine                            1988  
Lotz, Marie Steiner                     2003  
Loucks, J. Chester                      1990  
Lough , Marlene R. Ankrom               2006  
Lough, Arthur J.                        1991  
Lough, Arthur J.                        1993  
Lough, Belva O. Moose                   1992  
Lough, Bessie M.                        1978  
Lough, Ethel M.                         1999  
Lough, Florence L.                      HS04  
Lough, Fred                             1989  
Lough, Gerhardt                         PAT1  
Lough, Harry Lee                        HS01  
Lough, John C.                          HS02  
Lough, Margaret L.                      1995  
Lough, Mildred Herod                    2001  
Lough, Pearl                            GS01  
Lough, Raymond                          DAV2  
Lough, Willis E.                        1987  
Loughead, Irene E. Pardiny              1992  
Loughead, Karl N.                       1986  
Loughman, Alonzo W.                     HS04  
Loughman, Alta F.                       93DR  
Loughman, Anna Lee                      HS01  
Loughman, Anna M.                       1987  
Loughman, Blanche M.                    2003  
Loughman, Cal G.                        HS02  
Loughman, Cassie E.                     HS02  
Loughman, Charles L.                    1987  
Loughman, Claud O.                      1992  
Loughman, Dennis J.                     DAV4  
Loughman, Dennis J.                     PAT1  
Loughman, Dennis Jackson                WEL1  
Loughman, Donald W.                     HS04  
Loughman, Dorothy Headley               1996  
Loughman, DorothyHeadley                PIT1  
Loughman, E. H.                         DAV1  
Loughman, E. H.                         WEL1  
Loughman, Edith Grimes                  2005  
Loughman, Elise Moniger                 HS02  
Loughman, Eliza                         DAV3  
Loughman, Elsie Moniger                 PAT1  
Loughman, Etta Chisler                  HS04  
Loughman, Evelyn Closser                1996  
Loughman, Flossie                       1995  
Loughman, Frances S.                    1997  
Loughman, G. Ethel                      93DR  
Loughman, G. Ethel                      PIT1  
Loughman, G. Ethel Roche                1993  
Loughman, Genevieve Finch               2006  
Loughman, George                        1986  
Loughman, George W.                     2005  
Loughman, James                         1975  
Loughman, James Allison                 PAT1  
Loughman, John F.                       WEL1  
Loughman, Kenneth D.                    2004  
Loughman, Kenneth R.                    1991  
Loughman, Larry K.                      1997  
Loughman, Laura Minton                  HS04  
Loughman, Lavonna Stockdale             1996  
Loughman, Margaret                      WEL1  
Loughman, Margaret L.                   1995  
Loughman, Merle B.                      HS01  
Loughman, Mildred Ida                   1990  
Loughman, Minerva Jane                  WEL1  
Loughman, Patricia S.                   2002  
Loughman, Raymond  E.                   1990  
Loughman, Robert                        1989  
Loughman, Robert                        1997  
Loughman, Roberta Elizabeth             1991  
Loughman, Sharon                        1998  
Loughman, Stanley J.                    HS04  
Loughman, Wallace E.                    1991  
Loughman, William Albert                HS01  
Loughridge, J. K.                       MOR1  
Loughridge, John W.                     HAW1  
Louisa, Madelie                         93DR  
Louk, Dorothy                           2000  
Louk, Edward J.                         2007  
Louk, Guy W.                            1995  
Louk, Harry G.                          2004  
Love, Chris G.                          2004  
Love, Dorothy L.                        1987  
Love, Elizabeth                         93DR  
Love, Emma                              DAV2  
Love, George                            WEL1  
Love, James T.                          1975  
Love, James T.                          PAT1  
Love, Sarah                             1998  
Love, Sarah Ann Dille                   PIT1  
Lovetere, Helen Korbini                 1996  
Lovetere, James                         2001  
Lovetere, Jose                          HS04  
Lovetere, Michael                       2000  
Lovetere, Phillip                       2002  
Lovetere, Sarah Parker                  1992  
Lowden, Louisa                          WEL1  
Lowe, Cathryn Dunn                      HS02  
Lowe, Cathryn Dunn                      PAT1  
Lowe, John A.                           SHU1  
Lowe, Lee Roy                           HS01  
Lowe, Mildred B.                        SHU1  
Lowe, Olive Reid                        HS04  
Lowery, Blanche Ellen                   1986  
Lowery, S. M.                           GS01  
Lowrey, Florence Blaker                 DAV2  
Lowther , James W.                      2006  
Lowther, Benny                          1998  
Lowther, Rachel                         2000  
Loy, Cowboy                             DAV2  
Loy, Viola                              1998  
Lubich, John                            HS02  
Lubich, Theresa                         HS01  
Lucas, Andrew                           HS03  
Lucas, Anne                             2000  
Lucas, Bernard E.                       HS01  
Lucas, Beulah Virginia                  1986  
Lucas, Dorothy M.                       1987  
Lucas, Elizabeth                        1997  
Lucas, John                             1988  
Lucas, John                             GS01  
Lucas, John                             PAT1  
Lucas, John P.                          1986  
Lucas, Joseph Richard                   2007  
Lucas, Joseph W.                        1988  
Lucas, Mary                             1987  
Lucas, Mary H.                          SHU1  
Lucas, Mary M.                          GAN1  
Lucas, Mary M. Nagg                     HS01  
Lucas, Mary R.                          1975  
Lucas, Michael                          2005  
Lucas, Olive                            DAV4  
Lucas, Olive Kelley                     HS04  
Lucas, Patricia Ann                     1999  
Lucas, Pauline M.                       PIT1  
Lucas, Robert Joseph                    1986  
Lucas, Steve                            HS02  
Lucas, Steve                            HS04  
Lucas, Thomas                           DAV1  
Lucas, Viola                            1986  
Lucas, Virginia Frantz                  1992  
Luce, Jessie Mabel                      1986  
Lucey, Heather Renee                    1999  
Lucey, Maurice J.                       HS01  
Luckas, Steve                           HS04  
Lucy, Glenna Jay                        2004  
Lucyk, Marie E.                         2006  
Lucyk, Michael                          1986  
Lucyk, Nell M.                          2006  
Ludden, Helen Walker                    1986  
Ludolph, Charles W.                     HS04  
Ludrosky, Genevieve                     2005  
Ludrosky, Joseph J.                     1988  
Ludrosky, Joseph J.                     2001  
Ludrosky, Michael S.                    1994  
Ludrusky, Candice M.                    2003  
Ludwig, Edythe R.                       SHU1  
Ludwig, W. Paul                         1996  
Lufkin, Dexter                          1978  
Lukacs, Anna                            HS03  
Lukacs, John Andrew                     1992  
Lukas, Mildred Keith                    2005  
Lukasiewicz, Frances H.                 93DR  
Lukasik, Albina M.                      HS03  
Lukasik, Joseph                         HS03  
Lukens, Deborah S. Jellots              2007  
Lund, John Paul                         2007  
Lund, Werner                            2002  
Lunder, Ellen Kerr                      1975  
Lunebring, Jean McCullough              2001  
Lunsford, Arine                         93DR  
Lunsford, Robert F.                     1999  
Luoma, Wayne W.                         1997  
Luongo, Louis D.                        1996  
Luse, Annie                             DAV1  
Luse, Annie Ruth                        DAV3  
Luse, Charles                           HS03  
Luse, Edwin Franklin                    1991  
Luse, Emma Denny                        DAV4  
Luse, Emma Denny                        HS04  
Luse, James L.                          DAV2  
Luse, James L.                          WEL1  
Luse, Jean J.                           DAV3  
Luse, Jean Jamison                      HS01  
Lute, Robert H.                         1996  
Lutes, James                            2000  
Lutes, James H.                         HS04  
Lutes, James Henry                      DAV4  
Lutes, John H..                         2001  
Lutes, Martha Jean McCann               2001  
Lutes, Rachel A.                        DAV4  
Lutes, Virginia                         2000  
Lutes, William                          2002  
Luther, Ruth                            SHU1  
Lutton, Harry E.                        HS01  
Lutz, Carl L.                           DAV4  
Lutz, Harry A.                          93DR  
Lutz, Kathryn E.                        DAV4  
Lutz, Ralph                             DAV3  
Lutz, Robert H.                         2001  
Lutz, Thomas                            DAV1  
Luvaas, Vera Lee                        2003  
Luxner, James V.                        HS02  
Luxner, William                         DAV2  
Luzadder, Alene                         2003  
Luzadder, Alene M.                      PIT1  
Luzadder, D. Paul                       PIT1  
Luzadder, Dorothy Pauline               PIT1  
Luzadder, Ernest                        PIT1  
Luzadder, Ernest Ross                   PIT1  
Luzadder, Lawrence F.                   PIT1  
Luzadder, Lulu V. Findley               PIT1  
Luzer, Mary E.                          93DR  
Luzier, Merle V.                        2002  
Luzier, Nicholas                        1998  
Lyden, Florence Wilson                  HS01  
Lyford, George T.                       PAT1  
Lyle, Laura Jean                        1997  
Lynch, Amos                             2005  
Lynch, Caroline Scott                   DAV4  
Lynch, Caroline Scott                   PAT1  
Lynch, Daniel Webster                   GM01  
Lynch, Daniel Webster                   HS02  
Lynch, Elizabeth M.                     1999  
Lynch, Elva                             2003  
Lynch, Floyd                            DAV3  
Lynch, Georgia M. Allen                 PAT1  
Lynch, Hazel L.                         2004  
Lynch, Keith                            HS01  
Lynch, Mary Edna                        1988  
Lynch, Ora D.                           HS04  
Lynch, Roy A.                           1985  
Lynch, Vernon                           1989  
Lynch, William G.                       HS01  
Lynn, Beatty R.                         2005  
Lynn, Genevieve                         CRA1  
Lynn, Genevieve Dugan                   HS02  
Lynn, James                             DAV5  
Lynn, Mary Roche                        1986  
Lyon, Grace B.                          1986  
Lyon, Guy                               1991  
Lyon, Irma E.                           SHU1  
Lyon, James S.                          93DR  
Lyon, John Cecil                        HS03  
Lyon, Lutie R.                          HS02  
Lyon, Norman F.                         1975  
Lyon, Paul F.                           1987  
Lyon, Porter                            1975  
Lyon, Synthia                           GS01  
Lyon, Virginia                          2000  
Lyon, William                           1985  
Lyons, George W.                        SHU1  
Lyons, J. Herbert                       1987  
Lyons, L. Marie Clutter                 2007  
Lyons, Lulu Grace                       1985  
Lytle, Josephine McKahan                1986  
Lytle, Lily Pearl                       2001  

Name                                    Book
Macaninich, John                        SHU1  
MacBurnie, Evelyn                       1989  
MacBurnie, Peggy Lou                    1975  
MacDonald, Myrtle P.                    SHU1  
MacEvett, William D.                    HS03  
Macewka, Tony                           1978  
Macewka, Tony                           SHU1  
MacFann, David S.                       2001  
Machacek, Anna B.                       93DR  
Machek, Martin T.                       2001  
Machesky, Anna R.                       DAV4  
Machesky, Anna R. Verasko               HS04  
Machesky, John                          HS02  
Machesky, John A.                       DAV4  
Machesky, Lawrence William              HS04  
Machinak, John                          1996  
Maciewski, Joseph                       HS02  
Macik, Mark Paul                        1993  
Macisich, George                        HS02  
Mack, Agnes C. Rudinsky                 1993  
Mack, Agnes D'Antonio                   1990  
Mack, Joe H.                            1988  
Mack, Stanley H.                        1993  
Mackanich, Julia                        1999  
Mackenzie, Norma L.                     1995  
Mackey, A. J.                           HAW1  
Mackey, Alice V. Wilyard                1991  
Mackey, Earl L.                         2003  
Mackey, Edith L.                        SHU1  
Mackey, Emma Marie                      HS04  
Mackey, Eva                             GS01  
Mackey, Fletcher                        HS02  
Mackey, Flora Ota Bonar                 HS01  
Mackey, Julia                           HS04  
Mackey, Leo E.                          1994  
Mackey, Loyal                           1975  
Mackey, Margaret McClain                2006  
Mackey, Marvin Lee                      1995  
Mackey, Phyllis                         1987  
Mackey, Theodore                        HAW1  
Mackey, Wilbert H.                      2004  
Mackley, Ray                            HS04  
Macknick, Irene                         HS02  
Mackor, Amy Lee                         1999  
MacNeely, Carlton O.                    HS04  
Macudziski, Mary Pushey                 DAV3  
Maddich, Rebecca J.                     2007  
Maddox, Olive E.                        1975  
Madga, John E.                          SHU1  
Madias, George                          HS03  
Madias, Steven Michael                  HS01  
Madich, Charles                         2000  
Madigan, Evalin                         93DR  
Madlock, Charles                        1988  
Madlock, Charles                        PAT1  
Madlock, David G.                       2005  
Madlock, Henry F.                       1987  
Madlock, Henry J.                       PIT1  
Madlock, Henry James                    1996  
Madlock, Joyce E. Lint                  PIT1  
Madlock, Joyce Eileen Lint              1996  
Madlock, Katherine                      1989  
Madlock, Louise                         DAV3  
Madlock, Lucille V.                     2003  
Magda, Ann Rigda                        2001  
Magda, John                             1985  
Magee, Roy I.                           1988  
Magerko, Beverly L. Baker               2007  
Magers, Anna Faye Swart                 1992  
Magill, Faye                            1998  
Magnus, Jeffrey C.                      2007  
Magon, Joseph                           1989  
Magura, Mildred                         2005  
Mahan, Beulah I.                        1999  
Mahan, Charles                          HS03  
Mahan, Charles S.                       HS01  
Mahan, F. Belle                         1999  
Mahan, Lyssia T.                        1987  
Mahan, Mary C.                          HS03  
Mahan, Roy E.                           2006  
Mahar, Nease B.                         DAV4  
Mahle, Berkeley B.                      SHU1  
Mahle, Bertha E. Stofcheck              1978  
Mahle, Finley W.                        2005  
Mahle, Frances Marie McCann             1978  
Mahle, Franklin D.                      1996  
Mahle, Glenola                          1993  
Mahle, Henry Gilbert                    HS01  
Mahle, Juliet                           PAT1  
Mahle, Leo Delmar                       1997  
Mahle, Lorenzo                          1986  
Mahle, Norma Johnson                    1986  
Mahle, Ruth                             2000  
Mahle, Ruth Phillips                    HS03  
Mahle, William S.                       1985  
Mahle, William Steven                   1987  
MahMahle, Inez G.                       1978  
Mahovlich, Frances E. Morris            1996  
Mailo, Anna G.                          HS02  
Main, Arthur                            1989  
Main, Arthur L.                         DAV4  
Main, Arthur R.                         PIT1  
Main, Bette Ruth                        HS04  
Main, Billy Richard                     2001  
Main, Carl E.                           HS02  
Main, Charlene Sue                      1975  
Main, Charles D.                        1990  
Main, Charles D.                        PIT1  
Main, Donald E.                         2007  
Main, Edna Mae                          1997  
Main, Edna Mae                          PIT1  
Main, Eli                               DAV3  
Main, Ella G.                           HS03  
Main, Ellis C.                          DAV4  
Main, Ellis C.                          HS02  
Main, Ellsworth C.                      1986  
Main, Elsa O,                           WEL1  
Main, Elza O.                           ING1  
Main, Frances Alice                     DAV2  
Main, Frances Alice Knight              WEL1  
Main, Gertrude                          DAV5  
Main, Glenn R.                          1999  
Main, H. Everette                       1986  
Main, H. Everette                       PIT1  
Main, Hattie Virginia                   PAT1  
Main, John L.                           WEL1  
Main, Johnny                            MOR1  
Main, Joseph B.                         WEL1  
Main, Joseph M.                         1999  
Main, Joseph Monegar                    PIT1  
Main, Julia Cross                       HS01  
Main, Kenneth R.                        1994  
Main, Malissa Kiger                     WEL1  
Main, Mary Ann                          WEL1  
Main, Melissa Kiger                     HS01  
Main, Melvin                            DAV4  
Main, Melvin                            HS04  
Main, Pollie F.                         DAV2  
Main, Pollie F. Moninger                WEL1  
Main, Sarah Coss                        HS01  
Main, Theodore                          WEL1  
Main, Thomas                            DAV3  
Main, Victor                            2003  
Main, William H.                        WEL1  
Maine, Anna                             DAV1  
Maine, Charles L.                       1985  
Maiolo, Raymond                         1988  
Maiolo, Roberta Joyce                   2002  
Mair, Florence Matilda Brown            HS04  
Maison, Edward E.                       2001  
Maize, Anna                             93DR  
Maize, Donald A.                        1992  
Maize, John E.                          1992  
Maize, Joseph                           1998  
Maize, Joseph Robbins                   HS01  
Maize, Mary                             1989  
Maize, Robert                           DAV5  
Majernik, Mary                          93DR  
Majestic, Josephine Lytle               HS04  
Makcem, William                         HS01  
Makcen, Catherine                       1985  
Makcen, Donna Moon                      2007  
Makel, Frank G.                         1993  
Makel, Frank G.                         PIT1  
Makel, John                             1989  
Makel, Michael                          SHU1  
Maki, Wilbo                             2001  
Makiel, Ann                             1988  
Makiel, Joseph                          DAV5  
Makiel, Joseph                          SHU1  
Maksymowicz, Mary B.                    2004  
Malady, Ethel                           DAV5  
Malady, Ethel H.                        SHU1  
Malady, William E.                      HS04  
Malanosky, Anna Lucas                   1991  
Malanosky, Walter                       SHU1  
Malarich, Helen Garrison                GM01  
Malarick, Helen Garrison                HS02  
Malarick, Helen Garrison                PAT1  
Malarick, William S.                    PAT1  
Malee, Mildred                          93DR  
Malensky, Mary                          93DR  
Maletta, George                         1989  
Maletta, John                           1999  
Maletta, Michael                        1993  
Maletta, Stella Busti                   1986  
Maley, Hope                             2007  
Maley, Joanna Mae                       GM01  
Maley, Joanne Mae                       HS03  
Maley, Joseph                           1999  
Maley, Kalso                            1994  
Maley, Orpha M.                         2002  
Malik, Minnie E.                        SHU1  
Malik, Thomas R.                        SHU1  
Malinoski, Sophie                       2001  
Malinowski, Regina Lauritis             1978  
Malinsky, Mary Riffel                   1993  
Malinsky, Rudolph C.                    2006  
Mallesky , Jean                         2007  
Mallo, Alexander                        SHU1  
Mallory, Dolores Jean                   2006  
Mallory, Hazel Rexroad                  2003  
Mallory, Ralph C.                       1996  
Mallory, William                        2000  
Mally, Mary                             93DR  
Malmgren, Evalena                       2003  
Malone , William H.                     2006  
Malone, Anna Belle                      93DR  
Malone, David C.                        1992  
Malone, David C.                        1996  
Malone, Dorothy S.                      2006  
Malone, Joseph A.                       93DR  
Malone, Newton                          HS03  
Malone, Olive                           HS02  
Malone, Percy                           1978  
Malone, Percy                           DAV5  
Malone, Percy                           SHU1  
Malone, Sarah Pearle                    1986  
Malone, Viola                           DAV3  
Malott, Bredna                          2000  
Malott, George W.                       PAT1  
Malott, Roger Wade                      HEA1  
Mancini, Adrigo Ben                     1999  
Mancini, Irene M. Belch                 1994  
Mancini, Samuel Paul                    2003  
Mancuso, Alene                          DAV5  
Mancuso, Alene H.                       SHU1  
Mancuso, Florence                       2000  
Mancuso, Frances                        DAV3  
Mancuso, Helen Kay                      1987  
Mancuso, James P.                       1987  
Mancuso, Mary                           HS03  
Mancuso, Sidney                         1989  
Mancuso, Tony                           GAN1  
Mancuso, Wettie                         DAV5  
Mancuso, Wettie                         SHU1  
Mandarno, Domenick                      SHU1  
Manfredi, Dorothy L. Stroman            1993  
Manfredi, Eugene G.                     1991  
Manfredi, Louis                         1989  
Mangan, Samuel                          2007  
Manifold, Stanley S.                    1993  
Manifold, Stanley S.                    93DR  
Mankey, Albert O.                       2003  
Mankey, Arthur E.                       2007  
Mankey, Artie L. Staggers               2007  
Mankey, Carl W.                         2005  
Mankey, Charles Edward                  HS01  
Mankey, Christopher                     2000  
Mankey, Dora Wilson                     HS01  
Mankey, Earl J.                         1975  
Mankey, Elizabeth C.                    WEL1  
Mankey, Eva L.                          1987  
Mankey, Gayle Walker                    1988  
Mankey, Gladys V.                       1999  
Mankey, Gladys V.                       PIT1  
Mankey, Glenn W.                        PAT1  
Mankey, Hazel P.                        2001  
Mankey, Hazel P.                        PIT1  
Mankey, Hazel Patterson                 PIT1  
Mankey, Ica L.                          PAT1  
Mankey, Iva D.                          2002  
Mankey, Jay W.                          2002  
Mankey, John C.                         1997  
Mankey, Kenneth Robert                  1987  
Mankey, Leanna Gay                      1988  
Mankey, Lena L.                         HS02  
Mankey, Lena Lough                      PAT1  
Mankey, Lindsey                         HS04  
Mankey, Mabel                           93DR  
Mankey, Margaret Barnes                 PAT1  
Mankey, Mary S.                         PAT1  
Mankey, Metta Elizabeth                 1987  
Mankey, Nellie A.                       SHU1  
Mankey, Olive B.                        SHU1  
Mankey, Olive Dille                     2002  
Mankey, Raymond C.                      1995  
Mankey, Robert Lee                      HS01  
Mankey, Robert Lee                      HS04  
Mankey, Ruth                            2000  
Mankey, Thomas H. B.                    HS04  
Mankey, Waldo A,                        PIT1  
Mankey, Waldo A.                        2003  
Mankosa, Reta M.                        2001  
Manley, Margaret Barnes                 1975  
Manning, Beatrice Davies                WEL1  
Manning, C. Earl                        GM01  
Manning, Earl                           HS01  
Manning, Earl                           HS03  
Manning, James                          2005  
Manning, Mary Drake                     1987  
Manning, Michael J.                     93DR  
Manning, Milton F.                      SHU1  
Manning, Robert Thomas                  DAV3  
Manning, Zella Sypher                   HS02  
Manning, Zella Syphers                  PAT1  
Manojlovich, Mildred                    1988  
Manojlovich, Walter                     DAV5  
Manolas, Dimitrios                      1987  
Mansbarger, Mary Frances Stewart        1994  
Mansberger, Ocie                        1975  
Mansberger, Sylvan                      GM01  
Mansberger, Sylvan                      HS02  
Mansberry, Austin D.                    1994  
Mansberry, Harry Bruce                  PAT1  
Mansberry, Paul Raymond                 2001  
Mansberry, Raymond Bruce                HS02  
Mansberry, Raymond Bruce                PAT1  
Mansell, Ivan                           2000  
Mansfield, Claude E.                    1987  
Mansfield, Elizabeth                    HS02  
Mansfield, Inez Scott                   1986  
Mansfield, Olive May                    93DR  
Mansour, George B.                      HS04  
Manteau, Lee                            DAV5  
Manteau, Lee A.                         SHU1  
Manteau, Lee Allen                      1978  
Manteau, Melvin C.                      2002  
Mantia, Myrtle V.                       1997  
Mapel, Clark Hamilton                   1978  
Mapel, E. W.                            HEA1  
Mapel, Emma Elizabeth                   ING1  
Mapel, Harvey H.                        HS03  
Mapel, Madia R. Phillips                1991  
Mapel, Marie W.                         2004  
Mapel, Mary                             PAT1  
Mapel, Mary Eva Ewart                   HS04  
Mapel, Mary V.                          1993  
Mapel, Mary V.                          93DR  
Mapel, Ralph                            1989  
Mapel, Rosa Kinney                      WEL1  
Mapel, Sidney Stewart                   WEL1  
Maple, Clemmie Alice Kiger              HS04  
Maple, Lloyd                            HS04  
Maple, Lloyd B.                         1992  
Maple, Lloyd B.                         PIT1  
Maple, Mary                             HS02  
Maple, Pearl                            1989  
Maple, Sarah Ellen                      PAT1  
Marancy, James R.                       2005  
Maraney, Ida Marie                      2002  
Maraney, Joseph E.                      2004  
Maraney, Timothy Ray                    1993  
Marchesini, Harry                       2001  
Marchezak, John                         PIT1  
Marchines, Dolores DeVincent            2004  
Marchines, Helen                        2002  
Marchio, Alfonso                        1993  
Marchio, Frank                          HS04  
Marchio, Grace E.                       2005  
Marchio, Joseph                         HS03  
Marcinak, Gerald Edward                 2001  
Marco, John                             1975  
Marconi, Mary                           2000  
Marflak, Andrew A.                      1995  
Marflak, Helen                          2001  
Margerum, Beverly A. Young              1996  
Margetich, Joe                          2000  
Margetich, John                         DAV5  
Margetich, John A.                      SHU1  
Margetich, Katherine                    DAV4  
Margetich, Katherine                    HS03  
Margetich, Mary                         1995  
Marianna, Merle E.                      1997  
Marianos, James T.                      1991  
Marietta, Alice Loraine                 1985  
Marietta, Ruben L.                      HS04  
Marietta, Shirley Jean Giles            HS01  
Marinch, Elizabeth B.                   1999  
Marinch, Michael S.                     2005  
Mariner, Betty                          1989  
Mariner, Brady                          1999  
Mariner, Cassandre Kiger                HEA1  
Mariner, Charles L.                     DAV3  
Mariner, Collin                         1999  
Mariner, Davin                          1999  
Mariner, Glise E.                       1997  
Mariner, Glise E.                       PIT1  
Mariner, Jesse E.                       HEA1  
Mariner, Jesse E.                       PIT1  
Mariner, John A.                        DAV3  
Mariner, John A.                        HS01  
Mariner, John A.                        WEL1  
Mariner, Pearl Pratt                    DAV4  
Mariner, Pearl Pratt                    HS04  
Mariner, Stella D.                      WEL1  
Marinko, Mary                           2005  
Marino, Kathleen Ann                    1988  
Marinoff, Anna W.                       SHU1  
Marinoff, Frank                         HS01  
Marion, Anthony J.                      2003  
Marion, Florence Janis                  1988  
Marion, Joseph                          1995  
Marion, Josephine Cardullo              HS01  
Marion, Samuel                          DAV4  
Marion, Samuel                          DAV5  
Marion, Samuel                          HS04  
Marisa, Lilia                           1997  
Marisa, Rudolpho                        HS02  
Mariuzza, Madelie                       93DR  
Mark, James R.                          93DR  
Mark, Thomas                            1998  
Markey, James Edward                    HS01  
Markiewich, Joseph                      2000  
Markle, Iona                            93DR  
Markley, Benjamin I.                    HS04  
Marko, Jesse T.                         HS02  
Marko, Jessie T.                        PAT1  
Markovich, Ida Kalinowski               1990  
Markovich, Kosta                        DAV4  
Markovich, Kosta                        HS02  
Markovits, Paul                         1992  
Marks, Carmella T.                      DAV4  
Marks, David O.                         HS03  
Markulik, Bernard A.                    2006  
Markulik, Margaret                      1985  
Markulik, Michael A.                    SHU1  
Marlatt, Elizabeth W.                   HS03  
Marlatt, Elizabeth Way                  DAV4  
Marley, N. W.                           PAT1  
Marley, Sarah                           DAV5  
Marling, Florence C.                    HS03  
Marling, H. H.                          HS04  
Marling, Harry G.                       1996  
Marling, James A.                       2007  
Marling, Jenny L.                       2004  
Marling, Jesse Merle                    HS03  
Marling, Paul                           2001  
Marlow, Odessa A.                       1995  
Marlowe, Bertha                         1998  
Marlowe, Laura R.                       1997  
Marody, Judith R.                       1978  
Marquess, Elmer E.                      2002  
Marquis, LeRoy A.                       2005  
Marquis, Lila A.                        2005  
Marquis, Marguerite                     2007  
Marquis, Robert S.                      2001  
Marr, Nancy                             HS03  
Marra, Alex                             HS01  
Marra, George G.                        HEA1  
Marraccini, Antoinette                  1996  
Marriner, Albert D.                     2006  
Marriner, Cora Roberts                  HS01  
Marriner, Hannah M.                     HS03  
Marriner, James E.                      HEA1  
Marriner, James E.                      HS02  
Marriner, John                          HS01  
Marriner, Martin V.                     HS04  
Marriner, Olive Ewart                   CRA1  
Marriner, Olive Ewart                   HS01  
Marriner, Paul Edward                   CRA1  
Marrow, Sara L. Scott                   HS01  
Marsh, Cora E.                          1978  
Marsh, Emma Lee                         2005  
Marsh, Emma Pauline South               1996  
Marsh, George                           2007  
Marsh, Jacob Arrel                      HS02  
Marsh, Jacob Arrel                      PAT1  
Marsh, Violet R.                        HS03  
Marshall, Albert                        2004  
Marshall, Allison R.                    HS04  
Marshall, Amity                         1978  
Marshall, Amity                         DAV5  
Marshall, Bernice Knight                1996  
Marshall, Bertha                        HS03  
Marshall, Daisy                         DAV1  
Marshall, Delilah Salina Shultz         HEA1  
Marshall, Effa Dora                     DAV3  
Marshall, Eva                           2000  
Marshall, Fred W.                       PAT1  
Marshall, George E.                     1992  
Marshall, George W.                     PAT1  
Marshall, Joseph S.                     HEA1  
Marshall, Lucy M.                       HS02  
Marshall, Mack                          1975  
Marshall, Mamie                         HS02  
Marshall, Olive B.                      1992  
Marshall, Paul                          2000  
Marshall, Wade A.                       1992  
Marshall, Will                          1989  
Marshall, William F.                    2003  
Marshall, William H.                    1993  
Marshock, Stella Rudnicki               HS01  
Martelli, Patricia Ann                  2006  
Martelly, Aldene Hoge                   GM01  
Martelly, Aldene Hoge                   HS03  
Martillotti, Silvio                     HS04  
Martin, Allison E.                      HS01  
Martin, Alvin G.                        SHU1  
Martin, Ann Reese                       HS01  
Martin, Anna                            1987  
Martin, Anna McKee                      HS02  
Martin, Arthur G.                       1991  
Martin, Arthur R.                       HS02  
Martin, Arthur R.                       PAT1  
Martin, Bernice L. McNay                1991  
Martin, Bessie Snodgrass                HS04  
Martin, Betty E.                        HS03  
Martin, Betty Jane Turner               1990  
Martin, Bill                            2002  
Martin, Blaine E.                       2005  
Martin, Blanche M.                      PIT1  
Martin, Charles                         HEA1  
Martin, Charles                         WEL1  
Martin, Charles E.                      HS02  
Martin, Charles F.                      1992  
Martin, Charles J.                      2005  
Martin, Charles Stacy                   2003  
Martin, Clyde                           DAV5  
Martin, Clyde E.                        1991  
Martin, Cora Leah Pelkey                WEL1  
Martin, Don                             2007  
Martin, Donald Ray                      2007  
Martin, Doris D.                        1987  
Martin, Dorothy C.                      1995  
Martin, Dorothy H.                      1999  
Martin, Duane Edward                    2002  
Martin, E. Wayne                        GM01  
Martin, E. Wayne                        HS01  
Martin, Edith                           2000  
Martin, Edward                          HAW1  
Martin, Edward                          HS04  
Martin, Edward                          MOR3  
Martin, Edward L.                       1991  
Martin, Edward S.                       2007  
Martin, Elizabeth                       1999  
Martin, Elizabeth Rastovsky             2003  
Martin, Elizabeth Stephens              1993  
Martin, Fannie Belle                    1975  
Martin, Flora E.                        1988  
Martin, Frank C.                        1992  
Martin, Fred C.                         DAV4  
Martin, Gary G.                         1986  
Martin, George Franklin                 HS01  
Martin, Georgia Faye                    1975  
Martin, Georgie F.                      1999  
Martin, Geraldine Frye                  2005  
Martin, Glenn Edward                    1991  
Martin, Gordon V.                       HS03  
Martin, Grace F.                        1996  
Martin, Grace M.                        HS02  
Martin, Harold                          HS02  
Martin, Harold                          PAT1  
Martin, Harold P.                       1985  
Martin, Harold P.                       CRA1  
Martin, Harry K.                        HS02  
Martin, Hazel F.                        1985  
Martin, Helen Gaffney                   1991  
Martin, Howard W.                       SHU1  
Martin, Ina A.                          HS03  
Martin, Iona Kennedy                    2004  
Martin, J. Lee                          HS01  
Martin, Jacqueline Lou                  1996  
Martin, James                           1998  
Martin, James D.                        1985  
Martin, James D.                        GAN1  
Martin, James G. W.                     WEL1  
Martin, James S.                        1999  
Martin, Jane Earnshaw                   1991  
Martin, Jasper R.                       HS01  
Martin, Jesse A.                        1992  
Martin, John F.                         SHU1  
Martin, John I.                         1999  
Martin, Joseph                          2002  
Martin, Lawrence F.                     2005  
Martin, Leatha                          1986  
Martin, Leonard                         1998  
Martin, Lottie                          DAV5  
Martin, Lottie B.                       SHU1  
Martin, Louis H.                        1987  
Martin, Louisa J. Headley               HEA1  
Martin, Louise                          1989  
Martin, Louise J.                       HS03  
Martin, Luanna Dunham                   1990  
Martin, Lula                            DAV5  
Martin, Madeline                        HS03  
Martin, Marjorie E.                     2001  
Martin, Martha J.                       2007  
Martin, Mary Charity                    GM01  
Martin, Mary Jane                       2003  
Martin, Mattie Bowers                   HS02  
Martin, Morgan                          HS01  
Martin, Nelson E.                       1990  
Martin, Otha T.                         HS03  
Martin, Otto                            DAV5  
Martin, Paul E.                         1988  
Martin, Ralph                           DAV5  
Martin, Ralph E.                        2001  
Martin, Robert W.                       2001  
Martin, Russell                         1975  
Martin, Russell                         DAV4  
Martin, Sara S.                         SHU1  
Martin, Sarah                           93DR  
Martin, Sarah Catherine                 HEA1  
Martin, Steve                           1987  
Martin, Thomas H.                       1996  
Martin, Thomas L.                       HS02  
Martin, Vera May                        1985  
Martin, Virginia Mae                    1999  
Martin, Walter Thomas                   2007  
Martin, Wayne C.                        1991  
Martin, William Leo                     1992  
Martin, Zena O.                         1992  
Martina, Andrew M.                      1986  
Martina, Helen E.                       SHU1  
Martinez, Arthur X.                     2004  
Martinez, Ruth L.                       2004  
Martinez, Samuel Rene                   2004  
Martof, Bernard S.                      SHU1  
Martof, Elizabeth Margetich             1988  
Martof, John T.                         1990  
Martoff, Mary A.                        SHU1  
Martoncik, John E.                      HS01  
Marusich, Katherine                     HS04  
Marusich, Lawrence                      HS01  
Marusich, Mike                          HS03  
Marx, Elmer Edward                      2006  
Marx, Katharine W.                      2006  
Marx, Kurt Eric                         1987  
Marx, Kurt Eric                         PAT1  
Marx, Kurt Eric                         PIT1  
Mascara, George                         HS04  
Masciarelli, Rena                       1985  
Mascotti, Conchetta Bainbridge          2005  
Maskara, Harry                          DAV3  
Maskel, Leona C.                        SHU1  
Maskil, Grace E. Stewart                1994  
Maskil, Jack C.                         1986  
Maskil, John Earl                       HS01  
Maskil, Leroy E.                        2001  
Maskil, Rena Rebecca Shaw               1996  
Maskil, William E.                      1978  
Maslanka, John                          1999  
Maslanka, Robert Charles                2007  
Maslanka, Veronica                      1989  
Mason, Agnes E. Peterson                1986  
Mason, Alfred                           1998  
Mason, Alton D.                         1988  
Mason, Alwida                           HS02  
Mason, Anna E.                          PIT1  
Mason, Betty Burge                      1986  
Mason, Blanche                          1975  
Mason, Blanche E.                       SHU1  
Mason, Blanche E.H. Ray                 PIT1  
Mason, Burdette                         2004  
Mason, Charles Richard                  HS04  
Mason, Delores                          2000  
Mason, Dolores Jean                     2004  
Mason, Ella                             1995  
Mason, Emma K.                          SHU1  
Mason, Fannie W.                        CRA1  
Mason, Fannie W.                        GM01  
Mason, Fannie W.                        HS03  
Mason, Flossie P.                       SHU1  
Mason, Gerral Marvin                    2006  
Mason, Gladise                          2004  
Mason, Helen H.                         2004  
Mason, Herbert P.                       HS02  
Mason, Icy                              HEA1  
Mason, Infant Sons                      HS02  
Mason, James C.                         HS01  
Mason, James Everett                    1994  
Mason, James Everett                    PIT1  
Mason, Jesse L.                         1988  
Mason, John                             DAV1  
Mason, John A.                          1991  
Mason, John A.                          HS04  
Mason, John R.                          2005  
Mason, Josephine G.                     2007  
Mason, Katy L.                          DAV2  
Mason, Leroy Eugene                     1985  
Mason, Lloyd F.                         1991  
Mason, Lois Jane Prince                 1992  
Mason, Lucy Chambers                    1988  
Mason, Mary M.                          1995  
Mason, Melva Herbert                    1992  
Mason, Melva Herbert                    PIT1  
Mason, Melvin L.                        1988  
Mason, Melvin L.                        PAT1  
Mason, Minnie McCardle                  HS04  
Mason, Pearl Hoy                        PIT1  
Mason, Pearle Hoy                       1996  
Mason, Ralph Arthur                     2001  
Mason, Ronald Keith                     1991  
Mason, Samuel A.                        DAV4  
Mason, Samuel A.                        HS01  
Mason, Samuel A.                        HS04  
Mason, Sandra                           TAY2  
Mason, Sharon E. Malesick               2004  
Mason, Terry B.                         1993  
Mason, Virginia McDowell                HAW1  
Mason, Willard C.                       HS01  
Mason, William Allen                    HS02  
Mason, William Allen                    PAT1  
Mason, William Eric                     2002  
Mason, William J.                       2001  
Mason, Winnifred M.                     SHU1  
Mason, Wreatha L. Owens                 1993  
Masquelier, Norma                       93DR  
Mass, James Eric                        2001  
Mast, Peggy A.                          1997  
Master, Elizabeth                       WEL1  
Masters, Ada Guthrie                    HEA1  
Masters, Addie                          HEA1  
Masters, Alexander                      HEA1  
Masters, Alice L.                       1988  
Masters, Arthur L.                      HEA1  
Masters, Arthur L.                      SHU1  
Masters, Carl E.                        1995  
Masters, Carl V.                        PIT1  
Masters, Charles                        DAV4  
Masters, Charles Orval                  HS04  
Masters, Dempsey E.                     WEL1  
Masters, Earl V.                        1988  
Masters, Earl V.                        PAT1  
Masters, Elizabeth                      DAV2  
Masters, Erna Litten                    HS01  
Masters, Frank                          DAV4  
Masters, Frank                          HS03  
Masters, George Allen                   HEA1  
Masters, George S.                      PIT1  
Masters, Isabelle                       PAT1  
Masters, J. Pratt                       HEA1  
Masters, James A.                       HEA1  
Masters, John L.                        HEA1  
Masters, Lela May                       HS04  
Masters, Minnie                         DAV5  
Masters, Minnie S.                      SHU1  
Masters, Minnie Taylor                  HS01  
Masters, N. M.                          HEA1  
Masters, Paul A.                        2002  
Masters, Pearl Haught                   HEA1  
Masters, Phoebe Lucille                 2001  
Masters, Pierce H.                      HS01  
Masters, Reason                         DAV1  
Masters, Robert                         HEA1  
Masters, Robert                         HS04  
Masters, Ruth                           HS03  
Masters, Ruth Ann                       1995  
Masters, Samuel B.                      1992  
Masters, Thomas                         1998  
Masters, Thomas Elsworth                HEA1  
Masters, Thomas W.                      HS04  
Masters, Wesley                         DAV4  
Masters, Wesley                         HS01  
Masters, Wretha Bell                    1988  
Masuga, Elizabeth T.                    SHU1  
Masuga, John                            1995  
Mateleska, George C.                    2005  
Mateleska, Helen M.                     1999  
Mateleska, John                         2006  
Mateleska, Pauline                      1989  
Matetic, Gertrude P.                    SHU1  
Matey, Robert James                     1996  
Mateychak, Anna Patek                   1992  
Mateychak, Joseph                       SHU1  
Mathason, Ada                           PAT1  
Mathason, Charles Thomas                1988  
Mathason, Daisy                         HS02  
Mathason, Dora E.                       PIT1  
Mathason, Elizabeth H.                  HS02  
Mathason, James William                 1993  
Matheny, Nellie B.                      1975  
Matheson, Solomon                       1999  
Mathews, Ann                            1998  
Mathews, Cleo B. Homner                 2003  
Mathews, Etta Turner                    PAT1  
Mathews, Grace Wellington               1985  
Mathews, Leo                            2006  
Mathews, Mary Coss                      1975  
Mathews, Randy Lee                      2004  
Mathews, Robert B.                      1994  
Mathews, Rose                           2000  
Mathia, Mary                            93DR  
Matiyasic, Ernest F.                    2001  
Matonak, Helen Catherine                93DR  
Matras, Albert                          HS04  
Matras, Barbara Marie                   2003  
Matras, Rudolph D.                      1985  
Matson, Clarence E.                     HS03  
Matt, Alice Anna                        1999  
Matt, George F.                         DAV4  
Matta, Adelaide J.                      93DR  
Mattei, Attilio                         1989  
Mattei, Dennis J.                       2007  
Mattei, Matilda                         HS04  
Mattei, Regina                          2000  
Matteucci, Alex                         HS04  
Matteucci, Angela                       DAV1  
Matteucci, Carl                         HS04  
Matteucci, Dairia                       2004  
Matteucci, Felix                        1999  
Matteucci, Orlando J.                   2001  
Matteucci, Renardo A.                   1993  
Matteuicci, Renardo A.                  1994  
Matthews, C. Kenneth                    HS02  
Matthews, C. Kenneth                    PAT1  
Matthews, Charles Henry                 HS01  
Matthews, Clair C.                      DAV2  
Matthews, Clara Phyllis Willard         HEA1  
Matthews, Clara Phyllis Willard         HS04  
Matthews, Dorothy King                  1997  
Matthews, Edith L.                      1975  
Matthews, Edith Lemmon